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Access Control Systems

Magnetic Locks

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
369020ACSI372124VDCSAMag Lock, Double W/Z Bracket$1,088.75Details
104413ACSI379512VDCMag Lock, Concealed Shear. 12Vdc$731.64Details
369021ACSI379524VDCMag Lock, Concealed Shear$731.64Details
104569Adams Rite300121US32DTubular Fixed Pull. With Cylinder Hole. Mortise And Rim Devices. Satin Stainless Steel$120.39Details
710308Adams Rite443110S0002IBFlushlock Set, Abs Escutcheon, Square Co$70.00Details
361159Adams Rite451015101628Deadlatch 7/8Bs Lh Flt/Std 628. 7/8 Inch Backset Left Hand. Deadlatch - Flat Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Aluminum$54.38Details
323899Adams Rite451035101628Deadlatch 1 1/8 Lh Flt/St 628. Aluminum$54.38Details
323874Adams Rite451135102628Deadlatch 1-1/8" Bs Lh 628. Radius Face Plate, Left Hand. Radius 4 5/8 Strike$54.38Details
361127Adams Rite451136202628Deadlatch 1-1/8Bsrhft/2.63 628. 1-1/8 Backset Right Hand. Deadlatch - Radius Faceplate. Aluminum$54.38Details
323868Adams Rite4511W251016284500 Series Latch, 31/32 Bs. Radius Face W/Weatherstrip. 4901-01 Strike. Aluminum$57.74Details
104499Adams Rite451225101335Dltch 3132Bs Lh Bev St 335. 31/32 Backset Left Hand. Deadlatch - Bevel Faceplate. Standard 4 5/8 Strike. Black$54.38Details
105072Adams Rite453036101628Retro Dlatch Fl 118 Rh/Lhr 628. Retrofit Deadlatch. To Fit Old Style Ms1850 Prep. Right Hand / Left Hand Revers. Aluminum$64.16Details
847470Adams Rite4568503130Lever Handle, Lh Or Lhr, 2-3/4” To 3” Do$51.69Details
897875Adams Rite45911201313Paddle Operator Ms+, Push To Left, 2” –$76.99Details
928493Adams Rite4591MA0201313Paddle Operator$154.27Details
361013Adams Rite490036101335Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/8 Bs. Rh/Lhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-01 Flat Std Jamb Strike. Black$71.95Details
361005Adams Rite490045102313Heavy Duty Deadlatch, 1-1/2 Bs. Lh/Rhr, Field Reversible. Flat, Radius, Beveled. 4901-02 Radius Stile Strike. Dark Bronze$71.95Details
323693Adams Rite710131035500Electric Strike With Black Finish$116.68Details
105264Adams Rite716054062800Alum 24V Satin Alum$138.59Details
381659Adams Rite843047336Narrow Style Mortise Exit Device$381.27Details
323334Adams RiteMS1850S210628Ms Deadbolt 31/32 Bs 628. 31/32 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Aluminum$44.23Details
323329Adams RiteMS1850S350335Ms Hookbolt 1 1/8 Bs 335. 1 1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate. Black$46.33Details
360572Adams RiteMS1851S310628Ms Deadbolt 1-1/8 Bs 628. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Radius Faceplate. Strike Not Included. Aluminum$46.33Details
579247Adams RiteMS186101603IBBottom Rail Deadbolt For Full Glass Doors$88.19Details
360517Adams RiteMS18903015313Ms+1890 Hookbolt / Latch. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate Lh/Rhr. Flat Strike/Standard Jamb. Dark Bronze$146.99Details
323274Adams RiteMS18903025628Ms+1890 Hookbolt/Latch. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Flat Faceplate Lh/Rhr. Radius Strike/Standard Jamb. Satin Aluminum$146.99Details
106104Adams RiteMS1950250628All Stainless S Max Security Deadlock Alumin 31/32$78.39Details
579248Adams RiteMS1950315313Ms Deadlock,1-1/8 Backset,Lh Or Rhr,Drk Brnz Annod$78.39Details
360493Adams RiteMS1950350313Hook Bolt Flat 1 1/8 313. Flat Faceplate. 1-1/8 Inch Backset. Dark Bronze$78.39Details
387412Advanced SourcingECO1200WLS1200# Ul Listed Maglock W/ Lock Status$129.64Details
387413Advanced SourcingECO600600Lb Em Lock12/24Vdc Aluminum$105.45Details
387414Advanced SourcingECO600WLS600# Ul Listed Maglock W/ Lock Status$115.81Details
387415Advanced SourcingECOGL1200LM1200# Weather Resistant Maglock$207.42Details
114093Alarm Controls1200DMaglock, Double, 1200 Lb, Indicating Led, Bond Sen$310.49Details
114094Alarm Controls1200LMaglock, Single, 1200 Lb, Indicating Led, 12-24 Vd$178.40Details
114095Alarm Controls1200LBMaglock, Single, 1200 Lb, Indicating Led, Bond Sen$242.14Details
114096Alarm Controls1200LBDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, Spdt Contact, 3 Amp Relay C$276.74Details
582308Alarm Controls1200LBPCB1200Lb Series Pc Board$15.75Details
771343Alarm Controls1200PCB1200 Series Pc Board$15.16Details
113172Alarm Controls1200SMaglock, Single, 1200 Lb, 12-24 Vdc $153.96Details
114097Alarm Controls1200SDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, Duronic Finish, 1200 Lbs Ma$193.19Details
114305Alarm Controls1200SSB1200 Pound Mag Lock With Floating Armature Plate$239.39Details
113559Alarm Controls1200WPMagnetic Lock, Outdoor, Gate Lock, Stainless Steel$220.09Details
114098Alarm Controls30Armored Cable .375 Id 30Ft$85.39Details
114105Alarm Controls600DMaglock, Double, 600 Lb, 12-24 Vdc $201.66Details
113563Alarm Controls600LMaglock, Single, 600 Lb, Indicating Led, 12-24 Vdc$153.99Details
113564Alarm Controls600LBMaglock, Single, 600 Lb, Indicating Led, Bond Sens$192.43Details
113565Alarm Controls600LBDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, Spdt Contact, 3 Amp Relay C$208.47Details
582312Alarm Controls600LBPCBPcb For 600Lb Maglock$16.49Details
323000Alarm Controls600LDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, W/ Green Status Led, Duroni$176.39Details
582313Alarm Controls600PCB600 Series Pc Board$15.16Details
113566Alarm Controls600SMaglock, Single, 600 Lb, 12-24 Vdc $121.87Details
113177Alarm Controls600SDUROMagnetic Lock, Single, 600 Lbs Maximum Holding For$156.79Details
114108Alarm Controls600WPMagnetic Lock, Outdoor, Gate Lock, Rugged Die Cast$161.97Details
914141Alarm Controls767093235F4176-70 24 V Dc Faceplate 932 Stainl. Steel$345.59Details
832594Alarm Controls9012Plg/In Cmbo Pkg12Vdc Rly,Bs,Tp$31.89Details
114109Alarm Controls93257Wall Plate 302Ss Blank Narrow Style 1.75"$15.99Details
114112Alarm ControlsAC300S300Lb Single Magnetic Lock$101.04Details
113573Alarm ControlsAC600DDouble Door 600Lb Maglock$201.66Details
114314Alarm ControlsAC600SSingle Door 600Lb Maglock$121.87Details
114115Alarm ControlsAM3300Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 1/2 Inch$21.48Details
113575Alarm ControlsAM3305Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 5/8 Inch$24.05Details
114318Alarm ControlsAM3320Angle Bracket, For 600 Series Single Magnetic Lock$28.49Details
866070Alarm ControlsAM3320CL Bracket For 600 With Cover$45.68Details
113192Alarm ControlsAM3334Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Lock By 5/8 Inch$58.10Details
871099Alarm ControlsAM3335AArmature Plate With Magnet Built In For 600Lb$41.33Details
895092Alarm ControlsAM3336Offset Armature Plate For 600D Double Maglocks$58.79Details
114120Alarm ControlsAM3339Split Armature, Converts 600 Series Single Magneti$56.70Details
875636Alarm ControlsAM3370C3 Piece Z Bracket For 600 With Cover$78.39Details
113194Alarm ControlsAM3370DUROZ-Bracket, 3-Piece, Duronic Finish, Use On In-Swin$88.19Details
114322Alarm ControlsAM6300Mounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/2 Inc$23.25Details
113195Alarm ControlsAM6300DURFil Plate For 600 & 1200 Locks 10.5" By .75".625"$43.49Details
113582Alarm ControlsAM6310DUROArmature Housing For 1200 Lock,Freezer & Thick Doo$47.13Details
804204Alarm ControlsAM6320CL Bracket For 1200 With Cover$50.74Details
113196Alarm ControlsAM6320DURONICAngle Bracket For 600S And 1200S Us40$47.13Details
582325Alarm ControlsAM6326DUROAngle Bracket, Duronic Finish, For 1200 Series Dou$61.59Details
114129Alarm ControlsAM6339Split Armature, Converts 1200 Series Single Magnet$60.54Details
114130Alarm ControlsAM6340Long Armature Bolt 1200/600 8X80Mm Bag Of 5 Peices$11.81Details
733640Alarm ControlsAM6370C3 Piece Z Bracket W/Cover For 1200S,1200L&1200Lb$118.99Details
360208Alarm ControlsAM6370DUROZ-Bracket, 3-Piece, Duronic Finish, Use On In-Swin$100.79Details
114331Alarm ControlsDJ1Drill Jig, Aluminum Extrusion W/ Steel Bushings, T$160.76Details
582374Alarm ControlsDUC2B600L Magn Lock Dress-Up Cover Polished Brass$57.99Details
114001Alarm ControlsDUC3B600Lb Maglock Dress-Up Cover Polised Brass$53.56Details
114138Alarm ControlsDUC3CMagnetic Lock 600Lb Dress-Up Polished Chrome$42.04Details
114337Alarm ControlsDUC4B600D Magnetic Lock Dress-Up Cover Polish$67.35Details
113214Alarm ControlsDUC4C600D Magnetic Lock Dress-Up Cover Polished$54.39Details
114002Alarm ControlsDUC5B600Dlb Mag Lock Dress-Up Cover Pol Brass$76.99Details
114338Alarm ControlsDUC5C600Dlb Magntc Lock Dress-Up Cover Polished-Chrome$57.71Details
114003Alarm ControlsDUC6C1200F Lock Dress Up Cover Polished Chrome$45.25Details
113216Alarm ControlsDUC8BMagnetic Lock Dressed Up Cover Polished Brass$57.71Details
114139Alarm ControlsDUC8C1200Lb Magnetic Lock Dress-Up Cover Polishedchrm$47.33Details
114011Alarm ControlsGDHAccessory, Glass Door Holder, For 600 & 1200 Lb Ma$40.28Details
114012Alarm ControlsJBS1Buzzer For 1200S Mag Lock With Cover$47.84Details
114346Alarm ControlsJBS2Buzzer For Ac-600S Mag Lock$47.84Details
114080Alarm ControlsSM2370Z Bracket 3 Piece For 300 Maglock$67.90Details
114081Alarm ControlsSNP428Sonalert$48.58Details
114808Alarm ControlsSPN431112 Each Cy 1 Keyed In 6 Pair 2 Each$1,288.65Details
790015Alarm ControlsSPN5877Sg Red 1Ea 1 1/2" Red Push/Pull Switch 1No 1Nc Scr$328.04Details
919121Alarm ControlsSPN6152Armature Plate For 300S Maglock$36.98Details
114833Alarm ControlsSPNJN1Jack Nut Installation Tool Kit$114.79Details
715830Alarm ControlsTS21RNSTs-21R No Screen$83.99Details
115305Alarm Lock250X28Elect Panic Lck #28 Finish$263.45Details
115321Alarm LockCEM12345Mortise Cylinder Ka 12345$20.51Details
801248Alarm LockDL2775WP10BW76Trilogy Wp Schlage Regal$666.89Details
387747Alarm LockDL2775WPIC26STrilogy Wp Schlage Regal$601.57Details
115556Alarm LockDL2800IC26DCDigital Lock W/Audit Trail Ic - Corbind$644.54Details
322809Alarm LockDL2800IC26DMAlarm Lock Trilogy Cylindrical Lock Elec$647.87Details
115848Alarm LockETM26DPanic Exit Lock Cyl Kit Medeco$36.93Details
116339Alarm LockETPDNS1G10BC50Extrm Prox Ntwk Std Corbin$1,270.75Details
322777Alarm LockPDL3000IC26DProximity Access Lock Chrome Lever$1,034.48Details
387813Alarm LockPDL3575DBRRHUS26DMortise Prox Lock Classroom Rh$1,085.38Details
115897Alarm LockPDL537510BProx Lock Dbl-Sided Regal$1,264.00Details
116424Alarm LockPDL537526DProx Lock Dbl-Sided Regal$1,273.18Details
116815Alarm LockPDL5375IC10BProx Lock Dbl-Sided Regal$1,276.25Details
116618Alarm LockPDL610010BWireless Trilogy Pinprox Lock$1,345.91Details
116426Alarm LockPDL610026DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Lock$1,295.81Details
116619Alarm LockPDL6100IC26DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Lock$1,306.54Details
116620Alarm LockPDL617526DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Regal$1,313.71Details
116818Alarm LockPDL6175IC26DWireless Trilogy Pinprox Regal$1,320.86Details
582754Alarm LockPDL620026DContinental Lock$1,331.60Details
116819Alarm LockPDL6500CRL26DWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Lh$1,356.65Details
115904Alarm LockPDL6500CRR26DWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Rh$1,356.65Details
322771Alarm LockPL3075IC26DSPdl3000 With Regal Lever, Interchangeabl$916.70Details
117009Alarm LockPL610026DWirelss Trilogy Prox Only Lock$1,295.81Details
117010Alarm LockPL6500CRL10BWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Lh$1,403.20Details
116084Alarm LockPL6500CRR10BWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Rh$1,403.20Details
117011Alarm LockPL6500CRR26DWireless Mort Prox Clssrm Rh$1,356.65Details
116638Alarm LockPM12001200Lb Powmag Lock 12/24Vdc Al. 1200Lb Power Magnetic Lock. Field Selectable 12/24Vdc. 9 7/8In X 1 11/16In X 1In. Aluminum Finish$209.09Details
116085Alarm LockPM1200401200Lb Powmag Lock 12/24Vdc Db$213.57Details
387829Alarm LockPM1200SL1200Lb Pmag Led/Dbs 12/24Dc Al$248.22Details
116639Alarm LockPM1200SLBI1200Lb Pmag Led/Dbs 12/24Dc Al. 1200Lb Powmag Lock For Dbl Drs. Fld Select 12/24Vdc Led/Dbs. 21 In X 1 11/16 In X 1 In. Aluminum Finish$432.54Details
116839Alarm LockPM1200SLBI401200Lb Pmag Led/Dbs 12/24Dc Db$248.22Details
116840Alarm LockPM600BI600Lb Powmag Lock 12/24Vdc Al. 600Lb Power Magnetic Lock. Field Selectable 12/24Vdc. 9 7/8In X 1 11/16In X 1In. Aluminum Finish$202.86Details
116086Alarm LockPM600L600Lb Magnetic Lock, Field Selectable, 1$226.23Details
117014Alarm LockPMAARMH1Armature Plate$161.34Details
116844Alarm LockPMAZ1Z Bracket Adjtable. Pm600Bi Series$166.03Details
116109Alarm LockRRPM1200PAK1200Lb Powmag Lock W/Remote Al. 1200Lb Power Magnetic Lock. Al-Remote Single Button Keyfob. 12Vac Transformer$370.20Details
582762Alarm LockS3120Deadlock Lever Assy F/70M. For 70M Series$9.83Details
319961ASPASP600DLBALMaglock Double 600Dlb 628. With Dsm Mbs Led. 600Lb. Double Mag. Aluminum$280.00Details
356760ASPASPAB511628Angle Bracket Ml12 1 1/2X11 In. 1 X 1 X 11 Inch. Aluminum$30.38Details
319953ASPASPAB611628Angl Brk Ml12 1 1/2X1 1/2X11In. 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 X 11 Inch. Angle Bracket. Aluminum$36.77Details
356759ASPASPAB711628Angle Brckt Ml12 1 1/2X2X11In. 1 1/2 X 2 X 11 Inch. Angle Bracket. Aluminum$47.97Details
319952ASPASPAM1200DMaglock Dbl Mbs W/Led Ul 628. Double. With Led. Ul Listed. Aluminum$370.80Details
319951ASPASPAM1200DDUMaglock Dbl Mbs W/Led Ul 613. Double. With Led. Ul Listed. Duranodic$408.16Details
356756ASPASPAM1200LBMaglock Sin Mbs W/Led Ul 628. Single. With Led. Ul Listed. Aluminum$277.20Details
356755ASPASPAM1200SMaglock Single 1200Lb Ul 628. Single. 1200Lb. Ul Listed. Aluminum$179.20Details
408879ASPASPAM1200SDUMaglock Single 1200Lb Ul 313$234.61Details
356754ASPASPAM1200WPMaglock Gate Single Ss Wp Case. Weatherproof$240.10Details
408880ASPASPAM300S300Lb Magnetic Lock$138.92Details
356753ASPASPAM33055/8 Mounting Plate For 600 Ser. 9 7/8" X 1" X 5/8". Clear Anodized$31.97Details
319950ASPASPAM3310Armature Housing. For 600 Series$41.57Details
408881ASPASPAM3330Additional Header Bracket$23.03Details
356752ASPASPAM3370Z Bracket Inswing 600Ser 3 Pc. For 600 Series. 3 Pieces$70.00Details
356751ASPASPAM600DMaglock Double 600Lb Ul 628. Ul Listed. 600Lb. Aluminum$271.62Details
408882ASPASPAM600DDUMaglock Double 600Lb Ul 313$272.88Details
356750ASPASPAM600LBMaglock Single 600Lb Ul 628. Ul Listed With Dsm Mbs. 600Lb. Aluminum$263.37Details
319949ASPASPAM600SMaglock Single 600Lb Ul 628. Ul Listed. 600Lb. Aluminum$182.27Details
319948ASPASPAM600SDUMaglock Single 600Lb Ul 313. Ul Listed. 600Lb. 313Color$211.19Details
319947ASPASPAM600WPALGate Maglock Single 600Lb628. Weather Prof. 600Lb. Aluminum$178.25Details
356749ASPASPAM6310Armature Housing 1200 Series$40.60Details
356748ASPASPAM6320Angle Bracket 600 & 1200 Ser. For 1200 And 600 Series$28.37Details
319945ASPASPAM6333Hardware Kit For Am1200S. Mag Lock$22.80Details
408883ASPASPAM6340Thick Door Sex Bolts 5 Pack$12.66Details
356747ASPASPAM6360Filler Plate For Ml12 Maglock$22.64Details
319944ASPASPAM6361Filler Plt 10 1/2X7 1/2X5 Inch. Filler Plate$19.95Details
319943ASPASPAM6370Z Bracket For 1200S 3 Pc. For 1200 Series. 3 Pieces$113.40Details
408903ASPASPFP211628Fllr Plt M12 3/8X1 1/4X11 Inch$31.97Details
408904ASPASPFP311628Fllr Plt M12 1/2X1 1/4X11 Inch$33.58Details
408905ASPASPFP322628Fllr Plt M24 1/2X1 1/4X22 Inch$39.98Details
408906ASPASPFP411628Fllr Plt M12 5/8X1 1/4X11 Inch$35.18Details
319937ASPASPML12ULMaglock 1200Lb 628. Single Mag. Aluminum$285.63Details
408914ASPASPML12ULDSMMaglock 1200Lb Dsm 628$325.32Details
356741ASPASPML24ULMaglock Double 1200Lb 628. Double Mag. Aluminum$500.09Details
319936ASPASPML24ULDSMMaglock Double 1200Lb Dsm 628. Double Mag. Door Status Monitor. Aluminum$550.71Details
408943ASPASPTJ1628Top Jamb Bracket Single 628$77.18Details
408944ASPASPTJ2628Top Jamb Bracket Double 628$154.35Details
319910ASPGDHGlass Door Holder For 1200 Lck. For 1200 Lock$44.95Details
590099Asterix171121200 Lb Maglock$394.88Details
590100Asterix171HDMaglock Class 1 / Div 1$659.10Details
590101Asterix176HDExplosion- Proof Maglock$676.00Details
590102AsterixHD176Maglock For Corsive Invirement$950.63Details
590103AsterixHDZB17624VHazardous Mag Side Mount$1,038.14Details
129527BEA10MAGDE1Delayed Egress Maglock For Single Out-Sw$702.61Details
877382BEA10MAGLOCK1UL1200 Lbs. - Ul Listed Single Maglock Wit$129.21Details
591895BEA10MAGLOCK3ULUl Listed - Electromagnetic Locks Single$122.72Details
960646BEA10MAGLOCK3ULDS600 Lbs. - Ul Listed Single Maglock With$133.10Details
591896BEA10MAGLOCK5UL1200 Lb Double Maglock$304.18Details
1050431BEA10MAGLOCK6UL600 Lb Maglock For Double Doors$194.46Details
739391BEA10RIMHOUSING3ULArmature Housing For 600 Lb Maglock$26.85Details
807809BEA10UBRACKETULBracket Used On All Glass Doors$40.28Details
596473Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30ELEDGreen Cm30E 12/24 V Led Illluminated$55.09Details
596481Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30ULEDUniversal Illuminated Exit Switch, 12/24$61.59Details
596969Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX0001Armature Housing For 1200 Lbs Magnet$31.89Details
596970Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX0011Armature Housing For 600 Lbs Magnet$31.89Details
596974Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1001Adjustable Bracket For 1200Lbs Magnet Lo$31.89Details
596975Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1002L &Amp; Z Brackets For 1200Lb$61.59Details
596976Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1003Angle Bracket For 1200&600 Lbs Mags$26.25Details
596978Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1011Magnetic Lock Accessories Adjstbl L Brck$31.89Details
596979Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1012Set Of L &Amp; Z Brckts F/600Lbs Magnet$56.54Details
596980Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX1013Glass Door Mounting Kit - For 1200$49.29Details
596992Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX90M03300 Lbs. Mortise Mount Single Door – Bas$123.19Details
596993Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX90S03Mini Mag Holding Face Sfce Mnt$123.19Details
596994Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91M06Mag Lock 600Lb Mortise Mount$123.19Details
596995Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S06600Lb Surface Mount Single Door$116.19Details
596996Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S06TDSC/W Adjstble Time Lock Sensr Rly Led$149.79Details
596997Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S121200 Lbs Surf Mount Singl Dr Basic$135.79Details
596998Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S12PCBPower Board For 1200Lb Magnet$42.78Details
794166Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S12PCBV2For 1200 Lb.Magnetic Locks,V2,(Locking Pin Conn)$42.78Details
596999Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S12TDSMaglock 1200 Lb. Surface Mount Single Door$176.39Details
597000Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91S12TLSPCBReplacement Pc Brd For 1200Lbs Magnet Tls/Tds$42.78Details
597001Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX92S06Magnetic Lock$230.99Details
597002Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX92S06TDSMagnetic Lock 600Lbs Surface Mount Double Doors$288.89Details
597003Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX92S121200Lb Surface Mount Double Doors Magnetic Lock$271.59Details
597004Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX92S12TDS1200 Lb Dbl Mag W/Sensor,Dps,$340.19Details
597006Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX93M26LS2600 Lbs Shear Lock C/W Lock Sensor$510.29Details
597007Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX94S12LS1200Lbs Surface Mount Gate Lock$163.79Details
923156Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXAL004Spacer Bar For 1200 & 600 Lb Mag Locks, 5/8" (16Mm$22.49Details
597008Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXAL005Mounting Bracket/Spacer For 600Lb Mag 9 7/8"X3/16"$24.75Details
597009Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXAL015Mounting Bracet For 1200Lbs Mags$24.75Details
597039Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXEL8000Electronic Cabinet Fail Secure$95.19Details
597040Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXEL8000LElectric Bolt Cabinet Lock C/W Monitoring$125.99Details
895122Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXEL9117Compact Cabinet Lock$116.19Details
892349Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCXMDCMagnetic Door Contact$15.99Details
597723CDVI Americas300ZLMaglock Bracket (L3/L4 + Z3/Z4)$42.78Details
831947CDVI AmericasAMA5Mounting Plate For Maglock (500Kg)$40.59Details
597771CDVI AmericasCZ3000Mag Lock, Shear Lock 3300Lb$402.29Details
915315CDVI AmericasI500SRExterior Maglock 500Kg (1100Lb$279.99Details
812674CDVI AmericasPB0800RN60Retrofit Handle ,Maglock 2X400Kg$384.74Details
769189CDVI AmericasSD300M2 X 300Kg Maglock (Monitored$360.44Details
866487CDVI AmericasSD500M2 X 500Kg Maglock (Monitored$423.89Details
1082619CDVI AmericasSM300Surf.Mnt. E-Mlock 660Lb Hld Force 12/24Vdc Mntrd$74.19Details
597825CDVI AmericasV3SRElectric Magnetic Lock 300Kg$156.79Details
598080Chamberlain Professional / SentexMG1300Elite Maglock Outdoor$309.19Details
1082248Corby5205Magnetic Lock 1500Lbs Hf Silvr$325.34Details
414049Corby935203Maglock, 1300Lbs$268.27Details
837950Cyrex Networks / ComelitSML1201200 Lb Single Door Magnetic Lock$145.92Details
908196Detex Corporation103917Bracket Angle Mag Lock Aluminum Fin$60.90Details
724557Detex Corporation10XLDXMC65XEMAdvantex 10 Series Delayed Egress With Magnetic Lo$1,626.24Details
802060Detex Corporation10XMC65XEM10Xldxemx630Xmc65X36$1,626.24Details
609790Detex Corporation12800DE412-800 (Logic Controller De4 Double Door Weather$968.49Details
718442Detex CorporationACDX10ERXULCAcd Easykit, Advantex 10 Rim,Bp1 Mtg. Pl$2,332.71Details
182675Detex CorporationECL395Dly/Egr Pl&Stk Signage E/R 15S. Dly Egr Peel & Stick Signage. Push Until Alarm Sound. Door Can Be Opened In 15 Sec. English-15 Sec-Red (Standard)$14.03Details
881802Detex CorporationMC65CCMortise Cylinder Keyed Alike$27.77Details
150258Detex CorporationML1548El Mag Surf Mnt Lock. Electromagnetic Lock. 1600Lb 12/24 Vdc. Use With Em Optioned Devices. Surface Mounted$577.79Details
315749Detex CorporationML1548RTMaglock Al Timer 0-30 Sec$599.39Details
927625Detex CorporationV4001PNX628XERXEXXWXSN1V40 01P Trm 628 Er Wth Sn1$1,260.99Details
610113Detex CorporationV40XEMXMC65X711Value Series Rim, Electric Maglock, Mortise Cylind$1,163.49Details
183963Dortronics110024XNYC1,000 Lb Narrow Magnet With Armature Nyc$272.62Details
165415Dortronics1106Maglock, Single, Junior, 650 Lb, 12 / 24 Vdc Field$234.14Details
947544Dortronics1106XBJunior Maglock 650# 12/24Vdc W/Mbs$281.45Details
613199Dortronics1106XD650 Lb Maglock 12/24 Vdc (Dual Voltage -$263.00Details
151395Dortronics1106XEDRMaglock, W/ Dps, Attempted Egress Switch, Single,$330.93Details
892916Dortronics1106XUS3650# 12/24Vdc Us3 In Polished Brass$361.85Details
613200Dortronics1107XDSlim Line Maglock 600# 12/24Vdc With Doo$243.75Details
151396Dortronics1110Maglock, Single, 1200 Lb, 12 / 24 Vdc Field Select$266.20Details
866921Dortronics1110XB1200 Lb. Maglock/Outswing/ 12/24Vdc W/Mb$303.09Details
778360Dortronics1110XBXDBA1200Lb., Outswing,12/24Vdc W/Mbs, Dark B$334.02Details
151398Dortronics1110XDMaglock, W/ Door Switch, Single, 1200 Pound, For E$284.54Details
417277Dortronics1110XDXCFSingle Door 1200 Lb Maglock 12/24 Vdc (D$281.45Details
613201Dortronics1110xDxCTMaglock W/ Door Pos Switch And$323.19Details
165416Dortronics1110XEDRMaglock, W/ Dps, Attempted Egress Switch, Single,$361.85Details
613202Dortronics1110xUS31200Lb Single Maglock$436.05Details
613203Dortronics1115xDBAMaglock, 600 Pound. Split Armature$330.25Details
613204Dortronics1115XUS26Split Armature Double Maglock 12/24 (Dua$426.82Details
613205Dortronics1115xUS4Maglock, 600 Pound$464.91Details
151400Dortronics1120Maglock, Double, 1200 Lb, 12 / 24 Vdc Field Select$513.41Details
613206Dortronics1120X2DDouble Door 1200 Lb Maglock 12/24 (Dual$550.52Details
159254Dortronics1120X2DXCT1200# 12/24Vdc/W 2Dps/Cover Tamper$577.72Details
613207Dortronics1120x2DxDBADouble Door Lock 2 Door Pos Sw$691.60Details
613208Dortronics1120x2DxUS261200Lb Double Maglock$808.93Details
1034362Dortronics1120X2DXUS26D1200# 12/24Vdc W/Dps$780.30Details
833231Dortronics1120XUS26DDouble Maglock Satin Chrome$696.90Details
613209Dortronics1120XUS41200# 12/24Vdc Us4 Double Maglock Satin$696.90Details
151401Dortronics1150Maglock, Single, 1500 Lb, 12 / 24 Vdc Field Select$287.63Details
314694Dortronics1150XDXBXTS12/24Vdc W/Door Pos.Sw./Bond Sens./Tampe$369.28Details
183971Dortronics1152Maglock, Double, 1500 Lb, 12 / 24 Vdc Field Select$575.26Details
613210Dortronics1152XUS261500 Lb. Double Maglock, Outswing, 12/24$768.39Details
1037601Dortronics1504083Digital Lock/Intercom 100 Mem$454.63Details
1071461Dortronics1504084Digital Lock/Intercom 250 Mem$497.93Details
1036295Dortronics1504085Digital Lock/Intercom 500 Mem$541.23Details
1002199Dortronics1504086Digital Lock/Intercom 1000 Mem$405.93Details
1004709Dortronics1509080Digital Lock Interior Mem$79.70Details
1009794Dortronics150980Dig Lck Interior$78.81Details
943441Dortronics1601270Interlock Manual Crank$142.56Details
951261Dortronics2600657Door King Key For 1812 Series$5.04Details
994681Dortronics3003010Pcb Magnetic Counter$92.05Details
417282Dortronics514114XKSpdt Maint Action W/Cylinder$91.10Details
991398Dortronics80710803 Button Microplus Transmitter$24.05Details
1026490DortronicsDKEBM1Standard Dead-Bolt$207.68Details
1025449DortronicsDKEBM1DElectric Bolt With Led &Amp; Sensor A$217.77Details
1004697DortronicsDKEBM1LElectric Bolt With Led$217.77Details
942377DortronicsDKMLHPHardware Pack Mag Lock$13.89Details
1072348DortronicsDKMLM61Mag Lock 600 Lb Mortise Mount$145.92Details
960594DortronicsDKMLS62LMag Lock Led 600Lb$375.61Details
151571DortronicsML1100Maglock, Mortise, 1000 Lb, Includes Recessed Mount$290.71Details
613258DortronicsTJ1106XEDRMaglock, 650# Holding Force, For Single$361.85Details
613259DortronicsTJ1107XDSlim Line Maglock Slim Line 600# 12/24Vd$375.79Details
165722DortronicsTJ1110Maglock, Single, For Inswing Doors, Single, 1200 L$312.38Details
314691DortronicsTJ1110XDSingle Maglock$330.93Details
715902DortronicsTJ1110XDXCF12/24Vdc W Dps/Con Fit/Top Jam$346.40Details
159344DortronicsTJ1110XDXCT1200# 12/24Vdc W/Dps/Cov Tpr Sw/Top Jam$367.43Details
314690DortronicsTJ1120X2DDouble Maglock$661.86Details
151577DortronicsTJ1120X2DXCT1200# 12/24Vdc W/Dps Top Jam Cover$663.55Details
165723DortronicsTJ1150Maglock, Single, For Inswing Doors, 1500 Lb, Top J$361.85Details
417322DortronicsTJ1150XDSingle Door 1500 Lb Maglock (12/24 Dual$380.42Details
151578DortronicsTJMM300Maglock, Mini-Mite, 300 Lb, For Inswing Doors, Inc$189.24Details
778682Dynalock13001224ARSBDPSBMB1300 Series Ddblt Dl Vltg W/ Ato Rlk Swtch Bll Typ$363.14Details
846300Dynalock13001224VARSBMBDedblt 12/24V Ato Rrlck Swtch Bll Typ$328.04Details
152232Dynalock130012ARSBMBMortise Electric Dead Bold 12 Vac /Vdc W$308.93Details
869249Dynalock130024ARSBBPSDPSBMBMortise Deadbolt With Auto Relock,Bolt P$894.39Details
902594Dynalock130024VBPSDPSM24V Deadblt W/ Bll Psitn Swtch & Dr Pstn Swtch Mnt$346.94Details
821884Dynalock1300ARSBDPSBMBDeadbolt With Auto Relock, Door Position$342.55Details
314451Dynalock14101224VCabinet Lock Specify Voltage$71.39Details
184784Dynalock1420Cabinet Lock, Dual Voltage, Dual Output $91.22Details
152246Dynalock2011390Mag Lock Sgl 12/24V Ac/Dc Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$274.32Details
418212Dynalock2011390DSMRetro Fit Locknetics 390 1200Lb Maglock With Door$325.34Details
614659Dynalock2011390HSMMag Lock Sgl 12/24V Ac/Dc Us28$358.43Details
614660Dynalock2011390US13Retrofit For 390+ Out Swing Mag Lock /Med Bronze$334.79Details
614661Dynalock2011390US28Locknetics 390+ Exact Retrofit$287.54Details
160346Dynalock2011DSMMag Lock Dsm 12/24Vac/Dc Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Door Status Monitor. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$331.43Details
418215Dynalock2011DSMUS10BMag Lock Dsm 12/24Vac/Dc 10B$380.03Details
418216Dynalock2011DSMUS4Mag Lock Dsm 12/24Vac/Dc 4$380.03Details
160347Dynalock2011HSMMag Lock Hsm 12/24V Ac/Dc Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ High Security Monitor. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$332.86Details
351048Dynalock2011HSMUS10Mag Lock Hsm 12/24V Ac/Dc Us10. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ High Security Monitor. 12/24Vac/Dc Satin Bronze$407.03Details
418217Dynalock2011HSMUS10BMag Lock Hsm 12/24Vac/Dc Us10B$407.70Details
166956Dynalock2011LCBMag Lock Sgl Less Cb Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Less Circuit Board. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$274.04Details
418218Dynalock2011LCBLPMag Lock Sgl Less Cb Lp 12Vdc$286.88Details
418219Dynalock2011LCBLPUS10BMag Lock Sgl Less Cb Us10B$335.48Details
418220Dynalock2011LCBUS10BMag Lock Sgl Less Cb Us10B$326.70Details
351047Dynalock2011LEDHSMUS281200Lb Outswing Magnetic Lock With Door Status And$376.64Details
351046Dynalock2011LPMag Lock Sgl Lp 12Vdc Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Low Power. 12Dc Aluminum$279.87Details
351045Dynalock2011LPUS10Mag Lock Low Pwr 12Vdc Us10. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Low Power. 12Dc Satin Bronze$349.65Details
351044Dynalock2011LPUS10BMag Lock Low Pwr 12Vdc Us10B. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Low Power. 12Dc Dark Bronze$325.11Details
418221Dynalock2011LPUS19Mag Lock Sgl Lp 12Vdc Us19$349.65Details
418222Dynalock2011LPUS26Mag Lock Low Pwr 12Vdc Us26$413.10Details
351043Dynalock2011LPUS281200 Lb Single Outswing Magnetic Lock Wi$279.87Details
351042Dynalock2011LPUS4Mag Lock Low Pwr 12Vdc Us4. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Low Power. 12Dc Satin Brass$349.65Details
351041Dynalock2011OFAMag Lock W/Offset Amrtr 12/24V. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ Offset Armature. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$292.28Details
418223Dynalock2011OFAUS10BMag Lock W/Offset Amrtr Us10B$340.88Details
160348Dynalock2011TJ20Mag Lock Top Jamb 12/24V Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Inswing 1200 Lb. Top Jamb Installation. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$339.65Details
418224Dynalock2011TJ20LCBMag Lock Top Jamb Less Bd$361.13Details
351040Dynalock2011TJ20LPMag Lock Top Jamb Low Crnt 12V. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Inswing 1200 Lb. Tj Install/Low Power. 12Dc Aluminum$384.08Details
418225Dynalock2011TJ20LPUS4Mag Lock Top Jamb Low Crnt 12V$464.40Details
418227Dynalock2011TJ20US101200Lb Single Maglock$455.63Details
418228Dynalock2011TJ20US10B1200Lb Single Maglock$454.95Details
418229Dynalock2011TJ20US10BVOP1200Lb Single Maglock$567.00Details
418230Dynalock2011TJ20US10VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$567.00Details
418231Dynalock2011TJ20US191200Lb Single Maglock$455.63Details
418232Dynalock2011TJ20US19VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$567.00Details
418233Dynalock2011TJ20US261200Lb Single Maglock$519.75Details
418234Dynalock2011TJ20US26VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$631.13Details
723977Dynalock2011TJ20US28Single Top Jamb Mount For In Swing Door$348.38Details
418235Dynalock2011TJ20US28DSM2000 Series 1200Lb$407.69Details
418236Dynalock2011TJ20US31200Lb Single Maglock$557.55Details
418237Dynalock2011TJ20US3VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$668.93Details
418238Dynalock2011TJ20US41200Lb Single Maglock$455.63Details
418239Dynalock2011TJ20US4VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$567.00Details
166961Dynalock2011TJ20VOPMag Lock Top Jamb 12/24V Us28. Value Option Package. Sgl Door Inswing 1200 Lb. Top Jamb Installation. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$486.68Details
184794Dynalock2011TJDSM2011Tj-Inswing W/Door Stat Swt$407.69Details
418240Dynalock2011US101200Lb Single Maglock$340.88Details
160349Dynalock2011US10B1200Lb Single Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Oil Rubbed Bronze$334.79Details
793247Dynalock2011US10BDSMStandard Mag Lock 1200 Lb. Dark Bronze$373.94Details
418241Dynalock2011US10BVOP1200Lb Single Maglock$452.25Details
418242Dynalock2011US10VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$452.25Details
418243Dynalock2011US191200Lb Single Maglock$340.88Details
418244Dynalock2011US19VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$452.25Details
314443Dynalock2011US261200Lb Single Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Bright Chrome$404.33Details
418245Dynalock2011US26VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$515.70Details
885974Dynalock2011US28DSMSngl Elc Mag Lck Door Stat Swt$315.89Details
735757Dynalock2011US28DSMOFASngl Mglk W/ Dr Stts Mntr & Off St Armtr$325.34Details
614664Dynalock2011US28LCBSingle Maglock 1200Lb Outswing No Circuit Board$274.04Details
614665Dynalock2011US28LP1200Lb Mag Lock Low Power Coil$295.64Details
418246Dynalock2011US28OFASingle Maglock 1200Lb Outswing W/ Off Set Armatur$287.54Details
723630Dynalock2011US28TDSngle Mglk W/ Tme Dly$287.54Details
351038Dynalock2011US28VOP1200Lb Magnetic Lock W/Value Opt Pack Standfinis$396.89Details
314442Dynalock2011US31200Lb Single Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Bright Brass$436.73Details
418247Dynalock2011US3VOP1200Lb Single Maglock$548.10Details
351037Dynalock2011US41200Lb Single Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Satin Brass$340.88Details
614666Dynalock2011US4LPSingle Maglock 1200Lb Outswing Low Power W/Sat Brs$404.99Details
351036Dynalock2011US4VOP1200Lb Single Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Includes Dsm, Dyn, Ats, Rtd. Satin Brass$444.14Details
314441Dynalock2011VOPElmag Lck Sin Value Opt Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. W/ Value Option Package. Aluminum$403.65Details
314440Dynalock2011VOPLEDElmag Lck Sin Value Opt Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. W/ Value Option Package. With Led. Aluminum$428.63Details
160352Dynalock2012Mag Lock Sgl Split Arm Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$295.07Details
152250Dynalock2012TJ21Mag Lock Top Jamb Split Arm. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Top Jamb Installation. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$444.14Details
166962Dynalock2012TJ21US28Maglock Split Armature Inswing$418.82Details
910242Dynalock2012US10BMag Lock Sgl Split Arm Us10B$374.63Details
314439Dynalock2012US28Single Mag For Pair With Split Armature$319.94Details
166963Dynalock201324DYN2013 24V With Dynst$322.53Details
152254Dynalock2013DYNGLBRWEUS28Gate Lock W/ Rear Wire Exit 1200 Lbs Gate Lock Brk$402.65Details
902413Dynalock2013DYNGLBUS19Gtelck Mglk W/ Bnd Snsr Gte Lck Brckt & Stn Blck$473.84Details
1030534Dynalock2013GLBRWEMag Gatelock W/Bkt 12/24Vdc$386.78Details
888861Dynalock2013GLBUS28Gate Lock With Bracket$358.71Details
314437Dynalock2013RWEMag Lock Gate Lock W/Bkt Us28. 12/24Vdc. Sgl Door Rear Wire Exit. Weatherized W/ Gate Bracket. Aluminum$306.45Details
184798Dynalock2013US10B2013 Gate Lock With Dark Bronze Finish$348.29Details
418249Dynalock2013US28DYNGate Lock W/ Bond Sensor$346.94Details
351033Dynalock2013US28DYNGLBGate Lock 1200 Lbs H.F., Dual Voltage 12/24 Vdc$426.59Details
418251Dynalock2013US28GLBGate Lock W/Glb Option$379.34Details
614668Dynalock2013US28GLBRWE1200Lb Gate Maglock W/ Bracket, & Rear Wire Entry$379.34Details
184799Dynalock2022Mag Lock Dbl 12/24Vac/Dc Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$529.65Details
1004769Dynalock2022392Mag Lock Dbl 12/24Vac/Dc Us28$585.23Details
774659Dynalock2022392DSM2Mag Lock Dbl 12/24Vac/Dc Us28$662.85Details
730847Dynalock2022392US10BRtro Ft 392 W/ Drk Brnz Fnsh$653.39Details
614669Dynalock2022392VOP2Mag Lock Dbl 12/24Vac/Dc Us28$778.05Details
160356Dynalock2022DSM2Mag Lock Dbl Dsm 12/24Ac/Dc. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Outswing 1200 Lb/Side. W/ Door Status Monitor. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$615.30Details
418253Dynalock2022DSM2LP2Mag Lock Dbl Dsm Low Pwr Us28$656.50Details
314436Dynalock2022DSM2US10BMag Lock Dbl Dsm 12/24Ac/Dc. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Outswing 1200 Lb/Side. W/ Door Status Monitor. Oil Rubbed Bronze$716.30Details
950383Dynalock2022DSM2US3Mag Lock Dbl Dsm 12/24Ac/Dc$830.70Details
152257Dynalock2022HSM2Mag Lock Dbl Hsm 12/24Ac/Dc. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Outswing 1200 Lb/Side. W/ High Security Monitor. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$678.59Details
418254Dynalock2022HSM2LED2Mag Lock Dbl Msm2 Led2 Us28$739.05Details
184801Dynalock2022HSM2US19Mag Lock Dbl Hsm 12/24Ac/Dc. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Outswing 1200 Lb/Side. W/ High Security Monitor. Black$753.99Details
418255Dynalock2022HSM2US26Mag Lock Dbl Hsm 12/24Ac/Dc$875.55Details
418256Dynalock2022LCBMag Lock Dbl Less Bd 12/24$557.55Details
924581Dynalock2022LCBUS10BMag Lock Dbl Less Bd Us10B$637.88Details
839162Dynalock2022LCBUS4Mag Lock Dbl Less Bd Us4$637.88Details
184802Dynalock2022TJ22Mag Lock Dbl Top Jamb Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Inswing 1200 Lb/Side. Top Jamb Installation. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$709.79Details
166965Dynalock2022TJ22DSM2Mag Lock Dbl Top Jamb Dsm Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Inswing 1200 Lb/Side. Tj Install W/ Door Status Mon. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$740.64Details
906054Dynalock2022TJ22DSM2US10BMag Lock Dbl Top Jamb Dsm U10B$937.30Details
166966Dynalock2022TJ22HSM2Mag Lock Dbl Hsm 12/24Ac/Dc$850.20Details
418259Dynalock2022TJ22US101200Lb Double Maglock$861.90Details
152258Dynalock2022TJ22US10B1200Lb Double Maglock$861.90Details
418260Dynalock2022TJ22US10BVOP21200Lb Double Maglock$1,076.40Details
418261Dynalock2022TJ22US10VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$1,076.40Details
418262Dynalock2022TJ22US191200Lb Double Maglock$861.90Details
418263Dynalock2022TJ22US19VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$1,076.40Details
418264Dynalock2022TJ22US261200Lb Double Maglock$968.50Details
418265Dynalock2022TJ22US26VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$1,183.00Details
614670Dynalock2022TJ22US28Double Inswing Locks$670.92Details
418266Dynalock2022TJ22US31200Lb Double Maglock$992.55Details
418267Dynalock2022TJ22US3VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$1,207.05Details
418268Dynalock2022TJ22US41200Lb Double Maglock$861.90Details
418269Dynalock2022TJ22US4VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$1,076.40Details
314434Dynalock2022TJ22VOP2Mag Lock Dbl 12/24Vac/Dc Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Top Jamb Mounting. Value Option Package. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$937.95Details
184803Dynalock2022TJDSMDouble Maglock 2022 W/Top Jam,Door Status Monitor$783.89Details
418270Dynalock2022US101200Lb Double Maglock$665.55Details
915875Dynalock2022US10BDSM2Double Lk W/Dsm 12/24 1200Lbs Bronze$703.29Details
351032Dynalock2022US10HSM21200 Lb Double Mag Lock With Dsm N Dyn Lt Brnz$753.99Details
418272Dynalock2022US10VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$855.40Details
418273Dynalock2022US19Dbl Mglk W/ Blk Stn Fnsh$633.14Details
418274Dynalock2022US19VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$855.40Details
418275Dynalock2022US261200Lb Double Maglock$748.15Details
351031Dynalock2022US26VOP21200Lb Double Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Includes Dsm, Dyn, Ats, Rtd. Bright Chrome$962.65Details
314432Dynalock2022US28Double Magnetic Lock Outswing$542.92Details
166968Dynalock2022US28LP2DSM2Dbl Maglock W/Low Power Coil & Dsm$668.24Details
614672Dynalock2022US28OFADual Maglock 1200Lb Outswing W/ Offset Amatures$575.09Details
314431Dynalock2022US31200Lb Double Maglock. 12/24 Vac/Vdc Multi-Voltage. Bright Brass$740.99Details
884237Dynalock2022US3DSM2Double Maglock W/Door Status Switch Us3 Bright Brs$815.09Details
418276Dynalock2022US3VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$969.80Details
418277Dynalock2022US4Dbl Mglk W/ Stn Brss Fnsh$653.39Details
418278Dynalock2022US4VOP21200Lb Double Maglock$855.40Details
614673Dynalock2050DSMMag Lock Sgl 12/24V Ac/Dc Us28$342.23Details
739978Dynalock2050US26Mag Lock Sgl 12/24V Ac/Dc Us26$402.30Details
855653Dynalock2050US28DSMLcknetcs Rtro Ft 350+ W/ Dr Stts Mntr$336.14Details
152259Dynalock2101Mag Lock Delay Egress Us28. Electromagnetic Lock, Dsm. Delayed Egress System. 12/24Vac/Dc Aluminum$345.15Details
351029Dynalock2101US28DSMWith Flying Lead) Early Warning Mag 650L$353.55Details
1053345Dynalock2250DSM2Mag Lock Dbl 12/24V Ac/Dc Us28$659.10Details
893413Dynalock2250US28Lckntics 352 Retro$581.84Details
920948Dynalock2250US28DSM2Lcknetcs Rtro Ft 352+ W/ Dr Stts Mntr$672.29Details
351028Dynalock226810ATSElectromag Lock Singl Lck Out. Electromagnetic Lock. Anti Tamper Switch$347.63Details
314430Dynalock226810ATSDSMDYNLEDRCTDElectromag Lock Singl Lck Out. Electromagnetic Lock. Single For Outswing$517.04Details
152260Dynalock226810ATSDSMDYNLEDRCTDUS19Single Outswing Maglock/Black Fnsh$514.34Details
913871Dynalock226810ATSDSMDYNTD10BElectromag Lock Singl Lck Out$529.88Details
314428Dynalock226810DSEUS10Mag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us10,24D. Dse - Department Of State. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Satin Bronze$405.00Details
351027Dynalock226810DSEUS10BMag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us10B. Dse - Department Of State. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ Dyn Option. 24Dc Only Aluminum$405.00Details
314427Dynalock226810DSMMag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ Door Status Monitor. 12/24Vdc Aluminum$356.40Details
418282Dynalock226810DSMDYNMag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us28$403.65Details
314426Dynalock226810DSMDYNLEDUS261200Lb Outswg Lck W/Dr Stat,Dynastat,Led Brit Chrm$492.74Details
314425Dynalock226810DSMDYNLEDUS28Single Mag With Door Status, Bond Sensor, Led$421.19Details
351026Dynalock226810DSMUS10BMag Lock Retrofit Sgl. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ Door Status Monitor. Oil Rubbed Bronze$405.00Details
418283Dynalock226810DSMUS26Mag Lock Retrofit Sgl$468.45Details
982388Dynalock226810DSMUS3Mag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us3$500.85Details
314424Dynalock226810DSMUS4Mag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us4. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ Door Status Monitor. Satin Brass$405.00Details
351025Dynalock226810DYNMag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. W/ Dynastat Monitor. 12/24Vdc Aluminum$364.50Details
418284Dynalock226810DYNUS10Mag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us10$413.10Details
418285Dynalock226810DYNUS10BMag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us10B$413.10Details
614677Dynalock226810RCTDUS28Single Mag$435.63Details
184804Dynalock226810US10BElectromag Lock Singl Lock 10B. Single Outswing, Dark Bronze$359.09Details
418286Dynalock226810US26Elmag Lock Retrofit Sgl Us26$406.34Details
314423Dynalock226810US28Single Slim Line Maglock$294.08Details
866667Dynalock226810US28ATSDSMRCTDClssc Slmlne Mglk W/ Anti Tmpr Swtch, Dr Stts Mntr$444.14Details
912244Dynalock226810US28ATSRCDYNDSMSlm Lne Mglk W/ Anti Tmpr Swtch Rctfr Bnd Snsr & D$444.14Details
614678Dynalock226810US28DSMATSSingle Classic Low Profile 1200Lb Magloc$358.71Details
1027926Dynalock226810US28DSMDYNSingle Slimline Maglock W/ Door Status M$374.52Details
614679Dynalock226810US28DYN1200 Lb Single Low Profile Lock Outswing W/ Bond$357.74Details
614680Dynalock226810US3Single Maglock In Bright Brass$452.24Details
418287Dynalock226815ATSRCMag Lock Retrofit Top Jamb$400.28Details
418288Dynalock226815DSMUS4Mag Lock Retrofit Top Jamb$440.10Details
614681Dynalock226815US10BClssic Lw Prfle Sngl Mglk For Pr Of Otswg Drs W/D$394.19Details
784972Dynalock226815US28Sngle Slm Lne Mglk W/ Splt Armtre$345.59Details
908521Dynalock226815US28ATS2RCTD2Prd Dr Slm Lne Mglk W/ Anti Tmpr Swtch Rctfr Tm Dl$426.59Details
614682Dynalock226815US28ATSRCTD1200 Lb Single Low Profile Lock Outswing Split Arm$426.59Details
166975Dynalock226820Mag Lock Retrofit Dbl Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Outswing 1200 Lb/Side. 12/24Vdc Aluminum$573.63Details
351024Dynalock226820ATSDSMDYNLEDRCTDMag Lock Double Outswing. Ats Dsm2 Dyn2 Led2 Rc2 Td2. 1200Lb Classic Low Profile. 12/24Vdc$809.25Details
184805Dynalock226820DSM2Mag Lock Retrofit Dbl Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Dbl Door Outswing 1200 Lb/Side. W/ Door Status Monitor. 12/24Vdc Aluminum$673.39Details
314422Dynalock226820DSM2DYN2Dual Mag With Switches$776.75Details
314421Dynalock226820DSM2DYN2LED2US261200Lb Outswing Double Lock W/ Door Status2, Dynst$943.79Details
314420Dynalock226820DSM2DYN2LED2US28Double Mag W/ Door Status, Bond Sensor, Led$809.89Details
418290Dynalock226820DSM2DYN2RC2Dual Mag With Switches$810.55Details