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Video Security (CCTV)

Cameras, IP, Other

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
908902ACTI Corporation95A2Mp Outdoor Mini Ptz With D/N, Basic Wdr, Slls, 10$1,055.59Details
826042ACTI CorporationB9355Mp Video Analytics Outdoor Mini Ptz With D/N$863.19Details
104128ACTI CorporationKCM3911DEMODemo For Kcm3911$854.09Details
788951Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHDZHINKITIn-Ceiling Retrofit Kit For Hdz$230.99Details
729177Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHDZIK10ACClear Ik10 Vp Acrylic For Hdz$89.59Details
387358Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHDZVRSMKACAccessory, Lower Dome, Smoked, Polycarbonate, Acry$89.59Details
128198AvaLAN WirelessAW900SXSPK900 Mhz Surveillance Solar Pole$10,332.17Details
1056097Bosch SecurityADTNONHG3QM33Adapter Npt1.5 Ext - G3/4 & M33 Ext$21.75Details
808883Bosch SecurityEX27DMX4V0550WNDesert Cam D/N 1/3" 5-50Mm Wht Ntsc$1,238.89Details
967390Bosch SecurityIIR50940SRIr Illuminator 940Nm Short Range$265.99Details
947619Bosch SecurityMNTICPADCAccessory, Suspension Ceiling Support Kit, For Vg5$25.50Details
929720Bosch SecurityMNTICPFDCAccessory, Suspension Ceiling Support Kit, For Ip$27.00Details
1049532Bosch SecurityMNTRISFDCAccessory, Open Web Steel Joist (Red Iron) Ceiling$4.50Details
354975Bosch SecurityNEI308V0523WESurveillance Camera, Dinion Network Ir Imager, 2X$2,750.00Details
1003809Bosch SecurityNHT8001F17VSDinion Ip Thermal 8000 640X480 (Vga), 16.7Mm Lens$6,692.91Details
1041586Bosch SecurityVG57230CPT5Ad Ip Starlight 7000 Hd 30X Inceil Tint$2,852.49Details
947363Bosch SecurityVG57230EPC5Ad Ip Starlight 7000 Hd 30X Pend Clear$3,016.24Details
140834BrickcomCB100AE081MNONVGAMic Built In Privacy Dc 12V 1M$132.99Details
139917BrickcomCB500AP5Mp Poe Usb For 3G H.264/Mpeg-4 Codec 30Fps@1920$309.14Details
139010BrickcomWCB100APWireless H.264/Mpeg-4/Mjpegcodec$201.59Details
139955BrickcomWCB300APWireless 3M Hdtv 30Fps@1080P H.264/Mpeg-4/Mjpeg$291.59Details
140869BrickcomWCB500AP5M Dual Band Wifi-H.264/Mpeg-4 Codec 30Fps@1920X$309.14Details
139011BrickcomWCB502AP500Mp Wireless Cube Camera Cs-Mount 5M D/B Wifi$200.19Details
143591CBC America / ComputarZNR20TBRLNvr Server, Znr Series, 20 Tb, Raid-5, Intel I7-87$9,950.66Details
147038Channel Vision6002FMC2Flush Mount Color Camera$223.99Details
143881Channel Vision6115Small Outdoor Color Dome Camera, Vandal$134.39Details
144769Channel Vision6305WColor Bullet Camera With Sunshield$42.78Details
145221Channel VisionDP6212P8+"Brass Door Plt W/Color Camera,Black Metal Screen$437.39Details
144394Channel VisionIU6222Sngl Gang W/ Color Camera Bras$254.79Details
147160Channel VisionIU6282PBlck Intercom Col Cam Panasnc$279.44Details
1015519Dahua TechnologyA21BG022Mp Eye 2.8M Ir Cvi Ip67$92.39Details
941833Dahua TechnologyA21BG032Mp Eye 3.6M Ir Cvi Ip67$92.39Details
1077415Dahua TechnologyN44BG53Dome & Day/Night Network Camera, Pro Series, Vanda$240.79Details
182502Dedicated MicrosDM808036D15TNNetwork Camera, Day/Night, W/ Integrated Ir Illumi$15,739.78Details
157525Dedicated MicrosDM808036D45TNNetwork Camera, Day/Night, W/ Integrated Ir Illumi$16,789.37Details
150084Dedicated MicrosDMICEDSERVService Lead Cable For Analog CamerasCall for Price.Details
610884Digital WatchdogDWCSP21200303Dac Iris Ring Gasket F/Outdoor Value Line Cameras$3.40Details
151617DotworkzNVR4TBXLARGEUst Add Vms Software: Includes Windows Server 200$4,797.03Details
718076Everfocus4M01X1PPLM008ARBall Covers Aluminum Baking Varnish$39.14Details
617193EverfocusEDH502720+Low Profile Outdoor Vandal Wedge Camera, 3.7M$286.19Details
185986EverfocusEFVM180HD1.8-3Mm Dc Megapix$274.04Details
851956EyezOnF18910WPan &Amp; Tilt Ip/Network Camera With Two-Wa$118.99Details
719377EyezOnF18918WWireless/Wired Pan &Amp; Tilt Ip/Network Cam$93.79Details
778127EyezOnFI8918WWireless Ip Camera$93.79Details
623065FLIR SystemsA2130170Breakout Box$2,724.99Details
785677GeoVision / USA Visions110BX25003V0Gv-Bx2500-3V 2Mp Super Low Lux Box Cam, Varifocal$294.29Details
919689GeoVision / USA Visions140KINECCAMKinect Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera$346.94Details
839852GeoVision / USA Visions610LPC1200000Gv-Lpc1200 1Mp Lpr/Anpr Cam 20M Dc 12V$1,275.29Details
443974GeoVision / USA Visions84CA12000100UGv-Ca120 H.264 1.3M Wdr Advanced Cute Ip Camera, P$156.79Details
629743Hikvision USADS2CD2512FI6MMDm Ip66 1.3Mp 6Mm Dn Ir Poe/12$205.79Details
714027Hikvision USAPR6102GWPortable Camera/Recorder$1,114.09Details
225188Lee Dan1812147B/W & Color Cam$727.99Details
273132Linear CorporationMLTL2DN49IRDay/Night Camera,Tracklight Housing,4-9Mm Ai Lens$229.59Details
200802Linear CorporationMLTL2DN922IRDay/Night Camera,Tracklight Housing,9-22Mm Ai Lens$243.59Details
274468Micon TechnologyICAM01Iguard Mini Clip Ip Camera$25.49Details
237526NitekER8500UReceiver Extender, Network Cameras Over Utp, 8-Por$1,649.41Details
206882Orion ImagesCDS4SSdi 4Ch Mp(Smpte),Smpte Type,Digital Mp/Hd-Cctv C$3,253.74Details
941843Pelco / Schneider ElectricEVO05LMDEvolutn Mini 360 5Mp Env Surfmt Wht$777.39Details
965001Pelco / Schneider ElectricEVO05LWKEvomini 360 5Mp Env Pendant Kit Wht$883.99Details
1032488Pelco / Schneider ElectricEVO05PSKEvolution 360 5Mp Ip69K Pendant Mount Stainless Steel$2,048.74Details
800203Pelco / Schneider ElectricEVO12NJDEvolution 360 Degree Indoor Surface Mount 12Mp Ip Camera Black$1,164.79Details
812025Pelco / Schneider ElectricEVO12NNDEvolution 360 Degree Outdoor Surface Mount 12Mp Ip Camera Black$1,271.39Details
1062822Pelco / Schneider ElectricEVO12PSKEvolution 360 12Mp Ip69K Pendant Mount Stainless Steel$2,356.24Details
658153Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHMI10LW12FImage Pack Hi Humid Ip Hd 1Mp Lens 12 Mm$2,151.24Details
658155Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHMI10LW50FImage Pack Hi Humid Ip Hd 1Mp Lens 50 Mm$2,151.24Details
658157Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHMI10LW6FImage Pack Hi Humid Ip Hd 1Mp Lens 6 Mm$2,151.24Details
659160Pelco / Schneider ElectricIXE10LW8Sarix Imagepak Ntwk Camera 1.3 Megapixel Day/Night 2.8-8$1,081.59Details
241481Pelco / Schneider ElectricMF003501020CWindow Assembly For Eh3512 Housing$44.23Details
862663Pelco / Schneider ElectricSMR1252IP7Special Modification For Bb4-Pr-E$239.39Details
659601Pelco / Schneider ElectricTI206XSarix Ti 240X184 6Mm Lens Ip/Pal$3,463.74Details
906268RaytecVARHY81CIlluminator, Vario Hybrid, Ir & White Light, (8) L$906.27Details
736297Samsung TechwinSBU100Atm Bracket For Snb-6011 / Snb-6011B$61.59Details
874585Samsung TechwinSNBB6024BSnb-6011B - 1, 2Mp Ip Covert Camera In 8M Cable, Sbu-100 1, Atm Mt$633.14Details
819588Seco-LarmE941E1K2LQ"L" Bracket For Extended Electromagnetic Lock Hou$15.99Details
507416Seco-LarmE941EC2N1Q1200Lb,Maglock,Camera,600Tv Lines,1.5Mm,Ip67$253.39Details
995971Seco-LarmEVN42062S4QIp Courner Mount Camera 1/2.9"Megapixal Cmos 1080P$407.69Details
1022870Seco-LarmEVY4201A2SQHd 4-In-1 Corner-Mount Camera, 2.9Mm$207.19Details
1004614Seco-LarmEVY6201A3WQHd 4-In-1 Ufo Camera, 3.7Mm, White$110.59Details
963381SpecoHINT71TGIntensifiert Mini Turret Camera, 2.9Mm Lens , Grey$117.59Details
1027769SpecoHINT71TWIntensifiert Mini Turret Camera, 2.9Mm Lens , Whit$117.59Details
1023138SpecoO2I605CMNetwork Camera, Intensifier Ip Series, Corner Moun$414.80Details
687363SpecoTC25VFMICCounter Camera W/Vf Lens Wdr 2.6-6Mm Auto Iris$675.99Details
1035939TatungTMU43Led Monitor, 43 Inch, 4K Ultra Hd, 16:9 Aspect Rat$913.61Details
694674TatungTOM0431IPNetwork Test Lcd Monitor, Hand-Held, Universal, 4.$423.89Details
1063062VentraRVC1BLicense Plt Weatherprf Back-Up Color Camera W$110.59Details
986895VentraRVC2Lic Frame Weatherprf Back-Up Color Ir Led C$118.99Details
852355Videocomm TechnologiesEV58307Corner Mnt Elevator Sys 2.9Mm Vandal Proof 1.3Mp$1,088.09Details
700977Videolarm / MOOGNTKSD3NNetwork Nite Trac With Ir$6,474.53Details
267629Viking ElectronicsVCAM1IRCompact Color Video Camera Kit$315.89Details
916839Vivotek USAIP816ALPCKIT18MM2Mp,60Fps, 4-18Mm Lens$1,873.74Details
899905Vivotek USAIP816ALPCKIT40MM2Mp 60Fps 12-40Mm Lens$1,873.74Details
703723Watec / GenwacWAT20001/3Inch Cmos Sensor, Progresive Scaning Camera W$5,332.61Details
703726Watec / GenwacWAT910HXRCEIA1/2Inch B/W Ccd, Composite Bnc Output,Wdr W/3D No$885.29Details