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Audio Video Systems

Audio Video Power Supplies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
113900AiphoneLT1Accessory, Lef Open Voice Sys, Matching TransformeCall for Price.Details
112814AiphoneNP25VNon Polarized Capacitor, 33 Mfd, 25V Call for Price.Details
112817AiphonePS1225ULPower Supply 12Vdc 2.5A,120V. 2.6 Amps 12Vdc Output. 120Vac InputCall for Price.Details
112821AiphonePS1820ULPower Supply 18Vdc 2A Ul. 2 Amp 18Vdc Output. Ul ListedCall for Price.Details
112823AiphonePS2420ULPower Supply 24V Dc 2A Ul. 2 Amp 24Vdc Output. Ul ListedCall for Price.Details
112824AiphonePT1210NTransformer Plug In 12V Ac. 10Va 12Vac Output. Ul ListedCall for Price.Details
113478AiphonePT1211CTransformer, Plug-In, 110 V, 15 Vac Call for Price.Details
113483AiphoneSA1Surge Arrestor Ie Series Call for Price.Details
124924Atlas SoundECM15SHPower Conditioner, (2) Outlets, 15 Amps, Active Ou$163.79Details
126121Atlas SoundECM20Power Conditioner, (2) Outlets, 20 Amps, Active Le$99.19Details
126124Atlas SoundECMRACEWY6Electrical Housing, 20 Amps, 120 Vac, (4) Electric$114.56Details
125949Atlas SoundECS6RMElectrcl Cntrl Sequencer,6 Circuits,Remote Monitor$460.40Details
125149Atlas SoundHD70WMagnet, Ceramic, 10Oz, 70.7V-5W Transformer, 51-8$35.22Details
125160Atlas SoundHT87Transformer, 70.7V, High Quality 8 Watt Audio $30.48Details
125164Atlas SoundHX334525Transformer, Intercom, 25V, 45 Ohm $16.95Details
126305Atlas SoundLT70Transformer, 70.7V, General Purpose $15.15Details
593133Bogen CommunicationsTL600Transformer, Input, Plug-In, 600 Ohms, With Matchi$67.37Details
593179Bogen CommunicationsWMT1ATransformer, Line Input, 600 Ohms, With Matching T$34.31Details