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Video Security (CCTV)

Splitters and Inserters

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
793424Advanced Technology Video / ATVQSP421SS*Eol** Atv Qsp421Ss Quad Splitter$462.38Details
119165AltronixHUBWAYDVIAccessory, Video Balun / Combiner, Ul Listed, For$35.00Details
119280AltronixHUBWAYDVPKVideo Balun/Combiner, For 12 Vdc Cameras, Ul Liste$185.60Details
388574American Video Equipment / AVE08075Triport For Verifone Ruby, Super System$61.40Details
388577American Video Equipment / AVE103003P2RSPROAve P2-Rs Parallel To Serial$394.74Details
951465American Video Equipment / AVE104004Ecr Kit, Casio 3700, 3710$307.88Details
121437American Video Equipment / AVE104043Ecr Kit F/ Tec-Ma516$307.88Details
123127American Video Equipment / AVE106003Cable Kit For Aloha Pos Software$93.66Details
584722American Video Equipment / AVE106124Cable Kit Samsung Ser7000 And Ser7040$93.66Details
584730American Video Equipment / AVE108004Icl Team Pos 5000 Select$60.17Details
584731American Video Equipment / AVE108008Squirrel Pos$58.93Details
584745American Video Equipment / AVEADAPTYTCR15Ave Adaptytcr15 Triport Cable$57.90Details
584747American Video Equipment / AVECABLE093Cash Register Interface Cord$61.40Details
584749American Video Equipment / AVEIFTECMA1450Interface Board F/ Ma-1450$292.11Details
584752American Video Equipment / AVEP2RS25Ave Parial To Serial Converter$317.01Details
584753American Video Equipment / AVEPIPCPROPic In Pic Screen Splitter$473.67Details
584754American Video Equipment / AVESCSAve Scs Single Channel Spliter$240.70Details
123152American Video Equipment / AVETCPIP232Cp Ip Adapter For All Ave Atms$434.20Details
584756American Video Equipment / AVETDTPRODate Time Stamp$245.60Details
388591American Video Equipment / AVETRIPORTDRBAve Triport Interface Cable$57.90Details
388592American Video Equipment / AVETRIPORTIDNMicros Id &Amp; Printer$57.90Details
388593American Video Equipment / AVEVECAVideo Enhancer Compensator Amplifier - I$124.31Details
388595American Video Equipment / AVEVSIPRODRSAve Vsi+Drs Text Inserter For$669.48Details
121477American Video Equipment / AVEVSIPROMICROSAve Vsipromicros Vsi Pro$684.20Details
388597American Video Equipment / AVEVSSIPLUSSAve Vssi+S Atm Interface,Video$684.20Details
985415Axis CommunicationsT812760WSPLITTER1224VDCPoe Splitter. Can Deliver Both 12 And 24$112.14Details
805036Azco TechnologiesAZPOEI301 Channel 10/100M/1000M Poe Injector Iee$57.04Details
410755Black Box USAAC1030A2 Channel Component Video Splitter/Switc$379.31Details
410756Black Box USAAC1038ADvi-Vga Converter$404.95Details
410757Black Box USAAC1056A2Black 2 Channel Splitter$97.93Details
410758Black Box USAAC1056A8Compact Video Splitter 8 Channel$265.94Details
592458Black Box USAAC176AR21-2 Composite Video Splitter$219.44Details
410762Black Box USAAC500AR2Cat 5 Vga Video Splitter 2 Channel$413.05Details
410763Black Box USAAC502AR2Cat 5 Vga Video Splitter Remote$344.21Details
410765Black Box USAAC600A2-Channel Mini Cat5 Vga Splitter/Extende$532.55Details
410766Black Box USAAC602AMini Cat5 Vga Receiver$223.94Details
592466Black Box USAAVSPHDMI1X21X2 Hdmi Splitter W/ Audio$209.94Details
410775Black Box USAAVSPHDMI1X41X4 Hdmi Splitter W/ Audio$337.45Details
735204Black Box USAVCSHDMI001M1M Hdmi Cable$17.99Details
759925Black Box USAVCSHDMI002M2M Hdmi Cable$22.16Details
410882Blonder TongueDFCS24Rack Mounted Splitter, 24 Way5-1000 Mhz,$103.07Details
592582Blonder TongueDGT28Directional Tap, 2 Output, Low Intermod.$6.59Details
410884Blonder TongueDGT4Digital Ready Directional Tap, 4 Output$8.37Details
809668Blonder TongueDGT410Indrtp1 - Indoor Tap With 8 Outputs$8.19Details
805769Blonder TongueDGT814Indrtp1 - Indoor Tap With 8 Outputs$10.81Details
592583Blonder TongueDGT817Directional Tap, 8 Output, Low Intermod.$14.60Details
592584Blonder TongueDGT820Directional Tap, 8 Output, Low Intermod.$14.60Details
592585Blonder TongueDGT823Directional Tap, 8 Output, Low Intermod.$14.60Details
592586Blonder TongueDGT827Directional Tap, 8 Output, Low Intermod.$14.60Details
410885Blonder TongueDMT100044 Output Outdoor Directional Tap$26.79Details
410886Blonder TongueDMT10008Outdoor Directional Tap, 8 Output$33.83Details
754767Blonder TongueHDEHVCPROProfessional Series Mpeg-2 Hd/Sd Encoder$3,487.81Details
410914Blonder TongueSCVS2Splitter, 2 Way 25 Pieces Per Multi-Pack$51.00Details
410916Blonder TongueSCVS61 X 6 Splitter$6.14Details
410920Blonder TongueSDC412Directional Tap 12Db$8.60Details
592596Blonder TongueSDC48Directional Tap, 8Db$8.60Details
592597Blonder TongueSDS16B/T 16 Way Splitter$151.06Details
592598Blonder TongueSRT4ADirectional Tap, 4 Output$5.80Details
592599Blonder TongueSRT4A29Directional Tap, 4 Output$7.67Details
592600Blonder TongueSRT8ADirectional Tap, 8 Output$13.83Details
592601Blonder TongueSRT8A178 Port Tap 17Db$18.02Details
592602Blonder TongueSRXS22Wy Splitter$3.64Details
592603Blonder TongueSRXS88Wy Splitter$8.71Details
592604Blonder TongueTLS100012Directional Coupler 12Db$80.21Details
592605Blonder TongueTLS100016Directional Coupler 16Db$80.21Details
592606Blonder TongueTLS10002Outdoor Splitter, 2 Way$56.50Details
592607Blonder TongueTLS10008Directional Couple 8Db$80.21Details
143909Channel VisionC0208Channel Vision 1 In 8 Out$24.92Details
147137Channel VisionHS21-In 2-Out Rf Splitter$7.99Details
144373Channel VisionHS31-In 3-Out Rf Splitter$10.03Details
145248Channel VisionHS41-In 4-Out Rf Splitter$13.08Details
413029Channel VisionHS4V4-Way Vertical Splitter$11.25Details
413034Channel VisionSATBS2Channel Vision Sat-Bs2 2 Way$15.42Details
788746Channel VisionSATBS4**Eol*** Channel Vision Sat-Bs2 4 Way$21.36Details
413036Channel VisionSATD2Diplexer, Satellite And Rf Combiner/Spli$15.14Details
413556ComNet / Communication NetworksVDSLMSDrop And Inset Ethernet Over Twisted Pai$1,121.84Details
353402ComNet / Communication NetworksVDSLMS2Drop And Inset Ethernet Over Twisted Pair/Coax$1,121.84Details
161432DitekDTK1LVLPSGR1Pair 95V Terminal Strip,16-22Awg$34.02Details
611217D-Link SystemsDAP3520LWExtended Warranty For The Dap-$96.22Details
443349GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCCVS1004Ge 1 X 4 High Performance$14.69Details
624488GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCCVS1008Ge 1 X 8 High Performance$13.56Details
624489GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityCCVS1800Ge 1 X 8 Video Splitter$22.44Details
814943GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKTD3141*Eol* Converter Digiplex To Pelc$157.78Details
187214ICM / International Communications ManufacturingFS15BNCSSTBnc Connector Nickel Splice Stranded Bag Of 24$4.25Details
882703International Connector & Cable / ICCICFOSKFM12Splice Tray Kit, 5.00" X5.50", 12 Splice$13.83Details
269518International Connector & Cable / ICCICRESVS42GVideo Splitter, Catv, 1X4 2 Ghz$6.64Details
815446Kramer ElectronicsVA1USBRTwisted Pair Receiver/Hub$335.96Details
770085Kramer ElectronicsVA1USBTTwisted Pair Transmitter$335.96Details
461871Kramer ElectronicsVP6909-Input Analog, Hdmi &Amp; 3G Hd-Sdi Proscal$1,571.10Details
271812LAN Power SystemsLP4812POEPoe Voltage Adapter/Splitter - Poe Pass$55.51Details
199133LAN Power SystemsLP4912POEPoe High Voltage Adapter/Splitter - Prov$57.64Details
272393Leviton476908C21 X 8 Passive Splitter$39.66Details
272395Leviton47690NFANotch Filter$29.85Details
209704Leviton476938PSmc Prem Act 1X8 Spltr$183.82Details
638528LifeSafety PowerNPM115Poe Power Product, Netpower, Poe Midspan Injector,$43.46Details
638529LifeSafety PowerNPM115DRPoe Power Product, Netpower, Poe Midspan Injector,$53.11Details
736182Linear / Music & Sound2532Channel Plus 2532 Splitter/Com$4.12Details
836260Linear / Music & Sound2534*Eol* Channel Plus 2534 Splitter/Com$6.23Details
812464Linear / Music & Sound2538Channel Plus 2538 Splitter/Com$16.12Details
546866Marshall ElectronicsVR171P4A7" Rack Mountable Lcd With Quad Splitter$3,721.33Details
481751Merit LILIN USAIJ5056DPoe +, Splitter 802.3At 24Vac Output Use$131.36Details
481803Merit LILIN USASL1212D12W12V Splitter, 802.3 Af Standard$71.01Details
481804Merit LILIN USASL4012DHigh Poe Splitter 12V40W Non 802.3 Af Po$141.75Details
481805Merit LILIN USASL4024AHigh Poe 24Vac Output Splitter$160.76Details
489513NapcoISEEPWR14Power Splitter, Cctv, 1 Female To Male$8.30Details
489893NetPromaxSVE1001 Ch D1 Netwrk Video Encoder$304.63Details
205497NitekIP1648M16 Channel Managed Poe Inserter$967.92Details
276995NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNVEC4BNC1:4 Bnc Coax Splitter Adaptor.Allows Up$16.76Details
301966On-Q / LegrandVM2202V12 Way Moca Horizontal Splitter$5.17Details
505390On-Q / LegrandVM2203V13 Way Moca Compliant Hrzntl Splittr$7.22Details
505391On-Q / LegrandVM2204V14 Way Moca Compliant Hrzntl Splittr$8.51Details
505392On-Q / LegrandWP1234BKHdmi Keystone Insert, Black$12.28Details
230592On-Q / LegrandWP1234IVHdmi Keystone Insert, Ivory$12.28Details
238298On-Q / LegrandWP1234LAHdmi Keystone Insert, Light Almond$12.28Details
277412On-Q / LegrandWP1234WHHdmi Keystone Insert In White$12.28Details
280563Pico MacomWS3G33Ghz Diode Steered Digital Splitter$12.34Details
1061429Potter ElectricEVX4ZAC4 Zone Splitter W/All Call Swt$386.59Details
498565QuestHDI4012Hdmi 2 Way Splitter$86.28Details
498576QuestHDI40141X4 Hdmi Splitter/Extender$233.35Details
498512QuestVSP1620900 Mhz 6-Way Standard Splitter$6.12Details
498504QuestVSP18208-Way Splitter$6.80Details
1020310QuestVSP2403Satellite Splitter, 3-Way, Horizontal, 3$7.97Details
498514QuestVSP24042.4 Ghz Digital 4-Way Splitter$9.01Details
498515QuestVSP41404 Way Digital 1 Ghz Splitter$6.43Details
218130Seco-LarmMAEP12701QAnalog Audio Balun (Snap-In).$18.03Details
739096SennetechSCM200VICONTwo-Input Code Merger For Vicon Rs-422 P$500.04Details
1044844ShaxonFS25004W4 Way 2.5 Ghz "F" Splitter$4.72Details
1006057ShaxonHDM02Hdmi Splitter Box With Ir Extender$69.15Details
729886ShaxonHDM04Hdmi 4 Way Splitter, 1In/4 Out.$104.31Details
823601ShaxonHDM08Hdmi 8 Way Splitter, 1In/8 Out.$221.26Details
973696ShaxonSBRCA181In And 8Out Audio Video Rca Splitter$40.28Details
263223Silent KnightIPSPLTY-Adapter Option, Dual 8Tpc To Single 8Tpc, Includ$16.59Details
517261Suttle ApparatusRESSAMRF66 Port Video Splitter Module$15.20Details
968795Suttle ApparatusSAMRF3Splitter, Video 3 Port$17.15Details
264953Suttle ApparatusSAMRFH41X4 Video Splitter 3Ghz Scte Compliant$18.90Details
907936Toner CableXGHS33Way 1Ghz Horizontal Splitter$3.84Details
743238Toner CableXGVS66 Way Bal. 1 Ghz Vertical Splitter$11.20Details
227988TRENDnetTKV201S2-Port Stckble Video Repeater/Splitter$44.02Details
804590TRENDnetTPES505-Port 10/100Mbps Poe Switch 40W$49.52Details
560339Tripp LiteB1140H4High Res Video Splitter$76.27Details
560340Tripp LiteB116002ADvi Single Link With Audio Splitter - 2 Port$105.20Details
290814Tripp LiteB118304RHdmi V1.3 Splitter-4Port$164.37Details
560335Tripp LiteB1400044-Port Dvi Over Cat5 Extender Splitter Active/Pass$236.68Details
698301UTC / GE Security / Fiber Options / IFSPOE302SPGigabit Poe-At Splitter (Metal Enclosure$93.24Details
700022VancoEVSP1018Spltr Hdmi 1X8 Over 1Utp$493.25Details
983760VigitronVI22201Ieee802.3At (30W) Poe Splitter 12/24Vdc$101.04Details
267959Vivotek USAVS8401Video Server, 4-Channel Video, Audio, 720 X 480, H$580.72Details