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Access Control Systems

Door Closers

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
324154Adams Rite24007601313Flat Facepelate For 4300, Dark Bronze$6.30Details
324056Adams Rite3080E0109630US32D3080 Electrified Trim Cncealed Vert.Rod Ext Dv 12V$395.54Details
375320Adams Rite3080E020373010B3080 Series Electrified Trim W/Cylindar Hole Rim$395.54Details
104344Adams Rite3080E0203U50US32DTub W/Cylh Uni 24 Elct Fsec. Tubular Lever. With Cylinder Hole - Universal. 24 Vdc Electrified Fail Secure. Satin Chrome$409.04Details
104173Adams Rite309002121Eforce-150 Keyless Entry Trim. For Ms Deadbolts. Selectable Hand/Outdoor Rated. 1 To 1-1/2 Mort Cyl/4 Aa Bat. Powdercoat Dark Bronze$406.34Details
104347Adams Rite309002626Eforce-150 Keyless Entry Trim. For Ms Deadbolts. Selectable Hand/Outdoor Rated. 1 To 1-1/2 Mort Cyl/4 Aa Bat. Satin Chrome$406.34Details
104767Adams Rite4453020335Interior Pull$21.75Details
361069Adams Rite45900101628Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Pull To The Left, Reversible. 1-13/16 To 2" Door Thickness. Aluminum$75.59Details
323816Adams Rite45900103628Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Pull To The Left, Reversible. 2-3/4" To 3" Door Thickness. Aluminum$75.59Details
104801Adams Rite45910200335Paddle Push To Left 1-3/4 335. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Black Anodized$75.59Details
105096Adams Rite45910300313Paddle Pull Right 1-3/4 313. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Dark Bronze$75.59Details
105097Adams Rite45910301313Pull To Right 1-13/16 To 2" Dark Bronze$88.19Details
794775Adams Rite45911401313Paddle Operator Ms+, Push To Right, 1-3/$76.99Details
104938Adams Rite7430313El Strike Alum Jamb 313. 1-1/4 X 6-7/8 Round Corner. 12Ac/Dc-24Ac/Dc Selectable. Fail Safe/Secure Selectable. Dark Bronze$156.79Details
360878Adams Rite8099M24236Dual Monit Dummy P/Bar For H/Metal Drsdrk Brnz 36$253.39Details
912161Adams Rite8122SE368100 Svr Device Drk Brnz Elec 36 Inch Door Opening$880.09Details
105741Adams Rite8633LR368600 Cvr Exit Device 36 335. Aluminum Doors. 36 Inch. Latch Retraction 24Vdc/16 Amps. Black Anodized$681.19Details
1022513Adams Rite910097IPShim And Screw Bag Kit For 74R2$11.53Details
105983Adams RiteAR4568501121Lever Handle Left Hand Dark Bronze$39.88Details
105830Adams RiteFPK7440628Faceplate Kit For 7440 Ser 628. Satin Aluminum$16.49Details
360515Adams RiteMS18903016313Ms+1890 Hookbolt / Latch. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate Rh/Lhr. Flat Strike/Standard Jamb. Dark Bronze$146.99Details
114092Alarm Controls10CBL10C Guard Ring Blue 250 Pc Min$6.39Details
730212Alarm Controls17F4117 Ohne Forend 24Vdc 100 % Ed Universal$97.99Details
323001Alarm Controls2405Extra Key For Ka-111A$15.99Details
114306Alarm Controls30583W/Prf Back Box For Ts-14 302$17.25Details
852918Alarm Controls4733501-------47335-01$17.99Details
113180Alarm Controls7215Extra Key#7215 For Ka-107$14.50Details
718627Alarm Controls7617F114376-17 24V Ac/Dc W/O Faceplate$118.99Details
798744Alarm Controls764591191F3176-45--91191F31$237.99Details
113184Alarm Controls856LEDReplacement Leds For Ts-2 Series Packag$42.04Details
839430Alarm Controls8763501-------87635-01$17.25Details
815178Alarm Controls934U1340335934U-1340335$556.19Details
360212Alarm ControlsABD4BNB2 9/16" Black Mushroom$20.25Details
114316Alarm ControlsACSPN4131Sg 302 1Ea Anti Vandal Sw$144.19Details
582320Alarm ControlsACSPN5587M2 With 7Ea Dsw-2 Gr$323.99Details
113188Alarm ControlsAM2335Armature For 300S With Hardwr$35.53Details
582323Alarm ControlsAM3320DUROAngle Bracket, Duronic Finish, For 600 Series Sing$34.79Details
113578Alarm ControlsAM3326DUROAngle Bracket, Duronic Finish, For 600 Series Doub$59.50Details
114320Alarm ControlsAM3334DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 5/8 Inch$76.99Details
582327Alarm ControlsAPS3004CPower Supply, Cabinet W/ Normally-Open Tamper Swit$229.59Details
322995Alarm ControlsASL56Special Key # Asl56 For Ka-108$12.69Details
114330Alarm ControlsCY12642Mortise Cylinder Keyed To 2642$118.99Details
831276Alarm ControlsDE11SECDe-1 With 1 Second Nuisance Delay$173.59Details
387564Alarm ControlsDE1WPDelayed Egress Station 2-45 Sec Weatherproof$340.19Details
787838Alarm ControlsDL1ECWHDl-1 End Caps Set Of 2 White$9.39Details
582333Alarm ControlsDL324 Dl-2$37.69Details
322993Alarm ControlsDL4Dl-2 With 36" Cable$55.83Details
114333Alarm ControlsDRC12Door Rls Cnsl W/12 Flsh Button$214.19Details
114134Alarm ControlsDRC3Desktop Door Control W/ 3 Pushbuttons$111.99Details
387566Alarm ControlsDRC5M2 5Ea 450A Push Button No Labels$118.99Details
582334Alarm ControlsDRC8Medium Console With 8 N/O 450 Pushbutton$180.59Details
113211Alarm ControlsDSW3RL1Dpdt Mom Cont. Red Button Ill$44.23Details
870659Alarm ControlsDTCM1G2AGNBeige M1 Console W/2 Ea Dsw-1 Green Non-Illuminatd$137.19Details
925751Alarm ControlsDTCM1K2AGV1Black M1 Console With 2Ea Dsw-1 Green 12Vdc$151.19Details
751608Alarm ControlsDTCM1K2BGNBlack M1 Console W/2Ea Dsw-2 Green Non Ill$156.79Details
739235Alarm ControlsDTCM2G3ARNBeige M2 Console W/3 Each Dsw-1 Red None Illum$183.39Details
872819Alarm ControlsDTCM2G9BRNBeige M2 Console W/9 Each Dsw-2 Blue None$391.49Details
734493Alarm ControlsDTCM2K10AGNBlack M2 Console W/10 Each Dsw-1 Green Non Illumin$345.59Details
925871Alarm ControlsDTCM2K12AGNBlack M2 12Ea Dsw 1 Green Non Ill$382.04Details
903335Alarm ControlsDTCM2K3ARV2Black M2 Console W/3 Each Dsw-1 Red 24Vdc$212.79Details
830525Alarm ControlsDTCM2K4AGV1Black M2 Console With 4Ea Dsw-1 Green 12Vdc$239.39Details
810777Alarm ControlsDTCM2K4AGV2Black M2 Console W/4 Each Dsw-1 Green 24Vdc$246.39Details
777215Alarm ControlsDTCM2K5ABNBlack M2 Console W/5 Each Dsw-1 Blue None$223.99Details
834144Alarm ControlsDTCM2K6AGNBlack M2 Console W/6 Each Dsw-1 Green Non Illumina$256.19Details
784344Alarm ControlsDTCM2K8AGNBlack M2 Console W/8 Each Dsw-1 Green None$295.64Details
924558Alarm ControlsDTCM3G15CRV2Beige M3 Console W/15 Each Dsw-3 Red 24Vdc$725.39Details
781501Alarm ControlsDTCM3G15DRV2Beige M3 Console W/15 Each Dsw-4 Red 24V Illuminat$820.29Details
845575Alarm ControlsDTCM3G16DRV2Beige M3 Console W/16 Each Dsw-4 Red 24Vdc$902.19Details
877670Alarm ControlsDTCM3G24CGV1Beige M3 Console W/24 Each Dsw-3 Green 12Vdc$1,075.09Details
845833Alarm ControlsDTCM3K15CRV2Beige M3 Console W/15 Each Dsw-3 Red 24Vdc$698.09Details
582375Alarm ControlsEB11TFEb-1-1 With 2-45 Second Timer Failsafe$110.59Details
582376Alarm ControlsEB1GREENNSOn S.G. No Screen Plate$76.99Details
360199Alarm ControlsEL123Special Key # El123 For Ka-109$12.69Details
360198Alarm ControlsEU1Satin Ss European/Uk Wall Plate Momentary 1No, 1Nc$62.30Details
360197Alarm ControlsK05WIREDK-05 With Wire Leads$9.39Details
360195Alarm ControlsKR15Latch Key Reset W/1-No 1-Nc. Sg Polished Brass$184.79Details
114156Alarm ControlsKR16Latching,Key Reset W/1-N/O,1-N/C Contact,Ss,Sg$187.59Details
788823Alarm ControlsKR45GRLatch Key Reset 1N/C$194.59Details
387578Alarm ControlsLDBLLarge 1/2" Blue Led 6"Leads 12-24 Vdc *Not In 10Pk$11.04Details
582382Alarm ControlsLDRBLed Lens, Bi-Colored, 0.190 Inch Diameter, Domed T$69.99Details
113677Alarm ControlsLUCSLift Up Cover For Al6H$23.25Details
760719Alarm ControlsM2G6AGV2Beige M2 Console With 6Ea Dsw-1 Green 24Vdc$309.14Details
776962Alarm ControlsM2K4ARV2Black M2 Console With 4Ea Dsw-1 Red 12V$246.39Details
732652Alarm ControlsM3G24ABNBeige M3 Console W/24 Each Dsw-1 Blue Non Ill$685.09Details
582383Alarm ControlsMCK1SB1.75" Narrow Satin Brass Plate$229.59Details
582384Alarm ControlsMCK43WPSg Ss Pl Dpdt Momentaryswitch Withw/P Cover$179.19Details
582386Alarm ControlsMCK52WPSgss Plate With 4 Amp Spdt Alt.Action Sw. Green$169.39Details
816980Alarm ControlsMCK53WPS.G.S.S. Plt. W/D.P.D.T.Mom. Act. Sw, Gr Led$165.19Details
113686Alarm ControlsMCK55S.G.S.S. Plt W/Pneumatic T.D. Sw. N/O, N/C Gr. Led$212.79Details
582387Alarm ControlsMCK5WPWeather Proof Mck-5$172.19Details
582388Alarm ControlsMCK63WPS.G.S.S. Plt. W/D.P.D.T.Mom. Act. Sw, Red,Gr Led$187.59Details
114679Alarm ControlsMP28YMp-28 Yellow Mp-28 With A Yellow Led$13.51Details
582389Alarm ControlsMP31LMini Plate With 1/2" Blue Led$29.73Details
835912Alarm ControlsMT1DOne Shot Timer Mt-1 With Dual Timer Output$47.84Details
114682Alarm ControlsPA100Piezo Alert 3-28 Voltsdc$14.83Details
916740Alarm ControlsPBL11L4Latch/Panic Butt.1-N/O, 1$200.19Details
322987Alarm ControlsPBL12L3GRLatching Panic Button W/1 N/O 1 N/C Contact Sg Wh$232.39Details
322985Alarm ControlsPD1221S Pd Mom Bronze Press To Oper Door..Black Fill$165.19Details
387582Alarm ControlsPD2321D Pd T Mom Brass Press To Oper Door Black Fill$165.19Details
582399Alarm ControlsPD4CPower Distribution Module$56.54Details
113701Alarm ControlsPD5121Double Gang Push Plate Pneumatic T.D."Press To$321.29Details
582400Alarm ControlsPD5131Double Gang Push Plate Pneumatic Ada Psh To Open$321.29Details
113702Alarm ControlsPD5134Vandal Resistant Pneumatic Ada Push To Open Blue$321.29Details
582401Alarm ControlsPD5311Double Gang Push Plate Pneumatic Push$323.99Details
582403Alarm ControlsPDFTFire Disconnect Module, For Aps-300 Power Supply $56.54Details
114048Alarm ControlsPN2134Narrow Dpdt Mom Clear Finish Push To Open Blue Fil$114.79Details
801405Alarm ControlsPN2433Narrow Style Dpdt Blue Finish Push To Open$123.19Details
881251Alarm ControlsPN2443Narrow Dpdt Mom Blue Ada Symbl White Fill$123.19Details
387584Alarm ControlsPN2513Dpdt Mom. Cont. Black Finish Pte White Fill$114.79Details
114545Alarm ControlsPN5154Pneumatic Time Delay Clear Finish Emerg. Door$276.74Details
774941Alarm ControlsPN5251Nrrw Style Pneumatic Time Delay Bronze Emergency D$292.94Details
764492Alarm ControlsPN5253Narrow P Timed Delay Em Dr Release Bronze$292.94Details
582407Alarm ControlsPS1331Spdt Momentary Brass Push To Open Black Fill$114.79Details
114551Alarm ControlsPS2134Dpdt Mom Contacts Clear Finish Push To Open Blue$121.79Details
582408Alarm ControlsPS2141D.P.D.T. Mom Ada Symbol Black Fill$111.99Details
582409Alarm ControlsPS2331Single Gang Dpdt Mom Brass Push To Open Black$116.19Details
360186Alarm ControlsPS5131Sg Pnematic Time Delay Push To Open Black Fill$278.09Details
791181Alarm ControlsPT1144Spdt Mom Clear Plate Ada Symbol With Blue Fill$116.19Details
113710Alarm ControlsPT1152T Style Spdt Mom Clear Finish Emrg Door Release$116.19Details
322979Alarm ControlsPT5213T-Style Pneumatic Bronze Finish Push To Exit White$286.19Details
322978Alarm ControlsPT5443Pneumatic Time Delay Blue Finish Ada Symbol$292.94Details
777925Alarm ControlsREB3DURORequest To Exit Bar Duronotic 48"$228.19Details
582414Alarm ControlsRP01MRemote Plate,Narrow R/Led Medeco Hole,N/C Tamper S$18.75Details
113714Alarm ControlsRP03MARemote Plate,Narrow R/G Medico Hole/N/O Tamper Sw$18.75Details
711651Alarm ControlsRP05SLWHRp-05 On Slimline Plate White$28.49Details
582415Alarm ControlsRP07WHRemote Plate,S.G.White Red Led,D Hole$16.49Details
711409Alarm ControlsRP07YRemote Plate,S.G.,S.S.Yellow Led, D Hole$14.34Details
767011Alarm ControlsRP09SLWHSlimline White Plate With 1 Red And 1 Green Led$29.25Details
387588Alarm ControlsRP09VERTICALS.G.S.S. Plate With 1 Red & 1 Green Led Vertical$15.16Details
322975Alarm ControlsRP10Al/Ctrl Rp10 2G D Hl R G Ld Sn$24.75Details
114558Alarm ControlsRP200WHRp-200 On A White Plate$24.75Details
886755Alarm ControlsRP20302Sg Ss D Hole Only 302Ss$13.51Details
582419Alarm ControlsRP20DKBZSpeaker/ Mic Panel Card$25.49Details
113722Alarm ControlsRP23ASg Ss .625 Diameter For La32 Buzzer$8.56Details
322973Alarm ControlsRP24BLACKBlack Plate, Narrow N/O Tamper Sw "D" Hole$38.43Details
113726Alarm ControlsRP26DGRp-26 On Double Gang Pl$34.79Details
322972Alarm ControlsRP26SLWHRp-26 Slimline On A White Plate$42.78Details
582421Alarm ControlsRP28BLUELED302Rp-28 Blue Led 302$39.88Details
360183Alarm ControlsRP28LAMBERRp-28L With Amber Led$38.43Details
360182Alarm ControlsRP28LBLUES.G.S.S. Plate With 1/2" Dia. Blue Led 12 Vdc$37.69Details
582423Alarm ControlsRP29LBLUES.G.S.S. Plate With 1/2 Dia. Blue Led 12Vdc$26.99Details
360181Alarm ControlsRP29LWHSg White Pl 1Ea 1/2" Grn Led 12Vdc$26.99Details
582424Alarm ControlsRP36Sg Ss Pl With 1Ea Blue Led$14.34Details
114875Alarm ControlsRP44SLIMPO1.5" Ss Hole Only For Fa200 Switch$11.04Details
114997Alarm ControlsRP44WIREDRp-44 Spdt Wired$15.75Details
582425Alarm ControlsRP46MSg Plate With 3 Fa-200 Momentary$56.54Details
582426Alarm ControlsRP46PFMWIREDRemote Plate S.G.Screened Police,Fire,Medical Wire$75.59Details
582427Alarm ControlsRP47DGRemote Plate Dgss 4Ea Fa-200$55.09Details
582428Alarm ControlsRP47MOMENTARYSgss With 4 Dpdt Fa-200 Momentary$45.68Details
114375Alarm ControlsRP49PSLRp-49 Plate Only W/D Hole & 1Fa-200 Switch$19.49Details
114574Alarm ControlsRP50MS.S.S.G Red, Green Led$23.25Details
114576Alarm ControlsRP7GREENRemote Plate,S.G.,S.S Green Led,"D" Hole$13.18Details
114582Alarm ControlsRPX878POSg Wh Lexan K5/10C Screen Red "Emergency" Wire Lea$11.04Details
360177Alarm ControlsRT1TTransmitter, Additional, W/ Keychain & Holder, For$23.25Details
113750Alarm ControlsSC110N110V Ac Steady Loud Sonalert$96.61Details
322970Alarm ControlsSC616NPLoud Sonalert Fast Pulse Buzzer$82.19Details
764370Alarm ControlsSC616NRLoud Sonalert - Rohs Compliant$65.10Details
113751Alarm ControlsSC628Buzzer, Sonalert, 6 To 28 Vdc $26.25Details
387592Alarm ControlsSC628DPRMedium Sound Level/Past Pulse Audible Alarm$106.39Details
360176Alarm ControlsSC628HRMallory Sonalert - High Frequency$89.59Details
322969Alarm ControlsSC628NDPLoud Fast Pulse Sonalert$92.39Details
894570Alarm ControlsSC628NRLout Continuous Tone Sonalert$61.59Details
873444Alarm ControlsSC628PPulsing Sound Alert$103.59Details
387593Alarm ControlsSC628RMedium Sound Level/Continuous Tone Audible Alarm$57.39Details
727667Alarm ControlsSC648SLoud Siren Tone Sonalert$144.19Details
793953Alarm ControlsSCL016LD3CTBLoud Continuous Sonalert 6 To 16 Vdc$62.30Details
115011Alarm ControlsSCVCSound Alert Volume Control$6.39Details
114386Alarm ControlsSLP1LMonitoring Control Station, 1-Station, (1) Dpdt Mo$76.99Details
114387Alarm ControlsSLP1MMonitoring Control Station, 1-Station, (1) Dpdt Mo$72.79Details
322968Alarm ControlsSLP7LMonitoring Control Station, 7-Station, (7) Dpdt Mo$409.04Details
114587Alarm ControlsSLP7MMonitoring Control Station, 7-Station, (7) Dpdt Mo$399.59Details
114588Alarm ControlsSLP8LMonitoring Control Station, 8-Station, (8) Dpdt Mo$461.69Details
114591Alarm ControlsSMB3DMounting Box, Machined From 6061 Aluminum, Duronic$54.38Details
115021Alarm ControlsSMB5Back Box For 3G Keypad$58.10Details
115022Alarm ControlsSN4292Red De-1 Insert With Lens & White Leds$19.49Details
582430Alarm ControlsSPN1116Switch Assembly For Exp-1$298.34Details
815697Alarm ControlsSPN15292G Ss 1.5" Red Mush 1No 1Nc Scr Red Ink$85.39Details
114084Alarm ControlsSPN1819Ts-2 Double Gang Center$52.93Details
582435Alarm ControlsSPN1890Sg Ss Sc628 Red,Green Led$79.79Details
723739Alarm ControlsSPN2263Sg Ss Red/Green Led Dsw-4$102.19Details
115055Alarm ControlsSPN2966Ts-14R On A Double Gang Plate$280.79Details
114185Alarm ControlsSPN3056Sg Plate With 31/2"Vert Leds Red,Grn & Yellow$64.39Details
115057Alarm ControlsSPN3104Spdt Foot Switch$86.79Details
322966Alarm ControlsSPN3234Rp-26 Screened Wire Resistor Push For Help$23.25Details
114422Alarm ControlsSPN3300Sg Ss 1Ea Vandal Sw Scr Push To Call$107.79Details
115062Alarm ControlsSPN3301Sg Ss 1Ea La32 1Ea Dsw1 Ill Gn 12V Push To Open$152.59Details
867592Alarm ControlsSPN3324Rp-28L On White Sg Lexan Plate$31.18Details
834041Alarm ControlsSPN3332Dg Ss Plate W/1Ea Pa100 On L & Rt .5"Led & Ka110A$137.19Details
114425Alarm ControlsSPN3338Plate Sg Ss 1.5" Red Mush Ltch Luc 1No 1 Nc Scr$186.19Details
114187Alarm ControlsSPN3348Sg Ss W One Red Led 1 Fa200 Wired Together$29.73Details
360167Alarm ControlsSPN3418Emer On Top Test On Bott Same As Pbl-1$187.59Details
114622Alarm ControlsSPN3466Sg Ss 2Ea Dsw 1Non Ill Green$93.79Details
114430Alarm ControlsSPN3575Ts-32 W/2 Nc$90.99Details
387605Alarm ControlsSPN3646Sg Pl With 3Ea Dsw-1 Green$117.59Details
905320Alarm ControlsSPN3676K13/Dress Ring/Lock Washer$15.75Details
387606Alarm ControlsSPN36923Pdt Toggle Sw Only As On 3507$55.83Details
795162Alarm ControlsSPN37462G Ss 1.5" Red Mush Mom 2No Scr Red Ink$167.99Details
114900Alarm ControlsSPN3848Sg Ss Plate With 1 Red 1 Green Led Toggle N Pa100$72.79Details
582445Alarm ControlsSPN3887Rp-31 With 2Ea Red Leds And 2Ea Green Leds$29.25Details
322963Alarm ControlsSPN3901M3 14 Dsw-3 Blue Ill 12V$847.59Details
115195Alarm ControlsSPN3902M2 With 4 Dsw-3 Green No Ill$226.79Details
114907Alarm ControlsSPN3914Mck-4 Screened Smoke$117.59Details
114451Alarm ControlsSPN3919Sg Ss 1.5" Red Mom Mush Dpdt Guard Ring Alarm Engr$111.99Details
114208Alarm ControlsSPN3920Sg Ss 1Ea Anti Vandal Sw Scr Alarm Tamper Screws$86.79Details
114908Alarm ControlsSPN39223X3X1.5 Box 1Ea .75" Pb Happ Switch Spdt$68.59Details
114211Alarm ControlsSPN3950M2 8Ea Dsw-1 Ill Red 12V$382.04Details
114213Alarm ControlsSPN3955M2 4Ea Dsw-4 Ill 12V Red$303.74Details
360165Alarm ControlsSPN3963Rp-26A Scr Emerg Push For Help$17.25Details
115205Alarm ControlsSPN39972G Ss 1.5" Green Mush Mom 3 Pole Mck-6 Scr$346.94Details
114219Alarm ControlsSPN4008Sg 302 Anti Vandal Sw Scr Push To Call$99.39Details
114918Alarm ControlsSPN4017Ts-2T White Plate White Ts-2T White Plate White$107.79Details
387608Alarm ControlsSPN4018Mck-6 Double Gang$72.79Details
114221Alarm ControlsSPN4019Rp-100 Scr Push To Call$37.69Details
114222Alarm ControlsSPN4020Sg Ss 3Ea Dsw-4 Ill Wh 12 Labels Tbd$152.59Details
114919Alarm ControlsSPN4021M3 16Ea Dsw-4 Ill 12V Red Labels Tbd$1,000.99Details
114464Alarm ControlsSPN4022Ka-108 With 25 Keys$225.39Details
114223Alarm ControlsSPN40252G Ss 4Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Labels$180.59Details
115210Alarm ControlsSPN4026Pbl-1 Qty Of 96 Pcs$10,183.33Details
114224Alarm ControlsSPN4027Sg Pl With 2Ea Dsw-3 Sw 1 Red 1 Gr Labeled On/Off$93.79Details
115211Alarm ControlsSPN4028Sg Ss 2Ea Dsw-4 Red Ill 24V$152.59Details
114920Alarm ControlsSPN40294G Ss 4Ea Asw300-2 No$433.34Details
115213Alarm ControlsSPN4034M1 Console With 2 Dsw1 Red Non Ill Labels Tbd$152.59Details
114465Alarm ControlsSPN4036Keyswitch Sg Ss 1Ea 4Pdt Key Sw$180.59Details
114923Alarm ControlsSPN4041Huffman D1084Is$519.74Details
114466Alarm ControlsSPN4042Huffman A10P8$55.83Details
114467Alarm ControlsSPN4045M3 17 Dsw-3 Ill 24V Label$834.59Details
114468Alarm ControlsSPN4046M2 4Ea Dsw-4 2Ea Dsw-3 See Drw$433.34Details
114924Alarm ControlsSPN4047M2 6Ea Dsw-3 Ill 24V Gn See Drw For Labels$450.89Details
114226Alarm ControlsSPN4050M2 6Ea Dsw-3 24V Ill Gn$450.89Details
114227Alarm ControlsSPN4051M2 4Ea Dsw-3 Ill Yel 24V$364.49Details
114925Alarm ControlsSPN4052M2 4Ea Dsw-3 Ill 24V Yell$364.49Details
114470Alarm ControlsSPN4053Ps5-111 No Engraving On Plate$270.19Details
115214Alarm ControlsSPN4055Rp-20 Screened Unlocked$26.25Details
114228Alarm ControlsSPN4056Mortise Cylinder Keyed$216.99Details
114472Alarm ControlsSPN4057Ts-23 No Screen With 2Ea Anti Vandal Sw Dpdt Mom$128.79Details
114229Alarm ControlsSPN40583 Gang Ss Plate K5/K13 Red Led Pa100 Ka108A$390.14Details
114473Alarm ControlsSPN40662G Ss 2Ea Anti Vandal Sw$180.59Details
114230Alarm ControlsSPN4067Sg 302 1Ea 1.5" Red Mush 1No 1Nc$62.99Details
114474Alarm ControlsSPN40685G Ss 16Ea Red Leds 1Ea Buzzer$402.29Details
114715Alarm ControlsSPN4071Sg Ss 1.5" Blue Mushroom$180.59Details
114231Alarm ControlsSPN4072Remote Plate,S.G.,S.S With 2Ea Red Leds$16.49Details
115215Alarm ControlsSPN4073Sg Ss 2Ea Fa200 2Ea 1/2" Red Led$55.83Details
114716Alarm ControlsSPN4075Sg 302Ss 1Ea Pilot Lamp 2 24V Unlocked W/Lit$55.83Details
114232Alarm ControlsSPN40763G Ss 6Ea 450A$90.99Details
115216Alarm ControlsSPN4080Sg Ss 2Ea Yellow Leds 1Ea D Hole$23.25Details
114927Alarm ControlsSPN40812G Ss 4Ea Red Leds 1Ea Pa100 1Ea Sw-1 Dress Ring$152.59Details
114928Alarm ControlsSPN4089Ts-9T Duro Finish$159.59Details
115217Alarm ControlsSPN40902G Ss 1Ea Dsw-3 Non Ill Label Door 1$72.79Details
115218Alarm ControlsSPN40912G Ss 1Ea Dsw-3 Non Ill Label Door 2$72.79Details
114233Alarm ControlsSPN4092Sg Ss 1Ea Pa100 1Ea Ka108 A Wired$90.99Details
114929Alarm ControlsSPN4095Ts-2 Double Gang$81.19Details
114234Alarm ControlsSPN4096Ts-2T Double Gang$135.79Details
114930Alarm ControlsSPN4100Ts-10 With Ka-110A$152.59Details
114235Alarm ControlsSPN4102Pbl-2-1-L2 Screened System Access Enable$225.39Details
114236Alarm ControlsSPN4106Sg Ss 2Ea Ka-108A 2Ea Red$303.74Details
114237Alarm ControlsSPN41101.75" Ss Plate 1Ea 1.5" Mush Mom$144.19Details
115219Alarm ControlsSPN4114Pbl-1 On Ss 2G Plate$170.79Details
115220Alarm ControlsSPN4117M2 6Ea Dsw-1 Wh Non 1Ea Dsw-2 Red Non Labels Tbd$564.29Details
115221Alarm ControlsSPN4118M2 3Ea Dsw-1 Wh Non Label Tbd Leave Room For Read$433.34Details
114933Alarm ControlsSPN4120Pbm-1 With 1.5" Yellow Pb Screened Abort$127.39Details
115222Alarm ControlsSPN41221.75" Ss 2Ea Holes Tbd Screen Silence Reset$29.25Details
114717Alarm ControlsSPN41231.75" Ss 2Ea Anti Vandal Sw Screen Silence Reset$135.79Details
115223Alarm ControlsSPN4126M2 6Ea Dsw-1 Gn Ill 12V 1Ea La32 1Ea Dsw-1 Rd Ill$668.19Details
114718Alarm ControlsSPN41273G Ss 9Ea Red Pilot 12V Label Tbd$251.99Details
114719Alarm ControlsSPN4130Dg Ss Pl With 1Ea 1/2"Red Led And 1Ea 1/2" Yellow$47.13Details
114239Alarm ControlsSPN4136M1 Console With 3Ea Dsw-1$159.59Details
114240Alarm ControlsSPN4138Sg Ss 2" Red Sq Ill Label$55.83Details
114241Alarm ControlsSPN4142Remote Plate, S.G., S.S.$29.25Details
114720Alarm ControlsSPN4143Sg Lexan Ivory Ts-7 W/1/2" Gn Led Mounted Above$81.19Details
114722Alarm ControlsSPN4148Ts-2T Mini Switch Loose Timer Board$104.99Details
115224Alarm ControlsSPN41491.75" Ss 2Ea Hole Only .525" Screen Silence$47.13Details
114934Alarm ControlsSPN4154M2 Console With 10Ea Dsw-1 Green 12V Illum$441.44Details
114723Alarm ControlsSPN4161Sg Ss 1.5" Red Push Pull 1N/C 1N/O Scr Stop$99.39Details
114244Alarm ControlsSPN41702G Ss 2Ea Pneumatic Sw Label Loading Dock 3001$589.94Details
114245Alarm ControlsSPN4174M2 With 5Ea Dsw-1 Green Keyswitch Lockout Non$363.14Details
114725Alarm ControlsSPN41786G 6Ea Red Dsw-2 24V 6Ea Green Dsw-2 24V All Ill$668.19Details
115228Alarm ControlsSPN4180M1 Console With 2Ea Dsw-1$134.39Details
114247Alarm ControlsSPN4186M2 6Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Gn$251.99Details
114938Alarm ControlsSPN4194Kr-1 Screened Situation$180.59Details
114248Alarm ControlsSPN4206M1 2Ea Dsw-1 Green Non$107.79Details
114785Alarm ControlsSPN42072G Ss Kr-1 Lt Side Idec K$564.29Details
114249Alarm ControlsSPN42092G Ss Pl With 4Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Ill$384.74Details
114786Alarm ControlsSPN42102G Ss Pl With 4Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Ill$384.74Details
114788Alarm ControlsSPN4218Sg Polished Brass Dsw-1 Ill 24V Label Call$58.10Details
115229Alarm ControlsSPN4219Sg Dark Bronze Dsw-1 Ill 24V Label Call Elevator$58.10Details
114789Alarm ControlsSPN4220Sg Ss Dsw-1 Ill 24V Label Call Elevator$41.33Details
114942Alarm ControlsSPN4224De-1 Single Gang Less Buzzin Min Order 3 Pcs$519.74Details
114790Alarm ControlsSPN4226300S Ps-1 Ts-18 With Tim Er See Notes$225.39Details
114791Alarm ControlsSPN4227Ts-13T 302 With No Screen$120.39Details
582447Alarm ControlsSPN4233Pbl-1 Screened Lockdown$158.19Details
114792Alarm ControlsSPN4236Pbm-1-1 Screened Panic$88.19Details
114793Alarm ControlsSPN4238Sg Ss 1Ea Super Bright Gn Led #3$34.08Details
114943Alarm ControlsSPN4239Sg Black 1Ea Super Bright Gr Led #3$37.69Details
114944Alarm ControlsSPN4240Sg Ss Super Bright Blue Led #5$37.69Details
114250Alarm ControlsSPN4249Rp-28 Flashing Scr Alarm$90.99Details
114795Alarm ControlsSPN4252Dg Ss Key Sw Dpdt On/Off Key Remove One Position$144.19Details
114796Alarm ControlsSPN4254M1 4Ea Dsw-Alt Action Spd Ill 24V$261.79Details
115231Alarm ControlsSPN4260Sg Ss 2.5" Mush Red Mom 1No 1Nc Scr Push For Help$180.59Details
114797Alarm ControlsSPN4263Sg Ss 1Ea Dsw-4 Ill 24V Wired On When Pushed$68.59Details
114798Alarm ControlsSPN4264.75" Ss 1Ea Dsw-4 Green$68.59Details
114799Alarm ControlsSPN4265Sg Ss 1Ea La32 1Ea Ka111$148.39Details
114252Alarm ControlsSPN4266Sg Ss Pl With 1Ea Pa100 And 1Ea Ka-105A$78.39Details
114255Alarm ControlsSPN42771.75" Ss Blank Plate$20.25Details
114948Alarm ControlsSPN4279M2 Console With 4Ea Dsw-4 Green Non Ill$264.59Details
114949Alarm ControlsSPN4291Ss Sg Plate With .5 Dia 1 Red Led 1 Blue Led$23.25Details
114950Alarm ControlsSPN4293M1 3Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Gn$139.99Details
114802Alarm ControlsSPN4298Sg Ss Pl With 2Ea Pilot 12V Lamp 1 Blue 1-Yellow$62.99Details
114803Alarm ControlsSPN429910G Ss 10Ea Ka-110A 10Ea Green Led 1/2" Label A-J$1,000.99Details
114806Alarm ControlsSPN43062G Ss W/ 4 N/O Flush Mount Buttons$72.79Details
114953Alarm ControlsSPN4308M2 5Ea Dsw-3 Ill Green 12Vdc$346.94Details
114259Alarm ControlsSPN4316Sg Ss Plate With 2 Anti Vandal Switches$107.79Details
114954Alarm ControlsSPN4318Sssg 1.5 Blue Momentary 1 N/O 1 N/C No Screen 302$88.19Details
114810Alarm ControlsSPN4320Small Black Box 1Ea Fa200$34.08Details
114260Alarm ControlsSPN4322M3 9Ea Red Pilot Lamps 121Ea La32 1Ea Mt-1 W/Reset$650.69Details
114955Alarm ControlsSPN4323M1 3Ea Dsw-2 1Ea Al6H Ks Wire Into Rj31X Cable N/O$382.04Details
114812Alarm ControlsSPN4324Ts-14 With White Plate And Black Button$254.79Details
115242Alarm ControlsSPN4330End Caps And Aluminum Tabs For Reb-1 Set Of 2$19.49Details
114261Alarm ControlsSPN4332Ts-21Rpn On Double Gang$326.69Details
114956Alarm ControlsSPN43332G Pl With 6Ea Dsw-3 Non Ill Green$268.79Details
115244Alarm ControlsSPN4336Ts-7 No Label On Switch$55.09Details
114813Alarm ControlsSPN4338Brinco Copper Alarm 50 Pc Min See Notes/Email$274.39Details
115245Alarm ControlsSPN4341Mck64 Red Scr White Ink Standby Normal Install Cy1$216.99Details
114814Alarm ControlsSPN4342Mck44 Red No Screen Install Cy1A$135.79Details
115246Alarm ControlsSPN43431Ea 1.75" Duro 1Ea 1.75"Lt Bronze 2 D Holes On Ea$55.83Details
115247Alarm ControlsSPN4344Sg Red On/Off Key Sw Dpdt Toggle Scr White Ink$251.99Details
114959Alarm ControlsSPN4350Pbl-1 12-24 Vdc Screen Lock Down$180.59Details
114961Alarm ControlsSPN4353S.G.S.S.Plate W/1/2"Red Led & 51-155.025D Ks$107.79Details
919197Alarm ControlsSPN4354Ts-12302 Push To Open$102.19Details
115248Alarm ControlsSPN4355Sg Ss Push To Call W/K-13 And Dress Ring$23.25Details
115249Alarm ControlsSPN43564G Ss 4Ea Dsw-3 Ill Gn 12V 4Ea 1/2" Red Led, 4Ea$268.79Details
114962Alarm ControlsSPN4361M1 With 4 Dsw-1 White Non Ill Front Back Pool$226.79Details
114963Alarm ControlsSPN4362M1 With 4 Dsw-1 White Non Ill$184.79Details
114964Alarm ControlsSPN43663X3X1.5 Box 1Ea Fa200 Wired Spdt$37.69Details
114965Alarm ControlsSPN4369Ka-105A Keyed To Pl927$93.79Details
114815Alarm ControlsSPN4370R5 32 Ea Dsw-1 Ill 12V Gr$2,006.24Details
114966Alarm ControlsSPN4371R5 32 Ea 5/8" Holes Only$751.39Details
115250Alarm ControlsSPN4372Sg Ss 1Ea 450A 1Ea Ka109A Scr Tbd 10 Pc Min$107.79Details
115251Alarm ControlsSPN4373Sg Ss 1Ea 450A 1Ea Ka109A No Screen$62.99Details
115252Alarm ControlsSPN4374Dg Ss Lt Side Ts-14 Rt Side Ka108A Scr Unlocked$607.49Details
115253Alarm ControlsSPN4375Large Cabinet 44 Dsw-1 Gn Ill 12V Wire Leads Label$2,567.49Details
114816Alarm ControlsSPN4376Large Cabinet 34 Dsw-1 Il 12V Gn Wire Leads Only$1,924.99Details
114967Alarm ControlsSPN43813G Ss De-1 Less Key Sw Mck-4 16 Pc Min$328.04Details
115254Alarm ControlsSPN43842G Ss 1.5" Red Push Pull$107.79Details
114968Alarm ControlsSPN4389Pd1-Xxx Engraved Push For Emerg Include Gasket$225.39Details
114969Alarm ControlsSPN4391Sg Ss Plate With 1/2" Led Red K-13 And Guard Ring$29.25Details
114818Alarm ControlsSPN4395Rp-46 With 3Ea Fa-200 Momentary$36.24Details
115255Alarm ControlsSPN43962G Ss 4Ea Red Pilot Lamp$180.59Details
114970Alarm ControlsSPN4397Pbm-1 With Latching Relay Rp-20 Ka107A Reset Sw$278.59Details
114263Alarm ControlsSPN4398Rp-9L 302 With Gasket$55.83Details
115383Alarm ControlsSPN44022G Ss 1Ea 1.5" Latch Mush$180.59Details
114819Alarm ControlsSPN4411Sng Gang Ss 1 Ea-Dsw-4 Ill 12V Red Label$93.79Details
115385Alarm ControlsSPN4418Rp-28 Slimline On 302 Ss Plate$15.75Details
115386Alarm ControlsSPN4419M3 8Ea Leds For Za-8N Graphic Annunicator See Note$1,764.99Details
114971Alarm ControlsSPN4421Dg Ss Pl W/6Ea Pilot Lamps, 3Ea Red Across Top 12V$284.84Details
322962Alarm ControlsSPN4423Mck-4 With Dpdt 10 Amp Sw$159.59Details
114265Alarm ControlsSPN44262G Ss 3Ea Anti Vandal Sw$180.59Details
114820Alarm ControlsSPN4428Ts-7L Labeled Occupied$55.83Details
115388Alarm ControlsSPN4429Rp-47 On A Double Gang$62.99Details
115389Alarm ControlsSPN4432Lg Cabinet 48 Leds 4 Ka10 8A 16 K13 4 Pa100$3,914.97Details
114821Alarm ControlsSPN44334G Ss 4Ea Red Pilot 12V 4Ea Green Pilot 12V$216.99Details
114266Alarm ControlsSPN4434Sg Ss 1Ea 450A Scr Blue Ink Room For Handicap$51.48Details
114973Alarm ControlsSPN4436$116.19Details
114974Alarm ControlsSPN4437Mck-6-2 On Double Gang Pl$120.39Details
114822Alarm ControlsSPN4438M1 Console With 4Ea Dsw-1Green 12V Ill Labeled 1-4$233.79Details
115390Alarm ControlsSPN4440Sg Ss 1Ea Pa100 1Ea Red Led 1Ea Yel Led 1Ea Dpdt$107.79Details
115391Alarm ControlsSPN4441De-1 Pcb Only$107.79Details
114975Alarm ControlsSPN4444Rp-09L 1 Red 1/2" Led &1 Yellow 1/2" Led W/Pa-100$54.38Details
115395Alarm ControlsSPN4456Sg Red Dpdt 1/2" Toggle S 1/2" Red Led Scr White I$180.59Details
360164Alarm ControlsSPN44571.75" Duro 1.5" Blk Mush$144.19Details
115397Alarm ControlsSPN4465Sg Ss Pl With 1Ea Dsw-3 1Ea Dsw-4 Green, 2Ea 1/2"$113.39Details
114270Alarm ControlsSPN4468Dg Ss 1Ea Sc628 1Ea K13 Dress Ring 1Ea 1/2" Red$135.79Details
114824Alarm ControlsSPN4469Ts-2T On Double Gang W/1Ea Pa100$173.59Details
115398Alarm ControlsSPN4472Dg Ss Pl With 5Ea .25"Red Leds Centered In One$62.99Details
115399Alarm ControlsSPN44733G Ss Pl With 5Ea .25"Red Leds Centered In One$99.39Details
114825Alarm ControlsSPN4474Rp-44 On Brushed Aluminum$37.69Details
114826Alarm ControlsSPN44751.75" Duro 1.5" Blk Mush 1No 1Nc Scr White Pte$144.19Details
114978Alarm ControlsSPN4476Ts-14 Blank Plate With$261.79Details
114827Alarm ControlsSPN4478M2 With 5Ea Dsw-1 Clear Lens Non Illuminated$229.59Details
114828Alarm ControlsSPN4480Eb-1 Green Button 12V Ill With Mt-1$144.19Details
114475Alarm ControlsSPN4481Eb-1-1 Luc$117.59Details
114829Alarm ControlsSPN4482Ts-12 Emerg Push For Help$107.79Details
114979Alarm ControlsSPN4488S.G.S.S.Plte Emergency Lockdown Pbl-1 12V$152.59Details
115400Alarm ControlsSPN4495Ss Sg Plate Red Pillamp Door Locked When Lit12V$65.10Details
114476Alarm ControlsSPN4496M2 With 10Ea Dsw-1 Red Non Illuminated$352.34Details
114830Alarm ControlsSPN4501Dg Pl With 1Ea .5" Red Yellow, Green Leds 1Ea$135.79Details
114831Alarm ControlsSPN4504Rp-44 Slim Red Green Leds$55.83Details
114477Alarm ControlsSPN4505Ts-14 Emergency Door Release Red Ink$280.79Details
114479Alarm ControlsSPN4510Sg Ss 2Ea Dsw-1 Non Gn No Labl$107.79Details
360163Alarm ControlsSPN4514Mck-4 With Cy1-2642 In-Stalled 2 Keys Scr Smoke$180.59Details
114480Alarm ControlsSPN45162G Ss 1.5" Red Mush Mom 1No 1Nc Scr Lock Down Blue$346.94Details
114832Alarm ControlsSPN4517Sg Ss 2Ea Sw-2 On Off Key Sw Scr Lock Down Duress$382.04Details
114980Alarm ControlsSPN4520Ts-2T Centered On A Double Gang Plate$142.79Details
114482Alarm ControlsSPN4525M-1 2 Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Illum Labeled Door 1$152.59Details
322961Alarm ControlsSPN4527M3 7Ea Ts-17 Switch No Screen$1,168.69Details
360162Alarm ControlsSPN4528M3 5Ea Ts-17 Switch No Screen$1,085.49Details
360161Alarm ControlsSPN4529Sg Ss Dsw-4 Ill Red 12V Label Gates$90.99Details
322960Alarm ControlsSPN45312G Wh 4Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Wh Label Tbd$180.59Details
360160Alarm ControlsSPN45353"X 3" L Bracket For 300S$62.99Details
322959Alarm ControlsSPN4542Am3325 Modified Per Drawing 5 Pc Min$144.19Details
322958Alarm ControlsSPN4544Spdt Switch For Jp2-1$37.69Details
322957Alarm ControlsSPN4548M3 6Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Il Labels Tbd 1Ea 1.5" Red$751.39Details
360159Alarm ControlsSPN45493G Ss 6Ea Dsw-1 Green Non$694.19Details
322956Alarm ControlsSPN4550Sg Ss 1Ea Dsw-4 Ill 12V Green Wire To Ill$99.39Details
360158Alarm ControlsSPN4553Sg Ss 1Ea Sc628A$90.99Details
360157Alarm ControlsSPN4558Dg Ss 2Ea Mck64 Cy1A Inst Wire Leds$270.19Details
360156Alarm ControlsSPN4559Dg Ss 1Ea Mck64 Cy1A Inst Wire Leds$216.99Details
322955Alarm ControlsSPN4560M1 3Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Ill No Label$144.19Details
322954Alarm ControlsSPN4561Kr-1 Scr Emergency Door Release$167.99Details
360155Alarm ControlsSPN4562Sg Ss 1.5" Blue Mush Mom Ill 12V Scr Emerg Push$162.39Details
322953Alarm ControlsSPN4563Ss Sg 1.5" Blue Ill Mush Latch 24V Scr Code Blue$216.99Details
360154Alarm ControlsSPN4567M2 With 7Ea Dsw-1 Green$452.24Details
360153Alarm ControlsSPN4568M2 With 9Ea Dsw-2 Red,3Ea$670.79Details
322952Alarm ControlsSPN4574M1 3Ea Dsw-1 Green 1Ea Dsw-1 Red Luc All Non$225.39Details
322951Alarm ControlsSPN4578Rp-21 On Polished Chrome$29.25Details
322950Alarm ControlsSPN45792 Gang Plate With 5 Dsw-1White Non Ill Label Tbd$286.19Details
322949Alarm ControlsSPN4587Sg Ss 1.5" Red Mush Mom 1No 1Nc Scr Firefighter$180.59Details
322948Alarm ControlsSPN4588Sg Ss 1.5" Green Mush Mom 1No 1Nc Scr Firefighter$180.59Details
360152Alarm ControlsSPN45892G Ss 2Ea Dsw-3 Ill 12V$144.19Details
322947Alarm ControlsSPN4591Ts-14 Ith Luc$303.74Details
114483Alarm ControlsSPN4593Rp-26 Blue Guard Ring$34.79Details
322946Alarm ControlsSPN4594Ts-2-2T On Oil Rubbed Bronze Face Plate$165.19Details
322945Alarm ControlsSPN4595Drc-4 Screened Front, Lobby Back, **Last Button$333.44Details
360151Alarm ControlsSPN4596Sngl Gang,2 Led,D-Hle Fcplt6V$55.83Details
322944Alarm ControlsSPN4599Remote Plate Sg Ss W/2Ea Red 1/2" Leds$37.69Details
322943Alarm ControlsSPN4602Dg Ss 4Ea Dsw-3 Ill Clear 24V Ill Labeled 1-4$207.19Details
360149Alarm ControlsSPN4609Pbl-1 Screened Emergency Door On Top Override On$223.99Details
360148Alarm ControlsSPN4610Ts-10 Screened Off/On Push Button To Turn Fan$135.79Details
322941Alarm ControlsSPN4617M1 With 4Ea Dsw-1 Clear Lens Labeled Front Door$202.99Details
360147Alarm ControlsSPN462M2 With 8 Dsw-3 Green 24Vdc Labeling Tbd$488.69Details
360146Alarm ControlsSPN4621Sg Ss 1Ea Red Led 1Ea Pa100 1Ea K13/Dr$107.79Details
322940Alarm ControlsSPN4622Sg Ss 2Ea Anti Vandal Sw$117.59Details
322939Alarm ControlsSPN4623Sg Ss Pl With 4Ea Fa200 Momentary$44.94Details
322938Alarm ControlsSPN4624M1 1Ea Dsw-1 Green Non$75.59Details
322937Alarm ControlsSPN4625Ts-12 On Polished Chrome$118.99Details
360145Alarm ControlsSPN4626Eb-1-1-Gr With Green Button$114.79Details
322936Alarm ControlsSPN4627Ts-14 Emerg Door Release$270.19Details
322935Alarm ControlsSPN4631Ts-14R On Double Gang Pl$280.79Details
360144Alarm ControlsSPN46322G Ss 5Ea Pilot Lamps 12V 1Ea La32 Wired See Notes$303.74Details
360143Alarm ControlsSPN4634M2 15Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill 5 Rd 5 Gn 5 Yl Labels Tbd$615.59Details
360142Alarm ControlsSPN4635Ts-18 Dpdt Sm Box$43.49Details
322934Alarm ControlsSPN4638Sg Ss 3 Pos Key Sw 2 N/O Remove Either Position$225.39Details
360141Alarm ControlsSPN4639Sg Ss .5" Red Led 1Ea 450 Push Button$20.25Details
322933Alarm ControlsSPN4640Dg Ss Pl W/4Ea Dsw-1 Clear Lens No Ill$118.99Details
322932Alarm ControlsSPN46412G Ss 4Ea Dsw-3 Non Ill Green$186.19Details
360140Alarm ControlsSPN4643M3 24Ea Pilot Lamps Red 1 12V Remote For Za-8N$1,924.99Details
360139Alarm ControlsSPN4644Sg Ss 3Ea Dsw-2 Alt Act Green Non Ill$135.79Details
360138Alarm ControlsSPN46452G Ss 4Ea 450A Screen Per Specs One Color 25Pc Min$62.99Details
360137Alarm ControlsSPN46462G Ss 5Ea 450A Screen Per Specs One Color 17Pc Min$81.19Details
322931Alarm ControlsSPN46472G Ss 6Ea 450A Screen Per Specs One Color 3 Pc Min$107.79Details
360136Alarm ControlsSPN4649Ts-2 Front Gate$53.64Details
322930Alarm ControlsSPN4650Ts-2 Back Gate$88.19Details
360135Alarm ControlsSPN46513G Ss Pl 1Ea Red .25" Led$72.79Details
322928Alarm ControlsSPN4655Ts-12 302 Scr Emerg Eng N Spanish$180.59Details
360133Alarm ControlsSPN465861 Cabinet W/Ka107A 5Ea Dsw-1 Ill 12V Inc Res Scr$834.59Details
322927Alarm ControlsSPN46592G Ss 4Ea Dsw-1 Ill 12V Inc Res Rd Gn Yl Bl Inc$243.59Details
322926Alarm ControlsSPN46603G Ss 4Ea Dsw-1 Ill 12V Inc Res Rd Gn Yl Bl Inc$261.79Details
322925Alarm ControlsSPN4661De-1 Modified To Acceptmortise Cyl Not Suppied$303.74Details
322924Alarm ControlsSPN4662De-1 Modified With 1.5" Ill Red Mush$303.74Details
360132Alarm ControlsSPN4663Sg Ss 1.5" Red Push Pull 1N/O, 1N/C, 1/4" Red Led$225.39Details
360131Alarm ControlsSPN46652G Ss 3Ea Red Pilot Lamp 12V 1La32 Buzzer Diode$225.39Details
322923Alarm ControlsSPN46671.75"1Ea 1.5" Push Pull 2No 1Nc 1Ea Pa100$278.59Details
322921Alarm ControlsSPN46691"Spacer For 1200 Pound Armature Alumin$47.13Details
322920Alarm ControlsSPN4670Sg White 1Ea Pa200 1Ea Fa 200 Wired$99.39Details
322918Alarm ControlsSPN4674Sg Ss Pl With 1Ea Dsw-1 Red Ill 12V$55.83Details
360130Alarm ControlsSPN4675Latching Key Reset Switch$194.59Details
360129Alarm ControlsSPN4680M2 8Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Gn$476.54Details
360128Alarm ControlsSPN4681M3 Black 8Ea Dsw-1 Non Il$968.49Details
322917Alarm ControlsSPN4685Sg Ss Plate 1 Red 1 Green Sg Ss Plate 1 Red 1 Gree$117.59Details
322916Alarm ControlsSPN4686M2 3Ea Dsw-1 Green 1Ea Dsw-4 Ill 24V Red Luc$433.34Details
360127Alarm ControlsSPN4688Exp-2 Latching Scr Emerg$1,251.24Details
360126Alarm ControlsSPN4696Sg Ss Plate With 3Ea .5"$44.23Details
322914Alarm ControlsSPN4701Sg Ss Pl With 1Ea Red/Grn Led And 1Ea Fa-200 Sw$25.49Details
360125Alarm ControlsSPN4704Sgss Plate With 1Ea 450$19.49Details
360124Alarm ControlsSPN47051200Wp With 35 Foot Cable Specify 12 Or 24 V$328.04Details
360123Alarm ControlsSPN4708Sg Ss 2Ea Red Pilot Lamp$180.59Details
322913Alarm ControlsSPN47103G 302 Ss 3Ea 1.5" Red$751.39Details
322912Alarm ControlsSPN4712Ts-12 302 Screened Emergency$83.99Details
360122Alarm ControlsSPN4714Rp-26 Slim Dark Bronze$47.13Details
360121Alarm ControlsSPN4717Sg Ss 1Ea Dsw-1 Ill Red 1$81.19Details
322911Alarm ControlsSPN4722M1 With 1 Dsw-1 Green Non Ill Labeled Door Release$113.39Details
360119Alarm ControlsSPN47254G Ss 8Ea Red Pilot Lamp 12V Label 1-8$390.14Details
322910Alarm ControlsSPN4729Sg Ss 3 Pos Idec Ks On-Of$270.19Details
322909Alarm ControlsSPN4730Mck-4 With Mt-1 Installed$180.59Details
322908Alarm ControlsSPN4732M3 12Ea Dsw-4 Ill 12V Gn$826.79Details
322907Alarm ControlsSPN4735Sg White Plastic Plate$37.69Details
322906Alarm ControlsSPN4738Sg Wh 1Ea 450A No Scr Or Label On Box Or Plate$15.99Details
322905Alarm ControlsSPN4742Sg Ss 1.5"Mush Red Mom 1No 1Nc Scr Push To$117.59Details
360118Alarm ControlsSPN4749Video Doorman Emerg Plate Screened 3 Color$148.39Details
360117Alarm ControlsSPN4752Sg White 1Ea Green Led$34.08Details
322904Alarm ControlsSPN4755M2 With 2Ea Dsw-2 Blue On Left&Right Side, 8Ea$360.44Details
360116Alarm ControlsSPN4756Ts-14 Screened Emergency Exit$254.79Details
322903Alarm ControlsSPN4758Mck-4 With 2Ea Sw-1 Sw$90.99Details
322902Alarm ControlsSPN4759M1 With 4 Ea Dsw-1 Green Non Ill, Labeled Door 1$222.59Details
322901Alarm ControlsSPN4761Sgss Plate W/Rj-45 Hole 1 Ea Red And Green .25$36.24Details
360115Alarm ControlsSPN47633G Ss 12Ea Dsw-1 Non Ill Top Green Botton Red$607.49Details
360114Alarm ControlsSPN4765Office Annunciator Plate Set Of 2$170.79Details
360113Alarm ControlsSPN4768M2 8Ea Dsw-4 Ill 24V Red$792.99Details
322900Alarm ControlsSPN4771Rp-7 Flashing$47.13Details
322898Alarm ControlsSPN4782Dbl Gang Push Spdt Emergency Satin Alumn. White$352.34Details
360110Alarm ControlsSPN47833G Ss Dsw-3 1Ea Dsw-4 All Green Ill 12V Dc No Labl$180.59Details