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Access Control Systems

Egress Buttons

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
10263832GIG Technologies2GIGF1345Personal Help Button & Fall Detection Pendant, 345$56.78Details
375264Adams Rite2904610301Cylinder F/4431 Schlage Keyway$17.99Details
104838Adams Rite290623Pc Board For Power Supply. For Ps-Lr$184.79Details
361335Adams Rite300112US32DTubular Fixed Pull. No Cylinder Hole. Cvr Devices. Satin Stainless Steel$125.75Details
579141Adams Rite3100W48US32DSvr Exit Device, Fire-Rated Top Rod Only$782.46Details
798235Adams Rite310191PCenter Block Assembly$81.19Details
104352Adams Rite31026501Dogging Assembly , Cylinder Dogging$13.18Details
104579Adams Rite31036001Adapter Cable 12Volt$3.50Details
104353Adams Rite310735IP8800El Sol 12V Mnf$160.99Details
104847Adams Rite310833IPDual Coil Solenoid Individually Pa$153.99Details
375406Adams Rite3600SE36US32D3600 Exit Device With Motorized Latch Re$1,203.79Details
579159Adams Rite40260001130Cylinder Pull, Satin Aluminum Finish$44.31Details
375518Adams Rite43003M202335Latch For Aluminum Door$295.64Details
375835Adams Rite4591020313Paddle Push To Left 1-3/4 313 Door Thick$79.07Details
323796Adams Rite45910400US26DPaddle Push Right 1-3/4 626. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Satin Chrome$149.09Details
375843Adams Rite45910404628Paddle Push To Right 628$92.05Details
579182Adams Rite4591M0400US26D4591 Series Deadlatch Paddle W/ Monitori$213.25Details
361039Adams Rite4591MA0100313Paddle W/Sw Pull Left 313. Door Thickness 1 3/4 Inch. Active Paddle With Switch. Dark Bronze$154.27Details
1078102Adams Rite4591MA0200US26DPaddle Operator$224.27Details
1029203Adams Rite4591MA0304US26DPaddle Operator$163.34Details
579212Adams Rite800180148Instruction Sheet$1.68Details
579213Adams Rite800180250Instruction Sheet Dummy P B$1.68Details
876335Adams Rite8099M13030US3Dumb Bar 1 Switch 30In Us3$418.77Details
579215Adams Rite8099M23136313Active Dummy Pushbar$265.76Details
579216Adams Rite8100SE36US32D8100 Series Exit Device With Motorized L$1,083.41Details
376589Adams Rite820042US3Svr Exit Device Wood And Or Hollow Metal$776.44Details
376633Adams Rite8200ED36US32D8200 Electric Dogging Exit Device With 3$929.77Details
323587Adams Rite8211368200 Svr Exit Device 36 628. Aluminum Doors. 36 Inch. Satin Aluminum$523.15Details
932164Adams Rite8400LRM48030US32DMECNarrow Stile Mortise Exit Device$999.73Details
380391Adams Rite8410SE271428400 Mortise Exit Device$758.38Details
381761Adams Rite8430LR373368400 Mortise Exit Device$724.67Details
1030537Adams Rite8500LR30US32D8500 Cvr Exit Device 30 Us32D$898.63Details
718452Adams Rite8522SE30Cvr Se Exit Device$774.02Details
382582Adams Rite860036US328600 Cvr Exit Device 36 Us32$598.78Details
968274Adams Rite8600LR30US32D8600 Cvr Exit Device 30 Us32D$886.59Details
579225Adams Rite8600LR36US328600 Cvr Exit Device 36 Us32. Aluminum Doors. 36 Inch. Latch Retraction 24Vdc/16 Amps. Bright Stainless Steel$934.13Details
1054980Adams Rite8600SE36US32DPBCvr Se Exit Device Push Bar Only No Guts$74.55Details
579226Adams Rite8600TSE36US32DNarrow Style Concealed Vertical Rod Exit$886.59Details
919453Adams Rite8622SEM368600 Series, Dark Bronze Color, Silent E$823.39Details
811647Adams Rite8622SEM428600 Series, Dark Bronze Color, Silent E$823.39Details
382717Adams Rite8622TLR368600 Series, Dark Bronze Color, Latch Re$671.11Details
382763Adams Rite8700A36BUS3Rim Exit Devise, Alarm Option, Us3 Finis$731.89Details
382977Adams Rite8702M236Rim Exit Device For Wood And Hollow Met$387.52Details
383024Adams Rite880042US38800 Rim Exit Device 42 Us3$464.40Details
383040Adams Rite8800A36BUS32D8800 Rim Exit Device 36 Us32D$685.56Details
383082Adams Rite8800ED36US32DRim Exit Device Electric Dogging Stainle$658.79Details
780733Adams Rite8800ELM3632DMEC24Rim Exit Device Sol,1 Mont$739.73Details
814074Adams Rite8800ELM36US32D24Rim Exit Device Solenoid$692.17Details
1061263Adams Rite8800ELM36US424MECNarrow Stile Rim Exit Device$716.25Details
761665Adams Rite8800SEM36US32DNarrow Style Electric Trim$874.55Details
383221Adams Rite8802ELD3624M18800 Exit Bar With Electric Dogging And$573.16Details
940488Adams Rite8802ELM3612Rim Exit Device$556.28Details
383230Adams Rite8802M236Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device For Aluminu$376.91Details
383257Adams Rite8803ELD3624M18800 Exit Bar With Electric Dogging And$586.91Details
579232Adams Rite8803ELDM36128800 Rim Exit Device Black Electrified S$618.44Details
579233Adams Rite8803ELM3624Narrow Stile Concealed Vertical Rod Exit$586.91Details
106091Adams RiteBBKLRBatt Backup Kt F/Ps-Lr Pwr Spl$127.39Details
323366Adams RiteBBKSEBack Up Battery Kit For The Se Devices$127.39Details
106107Adams RitePS1Power Supply Output Is Selectable In The$183.39Details
387419Advanced SourcingSWT01SSLO2Inpush To Exit Button Single-Gang Plate$42.96Details
387420Advanced SourcingSWT02SSLO2In Push To Exit Button -Press To Exit$60.49Details
387421Advanced SourcingSWT06SSLO1In Push To Exit Button -Press To Exit-$46.55Details
387442Advanced Technology Video / ATVFS150HMini Covert 8" W/ Detachable Exit,Cautio$321.64Details
113174Alarm Controls450Normally-Open Flush Ivory Pushbutton$5.17Details
113568Alarm Controls7012Relay Module, Quad, Snap-A-Part, 5 Amp, Dpdt Conta$51.48Details
711747Alarm ControlsABW4BBLBlue Button$12.28Details
582319Alarm ControlsABW4BR1 1/2” Red Mushroom Button$9.92Details
801158Alarm ControlsABW4BWWhite Button$12.28Details
753833Alarm ControlsABW4BYYellow Button$12.28Details
322998Alarm ControlsAM6334DUROMounting Plate 5/8" For 1200 Lbs Duro Lock$65.76Details
985233Alarm ControlsASP14Alarm Control Asp-14 Access Control Pneu$191.16Details
387567Alarm ControlsDRC6Door Release Console W/6 N/O Flush Butto$133.49Details
387568Alarm ControlsDSW1BSingle Pull Double Throw Push Button Blu$24.05Details
387569Alarm ControlsDSW1GPush Button Green$24.05Details
387570Alarm ControlsDSW1RSingle Pull Doubble Throw Read Push Butt$23.21Details
387571Alarm ControlsDSW1WSingle Pull Double Throw Push Button Wh$23.21Details
387572Alarm ControlsDSW1YSingle Pull Doubble Throw Push Button Ye$23.21Details
114137Alarm ControlsDSW4GREENDpdt Alternate Action With Green Push Button$38.61Details
114005Alarm ControlsEB11Exit.Psh Btn W/1No,1Nc Cnt,Ss$72.56Details
114006Alarm ControlsEB11L2Plate Push Button Weatherproof Red Mush Btn Illum$119.07Details
833372Alarm ControlsEB1NOSCREENEgress But. W/1 N/O,1 N/C$66.54Details
113225Alarm ControlsEL101Extra Key For Ka109A Or Ka110A$10.40Details
114008Alarm ControlsEXP1Request To Exit Station, Explosion Proof, N/O & N/$1,084.07Details
113226Alarm ControlsEXP2Request To Exit Station, Explosion Proof, N/O & N/$1,084.07Details
387574Alarm ControlsGRGUARDRingfor Pbm Exit Plate$35.70Details
114013Alarm ControlsJP15Push Plate, 5.5" Square, "Press To Exit", Pneumati$230.92Details
114348Alarm ControlsJP32Push Plate, 5.5" Square, "Press To Operate Door",$94.61Details
968758Alarm ControlsKR21Latchin Pb W/ Key Reset 2 No Pairs On 302 Plate$161.97Details
114028Alarm ControlsLUCAccessory, Lift-Up Cover, Abs Plastic, Clear, 2 X$28.35Details
114364Alarm ControlsMCK33Mortise Cylinder Station, Dpdt Momentary Action Sw$72.56Details
114161Alarm ControlsMCK43Mortise Cylinder Station, Dpdt Momentary Action Sw$70.15Details
734777Alarm ControlsMP28YELLOWMini Plate With Yellow Led$12.28Details
113689Alarm ControlsMT2Exit Release Timer, Open/Close Trigger 1$39.44Details
114685Alarm ControlsPBL1Emergency Panic Station, 1.5 Inch Diameter Red Lat$123.89Details
114173Alarm ControlsPBM1Momentary Panic Station, 1 1/2" Red Mushroom Butto$67.35Details
114690Alarm ControlsPBM11Momentary Panic Button 302Ss$73.36Details
890224Alarm ControlsPBM11GRMomentary Operator One N/O Pair And One$113.86Details
731534Alarm ControlsPBM11L3GRPlate Mom Push Button 302 Stn Stl 1 N/O 1 N/C$142.31Details
113698Alarm ControlsPBM2Momentary Panic Station, 1 1/2" Red Mushroom Butto$67.35Details
114522Alarm ControlsPD2111Push Plate, Vandal-Resistant, Dpdt Momentary Conta$122.28Details
322984Alarm ControlsPD2121Double Gang Push Plate D.P.D.T."Press To Operate"$140.32Details
114693Alarm ControlsPD2131Double Gang Push Plate Dpdt Ada Push To Open Black$140.32Details
387583Alarm ControlsPD5433Dbl Gang Push Plate Push To Open$300.00Details
114698Alarm ControlsPN1443Single Pull Double Throw Narrow Push Plate Blue$111.05Details
113704Alarm ControlsPN2111Push Plate, 1.75" Narrow Style, Dpdt, Momentary Ac$84.99Details
322982Alarm ControlsPN5113Timer,Clr Finish,White Fill$254.17Details
114702Alarm ControlsPS1111Push Plate, Single Gang Style, Spdt, Momentary Act$90.20Details
114547Alarm ControlsPS1131Plate Momentary Contact Screen Push To Open Spdt$99.43Details
387585Alarm ControlsPS2131Plate Dpdt Mom Cont Push To Open With Bl$101.04Details
387586Alarm ControlsPS2152Dpdt Mom. Clear Finish$110.25Details
387587Alarm ControlsPT1211Exit Push Plate$97.83Details
360185Alarm ControlsREB348" Rte Push Bar 2-Dpdt Sw Door Loop Included$148.33Details
114581Alarm ControlsRPX264S.S.Sl Red Led - 450A Exit Release Butto$25.77Details
387600Alarm ControlsSPN3372Single Gang Vertical 2 Button Request To$136.32Details
387601Alarm ControlsSPN3584Dg Ss Ts-14 One Side 1Ea Ka-108A Other S$347.94Details
582444Alarm ControlsSPN3605Pbm-1-1 Green Mushroom Screened Push To$88.20Details
387602Alarm ControlsSPN3606Pbm-1-1 Screened Push For Emergency Door$83.40Details
387603Alarm ControlsSPN3633Push For Assistance$112.25Details
387604Alarm ControlsSPN3644Sg Ss 1.5" Red Mush Latch$128.28Details
387607Alarm ControlsSPN4006Special Order Plate Ts-2 Jumbo Ss Plate$56.13Details
114951Alarm ControlsSPN4296Outdoor Emergency Push Button$208.47Details
387609Alarm ControlsSPN4349M1 W/ 2 Dsw3, Grn, 24V Special Labels$164.78Details
387611Alarm ControlsSPN4532Single Gang Stainless Steel With Anti Va$136.32Details
582448Alarm ControlsSPN4555Ts-14 Push For Emerg Door Release$327.83Details
387613Alarm ControlsSPN4608Sg Ss Plate Push To Ext Green Mushroom W$80.19Details
387614Alarm ControlsSPN4706Sg Ss 1.5" Green Mom Mush$96.22Details
387615Alarm ControlsSPN4715Console, W/4Ea Dsw1 Grn 12V Ill No Label$164.78Details
387616Alarm ControlsSPN4766Ts-14 With Lift Up Cover$252.17Details
387617Alarm ControlsSPN4816Sg Ss With 1/2" Red Mush Mom, 2-45 Sec T$107.44Details
387618Alarm ControlsSPN4821Ts-14Nr On A Pol Brass$256.59Details
387620Alarm ControlsSPN4865Sg Ss 1.5" Red Push Pull$144.33Details
387622Alarm ControlsSPN4973Jp3-2 Screened Push To Operate Door Hold$281.06Details
387671Alarm ControlsSPN5120Pbm-1 Screened"Emergency$72.16Details
387688Alarm ControlsSPN5156Ts-4 Label Push For Assistance 5 Pc Min$160.36Details
582467Alarm ControlsSPN5226Ts-2 Duro Finish$101.82Details
582469Alarm ControlsSPN5288Sg Ss Pl With 3Ea Dsw-3 Green,Red,Yellow$171.60Details
999588Alarm ControlsSPN5378Modified Ts2 With White Button Stating A$96.22Details
582510Alarm ControlsSPN5388Sg Ss Pl With 3Ea Dsw-3 Green,Red,Yellow 12V Ill$171.60Details
582588Alarm ControlsSPN55464 Gang Stainless Steel Plate, 15 Green I$463.91Details
582616Alarm ControlsSPN5614Sm Black Box 1/4 Spdt Toggle Sw$43.18Details
582618Alarm ControlsSPN5616Sg Ss 1Ea 1/2" Dpdt On Off Toggle Sw Wit$80.19Details
723826Alarm ControlsSPN5843Sg Ss 1450A P/Button Screened Audio-Visual Alarm$46.52Details
802293Alarm ControlsSPN5846M2 1Ea Red Mush With 1 N/C Contact$200.47Details
847781Alarm ControlsSPN5882Dg Ss Pl With 2Ea 1/2" Red Leds$49.42Details
862248Alarm ControlsSPN5941Illum Rte Stations$56.46Details
1062713Alarm ControlsSPN6286Ts-13 Scr Push For Emergency$196.85Details
1038611Alarm ControlsSPN6551Pbm-1-1 302 Ss Screen Push To Call$176.40Details
931933Alarm ControlsSPN6598Ts-2 Push Button Blue Inset Labeled Emer$64.15Details
387709Alarm ControlsSPX8023A.Controls Latching Push$136.32Details
114989Alarm ControlsSPX8514M-2 With 9 Dsw-1 Green Pushbuttons$286.54Details
114502Alarm ControlsTS10302¾ Diameter Push Button Weather Proof$80.57Details
387711Alarm ControlsTS10T302Request To Exit Weather Proof With Timer$114.25Details
864824Alarm ControlsTS11BZTs-11 On Bronze Plate$128.28Details
114993Alarm ControlsTS12Request To Exit, Vandal Resistant, 3/4" Dia Metal$76.58Details
114504Alarm ControlsTS12NOSCREENTs12 No Screen No Wrtng On Plt$76.58Details
115414Alarm ControlsTS14DGTs-14 On A Double Gang Psh Butt$269.01Details
115100Alarm ControlsTS14NRequest To Exit, Pneumatic Time Delay, 1 1/2" Dia$236.12Details
115419Alarm ControlsTS16Request To Exit, Pneumatic Time Delay 5/16" Dia Pu$181.20Details
114876Alarm ControlsTS2Request To Exit, 2" Square Green Illuminated Push$39.86Details
115271Alarm ControlsTS20Request-To-Exit (Rex) Station, Push Button, W/ 1 I$40.28Details
114513Alarm ControlsTS21BButton, 10 Am Momentary Switch, 2 1/2" Dia, Black$75.77Details
114515Alarm ControlsTS22Request To Exit, 2 Spdt, 2" Square Green Illuminat$52.32Details
114879Alarm ControlsTS23Request To Exit, Vandal Resistant Station,Weatherp$76.58Details
115274Alarm ControlsTS25Emergency Door Release, Spdt, 3 Amp Illuminated Al$74.98Details
115495Alarm ControlsTS27Request To Exit, 1.5" Dia Green Button, Contacts R$55.65Details
115275Alarm ControlsTS27RRequest To Exit, 1.5" Dia Black Mushroom Button, C$55.65Details
115276Alarm ControlsTS2BLANKA.Control Exit Button, Blank$40.70Details
115497Alarm ControlsTS2ENTERTs2 Screen Push To Enter$46.52Details
115280Alarm ControlsTS30TSg Ss Request To Exit 2" Square Illuminated Button$87.00Details
387718Alarm ControlsTS32MTs-32 Momentary$66.54Details
114892Alarm ControlsTS34NRemote Audio Indicator Pa-100 On A 1 3/4" Ss Plate$29.90Details
114893Alarm ControlsTS36Request-To-Exit (Rex) Station, 1 1/2 Inch Diameter$66.54Details
114894Alarm ControlsTS3TRequest To Exit Station With Built In 30 Second Ti$106.25Details
387719Alarm ControlsTS3X2Ts-3-2 U.L. 2 Sq.Green Illuminated Push$62.15Details
387720Alarm ControlsTS50TG2.5" Green P.B Mom Sw 1 N/O 1 N/C Contac$144.73Details
115293Alarm ControlsTS52Request To Exit, 2 Spdt, 2" Square Blue Illuminate$66.16Details
582663Alarm ControlsTS60Request-To-Exit (Rex) Station, W/ Pneumatic Switch$188.43Details
115296Alarm ControlsTS9302Ts-9 On A Stainless Steel 302 Plate$49.00Details
387721Alarm ControlsTS9DARKBRONZEAcc Exit Button W/Bronze$92.22Details
115512Alarm ControlsTS9LATCHSlim Exit Label 2 Conts Latch$54.81Details
114652Alarm Lock700X28Alarmed Panic Lck 36 In Bar 28. Alarmed Exit Device. 36 Inch Bar. Satin Aluminum$306.40Details
114653Alarm Lock700X312Alarmed Panic Lk 36 In Bar 312. Alarmed Exit Device. 36 Inch Bar. Dark Bronze$297.49Details
115308Alarm Lock700XRDAlarmed Panic Lck 36 In Bar Rd. Alarmed Exit Device. 36 Inch Bar. Red$297.49Details
322788Alarm LockETPLS1G26DV99Tril Ex Trm W/Prox V99 Us26D. Trilogy Exit Device Trim. Prox Only Std Lever 1 3/4In Dr. V99 Von Duprin 99 (P22). Satin Chrome$865.76Details
117040Alarm SafAPD8BDPower Management Module, Beacon, Fai Mode, 8-Outpu$212.41Details
116665Alarm SafAPD8FBDPower Management Module, Beacon, Fai Mode, 8-Outpu$201.99Details
117041Alarm SafASPS2Ps-2-Bd 6/12/24V 2Amp Board$76.99Details
117174Alarm SafASPS33Amp 6,12,18,24V Output$88.19Details
117182Alarm SafBN10003ULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 10 Amps, Ul 1481 Ul$449.21Details
116675Alarm SafBN4002PD8FULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 4 Amp, 8 Fused Prot$372.22Details
117183Alarm SafBN4002ULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, Ul 1481, Ul 294, Sm$331.90Details
117053Alarm SafBN6002ULPower Mgmt, 6 Amps, 12-24 Vdc, Ul 1481, Ul 294, Sm$366.11Details
322748Alarm SafBN6S4004MB16FULIntergrated Dual Managment, Beacon, 12 Vdc / 24 Va$818.55Details
116680Alarm SafBN8004APD16FULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 8 Amps, 16 Programm$815.69Details
116684Alarm SafCPS1000CULCSA1224V10AFAICps1000C-Ul/Csa 12/24V 10A Fai$402.29Details
116688Alarm SafCPS200CULCSA1224V25AFAICps200C-Ul/Csa 12/24V 2.5A Fai$253.39Details
117265Alarm SafCPS44A1224VBDPower Supply 12 Or 24Vdc 4 Amp Board Only$83.99Details
116693Alarm SafCPS6000CULCSA1224V6AFAICps6000C-Ul/Csa 12/24V 6A Fai$344.24Details
116168Alarm SafCPS600ULCSABRD12246AFAICps600-Ul/Csa Brd 12/24 6Amp Fai$184.79Details
770034Alarm SafCPS606A1224VFAIBDCps60 6A 12/24V Fai Bd$177.79Details
117199Alarm SafCPS800CULCSA1224V8AFAICps800C-Ul/Csa 12/24V 8A Fai$384.74Details
870415Alarm SafFMC1215BFSUL12V15ACABFmc-12/15-Bfs-Ul 12V 1.5A Cab$254.79Details
359967Alarm SafPD8FULPower Management Module, Beacon, 8-Outputs, Fuse P$67.03Details
582940Alarm SafPS12408UL1215Power Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 8 Amps, W/ (12)$1,267.07Details
582941Alarm SafPS12408UL810NPower Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 8 Amps, W/ (8) R$1,133.64Details
582942Alarm SafPS12408ULBDPower Supply Board, Replacement / Add-On, 12 / 24$408.25Details
117284Alarm SafPS512040ULBDPower Supply, Board Only, Output 12 Vdc 4A, Charge$175.20Details
116882Alarm SafPS524025B03ULPs5-24025-Bo3-Ul 2.5A24V 11X5X4$390.14Details
116179Alarm SafPS524040B03Power Supply, Linear, 24 Vdc, 4 Amp, Key Lockable$335.02Details
116883Alarm SafPS524040B03ULPower Supply, Linear, 24 Vdc, 4A, Key Lockable Cab$346.99Details
117289Alarm SafPS5M002ULPower Supply Increased Current Output Selctbl Volt$324.54Details
117220Alarm SafPS5M002ULFAIPower Supply, W/ Fire Alarm Interface, 8/4 Amps, 1$379.34Details
117221Alarm SafPS5M003ULFAIPower Supply 12 Or 24 Volt 8 Or 4 Amps W/Fai Board$399.01Details
116181Alarm SafPS5UL24BDPower Supply, Board Only, Output 24 Vdc 4A, Charge$149.59Details
117232Alarm SafRMDC1248FULPower Supply, (8) Fused Outputs, 8/4 Amps, 12 / 24$487.74Details
117233Alarm SafRMDC1248ULPower Supply 12 Or 24Vdc 8/4 Amps 8 Limited Output$487.74Details
116897Alarm SafRMDCPS5M8FULFAIPower Supply, W/ Fire Alarm Interface, (8) Fused O$582.13Details
116898Alarm SafRMDCPS5MD16ULFAIPower Supply, W/ Fire Alarm Interface, (16) Power$916.73Details
117331Alarm SafRMDCPS5MDULFAIPower Supply 12/24 Volt 16-8 Amp Fire Alarm Interf$779.82Details
117332Alarm SafRMDCPS5MULPower Supply, 8/4 Amps, 12 / 24 Vdc, Use W/ 19 Inc$415.76Details
388025Alpha CommunicationsB111EPBedside Station With 20 Pin Connector To$485.03Details
118358Alpha CommunicationsLI123BComb Light/Buzzer-24 Vac-2 Gang, Stnd. P$75.01Details
1022234Alpha CommunicationsRCC2536CS36 Stat Call Center-Surf. Cabinet$7,408.50Details
388061Alpha CommunicationsSNP42FRSign - Area Of Refuge$61.80Details
359757AltronixACM8RReplacement Acm8 Rack Version$124.59Details
117543AltronixAL1012ULACMCBJPower Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc @ 10 Amp, Al1012Ulacm$287.87Details
118266AltronixAL1012ULMPower Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc @ 10 Amp, Al1012Ulx W$258.26Details
119005AltronixAL1012ULXBPower Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc @ 10 Amp, Zero Voltag$164.74Details
119006AltronixAL1012ULXPD16Power Supply-Charger, 12 Vdc @ 10 Amp, Al1012Ulx W$256.82Details
118270AltronixAL1012XB22012Vdc@10Amp Board 220V Input$177.79Details
388107AltronixAL1012XPD1622010A@12Vdc 16 Out 220V In$275.79Details
583246AltronixAL1012XPD1623010A,12V,16 O/P,230V, Aus Line$275.79Details
388108AltronixAL1012XPD8220Al1012Ulxpd8 10Amp 12Vdc 8Out$257.59Details
879199AltronixAL1012XPD8CB22010A 12Vdc 8 Ptc Out 220V$257.59Details
583247AltronixAL1024M22024 Vdc 10 A Sply W/Mom5 220V$296.99Details
119009AltronixAL1024ULACMCBRUl10A 8Ptc Access P/S Red Encl$317.24Details
118848AltronixAL1024ULXPD4Power Supply / Charger, 10 Amp @ 24 Vdc, 4 Fused O$265.45Details
118935AltronixAL1024X220Power Supply 24Vdc @ 10 Amp 220Vac Input$270.19Details
388109AltronixAL1024XB2V10A Access 8A Fire Board 220V$208.59Details
762439AltronixAL1024XPD8CB22010A 24Vdc 16 Ptc Out 220V$278.09Details
718459AltronixAL125X220Power Supply 12/24Vdc 1 Amp With Facp 220Vac Input$102.19Details
810489AltronixAL17522012/24Vdc 1.75A 220Vac P/S/Cgr W/Not Fit Batteries$116.19Details
118631AltronixAL175X220P/Supply Al175X12/24Vdc 1.5Amp 220V (Lrg Enclose)$131.59Details
119017AltronixAL300ULEXPower Supply Al300Ulx In Extra Large Cabinet$195.99Details
119019AltronixAL300ULPD4CB2.5 Amp 4 Outputs Ul Listed Power Supply W/Cir Brk$171.21Details
322566AltronixAL300ULXB2Power Supply / Charger, 12Vdc Or 24Vdc @ 2.5 Amp,$114.38Details
322564AltronixAL300ULXJG12/24 Vdc 2.5A Ul Xl Encl Grey$207.19Details
322563AltronixAL300ULXPD16R12/24Vdc 2.5A 16 Out Ul Red$205.79Details
118638AltronixAL300ULXX12/24Vdc 2.5Amp Ul Power Supply Xtra Large Enclsre$169.39Details
907162AltronixAL300XB2VPwr Sply Board 12/24Vdc @ 2.5A$123.19Details
583249AltronixAL4003VTri Out 5, 12 & 24 Vdc P/S 220$272.99Details
890649AltronixAL400M2Al400M W/2 Mom5 Installed$336.14Details
118949AltronixAL400MPD8Al400M W/Pd8 & Cp1$284.84Details
117569AltronixAL400ULACMRModel Al400Ulacmr Converts A 115Vac 60Hz$236.59Details
118643AltronixAL400ULMX(12/24Vdc 4A Ul Spy W/Mom5 Xca$216.99Details
359753AltronixAL400ULXJAl400Ul Ul Xl Encl Red$195.99Details
764913AltronixAL400ULXPD4CB12/24 Vdc Ul P/S W/4Ptc Lg Encl$193.19Details
119038AltronixAL400ULXX12-24Volt 4Amp Pwr Sply -Xlrg Cabinent$177.79Details
583252AltronixAL400XB2V3/4A@12/24Vdc P/S 220V Input$145.59Details
919501AltronixAL400XPD16220Al400X Wpd16 Bc400 220Vac$215.59Details
119040AltronixAL600ACM2206Amp 12/24Vdc Ps W/Acm8 220V Input$287.54Details
118645AltronixAL600M22012/24Vdc P/S W/Mom5 220Volt$277.19Details
118960AltronixAL600MPD8Power Supply 12/24Vdc 6 Amp With Mom5 And Pd8$376.64Details
583254AltronixAL600ULACMF6@ 12Vdc Or 24Vdc Alt Xfmr$287.54Details
119043AltronixAL600ULM2Al600Ulm W/2 Mom 5'S$422.54Details
117909AltronixAL600ULMFAl600Ulm Alt Vers Xfmr Lg Cab$277.19Details
117911AltronixAL600ULMXPwr Supply/ Chrgr 12/24V 6 Amp. Power Supply / Charger. 12/24Vdc 6 Amp. W/ Extra Large Enclosure. Five Outputs$277.19Details
118655AltronixAL600ULXPD4CBPower Supply 12/24Vdc W/4 Ptc Outputs Circuit Brk$258.99Details
118657AltronixAL600ULXX6A Pwr Sply/Chgr Xlrg Cab&Xfmr$239.39Details
388113AltronixAL600XPD16220Power Supply 12/24 Volt 6 Amp Pd16 220 Volt$275.79Details
388114AltronixAL600XPD8220Power Supply 12/24Vdc @ 6 Amp 8 Fused 220 Volt$261.79Details
927883AltronixALTV1224DC1CB12/24Vdc 4A Ptc Cctv P/S$160.99Details
909968AltronixALTV2416CBX22024Vac/8A/16 Ptc Cctv P/S 220V$138.59Details
831556AltronixBC901MYEnclosure, Includes (1) Cam Lock, (1) Tamper Switc$208.98Details
1078695AltronixEBRIDGE1STREthernet Over Coax Adapter Kit, Receiver/Mini Tra$264.74Details
583281AltronixEFL102NA8Eflow102Nx Pwr Sply W/Acm8$309.14Details
583288AltronixEFLOW102NA8Access Power Controller, Enhanced, Includes Power$287.87Details
774054AltronixEFLOW4NXV12/24Vdc@4A, 2 Out, Fai, 220V$205.79Details
583320AltronixEFLOW6NA8Access Power Controller, Enhanced, Includes Power$287.87Details
583321AltronixEFLOW6NA8DAccess Power Controller, Enhanced, Includes Power$287.87Details
945072AltronixEFLOW6NA8DREflow6Nx Power Supply/Charger/W/Access Pwr Contrl$309.14Details
359734AltronixEFLOW6NXTwo (2) Output Power Supply W/Fire Alarm Disconnect, 12Vdc Or 24Vdc @ 6A$248.19Details
117995AltronixEZ400BIn Rush Limit Board$25.49Details
797869AltronixLINQ2Network Communication Module, Allows For Status Mo$93.52Details
1081686AltronixLPS3C24X220Lin Pwr Sply, 24Vdc @ 2.5A, 220Vac In$162.39Details
359677AltronixMASXIMAL13K112Vdc@10A/24Vdc @ 9A, 2 Pd8Ull$572.39Details
583343AltronixMAXIMAL11FAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$530.32Details
583344AltronixMAXIMAL11FDAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$530.32Details
583345AltronixMAXIMAL11FEAccess Power System, Enhanced Maximal, Expandable,$428.21Details
119498AltronixMAXIMAL13EPower Supply / Chargers, (2) Included, One Is Sele$391.86Details
118356AltronixMAXIMAL13EV12Vdc@7A/24Vdc@6A, 220V Not Ul Listed$491.39Details
583347AltronixMAXIMAL13FEAccess Power System, Enhanced Maximal, Expandable,$433.07Details
945763AltronixMAXIMAL1RHV12Vdc@4A/24Vdc@3A, 8Fuse 220V$344.24Details
118903AltronixMAXIMAL33EV12/24Vdc@12A,16Fse,220Input /Offshore Applications$446.84Details
583349AltronixMAXIMAL33FDAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$595.86Details
1021831AltronixMAXIMAL33FV2-Eflow6Nbv, 2-Acm8, 220V$639.89Details
119397AltronixMAXIMAL33RDPower Supply / Chargers, W/ Access Power Controlle$584.78Details
118364AltronixMAXIMAL33RDV12Vdc/24Vdc@12A, 16Ptc, 220V$627.74Details
744608AltronixMAXIMAL33RZ12/24Vdc @12A,16 Fuse,230 Aus$631.79Details
968075AltronixMAXIMAL33V12Vdc@6A/24Vdc@6A 16 Fuse 220V$595.34Details
583352AltronixMAXIMAL35FEAccess Power System, Enhanced Maximal, Expandable,$457.84Details
583353AltronixMAXIMAL37FEAccess Power System, Enhanced Maximal, Expandable,$498.07Details
945255AltronixMAXIMAL3DV12/24Dc@6A, 16 Ptc Out 220V$471.14Details
583354AltronixMAXIMAL3FAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$457.62Details
583355AltronixMAXIMAL3FDAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$457.62Details
118905AltronixMAXIMAL3RDPower Supply / Charger, W/ Access Power Controller$409.13Details
583356AltronixMAXIMAL3RHV12Vdc/24Vdc@6A, 8 Fused Out 22__$373.94Details
583357AltronixMAXIMAL55FAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$595.86Details
583358AltronixMAXIMAL55FDAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$595.86Details
583360AltronixMAXIMAL5FAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$464.98Details
583361AltronixMAXIMAL5FDAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$464.98Details
119402AltronixMAXIMAL75EPower Supply 1: 10Amp@12Vdc. Power Supply 2: 10Amp@24Vdc$443.96Details
583363AltronixMAXIMAL75FDAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$623.63Details
119509AltronixMAXIMAL75K112Vdc@10A/24Vdc@10A 16Fused O Custom W/Tamper Stc$698.09Details
119511AltronixMAXIMAL77EPower Supply 1: 10Amp@24Vdc. Power Supply 2: 10Amp@24Vdc$471.70Details
583368AltronixMAXIMAL7FAccess Power Controller, Enhanced Maximal, Include$487.65Details
930769AltronixNETWAY4EB4Port Poe+ Sw 1G Sfp Board$334.79Details
1047716AltronixNETWAY4EPL4Port Poe+ Sw 1G Sfp Backplane$514.34Details
829826AltronixOLS120D2XPower Supply/Charger, 2-Output, Output-1 12 Or 24$182.71Details
118392AltronixOLS200220Power Supply/Charger- 220V Ac &Amp; Battery$146.99Details
118911AltronixOLS207Replacement Board For Altv12Dc32Xx$177.79Details
322534AltronixOLS25022010 Amp 24 Vdc Ols Power Supply 220Vac Input Model$193.19Details
359455AltronixOLS25724Vdc 10A Pwr Supply Board$188.99Details
995184AltronixPD8R8-Output Dist Board With Fuses$78.39Details
1009589AltronixPDS8CBPower Distribution Module, Dual Input $32.78Details
1048525AltronixPOE201Power Supply/Charger. 56Vdc At 2.2A.$162.39Details
808193AltronixR1024DC8Power Supply 24Vdc @ 10 Amp 8 Fused Outputs Rack$481.94Details
1021970AltronixR248CB2208 Ptc Out Rack Pwr Sply 220V$197.39Details
583381AltronixR24D8224Vdc 8A 8Fuse Rack P/S 220V$461.69Details
119299AltronixR24DC1016CBP/S 10 Amp 24Vdc 16 Outputs Ptz Rack Ptz W/Ckt Brk$372.59Details
583386AltronixSMP10MOD1818Vdc,10A Ps Board$138.59Details
119712AltronixSTRIKEIT1BDual Panic 24Vdc Power Supply, Board Only$223.99Details
1003075AltronixSTRIKEIT1B2Strikeit1 Board Post 01/24/14$223.99Details
978258AltronixTC1Access & Power Integration Backplane, Supports Cdv$61.33Details
985411AltronixTROVE1Access Enclosure Only $98.77Details
1013368AltronixTROVE2Trove2 Access Enclosure Only$166.53Details
1077127AltronixTROVE2AM2Access & Power Integration Enclosure W/Backplane,$248.21Details
929878AltronixTROVE2KA2Access & Power Integration Enclosure W/Backplane,$248.21Details
988622AltronixVERTILINE48M16 Fuse Out 48Vdc@6.5A, Rk Mnt$1,003.59Details
852305AltronixVERTILINE63DV16 Ptc Out, 24Vdc@8A, 220V In$278.59Details
758806AltronixVERTILINE63TDV16 Out @ 16A, 24Vdc, 1U Ptc 220V$346.94Details
975495AltronixVR6Voltage Regulator, 24Vdc Input Into 5Vdc Or 12Vdc$49.17Details
864410AltronixWAYPOINT30A8DUPower Supply, Cctv, 24 Vac At 12.5 Amps Or 28 Vac$258.97Details
1017512BEA10ACPBDA10Single Gang Plate, Standard 2In. Green$207.86Details
977432BEA10ACPBDA2Single Gang Plate, Standard 2In. Red B$207.86Details
356131BEA10PBS4.75" Square Plate. "Push To Exit", Blue. Stainless Steel$53.72Details
129741BEA10PBS1Push Button 4.75" Sqare. With Hp Logo, "Push To Open"$53.71Details
592648Bogen Communications81004123Switch,Slid Mom Dpdt$16.29Details
135576Bosch SecurityDS150IPir, Request To Exit, Curtain, Gray Finish Fire $63.45Details
135314Bosch SecurityDS150ITP160Pir, Request To Exit, Curtain, Light Gray Finish,$64.89Details
136423Bosch SecurityDS151IPir, Request To Exit, Curtain, Black Fire $63.45Details
135892Bosch SecurityDS160Pir, Request To Exit, Light Grey Finish $67.77Details
136424Bosch SecurityDS161Pir, Request To Exit, Black Fire $67.77Details
1056904Camden Door Controls / Camden Marketing4081B016Cover Label For Cm-9700 Piezo Alum Switc$7.06Details
596217Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCC451DTRIEDD01All Active Switch, Dpdt, ”Press To Open$263.62Details
596428Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM253PBJamb Switch W/Push To Open, Polished Bra$142.00Details
596455Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3030G12Grn Illum Exit Switch,Push/Pull$92.23Details
596460Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3050GMushoroom 12/24V Illuminated Green Butto$99.29Details
596462Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3050RRed Push/Pull, N/O &Amp; N/C, Maintained Sin$98.25Details
945943Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3050R8Push/Pull, N/O &Amp; N/C, Maintained.'Push T$104.79Details
596480Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30UDPLEDUniversal Illuminated Exit Switch With L$68.85Details
596486Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM310RRectangular Illuminated, Narrow Faceplat$56.32Details
596487Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM310RPTEPush To Exit', Spdt Momentary$62.96Details
596548Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4006RCm-400 Series Single Gang Stainless Stee$57.61Details
596550Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4008GCm-400 Series Single Gang Stainless Stee$57.61Details
596551Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4008RCm-400 Series Single Gang Stainless Stee$57.61Details
596553Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4010BMushroom Exit Switch In Blue$62.96Details
596577Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4050REPush/Pull N/O &Amp; N/C Maintained Red Only$85.15Details
596583Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4085RESpring Return Dpst 1-60Sec.Pneu Del,Alm,Red,Engrvd$201.42Details
596588Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4106Mushroom Exit Switch, S/S Single Gang Fa$55.64Details
768417Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM410R8Single Gang, N/C Contacts Red Button Pus$60.03Details
812957Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4110R8Spring Return, N/C, Momentary Red Button$80.53Details
877008Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4185BESpring Return, Dpst 1-60 Sec Pneumatic T$205.66Details
596614Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4203Mushroom Exit Switch With Red Button$67.34Details
750837Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM420REMushroom Exit Switch – Stainless Steel T$70.28Details
1023078Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM453GRS4" Sq. S/S Push Switch W/ "Push To Open"$153.96Details
596649Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM453WR4 ½ “ Square Active Push To Open Switch,$85.15Details
596652Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM454SBAll Active Switch With Satin Brass Finis$157.19Details
909408Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5000RPTESpring Return, N/O, Momentary/ Red Butto$87.84Details
596680Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5010GEMushroom Exit Switch Green$79.06Details
837883Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM50303GSingle Gang, Push Pull, N/O Maintained R$105.41Details
850443Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5030GPush/Pull, N/O, Maintained, Red Only/Gre$90.76Details
596698Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5085BPTEBlue Palm Switch," Push To Exit" Dpst P$205.66Details
596700Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5085GEMushroom Exit Switch, Green. Exit$237.17Details
596704Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5085REMushroom Exit Switch, Spring Return, Dps$229.85Details
1036163Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM5185RPTEMushroom Exit Switch, Mullion Cast Alumi$229.87Details
596711Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM54BAluminated Blue Surface Mount Enclosure$72.06Details
596712Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM54BRIlluminated, Blue/Red, Sounder, Surface$98.25Details
596766Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM702EPCBlue Pull Station With Plastic Cover$61.49Details
596779Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM7085GESpring Return, Dpst 1-60 Sec Pneumatic T$199.11Details
812113Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM7120R7Spring Return,N/O & N/C,Mom Red "Push To Exit"$65.51Details
985553Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM7185RSpring Return, Dpst 1-60 Sec Pneumatic T$179.61Details
596799Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM750949” Clear Aluminium Anodized Finish Colu$168.38Details
596800Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM75094BRZ9” Clear Bronz Push To Open And Wheelcha$209.59Details
833270Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM8000R2Extnd Exit Swtch N/O Red$68.82Details
596814Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM8020GEGrn Push Switch Exit 1 Gang,N/O$70.73Details
596815Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM8020RERed Push Switch,Exit,1Gang,N/O N/C$69.29Details
596818Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM8085GEMed Duty Switch Sng Gng Fcpl Extnd Btn Grn Engrvd$199.11Details
919440Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM8185RSpring Return, Dpst 1-60 Sec Pneumatic T$204.96Details
596845Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM920010Piezo Round Button 1"$64.41Details
1069630Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM9280R3Piezoelectric Push Button, Red, 'Push To$90.76Details
1061521Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM9380R3Piezoelectric Push Button, Blank Add 'R'$90.76Details
596857Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM96104Lighted Piezo Exit Buttons,N/O &Amp; N/C Out$120.05Details
596867Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMPCClear Lift Cover For The Cm-702$20.40Details
596869Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMPT14DURAluminum Endcaps , ¼” Inside Diameter P$29.73Details
596871Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMPT38DUR18” Heavy Duty Power Transfer Cable Alum$39.88Details
596872Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMPT516MConcealed Pwr Trnf Cable 5/16"$35.53Details
596873Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMPTS1412" Power Transfer Cable,1/4" Id Us26$12.69Details
596874Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMPTSS12Heavy Duty Power Transfer Cable 12"Length$16.49Details
597054Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXPS13V3Power Supply 12/24 Vdc Version 3$29.25Details
597055Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXPS30UL12/24 V Dc Output Power Supply$346.94Details
880256Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXTRP401616V Ac, 40 Va Plug-In Transformer$35.53Details
597062Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXWC11Push Button &Amp; Annunciator System$242.34Details
955922CDVIDWD100Microwave Motion Request To Exit$262.68Details
1020203CDVIDWHR1002Active Ir Motion Request To Exit$392.93Details
597730CDVI AmericasAC22KITSKBAtrium/Ac22/2-Solarkpb/Enc/Pwr$977.59Details
1036081CDVI AmericasAIOMAtrium Input Output Module$409.04Details
952812CDVI AmericasAPS60Atrium Power Adapter 24Vdc/60W$76.99Details
893878CDVI AmericasATKITAtrium Built-It Tamper Wall$8.62Details
877271CDVI AmericasAX22KITSKBAtrium/Ax22/2-Solarkpb/Enc/Pwr$977.59Details
597884Chamberlain Professional / Sentex1402490KITUse The Digigate-700Lc Keypad To Welcome$1,072.99Details
969519Chamberlain Professional / SentexDT418Single Button Tx Vndr$31.44Details
598077Chamberlain Professional / SentexMASDCBB3Mega Arm Sprint$1,747.94Details
598078Chamberlain Professional / SentexMASTDCBB3Mega Arm Sprint With Tower$1,868.61Details
146697Channel Plus / Linear231103Power Supply 1$17.25Details
607057Continental AccessCICPE2Exit Button, Square, Normally Open, Normally CloseCall for Price.Details
607538Cooper / WheelockNPSB019Push Station,Blue, Wording Severe Weath$76.20Details
413874Cooper / WheelockNPSG033Push Station Green With Lettering All Clear$72.58Details
607541Cooper / WheelockNPSR019Push Button Color Red With The Wording O$72.58Details
149439Corby4035Request To Exit Switch Hd 12Vd$81.79Details
157252Cyrex Networks / Comelit33233Pwrcom 3 Psh Butn Module For Simplebus System$81.79Details
414408Cyrex Networks / Comelit33401Ikall 1 Push Button Audio Module – Black$43.18Details
414409Cyrex Networks / Comelit33401W- Ikall 1/2 Button Audio Module-White Fcplt Only$9.44Details
156958Cyrex Networks / Comelit4660KCPA/V Unit With 1/3 Ccd Colour Camera, Led$524.22Details
157192Cyrex Networks / ComelitPA10FPowercom Audio Flush Mnt 10 Push Button Entry Kit$499.49Details
182269Cyrex Networks / ComelitPV4SPowercom Video Surface Mount 4 Push Butt$760.93Details
159610Detex Corporation03PNOutside Pull Trim Narrow Stile F/Value Series Dev$62.40Details
837458Detex Corporation03Z630RHTrim 630 Finish$415.87Details
761257Detex Corporation1003CEXXW6289936V40Xw Weatherized Rim Exit Device$1,161.25Details
1006322Detex Corporation10HDEXW630993610Xexxw Advantex 10 Series Rim Exit WithCall for Price.Details
876175Detex Corporation10XEEXPSOX613X4848 Delayed Egress Rim Exit Device Less P$1,993.95Details
150202Detex Corporation11800TLS100002Power Supply For A Home Depot$1,088.09Details
716445Detex Corporation12800DE2Logic Controller/ Power Supply$1,019.19Details
844256Detex Corporation12800TDE2Logic Controller/ Power Supply W/ Tamper Proof Se$737.09Details
1022093Detex Corporation40XERXEXXFCX628XAMXEC2Narrow Stile Rim Exit With Electric LatcCall for Price.Details
157988Detex Corporation82800Controller & Pow Sup 2Amp. Controller And Power Supply. For Er Dev- 1 Pair Of Doors. W/Sig Output For 1 Operator. 2 Amp Continuous$626.39Details
150207Detex Corporation84800MC65Power Supply/Cylinder$1,476.24Details
1066650Detex Corporation84800XLNXBLKXMC65AA84-800, Less Nuisance, Blk, Cyl Powersupply$1,075.09Details
722971Detex CorporationB160128KEI12 Zone Annun Qty 2 Es632Fxgl P/Supply 3Ps/Dc12$4,234.61Details
415365Detex CorporationD1EXVW3232In Push Bar$826.59Details
804849Detex CorporationDEX10EEXXS1S1Advantex Request To Exit Signal Rim ExitCall for Price.Details
609867Detex CorporationEAX2500FK1MC65Door Exit Alarm HardwireCall for Price.Details
1034229Detex CorporationEAX3500SKXMC65AAExit Alarm Timed Bypass And RechargeableCall for Price.Details
609900Detex CorporationEAX500SK3XIC7Battery Operated Exit Alarm, Wall Mount,Call for Price.Details
776517Detex CorporationEAX500XMC65XSK2Exit Alarm$320.02Details
158017Detex CorporationECL435KAdjustable Keeper. Surface Mount. For Double Door$16.67Details
150247Detex CorporationECL436KKit Panic Bar Plate Guard$22.22Details
158018Detex CorporationECL437KAdjustable Surface Keeper Kit$10.18Details
158019Detex CorporationECL445K7Rim Cylinder Brushed Chrome - Rc-65 In Price Book$27.77Details
772613Detex CorporationF1002C630LHREXV9948EC2FCFire Rated Rim Device, Wide Stile, Brush$1,390.53Details
864070Detex CorporationFV4009BNXIC7XEBXKSXLDXIC7Fire Rated Rim Device With Alarm, Key-StCall for Price.Details
851157Detex CorporationGCSPPDTUPSPower Supply For Proxipen Dtu$56.54Details
315750Detex CorporationMC651 1/8 In Mort Cyl Shc C Keyway$27.77Details
158034Detex CorporationPT5Power Transfer$123.19Details
415764Detex CorporationRC65Rim Cylinder W/2 Keys$27.77Details
972454Detex CorporationV406289936Value Series Rim Exit Device$306.68Details
943798Detex CorporationV40CDEB628X99X36Value Series Alarmed Rim Exit Device$475.02Details
610069Detex CorporationV40EB36Exit Alarm Battery Powered$475.02Details
158040Detex CorporationV40EBW36V40Ebw36 Alarmed Rim Exit Device$656.72Details
315691Detex CorporationV40EHAc Powered Alarmed Rim Exit Device$498.78Details
736017Detex CorporationV40EM36Delayed Egress Rim Exit Device With Magn$1,595.78Details
415871Detex CorporationV40ER62836628 Finish And 36” Value Series With Req$876.75Details
415876Detex CorporationV40EX36 In Value Series With Request To Exit$383.18Details
733269Detex CorporationV40NS48Value Series Rim Device With Narrow Stil$364.19Details
817899Detex CorporationV40NSHD71136Value Series Rim Exit Device Black Finis$356.70Details
415883Detex CorporationV40XEBALXRWEX36NSAlarmed Rim Exit Device$477.41Details
906413Detex CorporationV40XEBXNSXMC65Value Series Narrow Stile Rim Push Bar N$566.70Details
770073Detex CorporationV40XEBXWXMC65AAValue Series Weatherized Alarmed Exit De$680.54Details
739041Detex CorporationV40XEHRX36Alarmed Rim Exit Device With Remote Sign$581.70Details
859841Detex CorporationV40XERX48XValue Series With Electric Latch Contrac$1,041.66Details
315663Detex CorporationV40XWValue Series Weatherized$372.52Details
851981Detex CorporationWDEX10EEXWeatherized Delayed Egress Easykit, Adva$4,453.28Details
612772Dor-O-Matic / Falcon8231ALFalcon Operator$1,194.69Details
613016Dor-O-Matic / FalconPS914Ps914$367.19Details
613017Dor-O-Matic / FalconPS9142RSPs914-2Rs$557.54Details
613018Dor-O-Matic / FalconPS9149002RSPs914 Power Supply With 900-2Rs Board$557.54Details
980541Dor-O-Matic / FalconPS914X9002RSPower Supply$454.94Details
1045211Dortronics1150225Rail Assembly 11 Ft. Overhead$438.40Details
1066900Dortronics1211081Ext But Inter Mull Mnt$30.75Details
957558Dortronics1211090Pushbutton Exit Essex Sngl Gng$184.10Details
1005454Dortronics1598010Pcb Secondary Interface To Telephone Ent$34.61Details
980975Dortronics1802104Back Box For 1802-090$115.63Details
1061092Dortronics1808004Socket Bulb Holder$3.64Details
933398Dortronics1812004Switch Push Button$29.38Details
951583Dortronics1812005Switch Push Button$21.36Details
1005486Dortronics1814020Black Push Button$19.14Details
1026040Dortronics26003232600-323 Worm Gear 80 Tooth Delrin$71.85Details
936029Dortronics2600533Switch Cover$27.86Details
986378Dortronics2600711Bracket 3/16 X 2 X 12$34.42Details