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Video Security (CCTV)

Lens Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
111248Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHLD28V8F95LLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 2.9-8.0M M, F0.95, Ai, Dc T$56.60Details
111674Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHLD5V50F13LLens, 1/3", Varifocal, F1.3-F360, Ai, Dc Direct Dr$104.38Details
111627Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHLQ029Lens Module, 2.9Mm, Quick Change, For Silent Witne$24.98Details
594047Bosch Security (CCTV)F01U060726Lens Service Kit, Includes Replacement G$142.72Details
144252CBC America / ComputarCBZ24Lens Accessory, Zoom Lens Controller $294.12Details
142308CBC America / ComputarEX2CLens Accessory, 2X Extender For Cmount, Attached B$69.03Details
317252CBC America / ComputarH0612FIChugai #H-0612-Fi 6Mm 1.2 Len$63.34Details
354125CBC America / ComputarH1212FIChugai H1212Fi 1/2 12Mm F1.2$58.34Details
142324CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 16X, 7.5-120Mm, F1.6,$1,052.60Details
317251CBC America / ComputarH3616FIChugai H3616Fi 3.6Mm F1.6 W$97.06Details
354093CBC America / ComputarM10Z1118MSP11-110Mm Lens F1.8 Stop 10X- Stop/Preset$361.99Details
144677CBC America / ComputarM1614Lens, 2/3", Monofocal, 16Mm, F1.4, Cmount, No Iris$24.65Details
317220CBC America / ComputarM1614WChugai M1614W Lens,Mono 2/3"$67.00Details
144684CBC America / ComputarM6Z12123SLens, 2/3", Manual Zoom, 6X, 12 .5-75Mm, F1.2, Cmo$353.51Details
141848CBC America / ComputarPOF2Chugai Pof2 Polarizing Filter$34.13Details
317206CBC America / ComputarPOF3Chugai Lens Filter$77.32Details
354070CBC America / ComputarT0812CSChugai T0812Cs 8Mm F1.2 W/Out$29.58Details
142081CBC America / ComputarTEC2XTec-55 Lens Accessory, 2X Extender Industrial, Tel$154.85Details
143300CBC America / ComputarTEC55Lens, 2/3", Monofocal, 55Mm, Cmount, Telecentric <$412.68Details
142711CBC America / ComputarTEC75Tec-55 Lens Accessory, .75 Adaptor Industrial, Tel$121.17Details
856634CBC America / ComputarTG4Z2813FCSMPIR*Eol* 2.8 To 13 Megapixel Lens$94.12Details
767180CBC America / ComputarV2513*Eol*25Mm Lens 1" Format$98.69Details
354055CBC America / ComputarV5013Chugai V5013 1 In Fixed Focus$135.73Details
317187CBC America / ComputarV5013DIChugai Custom Lens To Replace$134.54Details
354054CBC America / ComputarV7514Chugai V7514 75Mm Lens$184.80Details
142089CBC America / ComputarVM300Lens Accessory: View Finder, Adjustable Field Of V$216.29Details
143471CBC America / ComputarZCOH5D25NHAOutdoor 1/3" Clr High Dome 2.3-5Mm Lens$412.68Details
150292deView ElectronicsLVCS2812ILens, Premium Plus, Ir Corrected, Varifocal, 2.8-1$75.60Details
150293deView ElectronicsLVCS385ILens, Varifocal, Premium Plus, 1/3", 3-8.5 Mm, Ir,$57.40Details
150294deView ElectronicsLVCS56Lens, Varifocal, Premium Plus, 1/3", 5-60 Mm, Ai,$110.60Details
160172deView ElectronicsLVCS755ILens, Varifocal, Premium Plus, 1/3", 7.5-50 Mm, Ir$110.60Details
610600Digimerge / FLIRDNB6300VHi Res Hd Varifocal D/N Bullet$1,037.75Details
350513EverfocusED1002B2.5Mm Lens- Dome Black$56.94Details
161846EverfocusED350NW520 Tvl Color Mini Dome, 3.8-9.5Mm Lens$200.47Details
185991EverfocusEHD300N2Color 480 Tvl, 9-22Mm Lens,Auto Iris$200.47Details
313999EverfocusEHD650H3*Eol* Wide Dynamic Vandal Dome 2.9$462.38Details
350490EverfocusEHDH3520 Vndl Dome 2.9-10Mm Lens$264.60Details
312703FujinonCF75HA11" Formt 75Mm F1.8 Lens$402.06Details
815621FujinonD60X125R3DEV417S12.5-750Mm, With Built In 2X Extender, D$10,900.24Details
349187FujinonFE185CO86HA11 Inch Format Fisheye Lens$562.87Details
349183FujinonHE2012X C-Mount Lens Extender$149.14Details
174762FujinonY12X6ASE21/3" 6-72Mm Motorized Zoom Dc Iris$386.59Details
632697ImmerVisionIMV113NI360 Panomorph Lens Without Auto Iris$607.57Details
309778InovonicsACC660Assorted Lens Pack$16.83Details
905918Linear / Music & Sound2523**Eol**Channel Plus 2523 Smoked$15.47Details
659703Pentax / Ricoh155153Ext-T #1 0.5Mm$2.80Details
659721Pentax / Ricoh155855Ext-T #6 40Mm$36.29Details
659722Pentax / Ricoh15600512.5-75Mm Motorixed Zoom Lens$735.62Details
659731Pentax / Ricoh157102Manual Iris 3-8Mm Varifocal Lens$52.58Details
659736Pentax / Ricoh158020Ext-T #2 1.0Mm$2.58Details
659737Pentax / Ricoh158028Ext-T #3 5Mm (Ring)$11.58Details
659739Pentax / Ricoh158044Ext-T #5 20Mm$22.98Details
659740Pentax / Ricoh158062Close-Up Lens #1 49.0Mm$16.20Details
659741Pentax / Ricoh158068Close-Up Lens #2 49.0Mm$16.20Details
298352Securitron02011000Button For Pb2$22.97Details
264175SpecoSIPSD10X**Eol**Network 10X Speed Dome,$1,040.88Details
223935Sperry WestSWIR900CIr Range 330Ft. 8 Lg.Led'S 6 To 60Mm Zoo$601.53Details
289589Tamron CCTVM13VG2461/3" 2.4-6Mm F/1.2 Aspherical Mega-Pixel Comptibl Dc Auto Iris$104.23Details
226379Tamron CCTVM13VG5501/3" 5-50Mm F/1.4 Aspherical Mega-Pixel Compatible Dc Auto Iris$125.08Details
265249Tamron CCTVM13VM3081/3" 3.0-8Mm F/1.0 Aspherical Mega-Pixel Compatible Cs Manual Iris$86.59Details
331722Tamron CCTVUVUltra Violet Protection Filter$23.24Details
904306UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixKTL27135VMLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 2.7-13.5Mm, F1.3, Manual Ir$92.82Details
330008VitekVTL416FVitek 4Mm Fixed Iris Cs-MountCall for Price.Details
256688VitekVTLBL12Fixed Lens,12Mm, Semi-Telephoto, For Board CamerasCall for Price.Details
267888VitekVTLBL6Fixed Lens, 6Mm, Standard, For Board Cameras Call for Price.Details