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Audio Video Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
591201AudiovoxSXHA1Sirius/Xm Home Antenna$57.39Details
130773BenQ5JJ2V09011Soft Carrying Case F/W1100 Pro$55.09Details
131017Bi-TronicsGEFGTVDIGAUD142Digital Audio Toslink Splitter$83.99Details
319038Bi-TronicsKRARK4PTKramer Rack Adpters,Mounts 4 Pico Tools In 1Ru Pnl$89.59Details
319031Bi-TronicsKRATS2USKramer Dual Power Socket$50.03Details
355825Bi-TronicsKRAVS66H3Kramer 6X6 Hdmi Matrix Switch$2,919.99Details
131402Bi-TronicsVPTP210Comp.Graph.Video Transmitter W/ Dual 15 Pin Outs$701.99Details
1008246CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCAT5RXA/V Cat5 Distr Recev$109.19Details
1014878CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsCAT5TXA/C Cat 5 Distribution Hub$95.19Details
144568Channel Plus / Linear2501102501 Bulk Pack (10)$20.25Details
143711Channel Plus / Linear2503102503 Bulk Pack (10)$24.75Details
143712Channel Plus / Linear2506106Db Rf Attenuator 10Pk$24.75Details
146698Channel Plus / Linear2507102507 Bulk Pack (10)$18.75Details
146699Channel Plus / Linear250910Tap Single 9Db Drop 50-1000 Mhz Bulk Pack 10$31.18Details
145045Channel Plus / Linear2512$9.08Details
146700Channel Plus / Linear25141-In, 4-Out Rf Splitter$13.18Details
144569Channel Plus / Linear25321In 2Out Rf Splttr W/Dc Blking$4.23Details
143713Channel Plus / Linear25341In 4Out Rf Spltter W/Dc Blkng$6.39Details
143714Channel Plus / Linear25381In 8Out Rf Spltter W/Dc Blkng$15.75Details
143715Channel Plus / Linear2743Piggy-Back A/V Cable$13.18Details
144577Channel Plus / LinearCBCKCable Box Combiner Kit$60.90Details
143730Channel Plus / LinearH8066Way Spltr Open House Plate$18.75Details
143733Channel Plus / LinearLPF380Low Pass Fltr - Catv Channel54$30.44Details
143735Channel Plus / LinearLPF750Low Pass Fltr-Catv Channel 120$47.13Details
413003Channel Vision1C608Low Cost In-Ceiling Spkr 6.5"$46.39Details
143867Channel Vision2113Channel Vision 2113 Connector,$0.86Details
145088Channel Vision2125"F"Adaptor Fmale To Male Rangl$1.30Details
598369Channel Vision2143FFemale 2.1Mm To Screw Terminal$1.76Details
598370Channel Vision2144MMale 2.1Mm To Screw Terminal$1.76Details
147037Channel Vision3101Channel Vision 3101 Cable Kit$49.29Details
145154Channel Vision3104HQY Adptr Rca Male To 2Rca Fmale$6.57Details
144758Channel Vision3109Dc Blocker$3.40Details
413012Channel Vision6821OVarifocal Eyeball Dome Camera, 700 Lines$55.09Details
143910Channel VisionC0214Chnl Vis Basic Service Module$38.43Details
147078Channel VisionC0216Basic Serv Module 4 Way Splt$26.54Details
993232Channel VisionC0228Combo Module 8 Way Splitter, 2Ghz$57.99Details
144806Channel VisionC02322Ghz-2-Way-Splitter$15.49Details
1003414Channel VisionC02382Ghz-8-Way-Splitter$23.25Details
145247Channel VisionHS16Channel Vision Hs16 16 Way$54.38Details
147138Channel VisionHS61-In 6-Out Rf Splitter$23.99Details
144374Channel VisionHS6V6-Way Vertical Splitter$15.75Details
145105Channel VisionHS81-In 8-Out Rf Splitter$28.49Details
147139Channel VisionHS8V8-Way Vertical Splitter$19.49Details
145151Channel VisionSATD2MINI"Mini Diplexer,Satellite & Rf"Combiner/Splitter$4.90Details
147320Channel VisionTP16DB16Db Line Tap Dc Blocking$13.68Details
145787Channel VisionTP20DB20Db Line Tap Dc Blocking$13.68Details
147321Channel VisionTP24DB24Db Ln Tap 1Db Los,No Dc Psng$13.68Details
145788Channel VisionTP6DB6Db Line Tap Dc Blocking$13.68Details
145294Channel VisionTP9DB9Db Line Tap$13.68Details
145320Chief ManufacturingCMA2108X8 Square Ceilg Adapt Plate$82.59Details
413063Chief ManufacturingKITQS012CKit, Rpmau, Cms012, Cms440, Cma170$593.99Details
144929Chief ManufacturingSL151Smart Lift 24X24 8.5" Travel 120V$2,319.99Details
1028257Crown AudioIS52Way 5" Inwll Rectangular Spkr$135.79Details
315989Data Comm Electronics301400F Connector Splice$0.30Details
157745Data Comm Electronics3015181 Gig Splitter Eight Way$9.69Details
626468GefenGTVCOMPSVID2HDMISComposite To Hdmi Scaler$328.04Details
1045558KanexPro4KHDCLICKER4K Cable Controller$118.99Details
938854KanexProCONAVHD4KComposite/ S-Video To 4K Hdmi? Converter$82.59Details
985361KanexProCONVGAHD4KVga + Audio To 4K Hdmi? Converter$79.79Details
929566KanexProDVIRLHDDvi W/Rca Audio To Hdmi Converter$57.28Details
1013133KanexProEXTSDHDXMini Sdi To Hdmi Converter$76.99Details
1076595KanexProEXTSDI3GXSdi To Hdmi Converter$166.59Details
978103KanexProEXTSDIVGA3G/Hd-Sdi/ Sdi To Vga Converter$142.79Details
1022762KanexProFLEXINDVIFlexible Dvi Input Card - 1 Input, Max 1080P$163.79Details
1036585KanexProFLEXINSDIFlexible Sdi Input Card - 1 Input, Max 1080P$275.39Details
1018584KanexProFLEXINVGAFlexible Vga Input Card - 1 Input, Max 1080P$163.79Details
1002216KanexProFLEXOUTDVIFlexible Dvi Output Card - 1 Output, Max 1080P$244.99Details
1082647KanexProFLEXOUTVGAFlexible Vga Output Card - 1 Output, Max 1080P$244.99Details
987129KanexProHDCVRYWComposite Or S-Video W/Audio To Hdmi Converter$65.10Details
950993KanexProMODINCAT64K4-Input Hdbaset Card For Modular Matrix W/4K$1,307.49Details
1073029KanexProMODINDVI4-Input Dvi Card For Modular Matrix$275.39Details
1009136KanexProMODINFIBER4-Input Fiber Input Card For Modular Matrix$2,179.99Details
1083274KanexProMODINSDI4-Input Sdi Card For Modular Matrix$718.89Details
927429KanexProMODINVGA4-Input Vga Card For Modular Matrix$794.29Details
932716KanexProMODOTDVI4-Output Dvi Card For Modular Matrix$353.69Details
948549KanexProMODOTSDI4-Output Sdi Card For Modular Matrix$794.29Details
967718KanexProMODOTVGA4 Vga Output Card For Mmx Module$510.29Details
1017930KanexProRGBRLHDComponent W/Audio To Hdmi Converter$57.39Details
1026409KanexProSDIEXTFIBERPROSdi To Fiber Kit$907.39Details
941074KanexProSDIHDRPTPROSdi Repeater$123.19Details
966910KanexProSDIMULTI2SDIPROMultiple Input To Sdi Converter$588.59Details
959961KanexProSDISDHDXPROSdi To Hdmi Converter$163.79Details
949065KanexProSDISDI2MULTIPROSdi To Multiple Output Converter$588.59Details
1058893KanexProSPSDIX21X2 Sdi Distribution Amplifier$123.19Details
1018039KanexProSPSDIX41X4 Sdi Distribution Amplifier$163.79Details
1011612KanexProSWHD5X14K5X1 Hdmi Switcher W/4K Support$39.88Details
961184KanexProSWSDI2X1Sdi 2X1 Switcher 3Gb/S$89.59Details
1018492KanexProSWSDI4X1Sdi 4X1 Switcher 3Gb/S$163.79Details
993874KanexProVGAEXTX1Vga 1X1 Extender Over Cat5E/6 W/Audio Up To 1,0$104.99Details
1057449KanexProVGAEXTX2Vga 1X2 Extender Over Cat5E/6 W/Audio Up To 1,0$142.79Details
1062117KanexProVGAEXTX4Vga 1X4 Extender Over Cat5E/6 W/Audio Up To 1,0$275.39Details
225749Muxlab500144Power Supply For Active Vga Balun Ii$53.64Details
735423NetMediaCSC25PKSplitter/Combiner 2 Way 5 Pack$20.25Details
211589Pico MacomCF81HPF-81 Barrel Splice Must Buy Bags Of 100$0.60Details
242012Pico MacomGRB2HRLDual Ground Block Up To 3Ghz$3.00Details
242025Pico MacomPHC12GPassive Head End Combiner$92.39Details
242026Pico MacomPHC24GPassive Combiner$116.19Details
280554Pico MacomTSC412SB4 Port Directional Tap 20Db$6.57Details
242036Pico MacomTSC488 Db 4 Port Coupler$6.39Details
242037Pico MacomTSC48SB4 Port Tab 8 Db$6.57Details
211616Pico MacomTSV22 Way 1 Ghz Vertical Splitter$3.70Details
245859Pico MacomTSV2SB2 Way 1Gb Back Splitter$3.80Details
280558Pico MacomTSV44 Way 1 Ghz Vertical Splitter$5.94Details
280559Pico MacomTSV4SB4 Way 1Gb Back Splitter$6.12Details
242043Pico MacomTSV66 Way 1 Ghz Vertical Splitter$8.89Details
336466Pico MacomVSM34SOutput Rq Rang Distrib Compone$27.75Details
262940ShureUA8066' Bnc To Bnc Cable For Remote Antenna Mounting$26.25Details
288576SpecoVGAHDMIConverter, Vga To Hdmi, W/ Local Loop Vga Output $168.92Details
288647Sperry WestSW992032HCDual View Two Way Wall/Ceiling Mount Camera$421.19Details
687659SR ComponentsHHSP2Hdmi Splitter 1 In 2 Out 1080P$96.59Details
224073SR ComponentsHHSP4Hdmi Splitter 1 In 4 Out 1080P$169.39Details
264454SR ComponentsVARRFFRca Female To Female Adapter$0.54Details
269035Xantech020300Dc Block 75 Ohm, XtralinkCall for Price.Details