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Audio Video Systems

Commercial Interface

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1021955AMX by HARMANAXB232Axb-232++ Rs232/422/485 Inter$572.39Details
948762AMX by HARMANAXBDMX512Axb-Dmx512 Dmx512 Interface$787.79Details
1010098AMX by HARMANCCUSBNICc-Usb-Ni Usb Programming Cab$44.23Details
960168AMX by HARMANENVVSTTSFEnv-Vst-Tsf Viewstat Indoor F$127.39Details
986355AMX by HARMANEXBCOM2Exb-Com2 Icslan Serial Interf$572.39Details
994958AMX by HARMANFG1010310Dx-Tx,Dxlink Multiformat Hdcp$1,023.09Details
949028AMX by HARMANFG1010310MXDx-Tx,Dxlink Multiformat Hdcp$1,003.59Details
1011118AMX by HARMANFG1010320BLDx-Tx-Wp-Bl,Dxlink Multi Wall$865.79Details
1028640AMX by HARMANFG1010320WHDx-Tx-Wp-Wh,Dxlink Multi Wall$865.79Details
1011802AMX by HARMANFG1010330WHDxlink 4K Hdmi Decor Style Wallplate Transmitter ($651.29Details
1009937AMX by HARMANFG210020Exb-Rel8 Icslan Relay Interfa$491.39Details
939693AMX by HARMANFG210021Exb-I/O8 Icslan Input/Output$491.39Details
1070817AMX by HARMANFG210023Exb-Irs4, Icslan Ir/S Interfac$572.39Details
936283AMX by HARMANFG210026Exb-Mp1, Icslan Multi-Port, 1$572.39Details
1050097AMX by HARMANFG226502Msd-701-L, 7.0 Modero S Landsc$1,438.74Details
1029637AMX by HARMANFG226506Mst-701, 7.0 Modero S Landsca$1,509.99Details
1020251AMX by HARMANFG22653110.1" Modero S Series G4 Wall Mount Touch Panel$2,194.99Details
979823AMX by HARMANFG2265327" Modero S Series G4 Wall Mount Touch Pane$1,438.74Details
967545AMX by HARMANFG226537Rmbk-701 7 Amx Roombook Sched$1,438.74Details
954772AMX by HARMANFG226540Rmbk-1001 101 Amx Roombook S$2,194.99Details
1042395AMX by HARMANFG3004KNdt-Vkp, Virtual Keypad$8,142.27Details
1080449AMX by HARMANFG415100GRAcendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar W/Camera$1,231.09Details
1000976AMX by HARMANFG596601BATBattery Pack For Mvp-5200I$654.74Details
975462AMX by HARMANFGN1115WPWHNmx-Enc-1115-Wp-Wh$1,234.99Details
1002928AMX by HARMANFGN2312SA4K Uhd Video Over Ip Stand Alone Encode$1,334.99Details
1016244AMX by HARMANFGN2322SA4K Uhd Video Over Ip Stand Alone Decoder$1,261.24Details
1076809AMX by HARMANFGN8307STNt-St-701, 7" N-Touch Tabletop Touch$1,479.99Details
947414AMX by HARMANFGVSW30010MPNmx-Enet-300-10-Poe, Cisco 300$1,015.29Details
970014AMX by HARMANFGVSW30028MPNmx-Enet-300-28-Poe, Cisco 300$1,982.49Details
964840AMX by HARMANMCP106LBLMcp-106L-Blmassio 6-Btn Co$572.39Details
1029867AMX by HARMANMCP106LWHMcp-106L-Whmassio 6-Btn Co$572.39Details
1046137AMX by HARMANMCP106PBLMcp-106P-Blmassio 6-Btn Co$572.39Details
981473AMX by HARMANMCP106PWHMcp-106P-Whmassio 6-Btn Co$572.39Details
1068666AMX by HARMANMCP108BLMcp-108-Blmassio 8-Btn Con$708.49Details
958759AMX by HARMANMCP108WHMcp-108-Whmassio 8-Btn Co$708.49Details
950828AMX by HARMANMIOR4Mio-R4 Lcd Touch Screen - Rem$783.89Details
1002483AMX by HARMANMIOR4CCMio-R4-Cc Mio-R4 Lcd Touch Sc$885.29Details
995719AMX by HARMANMIOR4KPARABICMio-R4-Kp-Arabic Mio-R4 W/ Ke$85.39Details
1082325AMX by HARMANMIOR4KPEUROMio-R4-Kp-Euromio R4 Keypad W$85.39Details
946868AMX by HARMANMIOR4KPMANDARINMio-R4-Kp-Mandarin Mio-R4 W/$85.39Details
1010276AMX by HARMANMIOR4KPTRANSPORTMio-R4-Kp-Transportmio-R4 Dev$85.39Details
933991AMX by HARMANMIOR4ZGWPROMio-R4-Zgwpro Remote Chargin$1,286.99Details
1080010AMX by HARMANMIORXKPEUROMio-Rx-Kp-Euromio-R1/2/3 Euro$85.39Details
1048327AMX by HARMANMSD1001LMsd-1001-L 101 Modero S Land$2,194.99Details
1030915AMX by HARMANMSD431LMsd-431-L 43 Modero S Landsc$945.09Details
1029159AMX by HARMANMST1001Mst-1001 101 Modero S Landsc$2,266.24Details
1070214AMX by HARMANMST431Mst-431 43 Modero S Landsca$1,019.19Details
1058603AMX by HARMANMVP5200IGWMvp-5200I-Gw 50 Wifi Touch P$2,534.99Details
964976AMX by HARMANMVP9000IGBMvp-9000I-Gb 90" Black Moder$4,062.59Details
975406AMX by HARMANMVP9000IGWMvp-9000I-Gw 90" White Moder$4,062.59Details
971008AMX by HARMANMVPWCS52GBMvp-Wcs-52-Gb Mvp-5200I Wall$1,259.69Details
972805AMX by HARMANMVPWCS52GWMvp-Wcs-52-Gw Mvp-5200I Wall$1,259.69Details
1040145dbx Professional Products / Harman InternationalDBXDJDIDbx,2 Chnl Di Box,W/Passive Circuit$47.84Details
904331Hochiki America010003376Fn-Eck Replacement Firenet Enable SwitchCall for Price.Details
310407Hochiki America010003655FNVIIInput Interface For Voicenet SystemCall for Price.Details
971017KanexProWPCONTROLBControl Panel W/8 Programmable Buttons Black$314.54Details
1069668KanexProWPCONTROLSControl Panel W/8 Programmable Buttons Silver$314.54Details
1074594Radio Design Labs / RDLDDBN2MLWall-Mounted Bi-Directional Mic/Line Dante Interfa$612.89Details
853310Radio Design Labs / RDLDRLC10MRemote Level Control W/Muting - Rotary Optical$277.19Details
954542Radio Design Labs / RDLDRLC3Remote Level Controller - Preset Levels$176.39Details
1025143Radio Design Labs / RDLRULB4PLine-Level Bi-Directional Network Interface - 4 Ba$672.09Details
1024872Radio Design Labs / RDLRUMLB4PMic/Line Bi-Directional Network Interface - 4 Swit$763.09Details
1038179Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL2Network To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 2$468.44Details
998703Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL2PNetwork To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 2$529.19Details
1031775Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL4Network To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 4$553.49Details
989797Radio Design Labs / RDLRUNL4PNetwork To Line Level Interface - Dante Input - 4$614.24Details