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Watec / Genwac

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
292508Watec / Genwac0820BC58Mm Miniature Lens$33.34Details
703715Watec / Genwac1000HCSMOUNTCs Mount Ring For The Wat-1000 Camera.$27.48Details
329811Watec / Genwac120NEIASlow And High Shutter Speed Manual Adjustment, Sta$1,147.89Details
230320Watec / Genwac1220BC51/3 & 1/4 Ccd Formatted F12.0Mm Glass W/Out Mount$59.50Details
703716Watec / Genwac137LHEIACompact Housing W/ Ac/Dc Compatible Powe$301.54Details
716209Watec / Genwac1920BC12M12 Version Miniature Compact Lens F2.0 F1.9Mm$134.39Details
268254Watec / Genwac1920BC5G/W Minature Pinhole Lens Fl 1.9$126.69Details
517695Watec / Genwac200DWWater Prf Cam Coax 9,Polarized Lenz Filter Ip6700$3,228.74Details
268255Watec / Genwac22PMAM13125Mini Compct Lens Adaptor$22.49Details
329810Watec / Genwac230CBN6V Power Video Connector For Upgraded 23$34.89Details
776805Watec / Genwac230V2G37NTSCFully Adjustable Color Board Camera W/Osd Oprted$278.09Details
257071Watec / Genwac230VIVID638NTSCLow Lux 0.7 Fully Adjustable Board Type Camera$263.19Details
268257Watec / Genwac230VIVIDG38NTSCFully Adjustable Board Camera,F3.8 Internal$267.39Details
329809Watec / Genwac230VIVIDP37Pinhole Lens$243.75Details
257072Watec / Genwac230VIVIDP37NTSC$274.04Details
292510Watec / Genwac231S2NTSCWide Dynamic Range Low Light Color Camera$772.19Details
268261Watec / Genwac240AVMUSBUsb Box Adjust 240 And 230 Camera$1,104.99Details
703717Watec / Genwac240F50G38NTSC50Cm Silver Flexible Arm W/Base Stand, H$725.19Details
329808Watec / Genwac240VIVIDP37NTSCFully Adjustable Bullet Type Camera. Sel$374.22Details
703718Watec / Genwac240VIVIDP37PALFully Adjustable Bullet Type Camera. Pal$378.86Details
292511Watec / Genwac250D210W Light Color Camera$711.09Details
819865Watec / Genwac2520BC12M12 Version Miniature Compact Lens F2.0 F2.5Mmgls$83.99Details
858420Watec / Genwac2520BC5Miniature Board Lens Glass F2.0/F2.5Mm/W/Out Mount$83.99Details
292512Watec / Genwac2540BC1525Mm Miniature Lens$294.29Details
294305Watec / Genwac300RXPower Junction Box For Watec 300 Camera$64.15Details
268262Watec / Genwac3245B53.2Mm F4.5 Convex Pinhole Lens (Pts-3.2) F4.5$52.93Details
257073Watec / Genwac3745B22Pinhole-Lens-With Mount$59.50Details
230322Watec / Genwac3745BC53.7Mm Mini Pinhole Lens (B/W &Color) F4.5 F3.7Mm$49.29Details
294304Watec / Genwac3820BC53.8 Miniature Compact Lens$46.52Details
736567Watec / Genwac400RXCentral Power And Video Rx Box - - - -$56.13Details
230323Watec / Genwac660CBHarness Cables With Bnc & Power Computer$34.89Details
230324Watec / Genwac660D60Mini Enlc Board Cam 6Mm B/W$184.79Details
268263Watec / Genwac660DG19¼ Ccd Sensor; 380Tvl, Square Housing, B$221.31Details
292513Watec / Genwac660DP37EIASquare Housing W/ Pivot Bases On Both Sides W/ Det$166.59Details
230325Watec / Genwac660DP37F2EIASquare Housing W/Pivot Bases On Both Sides W/Det$176.39Details
257074Watec / Genwac902H2SUPREME1/2" Black And White Camera$454.94Details
257076Watec / Genwac902H3SUPREME1/3"Formatted Ccd, Extrme Low Light, .0003 Lux$452.24Details
329804Watec / Genwac902H3SUPREMEEIACCIRSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$388.14Details
294303Watec / Genwac902H3ULTIMATEG/W 1/3" Hi Sensitivity Board Camera$400.50Details
329803Watec / Genwac902H3ULTIMATECCIR1/3 Inch Interline Transfer Ccd Image Se$377.33Details
329802Watec / Genwac902H3ULTIMATEEIASuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$440.71Details
329801Watec / Genwac902H3ULTIMATEEIACCIRSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$400.50Details
703719Watec / Genwac902H3ULTSUPLOWEIASpecial Order - Wat-902H3 Ult W/ Wat-902$479.39Details
329800Watec / Genwac902HB3SSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$351.03Details
703720Watec / Genwac902HBCBPower Video Cable Harness$31.57Details
268264Watec / Genwac9802A13660D,704R For Monochrome Board/Bullet P Series$49.29Details
703721Watec / GenwacAD156120VDC204Cx, 200D, 200Dw, (15Vdc)$64.15Details
329798Watec / GenwacAD156WTAJIMIPower Supply 15V 15Vdc$78.58Details
292514Watec / GenwacAD502AWtk 117V Ac Adptr 9 Vdc Outpt$35.53Details
257077Watec / GenwacAD603120Ad603-Power-Supply-120Vdc-Ntsc/Eia$39.14Details
294301Watec / GenwacAD901120VDCG/W Power Supplyu$36.54Details
294300Watec / GenwacAD901121012Volt Power Supply$36.54Details
1009032Watec / GenwacAD9011212P512 Volt Dc, Level 6 Rated Power Supply.$29.22Details
329797Watec / GenwacAPAQ20008" Sealed Housings With Bnc Bulkhead Con$343.31Details
703722Watec / GenwacAPAQ2000C550Same As Apaq2000, W/250D Color Camera &Amp;$1,197.25Details
230327Watec / GenwacAVMUSBUsb Box,Adjust 241,240 Vivid,230 Vivid,Threw Avm P$1,023.09Details
292515Watec / GenwacB001Mounting Base Bracket W/ 1/4"Thread$18.75Details
329796Watec / GenwacH003Mounting Bracket Ring And Foot Bracket$20.25Details
292516Watec / GenwacK84Wire Harness No Bnc / Power Connector$10.21Details
329795Watec / GenwacMS50Mini Stand W/1/4"Mounting Hole Swvl Mnt 4-Hole Bkt$52.93Details
294299Watec / GenwacVIVID38MODPAQKit Includes 230Ag3.8, Boo1, 230Cb And A$235.75Details
329794Watec / GenwacVIVID38PAQKit Contains 230Vividg38Ntsc, B001, 230C$289.17Details
517901Watec / GenwacW00DWater Resistant (Coaxial)&Ip67 Housing 440K 3~24$1,618.74Details
817917Watec / GenwacW01CDB33High Resolution Exposured Board Camera F$502.56Details
257078Watec / GenwacW01CDB3NTSCColor Board Camera 1/3 Ccd/450 Tvl/ 1.0Lx$639.89Details
859139Watec / GenwacW01MAB2CCIRSuper High Sensitivity, Near Ir Exposed$493.30Details
257079Watec / GenwacW02CDB3NTSCHigh Res Low Light Color Board Camera W/F2.8-10Mm$654.12Details
268267Watec / GenwacWA1220BC512Mm Miniature Glass Lens$42.78Details
257080Watec / GenwacWA231S2Camera 1/3" Ccd Sensor Hi-Res Dynamic Range Low L$714.99Details
1013751Watec / GenwacWA232NTSCCam-1/3"Ccd-Color-By-Day-B/W-By-Night-1.0Vp-750Hms$1,047.79Details
989283Watec / GenwacWA910HXMBDG37EIA9GLASS1/3" Ccd B/W Board Version 910Hx Composite Bnc$800.79Details
989024Watec / GenwacWACB01Power Video Cable For 203V2/910Hx Mbd Camera$65.10Details
268268Watec / GenwacWAT0625BC51/4"6.0Mm F/2.5 Glass Lens No-Mount$52.93Details
230620Watec / GenwacWAT0814BC22Minature Lens 1/2" 0902B-F8.0Mm Glass W/O Mount$280.79Details
979684Watec / GenwacWAT0820BC128Mm F2.0 Miniature Compact Lens M12P/0.5$55.09Details
292517Watec / GenwacWAT1000NTSCD/N Wide Dynamic Camera -1/3"Sensor 520Tvl Resol.$1,167.39Details
292518Watec / GenwacWAT127LHB&W Camera Pal Version$340.19Details
517902Watec / GenwacWAT127LHEIAB/W Camera Ac/Dc Line-Lock Type 440K 5~4$310.82Details
703723Watec / GenwacWAT20001/3Inch Cmos Sensor, Progresive Scaning Camera W$5,332.61Details
230621Watec / GenwacWAT200RXPower Video Juntion Box$92.39Details
1076905Watec / GenwacWAT2200P1/2.7"Cmos Sensor @ 1080P Hd-Sdi Progressive Scan$1,324.99Details
868721Watec / GenwacWAT221S2NTSC1/2"Ccd W/Osd Menu Tree Advanced Ae Modes 0.006Lx$751.39Details
962374Watec / GenwacWAT2300HDTVI1/2.8" 2M Cmos Sensor W/1.0Lx 1080P Hd White Blems$1,190.79Details
230623Watec / GenwacWAT230CBPower/Video Power Harness(230A Cam)$36.98Details
294298Watec / GenwacWAT230CBNPower/Video Power Harness 230Vivid Square Bd Cam$36.98Details
1064038Watec / GenwacWAT230V2G37NTSCFully Adjustbl Colorboard W/Osd Operatedbyrmte Cam$278.09Details
292521Watec / GenwacWAT230VCDWBG38Minature Color-Dome Cam 1/4Ccd 350Tvlres Compat.$429.29Details
230625Watec / GenwacWAT230VIVIDP37NTSC1/4"450 Res Color Board Camera,Low Lux-9Vdc-P3.7$274.04Details
230626Watec / GenwacWAT231S2NTSCSuper Performance Color Camera-1/3" >>$772.19Details
230627Watec / GenwacWAT232NTSC1/3"Ccd 450 Color/470 B/W Camera -$1,047.79Details
257081Watec / GenwacWAT232SColor By Day(0.02Lux)B/W By Night(0.001Lux)54Tvl$899.42Details
703724Watec / GenwacWAT233NTSCColor Day/Night Wdr W/Osd.1/3"Ccd.650Tvl.$1,108.89Details
928227Watec / GenwacWAT240ECBG38NTSCFully Adjustable Bullet Type Camera 1/4"Cmos Snsr$328.04Details
294297Watec / GenwacWAT240VIVIDG38Fully Adjustable Bullet Type Camera$398.24Details
268269Watec / GenwacWAT240VIVIDG38NTSC1/4"Ccd 450Res Cam-Fully Adjustable Bullet Type$398.24Details
257082Watec / GenwacWAT240VIVIDP37NTSC1/4"Ccd-450Res-Camera-Pinhole$395.54Details
793927Watec / GenwacWAT240WNTSCWaterproof Version 240Vivid G3.8. 1"Housing Dia$1,215.49Details
517870Watec / GenwacWAT250D2NTSCLow-Light Color Camera W/Min Illumination Of0.02Lx$711.09Details
292523Watec / GenwacWAT2520BC51/4"2.5Mm Glass Lens W/Out Mount$83.99Details
904458Watec / GenwacWAT300RXPower Junction Power/Video Out (300Dh-Cam)Tran.Bx$67.90Details
230628Watec / GenwacWAT30CMARC-Mount Adaptor: 502B, 902B, 902H, 250D - - - -$20.25Details
230629Watec / GenwacWAT320DWWater Proof At Ip67 Up To 20Ft,Nir Camera At 0 Lx$1,562.13Details
230630Watec / GenwacWAT34CMARC-Mount Adaptor:202D,202B,204Cx,231S,221S,131Al$27.75Details
257084Watec / GenwacWAT35Lcd35 12V Dc 3.5In Lcd Display$529.19Details
257085Watec / GenwacWAT400DNTSCWater Resistant (Coaxial)& Ip67 Housing 440K 3~24$1,618.74Details
828187Watec / GenwacWAT400RXCentral Power And Video Rx Box -$59.50Details
517871Watec / GenwacWAT525EX2EIAHigh Sensitivity & External Synchroniztion W/ Manu$548.09Details
230631Watec / GenwacWAT535EX21/3" B&W 550 Tvl Hi-Res Color Camera Ccd$430.64Details
268270Watec / GenwacWAT600CXNTSCVideo Signal & Powertransmission At One Line Cable$718.89Details
268271Watec / GenwacWAT902B1/2"B/W 570Tvl 0.01Lux 12V Cam$364.49Details
292524Watec / GenwacWAT902H21/2"570Tvl Hi-Res Super-Hi Sensitivity B&W Cam$454.94Details
778167Watec / GenwacWAT902H2ULTIMATECCIRSuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$408.25Details
292525Watec / GenwacWAT902H2ULTIMATEEIA1/2" 570Tvl Super Hi-Sensitivity Adjacent To$471.14Details
292526Watec / GenwacWAT902H3SUPREMEEIA1/3"570Tvl Hi-Res Super-Hi Sensitivity B&W Cam$452.24Details
268272Watec / GenwacWAT902H3ULTIMATESuper Hi-Sense B/W Cam Near Infared Foli Adjstble$467.09Details
808185Watec / GenwacWAT902H3ULTIMATEEIA1/3"570Tvl Super High Sensitivity Adjacent To Nr$467.09Details
517885Watec / GenwacWAT902HB3SEIASuper High Sensitivity Adjacent To Near$417.51Details
1024604Watec / GenwacWAT910BDEIA½ Inch B/W Ccd, Board Version. Composite$827.94Details
329793Watec / GenwacWAT910HXEIACCIR1/2 Inch Ccd, Composite Bnc Output,Wdr W/3D Noise$865.79Details
733775Watec / GenwacWAT910HXMBDG3.8 1/3" B/W Ccd Board Version W/3.8Mm Minilcomln$800.79Details
753970Watec / GenwacWAT910HXMBDP33P3.3 1/3" B/W Ccd Board Version Pinhole 3.3Min$808.59Details
703726Watec / GenwacWAT910HXRCEIA1/2Inch B/W Ccd, Composite Bnc Output,Wdr W/3D No$885.29Details
737789Watec / GenwacWAT910NCIp/Network Version 910Hx B/W High-Sensitiviy Ipcam$2,129.99Details
230632Watec / GenwacWATAD6036Vdc Transformer F/205A,207A$39.14Details
292527Watec / GenwacWATAD901Power Supply For Watec Cameras 12Vdc 120Vdc$30.44Details
268273Watec / GenwacWATMS50Mini-Stand-W/Standard 1/4"Mounting Hole-50Mm$52.93Details
703727Watec / GenwacWATMT9210$69.99Details
703728Watec / GenwacWATMT9212$65.10Details
257086Watec / GenwacWATTG0812FCS3F8.0Mm Monofocal Lens W/ Dc Iris F1.2 F8.0Mm$237.99Details
329792Watec / GenwacWJDC12Female Connector 12Vdc (Jack)$9.44Details
1034587Watec / GenwacWPDC6Male Connector 6Vdc (Plug) - - - -$9.44Details