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Video Security (CCTV)

Hybrid Digital Video Recorders / HDVR

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
361538ACTI CorporationE54Dome & Day/Night Network Camera, Indoor, 5 Megapix$407.25Details
1007952Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH58401321Hybrid Nvr Ft2E 16A-2Tb-20I/8O-1Xrs485-Dtc$3,779.55Details
975087Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH58501520Hybrid Nvr Ft2E 20A-4Tb-20I/8O-1Xrs485$4,316.35Details
940547Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH58501620Hybrid Nvr Ft2E 20A-6Tb-20I/8O-1Xrs485$4,666.49Details
924100Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHHPE32C16164Hybrid Nvr, Maxpro Professional Edition, With (4)$16,545.63Details
817119Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHHPE32C16244Hybrid Nvr, Maxpro Professional Edition, (6) Each$18,667.21Details
783012Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHHPE32C16324Hybrid Nvr, Maxpro Professional Edition, (8) Each$20,788.79Details
802002Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHHSE32C1616TMaxpro Nvr Hybrid Se 4X4Tb 32Ch(Analog+Ip)16Analog$11,514.35Details
360400Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHMPC45KTPromo:Hrrh8-Hd45Ip-Inddor Ip Dome$1,792.49Details
360399Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHMPC55KTHrrh8-Hd55Ip Outdoor Ip Dome$1,863.74Details
1076628Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoMPCDEMOMaxpro Cloud Demo$909.99Details
977911Advanced Technology Video / ATVDR6232H12TB32Ch Hybrid Dvr Hdmi,Vga,12Tb$3,487.49Details
725699Advanced Technology Video / ATVDR6232H4TB32Ch Hybrid Dvr Hdmi,Vga,4Tb$2,688.74Details
853815Advanced Technology Video / ATVDR6232H6TB32Ch Hybrid Dvr Hdmi,Vga,6Tb$2,869.99Details
582065Advanced Technology Video / ATVFAHVR3210TBHybrid,16+16,H.264,480Ips 4-Cif 10Tb,Hdmi Dvd-Rw$3,306.24Details
582066Advanced Technology Video / ATVFAHVR3215TBHybrid,16+16,H.264,480Ips 4-Cif 15Tb,Hdmi Dvd-Rw$3,722.21Details
582067Advanced Technology Video / ATVFAHVR323TBDvr Hybrid 16X16, H.264 3Tb Dvr-Rw, Rmt, Mouse$2,578.74Details
582068Advanced Technology Video / ATVFAHVR326TBDvr Hybrid 16X16, H.264 6Tb Dvr-Rw, Rmt, Mouse$2,869.99Details
1056087Ai NextHD1610XHybrind 16 Ch.1080 Dvr (Ahd / Ip ) W/ 2Tb Hdd$587.24Details
1046541Ai NextHD410XHybrind 4 Ch.1080 Dvr (Ahd / Ip ) W/ 1Tb Hdd$286.19Details
1074797Ai NextHD410XKDHybrind 4Ch Dvr W/1Tb And 4 Df1036W Dome Cameras$488.69Details
1007381Ai NextHD810XHybrind 8 Ch.1080 Dvr (Ahd / Ip ) W/ 1Tb Hdd$309.14Details
1005635Ai NextHD8810XKDHybrind 8Ch Dvr W/1Tb And 8 Df1036W Dome Cameras$748.79Details
121381American Dynamics / RobotADEIP241SVideo Encoder 1 Ch 1 Alarm In/Out$735.79Details
120525American Dynamics / RobotADHD160100Hdvr,2U,16Ch.Analog/8Ch.Ip,1Tb$6,733.17Details
120099American Dynamics / RobotADHD160200Hdvr, 2U 16Ch Anlg 8Ch Ip 2Tb$7,398.07Details
583890American Dynamics / RobotADHD16030AHdvr,16Ch/Anl,8 Ch/Ip,3Tb,Rev2$6,525.77Details
120944American Dynamics / RobotADHD320200Hdvr,4U,32Ch Anlg 8Ch Ip 2Tb$9,393.99Details
583898American Dynamics / RobotADHD32060AHybrid Dvr, Rev.2, 6 Tb, 32-Channel, (8) Network C$8,712.97Details
583900American Dynamics / RobotADHD32R60AHdvr,4U,8-Ip,32 Anl,6Tb, Rd5 Rv2$11,940.13Details
915980American Dynamics / RobotADVED04N0H4BNvr Hybrid Server, Video Edge, Desktop, 2 Tb Video$2,798.29Details
799979American Dynamics / RobotADVER03N0H2BNvr Hybrid Server, Video Edge, 3 Tb Video Storage,$4,812.00Details
725738American Dynamics / RobotADVER06N0H2BNvr Hybrid Server, Video Edge, 6 Tb Video Storage,$5,462.27Details
876547American Dynamics / RobotADVER12N0H2BNvr Hybrid Server, Video Edge, 12 Tb Video Storage$6,762.80Details
886751American Dynamics / RobotADVER12N0H3BNvr Hybrid Server, Video Edge, 12 Tb Video Storage$8,713.62Details
819147American Dynamics / RobotADVER20R5N2BNvr Server, Videoedge, 20 Tb Storage, Raid 5 Confi$11,314.69Details
584018American Dynamics / RobotADVER2SSA1Software Support Agreement, 1-Year, For Videoedge$543.01Details
938299Bosch SecurityDDH3532112D00Divar Hyb 300016An/16Ip 2Tbd$1,080.29Details
962858Bosch SecurityDDH3532200N00Divar Hybrid 3000 16An/16Ip$696.79Details
1024817Bosch SecurityDDH3532212N00Divar Hyb3000 16An/16Ip 2Tb$933.39Details
938515Bosch SecurityDHR73008A000Hybrid Recorder, 8Channel,8Audio,N/Hdd,N/Dvdrw$3,607.49Details
932215Bosch SecurityDHR75116A000Hybrid Recorder 16 Channel, 16Audio, N/Hdd,N/Dvdrw$4,318.79Details
1066189Bosch SecurityDRH5532214D00Recorder 16Ch Ip/16Ch An 1.5U 1X4Tb Dvd$1,582.49Details
1020070Bosch SecurityDRH5532400N00Divar Hybrid 5000 16An/16Ip$1,116.69Details
991391Bosch SecurityDRH5532414N00Divar Hyb5000 16An/16Ip 4Tbd$1,442.49Details
145443CBC America / ComputarZNRH32RL10TBH5OS8ZEZnr Hybrid Server 12 Ip/32 Analog Cameras$11,020.25Details
1015071Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC4TB16Ch Hybrid Analog & Ip Recorder 4Cif To 1080PCall for Price.Details
962958Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC6TB16Ch Hybrid Analog & Ip Recorder 4Cifto 1080PCall for Price.Details
941181Costar Video SystemsCR1600PC8TB16Ch Hybrid Analog&Ip Recorder 4Cif To 1080P ResCall for Price.Details
964582Dahua TechnologyC52A1NHcvr, Pro Series, 4-Channel Analog/Cvi Inputs, 2-C$205.55Details
996325Dahua TechnologyC52A1N1Hcvr, Pro Series, 1 Tb Hdd, 4-Channel Analog/Cvi I$321.29Details
1028815Dahua TechnologyC52A1N2Hcvr, Pro Series, 2 Tb Hdd, 4-Channel Analog/Cvi I$369.89Details
977548Dahua TechnologyC52A1N3Hcvr, Pro Series, 3 Tb Hdd, 4-Channel Analog/Cvi I$460.34Details
936914Dahua TechnologyC52A1N4Hcvr, Pro Series, 4 Tb Hdd, 4-Channel Analog/Cvi I$541.34Details
1006660Dahua TechnologyC52A1N6Hcvr, Pro Series, 6 Tb Hdd, 4-Channel Analog/Cvi I$694.19Details
1061889Dahua TechnologyC52A2NHcvr, Pro Series, 8-Channel Analog/Cvi Inputs, 4-C$335.56Details
1068562Dahua TechnologyC52A2N1Hcvr, Pro Series, 1 Tb Hdd, 8-Channel Analog/Cvi I$457.64Details
963822Dahua TechnologyC52A2N2Hcvr, Pro Series, 2 Tb Hdd, 8-Channel Analog/Cvi I$507.59Details
937464Dahua TechnologyC52A2N3Hcvr, Pro Series, 3 Tb Hdd, 8-Channel Analog/Cvi I$596.69Details
1052713Dahua TechnologyC52A2N4Hcvr, Pro Series, 4 Tb Hdd, 8-Channel Analog/Cvi I$653.89Details
1061079Dahua TechnologyC52A3NHcvr, Pro Series, 16-Channel Analog/Cvi Inputs, 8-$397.99Details
1028623Dahua TechnologyC52A3N1240Fps/4M,480Fps/1080P,16 Channel Analog/Cvi Input$519.74Details
965282Dahua TechnologyC52A3N12Hcvr 4M 16Ch Fhd/Ana/Ip 2Sata 12Tb$1,321.24Details
1037770Dahua TechnologyC52A3N2Hcvr, Pro Series, 2 Tb Hdd, 16-Channel Analog/Cvi$569.67Details
982110Dahua TechnologyC52A3N3Hcvr, Pro Series, 3 Tb Hdd, 16-Channel Analog/Cvi$658.79Details
965344Dahua TechnologyC52A3N4Hcvr, Pro Series, 4 Tb Hdd, 16-Channel Analog/Cvi$713.69Details
958816Dahua TechnologyDHIHCVR52A16AS32TBHcvr, Pro Series, 2 Tb Hdd, 16-Channel Analog/Cvi$445.49Details
978612Dahua TechnologyDHIHCVR52A16AS34TBHcvr, Pro Series, 4 Tb Hdd, 16-Channel Analog/Cvi$633.66Details
1038220Dahua TechnologyDHIHCVR58A32SS28TBHcvr 32Ch Hd/Ana/Ip 8Sata 8Tb$2,017.49Details
1044968Dahua TechnologyHCVR16CHHDANAIP2SATA3TDhi-Hcvr52A16A-S3 3Tb$494.09Details
160463Digital WatchdogDWPRO90085000Hybrid Capable Dvr 8Ch Video/4Ch Audio 240Fps 5Tb$5,941.39Details
150453Digital WatchdogDWPRO90086000Dw 9008 8 Ch, 6Tb Dvd-Rw$6,236.63Details
150454Digital WatchdogDWPRO90088000Hybrid Capable Dvr 8Ch Video/4Ch Audio 240Fps 8Tb$6,828.33Details
160466Digital WatchdogDWPRO90168000Digital Watch Dog Pro 9016-8Tb 16Ch, 480$7,407.83Details
150456Digital WatchdogDWPRO90325000Hybrid Capable Dvr 32Ch Video/4Ch Audio 240Fps 5Tb$9,084.11Details
160726Digital WatchdogDWPRO90327500Dvr Hybrid 32Ch Vid 4Chn Aud 240Fps 4U Chass 7.5Tb$11,026.35Details
160728Digital WatchdogDWPRO98322000Dw 9832 32Ch, 2Tb Dvd-Rw$9,727.05Details
150467Digital WatchdogDWPRO98326000Dw 9832 32Ch, 6Tb Dvd-Rw$10,908.01Details
617242EverfocusEDRHD2H42TB4Ch Hybrid Hddvr 4X4Hd 2Tb$929.49Details
153436EverfocusEDRHD4H444Ch Hybrid Hddvr 4X4Hd 4Tb$1,259.69Details
161860EverfocusEDRHD4H484Ch Hybrid Hddvr 4X4Hd 8Tb$2,301.24Details
905998EverfocusEMV1601500MHybrid Mobile Dvr/Nvr, Emv Series, 16-Channel, Wit$1,251.41Details
617345EverfocusENVS8009TBRAID5Nvr:8Channel(Expandable To 32 Channel),9Tb+3Tb,Ded$5,464.37Details
872462Exacq080404TELPRHybrid Nvr, 4 Tb, 1.5U, 4 Ip Cameras Licenses (24Call for Price.Details
860514Exacq160402TELPHybrid Nvr, 2 Tb, 1.5U, 4 Ip Cameras Licenses (24Call for Price.Details
906512Exacq160804TDTLHybrid Nvr, 4 Tb, 8 Ip Camera Licenses (64 MaximumCall for Price.Details
835154Exacq160806TDTNvr, 6 Tb, 8 Ip Camera Licenses (64 Maximum), 16 ACall for Price.Details
863895Exacq160808TR2ALHybrid Nvr, 8 Tb, 2U, 8 Ip Camera Licenses (64 MaxCall for Price.Details
903129Exacq160818TR2AHybrid Nvr, Exacqvision A-Series, 18 Tb, 2U, 8 IpCall for Price.Details
932590Exacq1608481000DTHybrd Dsktop 16Bnc 480Fps 1TbCall for Price.Details
153673Exacq1608482000R2Hybd 2U Serv 16 Bnc 480Fps 2TbCall for Price.Details
920878Exacq320818TR2AHybrid Nvr, Exacqvision A-Series, 18 Tb, 2U, 8 IpCall for Price.Details
186280Exacq500040146Quad Nic Option, A-Series, (2) Additional / (4) ToCall for Price.Details
783574Exacq500040217Software, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, For A-SerCall for Price.Details
817265FLIR SystemsVIQBA4Rialto R-Series Analytic Processing Analog Blade$1,949.99Details
443800GeoVision / USA Visions55G900A320Gv900- 32 Channel Dvi Type Pci Express B Card$963.29Details
444069GeoVision / USA Visions9112AP41604U/Hybd-Serv/16Bnc/4Bay-Hotsw$2,804.99Details
974009GeoVision / USA Visions9112AP8160Uvs- Professional 1120 16 4 U 8 Bay Dvr, 4U$3,113.74Details
444073GeoVision / USA Visions9124AP20803U/4U Rackmount Hot Swap 2/4/8 500Gb$2,476.24Details
776102GeoVision / USA Visions9124AP4160375124P4B0163U/4U Rackmount Hot Swap 8Gb Ram 500Gb System$2,952.49Details
444078GeoVision / USA Visions9124AP82403U/4U Rackmount Hot Swap Hybrid Dvr$3,936.93Details
444080GeoVision / USA Visions9148AP41603U/4U/ Rackmount Dvr$3,101.24Details
1051879GeoVision / USA Visions915KBP8160Uvs Professional 5016 16 Cam 8Bay Hybrid System$3,667.49Details
627055GeoVision / USA Visions91900P20803U/240 Rcrdfps/240 Dspfps/2Bay/500Gbhdd$2,398.74Details
627056GeoVision / USA Visions91900P4080Professional Deries Dvr$2,964.99Details
444093GeoVision / USA Visions94NP30208ANvr Intel I3 2 Bays 8 Ch [94-Np302-08A]$1,467.49Details
1026713GeoVision / USA Visions9512BU8160Gv-Uvs Ultra 1120 (8) Cam 4U 8 Bay Dvr$3,609.99Details
444123GeoVision / USA Visions9550B2016016Cam 480Fps 30Ch 20Bay$6,026.79Details
1012996GeoVision / USA Visions955KBU4320Uvs Ultra 5016 32 Cam 4 Bay Hybrid System$4,683.57Details
967631GeoVision / USA Visions955KBU8160Uvs Ultra 5016 16 Cam 8 Bay Hybrid System$3,893.01Details
444129GeoVision / USA Visions9624BR0160Fps 240 500Gb$2,438.74Details
444130GeoVision / USA Visions9648BR0160Fps 480 500Gb Dvd Burner$2,573.74Details
444133GeoVision / USA Visions9680BR01603U/Hybd-Serv/16Bnc/1Tb/Dvd$1,904.99Details
179421Hikvision USA7604HIS24Ch Hybrid Ip 2T$669.59Details
881060Hikvision USADS7604HISTHvr 4Ch To5Mp 1Sata Hdmi 0Hdd$376.64Details
629934Hikvision USADS7608HISTHvr 8Ch To5Mp 2Sata Hdmi 0Hdd$534.59Details
761607Hikvision USADS7616HISTHvr 16Ch To5Mp 2Sata Hdmi 0Hdd$606.14Details
179490Hikvision USADS9008HFISH2TBHybrid 8 Channel Dvr 2 Tb Hdmi$1,912.49Details
629985Hikvision USADS9008HWISTHybrid Dvr, 8-Channel, Wd1 Analog + 8-Channel Ip,$1,004.89Details
826977Hikvision USADS9008HWIST10TBHybrid Dvr, 10 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$1,708.14Details
832320Hikvision USADS9008HWIST12TBHybrid Dvr, 12 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$1,862.20Details
780954Hikvision USADS9008HWIST14TBHybrid Dvr, 14 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$2,009.50Details
896576Hikvision USADS9008HWIST16TBHybrid Dvr, 16 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$2,156.80Details
781068Hikvision USADS9008HWIST18TBHybrid Dvr, 18 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$2,310.85Details
629986Hikvision USADS9008HWIST1TBHybrid Dvr, 1 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up To$1,114.50Details
723120Hikvision USADS9008HWIST20TBHybrid Dvr, 20 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$2,458.15Details
864480Hikvision USADS9008HWIST24TBHybrid Dvr, 24 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$2,758.16Details
763648Hikvision USADS9008HWIST28TBHybrid Dvr, 28 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$3,052.75Details
832172Hikvision USADS9008HWIST32TBHybrid Dvr, 32 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up T$3,354.11Details
889971Hikvision USADS9008HWIST3TBHybrid Dvr, 3 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up To$1,238.19Details
740789Hikvision USADS9008HWIST48TBHybrid Dvr, Pro Series, 48 Tb, 8-Channel Analog, 8$4,442.19Details
875734Hikvision USADS9008HWIST4TBHybrid Dvr, 4 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up To$1,260.84Details
895527Hikvision USADS9008HWIST6TBHybrid Dvr, 6 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up To$1,414.89Details
876757Hikvision USADS9008HWIST8TBHybrid Dvr, 8 Tb, 8-Channel, Analog/Network, Up To$1,554.09Details
755353Hikvision USADS9008HWIST9TBHvr 8An/8Ip To 5Mp Hdmi 9Tb$1,873.74Details
629997Hikvision USADS9016HWISTHybrid Dvr, 16-Channel, Wd1 Analog + 16-Channel Ip$1,194.62Details
629998Hikvision USADS9016HWIST10TBHybrid Dvr, 10 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$1,890.58Details
629999Hikvision USADS9016HWIST12TBHybrid Dvr, 12 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$2,044.63Details
630001Hikvision USADS9016HWIST16TBHybrid Dvr, 16 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$2,337.88Details
630002Hikvision USADS9016HWIST18TBHybrid Dvr, 18 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$2,491.94Details
630003Hikvision USADS9016HWIST1TBHybrid Dvr, 1 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel I$1,254.08Details
630004Hikvision USADS9016HWIST20TBHybrid Dvr, 20 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$2,639.24Details
630005Hikvision USADS9016HWIST24TBHybrid Dvr, 24 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$2,940.59Details
630006Hikvision USADS9016HWIST28TBHybrid Dvr, 28 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$3,235.19Details
630007Hikvision USADS9016HWIST2TBHybrid Dvr, 2 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel I$1,295.96Details
630008Hikvision USADS9016HWIST32TBHybrid Dvr, 32 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel$3,535.20Details
630009Hikvision USADS9016HWIST3TBHybrid Dvr, 3 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel I$1,373.00Details
843016Hikvision USADS9016HWIST48TBHybrid Dvr, Pro Series, 48 Tb, 8-Channel Analog, 1$4,618.93Details
630010Hikvision USADS9016HWIST4TBHybrid Dvr, 4 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel I$1,441.91Details
630011Hikvision USADS9016HWIST6TBHybrid Dvr, 6 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel I$1,595.98Details
630012Hikvision USADS9016HWIST8TBHybrid Dvr, 8 Tb, 16-Channel Analog + 16-Channel I$1,736.51Details
904615i3 DVR2L1600Srx Hvr 16Alg,Dvd, No: Hd,Ip,Va,Call for Price.Details
183482i3 DVR3L1602ES1Hybrid Recorder 16 Camera 1Tb 2 LicenseCall for Price.Details
631934i3 DVR5P1604Hybrid 4Ch Ip W/1Tb 16 Poe I5 CpuCall for Price.Details
170578i3 DVRAX360PAx360P 16/4 Ch 1Tb Hybrid DvrCall for Price.Details
1039709infinias3X5BAYENCBpu-350 With Vented Tray And Triangle Keylock$338.84Details
951390infinias3XSATAEXPPCIE8PORTSata Expansion / Software Raid Controller Card / 8$333.44Details
970802infiniasV3008V3000 Series, 8 Channel Hybrid Vms Appliance, I3 P$3,311.24Details
1014464infiniasV3016V3000 Series, 16 Channel Hybrid Vms Appliance, I3$4,210.21Details
961769infiniasV5016V5300 Series- 16 Channle Hybrid Vms$3,197.49Details
985038infiniasV53163Xlogic V5300 Series, 16 Channel Hybrid Vms Applia$4,944.65Details
1072397infiniasV7300V7000 Series, Vms Appliance, I7, 3U Chassis$3,557.49Details
634730IomnisIOM1PS1TB16CHIomnis Ion Series 1Tb Hybrid Nvr Server 16Ch$3,537.49Details
634731IomnisIOM1PS2TB16CHIomnis Ion Series 2Tb Hybrid Nvr Server 16Ch$3,611.24Details
634732IomnisIOM1PS3TB16CHIomnis Ion Series 3Tb Hybrid Nvr Server$3,686.24Details
634733IomnisIOM1PS4TB16CHIomnis Ion Series 4Tb Hybrid Nvr Server 16Ch$3,852.75Details
272104Lekson VideoV7214D1TBHd-Sdi 1080P 2Ch+14Ch Analog Hybrid Dvr 1Tb$2,226.24Details
204886Nady SystemsSPST2AX$82.59Details
208735Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX47084000Hvr 8Ch 2Mp Cif 30 Ps Dvd 4Tb$3,171.24Details
279125Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX4708500Hvr/8Ch 2Mp Cif 20Ips Dvd 500G$1,664.99Details
301356Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX47086000Hvr/8Ch/2Mp/Cif/30Ips/Dvd/6Tb$3,894.23Details
337213Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX47088000Hvr/8Ch/2Mp/Cif/30Ips/Dvd/8Tb$4,694.55Details
301354Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX4708HD500Hvr/8Ch/8Mp/30Ips/Dvd/500Gb$1,829.99Details
503425Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX48086000Hvr/8Ch/2Mp/4Cif/30Ips/Dvd/6Tb$4,400.53Details
503426Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX48088000Hvr/8Ch/2Mp/4Cif/240Ips/Dvd/8Tb$5,200.85Details
503428Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX4808HD250Hvr/8Ch/8Mp/4Cif/30Ips/Dvd/250Gb$2,249.99Details
811501Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX4816HD000Hrv/16Ch/8Mp/4Cif/480Ips/Dvd/0Gb$2,588.74Details
657658Pelco / Schneider ElectricDX4816HD100016-Ch, 8Ip, H.264 Hvr, 480 Ips @ 4Cif,Dvdrw$3,243.00Details
659567Pelco / Schneider ElectricSM5200SSD40GBReplacement Solid State Drive, 40 Gb, For Enterpri$199.32Details
687048SpecoD12LX2TB8Ch Analog&4Ch Ip Hybrid Embed Dvr 2Tb$1,406.24Details
687049SpecoD12LX3TB8Ch Analog&4Ch Ip Hybrid Embed Dvr 3Tb$1,527.49Details
687051SpecoD12LX6TB8Ch Analog & 4Ch Ip Hybrid Embedded Dvr - 6Tb Hdd$1,921.24Details
687060SpecoD16HS3TBHybrid Dvr, Hs Series, 3 Tb, 16-Channel, Each Chan$957.19Details
687061SpecoD16HS4TBHybrid Dvr, Hs Series, 4 Tb, 16-Channel, Each Chan$1,044.34Details
841347SpecoD16HS9TBHybrid Dvr, Hs Series, 9 Tb, 16-Channel, Each Chan$1,548.86Details
897985SpecoD16HT3TBHybrid Dvr, 3 Tb, 16-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network$1,247.69Details
890256SpecoD16HT6TBHybrid Dvr, 6 Tb, 16-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network$1,520.93Details
687081SpecoD20LX1TB16Ch Analog&4Ch Ip Hybrid Embedded 1Tb Hdd$1,467.49Details
687086SpecoD20LX9TB16Ch Analog & 4Ch Ip Hybrid$2,437.49Details
223668SpecoD24GS1TBH.264 24Ch Hvr 1Tb Pos 2Wy Aud$2,906.24Details
288382SpecoD24PS1TBH.264 24Ch Hvr 1Tb Dvd Pos$2,071.24Details
223669SpecoD24PS2TBH.264 24Ch Hvr 2Tb Dvd Pos$2,192.49Details
687107SpecoD8HS4TBHybrid Dvr, Hs Series, 4 Tb, 8-Channel, Each Chann$971.71Details
721192SpecoD8HS6TBHybrid Dvr, Hs Series, 6 Tb, 8-Channel, Each Chann$1,218.63Details
810532SpecoD8HS8TB8Ch Ds Dvr,480Fps,960H 9Tb Hdd$1,618.74Details
818993SpecoD8HT1TBHybrid Dvr, 1 Tb, 8-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network $724.79Details
783801SpecoD8HT2TBHybrid Dvr, 2 Tb, 8-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network $797.42Details
819088SpecoD8HT3TBHybrid Dvr, 3 Tb, 8-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network $913.61Details
818366SpecoD8HT4TBHybrid Dvr, 4 Tb, 8-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network $986.25Details
910715SpecoD8HT6TBHybrid Dvr, 6 Tb, 8-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network $1,233.17Details
926181SpecoD8HT9TBHybrid Dvr, 9 Tb, 8-Channel, 1080P Tvi & Network $1,361.71Details
288424SpecoDVR82HD2TB10Ch Hybrid Hi-Def Dvr 1080P 2Tb Hdd$2,534.99Details
288425SpecoDVR82HD4TB10 Ch Hybrid Hi Def Dvr,1080P,4Tb Hdd$2,807.49Details
876573Toshiba SecurityDVSE1612ISG1Hybrid 16Ch-12Tb-Sdd-Raid1$7,238.25Details
817575Toshiba SecurityDVSE1612ISG5Hybrid 16Ch-12Tb-Sdd-Raid5$8,123.97Details
915078Toshiba SecurityDVSE1624ISG1Hybrd-16Ch-24Tb-Sdd-Raid1$9,896.63Details
769697Toshiba SecurityDVSE1624ISG5Hybrd-16Ch-24Tb-Sdd-Raid5$10,929.97Details
840426Toshiba SecurityDVSE1648024THybrid Dvr 32 Ch 480/480 24Tb$9,253.69Details
720809Toshiba SecurityDVSE3212ISG1Hybrd-32Ch-12Tb-Sdd-Raid1$8,566.83Details
906300Toshiba SecurityDVSE3212ISG5Hybrid 32Ch-12Tb-Sdd-Raid5$9,896.63Details
809070Toshiba SecurityDVSE3224ISG1Hybrd-32Ch-24Tb-Sdd-Raid1$9,896.63Details
891837Toshiba SecurityDVSE3224ISG5Hybrd-32Ch-24Tb-Sdd-Raid5$11,225.21Details
515280Toshiba SecurityDVSE3248016T32 Channel Hybrid Dvr, 16Tb$9,106.07Details
837010Toshiba SecurityDVSE3248024THybrid Dvr 32 Ch 480/480 24Tb$10,435.87Details
695581Toshiba SecurityDVSE824012THybrid Dvr 8 Ch 240/240 12Tb$6,667.29Details
764902Toshiba SecurityDVSE824024THybrid Dvr 8 Ch 240/240 24Tb$8,661.99Details
254677Toshiba SecurityEHV41201THybrid Dvr 4Ch1Tb$548.09Details
254697Toshiba SecurityHVS164804T16Ch Hybrid Hvs 480Pps 4Tb 4U$8,641.25Details
290289Toshiba SecurityHVS324804T32Ch Hybrid Dvs 480Pps 4Tb$10,413.91Details
899960Toshiba SecurityXVSE1648018THybrid Dvr 16 Ch 480/480 18Tb$7,553.01Details
879988Toshiba SecurityXVSV16240V12THybrid Dvr 16 Ch 240/480 12Tb$5,635.17Details
808737UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixTVR601612TTruvisn Dvr Model 60 H264 16Ch Hyrbrid Dvd/Cd-12Tb$4,930.94Details
723897UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixTVR60162THybrid Dvr W/ Dvd-Cd, Truvision, Model 60, 2 Tb, 1$3,686.54Details
734865UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixTVR60164TTruvision Dvr Model 60 H.264 16Ch Hybrid Dvd/Cd 4T$3,935.42Details
756408UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixTVR60168THybrid Dvr W/ Dvd-Cd, Truvision, Model 60, 8 Tb, 1$4,433.18Details
256324Videon Digital TechnologiesWTE48016D16Channel Hybrid Card$1,102.39Details
229527Videon Digital TechnologiesWTEA8IP4Hybrid Watchnet-E Ndvr 8 Analogue With 4Ip Inputs;$2,717.49Details