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Video Security (CCTV)

Cameras, B&W

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
578764ACTI CorporationE271Box Network Camera, Day/Night, 10 Megapixel, 1080P$672.50Details
111729Advanced Technology Video / ATVC200MNB/W Camera 1/3" 380Tvl,24Vac$48.17Details
120165American Dynamics / RobotC211614Mount, For Camera, Flex Arm, Magnetic Base $51.01Details
121940American Dynamics / RobotCPAKIW380212Campkg Indr Sr B/W 2.8-12Mm$200.37Details
877511American Dynamics / RobotCPAKO580550Housing & B/W Camera Pack, Outdoor, Wall Mount, 1/$393.46Details
121003American Dynamics / RobotRVCADAPC/Cs Adapter Ring $14.73Details
388680ArcVision12597Indoor Sony Ccd Pir Camera 3.7Mm 700Tvl$84.70Details
123608Arecont VisionAV13101/2" Cmos 1.3 Mpxl Ip Color Fixed Camera - Mjpeg/Poe Only Ultra Compact Casing$302.85Details
142274CBC America / ComputarBLH201Chugai 1/3" B/W Hires 580Tvl$138.43Details
142280CBC America / ComputarCECWPEV48AChugai Outdoor B/W Camera W/$148.43Details
144253CBC America / ComputarCEM09AChugai Cem-09A Monitor, B/W 9"$184.42Details
142586CBC America / ComputarCEM12A212" B&Amp;W With Audio$194.04Details
141523CBC America / ComputarCMB4Camera Mounting Bracket, 4", W/ Drop Ceiling Clip,$13.66Details
142593CBC America / ComputarCXEV310AChugai Outdoor Camera 1/4 B/W$323.19Details
141681CBC America / ComputarCXEV48Chugai Cx-Ev48 Camera,B/W 1/3"$323.19Details
144292CBC America / ComputarEX15CLens Accessory, 1.5X Extender For Cmount, Attached$59.44Details
142621CBC America / ComputarEX15CSLens Accessory, 1.5X Extender For Csmount, Attache$59.44Details
142623CBC America / ComputarEX2CSLens Accessory, 2X Extender For Csmount, Attached$70.39Details
142624CBC America / ComputarFC06BChugai Fc-06B Camera,B/W 1/3"$264.60Details
354130CBC America / ComputarFC62CChugai Fc-62C Camera,B/W 1/3"$91.73Details
142309CBC America / ComputarFC62DChugai 1/3 B&Amp;W 380Line Camera$94.12Details
142310CBC America / ComputarFC62EXChugai Hi Sensitivity .013Lux$206.88Details
909009CBC America / ComputarFCH64*Eol* Hi-Res 580 Lines Advanced Blc 1$141.97Details
144669CBC America / ComputarLCE49AChugai B/W Camera Intergated$148.43Details
144670CBC America / ComputarLCHE36AChugai 1/4" B/W Hi-Res W/$141.78Details
144687CBC America / ComputarMDE36Chugai 1/3" B/W Dome W/3.6Mm$67.02Details
142692CBC America / ComputarMM112P29Chugai B/W Board Cam W/2.9Mm$110.07Details
143356CBC America / ComputarZCD6049EAChuguai Indoor B/W Camera W/$158.76Details
317114CBC America / ComputarZTM320Module Camera With 20Mm Lens, High Sensi$11,495.68Details
317113CBC America / ComputarZTM335Module Camera With 35Mm Lens, High Sensi$12,565.04Details
597991Chamberlain Professional / SentexEL2000BWCAMKTB/W Camera Kit$361.46Details
868861Channel Vision5102FMCII*Eol* Channel Vision Camera Flush Mt$219.45Details
145220Channel VisionDP5252POil-Rubbed Bronze Finish ¼” Solid Brass$312.82Details
144846Channel VisionDP5282.Brass Dr Plt W/ B/W Cam$256.89Details
146315CNB TechnologyBBM20Monalisa Box - 600Tvl 0.05Lux (B/W), Dnr$83.40Details
145345CNB TechnologyDKM24VDMonalisa In-Ceiling Dome - 600Tvl$131.50Details
148991Connectors PlusPCC1AAccessory, Power Converter, Ac To Dc, 1000 Ma $21.38Details
147959Connectors PlusVGA1Converter, Video To Vga $70.39Details
157288Cyrex Networks / Comelit8173Brvokit Vid Kit 2 Family Sys$685.00Details
150085Dedicated MicrosDMICEHYPERDNColor Camera, 1/3 Inch, Wdr, 480 Tvl, 1 Lux, 12Vdc$322.79Details
171280EverfocusEB110E3Everfocus 1/3" B/W Camera$44.50Details
161835EverfocusED100E2B1/3" B/W Mini Dm- 2.5Mm- Blk$56.94Details
186000EverfocusEM100E3Everfocus 1/3" B/W Metal Case$49.84Details
171395EverfocusEPTZ3600Dome & Day/Night Camera, Outdoor, Ptz, Ip66 Rated,$1,191.28Details
171401EverfocusEQ120EEverfocus 1/3" Low Lux B/W$72.16Details
153484EverfocusEQ150EEverfocus 1/3" B/W Hi-Res$91.73Details
153495EverfocusEZ220BE4Everfocus 1/3" Color Mid-Res$160.36Details
176207GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityBC150025Ge Ball Camera Hires 2.5Mm$394.20Details
156676GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCL45025Gbc Clock Camera B/W 1/3"Ccd$221.06Details
158325GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDR1200VFA3Kalatel Rugged Dome B/W 3-8Mm$374.61Details
188329GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityEL45025Gbc Emergency Light 2.5Mm B/W$296.06Details
164283GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGBCBC4504Weatherproof Ball Camera 3" B/W$211.57Details
158381GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGBCCPI450P3Kalatel Pir Cam Runc. B/W 1/3$154.01Details
158384GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGBCIW45025In Wall Camera,Fully Adjustable,B/W 1/3$225.92Details
164287GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGBCSD450LPSmoke Detector Camera, B/W, 4Mm Lens, W/$225.92Details
164289GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGBCTK4504Rug Cam Blk/Wht$284.70Details
164578GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityIW45012Gbc In-Wall Camera B/W 12Mm$221.06Details
188508GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityIW45025Gbc Iw45025 In-Wall Sngl Gang$232.11Details
164579GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityIW4504Gbc Iw-4504 In-Wall Sngl Gang$224.00Details
443453GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTAC3D1CKalatel Cyberdome Day/Night$2,187.50Details
176433GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTAC3F1CCyberdome Classic 22X B&Amp;W, 7-Inch Wall-M$1,669.96Details
160553GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTAC4D1CCyberdome Day-Nite 7Inch Wall Mount$2,187.50Details
188519GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTC110Kalatel B/W 1/3 Camera$126.70Details
164589GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTC115CCKalatel Hi Res B/W Camera$164.95Details
176439GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTC510Kalatel Black &Amp; White Camera$124.31Details
176546GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityPN450P3Ge Pir Cam,Non-Fun,B/W,1/3"Ccd$143.05Details
188742GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTK12004Kalatel Brute Hires B/W Camera$325.66Details
167032GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityUK450Gbc Uk-450 Board Camera For$171.93Details
180935Honeywell Access / Northern ComputerROCKET4Access Control Starter Kit, Rocket Box, 4 Door, Wp$3,731.50Details
746189IC RealtimeIHC6310Wvga Resolution Outdoor Black Camera - ICall for Price.Details
781768IC RealtimeIHC6311Wvga Resolution Outdoor White Camera - ICall for Price.Details
198024Keri SystemsMANUALAccessory, Doors Manual $46.98Details
271110KT&C AmericaKPCS190SHWXKtc 600 Tv Line Bullet Cam 05 Lux$91.94Details
843335Linear / Music & Sound7111CChannel Plus 7111C B/W Low$158.76Details
715625Linear / Music & Sound7420BColor Bullet Camera - Black$180.42Details
222800MobitexMXM12DEVKITBWMob B/W Sensorboard W/M14 Adapter Devki$164.04Details
275601MobitexMXM12DEVKITCMob Color Sensorboard W/M14 Adapter Dev$164.04Details
223318MobitexMXT24MSECN11PW3 Megapixel Sensor Full 8X Zoom And Hemi$1,169.34Details
204992NapcoISVWLOCAMWireless Ir Network Camera, Color, 1/5 Inch, Cmos,$266.56Details
276657NitekEX1120Video Link System, Selectable From 1000 Feet To 12$1,270.93Details
206430On-Q / LegrandCM5405WHFront/Back Door Bw Cameras/7"$1,465.36Details
230479On-Q / LegrandCM76452 Cat5 B/W Bullet Camera Kit White$487.11Details
206456On-Q / LegrandF2286WHCat5 B/W Mini Cam Deco White$110.64Details
795803Pelco / Schneider ElectricC1390H6R11ADay / Night Camera, Camerapak Includes (1) Ccc1390$577.69Details
238672Pelco / Schneider ElectricEB1Elevation Block, 1" Height, For Use With Camera Ha$53.08Details
208922Pelco / Schneider ElectricES31C222WHousing & Color Camera, P/T, Wiper, 470 Tvl, Auto$2,992.76Details
658749Pelco / Schneider ElectricG35122KWV21AHousing & Color Camera, Imagepak, Includes Eh3512-$785.79Details
209983Pelco / Schneider ElectricIPSXM31C22Color Camera Module, Integrated Optics, Exsite, Ex$2,074.50Details
241471Pelco / Schneider ElectricMCS1610Master Camera Power Supply 10 Amp / 16 Output/ Fused$182.22Details
867901Pelco / Schneider ElectricPA10001900B1GPc Assy, Motion Brd Spiv$41.35Details
985527Pelco / Schneider ElectricS6220EGL1Pendant Network Camera, Spectra Enhanced, Low Ligh$2,850.59Details
959645Samsung TechwinSBF100B1Fisheye Camera Back Box. (Snf-8010/Vm, P$38.25Details
261201Seco-LarmEV2706N3WQ700T 3.6Mm Out Ir Dom 12V 24Led Wht$56.13Details
507605SecuritronM380BDC605Electromagnetic Lock, Magnalock M380 Series, Low P$538.60Details
261532SecuritronM680BDCMagnalock, M680 Series, W/ B/W Camera, Includes St$654.45Details
684972Select Engineered SystemsOPTKC2000Controller, Tec Card Access Module, 2000 Card Capa$392.18Details
219916Select Engineered SystemsRSRController, Selectcard, Controls Up To Two Card Ac$371.66Details
950695Sony ElectronicsFCBEX1010The Fcb-Ex1010 Color Block Camera Incorp$786.46Details
949790Sony ElectronicsFCBEX490ESame 4 Pin For Y/C Output As Fcbex480C$755.98Details
221935SpaceageYJ9719Lcd Display Red With Heater$347.94Details
221980SpecoCST100Accessory, Camera Mounting Bracket, Black, 90 Deg$8.96Details
251589SpecoCST125Accessory, Camera Mounting Bracket, 6" Compact, Un$6.28Details
221981SpecoCST125AAccessory, Deluxe Camera Mount, Almond $6.28Details
288285SpecoCST175Accessory, Camera Mount, 11", Heavy Duty, Cast Alu$25.86Details
263921SpecoCVC320WP6Bw Waterproof Bullet Camera W/ 8 Ir Leds Sunshield 60' Cable 6Mm Lens$141.13Details
871263SpecoCVC386TP3**Eol**Pro Video Dome Housing$299.46Details
868964SpecoCVC57PHHR**Eol**Cvc-57Phhr B/W Mini$78.37Details
767228SpecoVL128RS**Eol**Mini Weatherproof Camera W/ Sun$64.36Details
288631Sperry WestSW2200ABSmoke Detector Down View Covert Camera$110.64Details
332192Sperry WestSW2200DVRDown View Smoke Detector Camera With Dvr Board$491.75Details
332191Sperry WestSW2200DWDigital Wireless Down View Smoke Detector$579.89Details
728644Sperry WestSW2250AB*Eol* Camera W/ Side Veiw B/W$110.64Details
252923Sperry WestSW2250ABTRB/W Smoke Detector Camera W/Tranmtr And$323.19Details
509151Sperry WestSW2250DVRSmoke Detector Covert Cam W/Built In Dvr$491.75Details
252928Sperry WestSW250ABTRB&Amp;W Wireless W/Transmitter &Amp; Reciever$323.19Details
838609Sperry WestSW2800DWComputer Type Speaker High Power, Digital Wireless$613.91Details
223926Sperry WestSW992033BB/W Camera Sngl Wall/Ceiling Mnt 12V$134.71Details
731050Toshiba SecurityWBO2KIT550**Eol**Ikwb02A Kit W/550Mm Lens$638.98Details
291469Video Domain TechnologiesDCAM600BXIntegrated B&Amp;W Camera, Pir &Amp; Timer$160.62Details
256014Video Domain TechnologiesMCZBB/W Cam Full Res$461.42Details
267197Video Domain TechnologiesMCZBXB&Amp;W Camera Full Resoloution$503.81Details
700336Video Domain TechnologiesMEMOCAMMCZBXB&Amp;W Camera Dvr Pir Vmd 0.003 Lux (Ccd Lo$503.81Details
256651VitekVTCB301Vitek Alpha Series 1/3" B/WCall for Price.Details
292083VitekVTCB74PB/W Pnhle Cam W/3.6Mm LensCall for Price.Details
267852VitekVTCEB15BVitek 1/3" B/W WeatherproofCall for Price.Details
292093VitekVTDB32Alpha Series B/W Indr Dm Cam 120VdcCall for Price.Details
292094VitekVTDB72Vitek 1/3" B/W Ccd Indoor DomeCall for Price.Details
267864VitekVTDC14B29Vitek Vtd-C14 W/2.9Mm, BlackCall for Price.Details
267884VitekVTIR1B24Vitek 24Vac B/W Infrared CcdCall for Price.Details
292138VitekVTQP1Vitek B/W Standard CameraCall for Price.Details
229929VitekVTSMKB1Vitek Side View B/W Smoke Det.Call for Price.Details
229930VitekVTSMKB129B/W Smoke Cam Side View 2.9Mm LensCall for Price.Details
268263Watec / Genwac660DG19¼ Ccd Sensor; 380Tvl, Square Housing, B$221.31Details
329804Watec / Genwac902H3SUPREMEEIACCIRSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$388.14Details
329802Watec / Genwac902H3ULTIMATEEIASuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$440.71Details
329801Watec / Genwac902H3ULTIMATEEIACCIRSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$400.50Details
517902Watec / GenwacWAT127LHEIAB/W Camera Ac/Dc Line-Lock Type 440K 5~4$310.82Details
778167Watec / GenwacWAT902H2ULTIMATECCIRSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$408.25Details
517885Watec / GenwacWAT902HB3SEIASuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$417.51Details