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Video Security (CCTV)


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
324265ACTI CorporationLEN106F1.0, Cs Mount, F3.0-8Mm$114.09Details
324264ACTI CorporationLEN109F1.3, Cs Mount, F7.5-50Mm, Format 1/3" F$247.66Details
324246ACTI CorporationPLEN0102Megapixel Lens, Cs Mount, F8Mm, 1/3", Fi$18.53Details
361508ACTI CorporationPLEN0103F1.0, Cs Mount, F3.0-8Mm, Format 1/3", F$114.09Details
104282ACTI CorporationPLEN0104F1.4, Cs Mount, F5.0-55Mm$205.69Details
104283ACTI CorporationPLEN0105F1.0, Cs Mount, F3.0-8.5Mm$138.28Details
361507ACTI CorporationPLEN0106F1.3, Cs Mount, F7.5-50Mm,$250.63Details
104515ACTI CorporationPLEN0110Megapixel Lens, Board Lens, F12Mm, 1/3",$18.53Details
804611ACTI CorporationPLEN0112*Eol*Megapixel Lens, Board Lens, F2.4Mm$27.77Details
324243ACTI CorporationPLEN0204F1.0, Cs Mount, F2.9-8.2Mm, 1/3"$134.82Details
104300ACTI CorporationSED2140Mpeg-4 Video Server Supports$551.76Details
110978Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHLD27V13DNLLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 2.7-13.5Mm, F1.3-T360, Ai,$92.60Details
111671Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHLD29V8DNLLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 2.9-8.0Mm, F0.95, Ai, Dc Ty$85.44Details
111756Advanced Technology Video / ATVSCV55014DC1/3"Cs Mnt Dc Auto Iris Lens 5-60Mm Focal F1.4-360$94.61Details
323099Advanced Technology Video / ATVTEK510DCLens,4.5-10Mm Vf Hr Dc Ai,F1.6,Mega-Pixiel$150.75Details
824213Aiphone245630Lens Cover For The Jo-Dv/ JodvfCall for Price.Details
121171American Dynamics / RobotL1214CSLens, 12 Mm, F1.4, Manual Iris, 1/2", Cs$61.05Details
124622Arecont VisionM118FM08Fixed Lens, Tamron, 8Mm, 1/1.8 Inch, F1.4, C-Mount$258.89Details
712979Axis CommunicationsACCLENSM1228MMF2010PCSMegapixel Lens 2.8 Mm, F2.0 With M12 Thr$250.74Details
1045167Axis CommunicationsACCLENSM1236MMF2010PCSMegapixel Lens 3.6 Mm, F2.0 With M12 Thr$250.74Details
799322Axis CommunicationsACCLENSM126MMF1610PCSMegapixel Lens 6 Mm, F1.6 With M12 Threa$250.74Details
734037Axis CommunicationsACCLENSM128MMF1610PCSMegapixel Lens 8 Mm, F1.6 With M12 Threa$250.74Details
753688Axis CommunicationsCABLESEALINGIP65FORQ8108RAccessory Cable Sealing To Meet Ip65 Rat$302.54Details
718940Axis CommunicationsCONVERSIONLENS03XWide Angle Conversion Lens For Axis Q175$275.94Details
819864Axis CommunicationsLENS38MMFORP1343Varifocal 3-8Mm Dc-Iris Lens, Cs Mount.$94.50Details
883925Axis CommunicationsLENSCLOTH10PCSAxis Accessory Lens Cloth. 10 Pack$50.90Details
883938Axis CommunicationsLENSCLOTH50PCSAxis Accessory Lens Cloth. 50 Pack$212.94Details
922479Axis CommunicationsLENSCONVERTER22XFORQ1755Super Telephoto Conversion Lens For Axis$302.54Details
749964Axis CommunicationsLENSCS1550MMF15DCIMPDNVarifocal Megapixel Dc-Iris Lens 15-50Mm$250.74Details
912896Axis CommunicationsLENSCS16MMF18MPFixed Iris Megapixel Lens 16Mm, F1.8, Cs$61.74Details
778708Axis CommunicationsLENSCS246MMMANUALIRISManual Iris Lens, Varifocal 2.4-6Mm Comp$99.54Details
717467Axis CommunicationsLENSCS288MMF12DCIMPCs Mounted Varifocal 2.8-8 Mm Dc-Iris Me$187.74Details
918764Axis CommunicationsLENSCS28MMFixed Iris Megapixel Lens 2.8Mm, F2.0, C$61.74Details
836235Axis CommunicationsLENSCS2982MMF14DCSVGAVarifocal 2.9-8.2Mm Cs Mounted Svga Dc-I$86.94Details
851032Axis CommunicationsLENSCS60MMF18MPCs Mounted 6.0 Mm Megapixel Lens. Origin$61.74Details
737612Axis CommunicationsLENSCSVARIF940MMPIRISDNVarifocal Ir-Corrected P-Iris Tele Lens$326.84Details
836912Axis CommunicationsLENSCSVF1550MMF15DCIMPVarifocal Mega Pixel Dc-Iris Lens 15-50M$250.74Details
875116Axis CommunicationsLENSCSVF226MMF13DCIMPVarifocal 2.2-6Mm Dc-Iris Megapixel Lens$187.74Details
837645Axis CommunicationsLENSFORP1344ORIGINALMEGAPIXELLENSOriginal Dc-Iris Ir-Corrected Megapixel$245.70Details
965576Axis CommunicationsLENSM1216MM5PCSAccessory M12 16Mm Lens For Axis Q6000-E$124.74Details
840117Axis CommunicationsLENSM12MEGAPIXEL10PCSMixed Pack Of M12 Megapixel Lenses. Foca$187.74Details
803934Axis CommunicationsLENSM12MEGAPIXEL16MM10PCSMegapixel Lens 16Mm With M12 Thread For$187.74Details
848023Axis CommunicationsLENSM12MEGAPIXEL28MM10PCSMegapixel Lens 2.8Mm With M12 Thread For$250.74Details
884763Axis CommunicationsLENSM12MEGAPIXEL36MM10PCSMegapixel Lens 3.6Mm With M12 Thread For$187.74Details
900030Axis CommunicationsLENSM12MEGAPIXEL6MM10PCSMegapixel Lens 6Mm Lens With M12 Thread$187.74Details
827877Axis CommunicationsLENSM12MEGAPIXEL8MM10PCSMegapixel Lens 8Mm With M12 Thread For A$187.74Details
713201Axis CommunicationsLENSTOOLKITM311X2MM4PCSTool Kit For Simplifying Adjustment Of V$31.32Details
875345Axis CommunicationsLENSTOOLM311X4PCSTool Kit For Simplifying Adjustment Of V$31.32Details
737157Axis CommunicationsM3004LENSOriginal M12 Lens For Axis M3004 2.8Mm.$61.74Details
726762Axis CommunicationsM3004V05VFOCUSTOOL2PCSFocus Tool For Axis M3004-V/M3005-V (2Pc$16.34Details
917644Axis CommunicationsM3004V05VLENSM126MMOptional Lens, 6Mm For M3004-V/M3005-V$61.74Details
884129Axis CommunicationsM3005LENSOriginal M12 Lens For Axis M3005 2.8Mm.$61.74Details
884781Axis CommunicationsM3006VLENSM1220MMOptional Lens For Axis M3006-V, 2.0Mm, H$124.74Details
747327Axis CommunicationsM3006VLENSM1228MMOptional Lens For Axis M3006-V, 2.8Mm. I$99.54Details
753978Axis CommunicationsM3025VELENSM126MMOptional Lens For Axis M3025-Ve, 6Mm. In$61.74Details
853181Axis CommunicationsM311XR2MMM12LENSOriginal Lens For Axis M311X-R As Spare$99.54Details
905817Axis CommunicationsTHEIALENSCSVARIFOCAL183MMDCIRISBarrel Distortion Corrected And Ir Corre$363.29Details
845300Axis CommunicationsVARIFOCALMEGAPIXELLENS550MMCs Mount Varifocal Megapixel Lens 5-50Mm$302.54Details
997689Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity4GVFLEX4G V-Flex / Secugen Optical$763.41Details
712700Bolide Technology GroupBC1235AH2.0Mp/1080P, 5*30Pcs Led Upto 65Ft Ir,3.$76.90Details
785435Bolide Technology GroupBC123628AH2.0Mp/1080P, 5*36Pcs Led, Upto 130Ft Ir,$110.39Details
948278Bolide Technology GroupBC1237AH1.0Mp/720P Ir Metal Bullet Camera, With$188.76Details
755494Bosch Security (CCTV)LFF8012CD7512Mp, 75Mm Fixed Telephoto Mp Lens, Manual Iris, F1.8$747.50Details
137444Bosch Security (CCTV)LTC329330C Lens, 1/2-Inch, 8 To 120Mm (15X), Auto Iris, Pp, Man. Iris Override, 4 Pin$1,164.93Details
137445Bosch Security (CCTV)LTC329340C Lens, 1/2-Inch, 12 To 240Mm (20X), Auto Iris, F/1.6 To F/720, 4 Pin$887.09Details
137282Bosch Security (CCTV)LTC366431Cs Lens, 1/3-Inch, 3 To 8Mm, Ir Corrected, Direct Drive, 650 Tvl, F/1.0 To F/360, 4 Pin$79.31Details
137453Bosch Security (CCTV)LTC376420C Lens, 1/2-Inch, 4 To 12Mm, Ir Corrected, Direct Drive, F/1.2 To F/360, 4-Pin$129.78Details
137284Bosch Security (CCTV)LTC377430C Lens, 1/2-Inch, 10 To 40Mm, Ir Corrected, Direct Drive, F/1.4 To F/360, 4 Pin$136.99Details
411583Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF4000CD0550960H 1/3-Inch, 5 To 50Mm, Dc-Iris, Cs-Mount, F1.4, Ir-Corrected$112.00Details
411584Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF4000CD2812960H 1/3-Inch, 2.8 To 12Mm, Dc-Iris, Cs-Mount, F1.3, Ir-Corrected$84.00Details
411585Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF5000CD0550960H 1/3-Inch, 5 To 50Mm, Dc-Iris, Cs-Mount, F1.6, Ir-Corrected$154.00Details
411586Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF5000CD2811960H 1/3-Inch, 2.8 To 11Mm, Dc-Iris, Cs-Mount, F1.4, Ir-Corrected$126.00Details
411587Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF5003NS38133Mp 1/2-Inch C Lens, Varifocal 3.8-13Mm F1.4-F8, Sr-Iris$140.00Details
411588Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF5005CS09405 Mp 1/2.5-Inch Cs Lens, Varifocal 9-40Mm F1.5-F8, Ir-Corrected, Sr-Iris$273.00Details
411589Bosch Security (CCTV)LVF5005CS18035Mp Cs Lens 1/3.5-Inch, 1.8-3Mm, Ir-Corrected, Sr-Iris, F1.8-8$273.00Details
816210Bosch Security (CCTV)NII41012V3Ip Dome 720P, Infrared Day/Night, 3.3-10Mm, Idnr, Audio/Motion/Tamper Detection, Poe, 50' Ir Indoor$283.50Details
137725Bosch Security (CCTV)S1381Adapter - Converts 6 Pin Lens Connector (D6) To 4 Pin (Eia-J) Connector$15.45Details
138650Bosch Security (CCTV)VLG2V2806MP33Mp, 2.8-6Mm Cs Lens Varifocal F1.4-360, 1/2-Inch, Dc Iris Ir-Corrected$273.24Details
955451CBC America / ComputarA3Z2812CSMPWIR1/2.7", 2.8-8.5Mm, 5Mp, F1.2, Ir Corrective$104.30Details
141436CBC America / ComputarCM112L251/4'' 330Tvl Color 2.5Mm Fix Lens$126.03Details
142288CBC America / ComputarCMH112L29High Res 4 Cam With 2.9Mm Lens$190.83Details
412767CBC America / ComputarE3Z4518CSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night, Ir, 1/1.8 Inch Format,$228.55Details
142321CBC America / ComputarH1214FICSLens, 1/2", Monofocal, 12Mm, F1.4, Csmount, Manual$59.82Details
972544CBC America / ComputarH2520KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 25Mm, F2$69.03Details
317250CBC America / ComputarH3616FICSChugai H3616Fics Lens,B/W 1/3"$70.00Details
317249CBC America / ComputarH5Z2518CMPVarifocal Lens, 1/2 Inch, 25-135Mm, F1.8, Manual I$399.37Details
142505CBC America / ComputarH6Z0812MSLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 6X, 8-48Mm, F1.2, Cmou$501.43Details
317244CBC America / ComputarHG1814AFCS1/2" 18Mm F1.4$199.42Details
317227CBC America / ComputarHWBTL16Outdoor 320X240 Resolution, 8-14$8,377.80Details
143257CBC America / ComputarIRL812Outdoor Ir Light 850Nm, 120 Degrees 66 Range 24Vac$545.81Details
317226CBC America / ComputarIRL832Outdoor Ir Light, 850Nm, 30 Degree, 160'$545.81Details
141824CBC America / ComputarIRL862Outdoor Ir Light 850Nm 60Degree 155' Range 24 Vac$545.81Details
144674CBC America / ComputarLENS4104-10Mm, 1/2", F1.8, Cs-Mount, 37.3-94.8$161.97Details
597469CBC America / ComputarM0918FICMPLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$303.22Details
597470CBC America / ComputarM1218FICMPLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$303.22Details
141832CBC America / ComputarM1620MPV2/3"16Mm F2.0 3 Mp Ultra Low Distortion Lens$362.39Details
1043102CBC America / ComputarM24Z2138PDCMPMegapixel Zoom Lens, 2/3 Inch Format, 24X Zoom, 21$3,738.94Details
144679CBC America / ComputarM2518MPV2/3" 25Mm F1.8 3 Megapixel Ultra Low Dis$362.39Details
144680CBC America / ComputarM2518MPWLens, 2/3 Inch, 5 Megapixels, 25Mm, F1.8, C-Mount,$369.79Details
597476CBC America / ComputarM3518FICMPIRLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$436.35Details
144682CBC America / ComputarM3Z1228CMPLens, 2/3", Megapixel, 12-36Mm, Varifocal, Cmount,$225.50Details
597478CBC America / ComputarM5020FICMPIRLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$510.31Details
144683CBC America / ComputarM5028MPV2/3" 50Mm F2.8 3 Megapixel Ultra Low Dis$335.77Details
800387CBC America / ComputarMG2514FCMPLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$316.75Details
597489CBC America / ComputarMG3518FCMPIRLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$443.75Details
354084CBC America / ComputarMG3Z1228FCMPVarifocal Lens, 2/3 Inch, 12-36Mm, Dc Auto Iris, C$243.89Details
597490CBC America / ComputarMG5020FCMPIRLens, Its & Traffic Monitoring, 2/3 Inch Format, 5$517.71Details
141839CBC America / ComputarMLM3XMPLens, 2/3", Megapixel, 3.3X, Cmount, Manual Iris $427.46Details
141840CBC America / ComputarMMH112CS1/4" 570 Tvl B/W With Cs-Mount$126.04Details
142693CBC America / ComputarMMH112L381/4" Hi-Res B/W W/3.8Mm Fixed Lens$126.04Details
143285CBC America / ComputarT0412FICSLens, 1/3", Monofocal, 4Mm, F1.2, Csmount, Manual-$59.82Details
144706CBC America / ComputarT0812FICSLens, 1/3", Monofocal, 8Mm, F1.2, Csmount, Manual-$59.82Details
317200CBC America / ComputarT21Z5616AMS5.8-121Mm F1.8 Lens (Special Order Lens)$913.02Details
142704CBC America / ComputarT2616FICSLens, 1/3", Monofocal, 2.6Mm, F1.6, Csmount, Manua$81.30Details
143292CBC America / ComputarT2Z1816CSLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 1.8-3.6Mm, F1.6, Csmount, M$193.27Details
832799CBC America / ComputarT2Z3514CS**Eol**T2Z3514Cs 3.5-8Mm Vari-$41.31Details
144714CBC America / ComputarT3Z2910CSIRLens, Day/Night, 1/3 Inch, Varifocal, 2.9-8.2Mm, F$52.43Details
144716CBC America / ComputarT3Z3510CSIRLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 3.5-10.5Mm, F1.0, Manual Ir$95.42Details
142086CBC America / ComputarTG3Z3510AFCSIRLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 3.5-10.5Mm, F1.0, Csmount,$123.58Details
142087CBC America / ComputarTG4Z2813FCSIRLens, Day/Night, Varifocal, 2.8-12Mm, F1.3, Dc, Au$55.46Details
143314CBC America / ComputarTG5Z8513AFCSIRLens, 1/3", Varifocal, 8.5-40Mm, F1.3, Csmount, Ai$201.78Details
143315CBC America / ComputarTHH50001.9Mm Lens For A Board Cam$37.73Details
354053CBC America / ComputarVM050.5Mm Extension Ring$4.12Details
354052CBC America / ComputarVM11Mm Extension Ring$4.48Details
317186CBC America / ComputarVM1010Mm Extension Ring$13.73Details
142721CBC America / ComputarVM100Lens Accessory, Extension Tube Kit $39.72Details
759952CBC America / ComputarZNT6HAT1FN32NFixed Thermal, 17Um, 50 Netd, 320X240 Re$2,705.88Details
813905CBC America / ComputarZNT6HAT1FN32PFixed Thermal, 17Um, 50 Netd, 320X240 Re$2,705.88Details
937535CBC America / ComputarZTPTD32036XNDual Head Thermal (20Mm Lens)/High Resol$23,334.88Details
1080467CBC America / ComputarZTPTD33536XNDual Head Thermal (35Mm Lens)/High Resol$25,917.41Details
353538CNB TechnologyLNL20S600Tvl, Fixed Lens (F=2.5Mm), Built-In I$96.22Details
316745CNB TechnologyM13VG246Tamron M13Vg246 1/3 2.4-6Mm Vari-Focal F$142.72Details
912150Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVPIR3613MP1.3Mp, 1280 X 960, Working Ip Pir Covert$224.70Details
824278Compulan / Digital ID ViewM13VD2812IR2.8~12Mm Lens$181.50Details
180344Connectors PlusBL12Lens, Board, 12Mm $10.59Details
147917Connectors PlusBL16Lens, Board, 16Mm $10.59Details
148757Connectors PlusBL25Lens, Board, 2.5Mm $16.34Details
180345Connectors PlusBL28Lens, Board, 2.8Mm $16.14Details
148977Connectors PlusBL6Lens, Board, 6Mm <$10.59Details
148978Connectors PlusBL8Lens, Board, 8Mm $10.59Details
147932Connectors PlusL358Lens, Varifocal, 3.5-8Mm Manual Iris $19.70Details
180352Connectors PlusL358DCLens, Varifocal, 3.5-88Mm, Ai, Dc Drive $29.15Details
148764Connectors PlusL5100DCLens, Varifocal, 5-100Mm, F1.8, Ai, Dc Drive $101.67Details
414263Costar Video SystemsCLS0770DM1/2", 7-70Mm, C Mount, Dc Iris, 3.0 MegaCall for Price.Details
607902Costar Video SystemsCLS2812D1/3", 2.8-12 Mm, F1.4-360, Direct Drive,Call for Price.Details
607904Costar Video SystemsCLS2812M1/3", 2.8-12 Mm, F1.4, Manual Iris, Cs MCall for Price.Details
414265Costar Video SystemsCLS3580D1/3In, 3.5-8 Mm, F1.4-360, Direct DriveCall for Price.Details
607907Costar Video SystemsCLS6600D1/3, 6-60 Mm, F1.6-360, Direct Drive, CCall for Price.Details
848441Da-Lite38833Easy Install Manual 78D Mw$510.03Details
1012849Dortronics1812045Manual Pinhole Camera Option$1.64Details
807187DotworkzACALLLENSBash High Impact Tinted Dome Lens$70.70Details
980869DotworkzACALLLENSCBash High Impact Lens - Clear Version$70.70Details
721252DotworkzACBALENSBash Ballistic Flat Lens – Bullet Resist$275.27Details
152743Edwards / GS Building Systems51RN540WFlashing Red Beacon. 40W Incandescent. 120V Ac$237.33Details
186065EverfocusFL43204.3Mm Lens$14.32Details
349323FLIR Systems42700302500F606,100Mm, 640X480, Ntsc$17,695.61Details
349318FLIR Systems427003225006 Degree Pt]606, 100Mm, 640X480, Ntsc$35,190.13Details
312848FLIR Systems42700322700Lens 18Degree Pt]618,35Mm, 640X480, Nts$23,461.59Details
623126Fluidmesh NetworksFMPOELOWAccess, Poe Injector, Low Voltage, 12-24V Dc $136.12Details
174750Fujinon27X29LR4DSA2L2.9 - 8Mm 1/3" F0.95-T360 V/F Day/Night$61.85Details
174755FujinonFE185C086HA11"C-Mount 2.7Mm F1.8 5 Mega Pixel Fisheye Camera$562.88Details
443139FujinonHA42X135BERDU48Lens Only, With Extender &Amp; Built In Sta$86,677.83Details
187413FujinonTF28DA82.8 Mm, 3 Ccd, 1/3" Format Manual Iris L$442.27Details
155093FujinonYF4A21/3" 4Mm F1.2-C Manual Iris Lens$42.69Details
349180FujinonYF4SA2LBWide Security Camera Angle Lens$63.57Details
155097FujinonYV33X15HR4ASA21.3 Mega Pixel Day Night 1/3"15-50Mm F1.$104.23Details
348758GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6070NStandard Lens Pak$13.38Details
348757GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6071Long Range Lens 5Pack$13.38Details
756723GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6072N**Eol**Extra Wide Lens Pack.$13.38Details
826988GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTL28A**Eol**2.8Mm Dc Auto Iris Len$98.22Details
164622GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTL38VAKalatel 3-8Mm Varifocal Dc Aut$128.13Details
164623GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTL550VMLens,5-50Mm,F1.8,Varifocal,Manual Iris$175.71Details
176476GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTL614VAKalatel 6-14Mm, Vari-Focal, Dc$160.75Details
311981GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityLP25Lens Pack,Replacement Fixed Lens,2.5Mm$32.15Details
311980GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityLP8Lens Pack,Replacement Fixed Lens,8Mm$32.15Details
1069435GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTVL0101Truvision Covert Lens, 1.3Mpx, L-Shape,$87.79Details
1010916GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTVL0102Truvision Covert Lens, 1.3Mpx, L-Shape,$87.79Details
941666GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTVL0103Truvision Covert Lens, 1.3Mpx, Cylinder,$87.79Details
931777GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTVL0106Truvision Covert Lens, 1.3Mpx, Cylinder,$99.51Details
311803GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityYV10X5HR4A2Megapixel 1/3 In. 2.8-8 Mm Manual Iris$146.69Details
311802GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityYV21X28SR4A2Megapixel 2.8-6 Mm F 1.3 D/N Maunal Iris$191.25Details
311523Golden State InstrumentGS604IRC1/3 Sony Ccd Clr Infrared Bullet Cam -$137.59Details
754378Golden State InstrumentGSAHD202BC1 Mp Ahd Bullet 720P Ahd Or 1280Tvl Comp$56.04Details
630078Hikvision USADV38X4SR4ASA1Lens, 3Mp, 4-15.2Mm, 1/1.8, C-Mount$238.92Details
310448Hikvision USAHV4510MMPIRMega Pixel Manual Iris 4.5-10Mm$115.46Details
179501Hikvision USATF0412IRIris:Fixed, Focal Length:4Mm, Aperture:1$15.13Details
187068i3 DVRDYV43X28SA22.8-12Mm Mp LenseCall for Price.Details
175758IluminarIR623A602460 Degree, 246'/75M, 850Nm 12-32Vdc/24Va$802.52Details
632696ImmerVisionIMV113DEMO1 Time Demo 360 Deg Panamorph Lens$620.87Details
943084Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDO2IRCF2.1Mp 1080P Hdcvi Fixed Lens Dome Camera$56.46Details
633228Infortrend TechnologyYB0LCB6C01G0Computar 1/2.7", F3.1~8Mm/F1.2, Dc-Iris,$152.35Details
633229Infortrend TechnologyYB0LL07K01G0Biz Optical Lens Lo Cs Mount Mega Pixel$138.99Details
309477IQInvisionF2Alliance-Mini Dome Ultra Wide Lens$38.19Details
345920IQInvisionF3Alliance-Mini Dome Telephoto Lens$48.17Details
905398IQInvisionIQM62NEB5Iqeye Alliance-Mx Series Hd Cameras- Wid$435.69Details
635024IQInvisionV162.8-12Mm Lens For Iq76X$168.39Details
885544KT&C AmericaACEC2MIB43.7Mm Board Lens Tvi 1080P Board Camera$124.46Details
910603KT&C AmericaACEC2MIP44.3Mm P4 Pinhole Lens Tvi 1080P Board Ca$124.46Details
636738KT&C AmericaACEEX300CP1380Tvl, 0.01Lux@Fp, 3.7Mm Semi Cone Pinh$108.89Details
636739KT&C AmericaACEEX300CP1PAL380Tvl, 0.01Lux@Fp, 3.7Mm Semi Cone Pinh$108.89Details
636740KT&C AmericaACEEX560EHPA1600Tvl, 0.003Lux@Fp, 3.6Mm Board Lens, D$108.89Details
636741KT&C AmericaACEHD383M1080P Hd-Sdi Module, 3.7Mm(3Mp)Board Len$188.40Details
307163KT&C AmericaACEM321NUP4700Tvl, 0.05Lux, 4.3Mm Super Cone Pinhol$103.71Details
636744KT&C AmericaACEMA380B1000Tvl 1.3 Mp Analog Module, 3.7Mm(3Mp)$136.54Details
307159KT&C AmericaKLB0178Board Lens, F1.78 Mm For Board Cameras$24.03Details
795794KT&C AmericaKLB0800M128Mm$12.23Details
307158KT&C AmericaKLC0400CCCctv Camera Lens, C Mount, F4.0 Mm$19.64Details
343378KT&C AmericaKLC0600CCCctv Camera Lens, C Mount, F6.0 Mm$19.64Details
343377KT&C AmericaKLC0800CCCctv Camera Lens, C Mount, F8.0 Mm$19.64Details
343376KT&C AmericaKLC1200CCCctv Camera Lens, C Mount, F12.0 Mm$19.64Details
343375KT&C AmericaKLC1600CCCctv Camera Lens, C Mount, F16.0 Mm$19.64Details
636795KT&C AmericaKLP433Super Cone Wide Pinhole Lens - 3.3Mm Aov$16.67Details
636804KT&C AmericaKNCHDI47B432.1Mp Miniature Aquare, 4.3Mm(3Mp) Board$436.68Details
636830KT&C AmericaKPCDH100NHBS580Tvl, 0.0001Lux (Sens-Up), C/Cs Mount,$119.27Details
636836KT&C AmericaKPCDQ100NHB550Tvl, 1.0Lux, 3.6Mm Board Lens, Dc12V,$101.98Details
636840KT&C AmericaKPCE190NUB245700Tvl, 0.1Lux, 2.45Mm Board Lens, Dc12V$122.23Details
307152KT&C AmericaKPCE700NUB12Color 1/3” Sony 960H Ccd 12Mm Lens$129.44Details
636845KT&C AmericaKPCEW38NUP1750Tvl, 0.000001 Lux (Dss X256), 3.7Mm C$157.29Details
957400KT&C AmericaKPCEW38NUP3Miniature Square: 750Tvl, 0.000001 Lux ($157.29Details
636846KT&C AmericaKPCEW38NUP4700Tvl, 0.000001 Lux (Dss X256), 4.3Mm B$159.03Details
636847KT&C AmericaKPCEW38NUP433750Tvl Miniature Square Camera W/ 3.3 Pi$167.66Details
636851KT&C AmericaKPCEX35CNV8MM380Tvl,0Lux, 8Mm Board Lens, Dc12V, Moun$152.11Details
636852KT&C AmericaKPCHD230CWWX520Tvl, 1.0Lux/F2.0, 3.6Mm Board Lens, A$152.11Details
636857KT&C AmericaKPCHD38M61080P Hd Miniature Square, 6.0Mm Megapix$241.99Details
636881KT&C AmericaKPCS53CHVColor, 0 Lux, 12 Led, 550 Tv Lines, Wate$129.64Details
636883KT&C AmericaKPCSN505UB750Tvl 960H Dc5V 25X25Mm Mini Square, 3.$136.54Details
343354KT&C AmericaKPCVBN190NHWX6MM550Tvl, 0.2Lux, 6Mm Lens, Dc12V, Bnc Cab$107.17Details
343353KT&C AmericaKPCVD61NUB700Tvl, 0.0001Lux@Fp, 3.6Mm Board Lens,$150.37Details
636888KT&C AmericaKPCVDR101NNV142611DC380Tvl, 0.5Lux@F2.0, 2.6~11Mm, Dc12V, 3-$162.48Details
636889KT&C AmericaKPCVDR101NNV79022DC380Tvl, 0.5Lux@F2.0, 9~22Mm, Dc12V, 3-Ax$169.39Details
200833Linear CorporationNDLENSRE1F/G Ndlens-Re1$10.89Details
1011227LTS NJ / AteckVF550AI5-50Mm A/I Lens 1/3” Cs$37.63Details
968012Marshall ElectronicsCV150PHMicro 2Mp Camera 1/3Sensor 60/30Fps With$456.18Details
746292Marshall ElectronicsCVM7Durable 7In. Articulating Arm: Single Po$67.35Details
234381Marshall ElectronicsV4301Mar 2.1 Mm F2.0 6- Element Min Lens$32.35Details
202364Marshall ElectronicsV4301920FT1.9Mm, F2.0 Mini Lens$32.35Details
304449Marshall ElectronicsV4308Board Camera Lens 8Mm$18.95Details
340601Marshall ElectronicsV43502550Mm F2.5 Miniature Lens$49.74Details
304447Marshall ElectronicsV4402125HR2.1Mm F2.5 Hi Res Mini Lens$36.54Details
304446Marshall ElectronicsV5010XFixed Video Microscope$143.07Details
274145Marshall ElectronicsVPL100CS1210.0Mm F2.8Cs Mount Pinhole Lens$32.35Details
304439Marshall ElectronicsVPL300CS1230Mm Pinhole Lens$32.35Details
941629Marshall ElectronicsVSM226A2.2-6Mm Fujinon Varifocal 3Mp F1.3 Cs Mo$192.43Details
340583Marshall ElectronicsVSM246ALens 2.4-6Mm$166.78Details
765515Marshall ElectronicsVSM2812A2.8-12Mm Lens For Cv Series$152.35Details
202379Marshall ElectronicsVZPL05012.5 To 10.0 4" Zoom Cs Pinhole Lens$270.61Details
340582Marshall ElectronicsVZPL124-20Mm Manual Iris Pinhole Lens$610.82Details
1042537Marshall ElectronicsVZPL12MZ4Mm To 20Mm F/2.5 Motorized Zoom Pinhole$737.11Details
304431Marshall ElectronicsVZPL2142.8-14Mm F2.5 Pinhole Lens$354.12Details
751787MESSOA TechnologiesNID321HN51 Megapixel 1280X720@30Fps, 1/4" Lumii S$431.69Details
789437MESSOA TechnologiesNOD3953 Megapixel 2048X1536@15 Fps, 1/3" Lumii$720.67Details
739015MobitexD12DISEC180D22D22**Eol**View Dual Lens Mega Resoluti$1,519.60Details
339340MobitexM24MSECD11Mono Day Lens Camera With 11Mm Hemispher$1,484.85Details
339338MobitexMXD12MODULED22Mob Day/Night Lens$208.71Details
339337MobitexMXD12MODULEN22Mob Mobotix Night Module 22Mm Lens$224.07Details
339336MobitexMXD12MODULEN65Mob Sensor Module L65 Lens$219.18Details
804334MobitexMXD15MODULED226MPF18Lens Unit D15D With Hd Premiumlens L22 ($206.00Details
647231MobitexMXM12DSECDNIGHTD43N135Pn: Mx-M12D-Sec-Dnight-D43N135 Megapixel Secure-Camera With Dual-OpticCall for Price.Details
339329MobitexMXM24MOPTLCGLOption, Lens Cover, Large, W/ Filter Mount, For M2$46.31Details
275607MobitexMXM24MOPTLCSGGlass Lens Cover, Scratch-Proof Glass, Lens Protec$46.31Details
303265MobitexMXOPT14D135D135 Lens$114.91Details
876393MobitexMXOPT14F20L22L2590 Degree Lens$118.29Details
303264MobitexMXOPT14L1111Mm Equivalent In Terms Of 35Mm. It Ha$264.40Details
204460MobitexMXOPT14L135Mob 135Mm Lens$123.35Details
204461MobitexMXOPT14L22Mob 90 Degree Lens For M22$123.35Details
204462MobitexMXOPT14L32Mob 32 Mm Wide Angle Lens$123.35Details
236261MobitexMXOPT14L43Mob 45 Degree Lens For M22$123.35Details
204463MobitexMXOPT14L65L65 Tele 65 Mm Lens$123.35Details
753045MobitexMXOPTF18L135L160Premium Lens L135-L160 Tele, F/1.8$127.12Details
740051MobitexMXOPTF18L20L23L20-L23 Hd Super Wide-Angle Lens With F/$121.04Details
787034MobitexMXOPTFLATMOUNTEXTBLOption, Frame, Flatmount Series, External, For Flu$87.43Details
480402MobitexMXSMN11BLNetwork-Camera Lens (Hs Code 90029100)$366.19Details
834082MobitexMXSMN38LPFBLF18Sensor Module 5Mp, L38-F1.8 (Night Lpf),$322.08Details
338879NapcoNAXBADGEKITANapco Nax Badging Package$4,008.42Details
302757NapcoNAXBADGEKITBNapco Nax Badging Package$4,618.94Details
787783NutoneS10941174Alens Cover And Bezel Lens For 89339000$22.07Details
717998NuvicoCT2MB22.9Mm, D/N(Icr), 24 Ir Leds, D-Wdr/3Dnr,$80.19Details
337982OpenEyeCAM12LENS66Mm M12 Lens For The Cm-610/710 Cameras$20.61Details
901604OpenEyeOECA28M12IR2.8Mm M12 Lens For The 6112/7112 Cameras$33.22Details
829082OpenEyeOECAL1648CSLens, 16-48Mm, Manual Iris, F2.0, Cs-Mount, For C$115.47Details
301924OptexAXBTCCover/ Lens Only For The Ax-1750 &Amp; Ax-17$152.35Details
277626OptexBX80NCLAccessory, Replacement Cover & Lens, For Bx-80N Se$28.35Details
206749OptexLX402CLAccessory, Replacement Cover & Lens, For Lx-402 Se$11.35Details
301917OptexLX80LENSLens F/ Lx802N$8.24Details
653869OptexSL350COVERCover Lens For Sl-350Qfr 1 Pc$31.57Details
239000Pach & Company9CRLNSReplacment Screen For 9000$46.52Details
337731Panasonic Security3HP001276AAAReplacement Lens$25.08Details
1022497Panasonic SecurityGPLM3TAPns Sec Len Wide Angle 3M F/1.4 Microcam$482.45Details
1020518Panasonic SecurityMR12MP080SBV1Single 8Mm Fixed Lens For Wvsbv Series$25.77Details
1050860Panasonic SecurityMR12MP080SBV1010Pack 8Mm Fixed Lens For Wvsbv Series$234.14Details
239791Pegasus ProductsPBL12MMLens, Fixed, Board, 1/3 Inch, 12Mm $11.04Details
278728Pegasus ProductsPBL25MMLens, Fixed, Board, 1/3 Inch, 2.5Mm $7.74Details
234849Pegasus ProductsPBL6MMLens, Fixed, Board, 1/3 Inch, 6Mm $7.74Details
989308Pegasus ProductsPVL358MILens, Varifocal, 1/3 Inch, Manual Iris, 3.5-8Mm, F$11.02Details
234881Pegasus ProductsPVL660DCAILens, Varifocal, 1/3 Inch, Auto Iris, 6-60Mm, F1.6$69.52Details
1003737Pegasus ProductsPVL660MILens, Varifocal, 1/3 Inch, Manual Iris, 6-60Mm, F1$41.54Details
659695Pentax / Ricoh15511516Mm F1.4 W/Lock Screw$158.76Details
659696Pentax / Ricoh15511725Mm F1.4 W/Lock Screw$160.36Details
659697Pentax / Ricoh15511935Mm F1.6 W/Lock Screw$147.28Details
659698Pentax / Ricoh155123Machine Vision Camera Lens$662.65Details
659701Pentax / Ricoh15513325Mm F/1.4 With Lock-Screws$136.32Details
659704Pentax / Ricoh15529475Mm F2.8 W/Iris &Amp; Focus W/Lock Screw$301.54Details
659705Pentax / Ricoh15530312Mm F1.4 W/Lock Screw$168.39Details
800878Pentax / Ricoh155518*Eol*25Mm F1.8 W/Lock Screw$117.24Details
659708Pentax / Ricoh15557378Mm F3.8-16 230Nm-800Nm W/Lock Screw$2,969.26Details
659710Pentax / Ricoh15557912.5Mm F1.8-C C-Mount, W/Locking Screw$126.73Details
659711Pentax / Ricoh1555854.8Mm F1.8-C C-Mount, Fixed Focus, W/Loc$205.34Details
659713Pentax / Ricoh155594Monofocal Manual Iris Lens, ½” Format, 4$238.95Details
659715Pentax / Ricoh1555996Mm, F/1.4 Manual Iris Lens$184.42Details
659718Pentax / Ricoh15560925Mm F2.8-16 230Nm-800Nm Wllock Screw$1,145.12Details
659719Pentax / Ricoh15583350Mm F2.8 F Mount (Available In Fmount$862.20Details
659723Pentax / Ricoh156137Manual Zoom Lens (For Its And Machine Vi$479.99Details
659727Pentax / Ricoh1570681.6-3.4Mm F1.4 W/Connector$508.42Details
659730Pentax / Ricoh1570853-8Mm F1.0 Day/Night W/Connector$57.15Details
659738Pentax / Ricoh158037Cos Ext-T 4 10Mm$18.77Details
925504Pentax / RicohC70509DCPS*Eol* Eol 5-50Mm F1.8 W/Connector$102.59Details
1075256Pentax / RicohFLBC12209M12 Mm - 9Mp Lens$649.49Details
1040111Pentax / RicohFLBC16189M16 Mm - 9Mp Lens$649.49Details
1059179Potter ElectricYL60BL50RUL120Vac Exp.Prf Strobe/Hrn Clear Lens$3,787.12Details
249654Pulnix / TakexBTSHIELD4Replacement Lens For Old Bt-150 Tower$152.35Details
300303RaytecRM50FAI120CRaymax 50, 120-180° Ai, 940Nm + 12/24V I$764.00Details
214606Rokonet / RiscoRL1775' Corridor Lens For Iwise Dt 82'$6.48Details
216577Samsung TechwinSLA12240Lens, 1/2" Dc 20X Motorized Zoom, 12-240$2,078.78Details
681943Samsung TechwinSLAMM21DSuper Wide Angle Lens, 1/2", F2.1Mm/F1.8 Fixed Foc$38.25Details
921476Samsung TechwinSLAMM36DMegapixel Fixed Lens 1/2Inch , F3.6Mm F2$38.25Details
285754Seco-LarmSL126LQBLens Only For Sl-126, Sl-126-A24, And Sl$4.12Details
218175Seco-LarmSL126QBBlue 126 Strobe 5-14V "U"Type Xenon Tube$16.76Details
248470Seco-LarmSL126QGGreen 126 Strobe 5-14Vdc "U"Type Xenon Tube$16.76Details
983044Sentry360BXLENS5012 Megapixel Rated Lens, 50Mm Fixed$1,299.21Details
1037897Sentry360BXLENS5505 Megapixel Rated Lens, 5-50Mm Veri-Foca$171.74Details
918009Sentry360SEN12JC10M2/3" Imager Size 12.0Mm, Manual Iris, Cs$1,669.21Details
725222Sentry360SEN16JC10M2/3" Imager Size 16.0Mm, Manual Iris, Cs$1,649.80Details
924316Sentry360SEN25JC10M2/3" Imager Size 25.0Mm, Manual Iris, Cs$1,625.54Details
820846Sentry360SEN35JC10M2/3" Imager Size 35.0Mm, Manual Iris, Cs$1,635.90Details
779782Sentry360SEN5MP10401/2" Imager Size, 10-40Mm, F-Stop, F1.1.$228.68Details
887001Sentry360SEN5MP4121/2" Image Size, 4.0 - 12Mm, F-Stop F1:1$168.01Details
761160Sentry360SEN5MP8161/2" Imager Size, 8.0 - 16Mm, F-Stop F1:$173.61Details
886919Sentry360SEN8JC10M2/3" Imager Size 8.0Mm, Manual Iris, Cs$1,732.28Details
818014Sentry360SENMVL121/2" Imager Size 12.0Mm, F-Stop F1.8~F11$1,415.93Details
919618Sentry360SENMVL161/2" Imager Size 16.0Mm, F-Stop F1.8~F16$1,332.58Details
780582Sentry360SENMVL251/2" Imager Size 25.0Mm, F-Stop F1.8~F16$1,262.58Details
755925Sentry360SENMVL351/2" Imager Size 35.0Mm, F-Stop F2.0~F16$1,262.58Details
716491Sentry360SENMVL51/2" Imager Size 5.0Mm, F-Stop F1.8~F16,$1,582.60Details
837223Sentry360SENMVL501/2" Imager Size 50.0Mm, F-Stop F2.8~F16$1,262.58Details
793545Sentry360SENMVL81/2" Imager Size 8.0Mm, F-Stop F1.8~F22,$1,499.26Details
929510SpecoHT71TGHd-Tvi Mini Ir Turret With 2.9Mm Lens - Grey Color$110.64Details
288948StarDot TechnologiesLEN5M187MMC5Mp 1.87Mm 180° Fisheye Lens$523.37Details
331935StarDot TechnologiesLENMV1648CS5Mp Ir Varifocal Lens, 16-48Mm Cs, Manua$523.37Details
296233Talk-A-Phone67497Acrylic Plug For Fixed Cameras$45.68Details
296192Tamron CCTV12VA1040ASIR1/2" Aspherical Ir Vari-Focal Lensmanual$163.56Details
254018Tamron CCTV13FG22IRSQ1/3" Ir Mono Focal Lens 2.2Mmf/1.2 W/ Co$73.88Details
254019Tamron CCTV13FM28IR1/3" Ir Mono-Focal Lens 2.8Mmf/1.2 Manua$42.69Details
289575Tamron CCTV13VM2812ASII1/3" Aspherical Varifocal Lens2.8-12Mm M$53.39Details
289576Tamron CCTV13VM308ASIRII1/3" Lens, Cs Mount, 3-8Mm, Max F1.0 Man$42.69Details
289577Tamron CCTV23FM08L8Mm F/1.4 W/Lock, Manual Iris,C Mount$188.43Details
254027Tamron CCTV23FM25L2/3" High Res Mono-Focal Lens25Mm F/1.6$167.58Details
289580Tamron CCTV23FM25SP2/3" Format 25Mm Megapix Lens$198.86Details
289582Tamron CCTV23FM652/3" , 6.5Mm F/1.8, Manual Iris C Mount$149.27Details
289587Tamron CCTVM118FM081/1.8'' 8Mm Manual Irish With Lock$166.78Details
254034Tamron CCTVM118FM1616Mmlens,F1.4 Megapix W Lock Man Iris, C$150.09Details
331512TekToneRP089KAmber Lens For Li380, Li384A, Li386B - 10 Each$42.35Details
295955TekToneRP091KRed Lens For Li380, Li384A, Li386B - 10 Each$42.35Details
227265Toshiba SecurityYV28X28LASA2LVari-Focal, 1/3", F2.8-8Mm (2.7X), F0.95$96.00Details
228649Vicon IndustriesV550VFCSGVarifocal Lens, 5-50Mm, F/1.3, Auto Iris $191.10Details
1046031Vicon IndustriesW2Lens; 1.8-3 Mm, For Iq762/Iq763/Iq765/Iq$274.23Details
754799Video InsightA200CLEARDOMEA-200-Cleardome For A-200 Ptz Camera$35.63Details
700592Videocomm TechnologiesVN24303W2.4 Dsktop Video Ntwrk Bridge Up To 150O Feet$522.67Details
702283VideotecONXWQGQuartz Glass, For Nxt Series Camera Housings $341.24Details
702284VideotecONXWTGTempered Glass, 500-Degrees Fahrenheit Maximum, Fo$26.99Details
844106ViewZVZDF50AILens, 1 Inch, 50Mm, Fixed, F1.8, Video $215.87Details
798169Viking ElectronicsU213415Clear Lens Cover For Sl2 &Amp; Bk4$20.61Details
229779VisonicL100Stnd Lens For The Srn2000$4.43Details
294546VisonicL102Lens For Srn Series Pet Alley, 65X65$4.54Details
256594VisonicLENS30Long Range 120’ Lens For Srn2000 Pir$4.19Details
256596VisonicLM2Long Range Lens For Mr4000$2.54Details
267885VitekVTL0416F4.0Mm Fixed Iris Cs-Mount LensCall for Price.Details
229909VitekVTL0616F6.0Mm Fixed Iris Cs-Mount LensCall for Price.Details
229910VitekVTL0816F8.0Mm Fixed Iris Cs-Mount LensCall for Price.Details
229912VitekVTL2820F2.8Mm Fixed Iris Cs-Mount LensCall for Price.Details
292127VitekVTL7550ANIRVarifocal Lens, 1/3 Inch, 7.5-50Mm, Dc Auto Iris,Call for Price.Details
267887VitekVTLBL16Fixed Lens, 16Mm, Telephoto, For Board Cameras Call for Price.Details
229913VitekVTLBL28Fixed Lens, 2.8Mm, Wide Angle, For Board Cameras Call for Price.Details
890133Vivotek USA609025900GDome Cover For Md Series For Md7560,Md85$39.38Details
294337WatchnetMPIXLENB6Mega-Pixel 1/2 Inch Board Lens - 6Mm$44.75Details
329830WatchnetNFMX044 Channel Megapixel Ip Software License$214.13Details
294323WatchnetWPTI54036EXD36X Double Barrel Ptz Camera Wi/400M$2,407.56Details
268254Watec / Genwac1920BC5G/W Minature Pinhole Lens Fl 1.9$126.69Details
329809Watec / Genwac230VIVIDP37Pinhole Lens$243.75Details
294304Watec / Genwac3820BC53.8 Miniature Compact Lens$46.52Details