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Cooper / Wheelock

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
180799Cooper / Wheelock1000442.2K Ul Listed Resistor End Of Line$7.54Details
151725Cooper / Wheelock100048Multitone Amber Lens 12V 15/75 Cand Wall No Word$96.59Details
151726Cooper / Wheelock100053Adapter Plate In White$10.21Details
180801Cooper / Wheelock100058W Lens Only For A Weatherprf Strobe Pc Board$28.49Details
148558Cooper / Wheelock100135Red Cover Plate For E50 Speaker$5.40Details
154574Cooper / Wheelock100137Red Cover Plate For Speaker Strobe$6.75Details
148560Cooper / Wheelock100269Strbe Amber Lens 24 Volt 115/177 Candela Alert Wht$55.09Details
151728Cooper / Wheelock100298Pull Station Explosion Proof Silcone Free$600.74Details
180804Cooper / Wheelock100524Pull Station Normally Closed Contact$14.34Details
607416Cooper / Wheelock100737Board Only For The Sp40S-D Cn109781$911.29Details
151729Cooper / Wheelock103188Strobe Plate W/24 Multi Cand No Wording$56.54Details
151730Cooper / Wheelock103224Cover Plate In Nickel For Speaker Strobe$22.49Details
154576Cooper / Wheelock103308Strobe With Plate Amber Lens No Wording White$57.39Details
180811Cooper / Wheelock104069Aud Str Amb 1 Tone 24Vdc White$71.39Details
154580Cooper / Wheelock104075Audiable Strobe 24Vdc Red Lens$292.94Details
148568Cooper / Wheelock104084Audio Strobe Ac Voltage 115/230 Amber Lens$111.99Details
151736Cooper / Wheelock104087Strobe Amber Lens Dc Voltage$31.89Details
180813Cooper / Wheelock105160Volume Control 35 Watt Single Gang Plate$36.24Details
975742Cooper / Wheelock10549580 Watt Amplifier For Safepath System$502.56Details
154588Cooper / Wheelock105703Round Cover Plate For Ns24Mccfw White$6.57Details
151740Cooper / Wheelock105850Mother Board For Wh-109929$929.49Details
148571Cooper / Wheelock105884Strobe 24 Volt Hi Candella Ceiling Mt No Word Wh$44.23Details
180815Cooper / Wheelock106045Back Box For Z Series White$9.08Details
154590Cooper / Wheelock106149Audio Pwr Booster,220V, 160W- (European Voltage)$1,672.49Details
148574Cooper / Wheelock106156RSSR24MCCHNWStrobe 24 Volt Hi Candella Red Lens No Writing$55.09Details
180819Cooper / Wheelock106336SPB320EAudio Power Booster 320 Watt, 220 Vac Input$3,344.99Details
154594Cooper / Wheelock108119Wheelock Power Supply Board$235.75Details
180820Cooper / Wheelock109014Wheelock Back Box$16.07Details
151744Cooper / Wheelock109065Wheelock Grill For E90$6.44Details
180821Cooper / Wheelock109201007Strobe,5 Joules,Hazardous-Amber$557.54Details
866182Cooper / Wheelock109202002*Eol* Prf Strb 10 Joules Haz Loc$433.40Details
180822Cooper / Wheelock109202003Explosion Proof Strobe 120Vac Amber Lens$407.69Details
148583Cooper / Wheelock109202010Strobe 24 Volt Clear Lens Red Finish W/Wire Guard$519.74Details
151747Cooper / Wheelock109202017Strobe, Clear, 10 Joules, Hazardous Location$557.54Details
148584Cooper / Wheelock109203005Explosion Proof Strobe 330 Candella Clear Lens 24V$630.44Details
911269Cooper / Wheelock109206001*Eol**Proof Multiton 93 Dba 24Vdc Re$1,294.29Details
180824Cooper / Wheelock109206004Explosion Proof Horn$1,352.49Details
151748Cooper / Wheelock109207003Weatherproof-Horn 12-48V Red Finish$926.89Details
979865Cooper / Wheelock109209005*Eol*Sm87/Db1Hp Ul 24 Red Red$2,920.18Details
148585Cooper / Wheelock109210013Push-Button-Fire-Label-Red-Finish$533.24Details
181062Cooper / Wheelock109210018Explosion Proof Pull Station Red No Label$511.64Details
148593Cooper / Wheelock109212004Heat Det 225 D. Hazerdous Cond$1,140.09Details
154600Cooper / Wheelock109213003Horn Strobe 24Vdc Hazard Location Red Lens Red Fin$1,786.24Details
181064Cooper / Wheelock10921400124Volt Weatherproof Sounder/Horn Red Finish$404.99Details
154601Cooper / Wheelock109218006Metal Lable For Pull Station$42.04Details
151752Cooper / Wheelock109482Multi Candella Strobe Plate Red$69.30Details
148594Cooper / Wheelock109767006Push Station Wording Hi Threat Red$74.19Details
154602Cooper / Wheelock109767015Nps Push Station "Gas Release"$74.19Details
154603Cooper / Wheelock109767020Red Tornado Push Button$74.19Details
151754Cooper / Wheelock109767031Push Station Red "Emergency"$78.39Details
148595Cooper / Wheelock109767039Push Station Red With Fire Wording$61.59Details
181069Cooper / Wheelock109768014Nps-G-014 Push Stattion Green Chemical$74.19Details
762275Cooper / Wheelock109768036Nps-G With 036 'Weather' Option$74.19Details
148596Cooper / Wheelock109768046Push Station Wording Toxic Chemical Green$74.19Details
151755Cooper / Wheelock109769020Push Station Yellow - Tornado$74.19Details
148597Cooper / Wheelock109769023Pull Station Yellow$74.19Details
154605Cooper / Wheelock109769036Nsp-Y-036 Push Station Yellow Weather$74.19Details
413838Cooper / Wheelock109770025Push Station White Alert Word$67.90Details
154607Cooper / Wheelock109770039Push Button White Fire$74.19Details
154608Cooper / Wheelock109771006Push Button Wording High Threat Blue$74.19Details
181070Cooper / Wheelock109771014Push Station Wording Chemical Spill Blue$72.79Details
921666Cooper / Wheelock109771016Pull Station Blue Evacuation$74.19Details
148598Cooper / Wheelock109771017Push Station Blue Lens Help$74.19Details
181071Cooper / Wheelock109771020Nps-B-020 Push Button Station Tornado Blue$74.19Details
862363Cooper / Wheelock109771021Pull Station Blue Wording Medical Alert$74.19Details
181072Cooper / Wheelock109771031Push Station With Button Blue Labeled Emergency$78.39Details
814494Cooper / Wheelock109771033Nps-B With 033 'All Clear' Option$74.19Details
154609Cooper / Wheelock109771036Push Button Blue Weather$74.19Details
353156Cooper / Wheelock109771039Blue Push Station,"Fire"$74.19Details
148608Cooper / Wheelock109787Cover Plate For E90 W/ Strobe Fire White$8.56Details
148609Cooper / Wheelock109884Spmns Mass Notification Panel$2,563.74Details
148610Cooper / Wheelock109885Microphone For Spmns Systems$296.99Details
316370Cooper / Wheelock110190Ceiling Mount Speaker Slope 115/117 Fire Wh Plate$78.39Details
154630Cooper / Wheelock120099Strobe Light Green Lens White Plate 24Vdc$63.70Details
148637Cooper / Wheelock120103Strobe,Red Lens,24Vdc,110Cd,Wall,Wht,No Lettering$63.70Details
148639Cooper / Wheelock120243Strobe Weatherproof 24V Red Lens White Body$55.09Details
353138Cooper / Wheelock120736MTR24MCWGWRed Lns,Wht Housing Gas Lettrs$62.99Details
154632Cooper / Wheelock123032Strobe Red Lens 24 Volt 75 Candella No Lettering$57.28Details
151787Cooper / Wheelock123153Horn 24Vdc Wall/Ceiling Wht$31.89Details
151789Cooper / Wheelock123190Strobe 24 Volt Multi Candella No Writing Red$39.79Details
413839Cooper / Wheelock123320Str,Wht,2W,Wall,12/24V,8Cd,Alert,Amber$46.39Details
151790Cooper / Wheelock123771Strobe 24 Volt Hi Candella Ceiling Mount Round$44.23Details
181110Cooper / Wheelock123830Strobe Multi Candella Ceiling Mount Alert Amb Lens$55.09Details
151791Cooper / Wheelock124004Strobe 24 Volt Word Alert White$47.13Details
971013Cooper / Wheelock124085Strobe Multi Candella W/ 'Fire' Red$35.95Details
181111Cooper / Wheelock124829Strobe Amber Lens White Body 24V Multi Cd No Writ$55.09Details
154638Cooper / Wheelock125309Strbe & Plate,White,Amber Lens$72.79Details
353137Cooper / Wheelock126360Horn,Red,2W,Wall,12/24V$23.99Details
413840Cooper / Wheelock127685Str,Wht,2W,Wall,12/24V,8Cd$38.43Details
995740Cooper / Wheelock128138Exceder Strb Wallmount-Wht Plate-No Wording-Bl Len$48.58Details
148655Cooper / Wheelock128225Red Strbe Chinese/Engl Wording$40.59Details
154644Cooper / Wheelock129093Strobe Outdoor 135/185 Candella Amber Lens No Word$59.50Details
154645Cooper / Wheelock129466Adressable,Multi Tone 1 Strobe,24V 15Cd White$114.79Details
181117Cooper / Wheelock129743W/P Strobe Only Red W/O Writing$51.48Details
154647Cooper / Wheelock129791Wall Strobe,Blue Lens,Alert Letters,White$55.09Details
181118Cooper / Wheelock31T115RHorn, Red, 115 Vac, Semi-Flush Mount, Electro-Mech$51.79Details
148657Cooper / Wheelock31T115SHorn, Industrial, Electronic, Ac, Silver, 115 Vac,$51.79Details
745623Cooper / Wheelock3T115NS**Eol**Wh3T-115-Ns 115 Vac,$37.28Details
154650Cooper / Wheelock43TG10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 Vac, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Se$82.15Details
151798Cooper / Wheelock43TG10115SBell, 10", Silver, 115 Vac, Vibrating, Industrial$82.15Details
181121Cooper / Wheelock43TG1024RBell, 10", Red, 24 Vac, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Ser$82.15Details
148658Cooper / Wheelock43TG1024SBell, 10", Silver, 24 Vac, Vibrating, Industrial S$82.15Details
151799Cooper / Wheelock43TG6115RBell, 6", Red, 115 Vac, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Ser$60.70Details
148660Cooper / Wheelock43TG6115SBell, 6", Silver, 115 Vac, Vibrating, Industrial S$60.70Details
154651Cooper / Wheelock43TG624RBell, 6", Red, 24 Vac, Vibrating, Outdoor 43T Seri$60.70Details
156070Cooper / Wheelock43TG624SBell, 6", Silver, 24 Vac, Vibrating, Industrial Se$60.70Details
181122Cooper / Wheelock800LGKWhe800Lgk, Logic Board For$235.75Details
148661Cooper / WheelockA32099065Wheelock Screw Covers Red$3.44Details
151801Cooper / WheelockA32099066Wheelock Screw Covers White$1.52Details
181123Cooper / WheelockA32099098U Clip For Sbb$0.76Details
156071Cooper / WheelockA32099154Fuse Hardware Pk For The Sp40S$1.90Details
156073Cooper / WheelockA84337001Wheelock Spare Primary Mic$26.30Details
156074Cooper / WheelockA84755Noise Suppression Kit$6.30Details
148663Cooper / WheelockA84836001Pcb Asy, Ps-24 Logic$235.19Details
316360Cooper / WheelockA85214Mountng Brkt Exceder Universal$8.56Details
181124Cooper / WheelockACMAXAStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Amber Lens, Weat$211.18Details
151804Cooper / WheelockACMAXBStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Blue Lens, 120 V$211.18Details
156075Cooper / WheelockACMAXCStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Clear Lens, 120$211.18Details
156076Cooper / WheelockACMAXRStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Red Lens, Weathe$211.18Details
1063787Cooper / WheelockACMAXSBAc Max Industrial Strobe/ Steady Light$185.22Details
181126Cooper / WheelockACMAXSRAc Max Indust Strb W/Light,Red,Double Flash,120V$190.39Details
781681Cooper / WheelockAFT100*Eol*Aft-100 Am-Fm Tuner$67.35Details
151806Cooper / WheelockAH12WWall Or Ceiling Mount Horns / 12Volt W$22.68Details
148927Cooper / WheelockAH24WPRHorn, Electronic, 24 Vdc, 3 Db Outdoor (Wbb Requir$28.11Details
982885Cooper / WheelockAIM3Aux Input Module For Safepath$340.20Details
156077Cooper / WheelockAMCMK8194After Market Chip$88.20Details
148928Cooper / WheelockAMPMKWheelock Am-Pmk After Market$253.39Details
156078Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SNBTAfter Market Safepath Communication Systems Narrow$162.97Details
148929Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SPMKWrong Part Number, After Marketcommunication Syste$162.97Details
181127Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SSMKAfter Market Safepath Communication Systems Standa$162.97Details
353135Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SSMKCN1099378 Message Standard Chip For 109929$172.19Details
181128Cooper / WheelockAMSPPMKWheelock Safepath 40 Voicelink$96.22Details
156079Cooper / WheelockAMT1224RHorn / Strobe, Electronic, Indoor, 12-24 Vdc, 15 C$53.39Details
156080Cooper / WheelockAMT1224RNYCHorn, 3 Preset Tones, 12-24 Vdc, Indoor, Flush Mou$53.39Details
181129Cooper / WheelockAMT1224WStrobe, White, 12-24 Vdc, Addressable Input Applia$53.39Details
181130Cooper / WheelockAMT241575WFR*Eol* Strb,Wall,24Vdc,15/75Cd,Rd$111.85Details
151809Cooper / WheelockAMT241575WFRNYC24 Input Voltage, Rated Candela 15/75 On$74.19Details
156081Cooper / WheelockAMT241575WFW8 Multitone Strb,Wall,24Vdc,15/75Cd$111.85Details
149025Cooper / WheelockAMT241575WNWWheelock Amt241757Wnw$111.85Details
149026Cooper / WheelockAMT2475WFRWheelock Multi Tone Fire Signa$69.69Details
151810Cooper / WheelockAMT24MCWARMulti Tone/24 Volt/ Agent-Red$91.06Details
156083Cooper / WheelockAMT24MCWFRHorn / Strobe, Electronic, Red, Indoor, 24 Vdc, 15$87.14Details
151811Cooper / WheelockAMT24MCWFWHorn / Strobe, Electronic, White, Indoor, 24 Vdc,$87.14Details
181131Cooper / WheelockAMT24MCWNWStrobe, Amt Series, Indoor, 15 / 30 / 75 / 110 Can$87.14Details
944534Cooper / WheelockANT810YAGIAntenna Kit, 10 Dbi 900Mhz Yagi$629.09Details
181132Cooper / WheelockAPRAccessory, Adapter Plate, Red Series Mb, Series 43$9.62Details
149027Cooper / WheelockAPSAccessory, Industrial, Adapter Plate, Silver $9.87Details
607420Cooper / WheelockAPWMounting Accessory, Plate Adapter, White $9.90Details
149028Cooper / WheelockAS121575WFRWheelock As121575-Wfr 2-Wire U$48.14Details
181133Cooper / WheelockAS121575WFWWheelock As121575-Wfw 2-Wire U$48.14Details
156085Cooper / WheelockAS2415CFRWheelock As2415-Cfr Strobe, 2$46.52Details
151812Cooper / WheelockAS2430CFRWheelock As2430-Cfr Strobe$46.52Details
149029Cooper / WheelockAS2430CFWWheelock As2430-Cfw Wht Strobe$46.52Details
156086Cooper / WheelockAS2430WFWWheelock As2430-Wfw Strobe$46.52Details
151813Cooper / WheelockAS2475CFRWheelock As2475-Cfr Strobe$46.52Details
897386Cooper / WheelockAS24MCCFR*Eol* Wheelock 24Vdc,Selectable,Red$49.00Details
916228Cooper / WheelockAS24MCCHFW*Eol*As S/Horn 115/177$55.52Details
831264Cooper / WheelockAS24MCWFR*Eol* Field Selectable Settings$49.00Details
770173Cooper / WheelockAS24MCWFW*Eol* Wheelock Multi-Candela Audible$49.00Details
156087Cooper / WheelockASA24MCCNWStrobe, Audible, As Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/$75.31Details
151817Cooper / WheelockASA24MCWNRHrn Str 24Vdc Amb Lns No Word$51.58Details
181138Cooper / WheelockASB24MCCNWStrobe, Audible, As Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/$75.31Details
149030Cooper / WheelockASB24MCWNWAudible Strobe, As Series, White, Blue Lens, Wall$75.31Details
151818Cooper / WheelockASR24MCWNRHorn Strb/Red Lens/No Words$49.84Details
154438Cooper / WheelockASRSBDCAudible Strobe Blue Lens$222.28Details
181141Cooper / WheelockASRSRDCAudible Beacon, Industrial Signal, 44 Tones, 24 Vd$278.90Details
154439Cooper / WheelockASWP2475CFRWeatherproof Horn Strobe Ceiling Mount Red 24 Volt$57.99Details
156088Cooper / WheelockASWP2475CFWHorn / Strobe, As Series, White, Ceiling Mount, 3$56.31Details
940622Cooper / WheelockASWP2475WALWAudible Strobe Wp 24Vdc 75Cd Wall, Alert Wht$58.10Details
149032Cooper / WheelockASWP2475WARHrn Strb Weathpf Wrd Agent Red$56.31Details
181142Cooper / WheelockASWP2475WFRWrong Part Number, Audible Stroseries, Wall Mount,$56.31Details
156089Cooper / WheelockASWP2475WFWHorn W/ Strobe, As Series, Outdoor, Weatherproof,$56.31Details
181143Cooper / WheelockASWP2475WNRHorn/Strobe, As Series, Red, Wall Mount, Weatherpr$56.31Details
149033Cooper / WheelockASWP2475WNWHorn/Strobe, As Series, White, Wall Mount, Weather$56.31Details
149034Cooper / WheelockASWP24MCCHFRAudible Strobe, Outdoor, As Series, Universal Moun$65.24Details
149035Cooper / WheelockASWP24MCCHFWAudible Strobe, Outdoor, As Series, Universal Moun$66.81Details
156091Cooper / WheelockASWP24MCWHFRAudible Strobe, Outdoor, As Series, Universal Moun$65.10Details
156092Cooper / WheelockASWP24MCWHFWAudible Strobe, Outdoor, As Series, Universal Moun$65.24Details
154440Cooper / WheelockBAT1212Safepath Accessory, Battery, 12V, 12 Ampere Hour $98.52Details
156093Cooper / WheelockBAT1224Safepath Accessory, Battery, 12V, 24 Ampere Hour ($165.49Details
156094Cooper / WheelockBAT1265Safepath Accessory, Battery, 12V, 65 Ampere Hour ($385.18Details
149036Cooper / WheelockBATCBWheelock Batcb Battery Cabinet$222.91Details
149037Cooper / WheelockBATCRSafepath Accessory, Battery Cabinet, Red $293.71Details
149038Cooper / WheelockBBRAccessory, 4" Backbox, Red $7.11Details
149039Cooper / WheelockBBSAccessory, Industrial, 4" Backbox, Silver $7.00Details
607421Cooper / WheelockBGEB2B3DSD7REexed Iic T6(T4 If Resistors Fitted), At$626.28Details
756713Cooper / WheelockBGEB4B6B25DDBS97Breakglass Callpoint$932.09Details
607422Cooper / WheelockBGUL5C2DSB6RFire Alarm Call Points Hazardous Locations$773.49Details
897069Cooper / WheelockCA3121*Eol*Wheelock 3 Co Lines$97.31Details
607423Cooper / WheelockCABSPKRKITCable Kit, Speaker Cable, Bulk, Terminals $1,430.48Details
181145Cooper / WheelockCBB8Speaker Mount Accessory, Circular Backbox, Ul List$18.92Details
149041Cooper / WheelockCH70241575WFRWheelock Ch70241575Wfr Square$127.92Details
149043Cooper / WheelockCH70241575WFWWheelock Ch70241575Wfw Square$92.69Details
149044Cooper / WheelockCH7024MCWFRStrobe, Fire, Red, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/30/75/110$102.94Details
156096Cooper / WheelockCH7024MCWFWStrobe, White, 24 Vdc, 15-30-75-110 Candela, Chime$102.94Details
181147Cooper / WheelockCH7024MCWHFRStrobe, Fire, Red, 24 Vdc, Selectable 135/185 Cand$109.84Details
149045Cooper / WheelockCH7024MCWHFWStrobe, Fire, White, 24 Vdc, Selectable 135/185 Ca$109.84Details
156097Cooper / WheelockCH7024RChime Only, Red, Round, 24 Vdc, Wall Or Ceiling Mo$49.34Details
156099Cooper / WheelockCH7024WAccessory, Chime, Square, White, Wall Mount, 24 Vd$49.34Details
154442Cooper / WheelockCH9024MCCFRStrobe, Chime, Fire, Red, Round, 24 Vdc, Selectabl$102.94Details
154448Cooper / WheelockCH9024MCCFWStrobe, Chime, Fire, White, Round, 24 Vdc, Selecta$102.94Details
181149Cooper / WheelockCH9024MCCHFWStrobe, Chime, Fire, White, Round, 24 Vdc, Selecta$109.84Details
181150Cooper / WheelockCH9024RAccessory, Chime, Round, Red, Wall Mount, 24 Vdc,$49.34Details
181151Cooper / WheelockCH9024WChime Only, Round, White, 24 Vdc, Wall Or Ceiling$49.34Details
975197Cooper / WheelockCHAT1W50-130 Vrms 20-30 Hz, 80 Db$67.37Details
149047Cooper / WheelockCHBT1Ch-Bt1 Telchime 90V 20Hz$104.99Details
154451Cooper / WheelockCHBT2*Eol*Telchime 18-30V Ac/Dc$112.24Details
154452Cooper / WheelockCLRDCVoice Alarm$108.05Details
927778Cooper / WheelockCN100523Push Station,Normally Open Contact$13.89Details
830300Cooper / WheelockCN105527Field Upgrade Kit For Models Prior To January 2009$336.14Details
773337Cooper / WheelockCN105542Cn105542 New Ps-8E-Lp Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/$436.04Details
753696Cooper / WheelockCN105552Ps-8 With Ps-Exp,Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/Charge$541.34Details
893649Cooper / WheelockCN1055558 Amp Power Supply, Black Enclosure, 220V$436.04Details
918692Cooper / WheelockCN105587Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/ Charger,8Amp,24Vdc,Bla$427.94Details
413842Cooper / WheelockCN106135Chip - Spif$284.84Details
852947Cooper / WheelockCN106147Sp Superv Audio Power Booster,80W,4A Strb Pwr,Rd,$1,639.99Details
728552Cooper / WheelockCN106150Spb-160E-B Sp40S Supervised Audio Power Booster,16$1,639.99Details
969318Cooper / WheelockCN106334Led Illum. Emergency Text Msg Disply Ul48Listed$442.79Details
181153Cooper / WheelockCN109201008Strobe 110 Volt Hazardous Location Red Fin Red Len$557.54Details
900544Cooper / WheelockCN109769073Nps-Y-073$78.39Details
717412Cooper / WheelockCN111001Keypad, Sp40S$121.79Details
933613Cooper / WheelockCN120972Led Hn Str,Wht,2W,Wall,24V,Alert$57.28Details
1061082Cooper / WheelockCN123302AMT24MCWFWMultitone Horn Strobe Combo$93.79Details
1043858Cooper / WheelockCN126218Spkr/Str Clust,4 Sth 15 Sr,With Strc Str$893.93Details
855017Cooper / WheelockCN128140Str,Red,2W,Wall,12/24V,8Cd,No Ltr,Red$45.68Details
990803Cooper / WheelockCN128422Multitone Strobe, 8 Tones, 24Vdc, 1575Cd$67.96Details
353132Cooper / WheelockCOMMSYSBLACKENC220VACSp40Se-D-B, Comm Sys,Black Enc, 220 Vac$1,602.49Details
149050Cooper / WheelockCRTT40Telephone Alert, Telco, Relay, Electromechanical,$176.26Details
149051Cooper / WheelockCSX10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 Vac, Single Stroke, Indoor, Ex$799.03Details
156101Cooper / WheelockCSX10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Single Stroke,$799.03Details
149052Cooper / WheelockCSX1024RBell, 10", Red, 24 Vdc, Single Stroke, Indoor, Exp$799.03Details
181155Cooper / WheelockCSX1024SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Single Stroke,$799.03Details
156102Cooper / WheelockCSXG10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 Vac, Single Stroke, Outdoor, E$1,247.99Details
156103Cooper / WheelockCSXG10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Single Stroke,$1,352.90Details
156104Cooper / WheelockCSXG1024RBell, 10", Red, 24 Vdc, Outdoor, Single Stroke, Ex$1,352.90Details
156105Cooper / WheelockCSXG1024SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Single Stroke,$1,352.90Details
154455Cooper / WheelockCUXG10115SExplosion Prf Bell And Strobe 115Vac Outdoor Slv$1,277.89Details
156106Cooper / WheelockCVX10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 Vac, Vibrating, Indoor, Explos$799.03Details
181156Cooper / WheelockCVX10115SBell, Explosion Proof, Industrial, Vibrating, 10"$799.03Details
156107Cooper / WheelockCVXG10115RBell, 10", Red, 115 Vac, Vibrating, Outdoor, Explo$1,352.90Details
181157Cooper / WheelockDBMounting Accessory, Deep Base $5.94Details
925298Cooper / WheelockDB12024DRMarine & Harsh Industrial Horn 24 Volts Dc With Du$350.99Details
913151Cooper / WheelockDB12024NRHarsh Industrial & Marine Environment Horn, 24 Vdc$338.84Details
818785Cooper / WheelockDB16UW25VN1NRDb16Uw30Xn1Nr X=25V Transformer$685.09Details
899583Cooper / WheelockDB1HP024DDb1Hpula024D2D3Nnnr$2,071.24Details
937048Cooper / WheelockDB1HPBS024A3NNNR27 Tone Sounder, Stainless Steel, Up To$2,934.99Details
181159Cooper / WheelockDB1HPSM87SL2HXBAUL110 Vac R/A/Red +Grd 3R3L$5,610.77Details
181160Cooper / WheelockDB1HPULA024D1D2NNNRHorn, Multi-Tone, 100 Dba, Red, Class 1 Division 1$2,143.74Details
607429Cooper / WheelockDB1HPULA110C2C3NNNR110V Red Explosion Proof High Output Horn$2,001.24Details
814264Cooper / WheelockDB1HPULA110D3NNNRExplosion Proof, Weatherproof 110Vac Horn, Red Fi$2,071.24Details
154458Cooper / WheelockDB1HPXB4UL24V Clear/Red Db1Hpxb4Ul Horn$4,002.81Details
1002718Cooper / WheelockDB1PSM87HXBAUL24VCLEARRED4BExp Proof – Horn/Strobe - Clean Lens/Re$3,591.18Details
1028849Cooper / WheelockDB1PSM87HXBAUL24VREDRED4R4Db1P/Sm87Hxbaul 24Vred/Red4R4L$3,671.24Details
154459Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA012D1D2NNNR27 Tone Sounder, Marine Grade Alloy, Upt$1,688.39Details
933316Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024C1NNNRLeft Hand On The Horn$1,756.14Details
771892Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1D2D3NNNSExplosion Proof Horn, 24Vdc, White Finish$1,804.99Details
801107Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1D2D3NNRDb1Pula024D1D2D3Nnr$1,734.99Details
181161Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1D2NNNRHorn, Multi-Tone, 93 Dba, Red, Class 1 Division 1$1,798.60Details
883655Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1D3DTNRExplosion Proof Weather Proof Horn, 24 Vdc Red Fin$1,804.99Details
912581Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1D3NTNRDb1Pula024D1D3Ntnr$1,796.24Details
902579Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1NNNR24Volt Dc Explosion Proof/Weatherproof H$1,796.24Details
712213Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D1NNNSSWHITEHorn, 24Vdc, White Finish$1,734.99Details
1007794Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D2NNNRMedc Series Db1 Horn$1,756.14Details
607432Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA024D3NNNRPX17300173Explosion Proof Horn, Ul/24V , Red Finish$1,796.24Details
1077618Cooper / WheelockDB1PULA110D1D2NNNRExposive Proof Horn/ 110V/ Finish E$1,939.81Details
937720Cooper / WheelockDB3BULG048N2CPNRHorn Xp/Wp 12-48Vdc Red Finish$794.29Details
766616Cooper / WheelockDB3BULGD048N1CERExplosion Proof, Weatherproof Horn, 12-4$841.44Details
1071403Cooper / WheelockDB3BULGD048N2CPNRExplosion Proof/Weatherproof Horn, 12-48$1,204.58Details
932320Cooper / WheelockDB3BUWN048N2CPNRExplosion Proof Horn, 12-48Vdc, Red Fini$1,204.58Details
1023450Cooper / WheelockDB3BXB11UL24VCLEARREDZWIRMultitone Str, Clr Lens, 24Vdc, Cl 1 Div$2,301.43Details
316355Cooper / WheelockDB3UL048D1CNRSounder,12V-48V,Red Finish$1,143.99Details
607433Cooper / WheelockDB3UL048D2CNRWeatherproof Horn,12-48V Dc, With Duty L$1,113.63Details
316352Cooper / WheelockDB3UL048N1CPNRPx21901233 Xp 24-48 Red$1,073.79Details
154461Cooper / WheelockDB3UL048N2CNNZHazardous Location/Wthrprf Horn$1,049.72Details
181164Cooper / WheelockDB3UL110N2CNRZHorn/Clear-Lens/Red Finish$1,192.96Details
156110Cooper / WheelockDB3UL240N1CNRSounder,240Vac,Red,Up To 118Db$1,101.09Details
149053Cooper / WheelockDB3XB12UL24V Red/Clear Hazardous Location Horn/St$2,148.41Details
149054Cooper / WheelockDB3XB15ULDb3Xb15Ul,Horn 24V Clear/Red$2,029.99Details
607439Cooper / WheelockDB3XB15UL24VCLEARRED1X12$2,353.74Details
813178Cooper / WheelockDB415ULXN1CRZ100VTZ15CAPDb415Ulxn1Crz 100V Tx Z=1.5 Cap /Standard Trnsfrmr$653.89Details
711536Cooper / WheelockDB415ULXN1CRZ70VTXZ15CAPDb415Ulxn1Crz 70V Tx Z=1.5 Capacitor$653.89Details
154464Cooper / WheelockDB415ULXN2CRSpkr,70 Vrms,25W,Cl1/Div2,Red$514.09Details
156111Cooper / WheelockDB415ULXN2CRZExplosion Proof Speaker Red$661.39Details
1048449Cooper / WheelockDB415XB11ULAMBER70V1524VSpkr Strb,Amber Lens,70 Vrms,15W Trans,C$1,626.65Details
156113Cooper / WheelockDB425ULXN2CRZSpkr,70 Vrms,25W,Cl1/Div2,Red$857.81Details
714706Cooper / WheelockDB425XB11ULREDRED70VCAPSpeaker Strobe 24V Explosion Prf Red Lens Red Body$1,872.49Details
156114Cooper / WheelockDB48ULNN1CRZ8 Watt Grp Loudspeaker. Ul Listed, Class$561.68Details
727925Cooper / WheelockDB48ULNN2CRZZZCAP15ZLONGExp.Proof Spkr-8Watt/Red Finsh$666.89Details
939991Cooper / WheelockDB48ULXN1CRZX8Watt Speaker Explosion Proof$571.66Details
982472Cooper / WheelockDB48ULXN2CRZExp. Proof Speaker/ Red Finish$631.44Details
978287Cooper / WheelockDB4B25XB11ULREDREDC15Xp Spkr/Strobe 25Watt Red Lens/Red Finish$2,022.49Details
1068096Cooper / WheelockDB4BAUG825N2CBRXp Wp Spkr 8Wt 25V Xformr Red Fin$794.29Details
1055595Cooper / WheelockDB4BULG1525N2CPCRC15Db4Bulg1525N2Cpcr C:1.5$675.99Details
1080197Cooper / WheelockDB4BULG2570N1CCRC15Db4Bulg2570N1Ccr C=1.5 For Gas Applications$860.59Details
1037622Cooper / WheelockDB4BULG825N1CCBRC10MFXp Spkr Gas 8W/25V Swivl Brckt 10Mf Captor Red Fin$860.59Details
942114Cooper / WheelockDB4BULGD1525N2CPBCRSpeaker 15W/25V/Swivel Bracket Red Fin$929.49Details
1001312Cooper / WheelockDB4BULGD2570N1CCRC15Db4Bulgd2570N1Ccr C=1.5$860.59Details
943222Cooper / WheelockDB4BULGD2570N2CPCRC15$860.59Details
1022705Cooper / WheelockDB4BULN1525N1CBRDb4Buln1525N1Cbr$1,232.39Details
812658Cooper / WheelockDB4BWN1570N2CCRExplosion Weatherproof 15 Watt Speaker, Red Finish$599.39Details
853533Cooper / WheelockDB4BWN870N2CCRExplosion,Weatherproof 8 Watt Speaker, Red Finish$599.39Details
181167Cooper / WheelockDB5FM024NRPX869150Nema 4 103 Dba Output Ip65 Csa Certified$533.24Details
156117Cooper / WheelockDBBRAccessory, 4" Deep Backbox, Red $8.60Details
156118Cooper / WheelockDBBSAccessory, Backbox, 4" Deep, Silver, Industrial $8.62Details
607453Cooper / WheelockDBBWMounting Accessory, Backbox, 4 Inches Deep, White$8.62Details
149056Cooper / WheelockDCDCWheelock Dcdc Board F/Safepath$343.06Details
149057Cooper / WheelockDCMAXAWrong Part Number, Strobe, Induh, Amber Lens, Weat$192.70Details
156120Cooper / WheelockDCMAXBStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Blue Lens, 10.5-$192.70Details
181169Cooper / WheelockDCMAXCStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Clear Lens, 10.5$192.70Details
181170Cooper / WheelockDCMAXRStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Red Lens, 10.5-3$192.70Details
156121Cooper / WheelockDCMAXSAStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Amber Lens, 10.5$245.49Details
149058Cooper / WheelockDCMAXSBStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Blue Lens, 10.5-$245.49Details
181172Cooper / WheelockDCMAXSCStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Clear Lens, 10.5$245.49Details
149059Cooper / WheelockDCMAXSRStrobe, Industrial, Double Flash, Red Lens, 10.5-3$245.49Details
149060Cooper / WheelockDCSP8RPWheelock Dcsp8Rp Dual Circuit$1,932.96Details
149061Cooper / WheelockDSM1224RSync Module, Controller, Two Class B Or One Class$69.30Details
181173Cooper / WheelockE50241575WFRSemi-Flush, 1575 Cd, Red$90.59Details
181174Cooper / WheelockE5024MCCFRSpeaker W/ Strobe, E50 Series, Indoor, Square, 2 W$65.77Details
149062Cooper / WheelockE5024MCCFWSpeaker/Strbe 15 30 75 95 Candela Fire White Plate$65.77Details
413852Cooper / WheelockE5024MCWALW2W Spkr Strb,Sq,Wall,24Vdc,15/30/75/110Cd,Alert,Wh$65.77Details
156122Cooper / WheelockE5024MCWFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Red, 15/30/75/110 Cd, Semi$65.77Details
149063Cooper / WheelockE5024MCWFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, White, 15/30/75/110 Cd, Se$65.77Details
156123Cooper / WheelockE5024MCWHFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Red, 135/185 Cd, Semi-Flus$73.47Details
181176Cooper / WheelockE5024MCWHFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, White, 135/185 Cd, Semi-Fl$73.47Details
149064Cooper / WheelockE5024MCWNWSpeaker W/ Strobe, E50 Series, Indoor, Square, 2 W$65.77Details
156124Cooper / WheelockE50A24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/3$68.53Details
1010141Cooper / WheelockE50A24MCWALRAlert -Red) Speaker-Strobe/ Wal$65.27Details
154470Cooper / WheelockE50A24MCWALWSpeaker Strobe, E50 Series, White, Amber Lens, Wal$70.20Details
156125Cooper / WheelockE50A24MCWNWSpeaker Strobe, E50 Series, White, Amber Lens, Cei$70.20Details
156126Cooper / WheelockE50ALWSpeaker, E50 Series, Speaker Only, Square, "Alert"$25.77Details
1026429Cooper / WheelockE50H241575WFWSpeaker/Strobe – High 24 V / Wall- Fire-$48.53Details
1056404Cooper / WheelockE50H24MCWALWWall Mount Speaker Strobes “Alert”$67.45Details
316342Cooper / WheelockE50H24MCWFWSpeaker, E50H Series, W/ Strobe, Square, (4) Cande$67.44Details
607457Cooper / WheelockE50H24MCWHFRSpeaker, E50H Series, W/ Strobe, Square, Multi-Can$77.15Details
607458Cooper / WheelockE50H24MCWHFWSpeaker, E50H Series, W/ Strobe, Square, Multi-Can$77.15Details
353126Cooper / WheelockE50HRSpeaker, E50H Series, Square, High Fidelity Sound$26.43Details
316341Cooper / WheelockE50HWSpeaker, E50H Series, Square, High Fidelity Sound$26.43Details
156127Cooper / WheelockE50RSpeaker, Fire, Red, Semi-Flush $25.77Details
353125Cooper / WheelockE50R24MCWHNWSpeaker Strobe, E50 Series, White, Red Lens, Wall$76.29Details
149065Cooper / WheelockE50RULCSpeaker, E50 Series, Indoor, Square, 2 Watt, Selec$31.13Details
181178Cooper / WheelockE50SBRAccessory, Backbox, Surface, Red, For E50 Speaker$12.90Details
149066Cooper / WheelockE50SBWAccessory, Backbox, Surface, White, For E50 Speake$12.90Details
149067Cooper / WheelockE50SSBRAccessory, Backbox, Surface, Red, For E50 Speaker$14.45Details
149068Cooper / WheelockE50SSBWAccessory, Backbox, Surface, White, For E50 Speake$14.39Details
154472Cooper / WheelockE50WSpeaker, Fire, White, Semi-Flush $25.77Details
154475Cooper / WheelockE50WULCSpeaker, E50 Series, Indoor, Square, 2 Watt, Selec$31.13Details
181179Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCALWSpeaker / Strobe, E60Series, White, Round, Ceiling$65.77Details
149070Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCFRSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8 - 8 Wat$65.77Details
154476Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCFWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8 - 8 Wat$65.77Details
154479Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCHFRSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8 - 8 Wat$71.72Details
149071Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCHFWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8 - 8 Wat$73.47Details
181180Cooper / WheelockE6024MCCNW2W Spkr Strb,Rnd,Ceil,24Vdc,15/30/75/95Cd,No Ltr,W$65.77Details
156299Cooper / WheelockE6024MCWFRSpeaker W/ Strobe, E60 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Wa$65.77Details
149072Cooper / WheelockE6024MCWFWSpeaker W/ Strobe, E60 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Wa$65.77Details
154480Cooper / WheelockE6024MCWHFWSpeaker W/ Strobe, E60 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Wa$73.47Details
607459Cooper / WheelockE60A24MCCALWSpeaker / Strobe, Square, Amber Lens, White, Ceili$68.52Details
353124Cooper / WheelockE60ALWSpeaker, E60 Series, Speaker Only, Round, "Alert"$25.77Details
149073Cooper / WheelockE60EXTRExtender Ring, Mounting Accessory, For E60 Speaker$6.44Details
181181Cooper / WheelockE60EXTWExtender Ring, Mounting Accessory, For E60 Speaker$6.44Details
1077211Cooper / WheelockE60H24MCCALWSpeaker/Strobe High Fidelity Ceiling Mt Alert Wht$67.45Details
607460Cooper / WheelockE60H24MCCFRSpeaker, E60H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, (4) Candel$67.44Details
353123Cooper / WheelockE60H24MCCFWSpeaker, E60H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, (4) Candel$67.44Details
413854Cooper / WheelockE60H24MCCHFRSpeaker, E60H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, Multi-Cand$75.32Details
413855Cooper / WheelockE60H24MCCHFWSpeaker, E60H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, Multi-Cand$75.32Details
908020Cooper / WheelockE60H24MCCNWSpeaker, High Fidelity, Round, Led, Strobe, 15/30/$73.37Details
953912Cooper / WheelockE60HALWCeiling Speakers “Alert”$26.43Details
316340Cooper / WheelockE60HRSpeaker, E60H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
353122Cooper / WheelockE60HWSpeaker, E60H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
181182Cooper / WheelockE60RSpeaker, Et Series, Round, Flush, Red $25.16Details
149074Cooper / WheelockE60WSpeaker, Et Series, Round, Flush, White $25.77Details
181183Cooper / WheelockE60WULCSpeaker, E60 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Watt, Select$31.13Details
154481Cooper / WheelockE7024110WFRWheelock E70-24110W-Fr Speaker$56.45Details
156300Cooper / WheelockE70241575WFRWheelock E70-241575W-Fr Speake$88.19Details
154483Cooper / WheelockE70241575WFWWheelock E70-241575W-Fw Speake$88.68Details
154484Cooper / WheelockE7024MCCFWSpeaker / Strobe, E70 Series, Square, Ceiling Moun$65.77Details
873629Cooper / WheelockE7024MCCNWSpeaker, E70 Series, Square, Strobe, 15/30/75/95 C$65.77Details
149075Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Sel$83.24Details
154487Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Red, Selectable 25$65.77Details
154488Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, White, Selectable$65.77Details
607464Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWHALWSpeaker/Strobe, E70 Series, Square, White, Wall Mo$73.47Details
149077Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWHFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Sel$91.84Details
181189Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWHFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Red, Selectable 13$73.47Details
149078Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWHFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, White, Selectable$73.47Details
149079Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWNR2W Spk Strb,Sq,Wall,24Vdc,15/30/75/110Cd,No Ltr,Rd$65.77Details
181190Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWNWSpeaker / Strobe, E70 Series, Square, Wall Mount,$65.77Details
181191Cooper / WheelockE70A24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/3$68.52Details
154490Cooper / WheelockE70A24MCWALWSpeaker Strobe, E70 Series, Square, White, Amber L$68.52Details
181192Cooper / WheelockE70A24MCWHNWAmber Speaker Strobe High Candela For Ma$67.54Details
181193Cooper / WheelockE70B24110WNWWheelock Speaker Strobe 70W$65.27Details
154491Cooper / WheelockE70B24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/3$68.52Details
316339Cooper / WheelockE70H24MCWFRSpeaker, E70H Series, W/ Strobe, Square, (4) Cande$67.44Details
607465Cooper / WheelockE70H24MCWFWSpeaker, E70H Series, W/ Strobe, Square, (4) Cande$67.44Details
413859Cooper / WheelockE70H24MCWHFRSpeaker, E70H Series, W/ Strobe, Square, (4) Cande$77.15Details
607467Cooper / WheelockE70HRSpeaker, E70H Series, Square, High Fidelity Sound$26.43Details
353121Cooper / WheelockE70HWSpeaker, E70H Series, Square, High Fidelity Sound$26.43Details
149080Cooper / WheelockE70NSpeaker, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Wall Mount $46.27Details
149081Cooper / WheelockE70RSpeaker, Fire, Square, Red, Wall/Ceiling Mount Ser$25.77Details
181194Cooper / WheelockE70WSpeaker, Fire, Square, White, Wall/Ceiling Mount E$25.77Details
154492Cooper / WheelockE9024100CFWWheelock E90-24100C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
149083Cooper / WheelockE902415CFW*Eol* E90-2415C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
181195Cooper / WheelockE902430CFWWheelock E90-2430C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
830732Cooper / WheelockE902475CFW**Eol** E90-2475C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
156303Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCALWSpeaker / Strobe, E90 Series, White, Round, Ceilin$65.77Details
156304Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Round, Nickel Plated, Sele$83.24Details
154493Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCFRSpeaker / Strobe, E90 Series, Round, Ceiling Mount$65.77Details
149084Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Round, White, Selectable 1$65.77Details
156305Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCHFRSpeaker W/ Strobe, E90 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Wa$73.47Details
156306Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCHFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Round, White, Selectable 1$73.47Details
607468Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCHNWCeiling Mt Speaker/Strobe 115/177 Candela No Wordi$73.47Details
154499Cooper / WheelockE9024MCCNWSpeaker / Strobe, E90 Series, Round, Ceiling Mount$65.77Details
181196Cooper / WheelockE90A24MCCALWStrobe, Amber Lens, White, Wall/Ceiling Mount, Sel$68.52Details
982594Cooper / WheelockE90A24MCCHNWSpeaker Strobe/ Multi Candela$74.48Details
154500Cooper / WheelockE90A24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/3$68.52Details
154501Cooper / WheelockE90B24110WNWWheelock Speaker Strobe 90W$65.27Details
181198Cooper / WheelockE90B24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, 24 Vdc, Selectable 15/3$68.52Details
607471Cooper / WheelockE90G24MCCNWSpeaker Strobe, E90 Series, White, Green Lens, Cei$68.52Details
353120Cooper / WheelockE90H24MCCFRSpeaker, E90H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, (4) Select$67.44Details
316338Cooper / WheelockE90H24MCCFWSpeaker, E90H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, (4) Select$67.44Details
413861Cooper / WheelockE90H24MCCHFRSpeaker, E90H Series, W/ Strobe, Round, Multi-Cand$75.32Details
413862Cooper / WheelockE90H24MCCHFW2W Hf Spkr Strb,Rnd,Ceil,H Int,24Vdc,115/177Cd,Wht$75.32Details
316337Cooper / WheelockE90HRSpeaker, E90H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
353119Cooper / WheelockE90HWSpeaker, E90H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
149085Cooper / WheelockE90NSpeaker, Fire, Round, Nickel Plated, Ceiling Mount$46.27Details
181199Cooper / WheelockE90RSpeaker, Fire, Round, Red, Wall/Ceiling Mount E Se$25.77Details
971228Cooper / WheelockE90R24MCCNWE90 Series Speaker Strobe, Ceiling Mount$63.71Details
156308Cooper / WheelockE90WSpeaker, Fire, Round, White, Wall/Ceiling Mount E$25.16Details
156309Cooper / WheelockECHG50RSpeaker, Fire, Red $5.29Details
154502Cooper / WheelockECHG50WSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, White $5.29Details
154503Cooper / WheelockECHG60RSpeaker Grill Plate, Red, For E60 Series $7.78Details
149086Cooper / WheelockECHG60WGrill, For Speaker Strobe, E60 Series, White $7.56Details
154504Cooper / WheelockECHG70NAccessory, Speakers, Square, Nickel Plated, For E7$21.99Details
154505Cooper / WheelockECHG70RAccessory, Plate, Red, Square, For Series: Ch70, E$6.59Details
149087Cooper / WheelockECHG70WAccessory, Series Ch70, E70, & Et70, White Square$6.41Details
181201Cooper / WheelockECHG90RAccessory, Plate, Red, Round, For Series: Ch90, E9$7.31Details
149088Cooper / WheelockECHG90WAccessory, Plate, White, Round, For Series: Ch90,$7.49Details
154506Cooper / WheelockECHSG50FRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Red $6.59Details
181202Cooper / WheelockECHSG50FWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, White $6.55Details
181203Cooper / WheelockECHSG60FRGrill, For Speaker Strobe, E60 Series, Red, W/ Fir$7.56Details
156310Cooper / WheelockECHSG60FWGrill, For Speaker Strobe, E60 Series, White, W/ F$7.76Details
759956Cooper / WheelockECHSG60NWE60 Cover Plate No Wording White$9.88Details
156311Cooper / WheelockECHSG70FNAccessory, Speakers / Strobes, Square, Nickel Plat$21.99Details
156312Cooper / WheelockECHSG70WFRAccessory, Plate, Red, Square-Strobe, Fire Printed$6.66Details
154507Cooper / WheelockECHSG70WFWAccessory, Plate, White, Square, Fire Printed, For$6.86Details
181204Cooper / WheelockECHSG90RAccessory, Plate, Red, Round, For Series: Ch90, E9$6.41Details
181205Cooper / WheelockECHSG90WAccessory, Plate, White, Round, For Series: Ch90,$6.55Details
156313Cooper / WheelockEN4Wheelock Nema Housing F/Strobe$141.16Details
181207Cooper / WheelockEN4ENCLNEMA4XStrobe Accessory, Enclosure, Nema-4 Rated, Weather$151.90Details
156314Cooper / WheelockEOLKVideolink Accessory, Ul Listed End-Of-Line Resisto$90.99Details
149089Cooper / WheelockEOLKEMVideolink Accessory, Ul Listed End-Of-Line Resisto$277.87Details
154510Cooper / WheelockEPS2401Eps-2401 Pwr Sup 24Vdc 100Ma$12.01Details
156315Cooper / WheelockEPSR023Red Push Station "No Lettering"$56.46Details
607472Cooper / WheelockESBCRMount, Surface, Ceiling, Red Finish, For Exceder S$11.70Details
607473Cooper / WheelockESBCWMount, Surface, Ceiling, White Finish, For Exceder$11.70Details
316336Cooper / WheelockESBKITRTrim Kit, Red, For High Fidelity Speakers & Speake$3.69Details
316335Cooper / WheelockESBKITWTrim Kit, White, For High Fidelity Speakers & Spea$3.69Details
154511Cooper / WheelockESBRAccessory, Wall Mount, Red, For Exceder Series Hor$10.73Details
181209Cooper / WheelockESBWStrobe, Amber Lens, White, Wall Mount, High Intens$10.74Details
181210Cooper / WheelockET1010RSpeaker, Fire, Vandal Resistant, Red, Outdoor, Sel$53.75Details
149090Cooper / WheelockET1010WSpeaker, Vandal Resistant, Surface Mount Et Series$51.69Details
156317Cooper / WheelockET1080RSpeaker, Fire, Vandal Resistant, Red, Outdoor, Sel$42.70Details
181211Cooper / WheelockET1080WSpeaker, Et Series, Indoor, Vandal Resistant, 8 Wa$42.70Details
156324Cooper / WheelockET70241575WFRWheelock Square, Red 1/75Cd Wa$95.19Details
156325Cooper / WheelockET70241575WFW8W Spk Str,Wall,24V,1575Cd,Wht$95.19Details
607474Cooper / WheelockET7024MCCALRSpeaker/Strobe Ceiling Mount Alert Wordi$70.20Details
149092Cooper / WheelockET7024MCCHFWSpeaker W/ Strobe, Et Series, Indoor, 8 Watt, 135$82.15Details
413863Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWALRSpeaker / Strobe, Et Series, Red, Wall Mount Only,$76.29Details
607475Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWALWSpeaker / Strobe, Et Series, White, Wall Mount Onl$76.29Details
154514Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Sel$86.56Details
156326Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Red, Selectable 25$76.29Details
181213Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, White, Selectable$76.29Details
149094Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWHFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Red, Selectable 25$82.15Details
156327Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWHFWSpeaker Strobe Multi Candela Hi-Density Fire White$82.15Details
156381Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWHNW8W Spkr Strb,Wall,H Int,24Vdc,135/185Cd,No Ltr,Wht$82.15Details
181214Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWNWSpeaker W/ Strobe, Et Series, Indoor, 8 Watt, 15 /$76.29Details
156382Cooper / WheelockET70A24MCWALWSpkr Strb,Amber,Wall,24Vdc,15/30/75/110Cd,Alert,Wh$78.99Details
607476Cooper / WheelockET70A24MCWHALWSpeaker Strobe, Et70 Series, White, Amber Lens, Wa$84.77Details
156383Cooper / WheelockET70A24MCWNWSpk/Strb,Amber,Wall,24Vdc,15/30/75/110Cd,No Ltr,Wh$78.99Details
181215Cooper / WheelockET70NSpeaker, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Wall Mount,$45.76Details
154515Cooper / WheelockET70RSpeaker, Fire, Square, Red Series Et $33.54Details
149096Cooper / WheelockET70WSpeaker, Fire, Square, White Series Et $33.54Details
156384Cooper / WheelockET70WP24115CFRSpeaker / Strobe, Et70 Series, Red, Wall Mount, 8$89.47Details
316334Cooper / WheelockET70WP24115CFWSpeaker / Strobe, Et70 Series, White, Wall Mount,$89.47Details
774069Cooper / WheelockET70WP24115CNWWeatherproof Speaker/Strobe 115 Candela Ceiling No$95.19Details
156385Cooper / WheelockET70WP24135WFRSpeaker Strobe 135 Candella Wall Mount Wthrpf Red$89.47Details
154516Cooper / WheelockET70WP24135WFWSpeaker / Strobe, Et70 Series, White, Wall Mount,$89.47Details
607477Cooper / WheelockET70WP24177CALRSpeaker/Strobe, Et Series, Red, Ceiling Mount, 8-W$91.62Details
181216Cooper / WheelockET70WP24177CFRSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/$89.47Details
156386Cooper / WheelockET70WP24177CFWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/$89.47Details
181217Cooper / WheelockET70WP24185WFRSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/$89.47Details
149097Cooper / WheelockET70WP24185WFWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/$89.47Details
413864Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475CALRSpeaker/Strobe, Et Series, Red, Ceiling Mount, 8-W$82.70Details
181218Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475CALWSpeaker/Strobe, Et Series, White, Ceiling Mount, 8$82.70Details
154517Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475CFRSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/$82.59Details
181219Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475CFWSpeaker Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Selectable 25/$84.70Details
181222Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475WALWSpeaker Strobe Outdoor 24 Volt Alert Wording White$82.70Details
156387Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475WFRSpeaker Strobe, Outdoor, Et Series, 75 Candela, Wa$82.59Details
156389Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475WFWSpeaker W/ Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Weatherproo$82.70Details
607480Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475WNWSpeaker/Strobe, Et Series, White, Wall Mount, 8-Wa$82.70Details
939594Cooper / WheelockET70WPA2475CALWWeather Proof/ Speaker-Strobe/ Amber Len$77.18Details
607481Cooper / WheelockET70WPA2475WALRSpeaker / Strobe, Amber Lens, Red, Wall Mount, Wea$87.44Details