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Audio Video Systems

Testers, Voice Data

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
140259Byte BrothersVTX025Mini Monitor 2.5(Color Cctv)$99.39Details
739761Fluke NetworksCIQ100Cable Iq Qualification Tester Inclds Wiremap Adapter, Soft Case$1,530.20Details
909763Fluke NetworksCIQCOAXCable Iq Coax Adapter Kit$33.22Details
853365Fluke NetworksCIQFTKSFPCopper + Fiber Tech Kit Ciq-Kit + Ftk1000$4,917.43Details
810493Fluke NetworksCIQIDK24Cable Iq Remote Identifier Kit #'S 2-4$340.13Details
803905Fluke NetworksCIQIDK57Cable Iq Remote Identifier Kit #'S 5-7$340.13Details
888349Fluke NetworksCIQKITCable Iq Advanced It Kit Inclds Hard Case,Multiple Test Accessories$2,147.95Details
739639Fluke NetworksCIQKRQCable Iq Residential Qualifier Kit W/Soft Case,Multiple Acces Ories,(50) Labels$1,541.55Details
867571Fluke NetworksCIQRJACable Iq Rj45/11 Modular Adapter$64.13Details
788757Fluke NetworksCIQSPKRCable Iq Speaker Wire Adapter$83.37Details
802844Fluke NetworksCIQWMCable Iq Wiremap Adapter$147.50Details
1043951Fluke NetworksDSX5000OI1201 Ghz Dsx W/Quad Otdr Insp$29,513.45Details
791601Fluke NetworksDTXAXTERMAlien Crosstalk Link Terminators - Set Of 2 2694047$505.63Details
805985Fluke NetworksFINDFIBER6Sf Pro Ff Remote Id One Year Warranty$1,521.40Details
737814Fluke NetworksMS2100Ms2-100, Microscanner2 Cable Verifier 1 Yr Warranty$665.80Details
834524Fluke NetworksMS2FTKCopper/Fiber Basic Technicians Kit-Ms2-100 + Ftk-1000$3,093.30Details
786943Fluke NetworksMS2IDK27Ms2-Idk27, Microscanner2 Remote Identifier Kit 2-7 90 Day Warranty$382.20Details
901068Fluke NetworksMS2KITMs2-Kit, Microscanner2 Professional Kit 1 Yr Warranty$1,105.73Details
717554Fluke NetworksMS2TTKMicroscanner2 Termination Test Kit,Microscanner2 Cable Verifier$1,105.73Details
735746Fluke NetworksMS2WMMs2-Wm, Microscanner2 Wiremap 90 Day Warranty$160.33Details
816288Greenlee TextronASK306Airscout Six Client Solution In Carry Case$5,020.92Details
861923Greenlee TextronDS1GPDH1Datascout 1G Ethernet &Amp; T1/E1 Analyzer Kit Includes Ds1G-Sw-T1 Or E1$4,465.03Details
902239Greenlee TextronDS1GSWADVAdvanced Ethernet Multi-Stream &Amp; Y.1564 Analysis (Requires Ds1G-Sw-Bas)$1,581.95Details
916878Greenlee TextronDS1GSWBASBasic Ethernet Bert/Loopback/ Rfc-2544 Analysis$1,264.09Details
828850Greenlee TextronDS1GSWC37Ieee C37.94-2002 Analysis$2,437.06Details
834961Greenlee TextronDS1GSWDCOMDatacom Sub-Rate Analysis (Requires Ds1G-Sw-T1)$755.91Details
797448Greenlee TextronDS1GSWIPTVIptv Tr101290 Alarm &Amp; Stream Analysis$1,264.09Details
766388Greenlee TextronDS1GSWVOIPVoip (Sip) Live Calling &Amp; Analysis$653.06Details
712356Greenlee TextronDS1GSWWIFIWifi 802.11B/G/N Analysis$755.91Details
193137Ideal Industries33856Vdv Tester Multimedia Coax, Utp$113.39Details
181499Ideal Industries33892Securitest Pro Tester$1,041.29Details
822801Ideal Industries33994Navitek Ii Plus Wiremap Remote Unite #1, 2 Cat5E Patch Cords Aa Batteries Cd CaseCall for Price.Details
868543Ideal Industries33996Navitek Ii Pro Sfp Pwr Adaptr+ Nimh &Amp; Aa Batt. Rj45 Insert+ Tool Cd Patch CordCall for Price.Details
766164Ideal Industries33997Navitek Ii: Wiremap Remote Unit #1, 2 Cat5E Patch Cords Aa Batteries Cd CaseCall for Price.Details
787863Ideal IndustriesR15001Navitek Ii Plus Power Adapter+ Nimh &Amp; Aa Batt. Rj45 Insert+ Tool Cd Patch CordCall for Price.Details
941411Ideal Networks158050Kit Of 12 X Rj45 Remote Units #1 - #12$116.35Details
1011944Ideal Networks158051Kit Of 24 X Rj45 Identifiers #1 - #24$60.70Details
942393Ideal Networks158053Kit Of 12 X Coax Remote Units #1 - #12$66.79Details
1054879Ideal NetworksMGKSX11000Base-Sx Mm Fiber Kit Incl. 1X Sx Xcvr, Lc/Lc And Lc/Sc Cables,Sc/Sc Adaptor$289.87Details
1038143Ideal NetworksMGKZX31550Nm Sfp Fiber Module For Single Mode$579.74Details
1007928Ideal NetworksR150001Lanxplorer Pro In-Line Network Troubleshooter$4,018.08Details
1026816Ideal NetworksR151003Navitek Nt Plus 10Gig Advanced Copper Network Diagnostic Tester$1,143.49Details
1077762Ideal NetworksR151004Navitek Nt Pro 1Gig Advanced Copper/Fiber Network Diagnostic Tester$1,414.15Details
947232Ideal NetworksR153000Navitek Ii Basic- Entry Level Lan Testing For Copper, Poe No Storage$728.92Details
1059367Ideal NetworksR153001Navitek Nt Basic Network Troubleshooter$717.77Details
951339Ideal NetworksR156001Signaltek Ii - For Copper And Fiber Networks, Fiber Mods Sold Separately$2,219.78Details
972063Ideal NetworksR156002Signaltek Ct - Data Transmission Test Kit For Copper Cable$1,688.18Details
952072Ideal NetworksR158000Vdv Ii Voice, Data And Video Cable Verifier$147.35Details
942352Ideal NetworksR158002Vdv Ii Plus Voice, Data And Video Cable Verifier$265.24Details
1055877Ideal NetworksR158003Vdv Ii Pro Voice, Data And Video Cable Verifier$428.65Details
851096Jonard ToolsCM8Cable Mapper &Amp; Toner 8 Way$64.57Details
899393Jonard ToolsMCT468Modular Cable Tester$27.03Details
636589Klein ToolsVDV026812Lan Installer Starter Kit - Modular$124.80Details
198330Klein ToolsVDV501809Vdv Scout Pro Tester Kit$103.75Details
198331Klein ToolsVDV501814Vdv Scout Pro Lt Tester KitCall for Price.Details
343423Klein ToolsVDV501815Vdv Ranger Tdr Kit$316.28Details
636596Klein ToolsVDV501816Vdv Scout Pro Lt Tester Starter Kit$147.91Details
203965Klein ToolsVDV512057Coax Explorer Tester$15.08Details
636600Klein ToolsVDV512058Vdv Coaxial Explorer Plus Tester$28.83Details
271039Klein ToolsVDV526052Rj45 Tester$70.28Details
753698Paladin Tools / GreenleePA1577Pc Cable Check Pro$219.97Details
280680Platinum ToolsT124CMaster Remote Replacement For Vdv Mapmaster$20.99Details
242168Platinum ToolsT125CToner Cable, Rj45 To Alligator Clips. Clam Shell$13.18Details
300637Platinum ToolsT129Vdv Mapmaster 2.0 Tester$144.19Details
676203Platinum ToolsTCB300Cable Prowler Tester:Inc:Quick Start Guide/$623.69Details
676204Platinum ToolsTCB360K1Cable Prowler Pro Test Kit$768.29Details
280682Platinum ToolsTCC200Coax Clarifier Unit W/2 Coax Rf Remotes,#1-4 Id On$368.54Details
211726Platinum ToolsTCC220Coax Clarifier Unit W/4 Coax Rf Remotes,12 Id-Only$423.89Details
756647SiemonMT5000Multitester 1-25Pr=Reversal/ Short/Open/Miswire&Amp;Modular 3&Amp;4 Pr/Lcd/Led/Upto2500'Call for Price.Details
696414Triplett / Jewell Instruments80503.5" Video Wrist Monitor W/ Carrying Cs$230.99Details
741213Triplett / Jewell Instruments8060Ruggedized Wrist Test Monitor$295.64Details
869165Triplett / Jewell Instruments8106Cobracam Usb Iii$57.28Details
696418Triplett / Jewell Instruments8115Portable Inspection Camera/Video Monitor$109.19Details
696419Triplett / Jewell Instruments8120Wrls Insp.Mon/3 Foot Camera,Cobracam Wifi$194.59Details
696420Triplett / Jewell Instruments8125Borescope - Detachable Display$204.39Details
978559Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDCPU1Display Cpu Desktop Computer Mount Open Frame 4In - 6.25In Dcpu1$60.48Details
995485Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDCTMDisplay Tv Lcd Ceiling Mount Arm Swivel Tilt 13In-37In Flat Screen Dctm$77.76Details
1075318Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR0710SCTablet Desk Monitor Mount Clamp Stand Swivel Tilt Rotate 7In-10In Ddr0710Sc$35.79Details
979759Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR0810TRIFull Motion Universal Tablet Desk Mount Monitor Stand 8In-10In Ddr0810Tri$36.51Details
1004413Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR1013SCFull-Motion Universal Tablet Desk Clamp Mount 10In-13.5In Screen Ddr1013Sc$42.95Details
986908Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR1327DCSDual Display Lcd Desk Mount Arm Swivel Tilt 13In-27In Flat Panel Ddr1327Dcs$158.98Details
962537Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR1327NBMSCDual Display Lcd 13In. -27In. Laptop 15In Swivel Tilt 2 Desk Clamp Ddr1327Nbmsc$172.82Details
1066267Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR1327SFCDisplay Lcd Flex Arm Desk Mnt Clamp 13In-27In Flat Scrn Panel Ddr1327Sfc$88.13Details
1045238Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDDR1527SDCDual Vertical Desk Mount Monitor Stnd Swivl Tilt Rotate 15-27In Ddr1527Sdc$129.61Details
1018147Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDUNVPJTDisplay Projector Universal Ceiling Mount Full Motion Dunvpjt$60.48Details
986790Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWF4585XDisplay Tv Lcd Wall Mount Fixed 45In To 85In Flat Screen /Panel Dwf4585X$69.13Details
1044559Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWM1327SPDisplay Tv Lcd Wall Mount Arm Swivel Tilt 13In - 27In Flat Scrn Dwm1327Sp$125.80Details
992509Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWM3750SWall Mount Monitor Stand Swivel Tilt Rotate Wallmount 37In-50In Dwm3750S$120.97Details
979242Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWM3770XDisplay Tv Lcd Wall Mount Swivel Tilt 37In-70In Flt Scrn Panel Dwm3770X$155.53Details
930767Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWM60100XXDisplay Tv Lcd Wall Mount Swivl Tilt 60In-100In Flt Scrn Panel Dwm60100Xx$207.38Details
995056Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWT4585XDisplay Tv Lcd Wall Mount Tilt 45In To 85In Flat Screen /Panel Dwt4585X$86.41Details
1075075Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsDWT60100XXDisplay Tv Lcd Wall Mount Tilt 60In - 100In Flat Screen /Panel Dwt60100Xx$131.33Details
965822Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsHDCMHdmi Composite Video Test Mntr$144.19Details
1062257Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsMR1208TRAYUniversal Monitor Riser Stand W Accessory Tray Laptop Prntr 4In Mr1208Tray$29.27Details
928675Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsMR1612Universal Monitor Riser Stand Computer Laptop Printers 1.25-5.5In Mr1612$20.73Details
960425Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsNSSG24D2P2424 10/100/1000Mbps Prt Gig L2 Mngd Poe+ Switch 2 Sfp Gig Slots Nss-G24D2P24$0.02Details
973253Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsT014001Network Cbl Continuity Tester Cat5/Cat6/6A Rj11 Rj45 Usb Bnc T014-001$82.95Details
711031Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsTRI8070Camview Ip Pro$515.69Details
798754Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsTRI8071Cam View Ip Pro Plus$595.34Details
944435Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsTRI8072Ip & Analog +Hd-Cvi Camera Tester$595.34Details
722473Viavi SolutionsC510GCAPTURE10Gige Packet Capture Test Opt$1,185.09Details
785015Viavi SolutionsC510GESYNCE10Gige Optical Sync-E Test Option$1,185.09Details
798973Viavi SolutionsC5JPROOFJ-Proof Layer 2 Transparency Test Option$1,185.09Details
915571Viavi SolutionsC5LS158810/100/1000 Mbps And 1Gige Ieee 1588 Test Option$1,185.09Details
781540Viavi SolutionsC5LSCAPTURE10/100/1000 Mbps And 1 Gige Packet Capture Option$612.25Details
907461Viavi SolutionsC5LSSYNCE1Gige Optical Sync-E Test Option$1,185.09Details
860467Viavi SolutionsC5MPLSTPEthernet Mpls-Tp And Oam Test Option$1,712.14Details
879812Viavi SolutionsC5MPLSVPLSEthernet Mpls/Vpls Test Option$1,185.09Details
822423Viavi SolutionsCT10GCAPTUREPacket Capture At 10G W/Wire- Shark And J-Mentor Trouble- Shooting Asst$1,185.09Details
859212Viavi SolutionsCT10GFC10G Fibre Channel Test Option$3,906.53Details
762800Viavi SolutionsCT10GLAYER410G Layer 4 Tcp Line Rate W/ Tcp Throughput Testing Truespeed$3,906.53Details
761502Viavi SolutionsCT1G2GFC2G/1G Fibre Channel Test Option$1,483.08Details
873022Viavi SolutionsCTLAYER410M-1Ge Layer 4 Line Rate Tcp/ Udp W/ Auto Tcp Throughput Testing Truespeed$3,429.98Details
924095Viavi SolutionsCTLSCAPTUREPacket Capture At 1G And 10/10 1000M W/ Wireshark, J-Mentor Troubleshooting Asst$612.25Details
1009518Viavi SolutionsJD748BJd748B Signal Analyzer$10,670.78Details
710488Viavi SolutionsSWFCMA1Activation Key P5000I Android Device Compatibility$321.58Details
908969Viavi SolutionsTB4DISLANOPMVFLEsam With T-Berd 4000 Base With Opm, Vfl And Scope$11,701.15Details
746450Viavi SolutionsTB4DISLANPKGEsam With T-Berd 4000 Base Voip, Wifi, Opm, Vfl, Scope$12,448.01Details
813570Viavi SolutionsTB4DISLANVOIPWLANEsam With T-Berd 4000 Base With Voip And Wifi$11,203.24Details
915408Viavi SolutionsTB5801GIGETb5801 W/1Ge Optical,10/100/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
781261Viavi SolutionsTB5802GIGEDPTb5802 Dual Port W/1Ge,10/100/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
801677Viavi SolutionsTB5802PDS3GIGEDPTb5802P Dual Port W/Ds1/3/Sts1 1Ge,10/100/1000 Elctrcl Ethrnt W/AccessoriesCall for Price.Details
871193Viavi SolutionsTB5802POC12GIGEDPTb5801 W/1Ge Optical,10/100/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
859068Viavi SolutionsTB5802POC48GIGEDPTb5802P Dual Port W/Ds1/3/Sts1 Oc3-48,1Ge,10/100/1000Elec Eth W/ AccessoriesCall for Price.Details
895135Viavi SolutionsTB58121G10GETb5812 W/1/10Ge Optical,10/10/ 1000 Mbps Electrical Ethernet Scope,Optics,Ptch Cb$31,948.08Details
884556Viavi SolutionsTB58121G10GEDPDual Port W/1/10Ge,10/1000Mbps Electrical Ethernet, Scope Optics,Fibr Ptch CblCall for Price.Details
780900Viavi SolutionsTB5812POC19210GEDPTb5812P Dual Port Ds1/3/Sts1 Oc3-192, 1/10Ge, 10/100/1000 Elec Eth W/ Acc.Call for Price.Details
840542Viavi SolutionsTB6000A1G10GEDP10/100/1000M, Gige 10Ge Dual Port PackageCall for Price.Details
737922Viavi SolutionsTB6000A4GFC4G Fibre Channel With 1310 Nm And 850 Nm 4G Sfps$6,449.14Details
732472Viavi SolutionsTB6000ADCTb6000A Datacom Package$22,972.75Details
775912Viavi SolutionsTB6000ADS3GIGEDPDs-Sts1,Gige Dual Port PackageCall for Price.Details
853941Viavi SolutionsTB6000AGIGECUDC10/100/1000M Ethernet Datacom Pkge$26,887.10Details
893222Viavi SolutionsTB6000AOC12GIGEDPDs1-Oc12 And Gige Dual Port PackageCall for Price.Details