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Video Security (CCTV)

Camera Positioning Devices

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
800033ACTI CorporationPHDD2500Accessory, Hard Disk Drive, 4 Tb, 3.5 Inch, For Da$567.14Details
580519Ademco Video / Honeywell Video10000193Joystick Assy For The Hjk7000$237.99Details
802025Ademco Video / Honeywell Video70000976Keypad Rubber Plastic Ultrakey$17.99Details
111664Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHJC4000Touch Controller, Ultrakey Series, For Ptz & Dvrs$596.69Details
112120Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHJC5000Keyboard, Ultrakey Lite Series, Mid-Tier, Real-Tim$843.69Details
111665Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHJK7000Joystick Keyboard, Ultrakey Plus Series, Programma$1,816.24Details
121375American Dynamics / RobotADDSNCVMKIntellex Network Client, Virtua L Matrix / Keyboar$650.35Details
120572American Dynamics / RobotADTTEOption, Keyboard, Touch Tracker Sys, Rs232 $897.72Details
126248AvaLAN WirelessAW1924002.4Ghz Directional 19Dbi Panel Antenna$159.59Details
131268Bi-TronicsCVYCCOMPRCAPassive Svhs 2 Composite Converter Adapter$48.58Details
951859Bosch SecurityLTC941820P/T, Max Load 22Lb. 24V$1,116.69Details
157583Dedicated MicrosDMKBC2Dvr Accessory, Keyboard W/ Joystick, For Sd Series$444.96Details
609437Dedicated MicrosDMKBC2USBAccessory, Keyboard, W/ Joystick, For Sd, Sd Advan$739.32Details
753455Digital WatchdogDWCP37WMWall Mount, With Analog Module, For Ptz37X $362.00Details
150414Digital WatchdogDWCP39WMWall Mount, W/ Analog Module, For Ptz39X $362.00Details
916345Digital WatchdogDWSPBJER4UPWRSPLYPower Supply Bjer4U/8Ps-Pws-1K41P-1R$584.54Details
610920Digital WatchdogDWSPKBADAPTORKb100 Adaptor-Repair Part$52.19Details
416003Digital WatchdogDWSPVM480REMOTEVmax 480 Remote Control$16.49Details
161105Digital WatchdogDWSPVMAXPWRSPLY816Vmax Power Supply 12V 5A 60W 8Ch And 16C$64.39Details
161878EverfocusEKB500Dome Controller, Keyboard , Ptz / Dvr Monitor, 256$499.74Details
164388GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityGECDVPMATruvision Dome Ptz 16X Npt Pipe Mount Ad$99.44Details
348499GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTAFM38Kalatel Flush Mnt Kit F/Kta38$29.10Details
192052Hikvision USADS1003KIKeyboard, W/ 5 X 2.5 Inch Lcd Screen, Rs-485 Contr$254.27Details
860785IluminarILRCAccessory, Remote Control, For Ir148, Ir312, Ir623$44.23Details
232662Linear CorporationRD5PT2PReceiver Driver,230Vac 50Hz Input,24Vac Output$717.59Details
232663Linear CorporationRD5PT5PReceiver Driver,230Vac 50Hz Input,230Vac Output$717.59Details
232664Linear CorporationRD6PT6PReceiver Driver,120V/60Hz Input,120Vac Output$717.59Details
278924Pelco / Schneider ElectricCON16404284Con16404284 14 Pin Connector$12.38Details
279947Pelco / Schneider ElectricKBDKITXKeyboard Wiring Accessory, For Kbd100, Kbd200, Kbd$69.30Details
210193Pelco / Schneider ElectricKBR960USRackmounted Intell Keyboard$1,592.49Details
279972Pelco / Schneider ElectricLRD41C222Legacy Rx-Driver, Variable Speed With Up To 64 Pre$1,079.79Details
280092Pelco / Schneider ElectricPT780PPPPan Tilt, Outdoor, Up To 52 Lb Load, 120 Vac, Pres$1,950.44Details
213321RaytecRL5050IPPoe 50 50D White Light$588.59Details
213346RaytecRM50120IPRm50 120D 850Nm Poe Compatible$588.59Details
949356Salient SystemsCVHWKBMUSBKeybrd & Mouse/Pwrprotect Svrs$62.99Details
216517Samsung TechwinSCB101Mini Handheld Rs-485 Controlle$32.63Details
263887SpecoBKT648Bracket For Vl648 Series Camera$27.75Details
332249SpecoHDS1T41 To 4 Splitter For Hd Cctv Camera$247.60Details
751334UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixKTD4052DKeypad, Desktop, Variable Speed, 37-Key, 1-Axis Jo$441.79Details
267137Vicon IndustriesV1411JDVCMatrix Accessory, Control Keypad, Desktop Version,$1,395.63Details
267469Videon Digital TechnologiesKBD803DKeyboard Black$334.79Details
256314Videon Digital TechnologiesKBDE950Ptz Keyboard (Controls Dvr And Ptz)$865.79Details
257582Winsted Manufacturing845422 Bay Wood - Top 16" D$392.84Details
268654Winsted Manufacturing85527Wood Sides - 21" Slope$517.04Details