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Audio Video Systems

Testers, Network

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
595000Byte BrothersIPAS10NNotebook Connector To Ip Camera$99.39Details
827067Byte BrothersLVPROREMOTELvpro-Remote$59.50Details
140258Byte BrothersLVPRORJ45ID20Pc Cable Id Kit$39.14Details
139471Byte BrothersPOE1000Power Panel Tester$146.99Details
139690Byte BrothersPOE1000ILPower Panel Inline$169.39Details
354343Byte BrothersRWC1000RReal World Certifier Remote Probe$79.79Details
139474Byte BrothersTVR101001000KLan Tester Toner/Probe$215.59Details
1032377CDW3396765Hgst 3Tb Sata 7.2K-Hrd Dr$325.34Details
1076220CommscopeSV05Test Probe, 20 Db, Power Block Ed, 1 Ghz$39.79Details
817484Fiber InstrumentF19000Fis Pocket Visual Fault Locator (Vfl) Universal 2.$221.19Details
919835Fiber InstrumentOFS300200CAfl 200X Inspection Scope With 2.5Mm Universal Ada$746.19Details
897200Fluke NetworksDSPPM10BPersonality Module 110 (T568B) For Dtx Cableanalyzer 1665613$379.23Details
736461Fluke NetworksDSPPM11APersonality Test Module T568A For Dtx Cableanalyzer 1665624$379.23Details
894692Fluke NetworksDSPPM13BPersonality Module Siemon S210 (T568B) For Dtx Cableanalyzer 1665672$379.23Details
854188Fluke NetworksDSPPM14ADsp-Pm14A Krone Ultim8 (T568A) Personality Module$379.23Details
791890Fluke NetworksDSPPM14BDsp-Pm14B Krone Ultim8 (T568B) Personality Module$379.23Details
786389Fluke NetworksDSPPM15ADsp-Pm15A Krone Highband (T568A) Personality Module$379.23Details
736481Fluke NetworksDSPPM15BDsp-Pm15B Krone Highband (T568B) Personality Module$379.23Details
712284Fluke NetworksDSPPM16APersonality Module - To Test Links With Leviton 110 Adapter (T568A Wiring)$379.23Details
716098Fluke NetworksDSPPM16BPersonality Module - To Test Links With Leviton 110 Adapter (T568B Wiring)$379.23Details
799657Fluke NetworksDSPPM19BPersonality Module Avaya Visipatch 360 (T568B)$379.23Details
815934Fluke NetworksDSX50001201 Ghz Dsx Cable Analyzer Versiv Main &Amp; Remote + (2) Dsx Copper Modules$11,719.05Details
894714Fluke NetworksDSX5000120GLD1 Ghz Dsx Cable Analyzer Main &Amp; Remote + (2) Dsx Copper Mods, 1 Yr Gold$12,856.30Details
922364Fluke NetworksDSX5000MI120Versiv Main/Remote, (2) Dsx Copper Mods, (2) Mm Olts Mods Inspection Camera$19,979.39Details
819558Fluke NetworksDSX5000MI120GLDVersiv Main/Remote, (2) Dsx And Mm Olts Mods, Inspection Camera,1 Yr Gold$21,725.27Details
742068Fluke NetworksDSX5000MOD1 Ghz Dsx Module Replacement - 1 Unit$4,522.49Details
749854Fluke NetworksDSX5000QI120Versiv Main/Remote, (2) Dsx Copper &Amp; Quad Olts Mods, Inspection Camera$26,966.06Details
926750Fluke NetworksDSX5000QI120GLDDsx-5000Qi 120 + 1 Yr Gold$29,377.03Details
872331Fluke NetworksDSX5000QI120GLD31Ghz Dsx W/Quad Olts Insp 3 Yr Gold$33,712.91Details
773290Fluke NetworksDSX5000QOI120Versiv Main/Remote, (2)Dsx Copper &Amp; Quad Olts Mods 1 Otdr Mod, Insp.Camera$42,953.85Details
836444Fluke NetworksDSX5000QOI120GLDDsx-5000Qoi 120 With 1 Yr Gold$46,631.04Details
883783Fluke NetworksDSX5000QOI120GLD31 Ghz Dsx W/Quad Olts Otdr Insp 3 Yr Gold$53,154.05Details
747148Fluke NetworksDSXADD1 Ghz Dsx Cable Analyzer Mods (2) Dsx Copper Modules Add On Kit$10,333.45Details
819947Fluke NetworksDSXADDR(2) Dsx Copper Modules And Versiv Remote Add On Kit$10,866.37Details
847448Fluke NetworksDSXCFPQADDR(2) Dsx Copper Modules &Amp; Quad Olts Modules, Versiv Remote Add On Kit$23,816.46Details
813960Fluke NetworksDSXCHA004SDsx Cat 6A/Class Ea Channel Adapter Set$632.04Details
866351Fluke NetworksDSXCHA011SDsx Tera Cat 7A/Class Fa Channel Adapter Set$656.11Details
805788Fluke NetworksDSXOFPQADD(2)Dsx Copper Mods, (1) Quad Otdr Mod, Versiv Remote Add On Kit$26,214.64Details
878987Fluke NetworksDSXPLA004SDsx Cat 6A/Class Ea Perm. Link Adapter Set$1,256.40Details
798711Fluke NetworksDSXPLA011SDsx Tera Cat 7A/Class Fa Perm. Link Adapter Set$1,489.40Details
797621Fluke NetworksDSXREFMODDsx Set-Ref Module$644.07Details
719330Fluke NetworksDTXCHA002Cat 6A/Class Ea Channel Adapte Single Unit$373.21Details
916003Fluke NetworksDTXCHA002SSet Of Cat 6A/ Class Ea Channel Adapters (2) Dtx-Cha002S$666.59Details
802174Fluke NetworksDTXGG45KITGg45 Test Adapter Kit$2,195.49Details
889442Fluke NetworksDTXPLA001Universal Permanent Single (One) Link Adapter Dtx-Pla001$1,078.56Details
830352Fluke NetworksDTXPLA001SSet (2) Of Universal Permanent Link Adapters$1,737.64Details
830463Fluke NetworksDTXPLA002Cat 6A/Class E Permanent Single (One) Link Adapter Dtx-Pla002$1,021.18Details
903270Fluke NetworksDTXPLA002PRPCat 6A/Class E Pla Plug Replacement Kit- Set Of 2 2715450$124.85Details
729591Fluke NetworksDTXPLA002SCat 6A/Class E Permanent Link Adapter Set Of 2 2139761$1,621.80Details
811016Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCFCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um Fc Contains 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/Fc, Trc Fc/Fc$451.45Details
717619Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCLCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um Lc: 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/Lc, Trc Lc/Lc - 4320262$451.45Details
769150Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCSCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um Sc: 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/Sc, Trc Sc/Sc - 4322705$451.45Details
921336Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCSTKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um St Contains 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/St, Trc St/St$451.45Details
876150Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCFCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um Fc Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/Fc, Trc Fc/Fc$451.45Details
819209Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCLCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um Lc Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/Lc, Trc Lc/Lc$451.45Details
722935Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCSCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um Sc Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/Sc, Trc Sc/Sc$451.45Details
882386Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCSTKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um St Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/St, Trc St/St$451.45Details
1053575Fluke NetworksTICARCHARGERCar Charger For Tir/Tir1/Ti10 /Ti20/Ti25Call for Price.Details
725436Fluke NetworksVERSIVCASE3Versiv Case3 Workshop Case$1,204.76Details
898150Fluke NetworksVERSIVM120Versiv Main Replacement$2,813.33Details
903621Fluke NetworksVERSIVRUVersiv Remote Replacement$2,261.69Details
797521Fluke NetworksVERSIVSTNDVersiv Demo Stand$87.39Details
177463Greenlee Textron801KTone &Amp; Probe Kit With:77Hp/6A Tone Generator/200Fp Filter Probe/801C Soft Case$258.99Details
1072273Greenlee TextronASC300Client Kit (Asc300)$874.89Details
1066243Greenlee TextronASC302Client Kit 2Pk (Asc300)$1,582.49Details
939535Greenlee TextronASCC6Case Assembly, (Ascc6 Airscout)$544.04Details
940229Greenlee TextronASK302Airscout Kit$2,687.49Details
1029099Greenlee TextronASK304Airscout Testing Kit$3,938.15Details
711930Greenlee TextronGAC0202.5Mm Universal Adapter$58.10Details
919932Greenlee TextronGAC0211.25Mm Universal Adapter$58.10Details
882116Greenlee TextronGAC022BSc Adapter For Optical Light Source, Gdls 350, Gdl$66.50Details
722437Greenlee TextronGAC023BFc Adapter For Optical Light Source, Gdls 350, Gdl$66.50Details
849692Greenlee TextronGAC026Sc Adapter For Opm$66.50Details
845173Greenlee TextronGAC027St Adapter For Opm$66.50Details
712458Greenlee TextronGAC028Fc Adapter For Opm$66.50Details
742410Greenlee TextronGAC029Lc Adapter For Opm$88.19Details
825236Greenlee TextronGAC034BE2000 Adapter Gvis$158.19Details
871489Greenlee TextronGAC040BSc Adapter Gvis$79.79Details
885325Greenlee TextronGAC041BSc/Apc Adapter Gvis$100.79Details
825532Greenlee TextronGAC042BFc Adapter Gvis$79.79Details
806871Greenlee TextronGAC043BFc/Apc Adapter$100.79Details
917052Greenlee TextronGAC044BLc Adapter Gvis$79.79Details
916683Greenlee TextronGAC045BLc/Apc Adapter$100.79Details
913095Greenlee TextronGAC046BSt Adapter Gvis$100.79Details
913182Greenlee TextronGAC047BMtp/Apc Adapter$549.44Details
783907Greenlee TextronGAC048B1.25Mm Universsal Adapter Gvis$79.79Details
893528Greenlee TextronGAC049B2.5Mm Universal Adapter Gvis$79.79Details
880141Greenlee TextronGAC050BMtp Straight Adapter$549.44Details
921757Greenlee TextronGAC100BOdc Plug Tip Gvis$137.19Details
829315Greenlee TextronGAC101BOdc Socket Tip Gvis$137.19Details
904059Greenlee TextronGAC104BFc Adapter, 60-Degree Angled Gvis$137.19Details
893777Greenlee TextronGAC107BLc Adapter, 60-Degree Angle Gvis$158.19Details
723450Greenlee TextronGAC109BSc Adapter, 60-Degree Angled Gvis$137.19Details
729230Greenlee TextronGDLS350Dual Led Source 850/1300Nm 2Khz Tone Output Universal Connector Interface$568.34Details
827186Greenlee TextronGDLS3601490/1625 Dual Laser Source (Sc Adaptor)$1,608.74Details
745150Greenlee TextronGPAD250Wifi Portable Access Device - Gvis 400-Hdp$1,069.89Details
847085Greenlee TextronGRP45002Optical Power Meter With Ge, 0.01Db, Zero Ref Set$469.79Details
845670Greenlee TextronGRP45004Optical Power Meter With Filtered, Ingaas, 0.01Db, Zero Ref Set$654.74Details
736997Greenlee TextronGRP46002Optical Power Meter With Ge, 0.01Db, Zero/Setref$685.09Details
778566Greenlee TextronGRP46003Ingaas,0.01Db,Zero/Set Ref$766.99Details
838271Greenlee TextronGRP46004Optical Power Meter With Filtered Ingaas, 0.01Db, Zero Ref Set$821.59Details
871731Greenlee TextronGVIS400HDPGvis 400 Probe Auto Pass/Fail W/Usb$2,052.49Details
177498Greenlee TextronNC100Netcat Micro Digital Vdv Wiring Troubleshooter$131.59Details
189654Greenlee TextronNC500Netcat Pro2 Digital Vdv Wiring Troubleshooter$402.29Details
627305Greenlee TextronPA1594Cable Check Lan/Av$49.29Details
749458Ideal IndustriesR153001Navitek Nt Network Transmission Tester$722.79Details
872373Ideal IndustriesR156003Signaltek Nt Tester$2,554.99Details
632605Ideal IndustriesR158003Vdv Ii Pro$413.09Details
719189Ideal IndustriesR161001Lantek Iii 500Mhz Data Cable Certifier$7,537.15Details
811207Ideal IndustriesR161002Lantek Iii-1000Mhz Data Cable Certifiier$8,862.07Details
869691Ideal IndustriesR161003Lantek Iii 500Mhz (Including Pl Adapters)$9,269.55Details
833480Ideal IndustriesR161004Lantek Iii 1000Mhz (Including Pl Adapters)$10,594.47Details
1053636Ideal IndustriesR161052Lantek Iii Cat6/5E Channel Adapter$240.79Details
889908Ideal IndustriesR161053Lt Iii-Cat6A Rj45 Chan Adaptor$349.64Details
851489Ideal IndustriesR164005Fibertek Iii-Mm Led Kit$7,416.37Details
859774Ideal IndustriesR164007Fibertek Iii-Mm Led &Amp; Sm Laser Kit$14,899.85Details
713848Ideal IndustriesTRADE161003Lantek Iii-500 Mhz - Trade In (Including Pl Adapte$9,269.55Details
740381Ideal IndustriesTRADE161004Lantek Iii-1000Mhz - Trade In (Including Pl Adapte$10,594.47Details
991697Ideal Networks33990FA01Multimode (850/1300Nm)Testing Kit With Led Light Sources For Lantek IiCall for Price.Details
1012350Ideal Networks33990FA03Singlemode (1310/1550Nm) Test Kit With Led Light Sources For Lantek IiCall for Price.Details
969008Ideal Networks33990FA04Dual Mm/Sm Testing Kit W/ Led Mm Adapters And Laser Sm Adapters For Lantek2Call for Price.Details
1075520Ideal Networks33992Lantek Ii- 500Mhz Cat 6A/ Iso Class Ealan Cable Certifier W/ Cat6 Univ. AdapterCall for Price.Details
1077869Ideal NetworksR161001Lantek Iii- 500Mhz Cat 6/ Iso Class E Lan Cable Certifier W/ Cat6 Univ.$7,487.65Details
978986Ideal NetworksR161002Lantek Iii- 1000Mhz Cat 6/ Iso Class E Lan Cable Certifier W/ Cat6 Univ.$8,804.02Details
1035640Ideal NetworksR161003Lantek Iii- 500Mhz Cat 6/ Iso Class E Lan Cable Certifier W/ Cat6 Univ. Adapter$9,209.06Details
929590Ideal NetworksR161004Lantek Iii 1000Mhz Cat 7/ Iso Class Ealan Cable Certifier W/ Cat6 Univ. Adapter$10,525.43Details
1041455Ideal NetworksR164005Multimode (850/1300Nm)Testing Kit With Led Light Sources For Fibertek Iii$7,368.79Details
1055052Ideal NetworksR164006Singlemode (1310/1550Nm) Test Kit With Led Light Sources For Fibertek Iii$8,337.35Details
1046855Ideal NetworksR164007Dual Mm/Sm Testing Kit W/ Led Mm Adapters And Laser Sm Adapters For Lantek2$14,803.63Details
246213Platinum ToolsT119CVdv Mapmaster Tester W/(1) Rj45, (1) "F" Remote$110.59Details
300636Platinum ToolsT129K1Vdv Mapmaster 2.0 Tester$209.99Details
967641Platinum ToolsTNC950ARNet Chaser Ethernet Speed Certifier$2,073.74Details
787997Platinum ToolsTNP850K1Net Prowler Pro Kit$1,023.09Details
802427Platinum ToolsTP150Tone And Probe Kit. Box.$33.34Details
964575Platinum ToolsTP500CLanseeker Cable Tester Clamshell$75.59Details
696395Triplett / Jewell Instruments3281Wire Master Mapper$110.59Details
696398Triplett / Jewell Instruments3330Lineman'S Test Set (Butt Set),Teletalker 330$114.79Details
696399Triplett / Jewell Instruments3375Test Set Wire Tracer Fox Hound Junior Kit$60.19Details
696415Triplett / Jewell Instruments80553 1/2 Vdo Wrst Montr W/12Volt$286.19Details
805247Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsLVPRO30SRHigh End Cable Tester. Will Test For D$572.39Details
720469Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsLVPROSRLvpro Rj45 Smart Remotes (8 Pcs)Call for Price.Details
870606Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsN044000RNetwork Cable Continuity Tester For Cat5/Cat6, Phone &Amp; Coax Cbl Assemblies$45.82Details
914976Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsVTX455Camera Wizard Ii Cctv/Ip Tester$326.69Details
982370Tripp LiteT020001LC10GOptical Fiber Cable Tester Adapter Fc/Lc 50/125 Om$24.75Details
951205Tripp LiteT020001PSFFiber Cable Tester Power Meter Light Source Visual$407.69Details
1078220Tripp LiteT020001SC62Optical Fiber Cable Tester Adapter Fc/Sc 62.5/125$24.75Details
938734Tripp LiteT020001ST62Optical Fiber Cable Tester Adapter Fc/St 62.5/125$24.75Details
1067107Viavi SolutionsJD746BJd746B Rf Analyzer$13,055.31Details
1072450Viavi SolutionsJD786BJd786B Rf Analyzer$18,957.02Details
754361Viavi SolutionsNGC45006ACH22-Certifier 40G Cat6A Channel Adapter Pair Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$349.62Details
735227Viavi SolutionsNGC45006ALKIT2Certifier 40G Cat6A Permanent Link Testing Kit For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$677.89Details
888138Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUMMEFMPONACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mmef/Mm Mpo Kit With Na Ac Cords$27,416.16Details
858118Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUMMEFNACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mm Ef Kit With Na Ac Cords$19,070.30Details
790737Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUQEFMPONACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mmef/Sm/Mm Mpo Kit With Na Ac Cords$35,762.01Details
904227Viavi SolutionsNGC4500CUQEFNACertifier 40G Cat6A And Tier 1 Mmef/Sm Kit With Na Ac Cords$27,416.16Details
825621Viavi SolutionsNGC4500FANACertifier 40G Class Fa Copper Kit W/Na Power Cord-For Cat 6A And Under$11,320.56Details
854588Viavi SolutionsNGC4500GGARJCH2Certifier 40G Class Fa Gg45/ Arj45 Channel Adapter Pair For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$461.77Details
848053Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MM2Certifier40G Multimode Adapter Pair$6,432.27Details
911246Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MMNACertifier 40G Class Fa &Amp; Mm Na Power Cord-For Cat 6A And Under$19,070.30Details
904663Viavi SolutionsNGC4500MMSMNACertifier 40G Class Fa &Amp; Mm &Amp; Sm-Na Power Cord-For Cat 6A And Under$27,416.16Details
754952Viavi SolutionsNGC4500SM2Certifier40G Singlemode Adapter Pair$8,339.90Details
844936Viavi SolutionsNGC4500TERACH2Certifier 40G Class Fa Tera Channel Adapter Pair For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$481.56Details
897315Viavi SolutionsNGC4500TERAL2Certifier 40G Class Fa Tera Permanent Link Adapter Pair For Ngc-4500-Fa-Na$921.08Details