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Dor-O-Matic / Falcon

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
965334Dor-O-Matic / Falcon008876001626Cylinder Collar, 1/4", Blocking Ring, Satin Chrome$3.78Details
612330Dor-O-Matic / Falcon01201236Ept-10 Power Transfer Sp28$340.19Details
612331Dor-O-Matic / Falcon02210600255Falcon Retractor 022106-002-55$2.50Details
612332Dor-O-Matic / Falcon03073300055Falcon Spindle 030733-000-55$2.70Details
855934Dor-O-Matic / Falcon031474Strike For Early Corbin Lock$52.19Details
612334Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149011049Exit Dev El1490Eo 36"Us28 Rhr$893.09Details
612335Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149011141Exit Device El1490Eo 36"Us28 Lhr$893.09Details
612336Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO36INDC13Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Dc13. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 36Inch Length. Dark Bronze Anodized$458.06Details
612337Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO36INDC35Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Dc35. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 36Inch Length. Black Anodized$458.06Details
612338Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO36INLHRUS32DCvr Eo Device 36In Us32D Lhr$725.40Details
612340Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO36INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us28. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 36Inch Length. Anodized Aluminum$445.91Details
612341Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO36INX96INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 36"X96"$501.19Details
612342Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO36US288Surface Vertical Rods$456.29Details
612343Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO42INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 42In Us28$465.95Details
612344Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO42INW91INHUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device Us28$521.24Details
612345Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO48INDC13Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Dc13$600.82Details
612346Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO48INDC35Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Dc35$501.80Details
612347Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1490EO48INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Us28$489.65Details
612348Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1492NLOP36INDC13Cvr Nl Exit Device 36In$527.31Details
612349Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1492NLOP36INUS28Cvr Nl Exit Device 36In Us28$515.16Details
612350Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1492NLOP36INX96INUS28Cvr Nl Exit Device 36"X96"$570.44Details
878773Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1492NLOP3RHRUS281492Nl-Op-3-Rhr-Us28$527.84Details
612351Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1492NLOP42INUS28Cvr Nl Exit Device 42In Us28$535.21Details
612352Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1494NLP36INUS28Cvr Exit Device 36" Us28$603.86Details
612353Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1494NLP3X8US28214INDRCvr Exit Device 36X96In Us28$616.01Details
612354Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1495HBP36INUS28Cvr Touchbar Hb/Pull 36In Us28$603.86Details
612355Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CAHBDC13Cylinder Assembly Dc13$24.98Details
612356Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CAHBDC35Cylinder Assembly Dc35$24.98Details
612357Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CAHBUS28Cylinder Assembly Us28$24.98Details
612358Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CANLDC13Cylinder Assembly Dc13$24.98Details
612359Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CANLDC35Cylinder Assembly Dc35$24.98Details
612360Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CANLUS28Cylinder Assembly Us28$24.98Details
612361Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CANLUS28214Cyl Assembly L/C Us28 2 1/4 In$37.19Details
612362Dor-O-Matic / Falcon149CANLUS28214CYLCylinder Assmbly With Cylinder$37.19Details
612363Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1590EO36INDC13Rim Eo Exit Device 36 Dc13. Exit Only Device. Touchbar Exit Device. 36Inch Length. Dark Bronze Anodized$380.90Details
612364Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1590EO36INDC35Rim Eo Exit Device 36In Dc35. Exit Only Device. Rim Type. 36Inch Length. Black Anodized$380.90Details
612365Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1590EO36INUS28Rim Eo Exit Device 36 Us28. Exit Only Device. Touchbar Exit Device. 36Inch Length. Anodized Aluminum$366.93Details
612366Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1590EO42INDC13Rim Eo Exit Device 42 Dc13$400.95Details
612367Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1590EO42INUS28Rim Eo Exit Device 42In Us28$386.98Details
612368Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1590EO48INUS28Rim Eo Exit Device 48In Us28$410.67Details
612369Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1591DT36INUS28Rim Dt Exit Device 36 Us28$455.63Details
612370Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP36INDC13Rim Nl Exit Device 36In Dc13. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Rim Type. 36Inch Length. Dark Bronze Anodized$450.16Details
612371Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP36INDC35Rim Nl Exit Device 36In Dc35$450.16Details
612372Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP36INUS28Rim Nl Exit Device 36In Us28$436.19Details
612373Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP36US10B1592Nl-Op 36" Us10B Exit Device$934.69Details
612374Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP42INUS28Rim Nl Exit Device 42In Us28$456.23Details
612375Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP48INDC13Rim Nl Exit Device 48In Dc13$493.90Details
612376Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1592NLOP48INUS28Rim Nl Exit Device 48In Us28$479.93Details
612377Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1593HBOP36INDC35Rim Hb Exit Device 36In Dc35$450.16Details
612378Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1593HBOP36INUS28Rim Hb Exit Device 36In Us28$436.19Details
612379Dor-O-Matic / Falcon159CAHBDC13Cylinder Assembly Dc13$24.98Details
612380Dor-O-Matic / Falcon159CAHBDC35Cylinder Assembly Dc35$24.98Details
612381Dor-O-Matic / Falcon159CAHBUS28Cylinder Assembly Us28$24.98Details
612382Dor-O-Matic / Falcon159CANLDC13Cylinder Assembly Dc13$24.98Details
612383Dor-O-Matic / Falcon159CANLDC35Cylinder Assembly Dc35$24.98Details
612384Dor-O-Matic / Falcon159CANLUS28Cylinder Assembly Us28$24.98Details
612385Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690101461690Eo 36" Us28 Rhr L/Rods$249.19Details
612386Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010760Exit Device 1692Nl-Op 36" Dc35$332.09Details
612387Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010869Exit Device El1692Nl-Op 36"Dc13 Rhr$635.84Details
612388Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010875Exit Device El1692Nl-Op 42"Us28 Rhr W/Cyl$629.09Details
612389Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010887Exit Device El1690Eo 36" Dc35$588.59Details
612390Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010891Exit Device El1692Nl-Op 36" Dc35 Rhr$599.39Details
940300Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010921Exit Device El1692Nl-Op 36" Us28 Rhr L/Rod$656.09Details
612391Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169010956El1690Eo 36" Dc13 Rhr L/Rods$588.59Details
612392Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169011060Exit Device El1690Eo 36"Us26D Lhr Su Hex$638.54Details
990723Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169011093Exit Device El1694Nl-P 36" Dc13 Rhr Su Hex$782.59Details
612393Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169011209El1690Eo 36" Dc35 Rhr L/Rods$588.59Details
612394Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169011295Exit Device Rx-El1692Nl-Op 36" Dc13 Rhr$720.19Details
974554Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169011570Exit Device 36" Dc13 Rhr L/Rods L/Strikes$290.24Details
612395Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169011703Exit Device El1694Nl-P 36"Us28 Rhr$646.64Details
612396Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169012231Rx-El1691Dt 36" Us28 Rhr$744.89Details
612397Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169012292EL1690EOEl1690Eo 36" Dc13 Lhr L/Rods$588.59Details
612398Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169036US281010' Concealed Rod$275.79Details
1051115Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO30DC13LESSRODSExit Less Rods$268.79Details
612399Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO30DC13LHRSUHEX1690Eo 30" Dc13 Lhr Su Hex$283.49Details
612400Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO30INDC13Cvr Eo Exit Device 30In 313$277.63Details
612402Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC1380RHRSUHEXPB41690Eo 36" Dc13 8 0 Rhr Su Hex Pb4$284.84Details
612403Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC13LESSRODS1690-Eo-36"-Dc13-Less Rods$299.69Details
612404Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC13LHR1690Eo 36" Dc13 Lhr$284.84Details
612405Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC13RHR1690Eo-36-Dc13-Rhr$284.84Details
612406Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC13RHRLRODSPB41690Eo 36" Dc13 Rhr L/Rods Pb4$284.84Details
612407Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36DC13RHRSUHEXPB41690Eo 36" Dc13 Rhr Su Hex Pb4$284.84Details
612408Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INDC13Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In 313$277.63Details
612409Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INDC35Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Dc35$277.63Details
612410Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INUS10Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us10$325.62Details
612411Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INUS26Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us26$338.38Details
612412Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INUS26DCvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us26D$326.23Details
612413Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us28$269.64Details
612414Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INUS28LESSRODSCvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us28$243.18Details
612415Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36INUS3Cvr Eo Exit Device 36In Us3$337.77Details
837112Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36US288RODSConcealed Vertical Rod Device Exit Only$275.79Details
612416Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36US28LHRLRODS1690Eo 36" Us28 Lhr L/Rods$275.79Details
612417Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO36US28RHRSUHEX1690Eo 36" Us28 Rhr Su Hex$275.79Details
612418Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO3X10US281690Eo 36 X 120 Us28$309.22Details
612419Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO3X8DC13Concealed Vertical Rod Device$311.04Details
612420Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO3X9US281690Eo 36 X 108 Us28$303.14Details
612421Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO42INDC13Cvr Eo Exit Device 42In Dc13$288.56Details
612422Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO42INDC35Cvr Eo Exit Device 42In Dc35$288.56Details
612423Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO42INDC35RLCvr Eo Exit Device 42In Dc35$303.14Details
612424Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO42INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 42In Us28$270.95Details
612425Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO48INDC13Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Dc13$293.42Details
612426Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO48INDC35Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Dc35$293.42Details
612428Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO48INUS26Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Us26$354.17Details
612429Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690EO48INUS28Cvr Eo Exit Device 48In Us28$275.81Details
612431Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1690PINIONSUPPORTBRKT1690 Pinion Support Brkt$5.76Details
612432Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT36INDC13Cvr Dt Exit Device 36In Dc13$365.72Details
612433Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT36INDC35Cvr Dt Exit Device 36In Dc35$365.72Details
612435Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT36INUS26Cvr Dt Exit Device 36In Us26$338.38Details
612436Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT36INUS26DCvr Dt Exit Device 36In Us26D$525.49Details
612437Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT36INUS28Cvr Dt Exit Device 36In Us28$348.71Details
612439Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT48INDC13Cvr Dt Exit Device 48In Dc13$381.51Details
612440Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT48INDC35Cvr Dt Exit Device 48In Dc35$381.51Details
612442Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT48INUS26Cvr Dt Exit Device 48In Us26$554.04Details
612443Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT48INUS26DCvr Dt Exit Device 48In Us26D$541.28Details
612444Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1691DT48INUS28Cvr Dt Exit Device 48In Us28$364.50Details
808844Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692EO36US289RODSConcealed Vertical Rod Device Night Ltch W/Opt Pul$275.79Details
612446Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOP336US28RHRSUHE1692Nl-Op 3 36" Us28 Rhr Su He$314.54Details
612447Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOP36DC13RHRLRODS1692Nl-Op 36" Dc13 Rhr L/Rods$332.09Details
612448Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOP36US28LHRSUHEX1692Nl-Op 36" Us28 Lhr Su Hex$314.54Details
612449Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOP3DC138ROD1692Nl-Op 3 Dc13 8 Rod$332.09Details
612450Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP24INDC13Cvr Exit Device 24In Dc13$323.80Details
612451Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP30INUS28Cvr Exit Device 30In Us28$306.79Details
612452Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP36DC132INCvr Exit Device 36In Dc13, 2"$323.80Details
612453Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP36INDC13Cvr Exit Device 36In Dc13$323.80Details
612454Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP36INDC35Cvr Nl Exit Device 36In Dc35$323.80Details
612456Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP36INUS26Cvr Exit Device 36In Us26$385.16Details
612457Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP36INUS26DCvr Exit Device 36In Us26D$372.40Details
612458Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP36INUS28Cvr Exit Device 36In Us28$306.79Details
612460Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP42INDC13Cvr Nl Exit Device 42In Dc13$334.73Details
612461Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP42INUS28Cvr Nl Exit Device 42In Us28$317.72Details
612463Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP42X96US28Cvr Nl Exit Dev 42X96 Us28$351.14Details
612464Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP48INDC13Cvr Exit Device 48In Dc13$339.59Details
612465Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP48INDC35Cvr Exit Device 48In Dc35$339.59Details
612467Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP48INUS26Cvr Exit Device 48In Us26$400.95Details
612468Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP48INUS26DCvr Exit Device 48In Us26D$388.19Details
612469Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOP48INUS28Cvr Exit Device 48In Us28$322.58Details
786753Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1692NLOPHBOPDC351692Nl-Op/Hb-Op Dc35$332.09Details
612471Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP36INDC13Cvr Exit Device 36In Dc13$412.49Details
612472Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP36INDC35Cvr Exit Device 36In Dc35$412.49Details
612474Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP36INUS26Cvr Exit Device 36In Us26$585.02Details
612475Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP36INUS26DCvr Exit Device 36In Us26D$572.27Details
612476Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP36INUS28Cvr Exit Device 36In Us28$395.48Details
612478Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP48INDC13Cvr Exit Device 48In Dc13$428.29Details
612479Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP48INDC35Cvr Exit Device 48In Dc35$428.29Details
612481Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP48INUS26Cvr Exit Device 48In Us26$600.82Details
612482Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP48INUS26DCvr Exit Device 48In Us26D$588.06Details
612483Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1694NLPHBP48INUS28Cvr Exit Device 48In Us28$411.28Details
612485Dor-O-Matic / Falcon169CANLCYLASYLCYL169Ca Nl Cylasy L/Cyl$17.25Details
612486Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179010091Exit-Device-1792Nl/Hb-Op-36"-Us28-Td35 W/C$287.54Details
612487Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179010207Exit Device El1792Nl/Hb-Op 36"Us28$556.19Details
612488Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179010235Exit Device 1792Nl/Hb-Op 36" Us26D Td35$355.04Details
612489Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179010282El1790Eo 36"Dc35 Td35 1.3/4$560.24Details
612490Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO36DC13TD35134Exit Device 1790Eo 36" Dc13 Td35 1.3/4$265.99Details
612491Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO36INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36In$259.56Details
612492Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO36INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36In$259.56Details
612494Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO36INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36In$311.65Details
612495Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO36INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36In$300.11Details
612496Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO36INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36In$242.55Details
612498Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO42INDC13Dor Push Pad Dev,42 ,Dc13$270.90Details
612499Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO42INUS28Dor Push Pad Dev,42 ,Us28$253.89Details
612500Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO48INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$275.94Details
612501Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO48INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$275.94Details
612503Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO48INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$327.44Details
612504Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO48INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$315.90Details
612505Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1790EO48INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$258.93Details
612507Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT36INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$338.99Details
612508Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT36INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$338.99Details
612510Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT36INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$511.52Details
612511Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT36INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$499.97Details
612512Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT36INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$322.58Details
612514Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT48INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$354.78Details
612515Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT48INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$354.78Details
612517Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT48INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$527.31Details
612518Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT48INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$515.77Details
612519Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1791DT48INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$338.38Details
892454Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792EO48US28Rim Exit Device W/Night Latch/Hold Back W/Opt Pull$265.99Details
612521Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLHBOP3DC131792-Nl/Hb Op 3 Dc13$303.74Details
612522Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLHBOP42DC13TD35CYL1792Nl/Hb-Op 42 Dc13 Td35 W/Cyl$315.89Details
612523Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP36INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$297.07Details
612524Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP36INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$297.07Details
612526Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP36INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$358.43Details
612527Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP36INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$346.88Details
612528Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP36INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$280.67Details
612530Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP48INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$312.86Details
612531Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP48INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$312.86Details
612533Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP48INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$374.22Details
612534Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP48INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$362.68Details
612535Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1792NLOPHBOP48INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$296.46Details
612537Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLHBP36US28TD3599701794Nl/Hb-P 36" Us28 Td35 9970$287.54Details
612538Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP36INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$385.76Details
612539Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP36INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$385.76Details
612541Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP36INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$558.29Details
612542Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP36INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$546.75Details
612543Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP36INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 36"$369.36Details
612545Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP42INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 42"$396.70Details
612546Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP42INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 42"$380.30Details
612547Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP48INDC13Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$401.56Details
612548Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP48INDC35Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$401.56Details
612550Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP48INUS26Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$574.09Details
612551Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP48INUS26DRim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$562.55Details
612552Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1794NLPHBP48INUS28Rim Type Pushpad Exit Dev 48"$385.16Details
612554Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LBELHRP13Lever Control 1790 Lhr P13$187.74Details
612555Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LBELHRP28Lever Control 1790 Lhr P13$187.74Details
612556Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LBELHRP35Lever Control 1790 Lhr P35$187.74Details
612557Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LBERHRP13Lever Control 1790 Rhr P13$187.74Details
612558Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LBERHRP35Lever Control 1790 Rhr P35$187.74Details
612559Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LLHRP13Lever Control 1790 Lhr P13$187.74Details
612560Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LLHRP28Lever Control 1790 Lhr P28$187.74Details
612561Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LLHRP35Lever Control 1790 Lhr Dc35$187.74Details
612563Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLLHRP13Lever Control 1790 Lhr Pc13$187.74Details
612564Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLLHRP28Lever Control 1790 Lhr P28$187.74Details
838958Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLP13RHR179L-Nl P13 Rhr$184.79Details
612565Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLP28LHR134DR179L-Nl P28 Lhr 1.3/4" Dr$193.19Details
612566Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLP28RHR134DR179L-Nl P28 Rhr 1.3/4" Dr$193.19Details
612567Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLRHRP13Lever Control 1790 Lhr Pc13$187.74Details
612568Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LNLRHRP28Lever Control 1790 Rhr P28$187.74Details
612569Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LRHRP13Lever Control 1790 Rhr P13$187.74Details
612570Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LRHRP28Lever Control 1790 Rhr P28$187.74Details
612571Dor-O-Matic / Falcon179LRHRP35Lever Control 1790 Rhr Dc35$187.74Details
612573Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO44INP13Cvr Eo Exit Device 44In P13. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 41 To 44 Inch Door. Painted Dark Bronze$278.84Details
612574Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO44INP13RLCvr Eo Exit Device 44In P13. Exit Only, Rod Bottom Latch. Concealed Vertical Rod. 41 To 44 Inch Door. Painted Dark Bronze$291.60Details
612575Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO44INP28Cvr Eo Exit Device 44In P28. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 41 To 44 Inch Door. Painted Alum$270.34Details
612576Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO44INP35Cvr Eo Exit Device 44In P35. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 41 To 44 Inch Door. Painted Black$278.84Details
612581Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO44INUS26DCvr Eo Exit Device 44In Us26D$656.37Details
612584Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO51INP13Cvr Eo Exit Device 51In P13. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 48 To 51 Inch Door. Painted Dark Bronze$289.78Details
612585Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO51INP28Cvr Eo Exit Device 51In P28. Exit Only Device. Concealed Vertical Rod. 48 To 51 Inch Door. Painted Aluminum$283.70Details
612586Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO51INP35Cvr Eo Exit Device 51In P35$289.78Details
612591Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1990EO51INUS26DCvr Eo Exit Device 51In Us26D$671.58Details
612594Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT42INP13Exit Device 42In P13$377.87Details
612595Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT42INP28Exit Device 42In P28$369.97Details
612596Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT42INP35Exit Device 42In P35$377.87Details
612601Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT42INUS26DExit Device 42In Us26D$848.84Details
612604Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT44P28LBRES9970LS1991Dt 44" P28 Lbr Es 9970 L/S$379.34Details
612605Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT48INP13Exit Device 48In P13$377.87Details
612606Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT48INP28Exit Device 48In P28$369.97Details
612607Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT48INP35Exit Device 48In P35$377.87Details
612612Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1991DT48INUS26DExit Device 48In Us26D$864.05Details
612616Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1992NLOPHBOP44INP13Cvr Nl-Op Exit Device P13. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Concealed Vertical Rod. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Dark Bronze$325.01Details
612617Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1992NLOPHBOP44INP28Cvr Nl-Op Exit Device P28. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Concealed Vertical Rod. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Aluminum$317.12Details
612618Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1992NLOPHBOP44INP35Cvr Nl-Op Exit Device P35$325.01Details
612619Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1992NLOPHBOP44INUS26DCvr Nl-Op Exit Device Us26D$701.42Details
612620Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1993NLHB44INP13Cvr Nl/Hb Exit Device P13. Exit With Rim Cyl 9970 Pull. Concealed Vertical Rod. Hold Back / Crossbar Exit. Painted Dark Bronze$413.71Details
612621Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1993NLHB44INP28Cvr Nl/Hb Exit Device P28. Exit With Rim Cyl 9970 Pull. Concealed Vertical Rod. Hold Back / Crossbar Exit. Aluminum$405.20Details
612622Dor-O-Matic / Falcon1993NLHB44INP35Cvr Nl/Hb Exit Device P35. Exit With Rim Cyl 9970 Pull. Concealed Vertical Rod. Hold Back / Crossbar Exit. Painted Aluminum - Black$413.71Details
789554Dor-O-Matic / Falcon19REO3SP2819-R-Eo 3' Sp28$180.59Details
858884Dor-O-Matic / Falcon19REOUS32DExit Only Rim Device$309.14Details
966380Dor-O-Matic / Falcon19RKIL3SP28Falcon 19-R Series Exit Device W/ Key In Lever$288.89Details
1081822Dor-O-Matic / Falcon200576626Full Size Interchangeable Core Cylinder$93.79Details
612623Dor-O-Matic / Falcon209011113Exit Device 2090Eo 51"P13 Rhr Sd36$258.99Details
612624Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO44INLHRP13Rim Eo Exit Dev 44In Lhr P13. Exit Only Device. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Left Hand Reverse. Painted Dark Bronze$242.55Details
612625Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO44INLHRP28Rim Eo Exit Dev 44In Lhr P28. Exit Only Device. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Left Hand Reverse. Painted Aluminum$231.84Details
612626Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO44INLHRP35Rim Eo Exit Device Lhr P35. Exit Only Device. Left Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Black$242.55Details
612628Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO44INRHRP13Rim Eo Exit Dev 44In Rhr P13. Exit Only Device. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Right Hand Reverse. Painted Dark Bronze$242.55Details
612629Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO44INRHRP28Rim Eo Exit Dev 44In Rhr P28. Exit Only Device. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Right Hand Reverse. Painted Aluminum$231.84Details
612630Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO44INRHRP35Rim Eo Exit Device Rhr P35. Exit Only Device. Right Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Black$242.55Details
612631Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2090EO51INRHRP13Rim Eo Exit Dev 51In Rhr P13$253.89Details
612632Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2091DT44INRHR26DRim Dummy Trim Exit Devise. 44" Door,Crossbar Exit Device. Right Hand Reverse. Satin Chrome$802.62Details
612633Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INLHRP13Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr P13. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Left Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Dark Bronze$280.06Details
612634Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INLHRP28Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr P28. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Left Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Aluminum$270.34Details
612635Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INLHRP35Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr P35. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Left Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Black$280.06Details
612636Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INLHRUS10Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr Us10$656.96Details
612637Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INLHRUS26Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr Us26$655.20Details
612638Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INRHRP13Rim Nl Exit Device Rhr P13. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Right Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Dark Bronze$280.06Details
612639Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INRHRP28Rim Nl Exit Device Rhr P28. Exit Night Latch Others Pull. Right Hand Reverse. Crossbar Exit Device. Painted Aluminum$270.34Details
612640Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INRHRP35Rim Nl Exit Device Rhr P35$280.06Details
612641Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2092NLOPHBOP44INRHRUS26Rim Nl Exit Device Rhr Us26$655.20Details
612642Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2093NLHB44INLHRP13Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr 44 P13. Exit Night Latch / 9970 Pull. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Left Hand Reverse. Painted Dark Bronze$368.75Details
612643Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2093NLHB44INLHRP28Rim Nl Exit Device Lhr 44 P28. Exit Night Latch / 9970 Pull. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Left Hand Reverse. Painted Aluminum$358.43Details
612644Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2093NLHB44INLHRUS26DRim Nl Exit Device Lhr 44 26D. Exit Night Latch / 9970 Pull. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Left Hand Reverse. Satin Chrome$847.08Details
612645Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2093NLHB44INRHRP13Rim Nl Exit Device Rhr 44 P13. Exit Night Latch / 9970 Pull. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Right Hand Reverse. Painted Dark Bronze$368.75Details
612646Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2093NLHB44INRHRP28Rim Nl Exit Device Rhr 44 P28. Exit Night Latch / 9970 Pull. Crossbar Exit Device - 44Inch. Right Hand Reverse. Painted Aluminum$358.43Details
612647Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2093NLHB44INRHRUS26DRim Nl Exit Device Rhr 44 26D$847.08Details
612648Dor-O-Matic / Falcon239011162El2390Eo 21"Dev Dc13 Rhr Std$726.69Details
612649Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2390EO42INLHRDC13Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 42In Dc13 Lhr. Exit Only Device. 21 To 42 Inch Door. Left Hand Reverse. Anodized Dark Bronze$440.44Details
612650Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2390EO42INLHRDC13WFPCvr Mid-Pan Dev 42In Dc13 Lhr$455.63Details
612651Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2390EO42INLHRUS28Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 42In Us28 Lhr. Exit Only Device. 21 To 42 Inch Door. Left Hand Reverse. Anodized Aluminum$428.29Details
612652Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2390EO42INRHRDC13Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 42In Dc13 Rhr. Exit Only Device. 21 To 42 Inch Door. Right Hand Reverse. Anodized Dark Bronze$440.44Details
612653Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2390EO42INRHRUS28Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 42In Us28 Rhr. Exit Only Device. 21 To 42 Inch Door. Right Hand Reverse. Anodized Aluminum$428.29Details
612654Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2390EO48INRHRUS28Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 48In Us28 Rhr. Exit Only Device. 24 To 48 Inch Door. Right Hand Reverse. Anodized Aluminum$458.06Details
612655Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2392NLHBOP21INLHRDC13Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 21 In Dc13 Lhr$540.07Details
612656Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2392NLHBOP21INRHRDC13Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 21 In Dc13 Rhr. Hold Back Option. 21 To 42 Inch Door. Right Hand Reverse. Anodized Dark Bronze$540.07Details
612657Dor-O-Matic / Falcon2392NLHBOP21INRHRUS28Cvr Mid-Pan Dev 21 In Us28 Rhr. Hold Back Option. 21In Device To Fit Up To 42In. Right Hand Reverse. Anodized Aluminum$527.92Details
612658Dor-O-Matic / Falcon239CAUS28Nl/Hb Kit For 2392 Device. Less Cylinder$56.77Details
856064Dor-O-Matic / Falcon24R712LBEUS32D324-R-712L/Be-Us32D-3$860.59Details
785667Dor-O-Matic / Falcon24R718NL313AN324-R-Nl 718Nl-313An-3'$682.49Details
835952Dor-O-Matic / Falcon24RNLUS32D324-R-Nl-Us32D 3'$826.79Details
939077Dor-O-Matic / Falcon25REOUS2825-R Series Exit Only, Aluminum Finish$468.44Details
927173Dor-O-Matic / Falcon25VEO313AN325-V-Eo 313An 3'$696.79Details
837816Dor-O-Matic / Falcon25VNL313AN325-V-Nl 313An 3'$818.99Details
612659Dor-O-Matic / Falcon3215US26DDor-O-Matic Mortise Cylinder$64.68Details
612660Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100013Lift Bracket Assy 1990 Series. Assembly. 1990 Part # 21$19.80Details
612661Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100017Su/Pl/Es/Rl Rod 1990 Series. 1990 Part #12$27.00Details
612662Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100018Bent Rod .343 47.125 Cznc$62.30Details
612663Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100110990/1990 Retactor 1 Each$5.18Details
612664Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100172Su Ext Rod Kit Up To 9Ft Dr. 990/1990 & 1690 Series. Su Ext Rod Kit. Up To 9 Foot Door$71.40Details
752975Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100197Su Ext Rod Kit Up To 10' Dr (Not Shown)$64.39Details
612665Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100266Pl Bottom Rod Assembly$112.56Details
612666Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701003042090 Adapter Plate Assy,2 Pack. Adapter Plate Assembly. Model No. Pb42. 2 Pack$22.50Details
612667Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100346Es Top Latch. Pullman. 1990-Part #25. 1690-Part #30 / 2390-Part #21$74.19Details
612668Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100521Rl Bottom Latch. 1990-Part #23 / 1490-Part #11. 1690-Part #28 / 2390-Part #22$69.72Details
612669Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701005221690 Rl Bottom Rod Assembly. Model # Ra17$110.04Details
612670Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270100583990/1990 Panic Device Mtc Kit. Maintenance Kit$250.32Details
612671Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270101482Pl Bottom Latch. Pullman. 1990-Part #26. 1690-Part #31 / 2390-Part #23$55.83Details
612672Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270101806Su Top Latch For Con Vert. 1990 Device Brkdown Part 24. 1690 Device Brkdown Part 29. 2390 Device Brkdown Part 20$82.32Details
612673Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701018181690 Ext Rod Kit Up To 108 Inc. Extension Rod Kit El Or Stnd$179.76Details
612674Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270101825Hex Bottom Rod 1990 Series. Pb25$27.00Details
612675Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270101830Hex Bottom Bolt 1990 Series. 1990-Part # 27$31.32Details
612676Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701018311990 Sers Hex Rod Btm Assy. 1990 Sers Hex Rod Bottom Assy. Model# Ra7$57.96Details
612677Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270102490Inscld Rl B/Rod Asy Al 39.937$118.44Details
612678Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270102491Inscld Su T/Rod Asy Al 40.578$178.92Details
612679Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270103165Device Boxes Short$2.40Details
612680Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270103166Device Boxes Long$1.20Details
612681Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270105926El Top Latch Pb128. 1490 Series$110.04Details
612682Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270106632Su Top Rod Assmb 7 Foot. Top Rod Assembly$110.04Details
612683Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270106633Su Top Rod Assmb 8 Foot. Top Rod Assembly$165.48Details
612684Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270106669Dog Kit 1390 Hex 4270106669$89.54Details
612685Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270106745Lift Lever 1490$17.10Details
612686Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701067751490 Pb101 Bottom Rod 31.625"$45.24Details
612687Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701067761490 Pb100 Top Rod$45.24Details
612688Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701067821490 Top/Btm Rod Assy 7Ft Door. 1490 Series Ra13$251.16Details
612689Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701067861490/1590 Mounting Bracket. Pb200$19.80Details
612690Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701067871490/1590 Series End Cup. Pb201$34.80Details
612691Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270106796Lift Bracket Assembly Pb56. 1490 Series$36.98Details
612692Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701068881590 Retractor-Sgl Dr 1-3/4. 1590 Part # 20$12.87Details
612694Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270106977Clevis Pb226. 1490 Series$69.72Details
612695Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701070271490/1590 36 In Pushbar Us28$83.16Details
612696Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701070461490/1590 Dog Bkt Assembly. Dog Bracket Assembly. 1490-1590 Part # 8$52.20Details
612697Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701070471490 Base Plate Assembly$336.96Details
612698Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701070481490 Base Plate Assmbly Pbx-51$376.65Details
612699Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701070611490 Base Plate Assembly$336.96Details
612702Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107176Hex Rod Guide Assembly Us32D. 1990 Part #28. 1690 Part #33 / 2390 Part #18. Satin Stainless Steel$29.58Details
612703Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107178Hex Rod Guide Assembly P35. 1990 Part #28. 1690 Part #33 / 2390 Part #18. Painted Black$29.58Details
612704Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107188El1490 Lift Bracket Lhr. Left Hand Reverse. El1490 Part # 23$8.64Details
612705Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107189El1490 Lift Bracket Rhr. Right Hand Reverse. El1490 Part # 23$8.64Details
612706Dor-O-Matic / Falcon427010721314/1590 Ser Cyl Collar 1In P28. 1490/1590 Series. Cylinder Collar. Model# Pb103 P28. Painted Aluminum$18.90Details
612707Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701072681490 Nl Cam Assembly. 1490 Series Hb Cam Assembly. Model# Pb115$25.20Details
612708Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701072701490 Hb Cam Assembly. 1490 Series Hb Cam Assembly. Model# Pb116$25.20Details
612709Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107276Cyl Adapter Assy Less Cyl$26.10Details
612710Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701072831590 Nl Cam Assembly. 1490 Series Nl Cam Assembly. Model# Pb117$25.20Details
612711Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701072851590 Hb Cam Assembly. 1490 Series Hb Cam Assembly. Model# Pb118$25.20Details
612712Dor-O-Matic / Falcon427010728614/1590 Cyl Tube W/Pin 1 3/4In. 1490/1590 Series. Cylinder Tube W/Pin 1 3/4 In D. Model# Pb105 1 3/4In Dr. Non-Finished$29.70Details
612713Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701073201490 Rhr/1590 Lhr Push Label. Model# Pb214 Gold. Gold$22.50Details
612714Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701073211490 Rhr/1590 Lhr Push Label. Pb212 Black. Black$22.50Details
612715Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701073221490 Lhr/1590 Rhr Push Label. Model# Pb215 Gold. Gold$22.50Details
612716Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701073231490 Lhr/1590 Rhr Push Label. Pb213 Black. Black$22.50Details
612717Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107429El1490 Lift Lever Spring Lhr$8.64Details
612718Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107430El1490 Lift Lever Spring Rhr. Right Hand Reverse. El1490 Part # 17$8.64Details
612719Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107495El1490 Lift Brackey Assembly. El1490 Lift Bracket Assembly. Model# Pb57$56.55Details
612720Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107497El1490 Top/Btm Rod Assm 7Ft Dr. El1490 To & Bottom Ros Assy. Model# Ra14. 7Ft Door$279.72Details
612721Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701076031590 Latchbolt Assembly. Pb124 For 1490/1590 Series$89.04Details
612722Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107623El1590 Latchbolt Assembly 36In. El1590 Latchbolt Assembly. 36 Inch. Model# Pb125$252.84Details
612723Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701076861490 Pushbar 36" Door,Us10. Pb250. Satin Bronze$796.38Details
612724Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701076891490 Push Bar Us4. 36 Inch. Satin Brass$796.38Details
612725Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701077041490 Pushbar 48" Door,Us10. Pb251. Satin Bronze$801.06Details
612726Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107787Cylinder Tube W/Pin 214 In Dr. 14/1590 Serscylinder Tube W/Pi. Model Pb105. 2 14/ Inch Door$49.59Details
612727Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42701077911490 Extension Rod Kit. 7 Foot To 10 Foot Doors. Model Ra15$91.56Details
612728Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270107833Cylinder Tube W/Pin 2"Dr Pb105. 1490 Series$49.59Details
612729Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709000911990/2090 41 Inch Crossbar P28. 1990/2090 Part # 39. Anodized Aluminum Clear$105.00Details
612730Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709000941990/2090 41 Inch Crossbar P13. 1990/2090 Part # 39. Anodized Aluminum Dark Bronze$114.24Details
612731Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709000951990/2090 41 In Crossbar Dc35$114.24Details
612732Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709020911990 Auxiliary Parts Pkg Us32D. Pbx-2 Us32D$36.54Details
612733Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709020951990 Auxiliary Parts Pkg Dc35. Pbx-2 Dc35$36.54Details
612734Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709021211090/2090 Auxiliary Pkg Us32D$36.54Details
612735Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709021251090/2090 Auxiliary Pkg Dc35$12.87Details
612736Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027402090 Active Housing Lhr P28. Left Hand Reverse. 2090 Part # 37. Painted Aluminum$189.84Details
612737Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027422090 Active Housing Lhr P13. Left Hand Reverse. 2090 Part # 37. Painted Dark Bronze$203.28Details
612738Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027462090 Active Housing Rhr P28. Right Hand Reverse. 2090 Part # 37. Painted Aluminum$189.84Details
612739Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027482090 Active Housing Rhr P13. Right Hand Reverse. 2090 Part # 37. Painted Dark Bronze$203.28Details
612740Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027632090 Sers Lev Arm Lh Act P28. Lock Stile Lever Arm Active. Aluminum$46.98Details
612741Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027662090 Sers Lev Arm Lh Act P13. Lock Stile Lever Arm Active. Left Hand Reverse Device. Painted Dark Bronze$53.94Details
612742Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027692090 Sers Lev Arm Rh Act P28. Lock Stile Lever Arm Active. Aluminum$46.98Details
612743Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709027722090/1090 Lever Arm Rh P13. Model# Dc41. Painted Dark Bronze$53.94Details
612744Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902776Lhr Active Or Rhr Inact P28. Lock Stile Left Hand Reverse. Hinge Stile Assmb For Rhr. Breakdown Part 34 / 38. Painted Aluminum$148.68Details
612745Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902778End Case Assmb Lh P13. Lock Stile Assmb For Lhr. Hinge Stile Assmb For Rhr. Breakdown Part 34 / 38. Painted Dark Bronze$164.64Details
612746Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902782Rhr Active Or Lhr Inact P28. 1990 Series. End Case / Active Case. Aluminum$148.68Details
612747Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902784Rhr Active Or Lhr Inact,P13. 1990 Active Rhr/Inactive Lhr. Right Hand Reverse Active. 1990 Part # 35 Dcx2. Painted Dark Bronze$164.64Details
612748Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902787990/1990 Housing Assy P28. Assembly. Painted Aluminum$105.00Details
612749Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902789990/1990 Housing Assy P13. Assembly. Painted Dark Bronze$105.00Details
612750Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902790990/1990 Housing Assy P35$105.00Details
612751Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902799Lever Arm Lh P28. Lock Stile Lever Arm Lhr. Hinge Stile Lever Arm Rhr. Breakdown Part 36. Painted Aluminum$46.98Details
612752Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902802Lever Arm Lh P13. Lock Stile Lever Arm Lhr Dev. Hinge Stile Lever Arm Rhr Dev. Breakdown Part 36. Painted Dark Bronze$54.81Details
612753Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902805Lever Arm Rh P28. Lock Stile Lever Arm Rhr. Hinge Stile Lever Arm Lhr. Breakdown Part 37. Painted Aluminum$46.98Details
612754Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902808Lever Arm Rh End Case P13. Lock Stile Lever Arm Rhr Dev. Hinge Stile Lever Arm Lhr Dev. Breakdown Part 37. Painted Dark Bronze$54.81Details
612755Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902968Dor 2090 Bkplt Asy Lhrpb89 1Ea. Silver Coat$50.46Details
612756Dor-O-Matic / Falcon4270902974Dor 2090 Backplt Assy Rhr Pb89. Silver Coat$50.46Details
612757Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42709031771900 Pinion Cam,1 Each. Model# Pb140$17.10Details
612758Dor-O-Matic / Falcon42991010201490/1590 Ser Compression Ring. Pb224. 0. 0$8.42Details
737603Dor-O-Matic / Falcon512DTUS28512Dt Us28$102.19Details
846910Dor-O-Matic / Falcon512NLUS28512Nl Us28$121.79Details
893817Dor-O-Matic / Falcon5BB145X4563032DTW85Bb1 4.5X4.5 630/32D Tw8$309.14Details
612759Dor-O-Matic / Falcon60029300E Trim Solenoid Pkg$81.19Details
612760Dor-O-Matic / Falcon60DC13Pb-60 Paddle Attachment Duro$104.16Details
612761Dor-O-Matic / Falcon60US28Pb-60 Paddle Attachment Alum$104.16Details
612762Dor-O-Matic / Falcon65014715El 24/25 Conv Kit 3' Us32D$274.04Details
1061141Dor-O-Matic / Falcon65032019 End Cap Mounting Bracket W/ Snb$7.02Details
947551Dor-O-Matic / Falcon65034319 Channel End Cap W/ Screws$15.99Details
612763Dor-O-Matic / Falcon650359Rx Switch Kit$138.59Details
612764Dor-O-Matic / Falcon65035900Rx Switch$132.99Details
725547Dor-O-Matic / Falcon65038419-R Center Case Cover Kit (W/Screws) Black Finish$21.75Details
612765Dor-O-Matic / Falcon65038700Bottom Bolt Guide Brkt$7.02Details
735792Dor-O-Matic / Falcon712LBEUS26D712L-Be Us26D$216.99Details
900853Dor-O-Matic / Falcon812LVXUS10812L-V X Us10$188.99Details
612766Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82303034Track Roller$13.18Details
612767Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82303038Track$42.04Details
612768Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82303077TPull Arm Assembly$81.19Details
612769Dor-O-Matic / Falcon823072MCCover For 8230$63.70Details
612770Dor-O-Matic / Falcon8230MS8230Ms Screw Pack$12.19Details
612771Dor-O-Matic / Falcon8231Door Operator$1,194.69Details
836140Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82316898231 Automatic Operator Pull Side (Std), Aluminum$1,245.39Details
612772Dor-O-Matic / Falcon8231ALFalcon Operator$1,194.69Details
612773Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82403077PUSHARM8240-3077 Push Arm$65.10Details
854465Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82403454Motor Gearbox Assembly$773.49Details
788650Dor-O-Matic / Falcon824034628240-3462 Control Box$530.54Details
612774Dor-O-Matic / Falcon82428200 Auto Operator Falcon Push,689 Fin,26" Header$1,245.39Details
612775Dor-O-Matic / Falcon8310854Header Bracket Activation Sensor$345.59Details
612776Dor-O-Matic / Falcon96946789Latch Pin, Pb320. For 1790 Series$8.42Details
612777Dor-O-Matic / Falcon9714937616/17/2390 Sers Dogging Spring. Dogging Spring. Model # Pb323. 1690/1790/2390 Series Devices$5.94Details
612778Dor-O-Matic / Falcon971659791490/1590 Ser Dogging Clip. Pb223$29.70Details
612779Dor-O-Matic / Falcon97166079Act Rod Spring Stop Cznc. For 1490/1590 Series$12.87Details
612780Dor-O-Matic / Falcon97168700El Solenoid 24Vdc. 1690 Series. Model # Pb300$139.99Details
612781Dor-O-Matic / Falcon9970DC13Offset Pull. All Series Except 2390. Dark Bronze Anodized$122.64Details
612782Dor-O-Matic / Falcon9970DC35Offset Pull$122.64Details
612783Dor-O-Matic / Falcon9970US26DOffset Pull. All Series Except 2390. Satin Chrome$276.36Details
612784Dor-O-Matic / Falcon9970US28Offset Pull. All Series Except 2390. Anodized Aluminum$122.64Details
612785Dor-O-Matic / FalconA1266700300A12667-003-00 #5 Straight Cam$33.34Details
612786Dor-O-Matic / FalconA785112LHMa851 12V Lock Body Only$359.09Details
612787Dor-O-Matic / FalconA785112RHMa851 12V Lock Body Only$359.09Details
612788Dor-O-Matic / FalconA788112Ma881 12V Lock Case$359.09Details
612789Dor-O-Matic / FalconA788124A7881-24 Chassis Ready To Go For 24Volt$359.09Details
766611Dor-O-Matic / FalconA788124RX626A7881-24Rx 626$425.24Details
612790Dor-O-Matic / FalconAXLE1006Lift Lever Axle Pb334 Each. 2390 Series. Each$5.94Details
612791Dor-O-Matic / FalconAXLE1007Clevis Assembly Axle. 1490 Series$12.87Details
1007547Dor-O-Matic / FalconBLOCK103Block Kit For 2390 Series$30.45Details
612792Dor-O-Matic / FalconBOLT1004Hex Bottom Bolt Beveled$34.80Details
612793Dor-O-Matic / FalconBRKT1281690 Pushbar Anchor Bracket. Pushbar Anchor Bracket Pb321$8.10Details
612794Dor-O-Matic / FalconBRKT4781690 Pinion Support Bracket. Model Number Pb312. 1690 Part #11$8.10Details
612795Dor-O-Matic / FalconBRKTASY107Actuator Arm Bracket Assy$12.87Details
612796Dor-O-Matic / FalconBRKTASY118Pb339 2390 Nl/Hb Bracket Assly$31.32Details
612797Dor-O-Matic / FalconBUMPER103Pushbar Bumper 1490/1590. 4 Foot Length. 2 Req Per Device$10.40Details
612798Dor-O-Matic / FalconBUSH1021090/2090 Cylinder Bushing,10P. 1090/2090 Part # 4. 10 Pack$19.80Details
612799Dor-O-Matic / FalconBUSH103Axle Bushing Pack Of 25. 1990 Part # 31. 1090/2090 Part # 32. Pack Of 25$25.20Details
612800Dor-O-Matic / FalconBUSH107El Hex Bushing, 10/Pack. 1490 Series, Pb84$18.90Details
612801Dor-O-Matic / FalconBUSH109Bearing Bushing, 10 Pk. 1690, 1990, 2390 Series. Model# Pb3. 10 Pack$19.80Details
612802Dor-O-Matic / FalconBUSH1091EACHBearing Bushing, 1 Each. 1690, 1990, 2390 Series. Model# Pb3. 1 Each$2.64Details
1072659Dor-O-Matic / FalconC607CCAConstruction Core 7-Pin$28.49Details
991993Dor-O-Matic / FalconC9537CCA626Small Format Interchangeable Rim Core Housing$24.75Details
612803Dor-O-Matic / FalconC987626C987 Cylinder 626 Finish$23.25Details
612804Dor-O-Matic / FalconCAM102Pinion Cam, 10 Pack. Model #Pb5. 1690 - 1990 - 2090$101.64Details
612805Dor-O-Matic / FalconCAMASY1011790 Drive Bushing. 1790 Part # 20$36.54Details
974977Dor-O-Matic / FalconCB809AKWY626Regular Core Combinated, Satin Chrome Finish$29.25Details
823326Dor-O-Matic / FalconCB847A626Cb847 A 626$22.49Details
612807Dor-O-Matic / FalconCBAR1011990 Series Crossbar 48In Us28. 1990/2090 Crossbar. 48 Inch Length$119.28Details
612808Dor-O-Matic / FalconCBAR1161990 Series Crossbar 48In Dc13. 1990-2090 Crossbar. 48 Inch Length$130.20Details
612809Dor-O-Matic / FalconCOVER1272390 Series Fixed Cover. 2390 Series Fixed Cover. Model# Pb341$27.00Details
1014060Dor-O-Matic / FalconCYL200576626CKAFull Size Interchangeable Core Cylinder$93.79Details
612810Dor-O-Matic / FalconCYLASY10831690Nl Cyl Assembly. Cylinder Assembly. (Parts 7-10). 1690 Part # 35$22.50Details
612811Dor-O-Matic / FalconCYLASY11511790 Nl/Hb Cyl Assembly. Model # Ca-7. 179Ca-Nl/Hb. Less Cylinder. Up To 1-3/4 Door$17.25Details
612812Dor-O-Matic / FalconD149011001492Nl-Op 36" Us28 Rhr Cylasy$527.84Details
612813Dor-O-Matic / FalconD149011277El1492Nl-Op 36"Us28 Rhr Cylasy$961.99Details
612814Dor-O-Matic / FalconD149012268El1490Eo 48" Rhr Us28 Rhr$893.09Details
612815Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690101401690Eo 36" Dc13 Rhr Su Hex$284.84Details
612816Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690101461690Eo 36" Us28 Rhr L/Rods$249.19Details
612817Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690103821690Eo 36" Us28 Lhr Su Hex Pb48$275.79Details
612818Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690104381690Eo 36" Dc13 Lhr Su Hex Pb48$284.84Details
612819Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690104691692Nl-Op 36" Us28 Rhr L/Rods$314.54Details
612820Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690104931690Eo 48" Us28 Rhr Su Hex Pb48$282.14Details
612821Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1690105411690Eo 48" Dc13 Rhr Su Hex Pb48$301.04Details
612822Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010858El1690Eo 36"Us28 Rhr$569.69Details
912165Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010876El1690Eo 36" Us28 Rhr Su Hex$569.69Details
612823Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010883El1690Eo 36"Dc13 Rhr Su Hex P$588.59Details
612824Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010897El1690Eo 36" Us28 Lhr Su Hex P$569.69Details
612825Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010921Exit Device - El1692Nl-Op 36" Us28 Rhr L/Rod$618.29Details
612826Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010946El1692Nl-Op 36" Dc13 Lhr$635.84Details
612827Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010956El1690Eo 36" Dc13 Rhr L/Rods$588.59Details
612828Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169010965El1690Eo 36" Dc13 Lhr Su Hex$588.59Details
612829Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169011026El11690Eo 48" Dc13 Rhr$604.79Details
612830Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169011091El1690Eo 42" Us28 Lhr Su Hex P$581.84Details
612831Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169011157Rxel1690Eodc13 X Less Rod Rhd$674.99Details
612832Dor-O-Matic / FalconD169011759Rxel1690Eodc13 X Less Rod Lhd$674.99Details
612833Dor-O-Matic / FalconD1790100751790Eo 36" Us28 Td35 1.3/4$249.19Details
612834Dor-O-Matic / FalconD179010206El1790Eo 36" Dc13 Td35$560.24Details
612835Dor-O-Matic / FalconD191000119-R-Eo Sp28 3'F570/Us19$179.19Details
612836Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2090110132093Nl 44" P28 Rhr 9970 Sd36$364.49Details
612837Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2090110232090Eo 44" P13 Lhr Sd36 1.3/4$249.19Details
612838Dor-O-Matic / FalconD239010167El2390Eo 21" Dev Us28 Rhr Std$714.99Details
612839Dor-O-Matic / FalconD241004224 R C 26D Rhr 718 3Ft$759.19Details
612840Dor-O-Matic / FalconD251000625 R Eo 26D 3 Ft$593.99Details
612841Dor-O-Matic / FalconD251005925-R-Nl Us32D 3' L/Trim 299$695.49Details
612842Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2511632El-25-M-Eo Us28 3'Rhr 1279$870.99Details
612843Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2521437El-25-M-Eo Us28 3'Lhr 1279$870.99Details
612844Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2530543Fse-25-R-L Us28 3' Lhr 510/Dane$763.09Details
612845Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2533178Rx-F-25-R-L Us28 3' Lhr 510/Da Ne/Sp28 299F Snb$839.79Details
612846Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2535000Rx-El-F-25-V-L Us32D 3'Rhr Lbr$1,476.24Details
612847Dor-O-Matic / FalconD2535002Rx-El-F-25-V-L Us32D 3'Lhr Lbrafl W/Aux Fire Latch$1,673.74Details
612848Dor-O-Matic / FalconDM6D19911004Exit Device 1990Eo 44"P35$288.89Details
612849Dor-O-Matic / FalconECAP1031490 Endcap$24.75Details
612850Dor-O-Matic / FalconECAP103P35Hingeside End Cap Assy Pbx24. 1490 Series. Painted Black$31.32Details
612851Dor-O-Matic / FalconECAP111P35Lockside End Cap Assy Pbx23. 1490 Series. Painted Black$27.90Details
612852Dor-O-Matic / FalconECAP1291690 Lock Stile End Cap. 1690 Part # 21. Painted Black$9.39Details
612853Dor-O-Matic / FalconECAP130Doromatic Ecap.130 1690/1790. Channel/Hingeside End Cap Kit. Model # Pb314$20.70Details