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CBC America / Computar

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
144084CBC America / Computar10GPOE10 Port Poe Switch 8 Channels Of 10/100$554.67Details
597340CBC America / Computar16ANALOGCARDCAPTURECARD16 Analog Card-Capture Card$1,039.99Details
142578CBC America / Computar26GPOE26Port Poe Switch,24Chann 10/100 & 2Ch 10/100/1000$1,167.39Details
881886CBC America / Computar48VOLTPOWERSUPPLY48V Pwr Supply For Nr16 1.5Amp$85.39Details
141422CBC America / Computar500GPOE50 Port Poe Switch, 48 Channels Of 10/10$2,122.84Details
597342CBC America / Computar57Front Lens Cap$2.46Details
924427CBC America / Computar8GPOE***Eol***$516.23Details
955451CBC America / ComputarA3Z2812CSMPWIR1/2.7", 2.8-8.5Mm, 5Mp, F1.2, Ir Corrective$104.30Details
142580CBC America / ComputarA3Z3112CSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night Ir, 1/2.7 Inch, 3.1-8Mm,$136.09Details
142164CBC America / ComputarA4Z1214CSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night Ir, 1/2.7 Inch, 12-50Mm,$213.21Details
741349CBC America / ComputarA4Z2812CSMPIR1/2.7" 2.8-10Mm,F1.2,D/N Ir,3Mp,Cs Mnt,Manual Iris$88.19Details
932069CBC America / ComputarA6Z8516CS1/2.7" 8.5-50Mm,F1.6,Manual Iris,3Mp$89.59Details
1046381CBC America / ComputarA6Z8516CSMPVarifocal Lens, Day/Night, 1/2.7 Inch Format, 3 Me$84.38Details
1082180CBC America / ComputarAG3Z2812FCSMPWIRComputar Hd Camera Lens, Dc Auto Iris, 2$102.31Details
142165CBC America / ComputarAG3Z3112FCSMPIRLens, Day/Night Ir, 1/2.7 Inch, 3-Megapixel, 3.1-8$136.51Details
317305CBC America / ComputarAG3Z3112KCSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night Ir, 1/2.7 Inch, 3.1-8Mm,$154.85Details
1015012CBC America / ComputarAG3Z3112KCSMPIRV311/2.7" Format 3.1-8Mm F1.2 D/N W/4Pin Connectr$160.99Details
141424CBC America / ComputarAG4Z1214FCSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night Ir, 1/2.7 Inch, 12.5-50M$233.07Details
142166CBC America / ComputarAG4Z1214KCSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night Ir, 1/2.7 Inch, 12.5-50M$243.89Details
597343CBC America / ComputarAG4Z1214KCSMPIRV311/2.7" 12.5-50Mm F.14,P Iris, Day/Night Ir$243.89Details
748701CBC America / ComputarAG4Z2812FCSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night, Ir, 1/2.7 Inch Format,$86.79Details
922833CBC America / ComputarAG4Z2812FCSMPIR311/2.7Inch, 2.8-10Mm, 3Mp, F1.2, Auto Iri$122.71Details
793540CBC America / ComputarAG4Z2812KCSMPIR1/2.7" 2.8-10Mm, F1.2, P-Iris,D/N Ir,3Mp,Cs Mount$90.99Details
1078870CBC America / ComputarAG6Z8516FCSMPVarifocal Lens, 1/2.7 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 8.$92.29Details
999636CBC America / ComputarAG6Z8516FCSMP311/2.7", 8.5-50Mm, 3Mp, F1.6, Auto Iris$96.59Details
956562CBC America / ComputarAG6Z8516KCSMPVarifocal Lens, 1/2.7 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 8.$96.98Details
142581CBC America / ComputarANTIREFLECTEDRUBBERBOOTAnti-Reflected Rubber Boot Goes Ovr Lens Nght Visn$18.75Details
142582CBC America / ComputarAV13051.3Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Color Camera, 1$1,072.64Details
142167CBC America / ComputarAV1305DN1.3Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Color &Amp; B/W Cam$1,193.17Details
354172CBC America / ComputarAV13551HK1 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip Color Dome, 4$1,241.38Details
317304CBC America / ComputarAV1355DN1.3 Megapixel H.264/Mjpec Ip Day/N$1,241.38Details
354171CBC America / ComputarAV1355DN16HKAv1355Dn-16Hk Av1355Dn-16 With 10V - 50V$1,332.71Details
142168CBC America / ComputarAV1355DN1HKAv1355Dn-1Hk Av1355Dn With 10V - 50V Dc$1,263.16Details
354169CBC America / ComputarAV2105Mp2A, 2-Megapixel Ip Camera$1,193.17Details
354168CBC America / ComputarAV2105DNMp2Dn, 2 Megapixel Ip-Camera H.264$1,263.16Details
354167CBC America / ComputarAV2115DN1080P Mp, H.264/Mjpeg True D/N Cs Mount,$679.32Details
144085CBC America / ComputarAV31053.0 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Color Camera,$1,263.16Details
144086CBC America / ComputarAV3105DN3.0 Megapixel H264 Mjpeg Col,D/N$1,379.05Details
597350CBC America / ComputarAV3125DNV1X3 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip All-In-One Ca$1,622.43Details
597351CBC America / ComputarAV3125IRV1X3 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip All-In-One Ca$1,738.31Details
317301CBC America / ComputarAV31553 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Color Ip Dome, 4$1,506.54Details
317300CBC America / ComputarAV3155DN3 Megapixel H.264/Mpeg Day/Night Ip Dome$1,564.49Details
354164CBC America / ComputarAV3155DN16HK3 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip Day/Night Dom$1,680.36Details
317299CBC America / ComputarAV5105AI5 Mega Pixel H.264 Cam Auto Irish$1,494.94Details
812006CBC America / ComputarAV5105DN5 Mega Pixel H.264 Day/Night Cam$1,494.94Details
141425CBC America / ComputarAV5115DNH.264/Mjpeg Day/Night Camera$986.10Details
317298CBC America / ComputarAV5125IR5 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip All-In-One Ca$1,460.88Details
846333CBC America / ComputarAV5145DN3310DALG5Mp Megaball Day/Night, 2592X1944, 14$1,321.13Details
354163CBC America / ComputarAV5155Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip Color Dome, 4-$1,622.43Details
142169CBC America / ComputarAV5155DN165 Megapixel H264/Mjpeg Ip Day/Night Dome$1,738.30Details
317297CBC America / ComputarAV5155DN16HK5 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip Daynight All-$1,796.25Details
317296CBC America / ComputarAV5155DN1HK5 Megapixel H.264/Mjpeg Ip D/N$1,738.30Details
847456CBC America / ComputarBASEPLATEWGASKETFORZNB2MTPBaseplate With Gasket For Zn-B2Mtp$59.50Details
142270CBC America / ComputarBCHIR312NAII540 Tvl Ir Vf Bullet 3.3-12Mma/I 12Vdc/2$265.52Details
141427CBC America / ComputarBCHIR36N480 Tvl Ir Bullet Camera 3.6Mm$94.12Details
354157CBC America / ComputarBCHIR36NII520 Tvl Ir Bullet 3.6Mm 12Vdc$90.50Details
141428CBC America / ComputarBCIR36N330 Tvl Ir Bullet 3.6Mm$72.32Details
317294CBC America / ComputarBH1CMH38Bh1 Housing W/Cmh112-L38 Preinstalled$282.99Details
142274CBC America / ComputarBLH201Chugai 1/3" B/W Hires 580Tvl$138.43Details
824378CBC America / ComputarBMP4024Power Supply, Single Pvm, Short Distance, 40W, 24V$34.50Details
899720CBC America / ComputarBMP9024Power Supply, Single Pvm, Short Distance, 90W, 24V$57.99Details
894210CBC America / ComputarBMTPAN1Die Cast Box With 2X 1" Conduit Openings$729.66Details
597355CBC America / ComputarBMTUHO1Die Cast Box With 2X 1" Conduit Openings$541.23Details
781979CBC America / ComputarBMTUHOCBCorner Mounting Bracket For Broadsight B$73.77Details
317293CBC America / ComputarBNX39IR600T 3-9Mm Out Ir Bul 12/24 3Led Sil Tdn$270.19Details
848248CBC America / ComputarBR1500GUninterrupted Pwr Sply Battery Bck-Up&Surge Protec$354.86Details
796997CBC America / ComputarBVM19WBPublic View Monitor, 19", 24Vdc, Wdr, Bl$839.11Details
597356CBC America / ComputarBVM26WB26 Public View Monitor,Hdmi Input,Black,24Vdc$1,073.79Details
142275CBC America / ComputarC12DC15A12Vdc 1.5Amp Power Supply For Pt110-Ip$20.99Details
144249CBC America / ComputarC12DC30A12Vdc 3.0Amp Power Supply For Pt127Xt-Ip$29.58Details
354156CBC America / ComputarC12DCR300Chugai 12Vdc 300Ma Reg. Power$14.47Details
142276CBC America / ComputarC12DCR500Power Supply, 12 Vdc, 500Ma, Regulated $13.66Details
141429CBC America / ComputarC24ACPower Supply, 24 Vac, 400 Ma $10.44Details
144250CBC America / ComputarC24AC40Power Supply, 24 Vac, 40Va $13.66Details
597357CBC America / ComputarCAMHS30Accessory Color Camera W/3.0Mm Lens$182.55Details
597358CBC America / ComputarCAMHS37Accessory Color Camera W/3.7Mm Lens$176.30Details
963327CBC America / ComputarCAT5EWire, Cat5-E, White, (1,000) Foot $114.49Details
597360CBC America / ComputarCBC4DHR2812600Tvl Day/Night 2.8 - 12Mm Varifocal Lens,12Vdc$135.79Details
597361CBC America / ComputarCBC4DIR2812Ir Dome 600Tvl Day/Night 2.8 - 12Mm V/F$152.59Details
141430CBC America / ComputarCBF1Lens Accessory, Camera Back Focusing Neutral Densi$76.65Details
144252CBC America / ComputarCBZ24Lens Accessory, Zoom Lens Controller $294.12Details
142277CBC America / ComputarCDM3Accessory, Corner Mount Adapter, Outdoor, For Pt11$57.78Details
597363CBC America / ComputarCDR01SNChugai Single Channel Dvr$456.18Details
597364CBC America / ComputarCDR01SN120Chugai Cdr01Sn120$670.10Details
142278CBC America / ComputarCDR1PWSPower Supply For Cdr01Sn120$35.93Details
317292CBC America / ComputarCECCM21AChugai Cec-Cm21A 21" Color$493.30Details
317291CBC America / ComputarCECCMH19A19" Monitor$737.11Details
142279CBC America / ComputarCECEV48AChugai Cec-Ev48A B/W 1/3" W/In$108.40Details
142280CBC America / ComputarCECWPEV48AChugai Outdoor B/W Camera W/$148.43Details
144253CBC America / ComputarCEM09AChugai Cem-09A Monitor, B/W 9"$184.42Details
142586CBC America / ComputarCEM12A212" B&Amp;W With Audio$194.04Details
317290CBC America / ComputarCEM15AChugai Cem-15A Monitor, B/W$243.75Details
354155CBC America / ComputarCGILDMBIl-Dmb Illuminar$256.19Details
144254CBC America / ComputarCGNZCDN529NHColor Hi-Res Dome, 540Tvl,D/N, 2.9-8.2Mm Varifocal$359.09Details
142281CBC America / ComputarCGPS1621A16 Output Power Supply$173.59Details
354154CBC America / ComputarCGPWS2412V/24Vac Dual Vlt Pow Brd F/112 Ser Cam$44.50Details
144255CBC America / ComputarCGWLM6White Light Illuminator 60 Degree, 82 Range$565.64Details
141431CBC America / ComputarCK15CColor Camera Kit W/Tg3Z2910Fcs$269.42Details
141433CBC America / ComputarCK18GYch-04-Bl Camera Kit W/Tg4Z2813Fcs-31$235.47Details
354153CBC America / ComputarCLEARDOMEFORTHEZCPT222NXTClear Dome For The Zc-Pt222N-Xt$85.39Details
354152CBC America / ComputarCLEARDOMEFORZCD3210NHAClear Dome For Zcd3210Nha$27.75Details
141435CBC America / ComputarCLEARDOMEFORZCD555Clear Dome For Zcd555$18.75Details
144257CBC America / ComputarCLRGLASSFORHWB128RA20Clr Glass For Hwb128Ra20$51.48Details
317289CBC America / ComputarCM112CSClr Board Camera W/Cs Mount$131.75Details
141436CBC America / ComputarCM112L251/4'' 330Tvl Color 2.5Mm Fix Lens$126.03Details
142587CBC America / ComputarCM112L29Color Board Camera W/2.9 Lens$128.79Details
142588CBC America / ComputarCM112L381/4" Col W/ 3.8Mm Fixed Lens$126.03Details
144259CBC America / ComputarCM112P29Chugai Color Pinhole Board$141.97Details
354151CBC America / ComputarCM112V310AChugai Cm112 Color Camera W/$190.83Details
142589CBC America / ComputarCM112V39A1/4" Color Brd Camera W/3-9 Mm Auto Iris Varicella$184.79Details
354150CBC America / ComputarCM3000AL29PChugai Standard Board Camera$148.43Details
317288CBC America / ComputarCM3000ALPChugai Cm3000A-Lp Color Camera$148.43Details
597365CBC America / ComputarCMA4600Corner Mount, For Zn-Ptz202Xe-Xt & Zn-1-P4Dt54 Pix$137.66Details
142285CBC America / ComputarCMB1Camera Mounting Bracket, 6", With Drop Ceiling Cli$20.42Details
142286CBC America / ComputarCMB2Accessory, Camera Mounting Brac Ket, 6", W/ Drop C$19.71Details
142590CBC America / ComputarCMB3Camera Mounting Bracket, 4", W/ Drop Ceiling Clip,$13.66Details
597366CBC America / ComputarCMB3000Ceiling Mount, For Zn-Dn312Xe-M,Zn-Dnt352Xe & Zn-D$68.82Details
597367CBC America / ComputarCMB3200Ceiling Mount, For Zn1-D4Fn5 Pixelpro Network Came$103.59Details
956215CBC America / ComputarCMB3400Ceiling Mount, For Zn1-D4Nmz43L Pixelpro Network C$121.31Details
141523CBC America / ComputarCMB4Camera Mounting Bracket, 4", W/ Drop Ceiling Clip,$13.66Details
597368CBC America / ComputarCMB4600Ceiling Mount, For Zn-Ptz202Xe-Xt & Zn1-P4Dt54 Pix$137.66Details
317287CBC America / ComputarCMB712CSBoard Camera, Color, 600 Tvl, Cs Mount, 12 Vdc, 42$131.85Details
354149CBC America / ComputarCMB712L25600 Tvl Color Board Camera W/2.5Mm Lens,Ntsc,12Vdc$131.85Details
354148CBC America / ComputarCMB712L38Board Camera, Color, 600 Tvl, 3.8Mm Lens, Cs Mount$131.85Details
597369CBC America / ComputarCMB712L60Board Camera, Color, 600 Tvl, 6.0Mm Lens, Cs Mount$131.85Details
597370CBC America / ComputarCMB712V26A600 Tvl Board Camera W/2-6Mm A/I Lens$225.39Details
597371CBC America / ComputarCMB712V312A600 Tvl Board Camera W/3.3-12Mm A/I Lens$197.88Details
597372CBC America / ComputarCMC25XDay/Night Analog Camera, Indoor, Black Faceplate,$256.91Details
814133CBC America / ComputarCMC2841080P Ip Corner Mnt Camera W/2.8Mm Lens Black Face$571.05Details
903917CBC America / ComputarCMC374Day/Night Network Camera, Black Faceplate, Corner$571.05Details
317286CBC America / ComputarCMCFSCorner Camera Face Plate (Silver)$24.65Details
354147CBC America / ComputarCMCFWCorner Camera Face Plate (White)$26.13Details
141524CBC America / ComputarCMH112CS1/4'' Hi-Res Color With Cs-Mount$182.55Details
141526CBC America / ComputarCMH112L25Hi-Res Color Board Camera W/2.5Mm Lens N$182.55Details
142288CBC America / ComputarCMH112L29High Res 4 Cam With 2.9Mm Lens$190.83Details
141527CBC America / ComputarCMH112L38*Eol* Color W/3.8Mm Fixed Lens$182.55Details
142289CBC America / ComputarCMH112L801/4 High Res Clr 8.0 Mm Fixed$190.83Details
144263CBC America / ComputarCMH112V24AHi Res Color Cam 2-4 Mm Lns$254.98Details
144264CBC America / ComputarCMH112V310A1/4" Hires Color W/2.8-10Mm Auto Iris Varifocal$228.55Details
317285CBC America / ComputarCMH112V36AChugai 1/4" Chip Camera 3-6Mm$222.91Details
144265CBC America / ComputarCMH112V39A1/4"Hi Res Color W/3-9Mm Auto Iris Varifocal$213.22Details
354146CBC America / ComputarCMH112V49AChugai High Resolution Color$254.98Details
317284CBC America / ComputarCMH212CSHi Res Color Board Camera W/Cs Mt Pal$197.88Details
597373CBC America / ComputarCMK05Telescoping Ceiling Mount, Adjustable Length Pole$102.23Details
412761CBC America / ComputarCMX400Chugai Cmx-400 Mux, Color 4 Ch$200.47Details
980827CBC America / ComputarCNGE2FE4SMSPOE6 Port Self Manage Switch 2 1000 Fx Sfp Ports Poe$1,472.49Details
317283CBC America / ComputarCOUPLERThreaded Nps Coupler$15.33Details
141680CBC America / ComputarCPV5555W-Marine Grade Solar Module$567.51Details
597374CBC America / ComputarCSTB110801080P/3-9Mm/Ir/Ip66/Poe/24V/Tdn$653.89Details
597375CBC America / ComputarCSTD110801080P Outdr Ir 3-9Mm 18 Led Tdn$603.44Details
412762CBC America / ComputarCTR480N2Chugai 480Hr Recorder$354.12Details
142593CBC America / ComputarCXEV310AChugai Outdoor Camera 1/4 B/W$323.19Details
141681CBC America / ComputarCXEV48Chugai Cx-Ev48 Camera,B/W 1/3"$323.19Details
317282CBC America / ComputarCXHNV310AChugai Cxhnv310A Bullet 2.8-10$385.05Details
354145CBC America / ComputarCXHVN28AChugai 1/4" Color Hires Otdr$570.60Details
142290CBC America / ComputarCXNV310AChugai Color Outdoor Camera$354.12Details
317281CBC America / ComputarD4SOAV1115V13312Av1115V1 + Mpl33-12 Varifocal And D4So S$988.30Details
317280CBC America / ComputarD4SOAV3115V13312Av3115V1 + Mpl33-12 Varifocal And D4So S$1,274.76Details
597376CBC America / ComputarD6PMAPole Mount For Dome6-X-W$103.67Details
354144CBC America / ComputarDCB39Dome & Day/Night Analog Camera, Ganz Value Series,$143.79Details
354143CBC America / ComputarDCB39BLDome & Day/Night Analog Camera, Ganz Value Series,$143.79Details
597377CBC America / ComputarDCC3Clear Dome Cover For Pt110N$39.72Details
354142CBC America / ComputarDCC5Clear Dome Bubble Only For Ptz$39.72Details
597378CBC America / ComputarDCS3Smoked Dome Cover, For Pt110N/Pt110-Ip Cameras $38.37Details
317279CBC America / ComputarDCS5Smoked Dome Bubble Only For Ptz$42.09Details
317278CBC America / ComputarDDK12001/3" Hi Sens Cs Mount Ip Cam$502.56Details
141684CBC America / ComputarDDK15001/3"Ls Mount Ip Camera,True D/N,12Vdc & Poe$368.31Details
142594CBC America / ComputarDDK1500DIp Dome 3.7 12Mm Auto Iris Lens True D/N$619.76Details
597379CBC America / ComputarDDK15DWMWall Mount For The Ddk-1500D$103.67Details
142596CBC America / ComputarDDK3000Chugai Video Web Server$354.12Details
1074102CBC America / ComputarDFB284Door Frame Network Camera, Black Housing, 4 Inch L$485.62Details
597380CBC America / ComputarDFB37Door Frame Analog Camera, Indoor, Black Housing, 4$306.88Details
412763CBC America / ComputarDFB3724Door Frame Analog Camera, Indoor, Black Housing, 6$334.49Details
969839CBC America / ComputarDFB374Door Frame Network Camera, Black Housing, 4 Inch L$485.62Details
1057894CBC America / ComputarDFBDDoor Frame Dummy Camera, Indoor, Black Housing, 4$77.01Details
947088CBC America / ComputarDFS284Door Frame Network Camera, Silver Housing, 4 Inch$485.62Details
317277CBC America / ComputarDFS37Door Frame Analog Camera, Indoor, Silver Housing,$306.88Details
745850CBC America / ComputarDFS3724Door Frame Analog Camera, Indoor, Silver Housing,$334.49Details
1052796CBC America / ComputarDFS374Door Frame Network Camera, Silver Housing, 4 Inch$485.62Details
958112CBC America / ComputarDFSDDoor Frame Dummy Camera, Indoor, Silver Housing, 4$73.60Details
1072729CBC America / ComputarDFW284Door Frame Network Camera, White Housing, 4 Inch L$485.62Details
1032097CBC America / ComputarDFW37Door Frame Analog Camera, Indoor, White Housing, 4$306.88Details
1030920CBC America / ComputarDFW3724Door Frame Analog Camera, Indoor, White Housing, 6$334.49Details
1040475CBC America / ComputarDFW374Door Frame Network Camera, White Housing, 4 Inch L$485.62Details
1075297CBC America / ComputarDFWDDoor Frame Dummy Camera, Indoor, White Housing, 4$73.60Details
317276CBC America / ComputarDMB712V312A600 Tvl T-Dn Board Camera W/3.3-12Mm A/I$214.66Details
141773CBC America / ComputarDMH112V39A2-4 &Amp; 4-9 Option With A 3-9Mm Day/Night$274.57Details
144271CBC America / ComputarDMH112V48AChugai 1/4" Hires Color W/$276.80Details
317275CBC America / ComputarDMXEV48Chugai Outdoor B&Amp;W W/Integrate$386.59Details
317274CBC America / ComputarDOME5IIndoor 5 Recessed Dome Single$246.61Details
317273CBC America / ComputarDOME60COutdoor 6 Inch Vanadal Resistant Dome Wi$494.83Details
354141CBC America / ComputarDOME60WHOutdr 6" Vndl Res W/Htr,Blow,Sunshld,Wal$494.84Details
141774CBC America / ComputarDOME6ICIndoor 6" Vandal Resistant Dome Top Moun$320.98Details
144272CBC America / ComputarDOME6IWIndoor 6" Vandal Res Wall Mnt$340.19Details
142597CBC America / ComputarDOME6OWOutdoor 6" Vandal Resistant Dome W$473.32Details
412764CBC America / ComputarDOMECOVERFORMDCHIR312Dome Cover For Mdchir312$18.75Details
1049119CBC America / ComputarDR16F45AT12TB16Ch Ahd, Tvi,Analog,Ip,12Tb Hdd$2,233.74Details
943519CBC America / ComputarDR16F45AT3TB16Ch Ahd, Tvi, Analog, Ip,3Tb Hdd Installed, Hdm$1,322.49Details
942870CBC America / ComputarDR16F45AT6TB16Ch Ahd,Tvi,Analog,Ip, 6Tb Hdd$1,626.24Details
735525CBC America / ComputarDR16FX216 Ch 480 Fps, 2 Hdd Slots, Hdmi, No Loop Through,$449.48Details
816770CBC America / ComputarDR16FX22TBDvr, Digimaster Value Series, 2 Tb Hard Disk Drive$624.28Details
805405CBC America / ComputarDR16FX24TBDvr, Digimaster Value Series, 4 Tb Hard Disk Drive$847.95Details
813612CBC America / ComputarDR16FX26TB16Ch 480Fps, 6Tb Hdd Installed, Hdmi, No Loop Thr$1,077.04Details
867101CBC America / ComputarDR16FX5Dvr, Digimaster Pro Series, (5) Hard Disk Drive Sl$928.32Details
883599CBC America / ComputarDR16FX515TB16 Ch 480 Fps, 15Tb Hdd Installed, Hdmi,$2,660.91Details
779688CBC America / ComputarDR16FX53TBDvr, Digimaster Pro Series, 3 Tb Hard Disk Drive,$1,162.46Details
834350CBC America / ComputarDR16FX56TBDvr, Digimaster Pro Series, 6 Tb Hard Disk Drive,$1,418.94Details
1014073CBC America / ComputarDR16FX59TBDvr, Digimaster Pro Series, 9 Tb Hard Disk Drive,$1,729.86Details
142598CBC America / ComputarDR16HD16 Channel Dvr, Dvd Writer, Nohard Drive$1,180.47Details
142599CBC America / ComputarDR16HD1TB16 Channel Dvr, Dvd Writer, 1Tb Hdd$1,422.41Details
141775CBC America / ComputarDR16HD2TBDvr, 2 Tb, 16-Channel, H.264, Real-Time, 480 Ips,$1,015.56Details
142292CBC America / ComputarDR16HD4TBDvr, 4 Tb, 16-Channel, H.264, Real-Time, 480 Ips,$1,280.54Details
864890CBC America / ComputarDR16HD500***Eol**16 Channel Dvr With Dvd$1,264.31Details
317272CBC America / ComputarDR16HD6TBDvr, 6 Tb, 16-Channel, H.264, Real-Time, 480 Ips,$1,370.89Details
144274CBC America / ComputarDR16HD8TBDvr, 8 Tb, 16-Channel, H.264, Real-Time, 480 Ips,$1,568.09Details
141777CBC America / ComputarDR16HDPOWERSUPPLYDr16Hd Power Supply$162.39Details
354140CBC America / ComputarDR16HRDDigimaster D1 Dr16Hrd 16 Ch Dual Stream$1,566.09Details
597381CBC America / ComputarDR16HRD12TBH.264 480 Ips Di Real Time, 16 Ch Dvr W/Dvd Write$3,314.99Details
354139CBC America / ComputarDR16HRD2TB16 Channel D1 Real-Time Dvr, Dvr Writer$1,853.45Details
354138CBC America / ComputarDR16HRD4TB16Ch Dvr W/Dvd Writer 4Tb Hdd Ips Di Real Time$2,140.80Details
597382CBC America / ComputarDR16HRD6TB16 Channel D1 Real-Time Dvr Dvd Writer 6$2,428.16Details
317271CBC America / ComputarDR16HRD8TB16 Ch D1 Real Time Dvr,Dvd Writer 8Tb Hdd$2,588.50Details
142600CBC America / ComputarDR16HV1TB816 Channel Dvr, Dvd Writer, 1Tb Hdd, 48$881.61Details
142293CBC America / ComputarDR16HV2TB16 Ch 480 Fps W/2 Tb Hdd Dvd-Rw Dvi To Vga Gender$1,288.74Details
142294CBC America / ComputarDR16N16 Ch Dvr No Hard Drive$1,139.48Details
597383CBC America / ComputarDR16N25016 Channel Dvr W/250Gb$1,331.60Details
819342CBC America / ComputarDR16N2DVDDigimaster 16 Channel Dvr, Nohard Drive$1,180.47Details
597384CBC America / ComputarDR16N50016 Ch Dvr W/ 500Gb Hdd Installed$1,273.71Details
597385CBC America / ComputarDR16N75016 H Dvr W/ 750Gb Hdd Installed$1,789.79Details
597386CBC America / ComputarDR16NCDvr 16Channel W/Cd Burner$1,264.25Details
354137CBC America / ComputarDR16ND15TB16 Chan Dvr W/Cd Writer$1,847.06Details
730038CBC America / ComputarDR16ND225TBDigimaster 16 Channel Dvr W/Dvd Writer,$1,180.47Details
597387CBC America / ComputarDR16ND25015 Channel Dvr 250 Hard Drive With Dvd W$1,417.50Details
597388CBC America / ComputarDR16ND3TB16 Ch Dvr W/3Tb Hdd &Amp; Cd/Dvd Wrtr$2,383.06Details
597389CBC America / ComputarDR16ND50016 Channel Dvr W/500 Gb Hdd &Amp; Internal D$1,355.88Details
317270CBC America / ComputarDR16ND75016 Channel Dvr W/500Gb, 250Gb Hdd &Amp; Inte$1,875.70Details
597390CBC America / ComputarDR16NRT1TB16 Chan Dvr 480 Ips,With 1Tb Hdd$1,355.88Details
317269CBC America / ComputarDR16NRT25016 Channel Dvr 480 Ips W/250Gb Hdd Insta$2,419.80Details
597392CBC America / ComputarDR16NRT3TB16 Channel Dvr 3 Tb Hard Drive$3,150.03Details
144280CBC America / ComputarDR16NRT50016 Chan Dvr 480 Ips W/500Gb$2,122.84Details
597393CBC America / ComputarDR16NRT6TB16 Channel Dvr, 480 Ips, With 6 Tb Hdd$3,273.29Details
144281CBC America / ComputarDR16NRT75016 Channel Dvr,480 Ipsw/750Gb Hdd$2,849.35Details
142602CBC America / ComputarDR16RC1Accessory, Remote Control, For 8 & 16-Channel Dvrs$33.76Details
142603CBC America / ComputarDR16SBSecurity Bracket For Dr16 And Dr8 Series$63.70Details
1013678CBC America / ComputarDR4FX1Dvr, Digimaster Value Series, (1) Hard Disk Drive$220.79Details
742758CBC America / ComputarDR4FX11TBDvr, Digimaster Value Series, 1 Tb Hard Disk Drive$333.83Details
142296CBC America / ComputarDR4HD4 Channel Dvr, Dvd Writer, Nohard Drive$576.87Details
144282CBC America / ComputarDR4HD1TBDigimaster Digital Video Recor4 Channel$881.61Details
141780CBC America / ComputarDR4HD2TB4 Channel Dvr, Dvd Writer, 2Tbhdd$982.80Details
141781CBC America / ComputarDR4HD5004 Channel Dvr, Dvd Writer, 500Gb Hdd$732.19Details
142297CBC America / ComputarDR4HL1TBH.264 120 Ips 4 Channel Dvr W/1Tb Hdd In$636.03Details
142298CBC America / ComputarDR4HL5004 Channel Dvr;500 Gb Hdd; 120Ips$387.94Details
597395CBC America / ComputarDR4L5OFBGanz Value Kit 4Ch Triplex Dvr W/4 Outd$832.42Details
412765CBC America / ComputarDR4NC4Ch Dvr No Hrd Drive Cd/Writer Installed$787.74Details
317268CBC America / ComputarDR4ND1604 Ch Dvr With 160Gb Hd,Internal$981.32Details
597396CBC America / ComputarDR4ND2TB4 Channel Dvr With 2Tb Hdd &Amp; Cd/Dvd Writ$1,506.53Details
597397CBC America / ComputarDR4ND500DVRCmt 500 Gig Dvr With Dvd Burner$826.12Details
597398CBC America / ComputarDR4ND7504 Ch Dvr W/750Gb Hdd &Amp; Cd/Dvd Wrtr$1,302.96Details
141783CBC America / ComputarDR4NDPSPwr Supply F/Dr4Nd Dvr$52.93Details
597399CBC America / ComputarDR4NL4 Chan Dvr No Hdd$369.79Details
144284CBC America / ComputarDR4NL2504 Channel Dvr W/250 Gigibite Hard Drive$438.74Details
141784CBC America / ComputarDR4NL5004 Channel Dvr With 500 Gb$473.32Details
144285CBC America / ComputarDR4NLITE4Ch Dvr No Hdd$391.49Details
317267CBC America / ComputarDR4PSPower Supply For Dr4 Dvr.$35.93Details
142614CBC America / ComputarDR4RC1Remote Controller$34.96Details
144286CBC America / ComputarDR4RM1ARack Mount Kit For The Dr4N Series$39.72Details
1065614CBC America / ComputarDR8D45AT8Ch Ahd, Tvi, Analog, Ip, 3Tb$1,181.69Details
759784CBC America / ComputarDR8FX28 Ch 240 Fps, 2 Hdd Slots, Hdmi, No Loop Through,$354.20Details
897412CBC America / ComputarDR8FX22TBDvr, Digimaster Value Series, 2 Tb Hard Disk Drive$530.97Details
824124CBC America / ComputarDR8FX24TBDvr, Digimaster Value Series, 4 Tb Hard Disk Drive$740.38Details
871304CBC America / ComputarDR8FX5Dvr, Digimaster Pro Series, (5) Hard Disk Drive Sl$851.12Details
888046CBC America / ComputarDR8FX53TBDvr, Digimaster Pro Series, 3 Tb Hard Disk Drive,$1,066.91Details
751042CBC America / ComputarDR8FX56TBDvr, Digimaster Pro Series, 6 Tb Hard Disk Drive,$1,308.81Details
795421CBC America / ComputarDR8FX59TBDvr, Digimaster Pro Series, 9 Tb Hard Disk Drive,$1,542.46Details
144287CBC America / ComputarDR8HD8 Channel Dvr With Dvd Writer, No Hard Drive$982.80Details
144288CBC America / ComputarDR8HD1TBH.264 240 Ips 8 Channel Dvr W/Dvd Writer$1,125.24Details
142301CBC America / ComputarDR8HD2TB8 Channel Dvr With Dvd Writerwith 2 Tb H$1,267.67Details
880614CBC America / ComputarDR8HD3TB**Eol**8 Channel H.264 Network$2,245.10Details
142615CBC America / ComputarDR8HD4TB8 Channel Dvr With Dvd Writer4 Tb Hdd In$1,566.09Details
770911CBC America / ComputarDR8HD500**Eol**H.264 240 Ips 8 Channel$1,267.67Details
597400CBC America / ComputarDR8HD500H264240 Ips 8 Channel Dvr W/Dvd Writer &Amp; 500$1,267.67Details
597401CBC America / ComputarDR8HV1TB8 Channel 240 Fps, Dvd-Rw, 1Tb Hdd Insta$911.59Details
141785CBC America / ComputarDR8HV5008 Channel 240 Fps,Dvd-Rw,Dvi To Vga Gender,Mouse$783.41Details
597402CBC America / ComputarDR8N8 Channel Dvr, No Hard Drive$997.05Details
412766CBC America / ComputarDR8N1TB8 Channel Dvr W/1Tb Hss Use "Dvr" Part#$1,342.18Details
597403CBC America / ComputarDR8N2508 Channel Dvr With 250 Gb Hdd Installed$1,235.95Details
354136CBC America / ComputarDR8N3TB8 Ch Dvr W/3Tb Hdd Installed$2,163.93Details
597404CBC America / ComputarDR8N7508 Ch Dvr W/ 750 Gb Hdd Installed$1,617.98Details
317266CBC America / ComputarDR8NC8 Chan Dvr W/Cdrw No Hd$1,115.34Details
597405CBC America / ComputarDR8NC15TB8 Channel Dvr With 1.5 Tb Hdd &Amp; Cdrw$2,348.20Details
597406CBC America / ComputarDR8NC1TB8 Ch Dvr With 1 Kilobit Hd, Cdrw$1,932.96Details
597407CBC America / ComputarDR8NC7508 Channel Dvr 750 Hd Cdr Wr$1,703.88Details
142616CBC America / ComputarDR8ND15TB8 Cha Dvr+Cd Wrtr 1.5Tb$1,703.89Details
142302CBC America / ComputarDR8ND1TB8 Ch Dvr W/1Tb Hdd &Amp; Dvd Writer Installe$1,424.36Details
354135CBC America / ComputarDR8ND225TB8 Chan Dvr + Cd/Dvd Wrtr 2.25Tb$2,992.51Details
597408CBC America / ComputarDR8ND2508Ch Dvr 250 Gig Hardrive$1,274.34Details
597409CBC America / ComputarDR8ND2TB8 Channel Dvr With 2 Tb Hdd + Cd/Dvd$1,835.24Details
142617CBC America / ComputarDR8ND5008 Channel Dvr With 500Gb Hdd &Amp; Dvd Write$1,267.67Details
737175CBC America / ComputarDRH816M44ADvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 16-Channel, Analog Hd (A$517.17Details
847428CBC America / ComputarDRH816M44A2TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 2 Tb, 16-Channel, Analog$693.55Details
906509CBC America / ComputarDRH816M44A3TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 3 Tb, 16-Channel, Analog$748.61Details
725437CBC America / ComputarDRH816M44A4TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 4 Tb, 16-Channel, Analog$854.92Details
799623CBC America / ComputarDRH84M41ADvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 4-Channel, Analog Hd (Ah$151.28Details
1030273CBC America / ComputarDRH84M41A1TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 1 Tb, 4-Channel, Analog$279.29Details
801150CBC America / ComputarDRH84M41A2TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 2 Tb, 4-Channel, Analog$348.95Details
825932CBC America / ComputarDRH84M41A3TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 3 Tb, 4-Channel, Analog$406.12Details
816101CBC America / ComputarDRH88M41ADvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 8-Channel, Analog Hd (Ah$205.13Details
711265CBC America / ComputarDRH88M41A1TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 1 Tb,84-Channel, Analog$331.20Details
729878CBC America / ComputarDRH88M41A2TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 2 Tb,84-Channel, Analog$400.86Details
772770CBC America / ComputarDRH88M41A3TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 3 Tb,84-Channel, Analog$458.03Details
774751CBC America / ComputarDRH88M41A4TBDvr, Ganz Genstar Series, 4 Tb,84-Channel, Analog$568.43Details
142303CBC America / ComputarDRRM2Dvr Accessory, Rack Mount Kit, For Dr8N / Dr16N Mo$38.12Details
317265CBC America / ComputarDRSC1Converter Hard Drive 120Ips$29.58Details
142304CBC America / ComputarDRSC2Converts Sata Hdd To Ide For 480 Ips$31.57Details
317264CBC America / ComputarDRT16NRT25016 Chan Dvr 480 Ips W/250 Gb Hdd$2,419.80Details
597410CBC America / ComputarDRX24032001TB32 Chan 240 Pps Dvr$10,900.24Details
597411CBC America / ComputarDRX48032001TB32 Chan 480 Pps Rec Dvr$12,227.83Details
142305CBC America / ComputarDT2312NHAIROutdoor Color Hi-Res Ir Dome W/3.3-12Mm$292.28Details
142618CBC America / ComputarDVDDRDvd Writer F/Ganz Dvr$92.02Details
812332CBC America / ComputarDVRPASSWORDCbc/Ganz Dvr Password Reset$41.67Details
142307CBC America / ComputarDW171Mount, Lcd, Wall, W/ Tilt / Swivel $43.76Details
961176CBC America / ComputarE1220KVBoard Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 12Mm,$132.96Details
1068942CBC America / ComputarE1620KVBoard Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 16Mm,$117.32Details
948403CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018AMSMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$1,885.45Details
1076382CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018AMSMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,444.10Details
945551CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018AMSPMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$1,955.28Details
1038301CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018AMSPMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,513.93Details
1033970CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018DCMPZoom Lens, 1/18 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10-$1,885.45Details
1059351CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018DCMPIRZoom Lens, 1/18 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10-$2,444.10Details
992957CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,025.11Details
939016CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,597.73Details
722079CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MPMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,054.35Details
946761CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MPMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,681.53Details
987283CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MSMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,053.04Details
1010054CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MSMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,653.59Details
959108CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MSPMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,136.84Details
953910CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018MSPMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,709.45Details
913217CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018PDCMPZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$1,955.28Details
749670CBC America / ComputarE24Z1018PDCMPIRZoom Lens, 1/1.8 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel, 24X, 10$2,513.93Details
1027105CBC America / ComputarE2520KVBoard Lens, 1/1.8 Inch, 3 Megapixel, 25Mm, F2.0, M$109.49Details
412767CBC America / ComputarE3Z4518CSMPIRVarifocal Lens, Day/Night, Ir, 1/1.8 Inch Format,$228.55Details
144291CBC America / ComputarE4191J100Panasonic Connector$9.04Details
317263CBC America / ComputarECH02Replacment Dome For Ganz 3000 Series$68.73Details
354134CBC America / ComputarEM200AL25Chugai 1/3" B&Amp;W W/2.5Mm Lens$115.08Details
354133CBC America / ComputarEM200L37Chugai Em200L37 Camera,Board$131.75Details
317262CBC America / ComputarEM28Chugai Housing For Pinhole Cam$27.89Details
317261CBC America / ComputarEM2AKITChugai Housing 12V Pwr Sply &Amp;$44.50Details
142619CBC America / ComputarEM2HChugai Em2-H Housing For$26.25Details
354132CBC America / ComputarEM2KITChugai Em2Kit Housing,Cable,$44.50Details
354131CBC America / ComputarEMH200L38Chugai Emh200L38 Camera,Board$222.91Details
597412CBC America / ComputarERK17Rack Mount For Zm-L17A$39.72Details
142620CBC America / ComputarERK1919" Rack Mount Kit$42.91Details
144292CBC America / ComputarEX15CLens Accessory, 1.5X Extender For Cmount, Attached$59.44Details
142621CBC America / ComputarEX15CSLens Accessory, 1.5X Extender For Csmount, Attache$59.44Details
142308CBC America / ComputarEX2CLens Accessory, 2X Extender For Cmount, Attached B$69.03Details
142623CBC America / ComputarEX2CSLens Accessory, 2X Extender For Csmount, Attached$70.39Details
142624CBC America / ComputarFC06BChugai Fc-06B Camera,B/W 1/3"$264.60Details
354130CBC America / ComputarFC62CChugai Fc-62C Camera,B/W 1/3"$91.73Details
142309CBC America / ComputarFC62DChugai 1/3 B&Amp;W 380Line Camera$94.12Details
142310CBC America / ComputarFC62EXChugai Hi Sensitivity .013Lux$206.88Details
909009CBC America / ComputarFCH64*Eol* Hi-Res 580 Lines Advanced Blc 1$141.97Details
597413CBC America / ComputarFLW17AMDDual Arm Tilt/Swivel Wall Mount For Zml2$161.06Details
142312CBC America / ComputarFM3Flush Mount Kit For 4000 And 5000 Series$44.23Details
597414CBC America / ComputarFMB3102Flush Mount, For Zn-Dn312Xe-M Pixelpro Network Cam$96.77Details
761223CBC America / ComputarFMB4200Flush Mount Bracket For Zn-Ptz202Xe$163.79Details
142313CBC America / ComputarFMK3Accessory, Flush Mount Kit, Indoor, For Pt110N $56.56Details
597415CBC America / ComputarFMK4Indoor Flush Mount Kit For Pt127N$59.82Details
597416CBC America / ComputarFMK4WIndoor Flush Mnt F/Pt110N 10X Ptz White$63.70Details
142315CBC America / ComputarFRONTPANELPlastic Front Panel For 8 Channel Digimaster$35.53Details
142316CBC America / ComputarFRONTPANELFORDR16NDFront Panel For Dr16Nd$35.53Details
144293CBC America / ComputarFRONTPCBPANELFORDR16NDFront Pcb Panel For Dr16Nd$35.53Details
1028282CBC America / ComputarG1USCard Cage Rack, (14) Available Slots, 4Ru Rack Mou$621.66Details
1046479CBC America / ComputarG3USCard Cage Rack, (3) Available Slots, 1Ru Rack Moun$364.05Details
740362CBC America / ComputarGANZDR4NCPWRSUPPLYGanz (Dr4Nc Pwr Supply)$35.53Details
891306CBC America / ComputarGBK284Day/Night Network Camera Kit, In-Wall, Gang Box, 1$580.92Details
142317CBC America / ComputarGBK29WSngl Gang Box Camera Kit 2.9Mm 690Tvl$328.04Details
317260CBC America / ComputarGBK36Box Camera Kit, 600 Tvl, 3.6Mmlens, 3 Fa$277.76Details
317259CBC America / ComputarGBK36W690 Tvl Pixim Wdr Gang Box Camera W/3.6M$309.14Details
597417CBC America / ComputarGBK36XColor Analog Camera Kit, Indoor, In-Wall, Gang Box$270.55Details
869967CBC America / ComputarGBK374Day/Night Network Camera Kit, In-Wall, Gang Box, 1$580.92Details
597418CBC America / ComputarGCCD10AGanz Eco-Energy Dual Charge Battery Char$57.72Details
597419CBC America / ComputarGH24KITHousing W/ Heater Wall Brkt Sunshielded$182.55Details
597420CBC America / ComputarGHFWC24Outdoor Housing With Wall Bracket, Inclu$151.87Details
597421CBC America / ComputarGHFWU24Housing W/Heater, Wall Bracket And Utp$182.55Details
940502CBC America / ComputarGKFE1003MAC2MMedia Converter Kit, Mini, Ethernet To Optical Fib$596.03Details
970307CBC America / ComputarGKFE1005MAC2MMedia Converter Kit, Mini, Ethernet To Optical Fib$557.25Details
965030CBC America / ComputarGKFE1EOCExtender Kit, Includes (2) Glfe1Eoc Ethernet Over$467.22Details
944917CBC America / ComputarGKFE1EOUExtender Kit, Includes (2) Glfe1Eou Ethernet Over$486.28Details
995667CBC America / ComputarGLFE16EOCExtender, 16-Channel, Ethernet Over Coax, W/ Pass-$2,620.66Details
1024605CBC America / ComputarGLFE16EOUExtender, 16-Channel, Ethernet Over Utp, W/ Pass-T$2,620.66Details
1047687CBC America / ComputarGLFE1EOCExtender, Single Channel, Ethernet Over Coax, W/ P$267.13Details
959727CBC America / ComputarGLFE1EOUExtender, Single Channel, Ethernet Over Utp, W/ Pa$274.02Details
999607CBC America / ComputarGLFE41SMSPOECEthernet Switch, 4-Port, 10/100, Self-Managed, Poe$803.02Details
967996CBC America / ComputarGLFE41SMSPOEUEthernet Switch, 4-Port, 10/100, Self-Managed, Poe$803.02Details
1043300CBC America / ComputarGLFE4EOCExtender, 4-Channel, Ethernet Over Coax, W/ Pass-T$927.06Details
1012613CBC America / ComputarGLFE4EOUExtender, 4-Channel, Ethernet Over Utp, W/ Pass-Th$927.06Details
1053533CBC America / ComputarGNFE1003MAC2MMedia Converter, Mini, Ethernet To Optical Fiber,$299.66Details
943456CBC America / ComputarGNFE1005M2Media Converter, Ethernet To Optical Fiber, St-Con$299.66Details
999010CBC America / ComputarGNFE1005MAC2MMedia Converter, Mini, Ethernet To Optical Fiber,$299.66Details
996068CBC America / ComputarGNFE1005S2Media Converter, Ethernet To Optical Fiber, St-Con$364.05Details
1016215CBC America / ComputarGNFE1005SAC2MMedia Converter, Small Size, Ethernet To Optical F$293.09Details
949916CBC America / ComputarGNFE4TX4USEthernet Switch, 4-Port, 10/100 Mbps, For Gnet Net$299.66Details
944026CBC America / ComputarGNFE8TX8USEthernet Switch, 8-Port, 10/100 Mbps, For Gnet Net$550.68Details
1068961CBC America / ComputarGNGE4USEthernet Switch, 4-Port, 10/100/1000 Mbps, For Gne$477.74Details
910299CBC America / ComputarGNGE8USEthernet Switch, 8-Port, 10/100/1000 Mbps, For Gne$652.42Details
1003591CBC America / ComputarGPS48VDC5AOption, Power Supply, 48 Vdc, 240 Watts, 5 Amps, D$289.80Details
991802CBC America / ComputarGPSDRA12048AOption, Power Supply, 48 Vdc, 120 Watts, 2.5 Amps,$217.39Details
1036869CBC America / ComputarGPSDRA6048AOption, Power Supply, 48 Vdc, 60 Watts, 1.25 Amps,$173.78Details
949127CBC America / ComputarGSFP1Transceiver, Copper, 10/100/1000 Mbps, Rj45, Msa-C$130.16Details
1055396CBC America / ComputarGSFP16Transceiver, 1000 Fx, 850Nm, Lc, (2) Multimode Fib$110.40Details
1020429CBC America / ComputarGSFP2Transceiver, 100 Fx, 1310Nm, Lc, (2) Multimode Fib$96.77Details
953032CBC America / ComputarGSFP3Transceiver, 100 Fx, 1310Nm, Lc, (2) Singlemode Fi$110.40Details
1024652CBC America / ComputarGSFP46Transceiver, 1000 Fx, 1310Nm, Lc, (2) Multimode Fi$190.13Details
1001611CBC America / ComputarGSFP6Transceiver, 1000 Fx, 1310Nm, Lc, (2) Singlemode F$96.77Details
980326CBC America / ComputarGSFPSXSmall Form Factor 1000G Multi Mode$142.79Details
317258CBC America / ComputarGSP5555W Semiflexible Solar Panel$766.90Details
317257CBC America / ComputarGVACSoftware, Ganz Vision Series, Annual Contract Rene$27.78Details
317256CBC America / ComputarGVAC160816Ch Hybrid Annual Contract Renewal$336.14Details
317255CBC America / ComputarGVAC1608X16Ch Hybrid Annual Renew Exp Contract$531.89Details
354129CBC America / ComputarGVAC320832Ch Hybrid Annual Contrct Renewal$548.09Details
317254CBC America / ComputarGVAC3208X32Ch Hybrid Annual Renewal Exp Contract$859.29Details
354128CBC America / ComputarGVACXSoftware, Ganz Vision Series, Annual Contract Rene$44.50Details
1009306CBC America / ComputarGVES01License, Ganz Vision Enterprise, 1-Channel, 1-Year$224.21Details
948414CBC America / ComputarGVESACContract Renewal, Annual, 1-Channel, For Ganz Visi$46.59Details
993650CBC America / ComputarGVESCSoftware Update, To Current Ganz Vision Enterprise$463.28Details
317253CBC America / ComputarGVH160816Ch Hybrid W/8 Ip Licenses$1,448.74Details
354127CBC America / ComputarGVH320832 Channel Hybrid W/8 Ip Licenses$2,054.35Details
141789CBC America / ComputarGVIP01Software, Ganz Vision Series, Single Camera Licens$143.71Details
142625CBC America / ComputarGVIP01WOSoftware, Ganz Vision Series, Single Camera Licens$154.53Details
1036009CBC America / ComputarGVIPCSoftware Update, To Current Ganz Vision Profession$346.32Details
1073935CBC America / ComputarGVIPES01License Upgrade, Network Camera, Ganz Vision Profe$74.96Details
597422CBC America / ComputarGVST01Single Channel Camera License$54.38Details
1024102CBC America / ComputarGVST04License, Ganz Vision Start, Network Camera, 4-Chan$296.37Details
976906CBC America / ComputarGVSTACContract Renewal, Annual, 1-Channel, For Ganz Visi$16.80Details
1082871CBC America / ComputarGVSTCSoftware Update, To Current Ganz Vision Start Vers$237.16Details
1044460CBC America / ComputarGVSTIP01License Upgrade, Network Camera, Ganz Vision Start$109.72Details
1059702CBC America / ComputarGVTRANSTransfer Key, Ganz Vision, From (1) Mac Address To$166.28Details
799679CBC America / ComputarGW1Ethernet Link, Wireless, Transmitter/Receiver, For$553.97Details
1075652CBC America / ComputarGW1IA870Option, Antenna, Internal, 8 Dbi, 70-Degree Beam W$596.03Details
1036422CBC America / ComputarGWFE2SCM2Media Converter, Commercial Grade, Ethernet To Opt$150.61Details
1048783CBC America / ComputarGWFE2SCS2Media Converter, Commercial Grade, Ethernet To Opt$166.96Details
998612CBC America / ComputarGWGE26FX2TX24MSPoEEthernet Switch, Commercial Grade, Managed, 26-Por$1,606.95Details
974635CBC America / ComputarGWGE2FE8MSPOEEthernet Switch, Commercial Grade, Managed, 10-Por$596.03Details
778371CBC America / ComputarGWK1Transmitter/Receiver Kit, Wireless, (2) Pieces, Fo$1,039.06Details
1060040CBC America / ComputarGWPOEIP15Power Injector, 48 Vdc, 802.3Af, For Gnet Network$119.27Details
1033296CBC America / ComputarH0320KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 3Mm, F2.$86.03Details
751249CBC America / ComputarH0514MP*Eol* F1.4 W/ Locking Iris&Amp;Focus$550.69Details
141790CBC America / ComputarH0514MP2Megapixel Lens, 1/2 Inch, 5Mm, F1.4, Locking Iris$192.12Details
317252CBC America / ComputarH0612FIChugai #H-0612-Fi 6Mm 1.2 Len$63.34Details
1025657CBC America / ComputarH0624KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 6Mm, F2.$70.39Details
936484CBC America / ComputarH0924KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 9Mm, F2.$69.03Details
597423CBC America / ComputarH1Housing, Outdoor <$66.67Details
141792CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812AMSLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 8-80Mm, F1.2, Cmo$739.25Details
141793CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812AMS2H10Z0812Ams 8-80Mm Zm Lns A/I$782.59Details
141794CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812AMSPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 8-80Mm, F1.2, Cmo$816.17Details
141795CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812DCChugai 8-80Mm Motorized Zoom$626.99Details
142318CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812MLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 8-80Mm, F1.2, Cmo$715.03Details
141796CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812MPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 8-80Mm, F1.2, Cmo$906.36Details
141797CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812MSLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 8-80Mm, F1.2, Cmo$729.27Details
141798CBC America / ComputarH10Z0812MSPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 8-80Mm, F1.2, Cmo$756.59Details
1005364CBC America / ComputarH10Z0819DCMPZoom Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 1.3 Megapixel, 10X, 8-$482.68Details
819680CBC America / ComputarH10Z0819PDCMPZoom Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 1.3 Megapixel, 10X, 8-$588.26Details
144296CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218AMSLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 12-120Mm, F1.8, C$767.73Details
142319CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218AMSPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 12Mm-120Mm, F1.8,$846.07Details
142320CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218DCMoterized Zoom Ai Lens 12-120$656.49Details
144297CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218MLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 12-120Mm, F1.8, C$724.79Details
144298CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218MPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 12-120Mm, Cmount,$838.08Details
142626CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218MSLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 12-120Mm, F1.8, C$782.89Details
141799CBC America / ComputarH10Z1218MSPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 10X, 12-120Mm, F1.8, C$986.25Details
354125CBC America / ComputarH1212FIChugai H1212Fi 1/2 12Mm F1.2$58.34Details
354124CBC America / ComputarH1214FCS3Ai, Cs Mnt, Lens 1/2" 12Mm$95.06Details
142321CBC America / ComputarH1214FICSLens, 1/2", Monofocal, 12Mm, F1.4, Csmount, Manual$59.82Details
1061346CBC America / ComputarH1328KPBoard Fisheye Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 3 Megapixel,$82.91Details
972059CBC America / ComputarH1620KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 16Mm, F2$69.03Details
142322CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 16X, 7.5-120Mm, F1.6,$894.74Details
142323CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSIRLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 16X, 7.5 - 120Mm, F1.6$1,899.41Details
142324CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSPLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 16X, 7.5-120Mm, F1.6,$1,052.60Details
142627CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSPIRLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 16X, 7.5-120Mm, F1.6,$2,025.11Details
142628CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSPRLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 7.5-120Mm, F1.6, Cmoun$1,082.50Details
1003467CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSPRIRZoom Lens, Motorized, 1/2 Inch Format, 7.5-120Mm,$3,379.84Details
142325CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSRLens, 1/2", Motorized Zoom, 16X, 7.5-120Mm, F1.6,$964.46Details
1015982CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516AMSRIRZoom Lens, Motorized, 1/2 Inch Format, 7.5-120Mm,$3,379.84Details
354123CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516BCLens: 7.5 - 120Mm F1.6 A/I Dc Type$839.85Details
1063767CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516DCIRZoom Lens, Motorized, 1/2 Inch Format, 7.5-120Mm,$3,379.84Details
742861CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516MSP16X 7.5Mm - 120Mm F1.6 For 1/2 Type Came$639.00Details
412768CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516PDCSpecial Order Motorized Zoom Lens$978.89Details
1000404CBC America / ComputarH16Z7516PDCIRZoom Lens, Motorized, 1/2 Inch Format, 7.5-120Mm,$3,086.54Details
597424CBC America / ComputarH2Compact Outdoor Housing With Heater For$96.29Details
354122CBC America / ComputarH21Z1015AMSMotorized Zoom Lens, 21X Zoom, 1/2 Inch, 10-210Mm,$1,259.71Details
354121CBC America / ComputarH21Z1015AMSPMotorized Zoom Lens, 21X Zoom, 10-210Mm, F1.5, Aut$1,368.21Details
1061807CBC America / ComputarH21Z1016AMSMPZoom Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 1.3 Megapixel, 27X, 9.$1,169.26Details
932596CBC America / ComputarH21Z1016AMSPMPZoom Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 1.3 Megapixel, 27X, 9.$1,223.00Details
1010503CBC America / ComputarH21Z1016DCMPZoom Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2.0 Megapixel, 35X, 10$1,169.26Details
1036748CBC America / ComputarH21Z1016PDCMPZoom Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2.0 Megapixel, 35X, 10$1,223.00Details
972544CBC America / ComputarH2520KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 25Mm, F2$69.03Details
142496CBC America / ComputarH27Z1555AMSMotorized Zoom Lens, 1/2 Inch, 15-400 Mm, F5.5, 27$3,547.20Details
142497CBC America / ComputarH27Z1970AMSMotorized Zoom Lens, 1/2 Inch, 19-513 Mm, F7.0, 27$3,684.16Details
597425CBC America / ComputarH27Z9535AMSMPZoom Lens, 27X Zoom, 1/2 Inch, 9.5-256.5Mm, F3.5,$3,666.76Details
597426CBC America / ComputarH27Z9535AMSPMPZoom Lens, 27X Zoom, 1/2 Inch, 9.5-256.5Mm, F3.5,$3,803.07Details
142629CBC America / ComputarH2Z0414CMPLens, 1/2", Varifocal, 4-8Mm, F1.4, Cmount, Manual$162.58Details