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Access Control Systems

Readers, Proximity

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
579242Adams RiteA1003090HP1626Wireless Prox. Keyless Entry Control 626 Finish$1,151.79Details
112423AiphoneGHXPXpoint Card Reader Module, Gf/GhCall for Price.Details
387513AiphoneISSSHIDIAudio Door Stn. W/ Hid® Iclass® Card ReCall for Price.Details
115546Alarm LockDK300010BUnsecured Keypad$482.58Details
114668Alarm LockDK300026DUnsecured Keypad$521.59Details
115160Alarm LockDK30003Unsecured Keypad$482.58Details
115323Alarm LockDK30005Unsecured Keypad$466.06Details
116303Alarm LockNETPDK10BSecured Prox Keypad$475.51Details
116304Alarm LockNETPDK26DSecured Prox Keypad$475.51Details
116074Alarm LockPDK300010BUnsecured Prox Keypad$671.61Details
116369Alarm LockPDK300026DUnsecured Prox Keypad$671.61Details
116370Alarm LockPDK30003Unsecured Prox Keypad$691.98Details
115722Alarm LockPDK30005Unsecured Prox Keypad$674.30Details
115723Alarm LockPDK3000MSTrilogy T3 Prox/Keypad Al. Trilogy Digital Keypad. 2 Form C Relays Red Greenlight. 12-14 Vdc Sounder And Tamper. Metalic Silver$614.82Details
359978Alarm Saf9650112” X 12” X 4” Card Reader Interface Box$276.12Details
359004Applied Wireless / AWIDDC1023GR0Csn Read Only,Dual Frequency Reader,Gray,Awid Logo$160.38Details
722574Applied Wireless / AWIDKP6840Gray, Integrated Keypad Reader$195.64Details
122383Applied Wireless / AWIDKP6840GR0Kp-6840Gray Integrated Keypad,Wiegand &$195.64Details
122385Applied Wireless / AWIDKP6840GRMPReader, Kp-6840, Integrated Keypad, Proximity, 6-8$188.73Details
123287Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000Beige, Awid Logo, Long Range Reader$1,260.03Details
124218Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000BUReader, Perimeter Access Control, Long Range, 902$1,264.12Details
122387Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2000HILOMABUReader, Perimeter Access Control, Long Range, (2)$1,443.41Details
358998Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2200Uhf Extra Long Range Reader -European Ve$1,772.63Details
358997Applied Wireless / AWIDLR2200BUReader, Lr-2200, Perimeter Access Control, Long Ra$1,519.38Details
388659Applied Wireless / AWIDLR3000BULong Range Reader, Lr-3000, White, Awid Logo, Rugg$1,622.98Details
322112Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911B0Beige, Awid Logo, Long Range Reader, 9-1$1,260.03Details
122389Applied Wireless / AWIDLR911HILOMAB02 Units W/Antenna & 6Ft Coax Cable, Long Range Rea$1,496.28Details
770883Applied Wireless / AWIDMM6800Mullion Mount Reder, Gray, Awid Logo, 6-$121.88Details
123289Applied Wireless / AWIDMM6800GR0Mullion Mount Reader , Gray 6-8In Mm-680$130.19Details
711791Applied Wireless / AWIDMM6800GRMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Multi Protocol, Mullion Moun$117.57Details
752418Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824GMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Proximity Medium Read Range,$219.67Details
758091Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOGMPReader, Mr-1824, Medium Range, Hilo, 2 Units, 18-2$408.74Details
826787Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOMCMr1824 Hi Lo, 2 Units, Metal Compensated$596.32Details
834989Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824HILOMCGMPReader, Mr-1824, Medium Range  Hilo, 2 Units, Meta$575.25Details
358995Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824MCGSentinel-Prox Longrange Reader Metal Compensated$311.84Details
710934Applied Wireless / AWIDMR1824MCGMPReader, Mr-1824, Medium Range, Metal Compensated,$283.43Details
123293Applied Wireless / AWIDNDK2300S0Sentinel Prox Keypad Reader$431.45Details
122393Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820Switch Plate Reader Gray$121.88Details
124231Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820BR0Reader, Awid Logo, Switchplate-Type, 125 Khz, Read$117.57Details
123576Applied Wireless / AWIDSP6820GRMPReader, W/ Awid Logo, Multi Protocol, Sentinel-Pro$117.57Details
122398Applied Wireless / AWIDSR2400GR0Sr-2400-Gr-0E Reader, 4-5.5 In Range Gry$55.09Details
123296Applied Wireless / AWIDUA612MUReader, Perimeter Access Control, Awid Logo, Switc$278.46Details
867194Applied Wireless / AWIDXR3600GR0Reader, Xp-3600, Uaxcess, Access Control, Mullion$123.76Details
943975Axis CommunicationsA4010EREADERWITHOUTKEYAxis A4010-E Reader Is A Generic Touch-F$250.74Details
1047266Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293638856Same As Sigma Bio &Amp; Includes Iclass Read$1,658.59Details
1077490Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293638898Same As Sigma Bio &Amp; Includes Prox Card R$1,338.69Details
1058460Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293673644Morphoaccess Sigma Lite+ Iclass Card Re$900.30Details
936325Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293673665Morphoaccess® Sigma Lite With Prox Card$764.71Details
1028320Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293678678Morphoaccess Sigma Lite+ Prox, Card Rea$881.39Details
931432Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity8811539213V Smart Ah Finger I Class Reader$1,291.01Details
593402Bosch SecurityARDFPBEPHPOCReader, Bioentry Plus, Hid Proximity $803.40Details
135870Bosch SecurityD8223Proximity Reader, Weatherproof, 5 Inch Square, Cha$213.99Details
135294Bosch SecurityD8223PProximity Reader, Outdoor, 2-Piece Polycarbonate E$322.77Details
135872Bosch SecurityD8224Mullion Proximity Reader, Weatherproof, 6 X 1.7 In$164.15Details
135295Bosch SecurityD8224SPSwitch Plate Reader, Surface Mount, Mounts To Stan$167.22Details
135403Bosch SecurityD8225Mini Mullion Proximity Reader, Weatherproof, Wiega$94.47Details
1014076Bosch Security (CCTV)ARDSER10WILectus Secure 1000 Wi Iclass Reader$149.91Details
961023Bosch Security (CCTV)ARDSERK40W1Lectus Secure 5000 W1 Iclass Reader Amc)$520.38Details
941442Bosch Security (CCTV)D8223PHid Prox Pro And Pin Reader$345.61Details
1040803Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCMCSEEm Format Iso Prox. Card, Package Of 10$29.73Details
879113Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV110SPKSlim-Line Stand Alone Prox Reader & Keypad, 1 Rela$149.79Details
596926Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV500PPKStand Alone Proximity Reader$260.60Details
838093Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV550SPKStand-Alone Hid Prx Reader/Keypad,1Relay,2000 User$158.19Details
596930Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV600Mprox Contrlr W/ Mullion Prox Readr 1-2$248.89Details
596932Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV601Mprox Cntrlr W/ Mullion Prox Rdr 4-5"$278.59Details
760495Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV602K1M-Prox 2 Controller C/W Mullion Reader&(5)Prox Crd$425.24Details
844685Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV602K2M-Prox 2 C/W (2) Rd. (5) Cards$523.79Details
596933Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV6348PRProx Reader Hid 8 Bit Piezo Keypd Sng Gng Sf Mount$537.29Details
596934Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV634PR3/4 26Bit Surfce Mnt Prx Rdr Sng Gng 5-12Vdc Wieg$537.29Details
911278Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV653PRHIDProx Reader$431.99Details
900077Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV710SLBacklit Wiegand Keypad, Silver$170.79Details
596936Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV7400Awid Prox Reader Mullion 4"-5" Read Rang$109.19Details
596937Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV7820Awid Reader$142.79Details
844724Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV930Metal Awid/Hid Proximity Reader$122.98Details
766834Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV93020RDMetal Proximity Reader &Amp; Keypad Metalic$720.73Details
827249Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV930SLMetal Awid/Hid Proximity Reader,Metallic Silver Fn$114.79Details
866346Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV930WHMetal Awid/Hid Proximity Reader Add Suf$152.25Details
1019442Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV94020Biometric Fingerprint Reader &Amp; Keypad, F$714.78Details
836196Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCV940BMCPCover For Biometric Fingerprint Reader A$66.72Details
1018769CDVIBTAG25Blue Proximity Key Tag. Sequential Decim$76.17Details
976830CDVICS25Standard Proximity Card (Clamshell). Seq$53.98Details
943874CDVICS25HStandard Proximity Card (Clamshell). Seq$76.17Details
988651CDVIDGLIOptional Add-On Proximity Reader For Pro$226.44Details
1003611CDVIDGLIFWLC26Multi-Technology Wiegand Proximity Reade$242.96Details
991470CDVIDGLIWLC26Multi-Technology Wiegand Proximity Reade$242.96Details
1035366CDVIDISCTAG25Cdvi Mini Pvc Adhesif Disc Tag. Sequenti$84.18Details
964093CDVIGALEOWPolished Heavy-Duty Cast Alloy Keypad. B$234.93Details
960520CDVIISO25Thin Proximity Card Iso. Printable On Bo$76.17Details
1036964CDVIKCPROXWLC26Multi-Technology Proximity Card Reader W$454.02Details
1036196CDVIKTAG25Black Proximity Key Tag. Sequential Deci$76.17Details
948845CDVINANOPBBlack Nano Proximity Reader$95.90Details
941458CDVIR1Remote 1-Button$22.34Details
1063440CDVIR125USBCard Enrollment Usb Key$128.28Details
1053241CDVIR2Remote 2-Button$24.92Details
1035704CDVIR4Remote 4-Button$27.50Details
1074826CDVISOLARKPBBlack Proximity Reader And Keypad$216.50Details
942593CDVISOLARKPWWhite Proximity Reader And Keypad$226.11Details
1071206CDVISOLARPBBlack Proximity Reader$105.84Details
988683CDVISTARPBBlack Mullion Proximity Reader$105.84Details
1007536CDVIWR2Wireless Receiver W/ 2 Relays$76.50Details
1068435CDVIWR2LCDWireless Receiver W/ 2 Relays/Lcd Displa$121.24Details
1058696CDVIWRAPWireless Rx W/Atrium Plug-In Receiver$88.20Details
1013469CDVIWRWWireless Receiver (Wiegand)$103.60Details
1084140CDVI AmericasCMPPCard Enrolment Unit W/Prx Mod$272.99Details
597773CDVI AmericasDGLIFWLC26Multi-Tech Wiegand Proximity Reader,Vandal Proof$257.59Details
892662CDVI AmericasDGLIWLC26Mullion Vandal Proof Proximity Reader$257.59Details
597776CDVI AmericasDGLP60WLCLong Range(60Cm)Multi-Technology Wiegand Prox Read$483.29Details
597777CDVI AmericasDGLPFNWLC26Multi-Technology Wiegand Proximity Reader,$103.59Details
779656CDVI AmericasDGLPTWLCProx Reader$166.59Details
597779CDVI AmericasDGLPWLC26Multi-Tech Wiegand Prox Reader$103.59Details
597791CDVI AmericasKCPROXWLCMulti-Techology Proximity Card Reader And Keypad$480.59Details
914929CDVI AmericasMETAL1Metal Cdvi Tag$9.08Details
597792CDVI AmericasNANOPBMini Wiegand Proximity Card Reader$99.39Details
597793CDVI AmericasNANOPWMini White Proximity Reader$106.39Details
597820CDVI AmericasSOLARKPBMulti-Techology Proximity Card Reader & Keypad Blk$222.59Details
863389CDVI AmericasSOLARKPWWhite Prox Reader & Keypad$239.39Details
597821CDVI AmericasSOLARMBBlack Proximity Mifare Reader And Keypad$202.99Details
872761CDVI AmericasSOLARMWSolar Mifare Proximity Reader - White$202.99Details
597822CDVI AmericasSOLARPBMulti-Technology Proximity Card Reader$111.99Details
770318CDVI AmericasSOLARPWWhite Proximity Reader$117.59Details
597823CDVI AmericasSTARPBMullion Multi-Technology Proximity Card Reader$109.19Details
860709CDVI AmericasSTARPWMullion White Proximity Reader$117.59Details
597987Chamberlain Professional / SentexECR485BElite Rs485 Card Reader Box$1,971.19Details
597988Chamberlain Professional / SentexECR485TElite Card Reader Thin$1,684.33Details
597989Chamberlain Professional / SentexECR485WElite Card Reader Wide$591.30Details
864774Chamberlain Professional / SentexKPR2000Kpr2000: Liftmaster Keypad/Reade$196.53Details
598099Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPLXStand Alone Proximity Reader$273.96Details
598100Chamberlain Professional / SentexPPRPProximity Radio Programmer$95.86Details
607096Continental AccessCICR2236PSAOReader, Indala Arch, Slim, Up To 5" Read Range, OnCall for Price.Details
156050Corby4082Reader 26 Bit Flex Pass$494.02Details
156057Corby4203Prox Reader-Pyramid-Single Gang-26/30 Bi$109.90Details
181860Corby4345Replacement Circuit Board$67.90Details
1015522Cypress Computer SystemAACT7120Aactivate Handheld Reader$2,449.99Details
955161Cypress Computer SystemAACT7160Aactivate Handheld Reader$2,624.99Details
1030355Cypress Computer SystemHHR3152GYHandheld Wireless Reader Kit Gray$3,661.24Details
1017010Cypress Computer SystemHHR3162GYWirelessly Verify Ids/Control Relay From Hand Unit$3,393.74Details
962286Cypress Computer SystemHHR3162WHWirelessly Verify Ids/Control Relay From Hand Unit$3,393.74Details
1078994Cypress Computer SystemHHR3166GY$3,572.49Details
920545Cypress Computer SystemSPX7400RReader Extender, Single Door/Gate, Wired, Suprex,$694.19Details
608454Cypress Computer SystemWMR2120Port Wrls Hid Awid Prox Rdr$2,897.49Details
608457Cypress Computer SystemWMR2220Port Wrls 2 Rdr Hid Awid Prox$5,569.29Details
608460Cypress Computer SystemWMR7120Mobile Handhld Unit 2.4 Ghz Farpointe,Hid/Awid Prx$2,449.99Details
901829Cypress Computer SystemWMR7311Base Unit, Access Control Panel Interface, 2.4 Ghz$626.39Details
806218Cyrex Networks / Comelit6602WIcona Series Hands-Free Color Monitor, Vip System$457.72Details
749674Cyrex Networks / ComelitIA10SEz-Pack Audio Entry Panel Kit (Surface)$732.64Details
182631Detex Corporation1040171Modular Cable$36.98Details
157976Detex Corporation104020Delay Switch$26.99Details
315817Detex CorporationDTX2300Card Reader Keypad Standalone$581.84Details
160013Detex CorporationPROXIPEN2Proxipen-2 Rfid Tag Reader$662.84Details
941143Dortronics1504124Dk Prox Card Reader / Intercom Sub Stati$304.17Details
1012201Dortronics1508020Doorking Awid Standard Proxim-$4.14Details
1048989Dortronics1520084Card Reader Dkprox Standalone$387.52Details
1023427Dortronics1524080Card Reader Dk Prox Standalone$241.35Details
983808Dortronics1815234Rs 485 Prox Reader Hid Thinline Ii W/ Su$453.55Details
943971Dortronics1815247Card Reader Dks20/Weigand Keypad$512.00Details
997419Dortronics1815249Card Reader Hid/Weigand Keypd$591.03Details
946502Dortronics1815250Card Reader Dk Prox/Weigand Keypad$490.36Details
1041090Dortronics1815280Doorking Prox Reader Awid$112.25Details
1065348Dortronics1815281Prox Card Reader Awid$200.94Details
999405Dortronics1815282Prox Reader Awid Mm-6800$200.94Details
1046044Dortronics1815283Prox Reader Awid Mr-1824 Includes 12 Vdc$387.52Details
1046460Dortronics1815301Card Reader-Dkprox$70.71Details
978790Dortronics1815302Prox Reader Dk Prox 2 Inch Range$70.71Details
1026537Dortronics1815306Prox Readr Dkprox Mid Range$519.57Details
1082579Dortronics1815330Card Reader Dk Prox &Amp; Enc Assy$132.45Details
1036866Dortronics1815331Card Reader Dk Prox Enc Exp$365.88Details
969079Dortronics1815332Card Reader Dk Prox Rs485$222.28Details
1075107Dortronics1815380Prox Reader Hid Proxpoint Plus$167.27Details
930967Dortronics1815392Prox Reader Hid Thinline Ii With Surface$606.18Details
963498Dortronics1815395Prox Reader Hid Maxiprox Includes 12 Vdc$919.36Details
945531Dortronics1815406Dks Prox Card Reader Weigand Output 18"$2,850.49Details
1080036Dortronics1815420Prox Reader Tagmaster Lr-3$3,094.04Details
1043568Dortronics1815421Prox Reader Tagmaster$4,098.76Details
1077461Dortronics1815422Tagmaster Lr-6Xl Long Range Reader (46 F$5,284.38Details
1013006Dortronics1838124Card Rdr Prox Remote Phone$298.77Details
1056783Dortronics1893017Prox Card Holder$3.20Details
1036484Dortronics8066082Proxmitter Awid-Clik 1B 318Mz$28.26Details
1047192Dortronics8066084Dks Microplus Prxmittr$28.26Details
1031667Dortronics8066085Proximtters Dk Prox Clik 318 Mz$28.26Details
1056432Dortronics8069087Proxmitter Dk Prox Plus 1 Button 318 Mz$27.06Details
1081136Dortronics8070082Microplus Proxmitter 2B W/ Awid Prox Tag$28.26Details
967913Dortronics8070084Doorking Proxmeter Hid 2$28.26Details
1031573Dortronics8071082Microplus Proxmitter 3B W/ Awid Prox Tag$29.46Details
857318Essex ElectronicsIRX1GSSIrox Reader 13.56Mhz, Narrow; Guardian L$289.09Details
922881Essex ElectronicsIRX2GSSIrox Reader, 13.56Mhz, Single Gang; Guar$289.09Details
764718Essex ElectronicsIRXP2101Iroxplus Multiclass Se Reader; Single Gang; Securi$310.49Details
616873Essex ElectronicsKIPRX1Network Reader, Kip Roxprox Series, Keyless, Proxi$610.28Details
616875Essex ElectronicsKIPRX2Network Reader, Kip Roxprox Series, Keyless, Proxi$610.28Details
171150Essex ElectronicsKPIP34KCard Reader W/ Keypad & Controller, Hid Prox, Edge$764.15Details
185806Essex ElectronicsKPIP34SCard Reader W/ Keypad & Controller, Hid Prox, Edge$764.15Details
171174Essex ElectronicsPPH103SNKeypad / Reader, Hid Proximity, 26 Bit Wiegand, St$345.15Details
171175Essex ElectronicsPPHPRO103Reader, Piezoprox, Hid Proximity, Wiegand Output,$161.55Details
161664Essex ElectronicsPPHPRO163Reader, Piezoprox, Hid Proximity, Wiegand Output,$161.55Details
161665Essex ElectronicsPRX1Reader, Roxprox Series, Proximity, Wiegand Output,$145.08Details
616897Essex ElectronicsPRX1IPNetwork Reader, Roxprox Ip Series, Proximity, Wieg$250.25Details
171176Essex ElectronicsPRX2Roxprox Reader Single Gang W/ Esex Grobe Design$158.19Details
1071451Essex ElectronicsPRX21Roxprox Ii, 125 Khz Prox Reader; Narrow,$158.19Details
1045900Essex ElectronicsPRX21BALLRoxprox Ii 125Khz Reader; Narrow, Ball Logo$158.19Details
859476Essex ElectronicsPRX22Roxproxii Reader; 125Khz Reader, Single Gang$152.59Details
1012324Essex ElectronicsPRX22BALLRoxprox Ii 125Khz Reader; Wide, Ball Logo$158.19Details
753470Essex ElectronicsPRX22CUSRoxproxii Reader Single Gang,125Khz - Custom Lens$158.19Details
1051989Essex ElectronicsPRX22SUPRoxprox Ii 125Khz Prox Reader, Single Gang; Supern$172.19Details
870958Essex ElectronicsPRX2ACUSRoxprox Ii Reader, No Faceplate; 125Khz, Custom Le$137.19Details
171177Essex ElectronicsPRX2CFRoxprox Reader Sing Gang Square Blank Fp White Epx$157.75Details
616899Essex ElectronicsPRX2IPSDKRoxprox Ip Software Development Kit$409.04Details
905992Essex ElectronicsPRX2R101Roxprox Reader; Single Gang; Security 101 Graphics$152.59Details
616901Essex ElectronicsPRXAProximity Reader Assembly, Roxprox Series *No Face$126.07Details
738927Essex ElectronicsPRXACFRoxprox Reader, No Faceplate; Green Led$149.52Details
171178Essex ElectronicsPRXICFRoxprox Narrow Custom Button / Grphics$172.19Details
419310Essex ElectronicsTPX26IReader, T-Prox Series, Dual Technology, W/ Thinlin$302.40Details
153443EverfocusEFLP021C2 Door Flexpack Kit With 1 Single Gang R$915.81Details
171403EverfocusERK871NRBReader, Keypad, Wiegand 26 Or Rs232, Single Gang,$88.19Details
171404EverfocusERM871MRBReader, Outdoor, Weather Resistant, Proximity, 125$63.43Details
186044EverfocusERR871NRBReader, Wiegand 26 Or Rs232, Single Gang, Weather$63.43Details
162654Fargo / HID89035Hdp5000 Base Model, 16 Mb Memory, Hid Pr$3,690.09Details
623340GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005411G-Prox Ii Desktop Programmer And Softwar$633.73Details
623341GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005420BG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/3M/10' Cab$327.02Details
623342GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005420GReader,G-Prox I/Sp Arm, Chubb, Grey$327.02Details
623343GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005420WG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/3M/10' Cab$327.02Details
623344GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005421BG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Wiegand Ke$250.46Details
623345GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005421GG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Wiegand Ke$250.46Details
623346GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005423BG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Matrix Key$184.69Details
623347GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005423GG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Matrix Key$362.38Details
623348GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005424BG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Matrix Key$323.41Details
623349GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005424GG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Matrix Key$323.41Details
623350GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005424WG-Prox I Switchplate Reader W/Matrix Key$323.41Details
623351GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005430BReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Arm, Chubb, Black$143.64Details
623352GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005430GG-Prox Ii Switchplate Arming Station W/3$143.64Details
623353GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005430WReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Arm, Chubb, White$143.64Details
623354GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005431BG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$143.64Details
623355GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005431GG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$143.64Details
623356GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005431WG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$143.64Details
623357GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005433BG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$162.48Details
623358GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005433GG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$162.48Details
623359GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005433WG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$162.48Details
623360GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005434BG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$109.21Details
623361GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005434GG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$109.21Details
623362GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005434WG-Prox Ii Switchplate Proximity Reader W$109.21Details
623363GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005435BG-Prox Ii Mullion Arming Station W/3M/10$143.64Details
623364GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005435GG-Prox Ii Mullion Arming Station W/3M/10$143.64Details
623365GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005435WReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Arm, Chubb, White$143.64Details
623366GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005436BG-Prox Ii Mullion Proximity Reader W/Wie$143.64Details
623367GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005436GG-Prox Ii Mullion Proximity Reader W/Wie$143.64Details
623368GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005436WG-Prox Ii Mullion Proximity Reader W/Wie$143.64Details
623369GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005439BG-Prox Ii Mullion Reader, Chubb, Black$109.21Details
623370GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005439GG-Prox Ii Mullion Proximity Reader W/3 M$109.21Details
623371GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005439WG-Prox Ii Mullion Proximity Reader W/3M/$109.21Details
623372GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005730Pml, 100 Blank, Photo Id 0.036"$74.75Details
623373GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005731Pml, Photo Ready Magstripe, Cds$264.36Details
623374GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1005735G-Proxcards Photo Sticker For Abs Cards$42.72Details
623375GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1007616Director V4 Lev2 Upgrade Package$1,258.81Details
623709GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208224BReader, G-Prox I/Sp Reader, Verex, Black$273.90Details
623710GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208224GG-Prox I Reader, Grey, Guardall$273.90Details
623711GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208224WReader, G-Prox I/Sp Reader, Verex, White$273.90Details
623712GE Security / UTC Fire & Security12082262 Door Adp Expansion W/Cabinet And Pwsp$866.07Details
623713GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208230BReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Arm, Verex, Black$143.64Details
623714GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208230WReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Arm, Verex, White$143.64Details
623715GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208231BReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Wei Kp, Verex, Blac$143.64Details
623717GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208231WReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Wei Kp, Verex, Whit$143.64Details
623718GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208233BReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Mat Kp, Verex, Blac$162.48Details
623720GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208233WReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp Mat Kp ,Verex, Whit$162.48Details
623721GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208234BReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp, Verex, Black$109.21Details
623722GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208234GReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp, Guardall, Gr$109.21Details
623723GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208234WReader, G-Prox Ii/Sp, Verex, White$109.21Details
623724GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208235BReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Arm, Verex, Black$143.64Details
623725GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208235GReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Arm, Verex, Gr$143.64Details
623726GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208235WReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Arm, Stn, Verex, Wh$143.64Details
623727GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208236BReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Reader Wkp, Verex,$143.64Details
623729GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208236WReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Reader Wkp, Verex,$143.64Details
623730GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208239BReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Reader, Verex, Blac$109.21Details
623731GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208239GReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Reader, Verex,$109.21Details
623732GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1208239WReader, G-Prox Ii/Mu Reader, Verex, Whit$109.21Details
163885GE Security / UTC Fire & Security320098004Proximity Perfect Reader Cable, 15Ft.$32.49Details
163886GE Security / UTC Fire & Security320098005Proximity Perfect Rea105.40Der Cable, 15$172.59Details
780011GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430084002*Eol* Model 940 Proximity Perf$370.63Details
187976GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430084002CRCm Partners,Legacy Casi-Rusco Model 940$363.07Details
155725GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430084501CRTraditional Model 941 Proximity Perfect$393.34Details
624012GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430084502CRLegacy Casis Prox Reader Black$385.21Details
155726GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430085001Proximity Perfect Reader Grey$521.92Details
163904GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430085002Proximity Perfect Reader Black$521.92Details
175924GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430085501Model 971 Proximity Perfect Reader*$537.06Details
312260GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430088001Model 972 Proximity Perfect Reader*, Wit$627.83Details
175930GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430211004Model T-525W Reader, Gray, 12-Key Keypad$446.30Details
163914GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430222002Reader,T-100,Transition Series,Mini Mull$106.68Details
155734GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430240006Reader, Mullion, Model T-700 Smart Card,$229.87Details
175932GE Security / UTC Fire & Security430241006Reader, Midrange, Model T-720 Smart Card$255.14Details
624084GE Security / UTC Fire & Security520836001CRLegacy Casi-Rusco Model 940 Proximity Pe$431.15Details
163928GE Security / UTC Fire & Security520839001CRTraditional Model 941 Gray Reader And Ju$453.86Details
175956GE Security / UTC Fire & Security520850001972 Black Reader And Junction Box Kit$706.55Details
155753GE Security / UTC Fire & Security520851001973 Gray Reader,Junt Box &Amp; Cable$728.39Details
188000GE Security / UTC Fire & Security521210002G/E Model T 520Sw Reader Kit Charcoal$332.82Details
175962GE Security / UTC Fire & Security5395CK100Thinline Ii Proximity Reader, Switch Pla$159.88Details
443323GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityA0012A321212Inin Pt Assy W/Autopan$1,033.92Details
164137GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityACUXL16E1L00ARemote 16Ch Reader Panel W/Key And Enclo$1,400.78Details
155966GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL1191Smart Reader, Indoor$155.39Details
176152GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityAL1422Proxpro Readers, 9" Read Range (Hid-Pr53$247.42Details
624503GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityD232RPAKLICDiamond Ii 32 Reader Pak Capacity Licens$713.39Details
158366GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityEPROX25PACKEntrée Proximity 25 Pack - Clam Shell Ca$55.55Details
625625GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityRRE04E00URre4, 4 Reader Interface (Ddcx2), No Enc$957.33Details
167004GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTPZRPP250Igs Hid Doorframe,5Max Reader"$204.58Details
188755GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTPZRPP256Maxiprox Long Range Reader, 24" Read$719.07Details
176675GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTPZRPP260Proxpoint Reader 3" Read Range$125.50Details
188756GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTPZSYSATwo-Reader System Two Tpz$1,324.55Details
1066252GeoVision / USA Visions520DFR1352000Gv-Dfr1352 Door Frame Card Reader$89.59Details
964845GeoVision / USA Visions520RK1352000$107.79Details
626961GeoVision / USA Visions55RE251110GVREADER125KGv-Reader 1251 (125Khz)$35.53Details
1037474GeoVision / USA Visions55RFD13520101GVR1352Gv-R1352 Card Reader V1 (13.56 Mhz) Ip66 Outdoor R$92.39Details
173353H.A.I. Home Automation32A007Omni Touch Spanish$743.05Details
178841HID1326NGSSVSPECProxcard Ii, Non-Prog, F-Gloss,$3.24Details
628463HID1336LGCRV110020Duoprox Ii, Custom, Random#, Vert. Slot,$6.14Details
178849HID1336LGGSVSPECDuoprox Ii Prog, F-Glss, B-Glss Seq #$6.14Details
178879HID1386NGGRVIsoprox Ii, Prog, F-Gloss, B-Gloss, Rand$5.58Details
628526HID1391NSSSNMicroprox Tag, Non-Prog, F-Hid Logo Gray, Adhesive$4.05Details
173892HID140322BK5455 Proxpro Ii Proximity Card Reader -$169.41Details
168590HID1430MGGMVCrd Mifare,Prg Hid 13.56M,F-Gls,B-Gls,Mtch#,Vrt Sl$3.76Details
975505HID1431LGGMNMHid Prox &Amp; Mifare, Prog, F-Gloss, B-Glos$6.66Details
173915HID1680129Weigand Dual Tech Prox Card$13.96Details
168620HID2000HPGGMVIclass Sr 2K/2,Prgmd,F-Gloss,B-Gloss,Match #,W/Slo$4.28Details
729733HID2003HPGGMNIclass Sr 32K (16K/2 + 16K/1), Prgmd, F-Gloss, B-G$8.26Details
178936HID2003PGGMHI-Cladd 32K Prog Matching# Horizontal Slot$8.26Details
628650HID2003PGGMVIclass 32K (16K/2 + 16K/1), Prog., F-Glo$8.26Details
949725HID2024CG1NNNIclass, Prox 32K Configured,F-Gl, B-Gl W/ Mag$11.86Details
168698HID2080PMSMVSPECIclass Clamshell Card$3.24Details
817780HID2120BGGMCMComposite Iclass Prox 2K/2, Prog., F-Glo$9.04Details
628778HID272NBKGGMNMHid Mifr 4K Desfr Ev1 8K8 Lam,Prg,F/B-Gloss,No Slt$11.55Details
347180HID3001PGGMNIclass 16K/2 Se, Prog, F-Gloss, B-Gloss$7.94Details
447835HID3004PGGMNIclass Se Prog W/Sio,Gloss,Gloss,Match,No Slot Pun$8.26Details
628793HID3100PGGMNMIcls Prx 2K/2,Prg W/Sio,F/B Gls,Seq Mtch,No Slot$8.65Details
628795HID3100RGGMVMIcls Prx Se 2K/2,Prg,F/B-Gls,Match,Vert Slot$8.65Details
447842HID3102RGGMVMIclass Prox Se (16K/16), Prog Iclass/Pro$10.23Details
191374HID31102305Black Universal Combination Reader$287.66Details
191385HID3140190Turnstile Reader Black Reader$691.38Details
310731HID3150BNH00Rdr, Iclass Prgmr, Rohs V4 High Security$1,431.84Details
191393HID4045CGNU0Reader / Keypad, Entryprox, Stand-Alone, Charcoal$198.28Details
310725HID5005B1B04Hid Proxpoint Plus Designer Black$78.97Details
852004HID5006PG1MNComposite Icls Seos 8K,Prg,F/B-Gls,W/Mag,No Slot$5.53Details
827958HID5105RG1MNMComp Icls Seos Prx 16K,Prg,F-Gls,B-Gls W/Mag,No Sl$12.09Details
718182HID5106RGGMNMCard, Iclass Seos, Proximity, Composite, 8K Bytes,$8.46Details
799396HID5106RGGMNNComposite Iclass Seos Prox Contactless S$8.65Details
179036HID5325CL5PAK5325 - Cl Usb Prox Readers , 5 Pack$304.80Details
179037HID535010101Accessory, Base, For Proxpro Reader, Charcoal Gray$24.59Details
191398HID5352ABK00Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Serial, 125Khz, Beige <$290.24Details
168738HID5352ABN00Reader, Proxpro, Prox, Serial Output, Beige $184.79Details
191399HID5352AGK00Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Serial, 125Khz, Gray $272.04Details
174098HID5352AGK09Reader W/ Keypad, Proxpro, 125 Khz, Serial, Gray <$265.99Details
191400HID5352AGK10Proxpro Serial, Gray, Keypad$290.24Details
191401HID5352AGK14Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Serial, 125Khz, Gray $265.99Details
191402HID5352AGN00Reader, Proxpro, Prox, Serial Output, Gray $184.79Details
179040HID5352AGN09Reader, Proxpro, 125 Khz, Serial, Gray $190.39Details
191404HID5352AGS10Proxpro Rdr,Ch Gry,Weigand,Kypad$290.24Details
866138HID5355A3022Cov Assy, Proxpro, Gry, No Keypad Lead Free$26.99Details
174101HID5355A30501Accessory, Programmed Assembly, Proxpro $99.46Details
179042HID5355A30602Keypad Cover Assembly, For Propro W/ Keypad, Beige$198.91Details
628886HID5355A30606Cover Assembly Proxpro W/Keypad And Bezel Beige$206.56Details
174104HID5355ABN00Reader, Proxpro, Prox, Wiegand Output, Outdoor, Up$178.05Details
168743HID5355AGD00Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Wiegand, 125Khz, Gray $372.55Details
168744HID5355AGK09Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Wiegand, 125Khz, Gray <$282.14Details
1028172HID5355AGK09110315Proxpro Wiegand, Gray, Keypad, Lead Free, Hid Slee$290.24Details
179049HID5355AGK11Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Wiegand, 125Khz, Gray $282.14Details
191412HID5355AGN00Reader, Proxpro, Wiegand Output, Gray $178.05Details
191413HID5355AGN01Proxpro Wiegand, Gray, No Keypad, Lead F$178.05Details
347167HID5355AGN10Hid 125Khz Prox Reader Charcoal Gray Pigtail$190.39Details
174108HID5355AGN11Reader, Proxpro Wiegand, 125Khz, Gray, No Keypad <$184.79Details
174109HID5355AGN14Reader, Proxpro Wiegand, 125Khz, Gray, No Keypad <$178.05Details
904387HID5355AGS10Prox Pro Proximty W/Keypad$290.24Details
191415HID5355AGS20Reader W/ Keypad, Proxpro, Wiegand, 125 Khz, Gray$265.99Details
191416HID5358AGK00Reader, W/ Keypad, Proxpro Clock/Data, 125Khz, Gra$282.14Details
179055HID5358AGK09Reader W/ Keypad, Proxpro, 125 Khz, Clock / Data,$290.24Details
179058HID5365E1P00Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Design$154.94Details
191427HID5365E1P07Miniprox Rdr,Blk,Weigand Output,Pigtail$160.99Details
191428HID5365E1T00Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Terminal, Des$154.94Details
168754HID5365E5T00Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Terminal, Des$165.19Details
174117HID5365EBH00Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, Hazardous Box, B$311.07Details
174118HID5365EBP00Minprox Readr Beige Pgtail. Miniprox Reader. With Pigtail. Proximity Reader$154.94Details
168755HID5365EBP04Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Classi$154.94Details
174119HID5365EBP05Reader, Miniprox, Wiegand, 125 Khz, Classic Beige$160.99Details
191433HID5365EBT00Reader, Miniprox, Wiegand, 125 Khz, Terminal, Rohs$154.94Details
191434HID5365EBT04Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Terminal, Bei$165.19Details
174120HID5365EGH00Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, Hazardous Box, C$321.29Details
174121HID5365EGP00Minprox Reader Grey Pgtail. Miniprox Reader. With Pigtail. Proximity Reader$154.94Details
955160HID5365EGP00110315Miniprx Wg,Clsc Gray,Cbl,Hid Sleeve & Label$165.19Details
179066HID5365EGP01Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Classi$154.94Details
191438HID5365EGP02Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Classi$160.99Details
179067HID5365EGP03Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Classi$160.99Details
191440HID5365EGT00Minprox Grey Termnal Strip. Miniprox Reader. With Terminal Strip. Proximity Reader$154.94Details
168759HID5365EGT01Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Terminal, Cla$160.99Details
179068HID5365EGT04Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Terminal, Cla$165.19Details
191442HID5365EGT07Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Terminal, Cla$165.19Details
179073HID5365EKP00Minprox Reader Blk Pigtail. Miniprox Reader. With Pigtail. Proximity Reader$154.94Details
191446HID5365EKP04Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Classi$165.19Details
174128HID5365EKP06Reader, Miniprox Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Classi$154.94Details
168760HID5365EKP07Reader, Miniprox, Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Black$165.19Details
950597HID5365EWP00110315Miniprox Wgnd,Clsc White,Cble,Hid Sleeve& Lbl$165.19Details
191452HID5365EWT00Reader, Miniprox, Wiegand, 125 Khz, Terminal, Clas$154.94Details
174138HID5368EGP00Minimax Gray Pigtl Clock. With Clock. With Pigtail. Proximity Reader$154.94Details
168769HID5368EGP07Reader, Miniprox, 125Khz $160.99Details
191460HID5368EKP00Reader, Miniprox Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$165.19Details
191461HID5368EKT00Reader, Miniprox Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Terminal,$165.19Details
191470HID5395C1100Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Des$163.79Details
168774HID5395C2104Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Des$167.99Details
179089HID5395C5104Thinline Ii Wiegand,Designer White,Cable,Lead Free$163.79Details
191476HID5395CB100Thinline Ii Beige Pigtail. Proximity Reader. With Pigtail$163.79Details
179090HID5395CB101Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$157.82Details
191478HID5395CB104Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$163.79Details
174155HID5395CG104Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$157.82Details
179092HID5395CG105Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz $163.79Details
179093HID5395CG106Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$163.79Details
191485HID5395CK101Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$163.79Details
168778HID5395CK102Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$157.82Details
174157HID5395CK103Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$163.79Details
168779HID5395CK104Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$157.82Details
179095HID5395CK105Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$157.82Details
179096HID5395CK107Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$163.79Details
179100HID5395CW104Reader, Thinline Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cla$167.99Details
174163HID5398CG100Reader, Thinline Ii Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Cable,$157.82Details
174164HID5398CW100Reader, Thinline Ii Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Cable,$167.99Details
628903HID540510305Accessory, Bezel, Prox 80, White $24.59Details
179110HID5455BGL00Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ 9 Foot Cabl$170.35Details
191505HID5455BGN01Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, 32 Bit, Standa$160.72Details
179111HID5455BGN02Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Gray$172.19Details
168791HID5455BGN03Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, Classic Gray,$172.19Details
168792HID5455BGN05Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Gray$166.59Details
168793HID5455BGN06Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Gray$166.59Details
191506HID5455BKL00Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ 9 Foot Cabl$170.35Details
191507HID5455BKN00Reader, Proxpro Ii, Prox, Wiegand Output, Black $160.72Details
168795HID5455BKN01Reader, Proxpro Ii Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Blac$160.72Details
179114HID5455BWN00Reader, Proxpro Ii, Wiegand, 125 Khz, White $160.72Details
168801HID5458BGN00Reader, Proxpro Ii Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Cable, G$166.59Details
841852HID5535301Proxpro Wiegand, Gray, Keypad, Lead Free$272.04Details
168810HID6005B1B02Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, 18 Inch Pigtail$85.39Details
174181HID6005B1B04Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Desig$79.79Details
179122HID6005B1L00Proxpoint Wiegand, Designer Black, 9Ft C$89.39Details
191519HID6005B2B00Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Desig$79.79Details
191524HID6005B4B00Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Desig$85.39Details
179129HID6005BBB00Reader, Proxpoint, Wiegand, 125 Khz, Rohs, Dfm, Ca$82.59Details
168816HID6005BBB06Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$76.99Details
179130HID6005BGB02Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$79.79Details
174191HID6005BGB05Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$82.59Details
168821HID6005BGL00Prox Point Plus Reader$95.19Details
174194HID6005BKB01Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$82.59Details
168823HID6005BKB03Reader, Proxpoint, Wiegand, 125 Khz, Cable, Classi$82.59Details
168824HID6005BKB04Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$82.59Details
174195HID6005BKB05Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$79.79Details
310722HID6005BWB005Proxpoint Wiegand Reader Classic White W/Cable$85.39Details
179134HID6005BWB06Reader, Proxpoint Wiegand, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Class$82.59Details
732956HID6005GBG00*Eol* Plus Reader, Proxpoint Plu$79.79Details
191542HID6008B1B00Reader, Proxpoint Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Cable, De$79.79Details
168833HID6008BGB00Reader, Proxpoint Clock/Data, 125Khz, W/ Cable, Cl$79.79Details
174208HID6008BKB04Reader, Proxpoint Mcm, 125Khz, Clock/Data, Black $76.99Details
168839HID6075BKN00110Hid Flexsmart Mifare Rdr,Read Only,Blk,A$110.57Details
310720HID609130201Accessory, Bezel Accessory, Iclass Reader, Mullion$16.40Details
174215HID6100CGN0007G30Iclass R10 Read Only Contactless Smart C$90.44Details
806704HID6100CKN0000*Eol *I-Clas R10 13.56Mhz Read Mnt$90.44Details
179154HID6100CKN0008G30Iclass R10,Univ,Read Only,Blk,Cbl,Std,64$90.44Details
168859HID6101CK40000Rdr, Rw100 Iclass Dfm,Blk,Term Stp, Rs48$122.51Details
191575HID6101CKT0000Iclass Reader Rw100 Iclass Dfmblack, Ter$122.51Details
179168HID6109CKN0000Iclass R10-T Reader$185.22Details
347160HID6120BGN000Iclass R40 Smart Card Reader$185.22Details
174246HID6120BGN0408G3R40 Reader$185.22Details
179178HID6120CGN0000Iclass Reader R40 Gray. Smart Card Reader Only$176.40Details
168876HID6120CGN00C0Iclass R40 Contactless Smartcard Reader;$176.40Details
174248HID6120CGN0202Iclass R40,Read Only,Gray,Cbl,Stndrd$185.22Details
179182HID6120CGN0408G30Rdr, R40, Iclass, Dfm, Gray, Pig, 64 Bit$176.40Details
174252HID6120CKN0000110330Custom Intel R40 Rdr, Iclass, Dfm, Blk$185.22Details
179187HID6120CKN0202Iclass R40,Read Only,Blk,Cbl,Stndrd,26 B$176.40Details
179188HID6120CKN0400Iclass R40,Read Only,Blk,Cbl$176.40Details
893952HID6120CKT0000Rdr, R40 Iclass Dfm, Blk Erm Stp,No Samx$176.40Details
168885HID6120CKT000KG30Iclass R40 Contactless Smart Card Reader$176.40Details
833894HID6124CKD000DRdr, Rp40-T, Iclass Dfm, Indala,Transit,$229.01Details
628989HID6124CKN0005Rp40-T,Icls Dfm,Hid Prx,Bk,Pig,Transit,Lead Free$235.19Details
191619HID6124CKN000FRdr, Rp40-T, Iclass Dfm, Hid Prox, Trans$229.01Details
174262HID6125BGN040DG30Rdr, Rp40, Multiclass, Dfm, Gray, Pig, P$213.51Details
310716HID6125BKD000DG30Rdr, Rp40 Multiclass Univ, Blk$213.51Details
898093HID6125CGD0000*Eol* Multiclass Dfm, Gry, 18" Pig,$203.34Details
168908HID6125CGN0307G30The Rp40 Is A Multi-Technology Card Read$203.34Details
1051739HID6125CKD0005Rdr, Rp40, Multiclass, Dfm, Blk, 37 Bit,$203.34Details
191625HID6125CKD0007G30Entryprox Accessory, Security Tool$203.34Details
191626HID6125CKD000DRdr, Rp40, Multiclass, Dfm, Blk, Pig, Pi$213.51Details
168915HID6125CKD0100Reader, Rp40, Multicass, Dfm, Blk, 32 Bi$203.34Details
168918HID6125CKN0005G30Rdr, Rp40, Multiclass, Dfm, Blk, Pig, Pi$181.44Details
179206HID6125CKN0400Iclass Rp40 Combination Technology Reade$203.34Details
168923HID6128CKN0000Rdr, R40 Iclass, Dfm, Blk, Pig, Clock An$176.40Details
310708HID6128CKN0002Iclass R40$185.22Details
174792HID6130BGN000009Rdr, Rk40, Iclass Dfm Ii, Kyd$327.98Details
191644HID6130BKN000014I-Class Rk 40 Reader With Keypad$327.98Details
191645HID6130BKN000700G30Rdr, Rk40 G3.0 Iclass, Keypad Blk, 18" P$327.98Details
174819HID6130BKT060C00G30Rdr. Iclass Rk40 W/Keypad, Blk, Terminal$312.38Details
168933HID6130CGT000009Iclass Rk40 Read Only Contactless Smart$312.38Details
168935HID6130CKN000014Rdr, Rk40, Iclass, Dfm Ii, Kpd,Blk$312.38Details
179220HID6130CKN000200Rdr, Rk40, Iclass, Dfm Ii, Kyd, Blk, Pig$312.38Details
191658HID6130CKT000700G30Rdr, Rk40, Iclass, Dfm Ii, Kpd, Blk, Ter$312.38Details
750421HID6131CK4000000Icls Dfm Ii Kypd Rwk400,Blk,Term Stp,Rs485,Rohs$208.47Details
168947HID6131CKT000000Reader Rwk400 Iclass Univ Blk Std Config 32 Bit$208.47Details
849121HID6131CKU00000Rdr, Iclass Dfm Ii Keypad Rwk400, Blk, T$337.11Details
347152HID6133AKN000000Rdr, Rpk40 Multiclass Univ Keypad, Clock$353.97Details
628998HID6133CGN000000Rdrm Rpk40, Multiclass, Dfm, C&Amp;D, Gray,$337.11Details
836868HID6134CGN000A00Rpk40-T,Mltcls Dfm Ii Kypd,Pig,Gry,Transit,Prx Mdl$405.15Details
347151HID6134CKN000F00Iclass Dfm Ii Keypad Rpk40-T Rdr, Gry, P$405.15Details
191662HID6136AGN000209Hid Rpk40 Mulity Class Reader, C/W Keypa$353.97Details