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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
302838Motorola / MEI0105950U15Cps Programming Cable For Dtr Series$35.53Details
647664Motorola / MEI3083271X12Cable Adaptor$79.79Details
225532Motorola / MEI51962300100Md7091 Corded Base Unit/Corded Handset & Md7001$216.99Details
716419Motorola / MEI53614Recharge Battery Kit(Dual Charger W/Batteries)$31.89Details
204726Motorola / MEI53720Nimh Rechrgble Batt 4/Tlkbt280$42.78Details
275866Motorola / MEI53725Headset W/Mic For Talkabouts$20.25Details
225533Motorola / MEI53727Earbud W/Ptt Mic F/Talk&Spirit$20.25Details
489369Motorola / MEI53815Ultra Light Headset With Microphone$40.59Details
302837Motorola / MEI53862Handheld Speaker Microphone$71.39Details
225534Motorola / MEI53866Earbud W/Clip-On Mic & Ptt$65.10Details
647669Motorola / MEI53960Multi Unit Charger Dtr Radios$229.59Details
225535Motorola / MEI53961Holster For Dtr Radio$15.99Details
647670Motorola / MEI53963Standard Capacity Battery Dtr Radio$56.54Details
840603Motorola / MEI56320Ear Piece W/Boom Mic F/Gt,Tlkb$20.25Details
647676Motorola / MEI56517Clf Series Ear Peice W/Inline Push To Talk Button$31.89Details
236531Motorola / MEI56518Ear Piece W/Boom Mic For Cls$34.08Details
647677Motorola / MEI56531Clf 6 Unit 3 Hour Charger For The Cls Series Radio$229.59Details
647681Motorola / MEI56553Cls 3 Hour Dual Charger$71.39Details
204727Motorola / MEI56557Lion Rechargable Battery For Cls Radio$42.78Details
647685Motorola / MEI85052410U06Antenna With 800 900 Stubby$35.53Details
647686Motorola / MEI8505884R02Antenna Dipole 900Mhz$47.84Details
647710Motorola / MEIACCREPRAC02NN25Ft Cable Uhf Connectors$159.59Details
647711Motorola / MEIACCREPRAC05NN50Ft. Cable For Uhf Repeater Rg-8 W/ 2 Connectors$328.04Details
647712Motorola / MEIACCREPRAC10NN100 Ft. Cable For Uhf Repeater With Uhf Connectors$491.39Details
302836Motorola / MEICLP1010Uhf - 1 Watt, 1 Channel, Includes Swivel Earpiece$254.79Details
338930Motorola / MEICLP1040Uhf 1 Watt,4 Chan Incl Swivel Earpiece 2Wy Radio$279.99Details
338929Motorola / MEICLP10602 Way Radio 6 Channel, Includes Bluetooth Earpie$409.04Details
204728Motorola / MEICLS11101Chnl,1Wt,Blk,Uhf,2-Way Radio$212.79Details
236532Motorola / MEICLS1110B1Chnl,1Wt,Blk,Uhf,2-Way Radio$170.79Details
204729Motorola / MEICLS14102Chnl,1Wt,Blk,Uhf,2-Way Radio$237.99Details
489346Motorola / MEICM3092Antenna Tripod And Accessories$102.19Details
338928Motorola / MEICUSTOMPROGRAMCHARGECustom Program Charge$67.90Details
860853Motorola / MEIDLR1020Motorola Digital 1 Watt, 2 Channel Two-Way Radio$271.59Details
742995Motorola / MEIDLR1060Motorola Digital 1 Watt,6Channel 2-Way Radio$278.09Details
648056Motorola / MEIDTR4101Watt 900Mhz 2Way Radio$336.14Details
204730Motorola / MEIDTR5501Watt 900Mhz Digital 2 Way Radio$352.34Details
338927Motorola / MEIEA100Easy Assist Direct To Radio Wireless Call Button$425.24Details
302835Motorola / MEIEA100HDHeavy Duty Easy Assist Wireless Call Button$572.39Details
225536Motorola / MEIECM9056Nickel Metal Battery F/M,Sprt$42.78Details
750699Motorola / MEIEPNN9288ASwitch Mode Power Supply: 90 - 134V Switch Mode$35.53Details
489347Motorola / MEIETULTRDBLLghtwt Dbl Muff Hdst W/Shell Mnt Ptt Mic$167.99Details
975395Motorola / MEIFRST46035 Mile Range- E Alert, Vibrate, Flashlight, Noaa$116.19Details
1076029Motorola / MEIHAF4013A3 Db Low Profile Antenna Kit With 17 Ft Cable$52.93Details
648090Motorola / MEIHKLN4438Holster W/Swivel Belt Clip For Clp Series Radios$11.04Details
648095Motorola / MEIHKLN4455Swivel Earpiece For Clp Series Radio$35.53Details
338926Motorola / MEIHKLN44771 Wire Surveillance Earpiece W/In Line Ptt Microph$44.23Details
734902Motorola / MEIHKLN4487A1 Wire Surveillance Earpiece W/Inline Ptt Mic$49.29Details
736812Motorola / MEIHKLN4512ABusiness Radio Bluetooth Pod For Clp1060 Radio$71.39Details
1080443Motorola / MEIHKLN4599Cls/Rm/Rdx/Dtr/Dlr Earpiece With Microphone$31.89Details
989690Motorola / MEIHKLN4604Swivel Ear Piece$35.53Details
1052229Motorola / MEIHKLN4606Speaker Mic$71.39Details
764430Motorola / MEIHKLN4615Dlr Belt Clip Holster$23.25Details
338925Motorola / MEIHKNN4004AMl Series Battery$309.14Details
838876Motorola / MEIHKNN4013Bt90 Battery Li-Ion 1800 Mah, 3.7V$39.14Details
648099Motorola / MEIHKPN40076 Unit Charger For Clp Series Radios$229.59Details
236533Motorola / MEIHMN9026BShoulder Mic Pust To Talk$71.39Details
338924Motorola / MEIHNN9008ABattery For The Ht750 Radio$62.99Details
302833Motorola / MEIHNN9044ARNimh 1000 Mah Battery$42.78Details
648123Motorola / MEIJMNN4024CRHi Cap Battery Li Ion$113.39Details
648196Motorola / MEIL3550ADap Ii For Analog Sb960$3,342.49Details
648564Motorola / MEIMS350RWaterproof Talkabout Frs Two Pack Radio$134.39Details
648619Motorola / MEINAR6595AAntenna Wave 7/800 Stubby$36.98Details
204734Motorola / MEINNTN4190A$42.78Details
1067637Motorola / MEINNTN4435BImpres Nimh 1800 Mah Battery$137.19Details
275868Motorola / MEINNTN4497CRLi-Ion 2250 Mah Battery$102.19Details
302831Motorola / MEINNTN6034ALi-Ion Impress Battery 4150 Mah$174.99Details
1078525Motorola / MEINNTN6263AImpres Nimh Fm Immersible 2000Mah$144.19Details
759321Motorola / MEINTN8039BLeather 2.5" Swivel Belt Loop$18.75Details
744129Motorola / MEINTN9392BSwivel Belt Replacement Clip For Talkabout$10.21Details
1038838Motorola / MEINTN9857CBattery Impres Nimh Fm2000Mah$146.99Details
843858Motorola / MEIPMLN6129AImpres 2 Wire Surveillance Kit$156.79Details
648824Motorola / MEIPMLN6384A6 Unit Charger For Rmu Radios$286.19Details
749016Motorola / MEIPMLN6588AMulti-Unit Charger For Pr400, Cp200, Cp150$556.19Details
853597Motorola / MEIPMLN7136D;R 12-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger$392.84Details
884065Motorola / MEIPMLN7140Dlr Single Unit Charger With Power Supply$45.68Details
1001076Motorola / MEIPMLN7158ASurveillance Earpiece W/Inline Mic & Ptt$47.84Details
648825Motorola / MEIPMMN4013ARemote Speaker Microphone W/305Mm Audio Jack$106.39Details
302829Motorola / MEIPMMN4029Remote Speaker Mic$99.39Details
969124Motorola / MEIPMMN4051BRemote Speaker Mic, Rx-Jack$128.79Details
648826Motorola / MEIPMNN4063BRBattery For The Ax Series Radios$36.98Details
1038909Motorola / MEIPMNN4071ARMag One Nimh Battery 1200 Mah$31.89Details
990164Motorola / MEIPMNN4075ARMag One Lion Battery 1500Mah$59.50Details
1071048Motorola / MEIPMNN4077ARemote Speaker Mic Bpr40$40.59Details
982478Motorola / MEIPMNN4077CMototurbo 2200 Li Ion Imp Battery$110.59Details
923940Motorola / MEIPMNN4080ARLi-Ion Battery For Cp185, 2250 Mah$88.19Details
767763Motorola / MEIPMNN4476ALi-Ion Battery 1750 Mah$75.59Details
302828Motorola / MEIPR400ISUhf Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radio$653.89Details
930091Motorola / MEIRADRMU2080Rm Series - 2 W, 8 Ch Uhf$302.39Details
648876Motorola / MEIRAN4031ARdx Replacement Uhf Whip Antenna 4 Watt Models$22.49Details
648877Motorola / MEIRAN4033ARdx Stubby Uhf Antenna 4 Watt Models$22.49Details
999577Motorola / MEIRDU20402W, 4 Ch, Uhf Radio$271.59Details
204737Motorola / MEIRDU41004 Watt 10 Channel Programmable Uhf Radio$341.54Details
204738Motorola / MEIRDU4160D4 Watt 16 Channel Programmable Uhf Radio$384.74Details
302827Motorola / MEIRDV2020Vhf 2Wtt 1Chnl 2Wy Radio$246.39Details
275870Motorola / MEIRDV51005 Watt 10 Channel Vhf Radio$336.14Details
835109Motorola / MEIREPPBS446DKIT2 Watt Uhf Base Station W/ Mntng Bracket & Spkr Mc$572.39Details
489349Motorola / MEIREPRAC02NN25Ft Cable Uhf Connector$159.59Details
489350Motorola / MEIREPRLR465NCP$1,384.99Details
489361Motorola / MEIREPROA65Omnidirectional Antenna$286.19Details
880766Motorola / MEIREPRPXRSM3XARepeater Remote Speaker Microphone$67.90Details
948423Motorola / MEIRLN5315Comfort Earpiece W/Ptt Mic$123.19Details
275871Motorola / MEIRLN5707AMinitor V Nihm Battery Pack$20.99Details
302825Motorola / MEIRLN5880ASmart Core 2 Wire Blk Surveillance Kit Earpiece$134.39Details
302824Motorola / MEIRLN6175ACharger Base For The Rdx Series Radio$30.44Details
204739Motorola / MEIRLN6302ALeather Case With 3" Swivel Belt Loop$58.10Details
204740Motorola / MEIRLN6303Rdx Cloning Cable$22.49Details
753140Motorola / MEIRLN6303ARdx Series Radio-To-Radio Cloning Cable$22.49Details
648930Motorola / MEIRLN63042 Hour Rapid Charger Charger Kit$67.90Details
950346Motorola / MEIRLN6304A2 Hr. Rapid Charger Kit (Incl. Ac Power Adapter)$67.90Details
338923Motorola / MEIRLN6306Alkaline Battery Frame For Rdx Radios$49.29Details
489352Motorola / MEIRLN6307ABelt Clip Rdx Radios$16.49Details
225542Motorola / MEIRLN6308High Capacity Battery For The Rdx Series 4W/5W Rad$116.19Details
225543Motorola / MEIRLN6309Rdx Series Multi-Unit Charger, Charges 6 Units$271.59Details
489344Motorola / MEIRLN6309AMulti Unit Charge$271.59Details
338922Motorola / MEIRLN6351Rep Battery F/Rdx 2Watt Radios$85.39Details
648943Motorola / MEIRMU20402 Watt Uhf 4 Channel Radio$271.59Details
801661Motorola / MEIRMU2080D2 Watt 8 Channel Radio (Display)$319.94Details
816927Motorola / MEIRMV20802 Watt, 8 Channel Vhf Radio$271.59Details
302823Motorola / MEIRPN4054AAc Adaptor For The Rln6175A$23.99Details
302822Motorola / MEIRPSEXPOXt Power Supply 110Vax 12Vdc$46.39Details
302821Motorola / MEIRQX451XTUhf 2 Watt Wireless Call Box$1,073.79Details
963677Motorola / MEIRQX451XTKIT2 Wt Uhf Call Box With Ac Adapter & Mounting Brack$1,180.39Details
302820Motorola / MEIRQXXTMKXt Call Box Mounting Kit$50.74Details
987487Motorola / MEIT2602 Pack, 25 Mi Range, Noaa, Vox, White$82.59Details
719020Motorola / MEIWPLN4137AR90 Min Desktop Charger For Cp200. Base Only$71.39Details
837940Motorola / MEIWPLN4138ARDesktop Rapid 90 Min Chrger W/Pwr Supply For Cp200$78.39Details
1024676Motorola / MEIWPLN4212AImpres Multi-Unit Charger$630.44Details
746665Motorola / MEIWPLN7080AImpres Single Unit Rapid Charger$167.99Details
685933Silent CallVC4003SSVibra-Call 3 Signature Series Body Worn Pager$276.74Details