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Audio Video Systems

Testers, Wire

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
141464Byte BrothersCTX200Pocket Cat Cat5/6 Coax Tester$64.39Details
139689Byte BrothersCTX200PPocketcat Rj45/Coax Cable Tester W/Lighted Probe$116.19Details
139469Byte BrothersLVPROPLight Toner Probe$76.99Details
595001Byte BrothersLVPROSRSmart Remote Accessory For The Lvpro (8 Pieces)$139.99Details
139473Byte BrothersRWC1000KReal World Certifier Kit$526.49Details
840052Fiber InstrumentGLD3DTXE3 Yrs Of Gold Support For Dtx-1800-E$7,176.03Details
729767Fiber InstrumentGLDDTXGold Support Services 1-Yr For Dtx$1,504.99Details
829264Fiber InstrumentGLDDTX3YEARGold Product Support Services 3-Year For Dtx$3,955.23Details
791850Fiber InstrumentGLDDTXE1 Yr Gold Support For Dtx-1800-E$2,739.99Details
1060124Fiber InstrumentVFL350Corning Visual Fault Locator 635Nm W/2.5Mm Univ.$844.99Details
177455Greenlee Textron601KGBasic Tone And Probe Kit$121.79Details
166508Greenlee Textron620KProgressive Elec 620K S/A Kit$204.39Details
172227Greenlee Textron701KGTone Generator 200Ep Inductive Probe/77Hp Tone Generator &Amp; 700C Combo Case$151.19Details
177461Greenlee Textron711KTone Generator 77Gx And 200Gx Probe Kit Includes 711Cs Carrying Case$186.19Details
172233Greenlee Textron77HPG6AClassic Tone Generator W/Telco Style Bed Of Nail Clips Dual Leds/Polaity Check$67.19Details
824641Greenlee TextronGMFTSMMMMini Fibertools Kit Multimode And Singlemode$2,118.74Details
792991Greenlee TextronGT10GFITester,Circuit-Gfi (Gt-10Gfi)$17.99Details
347870Greenlee TextronPA70081Tester,Hdmi,Diy Hdft (Pop)$57.99Details
189686Greenlee TextronTM500Tele-Mate Pro Test Set With Abn "Bed Of Nails" Croc Clips$146.99Details
311379Greenlee TextronTM700Tele-Mate Telephone Test Set With Abn Bed Of Nails Croc Clips$264.59Details
193138Ideal Industries33866Test, Tone, Trace Kit$132.99Details
193433Ideal Industries62200Linkmaster Cable Tester/Contin Uity/Open/Short/Miswire/Split/ Reversal/Shield$92.39Details
753437Ideal IndustriesR156004Signaltek Ct: 1Gig Cable Transmission Pe$1,702.49Details
207470Labor Saving DevicesCXTChex-Zit Continuity Tester$28.49Details
1040937Platinum ToolsT302CGfci (Ac Volt) Socket Testr$14.50Details
280685Platinum ToolsTSS200Snap Shot-Fault Finding/Cable Length Msrment Tdr$233.79Details
696390Triplett / Jewell Instruments3271$232.39Details
696401Triplett / Jewell Instruments3388Live Wire Circuit Tracing Kit W/Carrying Case$215.59Details
696402Triplett / Jewell Instruments3399Fox 2 Hound 3 Kit Includes Generator Probe Case$102.19Details
829905Triplett / Jewell Instruments3550Prof Sound Level Meter Iec651(T2) Ansi S1.4(T2) St$106.39Details
696412Triplett / Jewell Instruments79814Modular Test Leads For Teletalker$29.25Details
696435Triplett / Jewell Instruments9650Brkr Sniff-It,Cir Brkr Locater Tools Overstock$50.03Details
869851Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsLVPRO20Multi-Cable Tester: Rj11, Rj45, Coax - B$313.19Details
867200Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsLVPRO30Low Voltage Pro Model 30 Multi Cable Tes$444.14Details
763978Triplett / Jewell InstrumentsVTMKITVideo Test Module$278.09Details