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Audio Video Systems

Network Sound

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
95793122 Miles22MDEMOWF02PLAYERI5Digital Signage Media Player Configured$1,337.49Details
97976122 MilesCUSTHW230251Cust-Hw-23025-1 Dock Sign Adi Package$991.89Details
93789322 MilesCUSTHW230253Rack-Mount Server Windows 2012 R2$1,798.74Details
107477522 MilesSVCPRFCUSTXml Feed Set-Up To Display Load Board Information$3,027.49Details
1007634BenQMT11I7 Computer For Rp Series$2,349.99Details
719425CDW3575638Brightsign Xd1032 - Digital Signage Player$857.99Details
926736CE Labs / Cable Electronics900222401Uhd 4K Network Digital Signage Player W/ Hdmi In,$472.49Details
143978CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCMP500RHd Digi 1080P Medi Plyr Inc Sw$787.79Details
747896CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMC62Digi Medi Play W/Hdmi/Comp Otp$102.19Details
143987CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP400A1080P Digital Media Player W/Multi Layering$787.79Details
143988CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500B900220850Hd Digital Media Player W/Gpio 6 Button$612.89Details
316973CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500MHd Dig Media Plyr W/Atsc Tuner$2,496.24Details
146003CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500R900220821Hd Digital Media Player$572.39Details
144480CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP500T900220832Hd Digital Media Player W/Atsc Tuner$612.89Details
353782CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP70Full 1080P Hd Media Player With Hdmi Output$375.29Details
316972CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700Full Hd 1080 P Media Player$554.84Details
412963CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700GHd Media Player W/4 Av Type Outputs W/8 Gpio Ports$595.34Details
412964CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700GTHd Media Player Hdmi,Vga,Comp,Analog Audio$627.74Details
412965CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700RHd Media Player W/4 Av Type Outputs$554.84Details
412966CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMP700THd Media Plyr W/4 Av Type Outputs W/Qam Atsc Tuner$595.34Details
353781CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMPS500G08Hd Digital Media Player W/8 Gb Included$665.54Details
353780CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsMPS500G16Hd Digital Media Player W/16 Gb Cf Included$653.89Details
144481CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsPB75WHTWhite Push Buttons For Mp75 Media Player$10.21Details
412967CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQM101Sngle 1080P Hd Qam Dgtal Modulaor W/Hdmi In Mpeg$1,403.74Details
412968CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsQM102Dual 1080P Hd Qam Dgtal Modulator W/Hdmi In Mpeg2$2,221.24Details
971275Key DigitalKDCCP2XSdg Service:Compass Control PrCall for Price.Details
1008729NuVo / LegrandNVKP31001LANANuvo Player Portfolio 3-Zone Kit With P10 Keypads$1,589.99Details
947281NuVo / LegrandNVKP31001WHNANuvo Player Portfolio 3-Zone Kit With P10 Keypads$1,589.99Details
1007424PeerlessACC488Media Player Shelf - Attaches To A Column$58.10Details
1076940PeerlessCLENCL68Outdoor Media Box Enclosure Ip68$1,324.99Details
301501PeerlessDSX750Media Player Holder Accessory$149.79Details
991733Planar Systems17508980050-Foot (15-Meter) Primary Power Cable$219.79Details
504112Planar Systems997689400Content Smart Media Player$848.89Details
812667Planar Systems9977969P,Extender, Hdbase-T, Hdmi$752.69Details
805547Planar Systems997804800Fhd (1080P) Digital Signage Media Player And Sftwr$753.99Details
757460Planar Systems9978049004K (Uhd) Digital Signage Media Player And Software$973.69Details
675202Planar SystemsMP3450Contentsmart Media Player-1080P$848.89Details
979635SanusVM100200Vesa Adapter 100Mm-200Mm$13.18Details
721922Sharp Professional DisplayPNSPCI5W7HOre 15 Pc For Aquos Board Windows 7$1,299.99Details
807149TASCAMHS20Stereo Solid State Recorder For Networking$1,377.49Details
871855Tripp LiteU352000SDRTripp Lite Usb 3.0 Superspeed Sdxc Card Reader 5Gb$19.49Details
734100ViewSonicNMP707Intel I5, Pc Module With Ddr3 4Gb, Sata2 500Gb, Wi$1,352.49Details
957603ViewSonicNMP711P10Slot-In Pc Network Media Player, Intel Core I5 Wit$1,408.74Details
821748ViewZVZ2300MP1WMedia Player, Standard Definition, For 23-Inch, Wh$78.22Details
760163ViewZVZ2300MP2WHd Media Player, For 23 Inch, White Ip Pvm, Pre-In$78.22Details