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Video Security (CCTV)

Distribution Amps

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1053081Advanced Technology Video / ATVACEH400KStandard Networked Controller, 1-Dr, 4-I$340.20Details
112415AiphoneGFWVBCNg Distance Video Control Unit FoCall for Price.Details
387980Alnet SystemsNET24License And Software Package For 24$1,575.01Details
359752AltronixAL400ULXJGAl400Ul Ul Xl Encl Grey$189.41Details
117999AltronixHUBSAT43DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 4-Ch$276.78Details
119156AltronixHUBSAT82DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$475.88Details
118324AltronixHUBSAT83DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$532.75Details
118328AltronixHUBWAY16CDUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 16-C$734.79Details
118872AltronixHUBWAY82CDSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$503.62Details
118333AltronixHUBWAY83CDSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$560.49Details
119162AltronixHUBWAY8CDUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$381.52Details
118876AltronixHUBWAY8CDSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$381.52Details
119163AltronixHUBWAY8DSPower Supply 8 Channel Utp Hub 750'Video W/Pwr Ptc$381.52Details
118343AltronixHUBWAYLD163CDUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 16-C$1,515.51Details
119167AltronixHUBWAYLD163DUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 16-C$1,515.51Details
119283AltronixHUBWAYLD163DIUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 16-C$1,669.64Details
119170AltronixHUBWAYLD82CDSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$814.61Details
119286AltronixHUBWAYLD82DIUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$894.65Details
388136AltronixHUBWAYLD82S8 Channel Video/Data/Power Combiner$907.99Details
119288AltronixHUBWAYLD83CDSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$869.39Details
119491AltronixHUBWAYLD83DIUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$949.55Details
118890AltronixHUBWAYLD83DSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$869.39Details
118344AltronixHUBWAYLD8CDUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$697.05Details
118893AltronixHUBWAYLDH8Utp Transceiver Hub, 8-Channel, 115 / 230 Vac Inpu$602.11Details
120691American Dynamics / Robot0100230301Encl Assy, Snet To 422$360.61Details
119458American Dynamics / Robot0304290601Outdoor Housing Blower Heater Assembly$100.90Details
833944Axis CommunicationsQ7424RMKIIVIDEOENCODERRugged Video Encoder With H.264 And Moti$1,051.82Details
409167Azco TechnologiesAZ1269Vga + Audio Over Cat5 Receiver With Chai$229.42Details
409168Azco TechnologiesAZ1270Vga + Audio Over Cat5 Transmitter &Amp; Rece$340.36Details
592574Blonder TongueABLEU2III7575Consumer Broadband Uhf Preamplifier$61.61Details
410853Blonder TongueBIDA75A30PTwo-Way Boradband Distribution Amplifier$694.82Details
410875Blonder TongueDA33Wideband Distribution Amplifier ( 0.5-30$757.77Details
410897Blonder TongueHDA486024Hearedn Distribution Amplifier 860 Mhz,$1,188.27Details
410912Blonder TongueRMDA100030Rack Mounted Distribution Amplifier 30 D$656.18Details
410961Blonder TongueZCM201Residential Dist Amp Stock #1472$19.56Details
594381Bosch Security (CCTV)PLE1MA060US60 Watt Mixer Amplifier$333.60Details
1073702Bosch Security (CCTV)PLEIME060USMixer Amplifier$370.20Details
145181Channel VisionC0317Amp With Wideband Tv (Fios) 54-1525Mhz W$112.66Details
145795Channel VisionVDA12Audio/Video Bas Band Distrbtr$278.55Details
413572Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVCAMOIP44-Channel Video Encoder$455.02Details
413574Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVCD104Video Amplifier 1 In And 4 Out$98.87Details
413575Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVCD108Video Amplifier 1 In And 8 Out$116.84Details
149016Connectors PlusVDA1Video Amplifier, 1 Input To 2 Output $42.93Details
414228Costar Video SystemsCD8ACode Distribution Amplifier 8Ch Rs485Call for Price.Details
157238Cyrex Networks / Comelit3201RBrass Video Enry Panel Roma Se W/1 Psbtn$533.49Details
1079273dbx Professional Products / Harman InternationalCTS8200AUSPCN8 Channel Power Amplifier$4,259.47Details
970449Edwards / GS Building Systems1156Y12K115 Re,1 Amp Magnet Cbl 1$44.09Details
735761ESD / Electronic Security DevicesSPS12F27712Vdc/12 Amp Supervised (Ac &Amp; Battery) C$232.48Details
616729ESD / Electronic Security DevicesSPS36M212Vdc/3.6Amp Supervised (Ac &Amp; Battery) P$148.27Details
840193GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTD83U*Eol*Ktd83 With Universal Power Supply$188.86Details
164628GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTS25316Kalatel Kts-253-16 16 Channel$1,276.43Details
443513GE Security / UTC Fire & SecuritySYMNET15RCSymnet1-5Rc, Phase Ii$432.24Details
444652Golden State InstrumentGSPVS2Two Way Video Distributor/Amplifier$43.63Details
461843Kramer Electronics101LKra Video Amplifier$123.48Details
461844Kramer Electronics105V1:5 Composite Video Distribution Amplifi$194.04Details
727087Kramer ElectronicsPIP44 Cv Picture-In-Picture Inserter.$1,630.15Details
461855Kramer ElectronicsTP205A1:5 Computer Graphics Video, Audio, &Amp; Rs$847.69Details
461857Kramer ElectronicsVM12HDCP1:12 Hdcp Compliant Dvi Distribution Amp$978.73Details
461859Kramer ElectronicsVM28H2X1:8 Hdmi Distribution Amplifier$896.83Details
1034429Kramer ElectronicsVM28HNV2X1:8 Hdmi Distribution Amplifier$896.83Details
271081Kramer ElectronicsVM2C1:2 Component Video Distribution Amplifi$185.22Details
461861Kramer ElectronicsVM4DH1:4 Hdmi/Displayport Distribution Amplif$650.75Details
461862Kramer ElectronicsVM54A1:54 Balanced Stereo Audio Distribution$814.55Details
461863Kramer ElectronicsVM731:3 Multi-Format Video, Hdmi &Amp; Computer$806.74Details
461864Kramer ElectronicsVM92Kra 9 Ch Multi-Mode Video Distribution A$847.69Details
461865Kramer ElectronicsVM9S1X2 Composite &Amp; Unbalanced Audio Da$335.96Details
461866Kramer ElectronicsVP103Computer Graphics Video Line Amplifier &Amp;$323.19Details
461867Kramer ElectronicsVP200N5Distribution Amp - 15 Vga 1:2 Xga Da Wit$154.36Details
461868Kramer ElectronicsVP415Digital Dvi Video Scaler Is A High Perfo$378.86Details
461870Kramer ElectronicsVP5THD1:4 Xga &Amp; Hdtv Distribution Amplifier &Amp;$420.62Details
901586Linear / Music & Sound5557BIDBi-Directional Rf Dist. Kit W/ 5V Ir Sys$414.59Details
210981Linear CorporationH816BIDVideo Distribution Amplifier, Bi-Directional, Catv$51.40Details
642981Meridian TechnologiesMR1HG11-Ch 3G Rceiver Module, 1 Fiber W/5Vdc P$866.72Details
849904Meridian TechnologiesMR1U1Rx Card, 1 Ch. Video (10-Bit) (10Mhz)$412.53Details
899750Meridian TechnologiesMT1U1Tx Card, 1 Ch. Video (10-Bit) (10Mhz)$412.53Details
1076888MitekAA400PHD6-Input, 400 Watt Mixer Amplifier With A$1,145.98Details
225745Muxlab500070Usb 4-Port Extender Kit$272.16Details
225746Muxlab500090The Active Component Video Balun Kit$552.84Details
276000Muxlab500101Transmitter Balum For Cameras 24Vac$90.06Details
502526NitekVH17016 Ch Video Trnscr Hub W/ Telco Connectr$1,154.06Details
237889NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV842Hub, Stubeq, Active, 8-Channel, Power Supply Inclu$907.80Details
240454Pelco / Schneider ElectricEA2010Pelco Ea2010 Desktop Post$208.80Details
251903Radio Design Labs / RDLEZVDA3BVideo Distribution Amplifier - 1X3 Bnc N$178.79Details
1027646Saf-ComSIGAAA3030 Watt Intelligent Audio Amp$524.97Details
261316Seco-LarmVA1104BWQ1 In, 4 Out Video Distributor$62.55Details
683503SecuritronPDB8F2Power Distribution Board, (8) Fused Outputs, 2 Amp$39.02Details
220857SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU360E20 Watt, 25 Vrms Amplifier Module$675.95Details
509706Silent KnightAU360APB20W Audio Pow Booster$924.74Details
264218SpecoVGADISTK5Monitor Distribution Amplifier, 1-Input To 5-Outpu$244.02Details
223865SpecoVGARReceiver Module, Extra / Replacement, For Vgadistk$143.91Details
223888SpecoVMS2Testing Kit, 4" Lcd Monitor, Color $318.80Details
288649Sperry WestSWAA100Amplified Audio For Law Enforcement Only$174.79Details
774950TRENDnetTEWA1750BEol Antena P/Interiores Dual Band$30.55Details
1051782UTC / GE Security / Fiber Options / IFSFP1910WDMFiberpak-Video/Bi Directional Data Trans$1,478.14Details
700545Videocomm TechnologiesMIC240Videocomm Pre-Amp Condensor$55.16Details
267257Videocomm TechnologiesRTL2R24032.4Ghz Mobile Dual Video Link All Weather 450Mw$1,832.75Details
267258Videocomm TechnologiesRTL2R24582.4 Gh/5.8Gh All Weather Mob Dual Diversity 450Mw$2,591.61Details
700558Videocomm TechnologiesRTX1R58145.8Ghz All Weather 800Mw Video Link$3,371.96Details
702232VideotecOHEH05BHeater, 12 Vdc/24 Vac, For Nxm Aisi Series Camera$24.14Details
755154VitekVTAC2TCONF2-Contact Phoenix ConnectorCall for Price.Details
702797VitekVTAD104Video Distributor, (1) Input W/ (4) Balanced P/P OCall for Price.Details
702798VitekVTAD108Video Distributor, (1) Input W/ (8) Balanced P/P OCall for Price.Details