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Video Security (CCTV)

Cameras, IP, Thermal

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1069460Axis Communications0783001Axis Q1941-E 13Mm 8.3 Fps$3,289.99Details
767817Axis Communications0784001Axis Q1941-E 35Mm 8.3 Fps$4,357.83Details
1011426Axis Communications0785001Axis Q1941-E 35Mm 8.3 Fps$6,078.03Details
725218Axis Communications0876001Axis Q1941-E 19Mm 8.3 Fps$3,289.99Details
938614Axis Communications0917001Axis Q1942-E 19Mm 8.3Fps$5,733.99Details
870676Bosch SecurityNDI50022A3Dome & Day/Night Network Camera, Flexidome Series,$649.35Details
317597Bosch SecurityVOT320V009HThermal Camera 320X240 9Mm 30Hz$6,642.89Details
317596Bosch SecurityVOT320V009LThermal Ip Camera, 320 X 240 Vox Thermal Sensor, 9$5,612.00Details
354469Bosch SecurityVOT320V013HIp Camera Thermal 320X240 13Mm Led H264 30Hz$6,642.89Details
354468Bosch SecurityVOT320V013LThermal Ip Camera, 320 X 240 Vox Thermal Sensor, 1$5,612.00Details
317595Bosch SecurityVOT320V019HThermal Camera 320X240 19Mm 30Hz$6,642.89Details
354467Bosch SecurityVOT320V019LThermal Ip Camera, 320 X 240 Vox Thermal Sensor, 1$5,612.00Details
593783Bosch SecurityVOT320V060HThermal Camera 320X240 60Mm 30Hz$10,628.63Details
966086CBC America / ComputarZNT1HBT14G20AFixed Thermal,17Um,50 Netd,320X240$2,727.49Details
980294CBC America / ComputarZNT1HET14G25AFixed Thermal,17Um,50 Netd,320X240,30Fps,$3,459.99Details
989512CBC America / ComputarZNT1HET14G29AFixed Thermal,17Um,50 Netd,320X240$2,859.99Details
790567CBC America / ComputarZNT6HAT1FN23NThermal Camera, 320 X 240 Resolution, 30 Fps, 16-D$2,549.46Details
1017362CBC America / ComputarZNT6HAT2FN32NThermal Camera, 640 X 480 Resolution, 30 Fps, 90-D$5,234.90Details
864208CBC America / ComputarZNT6HBT2FN32NThermal Camera, 640 X 480 Resolution, 9 Fps, 90-De$5,234.90Details
162927FLIR Systems223001700Fsm 10-Button Joystick$1,015.29Details
312860FLIR Systems3220152002X Optical Extender Lens For The 19Mm Le$1,434.99Details
442300FLIR Systems4115397Tactical Carrying Pouch$159.59Details
442302FLIR Systems4127285Flir Ethernet I/O Module$2,376.24Details
442303FLIR Systems4127405Flir Nvr 40Mbps/30D/24H 24Tb Raid5 25Ch$27,916.03Details
442304FLIR Systems4127616160Gb Thermal Analytics Processor$1,627.49Details
442307FLIR Systems4130235Flir Sensors Manager 2012- Pro Bundle Up To 100 Sn$6,342.77Details
187025FLIR Systems42700110100Ip Video&Cntrl Multi-Sensor Pan/ Tilt Systems$69,787.65Details
187026FLIR Systems42700300100SF-348-Ns 9Mm, Ntsc, 7.5Hz$4,939.77Details
942280FLIR Systems42700326000Pt-612-P Pal Ptz Ip Vga 25 Fps Slow Frame Rate$23,466.69Details
1058585FLIR Systems42700326000SPt-612-P Pal Ptz Ip 8.3Fps$23,466.69Details
623035FLIR Systems42700326200SPt-610E -65Mm,Pal 8.3 Hz Video$27,787.93Details
892337FLIR Systems42700380100Special Order - Must See Pm Before Order$59,819.03Details
882530FLIR Systems42700732100SFc-348 S - 9 Mm, Ntsc, 7.5Hz$2,997.49Details
442366FLIR Systems500055000Fsm Workstation Kit, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick$14,554.59Details
1002961FLIR SystemsE70321Ax8- Thermal Imaging Camera$1,003.59Details
442379FLIR SystemsMISCRSRVFlir Snsrs Mnger 2012 Pro License Per Ea Ad Client$1,627.49Details
442381FLIR SystemsNS201GNDS3Ground Sensor Server License (10 Sensor Units)$2,928.74Details
442382FLIR SystemsNS201IONET3Fence Or I/O Sensor Server License(8 I/O Contacts)$634.49Details
442383FLIR SystemsNS201RADNET3Radar Sensor Server License$4,998.33Details
442384FLIR SystemsNS203ALMGR3Alarm Manager Module$1,308.74Details
442385FLIR SystemsNS203RADAR3Radar Interface Module$1,308.74Details
442386FLIR SystemsNS501MTSAADVFlir Networked Products - Advanced Mtsa Annual Fee$3,266.24Details
442387FLIR SystemsNS501MTSABASFlir Networked Products - Standard Mtsa Annual Fee$1,866.24Details
442388FLIR SystemsNS502FDNBRZNexus Developers Netwrk Annual Subscription-Brnze$3,795.41Details
442389FLIR SystemsNS502FDNSILVRNexus Developers Netwrk Annual Subscription-Slvr$6,295.19Details
442390FLIR SystemsNS503DVRMTSAFlir Nvr Mtsa Renewal One Year -- Per Site$1,758.74Details
952084GeoVision / USA Visions120TM0100000Gv-Tm0100 Thermal Ip Camera W Power Adapter$3,569.99Details
935794infiniasVXVT2020 Indoor/Outdoor Thermal Bullet Camera W/6.8M Ln$865.79Details
658075Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHHI20DN12Fortified High Temp Ip Hd 2Mp 12Mm$2,356.24Details
658077Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHHI20DN50Fortified High Temp Ip Hd 2Mp 50Mm$2,356.24Details
658116Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHLI20DN12Fortified Low Temp Ip Hd 2Mp 12Mm$2,151.24Details
658118Pelco / Schneider ElectricFHLI20DN50Fortified Low Temp Ip Hd 2Mp 50Mm$2,151.24Details
742015TRENDnetTVIP745SICHd Wireless Baby Monitor With Thermal & Speaker$83.99Details