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Viavi Solutions

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
832666Viavi Solutions209239Omk-55:Sm+Mm, 850/1300.1310/150Nm Ols56+Olp55$7,296.20Details
843046Viavi Solutions212701Optical Test Kit, Mm Single-Port Led Source, W/ Power Meter$1,659.44Details
791155Viavi Solutions212702Optical Test Kit, Sm Single-Port Led Source, W/ Power Meter$2,170.23Details
868222Viavi Solutions212703Optical Test Kit, Sm Upp Interface, Laser Light Source W/ Power MtrCall for Price.Details
785461Viavi Solutions212704Test Kit For Mm At 850/1300Nm And Sm At At 1310/1550Nm Comes W/Lc Conns$3,062.35Details
759765Viavi Solutions21500032St Universal Adapter$241.30Details
768328Viavi Solutions21500051Fc-Pc, Fc-Apc Universal Adapter$241.30Details
713645Viavi Solutions21500058Sc Universal Adapter$241.30Details
725506Viavi Solutions21500059Lc Universal Adapter$0.02Details
757078Viavi Solutions22379002Nimh Rechargeable Batteries Mignon Aa, 1.2V (Two Batteries)$10.30Details
907801Viavi Solutions22569003Upp Adapter For Lc, Mu D=1.25$81.58Details
803960Viavi Solutions230211Optical Power Meter, Germanium +5 Dbm With Data Storage, Mm Sm, Lan/Wan Access$628.32Details
811672Viavi Solutions230212Optical Power Meter, Ingaas +10 Dbm With Data Storage, Sm$744.39Details
835219Viavi Solutions230213Optical Power Meter Filtered Ingaas, +26 Dbm W/ Data Storage$863.51Details
891356Viavi Solutions23029001Universal Ac Power Adapter Micro Usb Connector Snt-505$61.57Details
901508Viavi Solutions23029003Neck Strap For Smartpocket$14.52Details
839958Viavi Solutions230301Ols-34 Led Light Source 850/1300 Nm, Mm, 2.5Mm Interchangeable Adpt$1,250.60Details
845156Viavi Solutions230302Ols-34 Led Light Source 850/1300Nm Mm 50/125 Fc/Pc Fixed Adapter$1,078.99Details
757400Viavi Solutions230303Ols-34 Led Light Source 850/1300Nm Mm 50/125 Sc/Pc Fixed Adapter$1,078.99Details
890630Viavi Solutions230304Ols-34 Led Light Source 850/1300Nm Mm 50/125 St/Pc Fixed Adapter$1,078.99Details
790613Viavi Solutions230311Ols-35 Laser Light Source 1310/1550 Nm, Sm, 2.5Mm Interchangeable Adpt$2,106.09Details
809838Viavi Solutions230312Ols-35 Laser Light Source 1310/1550 Nm, Sc/Pc, Fixed Adapter Pocket-Sized$1,914.84Details
777852Viavi Solutions230313Ols-35 Optical Laser Light Source,Sm, Sc/Pc Fixed Adapter,Pocket-Sized$1,914.84Details
746504Viavi Solutions230315Ols-35 Optical Laser Source,Sm Lc/Pc Fixed Adapter$1,914.84Details
893758Viavi Solutions230321Ols-36 Quad Source 850/1300/1310/1550 Nm, Sm, Mm Interchangeable Adpt$2,872.25Details
774561Viavi Solutions230322Ols-36 Quad Source 850/1300/1310/1550 Nm, Sm, Mm Fc/Pc$2,378.34Details
909257Viavi Solutions230323850/1300/1310/1550 Nm, Sm, Mm Fixed Sc/Pc Adapter$2,488.59Details
768856Viavi Solutions230325Ols-36 Quad Source 850/1300/1310/1550 Nm, Sm, Mm Lc/Pc$2,378.34Details
1017993Viavi Solutions232511SSingle-Mode Optical Loss Test SetCall for Price.Details
1000386Viavi Solutions232514SMultimode Optical Loss Test SetCall for Price.Details
956944Viavi Solutions232515SQuad Optical Loss Test Set.Call for Price.Details
1020930Viavi Solutions232531Single-Mode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit$9,942.38Details
1015072Viavi Solutions232534Multimode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit$7,930.43Details
986235Viavi Solutions232535Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit$12,289.65Details
960080Viavi Solutions232615SQuad Optical Loss Test Set With Patch Cord MicroscopeCall for Price.Details
1019035Viavi Solutions232635Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit With Patch Cord Microscopes$14,698.40Details
722473Viavi SolutionsC510GCAPTURE10Gige Packet Capture Test Opt$1,185.09Details
785015Viavi SolutionsC510GESYNCE10Gige Optical Sync-E Test Option$1,185.09Details
798973Viavi SolutionsC5JPROOFJ-Proof Layer 2 Transparency Test Option$1,185.09Details
915571Viavi SolutionsC5LS158810/100/1000 Mbps And 1Gige Ieee 1588 Test Option$1,185.09Details
781540Viavi SolutionsC5LSCAPTURE10/100/1000 Mbps And 1 Gige Packet Capture Option$612.25Details
907461Viavi SolutionsC5LSSYNCE1Gige Optical Sync-E Test Option$1,185.09Details
860467Viavi SolutionsC5MPLSTPEthernet Mpls-Tp And Oam Test Option$1,712.14Details
879812Viavi SolutionsC5MPLSVPLSEthernet Mpls/Vpls Test Option$1,185.09Details
816450Viavi SolutionsCB44385V.24/Eia-530 Dte/Dtc Emulation Cable (6')$274.75Details
855435Viavi SolutionsCSCETHLPP1Smartclass Ethernet Electrical Loopback Configuration$1,775.11Details
926605Viavi SolutionsCSCETHLPP2Smartclass Ethernet Electrical And Optical Loopback Configuration$3,503.28Details
870430Viavi SolutionsCSCETHLPP3Smartclass Ethernet Electrical And Optical Loopback With Accessories$4,023.89Details
861400Viavi SolutionsCSCETHTRP1Smartclass Ethernet Electrical Package/ Does Not Contain Optical Option$4,023.89Details
908640Viavi SolutionsCSCETHTRP2Smartclass Ethernet Optical Package, Needs Axe# 362088 For Upgrade Option$5,700.51Details
902641Viavi SolutionsCSCETHTRP3Smartclass Ethernet Complete Package-Contains Optical Cable For Optical Option$6,315.28Details
822423Viavi SolutionsCT10GCAPTUREPacket Capture At 10G W/Wire- Shark And J-Mentor Trouble- Shooting Asst$1,185.09Details
859212Viavi SolutionsCT10GFC10G Fibre Channel Test Option$3,906.53Details
762800Viavi SolutionsCT10GLAYER410G Layer 4 Tcp Line Rate W/ Tcp Throughput Testing Truespeed$3,906.53Details
761502Viavi SolutionsCT1G2GFC2G/1G Fibre Channel Test Option$1,483.08Details
873022Viavi SolutionsCTLAYER410M-1Ge Layer 4 Line Rate Tcp/ Udp W/ Auto Tcp Throughput Testing Truespeed$3,429.98Details
924095Viavi SolutionsCTLSCAPTUREPacket Capture At 1G And 10/10 1000M W/ Wireshark, J-Mentor Troubleshooting Asst$612.25Details
889681Viavi SolutionsFBPPUSB3Usb Upgrade Kit: 4-Pin Probe To Usb Fiberchek Basic Sftwr$478.56Details
794185Viavi SolutionsFBPSD01Digital P5000 Probe &Amp; Fiberche Inspection Kit$2,599.59Details
860613Viavi SolutionsFBPSD101Digital P5000I Probe &Amp; Fibercheckpro, 4 Adapter Tips, Case$2,858.50Details
815554Viavi SolutionsFBPSD4IPPROHd4Ip Pro Kit$4,591.70Details
725869Viavi SolutionsFBPTFCFc/Upc Bulkhead Tip$103.89Details
725934Viavi SolutionsFBPTFCAPCFc/Apc Bulkhead Tip$224.46Details
923001Viavi SolutionsFBPTLCLc/Upc Bulkhead Tip$103.89Details
796374Viavi SolutionsFBPTLCLFbpt Probe Tip$425.47Details
792630Viavi SolutionsFBPTMTPALMpo/Apc Bulkhead Tip Long Reach, X And Y Axis Pan Knob$1,313.59Details
852506Viavi SolutionsFBPTMTPLMpo/Upc Bulkhead Tip Long Reach, X And Y Axis Pan Knob$943.31Details
816595Viavi SolutionsFBPTSCSc/Upc Bulkhead Tip$74.40Details
742029Viavi SolutionsFBPTSCAPCSc/Apc Bulkhead Tip$147.50Details
741887Viavi SolutionsFBPTSTSt/Upc Bulkhead Tip$103.89Details
715501Viavi SolutionsFBPTU12MTip Univ. 1.25Mm Patch Cord For Fbp$103.89Details
755010Viavi SolutionsFBPTU25M2.50Mm Upc Patch Cord Tip$103.89Details
923559Viavi SolutionsFBPTU25MA12.50Mm Patch Cord Univ. Tip For Fbp$118.01Details
732000Viavi SolutionsFFL050Visual Fault Finder Mini 2.5Mm, Sm And Mm$265.51Details
903842Viavi SolutionsFFL050U12Universal 1.25 Mm Adapter For Ffl-050$101.58Details
800118Viavi SolutionsFFL100Visual Fault Locator 2.5 Mm Connector Input, Sm, Mm 1.25 Mm Adapter Incl$424.24Details
757549Viavi SolutionsFFLU12Universal 1.25 Mm Adapter For Vfl Ffl-100$106.20Details
913012Viavi SolutionsFI60Live Fiber Identifier With Opm With Usb Cable, Case, Software$1,007.62Details
825916Viavi SolutionsFIT82P01PROKit- Olp-82P Opm Pass/Fail Opt P5000I Tips, Vfl,Cleaners And Case$4,940.45Details
783179Viavi SolutionsFIT8726PROSmartclass Fiber Basic Kit Olp-87 1310/1490 Sc-Apc, Pon Pm W/Digital Display$4,411.75Details
888586Viavi SolutionsFIT8736PROSmartclass Fiber Pro Kit Olp-87 1310/1490 Sc-Apc, Pon Pm W/Digital Display$4,702.37Details
935775Viavi SolutionsFITFCKIT1Fiberchek Probe, Case, Fbpt-U25M, Tip Case$4,135.67Details
995919Viavi SolutionsFITFCKIT2Kit: Fiberchek Probe, Case, Tip Case, Fbpt-Lc,Sc,U12M, &Amp; U25M$4,247.45Details
985083Viavi SolutionsFITFCKIT3Kit: Fiberchek Probe, Case, Tip Case, Fbpt-Lc,Sc, Sc-Apc, U25M,&Amp; U25Ma$4,359.22Details
820895Viavi SolutionsFITS105PROKit Fit-Hp3-60-P4,200/400X Cleaning Toolsl,U25M &Amp; U12,Vfl Boot,Case,Powr Spply$3,845.05Details
871027Viavi SolutionsFITS205Inspection And Test Kit-Dual Mag$3,190.41Details
765595Viavi SolutionsFITS205PROFiber Essentials Tool Kit-Hp2 Optical Power Meter,Probe,Case Cleaners, Neckstrap$3,871.21Details
855912Viavi SolutionsFITSD103Essential Fiber Tool Kits$3,215.83Details
910813Viavi SolutionsFITSD113Kit: P5000I And Mp-80 With Fiberchekpro 4 Inspection Tips 2 Upp Adapters Case$3,334.93Details
779321Viavi SolutionsFMAELC2XAdapter, Lc Duplex, Male Thread Probe Tips$110.31Details
726743Viavi SolutionsHST3000ETHP1Ethernet Value Package 10Ft Cat5 Cbl/ Lrg Str Hook W/ Wraps/ Carrying Case$7,730.65Details
777529Viavi SolutionsHST3000ETHP3Optical Ethernet Gold Package Hand Held Ethernet Tester Gige,10/100 Ethernet$15,467.26Details
860806Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG2Loaded Adsl2+ Testing Package, Copper Tesst Tdr And Ftp Option$5,403.36Details
824414Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG3Copper Testing Package W/Hst Option$4,909.76Details
891883Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG6Hst-3000-T1, Isdn Pri Module$6,874.60Details
880593Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG7Hst-3000 - T1 + T3 Module$10,112.68Details
788271Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG8Hst-3000 - T1, T3 And Isdn Pri Module$8,221.87Details
797165Viavi SolutionsHSTPKG9Hst-3000 - Copper, T1 And Idsn Pri Module$8,593.85Details
1067107Viavi SolutionsJD746BJd746B Rf Analyzer$13,055.31Details
1009518Viavi SolutionsJD748BJd748B Signal Analyzer$10,670.78Details
1072450Viavi SolutionsJD786BJd786B Rf Analyzer$18,957.02Details
944363Viavi SolutionsJD788BJd788B;Signal Analyzer$14,605.25Details
915695Viavi SolutionsKP101Tone And Probe Kit, Tt100 And Tg100 W/ Pouch$114.70Details
762388Viavi SolutionsMP60ADigital Optical Power Meter$482.38Details
754361Viavi SolutionsNGC45006ACH22-Certifier 40G Cat6A Channel Adapter Pair Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$349.62Details
896655Viavi SolutionsNGC45006ALCORD1Certifier40G Cat 6A Permanent Link Test Cord$115.44Details
804677Viavi SolutionsNGC45006ALINT1Certifier40G Cat 6A Permanent Link Interface Adapter$274.58Details
735227Viavi SolutionsNGC45006ALKIT2Certifier 40G Cat6A Permanent Link Testing Kit For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$677.89Details
902398Viavi SolutionsNGC4500BAT1Battery Pack For Certifier40G$333.96Details
888138Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUMMEFMPONACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mmef/Mm Mpo Kit With Na Ac Cords$27,416.16Details
858118Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUMMEFNACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mm Ef Kit With Na Ac Cords$19,070.30Details
790737Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUQEFMPONACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mmef/Sm/Mm Mpo Kit With Na Ac Cords$35,762.01Details
904227Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUQEFNACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mmef/Sm Kit With Na Ac Cords$27,416.16Details
806950Viavi SolutionsNGC4500FAEWExtension Of Standard Warranty For One Year Certifier40G$329.41Details
861183Viavi SolutionsNGC4500FAMCMaxcare: Service Package, Ext. Warr.,Tech Supp,Annual Calib Replacement, Loaner$1,194.62Details
915621Viavi SolutionsNGC4500FAMC1YMaxcare 1St Year Service Pkge Annual Calib, Acc.Replacement, Loaner Unit$701.92Details
904416Viavi SolutionsNGC4500FAMC3Maxcare First 3 Years-Includes Ext. Warr,Tech Supp,Calib. Replacement, Loaner$897.66Details
825621Viavi SolutionsNGC4500FANACertifier 40G Class Fa Copper Kit W/Na Power Cord-For Cat 6A And Under$11,320.56Details
854588Viavi SolutionsNGC4500GGARJCH2Certifier 40G Class Fa Gg45/ Arj45 Channel Adapter Pair For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$461.77Details
733664Viavi SolutionsNGC4500HCASECustom Hard Carrying Case For Certifier40G And AccessoriesCall for Price.Details
848053Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MM2Certifier40G Multimode Adapter Pair$6,432.27Details
911246Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MMNACertifier 40G Class Fa &Amp; Mm Na Power Cord-For Cat 6A And Under$19,070.30Details
904663Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MMSMNACertifier 40G Class Fa &Amp; Mm &Amp; Sm-Na Power Cord-For Cat 6A And Under$27,416.16Details
849071Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MPOMMFKITCertifier 40G Mpo Adapters Incld Mpo Source,Pwr Meter Adapter, Test Cables$8,339.90Details
754952Viavi SolutionsNGC4500SM2Certifier40G Singlemode Adapter Pair$8,339.90Details
844936Viavi SolutionsNGC4500TERACH2Certifier 40G Class Fa Tera Channel Adapter Pair For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$481.56Details
897315Viavi SolutionsNGC4500TERAL2Certifier 40G Class Fa Tera Permanent Link Adapter Pair For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$921.08Details
1033992Viavi SolutionsNGC5006ANACertifier10G Copper$8,936.02Details
710488Viavi SolutionsSWFCMA1Activation Key P5000I Android Device Compatibility$321.58Details
805967Viavi SolutionsTB2DISQUADT-Berd 2000 Quad Otdr Basic Package, W/Sc Conn W/ 5 Adaptable Plugs$10,304.52Details
753167Viavi SolutionsTB2DISQUADSLMT-Berd 2000 Quad Otdr Basic Pk, W/Sc Conn &Amp; Smart Link W/5 Adapt Plugs$11,236.74Details
908969Viavi SolutionsTB4DISLANOPMVFLEsam With T-Berd 4000 Base With Opm, Vfl And Scope$11,701.15Details
746450Viavi SolutionsTB4DISLANPKGEsam With T-Berd 4000 Base Voip, Wifi, Opm, Vfl, Scope$12,448.01Details
813570Viavi SolutionsTB4DISLANVOIPWLANEsam With T-Berd 4000 Base With Voip And Wifi$11,203.24Details
892552Viavi SolutionsTB4DISMMST-Berd 4000 Multimode Otdr Package$8,718.44Details
815287Viavi SolutionsTB4DISQUADHPTT-Berd 4000 Quad Otdr Deluxe Sc/Pc Removable Connector$11,848.14Details
892516Viavi SolutionsTB4DISQUADST-Berd 4000 Quad Otdr Basic Package, W/Sc Conn Light Source$10,562.74Details
715845Viavi SolutionsTB4TFCOMP3MP49T-Berd 4000 W/1310/1490/1550 Fibercomplete &Amp; Integrated Metro Pon Otdr$15,413.75Details
915408Viavi SolutionsTB5801GIGETb5801 W/1Ge Optical,10/100/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
781261Viavi SolutionsTB5802GIGEDPTb5802 Dual Port W/1Ge,10/100/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
801677Viavi SolutionsTB5802PDS3GIGEDPTb5802P Dual Port W/Ds1/3/Sts1 1Ge,10/100/1000 Elctrcl Ethrnt W/AccessoriesCall for Price.Details
871193Viavi SolutionsTB5802POC12GIGEDPTb5801 W/1Ge Optical,10/100/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
859068Viavi SolutionsTB5802POC48GIGEDPTb5802P Dual Port W/Ds1/3/Sts1 Oc3-48,1Ge,10/100/1000Elec Eth W/ AccessoriesCall for Price.Details
895135Viavi SolutionsTB58121G10GETb5812 W/1/10Ge Optical,10/10/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Scope,Optics,Ptch Cb$31,948.08Details
884556Viavi SolutionsTB58121G10GEDPDual Port W/1/10Ge,10/1000Mbps Electrical Ethernet, Scope Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
780900Viavi SolutionsTB5812POC19210GEDPTb5812P Dual Port Ds1/3/Sts1 Oc3-192, 1/10Ge, 10/100/1000 Elec Eth W/ Acc.Call for Price.Details
840542Viavi SolutionsTB6000A1G10GEDP10/100/1000M, Gige 10Ge Dual Port PackageCall for Price.Details
737922Viavi SolutionsTB6000A4GFC4G Fibre Channel With 1310 Nm And 850 Nm 4G Sfps$6,449.14Details
732472Viavi SolutionsTB6000ADCTb6000A Datacom Package$22,972.75Details
775912Viavi SolutionsTB6000ADS3GIGEDPDs-Sts1,Gige Dual Port PackageCall for Price.Details
853941Viavi SolutionsTB6000AGIGECUDC10/100/1000M Ethernet Datacom Pkge$26,887.10Details
893222Viavi SolutionsTB6000AOC12GIGEDPDs1-Oc12 And Gige Dual Port PackageCall for Price.Details
858621Viavi SolutionsTB6DISQUADST-Berd 6000 Quad Otdr Basic Mm/Sm 850/1300/1310/1550Nm, Sc/Pc Connector&Amp;Case$12,026.99Details
898145Viavi SolutionsTT100Analog Probe$60.07Details