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Video Security (CCTV)

Cameras, Day / Night

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1035143Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHD75Ir Outdr Ruggd Minidome Cam$287.54Details
123423Appro Tech / CMCLC7523MH.264/Mpeg4/Mjpeg Vary Focal Lens Ip Camera.$545.39Details
1026126Bosch SecurityEX14MX4V0922BPCam Ext Enviromental Ext D/N 9-22Mm Pal Version$1,003.59Details
1003918Bosch SecurityEX40MX4V0310ACNExtreme Dome Dn 3-10Mm Ntsc Alum Clr$694.19Details
964003Bosch SecurityEX46LED9WACExtreme Dome Illum. 940Nm 60Degree Alum Clr$561.59Details
938759Bosch SecurityEX72MNX8V0922NLed Cam Explsn Proof D/N Hi Res 9-22-Mm Lens-Ntsc$1,731.24Details
1000598Bosch SecurityEX85D8IP08BMegapixel 1/2" Cmos Day/Night 3.1/1.3 Dual Sensor,$3,384.99Details
1062930Bosch SecurityEX85D8IP12WCam/Wht D850 Dual Mp 12Mm$3,384.99Details
976541Bosch SecurityEX85D8IP25WCam/Wht D850 Dual Mp 25Mm$3,384.99Details
1068651Bosch SecurityEX85D8IP50BMegapixel 1/2" Cmos Day/Night 3.1/1.3 Dual Sensor,$3,384.99Details
1056114Bosch SecurityKBE495V7520FUnity Camera Package Day/Night 7.5-50Mm$1,123.19Details
981294Bosch SecurityKBE620V4120Pre Packaged Outdoor Camera 1/2" Day/Night 4-12Mm$991.89Details
1072521Bosch SecurityKBE6304120Unity Camera Package D/N 4-12Mm Lens$991.89Details
318415Bosch SecurityLED658SWExpl.Protected Illuminator 850Nm 50 Degree 24Vdc$3,743.74Details
998906Bosch SecurityLTC062051Camera 1/2",D/N,540 Tvl Pal$620.99Details
1025126Bosch SecurityNEN070V0421WIp Ceiling Cam D/N Std 4-9Mm Ntsc$1,379.99Details
593719Bosch SecurityVBC4075C21Dinion 1/3" 960H Electronic D/N, Dwdr, Ntsc Lv $159.66Details
939433Bosch SecurityVDN498V0311SFlexidome 2X D/N 540Tvl 2.8-10Mm Pal-Surfacemntbox$599.39Details
1082963Bosch SecurityVDN498V0611Flexidome D/N 540Tvl 6-50 Pal-For Europe Only$665.59Details
966492Bosch SecurityVG4162ET00WCamera Day Night 2.7-13.5Mm Envirdome Wall Mount$1,277.49Details
1074106Bosch SecurityVG4162ET01WF1Wf 100 2.7-13 D/N Ntsc Env. Tnt Analog Camera$2,082.49Details
931594Bosch SecurityVG4164EC0Camera Day Night Outdoor Pendant 5-50Mm$1,232.39Details
1012716Bosch SecurityVG4164EC00ROr 100 5-50 D/N Ntsc Env Clr Analog$1,464.99Details
954557Bosch SecurityVG4164ET00CCamera Day Night Ntsc Environment 5-50 0C 100 Anlg$1,396.24Details
931372Bosch SecurityVG4164ET00RCamera Day Night Ntsc Environment 5-50 0R 100 Anlg$1,245.39Details
932374Bosch SecurityVG4164ET01P1P 100 5-50 D/N Ntsc Env Tnt Analog$1,396.24Details
934957Bosch SecurityVG4164ET01WCamera 5-50Mm Day/Night Analog$1,396.24Details
972957Bosch SecurityVG4164ETE0W0W 100 5-50 D/N Ntsc Env Tnt$1,998.74Details
983908Bosch SecurityVG4164PC00W100 Series Fixed Mount 5.0-50Mm D/N Cam-Ntsc Pndnt$1,224.59Details
1054600Bosch SecurityVG4164PT01WCamera 5-500Mm Day/Night Indoo$1,298.69Details
1046984Bosch SecurityVG4164PTE1WIw100 5/500 D/N Ntsc Ind/Pend$1,928.74Details
1058104Bosch SecurityVG4313ECSOW0W 300, 26X Day.Ngt,Pal, Emu, Clr, Analog$2,094.99Details
938080Bosch SecurityVG4322ECS0M0M300 18X D/N Ntsc Env Clr Anl$2,057.49Details
947668Bosch SecurityVG4322ETS0PCamera Day Night 18X Ntsc Environment 0P 300 Anlg$2,146.24Details
932423Bosch SecurityVG4322ETS0WOw 300 18X D/N Ntsc Env Tnt Analog$2,214.99Details
1032881Bosch SecurityVG4322PCE0P300 Series Ptz 18 D/N Ntsc Pendant/Pipe 24Vac Ip$2,283.74Details
989748Bosch SecurityVG4323ECS1MFCamera 26X Day Night Envirodome Color Analog Fiber$2,883.74Details
1013866Bosch SecurityVG4323ECS1WF1Wf 300 26X Day/Night Ntsc Envirodome Analog Clear$2,821.24Details
1052496Bosch SecurityVG4323ETSG4 300 26X D/N Std Outdoor Pend Tint Ntsc$1,972.49Details
987640Bosch SecurityVG4323ETS1WF1Wf 300 26X D/N Ntsc Env Tnt Analog$3,134.99Details
1064994Bosch SecurityVG4324ECS1PF1Pf 300 36X D/N Ntsc Env Clr Anlg$3,173.74Details
929508Bosch SecurityVG4324PCS0PCamera 36X Day Night Pendant Mount Clear Dome Anlg$2,258.74Details
1015554Bosch SecurityVG4324PCSOPOp 300 36X D/N Cam Ntsc Ind-Pend Clr Analog$2,509.99Details
1046564Bosch SecurityVG44323PTSOW0W 300 26X D/N Ntsc Ind Pend W/Tnt Bubble Analog$1,969.99Details
983999Bosch SecurityVG4523CCSCam-G4-500-26X-D/N-Std-In-Ceiling-Ntsc$2,196.24Details
948078Bosch SecurityVG4523CTSCamera 26 Day Night In Ceiling 24Vac Tinted Bubble$2,196.24Details
1046187Bosch SecurityVG4523ECS1WCamera Day Night Clear Dome 120Vac Coax Analog$2,562.49Details
984813Bosch SecurityVG4523ETEOP0P 500 26X D/N Ntsc Env Tnt Ip$2,914.99Details
1011469Bosch SecurityVG4523PTE1WIw500 26X D/N Ntsc Ind/Pend Ip$2,726.24Details
984422Bosch SecurityVG4524ECE0POutdr Pipe Mnt 536X D/N Enviro Clear Ip$3,268.74Details
946462Bosch SecurityVG4524ECS1P1P 500 36X Dn Ntsc Env/Pipe Clr Anlg$2,914.99Details
934146Bosch SecurityVG4524ECSOCFOcf 500 36X D/N Cam Ntsc Env Clr Anlg$3,879.59Details
962684Bosch SecurityVG4524ETS0MCameras 36X Day Night Envirodome Tinted Analog$3,239.99Details
990289Bosch SecurityVG4524ETS0R36X Day/Night Env Dome,Tinted Bubble,Rif Mount$3,309.99Details
139942BrickcomMD300APA13M Hdtv 20Fps@1080P H.264/ Mpeg-4/ Mjpeg Codec, 20$592.64Details
144254CBC America / ComputarCGNZCDN529NHColor Hi-Res Dome, 540Tvl,D/N, 2.9-8.2Mm Varifocal$359.09Details
1033790Costar Video SystemsCCC3520ATM1/3" Mini Pixim Atm Kit,Color Cam,520 Tvl,Day/NighCall for Price.Details
1014796Costar Video SystemsCCC3520WKIT1/3 Mini Pixim Atm Kit,WallCall for Price.Details
986035Costar Video SystemsCDC3649FBFlex Dome Indoor D/N 5'Dia 3 Axis Color SonyCall for Price.Details
934819Costar Video SystemsCDC3651FEWDome 3 Axis Vandal Flush Surface Mount Colr 600TvlCall for Price.Details
1003926Costar Video SystemsCDIH209RFInex Dome, Network, Indoor, Surface Mount,1/2.7' CCall for Price.Details
157522Dedicated MicrosDM800018DNCamera, Day/Night, W/ Integrated Ir Illuminator, I$4,289.69Details
844489EverfocusEHD935Ball Analog Camera, True Day/Night, Outdoor, Ip67,$221.23Details
633640Insite Video Systems3102CLRHR2'Speaker With Hi-Res Cam 650-700Tvl$235.19Details
854625Insite Video Systems3200CLRDVRExit Sign Covert Video Camera Color W/Built In Dvr$786.49Details
633645Insite Video Systems5500CLR200Wireless Day/Night Waterproof Camera 100M W 1.2Ghz$325.34Details
450079Insite Video SystemsCLR700WDRMini-Square Cam 1/3" Exview Had Cc#700Tvl 0.003Lux$202.99Details
196734Insite Video SystemsCLR702P41/3" Conical Color Pinhole Board Camera 700Tvl$236.59Details
340957LutronDCS6818High Speed Dome Ntwrk Cam Day/Nte,Wdr,36X Opt$3,399.99Details
340956LutronDCS7110Hd Outdoor Day/Nte Ntwork Bullet Cam$668.19Details
276422NetMediaNMVIDLAMPHIRIndoor/Outdoor Day/Night Color Video Camera W/Ir$283.49Details
302382NetMediaPOCLAMPDIIn/Otdr Color Dy/Night Ivory$232.39Details
237098NetMediaPOCVCAMDWIndoor/Outdoor Vari-Focal Day/Night Color Poc Came$296.99Details
241357Pelco / Schneider ElectricIX30DN50ENEnv Pend Clr 3.1Mp D/N 15-50Mm$1,977.49Details
241391Pelco / Schneider ElectricIXE20DN50EAD2.0 Mpx Bullet W/Heater, Blower, Mount 15-50MmCall for Price.Details
243875RaytecHY100120Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 100, Adaptive, One Ir P$1,112.16Details
678652RaytecHY10030Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 100, Adaptive, One Ir P$1,112.16Details
678653RaytecHY10050Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 100, Adaptive, One Ir P$1,112.16Details
678656RaytecHY15030Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 150, Adaptive, Two Ir P$1,474.03Details
678657RaytecHY15050Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 150, Adaptive, Two Ir P$1,474.03Details
243877RaytecHY200120Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 200, Adaptive, One Ir P$1,589.64Details
678659RaytecHY20030Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 200, Adaptive, One Ir P$1,589.64Details
678660RaytecHY20050Hybrid Illuminator, Hybrid 200, Adaptive, One Ir P$1,589.64Details
243883RaytecRL100FAI120Raylux 100 Fusion,120-180 Degree Adaptive Illumin$990.59Details
243884RaytecRL100FAI120TELRaylux 100 Fusion,120 Degree Adaptive Illum,White$990.59Details
213314RaytecRL100FAI5050-100 Degree Adaptive Illumination, 850Nm - Low$990.59Details
243890RaytecRL25F50TELRaylux 25 Fusion,50 Degree,White-Light-Low Volt$322.64Details
243894RaytecRM100AI10CIr Illuminator, Raymax 100, Adaptive Illumination,Call for Price.Details
281953RaytecRM100AI120CIr Illuminator, Raymax 100, Adaptive Illumination,Call for Price.Details
251987RaytecRM100AI30CRaymax 100, 30-60 Degree Adaptive Illumination, 94Call for Price.Details
251988RaytecRM100AI50CIr Illuminator, Raymax 100, Adaptive Illumination,Call for Price.Details
243903RaytecRM100PLTAI50MGRaymax 100 50-100¦ Platinum Adaptive Illumination$1,281.79Details
281963RaytecRM200PLTAI30MGRaymax 200 30-60¦ Platinum Adaptive Illumination 8$1,816.24Details
252003RaytecRM2510IPPoe 25 10D Ir 850Nm$457.64Details
281964RaytecRM25120IPRaymax 25 120D 850Nm Poe Comp$457.64Details
336098RaytecRM2530IPRaymax 25 30D 850Nm Poe Comp$457.64Details
213341RaytecRM2550Ir Illuminator, Raymax 25, Single Panel, 850Nm, 50$340.24Details
243914RaytecRM2550IPRaymax 25 50D 850Nm Poe Comp$457.64Details
281966RaytecRM25F10Raymax 25 Fusion, 10 Degree, 850Nm - Low$322.64Details
243916RaytecRM300AI10CIr Illuminator, Raymax 300, Adaptive Illumination,$2,283.30Details
281977RaytecRM50AI30CIr Illuminator, Raymax 50, Adaptive Illumination,$685.33Details
213348RaytecRM50AI50C30-60 Degree Adaptive Illumination, 940Nm, Incl Ps$685.33Details
243933RaytecRV220NVoyager 20M (66Ft) 24 Hour Licence Plate Capture$2,416.24Details
243934RaytecRV220OVNVoyager 2 Number Plate Capture Camera,20 Meters$3,504.99Details
213353RaytecRV230NVoyager 30M (99Ft)License Plate Capture Camera$2,537.49Details
213354RaytecRV230OVNVoyager 2 Number Plate Capture Camera,30 Meters$3,626.24Details
243937RaytecSB1Bracket, Raymax / Raylux, Sb1, For Top Pan/Tilt Mo$58.27Details
246552Samsung TechwinSCCC6455X43 Ptz With A1 Dsp, 600 Tv Lines, Indoor, WdrCall for Price.Details
216552Samsung TechwinSHC737Sv4 Chipset, 1/3" Super Had It Ccd, True Day/Night(Icr), 580 Tv Lines, Digital ICall for Price.Details
246574Samsung TechwinSHC745Sv4 Chipset, 1/2" Ex-View Had Ccd Ultra Low Light, True Day/ Night(Icr), 560 Tv LCall for Price.Details
246606Samsung TechwinSNCM300Mega Pix Netwrk D/N Cam, Mpeg$476.54Details
216595Samsung TechwinSNP3301Network Ptz Dome, 1/4" Vert Double Density Interline Ccd 550Tv Lines, H.264Call for Price.Details
259679Samsung TechwinSVR32003TBNvr,32Ch,3Tb,Mpeg4,480Fps@D1$5,322.85Details
296418StarDot TechnologiesLENMV1240AI12-40Mm, 1/2" F1.8, Cs, Dc Auto Iris, Day & Night,$146.99Details
253275StarDot TechnologiesSDH500VNNLVandal Dome 5Megapix D/N No Lens$1,088.09Details
265954Toshiba SecurityIKDF03A12Indoor/Outdoor Mini-Dome W/12Mm Lens$117.59Details
1035514UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixTVB4203Truvision Bullet Camera 1280H Snsr720Tvl 2.8-12Mm$118.99Details
700739Videolarm / MOOGELCHB70NAVandal Resis Outdoor Housing Htr/Blwr Hi Res 3-9Ai$932.09Details
701114Videolarm / MOOGQFDWT370NAX2Wall Mnt Tint D/N Cam Auto Len$1,964.99Details
701124Videolarm / MOOGQIFDWT270NAX2Indoor Fusion Dome With 2 Day/Night Cameras$1,418.74Details
701149Videolarm / MOOGQODT270NAX22'X2' Drop Ceiling Dome With 2 Day/Night Cameras$1,532.49Details
701157Videolarm / MOOGQRHPC470NARugged Clear Hgs W/ Iris D/N Cam Pendant Mount$2,347.49Details
701158Videolarm / MOOGQRHPC470NAX2Rugged Hgs W/ 4 D/N Cam Pendant Mnt Twisted Pair$2,457.49Details
701163Videolarm / MOOGQRHPT470NARugged Tinted Hgs W/Iris D/N Cam, Pendant Mount$2,473.74Details
701164Videolarm / MOOGQRHPT470NAX2Rugged Hgs W/(4)Hi-Res Auto Iris D/N Camtwist Pr$2,589.99Details
701175Videolarm / MOOGQRMT270NA2 Hi Res D/N Cams 3-9Mm Ai Vf$1,436.24Details
701176Videolarm / MOOGQRMT370NA7" Vandal-Resist Dome Cam System W/Recessed$1,843.74Details
701178Videolarm / MOOGQRMT470NA7"Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera System, Day/Night$2,221.24Details
701183Videolarm / MOOGQSDPT270NA5Qview In Tntd Sdw Hsg 2 Hi Res D/N Board D/N 5-50M$1,899.99Details
701201Videolarm / MOOGQSM75T370NASurf Mnt 3 Hi-Res Day/Nite Cam 3.9M Ai Vf Htr/Blwr$2,026.24Details
701203Videolarm / MOOGQSM75T470NAX24Hi Res D/N Cam 3-9Mm Ai Vf Heat/Blower Twisted Pr$2,514.99Details
701263Videolarm / MOOGRHP7C12S37"Outdoor Vandal-Resistant Rugged Dome Ptz Camera$2,649.99Details
256295Videon Digital Technologies12016NSCapture Card 16 Chn 120Fps$254.79Details
256301Videon Digital TechnologiesDD540NDVIndoor Cam, D&N, 540 Tvl$216.99Details
730282Videon Digital TechnologiesMPIX30BIMR3 Mega-Pixel Bullet Camera; 3.3-12Mm Vari-Focal Le$514.34Details
267470Videon Digital TechnologiesMPIX30BIR$286.19Details
229516Videon Digital TechnologiesMPIX30VDVIR3.0 Mega-Pixel Day/Night Ir Dome Camera; 2.8-11 V$677.29Details
256315Videon Digital TechnologiesMPIX50BIR5.0 Mega-Pixel Day/Night Ir Bullet Camera; 2.8-11$1,657.49Details
229517Videon Digital TechnologiesMPIX50VDVIR5.0 Mega-Pixel Day/Night Ir Dome Camera; 2.8-11 V$826.79Details
267478Videon Digital TechnologiesVD540NDVExt Vandal Camera,D&N, 540 Tv$311.84Details
1013751Watec / GenwacWA232NTSCCam-1/3"Ccd-Color-By-Day-B/W-By-Night-1.0Vp-750Hms$1,047.79Details