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Access Control Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
579138Adams Rite3080E0303U5010BElectrified Trim$431.27Details
104575Adams Rite3090P01121Eforce Prox Entry Trim. For 45/47/4900 And 8000 Series. Supports Hid Prox 125Khz. 1 To 1-1/2 Mort Cyl/4 Aa Bat. Powdercoat Dark Bronze$415.03Details
1046464Adams Rite365501Tall Door Kit$36.26Details
742739Adams Rite40360102628Adams Rite Mortise Cylinder$27.77Details
375538Adams Rite43004M2026284300 Latch For Aluminum Doors, 3-1/2 Wid$295.64Details
104656Adams Rite4560503119Deadlatch Handles 2-3/4"-3" Lh Black$47.66Details
105079Adams Rite4560504119Deadlatch Handles Black Lh$47.66Details
104786Adams Rite4560601119Deadlatch Handles Rh Black. Deadlatch Handles. Right Hand. Black$34.25Details
361070Adams Rite45900100335Paddle Operator, 4500,4900. Pull To The Left, Reversible. 1-3/4" Door Thickness. Black$66.11Details
1008375Adams Rite710031033507Electric Strike$134.82Details
579214Adams Rite8055Tall Door Kit$76.40Details
360708Adams Rite86558600 Series Tall Door Kit$34.90Details
387441Advanced Technology Video / ATVFPLT1001Plexiglass Cover F/Fs100H$49.84Details
113246Aiphone240800Front Case Of Mk-DacCall for Price.Details
112655AiphoneAN8011MSHandsfree MasterCall for Price.Details
112947AiphoneAXAVRDoor Station Ip Or Fiber OpticCall for Price.Details
113436AiphoneCOPISIPDVFHIDIp Video Intercom Door Station With An HCall for Price.Details
582225AiphoneCOPISIPDVFHID1Cop Isipdvf-Hid-I W/IclassCall for Price.Details
1069063AiphoneCOPIXDFRPKNRDoor Station With Built In Hid Rpk40 ReaCall for Price.Details
112390AiphoneDA1DSDoor Station, Da Series, 1-Call, Silver Call for Price.Details
113058AiphoneJKDFHIDFlush Mount Door Station With Hid ReaderCall for Price.Details
113555Alarm Controls1137SBlank Key For Ace Lock$2.86Details
113176Alarm Controls487320Adt Remote Plate D.G. 4073-1 N/O Keyswit$65.76Details
113186Alarm ControlsABD4BNR2 1/2" Red Mushroom Button$18.03Details
114113Alarm ControlsACDL2Door Loop 18"Long .375 Id Metal$18.03Details
114315Alarm ControlsACDRC4Door Release Console W/ 4 Normally Open$112.25Details
114123Alarm ControlsAM63101200S Accessory, Armature Housing, For Maglock $38.08Details
114127Alarm ControlsAM6332DUROMounting Plate, Drop-Down, Lowers Locks By 1/2 Inc$66.54Details
113204Alarm ControlsDE1Delayed Egress Station, Push Button, "Push And Hol$158.35Details
582331Alarm ControlsDE1302Delayed Egress Station 2G Ss 2-45 Sec Key Reset$321.64Details
113208Alarm ControlsDRC4Door Rls Cnsl W/4 No Flsh Bttn$112.25Details
114019Alarm ControlsKA105AAce Keyswitch, On / Off, Keyed Alike, Key Removabl$45.25Details
113661Alarm ControlsKA106AAce Keyswitch, On / Off, Keyed Alike, Key Removabl$45.25Details
113670Alarm ControlsKP400Digital Keypad, Indoor / Outdoor, Vandal-Resistant$153.55Details
582404Alarm ControlsPN1433Narrow Style Spdt Blue$110.64Details
113705Alarm ControlsPN5111Push Plate, 1.75" Narrow Style, Pneumatic Time Del$245.35Details
114549Alarm ControlsPS1213Spdt Mom Bronze Push To Exit White Fill$110.64Details
114578Alarm ControlsRP8Remt Plate Sigl Gang Stn Steel$16.05Details
115043Alarm ControlsSPN2461Kr1 Screen Psh F/Emerg Dr Release$120.27Details
582442Alarm ControlsSPN2832M2 10 Ea Dsw1-1 Red 1 Grn 1 Yllw 1-Blue$479.39Details
114903Alarm ControlsSPN3883Sg Ss Dpdt Toggle On/Off Screened$80.19Details
114454Alarm ControlsSPN3940M2 With 3 Dsw 3 Ds Green 12V Doors 1-3$226.52Details
114258Alarm ControlsSPN4297M2 6Ea Dsw-1 Gnnon Ill$309.29Details
115387Alarm ControlsSPN4425Desktop Door Control Unit$1,589.34Details
871558Alarm ControlsSPN6223Desk Top Box With 4 Buttons. 2 N.O. And$104.23Details
1037303Alarm ControlsSPN65265.25" White Circular Cover With 1/2" Red Led Cente$41.51Details
1040222Alarm ControlsSPN6692Sgss 1 Ea Yellow Led-Fa-200$64.15Details
114841Alarm ControlsSPX8174Kr-1-Gr With Red 1/4" Led$155.23Details
115410Alarm ControlsTS1Request To Exit, 1.5" Green Button, Red, Green Led$79.79Details
114506Alarm ControlsTS13302Vandal Resisant .750 Dia Brass Nickel Plated$76.58Details
115270Alarm ControlsTS19Surface Mnt Psh Butt 1-K5 1-K13 1-10C$18.90Details
114520Alarm ControlsTS2RTs2 W/Red Push Button W/Screen$40.70Details
582660Alarm ControlsTS2TENTERTs-2T Labeled Enter$94.22Details
114891Alarm ControlsTS34Buzzer, 85 Db, 3 To 28 Vdc Operation, Mounted On S$26.21Details
115295Alarm ControlsTS724VRqst Exit Small Gr Pb, Exit ..24V Ill$51.07Details
115322Alarm LockCER12345Rim Cylinder Extererior Keyed Alike. T$19.85Details
842174Alarm LockDL2700IC26DSTrilogy Lockset Schlage Ic$583.07Details
582686Alarm LockDL2875IC26DSTrilogy Lockset Schlage Ic, 26D Finish$618.11Details
943494Alarm LockPDL3075IC3Trilogy Ic Prox Lock W/Keypad$1,173.87Details
387840Alarm LockS6070STailpiece Schlage Cylinders. Trilogy Tailpiece Schlage Ic. Or Screw Cap Keyed Cylinder. For Dl2700/3000 Pdl3000. S6070-S / 47455Dr$12.72Details
582938Alarm SafPS12404UL810Power Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 4 Amps, W/ (8) R$929.64Details
116177Alarm SafPS12408UL1215NPower Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 8 Amps, W/ (12)$1,267.07Details
117212Alarm SafPS12408UL1620Power Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 8 Amps, W/ (16)$1,339.29Details
117278Alarm SafPS12408UL1620NPower Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 8 Amps, W/ (16)$1,339.29Details
927820Alpha CommunicationsA4010MAT10 Zone Visual Annunc Iator--Ul Optional$488.78Details
118449Alpha CommunicationsPK502BMulti-Entrance Adaptor---Audio$295.11Details
118239Alpha CommunicationsVI402FB090Flush Backbox-Up To Vi402/090D$148.71Details
583244AltronixAL1012ACMCBJ12Vdc @10Amp W/Acm8Cb In J Enc$406.69Details
359746AltronixALTV248300ULCBM324Vac Or 28Vac Distributed Via Eight (8)$153.96Details
118866AltronixHUBSAT43WPPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Camera Pow$331.72Details
118331AltronixHUBWAY82DSUtp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Power Supply, 8-Ch$503.62Details
119277AltronixHUBWAYAV2Video Balun / Combiner, Slim-Line, Allows Video /$20.04Details
118365AltronixMAXIMAL3RHPower Supply / Charger, W/ Access Power Controller$348.23Details
964620AltronixMAXIMAL75DVMaximal 75Dv Distributes And Switches Po$603.32Details
583377AltronixOLS20MOD66Vdc Ia Pwr Supply$29.22Details
1055967AltronixTROVE1C1Enclosure W/Backplane, Access & Power Integration,$160.10Details
930853AltronixTROVE1M1Enclosure W/Backplane, Access & Power Integration,$160.10Details
944864AltronixTROVE2CV2Access & Power Integration Enclosure W/Backplane,$248.21Details
583398AltronixTS112Tamper Switch W/Bracket$10.87Details
583697American CommunicationsDP38BKMKit - Black M&Amp;S Size Door Station$274.23Details
583699American CommunicationsDP38BXMSM&Amp;S Size Back Box - Surface Mount$29.90Details
767753American CommunicationsDP38C3Rd Generation Controller$272.62Details
841947American CommunicationsDP38NSNAluminum Door Station - Nutone Size$152.35Details
714208American CommunicationsDP38SW3Rd Generation Inbound Trigger Relay$104.23Details
119483American Dynamics / Robot2025055101Card, Pci, Cntlr, Raid, Sata, Ultra$757.58Details
1073764Ascendance WirelessQLMJ342LVQuicklinx 802.11N 300Mbps Outdoor Ap 17D$294.03Details
125002Ascendance WirelessSLWIE1PNLNESecurelinx - Wiegand Single Door/Gate Su$1,183.05Details
123670Ascendance WirelessSLWIE1RDRSecurelinx - Wiegand Single Door/Gate Su$1,344.99Details
877213Ascendance WirelessSLWIEREM12VPSHIDENCLSecurelinx - Wiegand Extender Remote Uni$898.82Details
992174Axis CommunicationsM20FRONTKITAReplacement Front Window Assembly For Ax$37.85Details
859743Benner - Nawman14104MMH14X10 Enclosure W/ Hinged Door$44.94Details
982866Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity7120016800Plastics, V-Unit Recess Wallmount Plate$88.00Details
1059801Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityBVXFXSV-Flex Wr™ With Secugen 500 Dpi Optical$998.34Details
937431Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMA9000000BAMorphoaccess® Power Supply, 12 Vdc 2.5 A$157.29Details
1002924Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityMS0013000BAMorphosmart Optic 1300, Plastic Housing,$252.36Details
1002046Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVFLEX4GSPV-Flex 4G Secugen Opt Hid Prox$1,607.30Details
1044500Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVSTATION*Eol* Station Base$1,890.96Details
1075727Bioscrypt / L-1 IdentityVSTATNAHV-Station Ah V-Station Base Model With L$2,300.66Details
946665Blonder TongueSRTDirectional Tap, 1 Output 5-1000 Mhz, T$2.92Details
135915Bosch SecurityAECAEC21EXT1Access Easy Controller 2.1 Extension Enclosure With 100-240Vac Power Supply Unit$280.00Details
134881Bosch SecurityAECAMC2UL1Enclosure, (1) Din Rail, Small $151.06Details
134912Bosch SecurityAECAMC2UL2Enclosure, (2) Din Rails, Large $206.00Details
134977Bosch SecurityAPCAEC21UPS1Aec2.1 Main Enclosure, Psu1 Access Easy Controller 2.1 Enclosure With Cpu Board, 4 Wiegand Reader Board, 100-240Vac Power Supply Unit, Compact Flash, Quick Start Guide And Cd-Rom Containing Program And Manua$1,550.00Details
135266Bosch SecurityAPIAEC214WRAccess Easy Controller 2.1 4 Wiegand Reader With 8 Input-Output Board$590.63Details
134979Bosch SecurityAPIAEC218I8OAccessory, 8-Input / Output Board, For Apc-Aec21-U$418.50Details
135923Bosch SecurityAPIAMC28IOEExpansion Module, 8 Additional Inputs / Outputs, S$648.89Details
135415Bosch SecurityD928CADual Phone Line Monitor, Canadian $69.22Details
1062339Bosch Security (CCTV)APCAMC24WCFAmc2 Doorcontroller 4 Wiegand With Cf Ca$1,376.48Details
596203Camden Door Controls / Camden Marketing7085GESpring Retrn Dpdt Green$222.53Details
596229Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCI1KSMXLSingle Gang Enclosure$146.41Details
596278Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM1105Flush Mount Key Switch, Spst Momentary N$67.34Details
596388Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM2070Keyswitch$105.41Details
596446Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3000G12Illum Green Mushroom Switch,N/O Mom 12V$92.23Details
928607Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM3050G8Push/Pull, N/O &Amp; N/C, Maintained$104.79Details
596477Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM30PTOEconomy Illuminated Switch, Green Button$34.81Details
1036363Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM330Battery Powered, Wireless Touch Less Swi$175.69Details
990028Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM331Wired Touch Less Switch, 1 Relay$131.00Details
980451Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM332Wired Touch Less Switch, 2 Relays$157.19Details
983515Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM33241SWCm-330 Series Next Generation Sure Wave($175.69Details
962557Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM33242SWSGLRCm-330 Series Next Generation Sure Wave($203.04Details
1029053Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM333Battery Powered Touch Less Switch, 1 Rel$146.41Details
596529Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM354WRAll Active Switch, Handicap Logo/Push T$73.21Details
596581Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4085PTECamden Timed Mechanical Pneumatic Releas$229.85Details
984054Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM4614 1/2 Square Push Plate Switch, Exposed$65.51Details
596671Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM494Vandal Resist. Push Button Kit Handicap$120.05Details
859584Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM50303RPush/Pull, N/O, Maintained, Red Only/Red$105.42Details
899548Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM701SO1Xn/C Switch,'Pull For Door Release',W/Loc Alrm Sn$65.42Details
596775Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM703PC703 Blue Pull Station 1 No,1 Nc W/Plastic Cover$57.64Details
596777Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM7085DURMedium Duty Switch, Spring Retrun,Dpst,1$226.93Details
596836Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM9080Mechanical Push Button W/ Emergency/Push For Hel$68.60Details
763873Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCM9700USwitch With 3 English And Spanish Labels$100.86Details
596925Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV500PCProx Card For Cv500Ppk Pack Of 10$3.76Details
1052551Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX91M06TLS600 Lbs. Mortise Mount Single Door - Wit$161.04Details
142107CBC America / ComputarZCAWMK1Straight Indoor Wall Mount Kit$145.73Details
935020CDVI2DEKIT1 X Ca-A470-A With 2 X Dglpfnwlc26$609.28Details
1064585CDVI2DMKIP2-Door Master Kit/Ip Comm/2 X Dglpfnwlc2$1,134.71Details
1073713CDVIA22Atrium 2-Door Hybrid Controller + Metal$517.81Details
1075422CDVIA22KITBAtrium 2-Door Controller Kit - A22 + (2$655.21Details
1079289CDVIA22KITDGFAtrium 2-Door Controller Kit - A22 + (2$662.65Details
932692CDVIA22KITSBAtrium 2-Door Controller Kit - A22 + (2$677.53Details
1005253CDVIA22KITSKBAtrium 2-Door Controller Kit - A22 + (2$903.88Details
970820CDVIA22KITSTBAtrium 2-Door Controller Kit - A22 + (2$677.53Details
1024490CDVIA22NBAtrium 2-Door Hybrid Controller + Metal$440.71Details
1025785CDVIA22POEAtrium 2-Door Controller + Metal Box +Po$657.21Details
1070739CDVIA22TTDAtrium Demo A22 Display With Starpb Read$309.29Details
942400CDVIAC22Atrium 2-Door Controller + Metal Box + P$524.22Details
1076675CDVIAC22KITSKBAtrium2-Door Controller Kit A-C22+ 2X So$924.74Details
1045710CDVIAX22Atrium 2-Door Expander +Metal Box+Power$524.22Details
953677CDVICAA470A2 Door Expansion$485.55Details
1039660CDVICTV470ANB2 Door Expansion Module$376.26Details
1067497CDVICTV900A2 Door Access Controller$680.51Details
1010753CDVICTV900ANB2 Door Controller$619.26Details
1039247CDVIGF45Flexible Door Hinge Metal Tube$25.68Details
1043284CDVIGNP1CSteel Post For Cars - Goose Neck Post$394.34Details
1027933CDVIR1P1 Ch Remote Radium +Paradox$29.55Details
992235CDVIRSIPSame Function As Ca-Ethr-A$216.50Details
858066Chamberlain Professional / Sentex041B0996Kit,Svc,Postal,Lock-Switch,El2000$25.07Details
597901Chamberlain Professional / Sentex373LM3 Button Remot 315Mghz$34.80Details
597933Chamberlain Professional / Sentex963DLed 3 Butt Garage Opn Remote$46.66Details
597949Chamberlain Professional / SentexCLLADRemote Light Control$26.49Details
597952Chamberlain Professional / SentexCPSUN4Commercial Protector System Logic Nema$146.87Details
598003Chamberlain Professional / SentexEL25KEYEl25 Key$44.28Details
598014Chamberlain Professional / SentexG50NIRNir Retro-Reflective Photoeye$161.84Details
953029Chamberlain Professional / SentexGC83612Exit Probe With 50 Ft Lead$228.24Details
840851Chamberlain Professional / SentexKPW5Wireless Keypad,5-Code,Sec+2.0$125.50Details
598081Chamberlain Professional / SentexMIR1ARMElite Miracle-One Singleactuator Arm 24V$1,048.32Details
598083Chamberlain Professional / SentexMIR2PKG3Double Swing Gate$2,566.49Details
598116Chamberlain Professional / SentexRFCARD4KRf Memory Card 4K$454.37Details
598141Chamberlain Professional / SentexSN11572LP5N3Pcb Assembly For Lp500$1,163.84Details
598142Chamberlain Professional / SentexSN11572MP5N3Pcb Infinity Med P500 N3000Main Processo$1,271.81Details
598265Chamberlain Professional / SentexT108Icon Stainless Steel Door$890.47Details
147055Channel VisionA0503Intercom Remote$21.05Details
145165Channel VisionA0505Remote Controll$17.21Details
145093Channel VisionDS362323-Gang Telephone Entry Door Station-Antique Brass$315.79Details
145133Channel VisionIU6252PIntercom Unit Color Camera Oil Rubbed Panasonic$278.68Details
730990ComNet / Communication NetworksCLLFE4POEUEthernet Extender, Copperline Series, Local, 4-Cha$1,354.25Details
147898Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVH264VMOSNGps, Usb Or Sd Card, Ir Remote Control$1,427.56Details
607019Continental AccessCICP1300Reader Access Control Processing Panel, Super Two,Call for Price.Details
607028Continental AccessCICP1400Controller, Processing Panel, 4 Reader, 3000 CardCall for Price.Details
607029Continental AccessCICP1400ABSmarterm Option, Alarm Expander Board, (SupervisedCall for Price.Details
607031Continental AccessCICP1400MB2561Smartterm Option, Memory Board, 256K, Up To 10,000Call for Price.Details
607032Continental AccessCICP1400PCBSmartterm Accessory, Pc Board Call for Price.Details
607033Continental AccessCICP1400RBSmartterm Option, Relay Expander Board, 16 OutputCall for Price.Details
607034Continental AccessCICP1400ULController, Processing Panel, 4 Reader, Superterm,Call for Price.Details
607036Continental AccessCICP1400ULTReader Access Control Processing Panel, Turbo SupeCall for Price.Details
607038Continental AccessCICP1600ABSuperterm Option, Alarm Expander Board, (SuperviseCall for Price.Details
607039Continental AccessCICP1800Controller, Processing Panel, 8 Reader, Superterm,Call for Price.Details
607040Continental AccessCICP1800EXPController Processing Panel, 8 Reader, Expanded P/Call for Price.Details
607371Continental AccessNLMODSKAlarm Panel, Starter Kit Includes, (1) Nl-Mod, (1)Call for Price.Details
149120Cooper / WheelockISP2WAccessory, Surface Extender, Indoor, White $6.34Details
181825Corby11Tamper Box Recessed Sngl Gang$11.52Details
149431Corby20252 Door Panel$1,171.65Details
414000Corby4058Large Metal Cabinet Used With System 4,5$87.92Details
156064Corby6522Keypd Surf Mt Cov Plate R/G. Keypad Single Door Outdoor. Surface Mount Aluminum House. Spring Loaded Over. Red/Green 2.8W X 4.6L X 1.5Din$155.30Details
181866Corby7030Keypad Single Door Single Gang 3 Led'S$64.96Details
608465Cyrex Networks / Comelit1215Connection Terminal - Simplebus 2/Color$22.34Details
789067Cyrex Networks / Comelit1405Digital Exchange For Systems With 2 Inputs. 2-Wire$168.39Details
1040774Cyrex Networks / Comelit3004XA316 Analog Audio Entrance Pane$801.14Details
149767Cyrex Networks / Comelit31161Housing For Powercom And Ikall Rain Shie$120.27Details
182193Cyrex Networks / Comelit31162Housing With Rain Shield For 2 Modules$144.33Details
156617Cyrex Networks / Comelit31163Housing With Rain Sheild For 3 Module En$178.00Details
746315Cyrex Networks / Comelit31164LHousing (Aluminum) W/ Rain Shield (Surface) 1 Modl$186.03Details
316095Cyrex Networks / Comelit31169Housing (Aluminum) W/ Rain Shield (Surface) 9 Modl$395.87Details
880186Cyrex Networks / Comelit33114WFrame For 4 Module (White) - Powercom/Ikall Series$88.20Details
182210Cyrex Networks / Comelit33236Powercom 6 Push Button Module For Simpleplussystem$97.83Details
149790Cyrex Networks / Comelit33376Cal Module With 6 Push Button For Vip Sy$113.86Details
886349Cyrex Networks / Comelit34626Surface Mount Boxes For 316 Touch And Sense Panels$125.08Details
182222Cyrex Networks / Comelit4887Protection Housing For Idea Entrance Pan$49.84Details
829080Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202HWPlanux Series Vip Sys Hands-Free Clr Monitor White$378.86Details
992851Cyrex Networks / Comelit6732Desk Base For Handsfree Mini Monitor$179.61Details
1081410Cyrex Networks / Comelit6801W7" Maxi Series Monitor, Sbc System$368.04Details
608572Cyrex Networks / ComelitIV10SEz-Pack Video Entry Panel Kit (Surface) 10 Button$1,082.58Details
149843Cyrex Networks / ComelitPA6FPowercom Audio Flush Mount 6Push Entry Panel Kit$400.50Details
149857Cyrex Networks / ComelitVA10SVandalcom Aud Surface Mt 10Pu Bttn Entry Pan Kit$906.87Details
953792Da-Lite70222LSCosmo 137D 72.5X116Npa Mw$1,425.09Details
352831Da-Lite77781Model C 100Diag 60X80Npa Hp$492.03Details
609661Detex Corporation1002341Strike Non Roller$16.30Details
802336Detex Corporation6003CNVXIC7RXBP12XCDXIC7XEDouble Aluminum Storefront 3'0"X6'11" Do$2,495.53Details
852594Detex Corporation85800LNSSKERController And Power Supply With Remote$1,855.06Details
1039754Detex CorporationEAX360C65KSSK1Door Prop Alarm W/ Second Door Prop Dela$320.84Details
716289Detex CorporationECL405DT011Key$2.46Details
150991DoorKing1509080Digital Lock, Indoor, 1 Memory $79.77Details
183663DoorKing1514072Accessory, Yagi High Gain Antenna Kit, Directional$105.59Details
158940DoorKing1514073Accessory, Coax Antenna Kit, Includes (1) Antenna,$30.62Details
150995DoorKing1520040Accessory, 125 Memory Chip, For 1520 Access Contro$62.17Details
164544DoorKing1520041Accessory, 500 Memory Chip, For 1520 Access Contro$62.17Details
150996DoorKing1520042Accessory, 1000 Memory Chip, For 1520 Access Contr$62.17Details
150997DoorKing1520080Door Controller, W/ Awid Reader, Standalone, Up To$427.61Details
150998DoorKing1520081Door Controller, Standalone, Up To (1000) Users, ($356.35Details
158941DoorKing1520082Door Controller, W/ Hid Reader, Standalone, Up To$522.64Details
164545DoorKing1520083Door Controller, W/ Dks Reader, Standalone, Up To$427.61Details
165408Dortronics1000051Replacement Part, Maglock, Armature, For 1000 Seri$49.84Details
922936Dortronics1150XUDXUS31500# 12/24Vdc W/Door Position Switch Po$488.66Details
183973Dortronics1160015Replacement Part, Maglock, Dps Switch Only, Spdt W$19.25Details
165423Dortronics1184101110 & 1115 Series Filler Plate, 1/2" X 1", 12-1/2$31.22Details
151410Dortronics1184201120 Series Filler Plate, 1/2" X 1", 23" Long 1180$39.86Details
151415Dortronics119110Angle Bracket, 1" X 1", 12-1/2" Long, For 1110 & 1$36.54Details
165431Dortronics119210Angle Bracket, 1-1/2" X 1-1/2", 12-1/2" Long, For$38.54Details
165434Dortronics119310Angle Bracket, 2" X 1-1/2", 12-1/2" Long, For 1110$51.16Details
165648Dortronics11985010U-Bracket, For 1/2" Thick Glass, Satin Ss Finish,$84.67Details
1062003Dortronics1200007Interior 3 Button Control Station$48.10Details
1016642Dortronics1200085Mounting Post Heavy-Duty Designer$822.43Details
1069026Dortronics1204120Guide Roller Assy Sgl 3"Coverd$41.67Details
1076365Dortronics1504026Subplate Digital Lock H Inged$39.57Details
950308Dortronics1504051Faceplate Digital Lock Hinged$99.92Details
970984Dortronics1504081Digital Lock/Intercom 2 Memory$331.22Details
1015698Dortronics1505010Pcb Digital Lock With Printer$100.07Details
1074684Dortronics1506094Digital Lock Flush Mount 250 Mem$487.11Details
946178Dortronics152081Stnd Alne Wegand Control$322.65Details
1038111Dortronics1601010Doorking 1601 Motherboard$316.08Details
1061015Dortronics1601069Wood Arm Mounting Bracket$23.22Details
968403Dortronics1601081Barrier Gate Operator 1/2Hp 115V$1,978.51Details
959512Dortronics16011726Ft Plastic Arm$36.77Details
995073Dortronics1601215Mounting Plate, Gearbox$136.95Details
1066941Dortronics1601245Mounting Plate Battery Backup$44.25Details
1034623Dortronics1601384Folding Wood Arm Kit R/W$226.76Details
1060603Dortronics1602123Gearbox 1602$409.17Details
965572Dortronics1603166Parking Tunnel Surf Mnt. 3 Ft$804.70Details
991189Dortronics1603170Auto Spike Extensions$561.80Details
1053145Dortronics1603181Auto-Spike Operator, Surface Mount, 1/2H$2,635.00Details
1001828Dortronics16100843Ft Traffic Spike$1,266.49Details
1023451Dortronics1702514Cam Wall Mnt Offset$8.48Details
937633Dortronics1802091Flush Mount Epd Hnds Free$868.30Details
982438Dortronics1808021Card Awid Prox Linc Iso Grphic$6.17Details
1000293Dortronics1808062Doorking Std Tel Entry Sys 125$845.82Details
975691Dortronics1810084Doorking Flush Mnt,Hands Free$747.38Details
1014928Dortronics1810096Flush Handsfree Ap$977.74Details
1071103Dortronics1812081Doorking 1812-081 Stainless Residential$793.25Details
1035322Dortronics1812086Doorking 1812 Master Unit W/$1,012.14Details
1066384Dortronics1812092Flush Mount Stainless Access+$1,006.93Details
976661Dortronics18120931812 Plus - Wall Mount Stainless Steel$952.73Details
964064Dortronics1812094Wall Mount Access Plus$1,006.93Details
1022759Dortronics1812095Surface Curved Stainless Plus$957.94Details
1048864Dortronics1812096Surface Curved Stainless Access Plus$1,012.14Details
963029Dortronics1812165Manual F/12 V Transformer$1.78Details
1015429Dortronics18141011837 Flush Mnt Back Box$141.44Details
1067282Dortronics1814137Switch Itt Askhc2P04Ac$12.72Details
979894Dortronics1814155Flush Rough In Box$65.11Details
1022395Dortronics1814156Stainless Frame For Rough Box$284.69Details
1037986Dortronics1814166Flush Mount Gold Kit$494.68Details
1044351Dortronics1815004Cover Plastic Wall Mnt 1 Line$36.64Details
943211Dortronics1815054Digital Lock Wiegand Essex Bk$441.64Details
957286Dortronics1815235Rs 485 Expansion Board And Housing$161.66Details
973503Dortronics1815284Prox Reader Awid Mr-1824Mc Includes 12 V$477.37Details
1080283Dortronics1815616Reader Cover Only$36.63Details
1014841Dortronics1815617Card Reader Cover Dks Rf 20$37.85Details
937309Dortronics1820047Powered Rj71C Phone Block$153.79Details
969469Dortronics1833080Doorking 2 Door Controller$1,563.55Details
968997Dortronics1834084Doorking Flush Pc Programmable$1,308.98Details
961536Dortronics1834150Doorking 25 Unit User Memory$284.69Details
989413Dortronics1835084Doorking Door Unit Flush Mount$1,934.40Details
1010105Dortronics1838081Multi-Door Access Controller - 3000 Code$1,001.73Details
1077775Dortronics1871010REVZPcb Residential Phone Line Board.$711.43Details
1057784Dortronics1896019Display Lcd Assy 1 Line$110.01Details
1062895Dortronics1970010Pcb Access Plus Board$818.26Details
957390Dortronics1997010Microphone Board$44.82Details
1014740Dortronics2356006Pcb Led Single Led$11.10Details
961158Dortronics2357010Pcb E Phone Led Green$7.42Details
1060262Dortronics2372080Repeater Dual Wireless$335.56Details
1071057Dortronics2600568Pully 8" Cast Iron$62.86Details
929362Dortronics2600588Heater Assembly For 1812$111.13Details
986773Dortronics2600597Pulley 13" Cast Iron Ac 130 X 7/8$76.33Details
1022441Dortronics2600664Concrete Baseplate For 6050 And 6100$93.17Details
968408Dortronics2600674Accesory Bx F/Swing Gate Op Black$235.75Details
1052998Dortronics2600720Crank Arm Joint Assembly Blk$96.53Details
1029319Dortronics2600722Cover Model 6100 Bb$179.61Details
1018976Dortronics2601235Gearbox Clutch 9000$525.00Details
960760Dortronics4001038Lock Key 16121$11.67Details
159279Dortronics43211LDoor Controller, 4300 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$572.16Details
151429Dortronics43211LUDoor Controller, 4300 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$572.16Details
151430Dortronics43211UDoor Controller, 4300 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$572.16Details
1033314Dortronics4700064Controller Board Only Standard$634.01Details
165653Dortronics47211LDoor Controller, 4700 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$714.78Details
165654Dortronics47211UDoor Controller, 4700 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$714.78Details
165655Dortronics47311LDoor Controller, 4700 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$744.55Details
969462Dortronics47321LS3-Door 2-Room Plc Mantrap/Interlock (Nor$833.91Details
165657Dortronics47321LUS3-Door / 2-Room 1-Normally Locked &Amp; 2-No$714.78Details
747765Dortronics47321U3 Door, 2 Room, All Doors Normally Unloc$714.78Details
151431Dortronics47411UDoor Controller, 4700 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$819.01Details
966433Dortronics48501Door Controller, 4800 Series, Mounted In Nema Encl$1,185.34Details
151433Dortronics49211UDoor Controller, 4900 Series, Mantrap / Interlock,$1,345.93Details
983093Dortronics49212LC9162-Door 1-Room Plc Mantrap/Interlock$2,391.18Details
417280Dortronics49311DLC3-Door 1-Room Plc Mantrap/Interlock 1 Du$2,133.45Details
848687Dortronics49411LC116Custom 4-Door 1-Room Plc Mantrap/Interlo$1,603.66Details
727775Dortronics49411UC116Custom 4 Door 1 -Room Plc Mantrap/Interl$1,603.66Details
1064048Dortronics49411UC316Custom 4 Door 1 Room Plc Mantrap/Interlo$1,689.59Details
151437Dortronics49612UDoor Controller, 4900 Series, Mantrap /$2,004.59Details
613218Dortronics49622LX2RLYCCustom 6 Door, 2 Room Plc Interlock Cont$2,276.64Details
159290Dortronics5211MP23DARXE1Exit Release Butt Single Gang Stainless$227.08Details
976366Dortronics5211MP23RXL1-9/16"Dia. Dpst Momentary/Red/(1) Bi-Co$84.67Details
711057Dortronics5211MP23RXLE31-9/16Dia Dpst Mom/Red/Emerg Release/Led$105.20Details
165671Dortronics52363P25Push Button, Snap Action, Mini Box Console, 2 1/2$136.64Details
881235Dortronics5276HD23DAPush Button, 5276 Series, Heavy Duty, Vandal Resis$246.96Details
889999Dortronics5276HD28XLXE6Heavy Duty Vandal Proof - Maint/Dpdt - P$143.05Details
1030964Dortronics6003050Key For Lock Actuator$5.33Details
1083097Dortronics6100040Housing Assembly 6100$179.61Details
984700Dortronics6100500Ck 6100 Housing Assy W/Clutch$396.17Details
957607Dortronics6300042Housing Operator$229.01Details
979462Dortronics6300082Swing Gate Operator 1/2Hp 115V W/ Dc$1,842.19Details
977073Dortronics6500080Swing Gate Operator 1/2Hp 115V$1,802.11Details
1042641Dortronics6500081Swing Gate Operator 1/2Hp Secondary$1,492.40Details
936429Dortronics6500082Swing Gate Operator 1/2Hp 115V$2,157.91Details
151532Dortronics651000K6500 Series Accessory, Spare Key $8.24Details
1003880Dortronics6510COVX6510 Series, Anti Tamper Cover, 4-7/8 Inch W X 5-1$64.15Details
417303Dortronics6510COVXE6Plexiglass Anti-Tamper Cover With Custom$102.63Details
184047Dortronics6510YLS35XCSEmergency Pull Station, Dual Spdt, W/ Local Piezo,$131.50Details
417304Dortronics651280BACKBack Plate For 6510/Cov/S Or /Sr$26.12Details
314692Dortronics653002GASKET9X7X2" Weather Gasket 6510/S Or /Sr$15.12Details
159315Dortronics7201XL2Led Indicator, 3/16 Inch Diameter, (2) Bi-Color Le$45.18Details
937676Dortronics7201XL2HWRXCS1 Each Water Proof Red/Green High Intens$112.90Details
184056Dortronics7281EAXK332Exit Door Alarm, W/ Key Switch Reset, Delay, 2-60$189.24Details
1063323Dortronics8054010Pcb Rec Microplus Keypad 318Mz$200.94Details
946544Dortronics8057084Receiver Microclik 500M$267.16Details
963181Dortronics8067085Proxmitter Dkproxclik 2B 318Mz$29.46Details
1054985Dortronics8071081Micro Plus Standalone 3 Butt Transmitter$26.04Details
993246Dortronics8080091Safety Edge &Amp; Channel 6Ft, 4 Wire$203.87Details
151557Dortronics8160XWGKey Pad, Waterproof/Vandal Resistant, 26-Bit Wiega$272.62Details
165701Dortronics8170XNSNarrow Waterproof, Vandal Resistant Keyp$224.52Details
1079735Dortronics9000081Slide Gate Operator 1/2Hp 115V Secondary$1,292.95Details
978041Dortronics9000088Slide Gate Operator 1Hp 230V 1Phase$1,688.85Details
968346Dortronics9401061Pre-Fabrctd Loop Wire Yellow$154.91Details
969579Dortronics9401062Doorking Prefab Red Loop$154.91Details
1000642Dortronics9402076Doorking 9402076 Black Loop$98.80Details
1028088Dortronics9402081Loop Wire Red 1000Ft$154.91Details
1054553Dortronics9411010Loop Detector Single W /Relay$133.59Details
940807DortronicsB01S6Amature Housing$30.75Details
1069596DortronicsD527825XE1WTouchless Switch Dpdt Wave To Open$83.40Details
165707DortronicsD5286P15XHCPDouble Gang, Spdt Momentary, Blue Handic$105.36Details
151563DortronicsD5286P15XHCP3Double Gang, Spdt Momentary, Handicap Lo$140.00Details
184074DortronicsD5286P23DAXHCP3Delay Action/Handicap Blue/White$279.68Details
151564DortronicsD5286P25XHCPDpdt Mom Act/Handicap Blue Logo$107.77Details
1007723DortronicsDKMLM61LTMortise Lock Led &Amp; Timer 600 Lb$174.01Details
151566DortronicsDPA1100Door Pull, Aluminum, For Ml-1100 Mortised Lock 110$243.75Details
184080DortronicsMM300Maglock, Mini-Mite, 300 Lb, W/ Ss Housing, 3-1/4"$125.08Details
184084DortronicsN500351Accessory, Electrical Box, Narrow, Back Box, High$29.23Details
861743DortronicsR5286P23DAXE5Delay Action/Emergency Door Release$219.38Details
728332DortronicsTJ1000XCF12/24Vdc W/Top Jam/Cond.$309.29Details
184095DortronicsW5277PZLXE1Piezo Switch Delay Psh Butt$189.24Details
159348DortronicsW5286ATXE1XDBAStandard, Momentary Switch Plate With Ad$125.72Details
930266DortronicsW5286ETXLDpdt Elect.Time Delay 1 Gang No Text/Led$150.09Details
1022536DortronicsW5287P23DAXE1XUS26DSingle Gang/Round Heavy Duty/Pneumatic T$292.57Details
184107DortronicsWR514114Weather Resistant Single Gang Plate/Spdt$70.56Details
159356DortronicsWR5211MP23DARSingle Gang Weather Resistant Plate, Num$214.24Details
733361DortronicsWR5211MP23PPRWeather Resistant 1 9/16 Dia Dpst Alt/Re$98.80Details
810146DortronicsWR5276HD28XE1Heavy Duty Water Proof Alt Action/Dpst/”$123.80Details
771918DortronicsWR5276HD29Push Button Switch, 3/4 Inch Round, Stainless Butt$112.25Details
762003DortronicsWR5276HD29XLRGXE1¾ Round Stainless Button-With Illuminat$132.96Details
151593DotworkzANTCBL46MMAntenna Cbl Lmr 40,6N-Male$120.27Details
151594DotworkzANTFP5818Flat Panel Antenna 5.8Ghz 18Dbi$190.83Details
159375DotworkzANTOM5810Omni Antenna 5.8Ghz 10Dbi N-Femal Cnnctr$190.83Details
151601DotworkzD2HB110AC12DCTHtr/Blwr 110Ac Pow Run Drct W/Tntd Lens$501.03Details
184130DotworkzDWPKG1Dome Wizard Package Pro Kit,Pole,Clean Head,Mitts$342.28Details
1077561DotworkzDWPKG5PAK(5) Pack Of Our Dw-Pkg1 Product$1,473.64Details
159382DotworkzINPSU11Prxim Mp.11 Indr Sub Unit Intgrtd$1,096.82Details
159386DotworkzNMPW58BSUWrless Base Stat Unit W/Prox 5.8Ghz$1,911.73Details
418167DSI / Designed SecurityCUSTOM4ZCCustom 4 Zone Desk Top Controller$1,347.93Details
152011DSI / Designed SecurityDS4200001Weatherized Door Management Alarm$348.87Details
351124DSI / Designed SecurityES11800Series 800 Controller Stand Alone 120Vac$1,292.95Details
152024DSI / Designed SecurityES411K2D Prop W/Alarm St; Barrel Key, Not A Sto$168.39Details
835563DSI / Designed SecurityES4200009Es4200K3 Weatherized Door Management Alarm$584.52Details
159905DSI / Designed SecurityES750P01Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$388.62Details
166145DSI / Designed SecurityES750P02Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$388.62Details
166146DSI / Designed SecurityES750P03Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$407.21Details
152099DSI / Designed SecurityES750P04Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$407.21Details
152100DSI / Designed SecurityES750P05Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$398.36Details
184654DSI / Designed SecurityES750P06Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$398.36Details
159906DSI / Designed SecurityES750P07Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Led Annun$373.57Details
166147DSI / Designed SecurityES750P08Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Engraved$351.45Details
152101DSI / Designed SecurityES750P09Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Spst Barr$373.57Details
166148DSI / Designed SecurityES750P10Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Rim Hardw$495.73Details
166149DSI / Designed SecurityES750P11Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Rim Hardw$452.36Details
166150DSI / Designed SecurityES750P12Rack Control Panel, 1.75 Inch X 19 Inch, Audible S$385.97Details
152102DSI / Designed SecurityES751P01Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$450.59Details
166151DSI / Designed SecurityES751P02Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$450.59Details
152103DSI / Designed SecurityES751P03Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$469.18Details
166152DSI / Designed SecurityES751P04Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$469.18Details
159907DSI / Designed SecurityES751P05Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$460.32Details
159908DSI / Designed SecurityES751P06Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$460.32Details
159909DSI / Designed SecurityES751P07Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Led Annun$435.54Details
159910DSI / Designed SecurityES751P08Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Engraved$413.41Details
184656DSI / Designed SecurityES751P09Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Spst Barr$435.54Details
184657DSI / Designed SecurityES751P10Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Rim Hardw$557.71Details
184658DSI / Designed SecurityES751P11Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Rim Hardw$514.32Details
166153DSI / Designed SecurityES751P12Rack Control Panel, 3.50 Inch X 19 Inch, Audible S$447.93Details
166154DSI / Designed SecurityES752P01Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$513.45Details
184660DSI / Designed SecurityES752P02Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$513.45Details
152104DSI / Designed SecurityES752P03Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$532.04Details
166155DSI / Designed SecurityES752P04Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$532.04Details
166156DSI / Designed SecurityES752P05Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Momentary$523.18Details
166157DSI / Designed SecurityES752P06Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Alternate$523.18Details
166158DSI / Designed SecurityES752P07Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Led Annun$498.39Details
184661DSI / Designed SecurityES752P08Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Engraved$476.27Details
159911DSI / Designed SecurityES752P09Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Spst Barr$498.39Details
184662DSI / Designed SecurityES752P10Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Rim Hardw$620.55Details
166159DSI / Designed SecurityES752P11Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Rim Hardw$577.18Details
152105DSI / Designed SecurityES752P12Rack Control Panel, 5.25 Inch X 19 Inch, Audible S$510.79Details
184663DSI / Designed SecurityES760P01Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 3 Inch X 3 In$157.91Details
152106DSI / Designed SecurityES760P02Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 3 Inch X 3 In$142.30Details
184664DSI / Designed SecurityES761P01Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 4 Inch X 3 In$187.28Details
152108DSI / Designed SecurityES761P02Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 4 Inch X 3 In$171.67Details
159913DSI / Designed SecurityES762P01Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 5 Inch X 3 In$215.74Details
152109DSI / Designed SecurityES762P02Rack Control Panel , Knee Space Unit, 5 Inch X 3 I$200.13Details
184665DSI / Designed SecurityES763P01Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 6 Inch X 3 In$245.11Details
184666DSI / Designed SecurityES763P02Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 6 Inch X 3 In$229.52Details
184667DSI / Designed SecurityES764P01Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 7 Inch X 3 In$274.50Details
159914DSI / Designed SecurityES764P02Rack Control Panel, Knee Space Unit, 7 Inch X 3 In$258.89Details
351056Dynalock130012DPSBMBDeadbolt With Door Position W Ball And M$297.31Details
152247Dynalock2011DSMLPMag Lock Sgl Lp Dsm Us28. Electromagnetic Lock. Sgl Door Outswing 1200 Lb. Door Status Monitor - Low Pwr. 12Dc Aluminum$316.06Details
614662Dynalock2011TJLPDSMInswing Mag With Door Status And Low Pow$392.97Details
184800Dynalock2022DSMDbl Mag Lock W/Door Status Switch$615.30Details
1008060Dynalock2022US19DSM2Dbl Mglk Stn Blck Fnsh W/ Dr Stts Mntr$664.60Details
166970Dynalock2101BATSBPMDSMDYNDelay Egress Sngl Lck Outswng$784.85Details
152264Dynalock2280DSMDYNLEDUS28Outswing W/Door Status, Bond Sensor And$416.89Details
351020Dynalock2280DSMUS28Single Outswing With Door Status 1200Lb$350.10Details
965042Dynalock2280TJ80DSMUS28Single Inswing With Door Status 1200Lb$428.38Details
314412Dynalock2282DSM2US28Double Outswing With Door Status 1200Lb$673.65Details
152269Dynalock2282US28DSM2DYN22282 Double Outswing Door With Dsm2 &Amp; D$758.07Details
729434Dynalock2522US28XDSM2Double Bantam Outswing Lock With Door St$524.81Details
418347Dynalock2522US3DSM2DYN2Double Outswg Dr Stat Bond Sensr Bright$767.74Details
418349Dynalock2522US4DSM2DYN2Double Outswg Dr Stat Bond Sensr, Satin$661.60Details
184831Dynalock301003Disk Stop For The 3101B Wheel Kit Assembly$8.62Details
843651Dynalock301338Plastic Armature Housing With Dsm Earth$93.52Details
160403Dynalock3101BATSBPMDSMDYNDly Egree Sngl Lck Outswng$867.61Details
350955Dynalock3101BDSMLPDelay Egress With Door Status And Low Po$769.90Details
160418Dynalock3121BDSM2DYNDelayed Egress Double Door Maglock$1,254.34Details
748137Dynalock3121C2ATS2BPMDSM2DYN2US10BDelay Egress With Anti Tamper,Bypass Mon$1,427.70Details
827472Dynalock3121CUS28DSM2DYN2BPMDouble Delay Egress With Door Status, Bo$1,287.95Details
167413Dynalock43034000 Series Spac Plate F/2522$43.75Details
989653Dynalock5500DB5FACKLC5500 Pwr Sply W/Dstrbr Brd 5 Zn Fr Alm Cnt & Ky Lc$453.42Details
167445Dynalock5500FACPower Supply W/Fac 3 Am 12/24V. W/Fire Alarm$358.71Details
877020Dynalock6350US32D6350 Four-Zone Delay Egress Monitor$277.34Details
721879Dynalock7004CYLWPCDyn-7004Cyl In A Nema 4 Single Gang Box$131.36Details
762001DynalockKIT301354Armature Housing Kit$84.45Details
169321Edwards / GS Building Systems151G1DODoor Opener Chrome 24V Dc$144.80Details
169322Edwards / GS Building Systems151G5Mortise Door Opener 24Vac Brushed Chrome$47.46Details
152773Edwards / GS Building Systems71602120110-Zone English Pcb/Overlay$272.62Details
161532Engineered Mechanical InnovationsBRDS35RSolid Door Right Hdgd$229.66Details
153121Engineered Mechanical InnovationsPDP2221LMDoor Perf 22W 12U Lh Blk$178.32Details
153122Engineered Mechanical InnovationsPDP2244LMDoor Perf 22W 25U Lh Blk$198.63Details
616442Engineered Mechanical InnovationsSO191218Swing Out Assy 19Rm 12U 18Bd Blk$186.31Details
161642Essex ElectronicsKIP34KReader W/ Keypad & Controller, Edgesolo, Indoor /$610.28Details
811853Essex ElectronicsKITPX26IIp Keyless, Single Door, T-Prox, 2X6 Ill$778.44Details
161863EverfocusEFLP041A4 Door Flexpack W/1 Door Exp &Amp; 4 Mullion$1,191.28Details
171336EverfocusEFLP041C4 Door Flexkit 2 Single Gang, 2 Keypad R$1,228.51Details
617428EverfocusNAV02C2 Door Controller, Expandable Up To 8 Do$618.54Details
173010Fargo / HID81593Cleaning Kit Includes 2 Printhead Clea$33.19Details
622496Fargo / HID92979Dtc 550 System, Bundle Includes: Dtc550$2,582.58Details
1065544Flair ElectronicsDA115RDoor Alarm, Single Gang Stainless Steel$15.28Details
718678Garvin IndustriesSC5075BK4" Square Black Swivel Fixture Hanger Fo$17.76Details
871055Garvin IndustriesSLR1EVLight Gauge Steel One Device Opening Mou$1.46Details
623642GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206306EChubb Afx Main Panel W/Feb, Ul$428.76Details
623643GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206307FNfa2P Type2 Afx, European Cabinet$114.32Details
623644GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206309FNfa2P Type3 Afx, Long European Cabinet$142.67Details
623645GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206310GLcd Keypad, Grey, No Reader$136.08Details
623646GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206310WAfx Keypad Plus, No Reader$136.08Details
623647GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206311GAfx Lcd Keypad W/G-Prox, Chubb$159.73Details
623648GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206311WAfx Keypad Plus W/G-Prox Ii Reader$159.73Details
623649GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206312GAfx Keypad Plus, External Reader$151.63Details
623650GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1206312WAfx Keypad Plus, External Reader$151.63Details