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Fire Alarm Systems

Voice Evacuation

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
118160Alpha CommunicationsRP022St014 Lens Cap Only Amber Type$5.85Details
125570Atlas SoundUHT25CU1618Loudspeaker, 8 Inch Ceiling / Wall, Fire Protectiv$77.60Details
134467Bosch Security5602Heat Detector, 194 Fixed Ror Signal $12.87Details
135235Bosch Security5623Dual Heat Detector, 135 Fixed Ror Signal $28.64Details
134895Bosch Security5624Dual Heat Detector, 194 Fixed Ror Signal $28.64Details
134883Bosch SecurityAH24WPRHorn, 24 V, Red, Weatherproof, Sync $28.88Details
134918Bosch SecurityAMT1224RNYCHorn, Multitone, 12/24 V, Red $58.97Details
134995Bosch SecurityCBB8Backbox, 8 Inch, For Round Speaker $15.33Details
135155Bosch SecurityD273THESSmoke / Heat Detector W/ Eol Relay, 4-Wire, Sounde$55.46Details
136264Bosch SecurityD7212GV38 To 40 Point Control Communicator With Enhanced Performance And Features - No Enclosure$235.05Details
135879Bosch SecurityD9412GV38 To 246 Point Control Communicator With Enhanced Performance And Features For Intrusion, Fire And Access - No Enclosure$401.85Details
135311Bosch SecurityDRA1224Annunciator Plate, Remote $16.22Details
136297Bosch SecurityDRA5Remote Annunciator, Alarm Led, Face Plate, Single$16.22Details
135367Bosch SecurityE70NSpeaker, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2 W Taps, Nickel Plated,$45.15Details
135368Bosch SecurityE70RSpeaker, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2 W Taps, Red, Square $27.05Details
135972Bosch SecurityE90WSpeaker, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-2 W Taps, Ceiling Or Wall$27.05Details
135612Bosch SecurityET1010RSpeaker, Vandal Resistant, 78-96 Dba At 10 Feet, R$48.33Details
135678Bosch SecurityET1080RSpeaker, Vandal Resistant, 78-96 Dba At 10 Feet, R$41.60Details
135682Bosch SecurityET70WSpeaker, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-8 W Taps, White, Square $42.62Details
135683Bosch SecurityET70WP2475CFRAudible Speaker, Outdoor, Wall / Ceiling Mount, Re$107.09Details
135981Bosch SecurityET70WP2475WFRAudible Speaker, Outdoor, Wall / Ceiling Mount, Re$107.09Details
135982Bosch SecurityET70WPA2475WNWAudible Speaker, 75 Candela, 24 V, Wall / Ceiling$110.14Details
135986Bosch SecurityET90RSpeaker, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-8 W Taps, Wall / Ceiling$43.80Details
135622Bosch SecurityET90WSpeaker, 25/70 Vrms, 1/8-8 W Taps, Wall / Ceiling$36.84Details
136887Bosch SecurityEVAX10012ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,548.99Details
135987Bosch SecurityEVAX10016ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,832.00Details
135690Bosch SecurityEVAX1002ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$2,642.91Details
136888Bosch SecurityEVAX1004ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$2,642.91Details
135624Bosch SecurityEVAX1008ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,020.48Details
135691Bosch SecurityEVAX1008ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,832.31Details
135692Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$1,661.20Details
136182Bosch SecurityEVAX100EM12ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$2,793.88Details
135693Bosch SecurityEVAX100EM16ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$3,171.44Details
136891Bosch SecurityEVAX100EM2ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$2,038.75Details
135625Bosch SecurityEVAX100EM8ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$3,020.48Details
135626Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMRExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$1,661.20Details
135695Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMR12ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$3,548.99Details
135696Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMR2ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$2,038.75Details
135697Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMR4ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 W, Transforme$2,642.91Details
136186Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMR8ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$3,020.48Details
136894Bosch SecurityEVAX100EMR8ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt, Transfo$3,832.31Details
135704Bosch SecurityEVAX100R12ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,548.99Details
136896Bosch SecurityEVAX100R16ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,832.31Details
136897Bosch SecurityEVAX100R2ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$2,642.91Details
135700Bosch SecurityEVAX100R4ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$2,642.91Details
135701Bosch SecurityEVAX100R8ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 100 Watt$3,020.48Details
135702Bosch SecurityEVAX15012ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1)$4,495.80Details
135705Bosch SecurityEVAX15016ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1)$4,864.30Details
136899Bosch SecurityEVAX1508ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1)$4,127.30Details
136900Bosch SecurityEVAX1508ZAVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1)$4,864.30Details
136901Bosch SecurityEVAX150EExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$2,944.19Details
135707Bosch SecurityEVAX150EM16ZExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$4,421.98Details
136023Bosch SecurityEVAX150EM8ZAExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$4,421.98Details
136024Bosch SecurityEVAX150EMRExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$3,020.48Details
136025Bosch SecurityEVAX150EMR12ZExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$4,054.41Details
135713Bosch SecurityEVAX150EMR8ZExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$3,684.97Details
135714Bosch SecurityEVAX150EMR8ZAExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$4,421.98Details
135715Bosch SecurityEVAX150ERExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1) 50 Watt,$2,944.19Details
136190Bosch SecurityEVAX150RVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (1)$3,473.68Details
136904Bosch SecurityEVAX20016ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2)$5,158.97Details
135719Bosch SecurityEVAX2008ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2)$4,421.98Details
135721Bosch SecurityEVAX200EM8ZAExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2) 100 Watt$3,936.29Details
136950Bosch SecurityEVAX200EMR12ZExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2) 100 Watt$4,349.09Details
136195Bosch SecurityEVAX200EMR8ZExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2) 100 Watt$3,979.65Details
136196Bosch SecurityEVAX200EMR8ZAExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2) 100 Watt$3,936.29Details
136197Bosch SecurityEVAX200ERExpander Panel, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2) 100 Watt$3,247.08Details
136198Bosch SecurityEVAX200RVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2)$3,684.97Details
136033Bosch SecurityEVAX200R12ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2)$4,790.48Details
136034Bosch SecurityEVAX200R16ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2)$5,158.97Details
136035Bosch SecurityEVAX200R8ZVoice Evacuation System, (2) Audio Amplifiers, (2)$4,421.98Details
136199Bosch SecurityEVAX25Voice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$1,510.24Details
135723Bosch SecurityEVAX252ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$1,887.80Details
135724Bosch SecurityEVAX254ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$1,886.83Details
135725Bosch SecurityEVAX258ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$2,265.35Details
136037Bosch SecurityEVAX25EExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,162.25Details
136200Bosch SecurityEVAX25EM2ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,582.34Details
136201Bosch SecurityEVAX25EM4ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,963.44Details
136038Bosch SecurityEVAX25EM8ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,963.44Details
136039Bosch SecurityEVAX25EMRExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,256.65Details
136202Bosch SecurityEVAX25EMR2ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,582.34Details
136203Bosch SecurityEVAX25EMR4ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,582.34Details
136955Bosch SecurityEVAX25EMR4ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,963.44Details
136956Bosch SecurityEVAX25EMR8ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt, Transfor$1,963.44Details
136040Bosch SecurityEVAX25RVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$1,510.24Details
136958Bosch SecurityEVAX25R2ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$1,887.80Details
136041Bosch SecurityEVAX25R8ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 25 Watt,$2,265.35Details
136960Bosch SecurityEVAX5012ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$3,171.44Details
136042Bosch SecurityEVAX5016ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$3,548.99Details
136299Bosch SecurityEVAX504ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$2,265.35Details
136300Bosch SecurityEVAX508ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$2,642.91Details
136302Bosch SecurityEVAX50EExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$1,283.64Details
136303Bosch SecurityEVAX50EMExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$1,359.28Details
136044Bosch SecurityEVAX50EM12ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,491.95Details
136045Bosch SecurityEVAX50EM16ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,869.51Details
136962Bosch SecurityEVAX50EM2ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$1,736.84Details
136305Bosch SecurityEVAX50EM8ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,114.40Details
136964Bosch SecurityEVAX50EM8ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,869.51Details
136965Bosch SecurityEVAX50EMRExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$1,359.28Details
136967Bosch SecurityEVAX50EMR16ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,869.51Details
136306Bosch SecurityEVAX50EMR4ZAExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,114.40Details
135731Bosch SecurityEVAX50EMR8ZExpander Panel, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt, Transfor$2,114.40Details
136307Bosch SecurityEVAX50RVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$1,887.80Details
136308Bosch SecurityEVAX50R12ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$3,171.44Details
136971Bosch SecurityEVAX50R16ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$3,548.99Details
136310Bosch SecurityEVAX50R4ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$2,265.35Details
135733Bosch SecurityEVAX50R4ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$2,642.91Details
136046Bosch SecurityEVAX50R8ZVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$2,642.91Details
136312Bosch SecurityEVAX50R8ZAVoice Evacuation System, Audio Amplifier, 50 Watt,$3,548.99Details
135734Bosch SecurityEVX100Amplifier W/ Digital Message Repeater / Microphone$2,114.40Details
136047Bosch SecurityEVX100EMAmplifier, 100 Watt $1,510.24Details
137038Bosch SecurityEVX25Amplifier W/ Digital Message Repeater / Microphone$1,434.28Details
136316Bosch SecurityEVX25EAmplifier W/ Microphone, 25 Watt $1,019.64Details
135735Bosch SecurityEVX25EMAmplifier, 25 Watt $1,099.32Details
136048Bosch SecurityEVX2ZAZone Splitter, 2-Zone, Class A $407.77Details
137040Bosch SecurityEVX50Amplifier W/ Digital Message Repeater / Microphone$1,812.15Details
136049Bosch SecurityEVX50EAmplifier W/ Microphone, 50 Watt $1,283.64Details
136054Bosch SecurityEVXRMRemote Microphone Panel, Charcoal Gray $407.77Details
135738Bosch SecurityEVXRSIRemote Serial Interface $407.77Details
137050Bosch SecurityF220B6PMMaster Base, Addressable, For F220 Heat Detector $33.84Details
136109Bosch SecurityFAA500RTLRemoval Tool, Detector Lock, For Fcp-500 Smoke Det$442.56Details
136110Bosch SecurityFAA500TRPTrim Ring, For Fcp-500 Smoke Detector $19.10Details
136586Bosch SecurityFCP500Smoke Detector, 4-Wire, 12/24 Vdc, Dual Color Led,$222.78Details
136589Bosch SecurityFCP500CPPhotoelectric Smoke Detector W/ Carbon Monoxide Se$286.44Details
137066Bosch SecurityFCP500CPK4 Wire; Transparent W/ Color Rings & Co Kit Includes:Fcp-500-C Invisible Smoke Detector; White, Faa-500-Bb-Ul Flush Back Box,Fca-500 4 Wire Base, Faa-500-Tr-P Trim Ring; W/ Color Rings$369.51Details
136075Bosch SecurityFCP500EPK4 Wire; Transparent W/ Color Rings; Eol Kit Includes: Fcp-500 Invisible Smoke Detector; White, Faa-500-Bb-Ul Flush Back Box, Fca-500-E 4 Wire Base W/ Eol, Faa-500-Tr-P Trim Ring; W/ Color Rings$320.81Details
137068Bosch SecurityFCP500PK4 Wire; Transparent W/ Color Rings Kit Includes: Fcp-500 Invisible Smoke Detector; White, Faa-500-Bb-Ul Flush Back Box,Fca-500 4 Wire Base, Faa-500-Tr-P Trim Ring; W/Color Rings$312.21Details
136086Bosch SecurityFMM100SAT2CKEXFire Alarm Station, Manual, Explosion Proof, Inclu$368.79Details
137083Bosch SecurityFRAY50001PRISMAccessory, Prism Plate, For (1) Prism, For Fray500$129.70Details
136331Bosch SecurityGB10120Alarm Bell, 120 Vac, 25 Ma, 95 Dba At 10 Feet, Red$41.99Details
136332Bosch SecurityGB1024Alarm Bell, 24 Vdc, 100 Ma, 96 Dba At 10 Feet, Red$41.99Details
136149Bosch SecurityGX91RMini Horn, Continuous Tone, 12/24 Vdc, 3100 Hz, 12$10.82Details
136150Bosch SecurityGX93RMini Horn, Temporal 3 Or Continuous Tone, 12/24 Vd$15.33Details
136378Bosch SecurityKEYANNReplacement Key, For D7036 Fire Annunciator $9.01Details
136457Bosch SecurityMBG1024RMotorized Bell, 10 Inch, 24 V, Red $48.92Details
137648Bosch SecurityMBG624RMotorized Bell, 6 Inch, 24 V, Red $36.00Details
137659Bosch SecurityMPD203Accessory, Mounting Plate $5.90Details
136983Bosch SecurityMT1224RElectronic Horn, 12/24 Vdc, 8-Selectable Alerting$27.87Details
137903Bosch SecurityS824MCCFWSpeaker, 15-95 Candela, 8 Inch, 25/70 V, Ceiling M$81.84Details
137904Bosch SecurityS824MCCHFWSpeaker, 115/177 Candela, 8 Inch, 25/70 V, Ceiling$107.09Details
137021Bosch SecuritySERWSurface Extension Ring, White, For Speakers $11.53Details
136655Bosch SecuritySHMPRAdapter Plate, Red, Mounts Sth-15Sr Horn To Rssp S$10.82Details
137915Bosch SecuritySP4ZABSpeaker Audio Splitter, 4-Zone, Class A/B, Enables$287.66Details
136662Bosch SecuritySPB160Audio Power Booster, 160 W, For Sp40-2 $1,946.43Details
136512Bosch SecuritySPB804Audio Power Booster, 80 W, For Sp40-2 $1,946.43Details
136513Bosch SecuritySPMB4ZSplitter Mounting Bracket, For Spb Audio Boosters$68.84Details
136514Bosch SecuritySPRMRemote Microphone Panel, For Use W/ Facility Commu$339.30Details
137917Bosch SecuritySSB4Accessory, Speaker Support Tile Bridge, 4 Inch $15.13Details
980082Bosch Security (CCTV)LBC301151Panel Lsp 6W+Vc For Evac Panel$57.59Details
151250Commercial Product Group / CPG3356152Special Msg$81.19Details
316699Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM12Z100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (12) Spk Circuits,$3,378.74Details
316698Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM4Z100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits, 2 Styl$2,516.24Details
353486Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM8Z100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Spk Circuits, Style$2,876.24Details
316697Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P100DM8ZA100 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Spk Circuits, 2 Styl$3,378.74Details
316696Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (1) Spk Circuit Style$882.69Details
316695Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM2ZA25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (2) Spk Circuits$1,797.49Details
316694Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM4Z25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Spk Circuits$1,797.49Details
353485Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM4ZA25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits$2,157.49Details
316693Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P25DM8Z25 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits,$2,157.49Details
316691Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM2ZA50 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits, Style Y$2,157.49Details
316690Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM4Z50 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (4) Spk Circuits, 2 Style$2,157.49Details
316689Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM4ZA50 Watt Amp W/ Dmr & Mic (2) Spk Circuits, 2 Style$2,516.24Details
316688Commercial Product Group / CPGCE1P50DM8Z50 Watt Amplifier W/ Dmr & Mic (8) Speaker Circuit$2,516.24Details
316687Commercial Product Group / CPGCE2ZAZone Splitter, 2 Class "A" Zones -$388.79Details
353484Commercial Product Group / CPGCE4ZZone Splitter, 2Rclass "B" Zones -$388.79Details
605850Commercial Product Group / CPGCEATMAudio Matching Circuit$162.39Details
605851Commercial Product Group / CPGCEDMRSpecial Message Other Than Standard$100.79Details
316686Commercial Product Group / CPGCEMICMicrophone$81.19Details
316685Commercial Product Group / CPGCERLYRelay Card$45.68Details
316684Commercial Product Group / CPGCERMSupervised Remote Mic$409.04Details
605852Commercial Product Group / CPGCERSIRemote Serial Interface$388.79Details
353483Commercial Product Group / CPGCESCSupervision Module For Remote Mic$130.19Details
1030454Commercial Product Group / CPGEVAX100100Watt Base Amplifier W/Dmr & Mic (1)$2,157.49Details
606695Continental AccessCASIS2Exit Switch, 2 Inch Square Pushbutton, Labeled PusCall for Price.Details
180813Cooper / Wheelock105160Volume Control 35 Watt Single Gang Plate$36.24Details
151740Cooper / Wheelock105850Mother Board For Wh-109929$929.49Details
148610Cooper / Wheelock109885Microphone For Spmns Systems$296.99Details
353135Cooper / WheelockAMSP40SSMKCN1099378 Message Standard Chip For 109929$172.19Details
181128Cooper / WheelockAMSPPMKWheelock Safepath 40 Voicelink$96.22Details
154452Cooper / WheelockCLRDCVoice Alarm$108.05Details
154464Cooper / WheelockDB415ULXN2CRSpkr,70 Vrms,25W,Cl1/Div2,Red$514.09Details
149056Cooper / WheelockDCDCWheelock Dcdc Board F/Safepath$343.06Details
149060Cooper / WheelockDCSP8RPWheelock Dcsp8Rp Dual Circuit$1,932.96Details
154475Cooper / WheelockE50WULCSpeaker, E50 Series, Indoor, Square, 2 Watt, Selec$31.13Details
156299Cooper / WheelockE6024MCWFRSpeaker W/ Strobe, E60 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Wa$65.77Details
353124Cooper / WheelockE60ALWSpeaker, E60 Series, Speaker Only, Round, "Alert"$25.77Details
149073Cooper / WheelockE60EXTRExtender Ring, Mounting Accessory, For E60 Speaker$6.44Details
316340Cooper / WheelockE60HRSpeaker, E60H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
353122Cooper / WheelockE60HWSpeaker, E60H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
181183Cooper / WheelockE60WULCSpeaker, E60 Series, Indoor, Round, 2 Watt, Select$31.13Details
154481Cooper / WheelockE7024110WFRWheelock E70-24110W-Fr Speaker$56.45Details
154483Cooper / WheelockE70241575WFWWheelock E70-241575W-Fw Speake$88.68Details
149077Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWHFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Sel$91.84Details
181189Cooper / WheelockE7024MCWHFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Red, Selectable 13$73.47Details
181193Cooper / WheelockE70B24110WNWWheelock Speaker Strobe 70W$65.27Details
154492Cooper / WheelockE9024100CFWWheelock E90-24100C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
149083Cooper / WheelockE902415CFW*Eol* E90-2415C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
181195Cooper / WheelockE902430CFWWheelock E90-2430C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
830732Cooper / WheelockE902475CFW**Eol** E90-2475C-Fw Speaker$56.45Details
154501Cooper / WheelockE90B24110WNWWheelock Speaker Strobe 90W$65.27Details
316337Cooper / WheelockE90HRSpeaker, E90H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
353119Cooper / WheelockE90HWSpeaker, E90H Series, Round, High Fidelity Sound O$26.43Details
156309Cooper / WheelockECHG50RSpeaker, Fire, Red $5.29Details
154506Cooper / WheelockECHSG50FRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Red $6.59Details
149089Cooper / WheelockEOLKEMVideolink Accessory, Ul Listed End-Of-Line Resisto$277.87Details
154510Cooper / WheelockEPS2401Eps-2401 Pwr Sup 24Vdc 100Ma$12.01Details
156324Cooper / WheelockET70241575WFRWheelock Square, Red 1/75Cd Wa$95.19Details
149092Cooper / WheelockET7024MCCHFWSpeaker W/ Strobe, Et Series, Indoor, 8 Watt, 135$82.15Details
154514Cooper / WheelockET7024MCWFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Square, Nickel Plated, Sel$86.56Details
156389Cooper / WheelockET70WP2475WFWSpeaker W/ Strobe, Et Series, Outdoor, Weatherproo$82.70Details
156390Cooper / WheelockET80241575WFRWheelock Flush,Vandal Resistan$107.41Details
154521Cooper / WheelockET8024MCWFRULCSpeaker W/ Strobe, Et Series, Indoor, Vandal Resis$82.12Details
181227Cooper / WheelockET8024MCWHFRSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Vandal Resistant, Red, Out$89.63Details
181228Cooper / WheelockET902430CFWWheelock Et90-2430C-Fw Round$66.64Details
181229Cooper / WheelockET902475CFWWheelock Et90-2475C-Fw Round$66.64Details
156392Cooper / WheelockET9024MCCFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Round, Nickel Plated, Sele$86.56Details
156395Cooper / WheelockET9024MCCHFNSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Round, Nickel Plated, Sele$93.77Details
149100Cooper / WheelockET90NSpeaker, Fire, Round, Nickel Plated, Ceiling Mount$45.76Details
149112Cooper / WheelockHS424MCCHFRHorn W/ Strobe, Hs4 Series, Indoor, 115 / 177 Cand$71.02Details
181252Cooper / WheelockMDX2Wheelock Mdx-2 Modular Digital$402.06Details
154544Cooper / WheelockMIC400$42.78Details
181269Cooper / WheelockNACIMSafepath Accessory, Notification Appliance Circuit$78.64Details
154772Cooper / WheelockPBUL2C5CODSN7YNema 4X & 6 Grp Pushbutton Callpoint Yellow Finish$929.49Details
154820Cooper / WheelockS8A24MCCNWSpeaker / Strobe, S-Series, 8 Inch, Round, Ceiling$98.49Details
149239Cooper / WheelockSAS9024MCCFWSpeaker / Strobe, Fire, Round, White, 15/30/75/95$112.49Details
181359Cooper / WheelockSP40SSafepath Communication System, Supervised, 24 Vdc$1,624.99Details
413888Cooper / WheelockSP40SDBSafepath Communication System, Multi-Function Faci$1,635.56Details
181361Cooper / WheelockSP40SECommunications System, Safepath Series, Multifunct$1,685.50Details
316300Cooper / WheelockSP40SMICREPLReplacement Mic For Sp40$50.03Details
156529Cooper / WheelockSP4APSSafepath, Accessory, Splitter, Addressable, Paging$423.89Details
181363Cooper / WheelockSP4LOCFBMLocal Operator Console Voice Evac Flush Mount$1,427.49Details
181364Cooper / WheelockSP4LOCKITMEmergency Cutoff Switch Hvac$271.59Details
156530Cooper / WheelockSP4LOCSBMLocal Operator Console Voice Evac Surface Mount$1,427.49Details
156533Cooper / WheelockSPB160Safepath Sys Accessory, Audio Power Booster, 160 W$1,624.99Details
156534Cooper / WheelockSPB160EAudio Power Booster, Sp40S, 160 Watt, 220 Vac, Red$1,642.28Details
156535Cooper / WheelockSPB320BAudio Power Booster, 320 Watt, Black, For Safepath$3,284.55Details
413890Cooper / WheelockSPE50FRK$2,008.74Details
413891Cooper / WheelockSPE50FWK$2,008.74Details
413892Cooper / WheelockSPE70FRK$2,008.74Details
413893Cooper / WheelockSPE70FWK$2,008.74Details
1083985Cooper / WheelockSPKEYKey Safe Path For Panels$5.58Details
154843Cooper / WheelockSPMB4ZSpb-160 & Spb-80/4 Accessory, Splitter Mounting Br$67.19Details
156647Cooper / WheelockSPRMBAccessory, Remote Microphone, Black, For Safepath$278.01Details
154845Cooper / WheelockSPSVCSafepath, Accessory, Volume Control, Supervised $139.99Details
149256Cooper / WheelockSTH15SRULCSupervised Horn Loudspeaker, Sth Series, Indoor, 1$129.50Details
181398Cooper / WheelockVC10Volume Control, 10 W, 25V / 70V, Single Gang Plate$29.99Details
181399Cooper / WheelockVC35Volume Control, 35 W, 25V / 70V, Double Gang Plate$35.12Details
181425Cooper / WheelockXRTT40Exp Prf Tel Relay 90V 20Hz$488.69Details
725971Edwards / GS Building Systems50LMP40W40W Replacement Bulb Incandescent$43.56Details
350813Edwards / GS Building Systems5531M120N5Adaptatone 120V 4 Input(120Ac)$1,167.76Details
152754Edwards / GS Building Systems5531MV24N5Adap Voice 4 In 4 Out 24V Ac/Dc$1,428.74Details
185369Edwards / GS Building Systems5560MAQMini Voice And Tone Generator 24Vac/Dc White$294.29Details
419039Edwards / GS Building Systems5560MN5Millinium Mini Voice And Tone Generator 120Vac$294.29Details
185370Edwards / GS Building Systems5560MSAQMini Mi W/Strobe 24V Ac/Dc$337.49Details
160963Edwards / GS Building Systems5560MSN5White Mini-Mi Base Model With Strobe 120$337.49Details
185416Edwards / GS Building Systems9658A4RREdwards 9658A4Rr 70 Volt/110$69.01Details
722081Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100AAudio Evacuation Accessory, 100W Expande$1,136.43Details
926675Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100AMAudio Evacuation Accessory, 100W Expande$1,196.20Details
790091Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100AMDAudio Evacuation Accessory, 100W$1,610.30Details
419047Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100MDGAudio Evacuation Panel, 100W W/Mic, Gray$1,897.83Details
1009099Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100MDG2Audio Notify Panel,100W,Gry$2,188.74Details
840008Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS25AAudio Evacuation Accessory,25W Expander$621.09Details
892301Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS25AMAudio Evacuation Accessory,25W Expander$657.90Details
350799Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS25MDGAudio Evac Panl 25Watt Gray$1,277.99Details
737534Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS25XGAudio Evacuation Expansion Panel,25W,Gra$757.63Details
724643Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS25XRAudio Evacuation Expansion Panel,25W,Red$757.63Details
757561Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS50AMDAudio Evacuation Accessory,50W,$1,380.25Details
185418Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS50MDGAudio Evacuation Expansion Panel, 50W, G$1,552.49Details
923319Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS50XGAudio Notify Exp Pnl,50W,Gry,$1,123.10Details
809596Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSDMRALTAudio Evacuation Accessory, Alter Pre-Re$64.41Details
889218Edwards / GS Building SystemsANSDMRCUSTOMAudio Evacuation Accessory, Custom Reco$141.74Details
785542Edwards / GS Building SystemsGCFRS7Notification Appliance, Speaker, 70V$23.90Details
615824Edwards / GS Building SystemsMNGVM32Hpsa Omnidirectional 3200W$41,093.25Details
615825Edwards / GS Building SystemsMNGVM32SOHpsa, Omnidirectional, 3,200 Watt, Speaker Only$25,811.53Details
615826Edwards / GS Building SystemsMNGVPMMHpsa Omnidirectional Pole Mount Kit$1,268.79Details
350558Evax Systems1008ZEvax 100 Panel With 8 Speaker Zones$3,027.49Details
874539Evax Systems5250075Key #Ws93 Wind Corp$6.57Details
185881Evax SystemsA61024" 10 Pin Ribbon Cable$44.23Details
729603Evax SystemsABRM1Remote Mic Card$135.79Details
314065Evax SystemsAP15TUCR$141.39Details
350557Evax SystemsDMRM16Upgraded Chip W/Message Bilngl$85.39Details
787618Evax SystemsEFGSSPK241575WLPWSpkr Clng/Wl Mnt Fixed Candela$72.79Details
828327Evax SystemsEFGSSPK24CLPWSpkr Clng/Wl Mnt Slct Candela$72.79Details
787072Evax SystemsEFGSSPKCLPWSpeaker, Ceiling Or Wall Mount, Low Profile, 25/70$30.44Details
314064Evax SystemsEVAHMXMP32PEvahmxmp32/P$3,562.49Details
350556Evax SystemsEVAMIAudio / Module Interface$261.79Details
350555Evax SystemsEVAMXMBKEvamxmbk$170.79Details
153336Evax SystemsEVAX100100W Includes Back Box, Amp & Microphone$2,269.99Details
161713Evax SystemsEVAX10012Z100Watt 12Zne Evax Panel (Large Cabinet)$3,557.49Details
153337Evax SystemsEVAX10016ZVoice Evac Panel,100 Watts,16Zones In Large Cab$3,840.55Details
161714Evax SystemsEVAX1004ZEvax 100 Panel With 4 Class B Speaker Zones$2,648.74Details
617053Evax SystemsEVAX1004ZAEvax 100 Panel With 4 Class A Speaker Zones$3,027.49Details
171218Evax SystemsEVAX1008ZEvax 100 Panel With 8 Class B Speaker Zones$3,027.49Details
617054Evax SystemsEVAX1008ZAEvax 100 Panel With 8 Class A Speaker Zones$3,840.55Details
161716Evax SystemsEVAX100EVoice Expander Panel 100W W/O Dmr Or Mic Gray$1,977.49Details
812668Evax SystemsEVAX100EREDVoice Expander Panel 100W W/O Dmr Or Mic Red$1,589.99Details
766864Evax SystemsEVAX100RVoice Evac Panel 100W Red$3,178.74Details
161717Evax SystemsEVAX150Voice Evac Panel 150 Watts$3,481.24Details
171219Evax SystemsEVAX15012Z150 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 12 C$4,505.45Details
314062Evax SystemsEVAX15016Z150 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 16 C$4,875.11Details
419336Evax SystemsEVAX150R8Z150W 8 Spkr Circuit Evax Panel$4,135.79Details
161719Evax SystemsEVAX200Voice Evac Panel, 200 Watts.$3,692.93Details
171220Evax SystemsEVAX20012Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 12 C$4,800.69Details
617056Evax SystemsEVAX20016Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr,And16Ch$5,170.35Details
161720Evax SystemsEVAX2008Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 8 Cl$4,431.03Details
161721Evax SystemsEVAX200EVoice Expander Panel, 2 - 100W , W/O Dmr Or Mic$3,253.74Details
825749Evax SystemsEVAX200EMVoice Evac Panel 200Watts W/O Dmr$3,395.28Details
161722Evax SystemsEVAX200R8Z200 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel With Dmr, And 8 Cl$4,431.03Details
161723Evax SystemsEVAX25Voice Evac Panel 25W Gray$1,469.99Details
171221Evax SystemsEVAX254ZEvax 25 Panel With 4 Class B Speaker Zones$1,892.49Details
171222Evax SystemsEVAX25E25 Watt Expander Module (No Mic, No Dmr)$1,164.79Details
617057Evax SystemsEVAX25RVoice Evac Panel 25W$1,513.74Details
739118Evax SystemsEVAX25REFRefurbished Voice Evac Panel, 25W$787.79Details
171223Evax SystemsEVAX50Voice Evac Panel 50 Watt Gray$1,892.49Details
153338Evax SystemsEVAX504ZEvax 50 Panel With 4 Class B Speaker Zones$2,158.74Details
153339Evax SystemsEVAX504ZAEvax 50 Panel With 4 Class A Speaker Zones$2,648.74Details
161724Evax SystemsEVAX508ZEvax 50 Panel With 8 Class B Speaker Zones$2,648.74Details
171224Evax SystemsEVAX50EVoice Expander Panel 50W W/O Dmr Or Mic$1,287.49Details
856375Evax SystemsEVAX50E4Z50 Watt Expander Unit With 4 Output Zones$1,664.99Details
818213Evax SystemsEVAX50RVoice Evac Panel 50 Watt Red Cabinet$1,892.49Details
185887Evax SystemsEVAX50R2ZA50 Panel/ Red Cab 2 Class Speaker Zones$2,269.99Details
617058Evax SystemsEVAX50R4ZVoice Evac 50W 4 Zones Red$2,269.99Details
350552Evax SystemsEVAX600EVoice Expander Panel, 6 - 100W , W/O Dmr Or Mic$10,044.25Details
1074416Evax SystemsEVAXBA100Back Up Amplifier Switching Card$170.79Details
153340Evax SystemsEVDMREvax Recorded Message Card$132.99Details
419337Evax SystemsEVDMRM01Standard Male Evax Voice Message$132.99Details
957570Evax SystemsEVDMRM02Special Message File$86.44Details
314058Evax SystemsEVDMRM16Female Voice Chip F/Evax Sytm English/Spanish$135.79Details
161726Evax SystemsEVX100100Watt Voice Evacuation Module With Mic.$2,118.74Details
185888Evax SystemsEVX100E100 Watt Expander Module (No Mic, No Dmr)$1,438.74Details
617060Evax SystemsEVX10FAF10Amp Fast Action Fuse$10.21Details
1019943Evax SystemsEVX4ZAC4 Zone Splitter With All Call Switch$409.04Details
1032581Evax SystemsEVX4ZASSMZone Splitter 4 Class B Zones$409.04Details
185891Evax SystemsEVX5050Watt Voice Evacuation Module With Microphone.$1,816.24Details
161728Evax SystemsEVX50E50 Watt Expander Module (No Mic, No Dmr)$1,180.39Details
161729Evax SystemsEVXBA100Backup Amplifier Switching Module.$170.79Details
350549Evax SystemsEVXBB2RLarge Size Back Box, No Door 14 1/4" X 27" X 4"Red$176.39Details
617062Evax SystemsEVXCAB1Standard Size Cabinet . 14 1/4" X 18" X 4".$204.39Details
1062573Evax SystemsEVXCAB1RStandard Cabinet Red$204.39Details
617063Evax SystemsEVXCAB2Large Cabinet. Gray.$237.99Details
751949Evax SystemsEVXCORECore Charge Ordering Ev-Evx4Z$170.79Details
314057Evax SystemsEVXDFP1Dead Front Plate For Standard Cabinet$85.39Details
617064Evax SystemsEVXIL88 Position Input/Led Card$409.04Details
185892Evax SystemsEVXMICMicrphone For The Evax Panels$85.39Details
617067Evax SystemsEVXOL88 Position Output/Led Card$409.04Details
171230Evax SystemsEVXRMRRemote Microphone In Red$409.04Details
617069Evax SystemsEVXSL88 Programmable Switch Led Card$409.04Details
617070Evax SystemsEVXZMZone Module 4 Class B / 2 Class A Speake$416.69Details
711522Evax SystemsEVXZMASSMZone Module Assembly & Cables$409.04Details
617071Evax SystemsEXPEDITINGFEEEvax Expediting Fee$409.04Details
185895Evax SystemsHMXDB200P42Dist Banked Audio Panel,Dual Channel, 200W 4Wire$7,882.41Details
314056Evax SystemsHMXDB50Distributed Panel 2 - 50W Outputs.$3,853.97Details
153345Evax SystemsHMXDBS25Distributed Amp Panl,Sngl Chann,25W,Audio Ckts$1,689.99Details
735456Evax SystemsHMXDPDistributor Panel For Audio Circuits$1,816.24Details
161734Evax SystemsHMXDP100Distributed Pnl Dual Chnl 100W$4,157.75Details
171234Evax SystemsHMXDP100PDst Pnl Dual Chnl 100W Fir Phn$4,444.45Details
967303Evax SystemsHMXDP50PDistribution Panel Single Channel 2-50W$4,051.86Details
350547Evax SystemsHMXDPPDistributed Panel, 4 Fire Phone Ckts$1,939.99Details
161735Evax SystemsHMXDPS100PDistributed Panel, 100W, Fire Phone,Single Channel$3,126.24Details
185897Evax SystemsHMXDPS25PDstrt Pnl Sng Chnl 25W Firepn$2,599.99Details
1049212Evax SystemsHMXDPS25RSingle Channel 25 W Distributed Panel$2,269.99Details
161736Evax SystemsHMXDPS50PDistribution Panel Single Channel 50W$2,826.24Details
989713Evax SystemsHMXMP16Master Panel 16 Switch$2,784.99Details
161738Evax SystemsHMXMP16PMaster Panel, 16 Switch, Master Fire Pho$3,158.74Details
171237Evax SystemsHMXMP32PMaster Panel 32 Switch/Input Master Fire$3,457.49Details
185898Evax SystemsHMXMP48PMaster Panel 48 Swt Mst Fire$3,811.27Details
350545Evax SystemsHMXMP64PMaster Panel 64 Swt Mst Fire$4,102.85Details
161739Evax SystemsMXAMIAudio Module Interface$261.79Details
153349Evax SystemsMXFHFire Phone Handset$103.71Details
185899Evax SystemsMXFJFire Phone Jack S.S. Plate$29.25Details
617072Evax SystemsMXFOFiber Optic Card$425.24Details
153350Evax SystemsMXFPIFire Phone Interface$333.36Details
161740Evax SystemsMXFPO2Fire Phone Output Vertical Terminals$53.71Details
617073Evax SystemsMXFS$311.84Details
171238Evax SystemsMXIIInput Interface Card That Is Used In An$170.79Details
350541Evax SystemsMXMBBRMaster Panel Back Box No Door Red$221.19Details
185900Evax SystemsMXMBKMother Board Relays$155.55Details
1017549Evax SystemsMXMBRMother Board/Remote$350.01Details
826851Evax SystemsMXMFAMaster Fire Phone Assembly F/Voice Evac And Fire$539.99Details
185901Evax SystemsMXMFPMaster Fire Phone Interface$271.59Details
153352Evax SystemsMXMFPHSMaster Fire Panel Handset$109.19Details
161744Evax SystemsMXTCFire Phone Handset Cabinet$425.24Details
748991Evax SystemsMXTCRFire Phone Handset Cabinet Red$425.24Details
153353Evax SystemsMXWSWarden Station With Armored Cable$344.24Details
419349Evax SystemsS2Weather Alert Male Voice$135.79Details
419350Evax SystemsSCSupervisory Card For Remote Mic$117.53Details
161745Evax SystemsT17528Power Transformer Open Frame 28Vac @ 180Va$135.79Details
161746Evax SystemsT2885Transformer Open Frame F/Evx25$123.19Details
819026Evax SystemsXI5200AMicrophone Clip$10.21Details
153354Evax SystemsXMFPRReverse Polarity Card$135.79Details
186892Fire-Lite / HoneywellACC2550*Eol* Panel W/5 Program Messages$1,517.74Details
162805Fire-Lite / HoneywellACC2550ZS*Eol*Voice Evacuation$1,898.60Details
743962Fire-Lite / HoneywellACCAAM25*Eol* Audio Amplifier$258.19Details
174346Fire-Lite / HoneywellDIM485Firelite Dim-485 Display Inter$106.81Details
775646Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC50BDADistributed Audio Amplifier With Backup$1,687.49Details
442274Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC50W25V25V, 50 Watt Audio Amplifier Module. In$347.94Details
442275Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC50W70V70V, 50 Watt Audio Amplifier Module. In$347.94Details
721733Fire-Lite / HoneywellECC50WBU50W Backup Amplifier For Use With Ecc-50Bda$541.23Details
442276Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCCE4Distributed Audio Speaker Circuit/Zone E$205.67Details
442279Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCLOCLocal Operator Console. Provies A Compl$1,079.60Details
442280Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCMICROPHONEReplacement Microphone Only.$138.73Details
442281Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCRMRemote Microphone Built In A Small Enclo$508.76Details
442282Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCRPURemote Page Unit. Includes Built-In Mic$893.46Details
442283Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCRTZMRemote Telephone Zone Module. Allows Fo$448.46Details
442284Fire-Lite / HoneywellECCXRM70V70V Transformer Conversion Module. Conv$169.99Details
154380Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCMCRBFirelite Fire Command 25/50$670.10Details
186940Fire-Lite / HoneywellFCXRM70Fire-Lite 70.7 Vrms Converter$174.79Details
622959Fire-Lite / HoneywellTHUMBLTCHOptional Thumb Latch,Non Ul-Listed For Ecc-Rpu$20.25Details
1048076GE Security / UTC Fire & Security439D8AWRFire Alarm Bell, 8 Inch, Hazardous Location, Gray,$57.36Details
172047GentexSPKE4110WWGentex Spke4-110Ww Evacuation$56.97Details
1020688GentexSPKE4WGentex Spke4W Evacuation Speak$19.80Details
172048GentexSSPK2415WWGentex Horn/Strobe$56.13Details
166300GentexSSPK2430WWGentex Horn/Strobe$56.13Details
189410GentexSSPK2475WW*Eol*Speaker Strobe 75Cd$56.13Details
166303GentexSSPK4110RGentex Speaker Strobe 110Cd$56.13Details
166304GentexSSPK430RGentex Speaker Strobe 30Cd$56.13Details
166305GentexSSPK460RGentex Speaker Strobe 60Cd$56.13Details
311691GentexSSPKA241575PWWSpeaker Strobe, Amber Lens, 24Volt, 1575$58.94Details
795951Harrington SignalPTCK7070Vrms Connector Card - Connects Amplifi$46.11Details
1064634Hilti034091581In Fire Stop Sleeve Kit$65.81Details
1040366Hilti034091592In Fire Stop Sleeve Kit$61.39Details
1008192Hilti20086032 Inch Speed Sleeve$124.10Details
1037591Hilti20086044 Inch Speed Sleeve$162.27Details
1064579Hilti236323Cp653 2In Speed Sleeve$127.82Details
1005354Hilti236324Cp653 4In Speed Sleeve$162.27Details
987321Hilti259580Firestop Sealant 10.1Oz Tube$19.79Details
1083714Hilti314721Firestop Putty Sticks Cp 618$25.52Details
1029997Hochiki America800000100Sub-Assy Kit Adptr Nstp-15ACall for Price.Details
630355Hochiki AmericaFNVASCDCC9000-00611 Mx-Asc/DccCall for Price.Details
448640Hochiki AmericaFNVDCC0100-03550 - Data Communications Control BoardCall for Price.Details
192189Hochiki AmericaFNVDP100PCircuits Dual Chnl 100W FireCall for Price.Details
179579Hochiki AmericaFNVFH0100-03645 - Fire Phone Handset Call for Price.Details
179580Hochiki AmericaFNVFJFire Phone Jack S.G. PlateCall for Price.Details
630356Hochiki AmericaFNVFO010006990Voicenet Fiber Optic Interface CardCall for Price.Details
192190Hochiki AmericaFNVFSFire Phone Station, Coil Cord, Magnetic CatchCall for Price.Details
448688Hochiki AmericaFNVMMC0100-03580 - Mp Master Microphone AssemblyCall for Price.Details
192191Hochiki AmericaFNVTCFire Phone Handset Cabinet(Holds Six Fnv-Fh Hndst)Call for Price.Details
1078730Kidde21007426(Silhouette) 120V Co Alarm W/ Batt.$102.68Details
637541Leviton408360BWQkprt Snapin Jack Wht$3.52Details
209524Leviton40836BIJack Voice Grade Iv$3.52Details
1007833Mircom TechnologiesAUDMAXBPAudmax Booster Panel Red Door$828.09Details
966469Mircom TechnologiesAUDMAXLOCRAudmax Local Operating Console Red Door$870.99Details
1023099Mircom TechnologiesAUDMAXMASTERMaster Panel: Microphone, Main Display,$1,632.29Details
1052282Mircom TechnologiesAUDMAXRMAudmax Remote Microphone Red Door$392.84Details
979606Mircom TechnologiesQAD30Mgc 30 Watt Amplifier Module$357.74Details
1007671Mircom TechnologiesQAZT5302DS"Zoned Paging/Firefighter'S Telephone Selector Pan$280.79Details
999152Mircom TechnologiesRBSMAUDDISPLAYSmall Audio Main Display Replacement$373.94Details
225958NapcoVERISPEAKERSpeaker, Siren, 2-Way, Mic Module $36.15Details
937662Potter Electric3530003Ax-Psu-6 Power Supply For Pve-802$579.89Details
1040356Potter ElectricEVAX150Voice Evacuation System$3,293.20Details
212094Potter ElectricEVAX150R8Z150W 8 Speaker Circuit Evax Panel$4,796.10Details
212096Potter ElectricEVAX50R4ZVoice Evac System 4 Spkr Zones$2,210.74Details
280877Potter ElectricEVAX50R8ZVoice Evac Syst 8 Spekr Zone$2,580.15Details
739621Potter ElectricFASPKRRFaspkr-R Wall Or Ceiling Speaker Red$25.77Details
789380Potter ElectricFASPRKWFasprk-W Wall Or Ceiling Speaker White$25.77Details
911418Potter ElectricFH45W703SAmseco Fire Alarm Speakers,White Sq$15.56Details
212103Potter ElectricFHS3Srfc Mnt Self-Contained Spkr$11.15Details
280891Potter ElectricHMXDPS25PDist Panel,Single Ch,25W Fire Phn$3,119.95Details
280892Potter ElectricHMXDPS50PDist Panel Singl Ch 50W Fire Phn$3,771.75Details
280893Potter ElectricHMXMP64PMaster Panel,64 Switch,Master Fire Phon$4,532.68Details
676768Potter ElectricPVX1004ZAR100 Watt Voice Panel With 4 Class A Spea$2,434.11Details
676769Potter ElectricPVX1004ZR100W Voice Panel 4 Class B Spkr Circuits Redcab$2,449.50Details
889327Potter ElectricPVX254Z25 Watt Voice Evacuation System 4 Speake$1,749.69Details
497772Potter ElectricPVX508Z50 Watt Voice Panel 8 Class B Speaker Ci$2,129.85Details
280975Potter ElectricSFH4575110R25RAmseco 25V, 75 Or 110Cd Select$56.13Details
927186Potter ElectricSHX51*Eol* Armored Horn Speaker$38.51Details
280983Potter ElectricSHX51SRAmseco Armored Hrn Spkr &Amp; Strb$56.46Details
300574Potter ElectricSHX52Self-Cntn'D, 8 Ohm 15W In/Out Arm'D Spkr$41.02Details
865268Potter ElectricSPKSTR24WLPWSpkstr-24Wlpw Wall Selectable Strobe Spe$67.35Details
896703Potter ElectricSTN5Sample Tubes$11.35Details
212236Potter ElectricVAB80280 Watt Voice Amplifier Booster$1,204.68Details
826040Potter ElectricWSSPKRWssprk Speaker Weather Proof Red$44.85Details
251942Radio Design Labs / RDLSTACR1MMic-Level Controlled Relay - 0.5 To 5 S$125.99Details
498555Radio Design Labs / RDLSTGSP1Gated Speech Pre-Amp$165.19Details
1059480RectorSeal66302Red Fire Caulk 10.3Oz 4Hr Rate$19.52Details
972847RectorSeal66613Metacaulk 350I Fire Caulk 5 Gallon Bucke$375.64Details
1062450RectorSeal6661666610 Metacaulk 350I Fire Caulk$15.08Details
953381RectorSeal66648Fire Caulk 10.3Oz 2Hr Rate$12.84Details
681431Saf-ComSPHPDSVMRHigh Output Speaker 25/70V$265.47Details
259373Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8200SSSmoke Detector Cage Stopper, Damage Stopper, Stain$41.51Details
284002Safety Technology Inc. / STISTI8230SSSmoke Detector Cage Stopper W/ Conduit Spacer, Dam$64.15Details
745207ShaxonSL0202 Inch Black Expandable Sleeving.$1.94Details
801294SigCom / Signal Communications2913372Power Supply, Al600Ada Board 6 Amp @24Vdc$429.29Details
685921SigCom / Signal Communications3000004Microphone For Dvs+$142.79Details
886980SigCom / Signal Communications693044625Pcb Ass'Y Audio Evac Sys 25 Watt Versi$794.29Details
754269SigCom / Signal Communications693044650Pcb Assembly Audio Evac 50 Watt$925.59Details
250650SigCom / Signal Communications6930457Dvs- Remote Mic Interface Board$165.19Details
287474SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU367EMEvac Module 20 Watt W/Mic-70Vrms$822.89Details
287475SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU380E$991.89Details
918969SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU38640254ZSZone Splitter-Supspkr Lp-40W$660.14Details
220858SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU387EAmplifier Control Module: 40W, 70V$990.59Details
220859SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU387EMAmplifier Control Module: 40W, 70V, With$1,189.49Details
287476SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU388CPIAControl Panel Interface Opt A$267.39Details
685922SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU3HR3 Module Enclosure Up And Down$503.54Details
220861SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU503Audiosone 120V Quad Signal$415.58Details
287477SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAU5622Remote Mic Station 24 Vdc$561.59Details
333118SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAUDCRAudsn Dual Channel Relay Card$142.79Details
250658SigCom / Signal CommunicationsAUDMRETRODigital Message Repeater- 24V Vdc Retrofit Replmt$647.37Details
287482SigCom / Signal CommunicationsDVSPLUSAM50Dvs Plus 50 Watt Expansion Amlified Mdl$671.04Details
780863SigCom / Signal CommunicationsSG36CXK1GRPull Station Dpdt Dual Action Green$69.99Details