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Fluke Networks

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
908782Fluke Networks10051000D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger Without Blades$72.51Details
857175Fluke Networks10051100D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger With 66 Blade$79.88Details
782251Fluke Networks10051110D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger With 110 Blade$79.88Details
761642Fluke Networks10051120D914 Punch Down Tool Built In Hook And Spudger With 66 &Amp; 110 Blade$92.18Details
775569Fluke Networks10051300Adapter For Torque Tool-Bits &Amp; Sockets For Punchdown Tools D914 &Amp; D814$44.56Details
806800Fluke Networks10051501D914 Punch Down Tool 66 &Amp; 110 Built In Hook And Loop With Free Screwdriver Bit$92.18Details
782938Fluke Networks10054000D814 Impact Tool Handle Only 402024723$60.21Details
868674Fluke Networks10055000D814 Impact Tool With 66 Blade Adjustable Impact$72.51Details
735810Fluke Networks10055110D814 Impact Tool With Eversharp 110 Blade$72.51Details
843026Fluke Networks10055200D814 Impact Tool With 66 &Amp; 110 Blade Adjustable Impact$84.81Details
742400Fluke Networks10055501D814 Impact Tool 66&Amp;110 Blade Adjustable Impact W/ Free Wood Screw Starter Blade$84.81Details
825504Fluke Networks10055503D814 Impact Tool With 66/110 Eversharp Cut Blade &Amp; Bix Blade$104.45Details
767233Fluke Networks10056000Blade Replacement 66 Type For D814 Or D914 Tool$26.33Details
846162Fluke Networks10056500Eversharp 66 Blade Punchdown 3X Longer Life/For D814/914/ 214 Tools$31.81Details
837057Fluke Networks10057000Blade Replacement 630 Type Non-Impact For D814 &Amp; D914 Tool$31.81Details
790003Fluke Networks10061000D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop Without Blades$84.81Details
846170Fluke Networks10061100D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop With 66 Blade$92.18Details
758506Fluke Networks10061110D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop With 110 Blade$92.18Details
720849Fluke Networks10061120D914S Ergonomic Punchdown Tool Built In Hook And Loop With 66 &Amp; 110 Blade$104.45Details
901794Fluke Networks10061501D914S Punchdown Tool 66 &Amp; 110 Free Blade$104.45Details
765933Fluke Networks10061503D914S Impact Tool With 66/110 Eversharp Cut Blade &Amp; Bix Blade$124.12Details
769294Fluke Networks10061810D914S Impact Tool With Eversharp 66/110 Cut Blade$79.88Details
1068462Fluke Networks10113000Modular Adapter Four Contact For Buttsets W/Alligator Clips 2325876$20.52Details
914576Fluke Networks10176000Blade Replacement 110 Type For D814/056664 &Amp; D914/165946$25.02Details
924776Fluke Networks10176500Eversharp 110 Blade Punchdown 3X Longer Life/For D814/914/ 214 Tools$31.81Details
785169Fluke Networks10178600Eversharp 66/110 Blade Punch- Down 3X Longer Life/For D814/ 914/214 Tools$45.82Details
729174Fluke Networks10200000Replaceable Mod. Cord For 4&Amp;6 Wire Banjo Adptrs(10210-100&Amp; 10220-100) 5 Per Pk$20.52Details
714414Fluke Networks10210100Inline Modular Adapter 4-Wire Rj-11 With Detached Cord See 136745$32.25Details
918281Fluke Networks10210101Inline Adapter 4-Wire Modular With K-Plug$37.21Details
718863Fluke Networks10220100Inline Adapter 6-Wire Modular With Detached Cord Rj11$37.21Details
835312Fluke Networks10220101Inline Adapter 6-Wire Modular With K-Plug$37.21Details
856295Fluke Networks10230100Inline Adapter 8-Wire Modular With Detached Cord Rj45$37.21Details
759985Fluke Networks10230101Inline Adapter 8-Wire Modular With K-Plug$44.65Details
860836Fluke Networks10300000Banjo Adapter Spare Mod Cord 8 Wire 5/Pack$20.52Details
854297Fluke Networks10410100Adsl/Pots Splitter Hand-Held With Alligator Clips 2326112$137.68Details
755990Fluke Networks10436001Blade Center Punch For D814 &Amp; D914 Punchdown Tools$25.02Details
778485Fluke Networks10465001Blade Punchdown Tool For 3M System D Terminations For D814 &Amp; D914 Tool$92.18Details
819577Fluke Networks10565000Krone Blade For D814 &Amp; D914 Punchdown Tools$67.59Details
730728Fluke Networks10645001Blade Punch Wood Screw Starter For Wood,Masonry &Amp; Metal For D814 &Amp; D914 Tool$25.02Details
835205Fluke Networks10660001Security Key Insert For Can Wrench$19.74Details
870773Fluke Networks10665000Bix Blade For D814 &Amp; D914 Punchdown Tools$60.21Details
923676Fluke Networks10979002Case D-Blade For Punchdown Blades$18.44Details
724842Fluke Networks10979003D66 Blade Kit-2X66 Blades/1X 630 Blade,1Xwood Screw Starter Blade/Case$78.67Details
821777Fluke Networks10979004D110 Blade Kit-2X110 Blades/1X 66 Blade, 1Xwood Screw Starter Blade/Case$78.67Details
884537Fluke Networks11212530Crimp Tool Modular 6 Position Rj11/8 Position Rj45 We/Ss Style$61.45Details
852557Fluke Networks11230002Cable Stripper Adjustable For Round Utp/Stp Phone &Amp; Data Cable$36.92Details
831881Fluke Networks11231255Multi-Level Coax Stripper Rg58, Rg59, Rg62Au &Amp; Rg6 Coax$31.81Details
792206Fluke Networks11289000Elec Contractor Telecom Kit Ii Tone&Amp;Probe/Punchdown/Stripper Probpic/D-Snips/Case$286.79Details
758493Fluke Networks11290000Elec Contractor Telecom Kit I Buttset/Punchdown/Stripper Probpic/D-Snips/Case$405.30Details
856029Fluke Networks11291000Is40 Pro-Tool Kit W/Belt Pouch D814 Punchdown/Blade/D-Snips/ Cable Strip/Probepic$183.12Details
862589Fluke Networks11292000Is50 Pro-Tool Kit W/Belt Pouch D914 Punchdown/66-110 Blade/ Cable Strip/D-Snips$195.41Details
727165Fluke Networks11293000Pro-Tool Kit Is60 Deluxe W/ D914S Impact Tool, D-Snips, Maglite &Amp; Sharpie$232.29Details
812878Fluke Networks11293400Pouch For Is60 Kit$50.92Details
802632Fluke Networks11294000Need-L-Lock Crimping Pliers Ur/Uy/Ug Crimper, Strip Hole &Amp; Side Cutter$22.38Details
1026472Fluke Networks1555KITNAFC10Kv Insulation Tester Kit Na FcCall for Price.Details
789729Fluke Networks19800003Buttset Tone/Pulse/Lastnumber/ Hi-Impedance/Alligator Clips &Amp; Banana Jacks Ts19$157.21Details
911994Fluke Networks19800009Ts19 Buttset Tone/Pulse/Angled Bed-Of-Nails Cord/ Last Number Redial$157.21Details
784539Fluke Networks22800001Ts22 Test Set Amp/Spkr/Memory Dialer/Tone/Pulse/Mute/Angled Piercing Pin Clip$365.07Details
824392Fluke Networks22800009Ts22 Test Set Amp/Spkr/Memory Dialer/Tone/Pulse/Mute/Angled Bed-Of-Nails Cord$365.07Details
889968Fluke Networks22801001Ts22A Buttset 2Way Speakerphon Datasafe/Callback Ringer/ Std Angled Clips$428.25Details
812589Fluke Networks22801004Ts22A Test Set With 346A Cord$428.25Details
1033689Fluke Networks22801009Set Test Ts22A Hndsfr W/Spkr Datasafe Ringer F/Callback W/ Angled Bed Of Nail$380.17Details
835337Fluke Networks25500100Standard Headset For Ts25D &Amp; Ts25 Test Sets$25.67Details
783689Fluke Networks25500400Pouch For Ts25D &Amp; Ts25 Test Sets$35.96Details
874144Fluke Networks25501004Ts25D Test Set W/346A Plug 2327346$339.82Details
853043Fluke Networks25501009Ts25D Test Set With Lcd &Amp; Amplified Speaker Angled Bed Of Nails$290.55Details
801899Fluke Networks25501109Ts25D Test Set Kit With Lcd &Amp; Amplified Speaker Headset &Amp; Pouch$314.56Details
736809Fluke Networks26000900Pro3000 Tone And Probe Kit With Pouch$124.47Details
817332Fluke Networks26100103Pro 3000 Replacement Tip$15.43Details
815409Fluke Networks26100900Pro3000 Analog Probe$81.12Details
912966Fluke Networks26200900Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator$56.53Details
721551Fluke Networks26500000Cable Fault Finder Tdr/Opens/ Shorts/Length=2500'/Tone Gen/ Bnc Alligator Clips$414.44Details
901383Fluke Networks26500090Ts90 Cable Fault Finder Tone Generator &Amp; Cable Manager W/Bnc Aligtr Clips$256.19Details
802426Fluke Networks26500500Cable Fault Finder Tdr/Opens/ Shorts/Length=2500'/Tone Gen/ Bnc Bed-Of-Nails$414.44Details
884909Fluke Networks26501600Ts90 Cable Fault Finder Tone Generator &Amp; Cable Manager W/ Probe$48.36Details
755682Fluke Networks30800001Ts30 Test Set With Piercing Pin Clips 2328034$301.93Details
755295Fluke Networks30800009Ts30 Buttset/Hi-Impedance/Data -Safe/Rain-Safe/Redial/ Angled Bed-Of-Nails$301.93Details
1022002Fluke Networks3310PRTFThin Flex Current Probe Current Ranges 100 A - 5000 A 24 In Measuring Head$1,768.23Details
879078Fluke Networks42801004Ts42 Deluxe Buttset With 346A PlugCall for Price.Details
924425Fluke Networks44007000Can Wrench 7/16" X 3/8" Black Oxide X Zinc-Plated$19.74Details
898584Fluke Networks44200013Double Slotted Stripper 22/24 Awg Wire 2329092$30.55Details
751797Fluke Networks44210013Stripper, 22/24 Ga Wire Comb Double Slot W/Cutter 2329113$66.36Details
859799Fluke Networks44210015Stripper, 24/26 Ga Wire Comb Double Slot W/Cutter 2329124$66.36Details
714433Fluke Networks44300000D-Snips Scissors Ergonomic Blade=File/Scraper/Serrated/ Strip Notch 19&Amp;23Ga$30.55Details
916777Fluke Networks44500000Electrician Snips Forged Steel With File, Scraper And Notch For Stripping Wire$26.33Details
881401Fluke Networks44507004Can Wrench/Stripper:24Ga Wire Sockets=3/8"X7/16";Zinc-Plated X Black Oxide$43.28Details
850661Fluke Networks44600000Probe Pic Nylon$13.05Details
890492Fluke Networks50801004Ts44 Pro Test Set With 346A Plug 3 Yr WarrantyCall for Price.Details
743411Fluke Networks52801001Ts52 Pro Test Set With Piercing Pin (Pp) Only 3327436$529.31Details
875409Fluke Networks52801004Ts52 Pro Test Set With 346A P Plug$529.31Details
782833Fluke Networks52801009Ts52 Pro Test Set With Abn &Amp; Piercing Pin$529.31Details
861589Fluke Networks52801RJ9Ts52 Pro Test Set With Abn/Pp And Rj11 Plug$554.58Details
1026857Fluke NetworksAC220Industrial Alligator Clips For Use With T5 Tester$56.56Details
989525Fluke NetworksAC280Suregrip Hook Clips Use With Tl222 And Tl224 Test Leads 1610115$43.99Details
780133Fluke NetworksADAPPTNXKITAccessory Kit-Alligator Clips, Rj45/11 Adapter,Rca/Bnc/Brwire Connector$64.19Details
848557Fluke NetworksADAPPTNXRJ11Rj11 Adapters For Pocket Toner$58.67Details
720732Fluke NetworksADAPPTNXRJ45Rj45 Adapters For Pocket Toner$58.67Details
879370Fluke NetworksADPDUPLEXLCLc-Lc Duplex Adapter$24.08Details
786047Fluke NetworksADPDUPLEXSCSc-Sc Duplex Adapter$24.08Details
746526Fluke NetworksADPE2KAPCE2K-Apc Simplex Adapter$61.17Details
809969Fluke NetworksADPLCAPCLc-Apc Simplex Adapter$24.08Details
730913Fluke NetworksADPMPOAType A Polarity Mpo Adapter For Sm Apc$42.66Details
759920Fluke NetworksADPMPOBType B Polarity Mpo Adapter$42.66Details
816206Fluke NetworksADPSCAPCSc-Apc Simplex Adapter$24.08Details
980435Fluke NetworksAT7020At-7020 Advanced Wire Tracer$1,470.55Details
979553Fluke NetworksAT7030At-7030 Advanced Wire Tracer$1,866.44Details
979940Fluke NetworksBOOKITPIntroduction To Thermography Principles Book$39.83Details
967368Fluke NetworksC125Soft Case For 120 Series Scopemeters$50.29Details
945463Fluke NetworksC195Universal Case For 120 &Amp; 190 Series Scopemeters$218.55Details
1068636Fluke NetworksC3004INDSoft Tool Bag For Industrial Kit$97.13Details
957718Fluke NetworksC33Replacement Vinyl Case$43.99Details
1044601Fluke NetworksC550Tool Bag For Fluke Digital Multimeter Accessories C550$121.41Details
909512Fluke NetworksC9973Voltage Detector Kit Handheld Probe Detects Ac&Amp;Dc Voltages 1287057$350.24Details
823624Fluke NetworksC9974Voltage Detector Kit (W/Test Plug)$385.40Details
841736Fluke NetworksCASEPTNXLGLarge For Pocket Toner$35.96Details
720731Fluke NetworksCASEPTNXSMSmall Case For Pocket Toner$24.38Details
871210Fluke NetworksCASETS100Ts100/Ts100Pro Pouch With Fluke Networks' Logo$48.36Details
842976Fluke NetworksCFP100M120Certifiber Pro Multimode Olts Versiv Main/Remote + Mm Olts Modules$9,379.51Details
1064664Fluke NetworksCFP100MI120Certifiber Pro Multimode Olts With Double Ended Inspection$13,749.50Details
905975Fluke NetworksCFP100Q120Certifiber Pro Quad Olts Versiv Main/Remote + Quad Olts Modules$14,815.35Details
1056063Fluke NetworksCFP100QI120Certifiber Pro Quad Olts With Double Ended Inspection$18,487.21Details
889268Fluke NetworksCFP100S120Certifiber Pro Singlemode Olts Versiv Main/Remote + Sm Olts Modules$11,937.54Details
995997Fluke NetworksCFP100SI120Certifiber Pro Singlemode Olts With Double Ended Inspection$15,881.20Details
750239Fluke NetworksCFPMMADDCertifiber Pro Mm Olts Modules Add On Kit$7,508.93Details
754942Fluke NetworksCFPMMMODCertifiber Pro Mm Olts Replacement Module 1 Unit$4,570.95Details
843149Fluke NetworksCFPQADDCertifiber Pro Quad Olts Modules Add On Kit$13,584.29Details
754898Fluke NetworksCFPQADDRVersiv Remote + Certifiber Pro Quad Olts Module$14,223.80Details
771366Fluke NetworksCFPQUADMODCertifiber Pro Quad Olts Replacement Module 1 Unit$7,402.34Details
733993Fluke NetworksCFPSMADDCertifiber Pro Sm Olts Modules Add On Kit$9,640.62Details
837535Fluke NetworksCFPSMMODCertifiber Pro Sm Olts Replacement Module 1 Unit$5,647.73Details
739761Fluke NetworksCIQ100Cable Iq Qualification Tester Inclds Wiremap Adapter, Soft Case$1,530.20Details
909763Fluke NetworksCIQCOAXCable Iq Coax Adapter Kit$33.22Details
853365Fluke NetworksCIQFTKSFPCopper + Fiber Tech Kit Ciq-Kit + Ftk1000$4,917.43Details
810493Fluke NetworksCIQIDK24Cable Iq Remote Identifier Kit #'S 2-4$340.13Details
803905Fluke NetworksCIQIDK57Cable Iq Remote Identifier Kit #'S 5-7$340.13Details
888349Fluke NetworksCIQKITCable Iq Advanced It Kit Inclds Hard Case,Multiple Test Accessories$2,147.95Details
739639Fluke NetworksCIQKRQCable Iq Residential Qualifier Kit W/Soft Case,Multiple Acces Ories,(50) Labels$1,541.55Details
867571Fluke NetworksCIQRJACable Iq Rj45/11 Modular Adapter$64.13Details
788757Fluke NetworksCIQSPKRCable Iq Speaker Wire Adapter$83.37Details
802844Fluke NetworksCIQWMCable Iq Wiremap Adapter$147.50Details
822429Fluke NetworksDSPPCIC6JACKCat 6 Patchcord Jacks Set Of 10$1,682.48Details
897200Fluke NetworksDSPPM10BPersonality Module 110 (T568B) For Dtx Cableanalyzer 1665613$379.23Details
736461Fluke NetworksDSPPM11APersonality Test Module T568A For Dtx Cableanalyzer 1665624$379.23Details
894692Fluke NetworksDSPPM13BPersonality Module Siemon S210 (T568B) For Dtx Cableanalyzer 1665672$379.23Details
854188Fluke NetworksDSPPM14ADsp-Pm14A Krone Ultim8 (T568A) Personality Module$379.23Details
791890Fluke NetworksDSPPM14BDsp-Pm14B Krone Ultim8 (T568B) Personality Module$379.23Details
786389Fluke NetworksDSPPM15ADsp-Pm15A Krone Highband (T568A) Personality Module$379.23Details
736481Fluke NetworksDSPPM15BDsp-Pm15B Krone Highband (T568B) Personality Module$379.23Details
712284Fluke NetworksDSPPM16APersonality Module - To Test Links With Leviton 110 Adapter (T568A Wiring)$379.23Details
716098Fluke NetworksDSPPM16BPersonality Module - To Test Links With Leviton 110 Adapter (T568B Wiring)$379.23Details
799657Fluke NetworksDSPPM19BPersonality Module Avaya Visipatch 360 (T568B)$379.23Details
815934Fluke NetworksDSX50001201 Ghz Dsx Cable Analyzer Versiv Main &Amp; Remote + (2) Dsx Copper Modules$11,719.05Details
894714Fluke NetworksDSX5000120GLD1 Ghz Dsx Cable Analyzer Main &Amp; Remote + (2) Dsx Copper Mods, 1 Yr Gold$12,856.30Details
922364Fluke NetworksDSX5000MI120Versiv Main/Remote, (2) Dsx Copper Mods, (2) Mm Olts Mods Inspection Camera$19,979.39Details
819558Fluke NetworksDSX5000MI120GLDVersiv Main/Remote, (2) Dsx And Mm Olts Mods, Inspection Camera,1 Yr Gold$21,725.27Details
742068Fluke NetworksDSX5000MOD1 Ghz Dsx Module Replacement - 1 Unit$4,522.49Details
734930Fluke NetworksDSX5000NTBCable Analyzer Otdr Kit Etl VerifiedCall for Price.Details
1043951Fluke NetworksDSX5000OI1201 Ghz Dsx W/Quad Otdr Insp$29,513.45Details
989776Fluke NetworksDSX5000PRO120Versiv Professional Kit (Dsx, Cfp, Ofp, Insp)$67,676.28Details
749854Fluke NetworksDSX5000QI120Versiv Main/Remote, (2) Dsx Copper &Amp; Quad Olts Mods, Inspection Camera$26,966.06Details
926750Fluke NetworksDSX5000QI120GLDDsx-5000Qi 120 + 1 Yr Gold$29,377.03Details
872331Fluke NetworksDSX5000QI120GLD31Ghz Dsx W/Quad Olts Insp 3 Yr Gold$33,712.91Details
773290Fluke NetworksDSX5000QOI120Versiv Main/Remote, (2)Dsx Copper &Amp; Quad Olts Mods 1 Otdr Mod, Insp.Camera$42,953.85Details
836444Fluke NetworksDSX5000QOI120GLDDsx-5000Qoi 120 With 1 Yr Gold$46,631.04Details
883783Fluke NetworksDSX5000QOI120GLD31 Ghz Dsx W/Quad Olts Otdr Insp 3 Yr Gold$53,154.05Details
747148Fluke NetworksDSXADD1 Ghz Dsx Cable Analyzer Mods (2) Dsx Copper Modules Add On Kit$10,333.45Details
819947Fluke NetworksDSXADDR(2) Dsx Copper Modules And Versiv Remote Add On Kit$10,866.37Details
847448Fluke NetworksDSXCFPQADDR(2) Dsx Copper Modules &Amp; Quad Olts Modules, Versiv Remote Add On Kit$23,816.46Details
813960Fluke NetworksDSXCHA004SDsx Cat 6A/Class Ea Channel Adapter Set$632.04Details
866351Fluke NetworksDSXCHA011SDsx Tera Cat 7A/Class Fa Channel Adapter Set$656.11Details
805788Fluke NetworksDSXOFPQADD(2)Dsx Copper Mods, (1) Quad Otdr Mod, Versiv Remote Add On Kit$26,214.64Details
878987Fluke NetworksDSXPLA004SDsx Cat 6A/Class Ea Perm. Link Adapter Set$1,256.40Details
798711Fluke NetworksDSXPLA011SDsx Tera Cat 7A/Class Fa Perm. Link Adapter Set$1,489.40Details
797621Fluke NetworksDSXREFMODDsx Set-Ref Module$644.07Details
770454Fluke NetworksDTXACNAAc Charger, North America Dtx-Acna$62.43Details
896129Fluke NetworksDTXACUNAc Charger, Universal Dtx-Acun$93.63Details
791601Fluke NetworksDTXAXTERMAlien Crosstalk Link Terminators - Set Of 2 2694047$505.63Details
854639Fluke NetworksDTXCASEStandard Carrying Case Dtx Series Dtx-Case$415.34Details
719330Fluke NetworksDTXCHA002Cat 6A/Class Ea Channel Adapte Single Unit$373.21Details
916003Fluke NetworksDTXCHA002SSet Of Cat 6A/ Class Ea Channel Adapters (2) Dtx-Cha002S$666.59Details
785874Fluke NetworksDTXFBRCSEFiber Module Accessory Case For Dtx-10Gkit,16"X14"X5.5" 90 Day Warranty$379.23Details
802174Fluke NetworksDTXGG45KITGg45 Test Adapter Kit$2,195.49Details
921609Fluke NetworksDTXLIONLithium Ion Battery Pack Dtx-Lion$565.83Details
778341Fluke NetworksDTXPC5ESDtx Patchcord Test Adapter Set For Cat 5E Patch Cord Testing$2,140.33Details
817931Fluke NetworksDTXPC6ASDtx Patchcord Test Adapter Set For Cat 6A Patch Cord Testing$2,140.33Details
828893Fluke NetworksDTXPC6SDtx Patchcord Test Adapter Set For Cat 6 Patch Cord Testing$2,140.33Details
717555Fluke NetworksDTXPCTAC5EKSSet Of Two Shielded Cat 5E Replacement Patch Cord Jacks$282.91Details
916201Fluke NetworksDTXPCTAC6AKSSet Of Two Shielded Cat 6A Replacement Patch Cord Jacks$282.91Details
758652Fluke NetworksDTXPCTAC6KSSet Of Two Shielded Cat 6 Replacement Patch Cord Jacks$282.91Details
889442Fluke NetworksDTXPLA001Universal Permanent Single (One) Link Adapter Dtx-Pla001$1,078.56Details
830352Fluke NetworksDTXPLA001SSet (2) Of Universal Permanent Link Adapters$1,737.64Details
830463Fluke NetworksDTXPLA002Cat 6A/Class E Permanent Single (One) Link Adapter Dtx-Pla002$1,021.18Details
903270Fluke NetworksDTXPLA002PRPCat 6A/Class E Pla Plug Replacement Kit- Set Of 2 2715450$124.85Details
729591Fluke NetworksDTXPLA002SCat 6A/Class E Permanent Link Adapter Set Of 2 2139761$1,621.80Details
833400Fluke NetworksDTXPLCALDtx Series Permanent Link Adapter Calibration Module 2715461$505.63Details
793096Fluke NetworksDTXSERSerial Rs-232 Cable (Db-9 To Ieee1394) Dtx-Ser$74.91Details
903746Fluke NetworksDTXTSETHeadset For Dsp And Dtx Cable Analyzers Dtx-Tset$62.43Details
736480Fluke NetworksDTXUSBUsb Interface Cable (Mini-B) Dtx-Usb$62.43Details
875435Fluke NetworksFI1000Di-1000 Fiberinspector Usb Video Probe For Ofp$1,930.70Details
821366Fluke NetworksFI1000125APCTIP1.25Mm Apc Universal Video Probe Tip For Patch Cords$230.97Details
859421Fluke NetworksFI1000125UTIP1.25Mm Universal Video Probe Tip For Patch Cords$131.10Details
758928Fluke NetworksFI100025APCUTIP2.5Mm Apc Universal Video Probe Tip For Patch Cords$230.97Details
779095Fluke NetworksFI100025UTIP2.5Mm Universal Video Probe Tip For Patch Cords$131.10Details
877075Fluke NetworksFI1000E2KAPCTIPE2000 Apc Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$797.43Details
716361Fluke NetworksFI1000E2KTIPE2000 Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$529.71Details
877640Fluke NetworksFI1000KITFi-1000 Usb Video Probe And Tip Set$2,267.20Details
769429Fluke NetworksFI1000LCAPCTIPLc Apc Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$230.97Details
847730Fluke NetworksFI1000LCTIPLc Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$131.10Details
884471Fluke NetworksFI1000MPOAPCRTMpo/Mpo Apc Replacement Tip With No Translator Knob$243.45Details
729504Fluke NetworksFI1000MPOAPCUTIPMpo/Mtp Apc Probe Tip For Patch Cords And Bulkheads$1,067.07Details
963684Fluke NetworksFI1000MPOAPCXYMulti Row Mpo/Mtp Apc Probe T Tip For Patch Cords And Bulkheads$1,406.66Details
823396Fluke NetworksFI1000MPORTMpo/Mpo Replacement Tip With No Translator Knob$230.97Details
862721Fluke NetworksFI1000MPOUTIPMpo/Mpo Probe Tip For Patch Cords And Bulkheads$946.60Details
960619Fluke NetworksFI1000MPOXYUTIPMulti-Row Mpo/Mtp Apc Probe Tip For Patch Cords And Bulkheads$1,322.81Details
925216Fluke NetworksFI1000MUTIPMu Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$131.10Details
757510Fluke NetworksFI1000SCAPCTIPSc Apc Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$230.97Details
749090Fluke NetworksFI1000SCFCTIPSc And Fc Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$131.10Details
867999Fluke NetworksFI1000STTIPSt Bulkhead Video Probe Tip$230.97Details
887043Fluke NetworksFI1000TIPKITLc, Fc/Sc Bulkhead 1.25 And 2.5Mm Universal Tips In A Box$499.61Details
929034Fluke NetworksFI500Fiber Optic Inspection Camera$2,311.34Details
997336Fluke NetworksFI500BATTERYReplacement Battery Set (2 Nimh Aa) For Fi-500$62.43Details
1008573Fluke NetworksFI500CPFi-500 Camera Probe$2,096.19Details
1072859Fluke NetworksFI500PWRSUPPLYReplacment Power Supply For Fi-500 Fi-500-Pwr SupplyCall for Price.Details
949741Fluke NetworksFI500TPA125FTip Adapter For 1.25Mm Apc (Lc) Fiber End Face Connectors$187.26Details
1073989Fluke NetworksFI500TPA25FTip Adapter For 2.5Mm Apc (Sc,Fc,St) Fiber Patch Cords$187.26Details
998562Fluke NetworksFI500TPAFCFTip Adapter For Fc Apc Bulkhead Fiber Connectors$187.26Details
1004768Fluke NetworksFI500TPALCFTip Adapter For Lc Apc Bulkhead Fiber Connectors$187.26Details
1046921Fluke NetworksFI500TPAPCSet Of 4 Apc Tip Adapters Fi-500Tp Asfc,Alcf,A25F,A1S5F$662.13Details
976717Fluke NetworksFI500TPASCFTip Adapter For Sc Apc Bulkhead Fiber Connectors$187.26Details
1072287Fluke NetworksFI500TPEXTSTip Adapter For Extended Lc Bulkhead Connectors$1,141.66Details
1024084Fluke NetworksFI500TPFCFTip Adapter For Fc Bulkhead Fiber Connectors$137.33Details
1004503Fluke NetworksFI500TPLCFTip Adapter For Lc Bulkhead Fiber Connectors$137.33Details
977906Fluke NetworksFI500TPSCFTip Adapter For Sc Bulkhead Fiber Connectors$137.33Details
969773Fluke NetworksFI500TPSTFTip Adapter For St Fiber Bulkhead Connectors$137.33Details
1036695Fluke NetworksFI500TPU125FTip Adapter For 1.25Mm (Lc) Fiber Patch Cords$137.33Details
943814Fluke NetworksFI500TPU25FTip Adapter For 2.5Mm (Sc,Fc,St) Fiber Patch Cords$137.33Details
1062612Fluke NetworksFI525Fiber Optic Inspection Camera With Cleaning Supplies$2,531.99Details
838768Fluke NetworksFI7000120Fiberinspector Pro$4,301.74Details
872339Fluke NetworksFI7000MPO120Fiberinspector Pro W/Mpo And Cleaning$5,217.03Details
858686Fluke NetworksFI7000MPOGLD3Fiberinspector Pro W/Mpo And Cleaning 3 Yr Gold$6,660.98Details
768054Fluke NetworksFIBR1KITPROPMFiber Oneshotpro Sc Kit W/Simplifiber Pro$3,171.89Details
909782Fluke NetworksFIBR1KITPROVFFiber Oneshotpro Sc Kit W/Vff And 2.5M Universal Adapter$0.02Details
715484Fluke NetworksFIBR1KITPROVFPMFiber Oneshotpro Sc Kit W/Visifault And Simplifiber Pro$3,414.60Details
870300Fluke NetworksFIBR1SHOTPROFiber One Shot Pro Only Meter, Sc Adapter, Cd, Manual And Batteries$0.02Details
865177Fluke NetworksFIBRACCHCase, Holstr-Fibr Oneshot Carrying Case &Amp; HolsterCall for Price.Details
840119Fluke NetworksFIBRACUAPC1-Metr Upc-Apc Patchcord Accessory 1-Meter Fiber Launch Cord, Upc To Apc$94.89Details
896731Fluke NetworksFIBRACUUPC1-Metr Upc-Upc Patchcrd Accessory 1-Meter Fiber Launch Cord, Upc To Upc$94.89Details
890296Fluke NetworksFIBRUPCCORD2M2-Meter Upc-Upc Patch Cord$99.88Details
787834Fluke NetworksFINDFIBERSf Pro Ff Remote Id One Year Warranty$274.48Details
805985Fluke NetworksFINDFIBER6Sf Pro Ff Remote Id One Year Warranty$1,521.40Details
1060401Fluke NetworksFLK3000FCFc Wireless Digital Multimeter$351.26Details
1006100Fluke NetworksFLK3000FCHVACFc Wireless Hvac System$710.32Details
1046894Fluke NetworksFLK3000FCINDFc Wireless Industrial System$1,227.54Details
941556Fluke NetworksFLKA3000FCFc Wireless Ac Current Clamp Module$205.95Details
1050070Fluke NetworksFLKA3001FCFc Wireless Iflex Ac Current Module$292.71Details
1033994Fluke NetworksFLKA3001FCKITFc Wireless Basic Kit With I3000$550.31Details
988556Fluke NetworksFLKA3002FCFc Wireless Ac/Dc Current Module$157.84Details
966121Fluke NetworksFLKFCSDCARDFluke Connect Wireless Sd CardCall for Price.Details
1008618Fluke NetworksFLKPC3000FCFc Wireless Pc Adapter$121.41Details
964260Fluke NetworksFLKT3000FCFc Wireless K-Type Temperature Module$242.83Details
1069123Fluke NetworksFLKT3000FCKITFc Wireless Basic Kit With T3000$503.47Details
1035846Fluke NetworksFLKTI1009HZGeneral Use Thermal Imager 9 Hz,160 X 120 -4 F To +482 F$2,828.00Details
1055849Fluke NetworksFLKTI10530HZIndustrial-Commercial Thermal Imager (30 Hz),160 X 120,Focus Free,-4 F To +482 F$3,400.40Details
1001839Fluke NetworksFLKTI11030HZInd.-Comm. Thermal Imager 30 Hz,160 X 120,Ir-Optiflex -4 F To +482 F$4,968.27Details
1040799Fluke NetworksFLKTI12530HZIndustrial-Commercial Thermal Imager (30 Hz),160 X 120 -4F To +662F$7,286.82Details
1047881Fluke NetworksFLKTI20060HZAdvanced Performance Infrared Camera Thermal Imager 60 Hz$8,346.73Details
1061995Fluke NetworksFLKTI30060HZAdvanced Performance Infrared Camera Thermal Imager 60 Hz$9,274.15Details
1028803Fluke NetworksFLKTI40060HZAdvanced Performance Infrared Camera Thermal Imager 60 Hz$11,254.91Details
1001658Fluke NetworksFLKTIBLUETOOTHBluetooth Headset Ti4/3/200, Tix520, Tix560Call for Price.Details
1016842Fluke NetworksFLKTIS109HZFlk-Tis10 9Hz, Thermal Imager Fixed Focus$1,476.83Details
998926Fluke NetworksFLKTIS209HZFlk-Tis20 9Hz, Thermal Imager Fixed Focus$1,921.86Details
1066770Fluke NetworksFLKTIS409HZFlk-Tis40 9Hz, Thermal Imager Fixed FocusCall for Price.Details
1045826Fluke NetworksFLKTIS4530HZFlk-Tis45 30Hz, Thermal Imager Manual Focus$3,861.82Details
1077915Fluke NetworksFLKTIS509HZFlk-Tis50 9Hz, Thermal Imager Fixed FocusCall for Price.Details
1022229Fluke NetworksFLKTIS5530HZFlk-Tis55 30Hz, Thermal Imager Manual Focus$4,303.17Details
1051535Fluke NetworksFLKTIS609HZFlk-Tis60 9Hz, Thermal Imager Fixed FocusCall for Price.Details
1016469Fluke NetworksFLKTIS6530HZFlk-Tis65 30Hz, Thermal Imager Manual Focus$4,744.53Details
1047890Fluke NetworksFLKTISBC3External Charging Base And Power Supply For Thermal ImagerCall for Price.Details
1079536Fluke NetworksFLKTISBC3BAdd. Smart Battery Charger$229.01Details
940595Fluke NetworksFLKTISBP3Extra Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Smart Batter For Thermal Imager$166.73Details
1060437Fluke NetworksFLKTITRIPOD2Tripod Mounting Accessory For Thermal Imager$166.73Details
985073Fluke NetworksFLKTIVISOR2Sun Visorer For Thermal Imager$102.59Details
1072678Fluke NetworksFLKTIVISOR3Thermal Imager Visor$123.12Details
1070581Fluke NetworksFLKV3000FCFc Wireless Ac Voltage Module$242.83Details
974012Fluke NetworksFLKV3000FCKITFc Wireless Basic Kit With V3000$503.47Details
1028613Fluke NetworksFLKV3001FCFc Wireless Dc Voltage Module$242.83Details
962395Fluke NetworksFLKV3001FCKITFc Wireless Essential Kit With V3001$503.47Details
934379Fluke NetworksFLKV3003FCKITFc Wireless Kit W Dmm, Ac+Dc Voltage Modules$789.26Details
1021644Fluke NetworksFLUKE115True Rms Digital Multimeter Standard Order Qty 5$218.55Details
1042556Fluke NetworksFLUKE117Electrician'S True Rms Multimeter W/ Autovolt Cat Iii 600V$242.83Details
1077832Fluke NetworksFLUKE1503Fluke1503 Insulation Resistance Tester$579.10Details
1079832Fluke NetworksFLUKE1507Fluke1507 Insulation Resistance Tester$634.89Details
1058931Fluke NetworksFLUKE1577Fluke 1577 Insulation Multimeter$833.99Details
930200Fluke NetworksFLUKE1587Fluke1587 Insulation Mulimeter$726.21Details
998107Fluke NetworksFLUKE1587FCFluke1587 Insulation Mulimeter Fluke Connect$902.01Details
1083257Fluke NetworksFLUKE1630Earth Ground Clamp Stakeless Method$1,931.45Details
1079251Fluke NetworksFLUKE17503 Phase Power Recorder$19,382.09Details
1037419Fluke NetworksFLUKE1791ACIIElectrician Dmm Voltage Tester &Amp; Deluxe Accessory Kit$409.79Details
985675Fluke NetworksFLUKE179TPAK179 Multimeter &Amp; Toolpak Combo Kit W/Toolpak Magnetic Hanging Kit$409.79Details
957118Fluke NetworksFLUKE1ACA1IIVoltage Detector 90-1000V$34.52Details
955364Fluke NetworksFLUKE287True-Rms Electronic Logging Multimeter With Trendview$585.43Details
1077784Fluke NetworksFLUKE289True-Rms Industrial Logging Multimeter With Trendview$676.51Details
1031884Fluke NetworksFLUKE435II3 Phase Power Quality And Energy Analyzer$11,549.59Details
1081346Fluke NetworksFLUKE61Handheld Infrared Thermometer$218.55Details
1041687Fluke NetworksFLUKE787Processmetert$1,004.35Details
949624Fluke NetworksFLUKE789Process Meter$1,115.93Details
967114Fluke NetworksFLUKE8202Led Stroboscope$1,360.18Details
1011197Fluke NetworksFLUKE875Multimeter Digital True Rms/ Frequency/Dutycycle/Touchhold/ Min-Max/Pointer$503.47Details
1005323Fluke NetworksFLUKE9040Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Sequence Indicator 2435050$326.51Details
1037308Fluke NetworksFLUKEIR3000FC1550Connector, 1550 Infrared, FcCall for Price.Details
1022556Fluke NetworksFOS100SFiber Oneshot Pro Kit Single Mode Fault Finder$2,201.01Details
1021297Fluke NetworksFQM100MFiber Quickmap Kit Multimode Fault Finder$2,337.81Details
955367Fluke NetworksFQMCIQFBIFiber Quickmap &Amp; Cableiq Fbi Field Kit$0.02Details
810084Fluke NetworksFQMMAINFiber Quickmap Mainframe With Carrying PouchCall for Price.Details
861405Fluke NetworksFT120Fiberviewer Microscope 200X Safety Filter For Infrared Light$636.85Details
787430Fluke NetworksFT140Fiberviewer Microscope 400X Safety Filter For Infrared Light$636.85Details
746035Fluke NetworksFT500Fiberinspector Mini Video Microscope 2822054$2,300.31Details
870083Fluke NetworksFTK1000Ftk1000 Sf Pro Kit Basic Mm Verification,1 Yr Warranty For Mainframe Only$2,421.66Details
898076Fluke NetworksFTK1300Ftk1300 Sf Pro Kit Mm Inspection Verification With Ft120$3,799.97Details
814911Fluke NetworksFTK1350Ftk1350 Sf Pro Kit Mm Inspection Verification With Ft500$0.02Details
1026531Fluke NetworksFTK1375Multimode Fiber Power Meter And Source With Inspection$5,464.69Details
752609Fluke NetworksFTK1450Ftk1450 Sf Pro Kit Complete Verification Kit$8,201.73Details
929185Fluke NetworksFTK1475Single+Multimode Fibr Pwr Metr Inspect And Cleaning$8,201.73Details
790724Fluke NetworksFTK2000Ftk2000 Sf Pro Kit Basic Sm Verification, 1 Yr Warranty For Mainframe Only$3,635.25Details
906163Fluke NetworksFTK2100Sf Pro Pm And 2 X Sm Sources (1310/1550 And 1490/1625)$5,394.68Details
729011Fluke NetworksFTS1000Fiber Quickmap Troubleshooter Kit W/Test Ref Cords 50,62.5Nm Vff, Sf-Pro,CaseCall for Price.Details
786894Fluke NetworksFTS1100Fiber Quickmap Troubleshooter Kit W/Test Ref Cords 50,62.5Nm Vfl, Sf-Pro,Ft500Call for Price.Details
795448Fluke NetworksFTS900Fiber Quickmap Kit W/Test Reference Cords 50,62.5 Nm Sc/Sc,Sc/Lc, VffCall for Price.Details
1013710Fluke NetworksGLD3CFP100MSI3 Yr Gold Support Cfp-100-Mi Or Cfp-100-Si$4,739.32Details
847477Fluke NetworksGLD3CFP100Q3 Yr Gold Support Cfp-100-Q$5,416.37Details
939740Fluke NetworksGLD3CFP100QI3 Yr Gold Support Cfp-100-Qi$6,319.10Details
889703Fluke NetworksGLD3CIQ3 Yrs Of Gold Support, Cableiq Qualification Tester$605.56Details
887806Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX50003 Yr Gold Support Dsx Cable Analyzer$3,699.70Details
889166Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX5000MI3 Yr Gold Support Dsx W/Multimode Olts Insp$5,912.86Details
922372Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX5000QI3 Yr Gold Support Dsx W/Quad Olts Insp$8,042.07Details
758241Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX5000QOI3 Yr Gold Support Dsx W/Quad Olts Otdr Insp$12,063.12Details
993326Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX80003 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000$4,062.28Details
971759Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8000MI3 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Mi$6,680.18Details
932766Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8000OI3 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Oi$9,605.80Details
1063163Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8000PRO3 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Pro Gld3-Dsx-8000Pro$21,668.92Details
933405Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8000QI3 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Qi$8,801.59Details
1076748Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8000QOI3 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Qoi Gld3-Dsx-8000Qoi$13,805.57Details
965952Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8ADD3Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000-Add$3,745.95Details
1063596Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8ADDR3 Yr Gold Support Dsx-8000-Add-R Gld3-Dsx-8-Add-R$3,836.60Details
955628Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8CFPQADDR3 Yr Gold Support Dsx-8-Cfp-Q-Add/R Gld3-Dsx8-Cfpqaddr$7,818.68Details
966701Fluke NetworksGLD3DSX8OFPQADD3 Yr Gold Support Dsx-8000-Ofp-Q-Add Gld3-Dsx8-Ofpq-Add$3,298.91Details
977119Fluke NetworksGLD3FI10003 Yr Gold Support, Fi-1000$1,058.12Details
991745Fluke NetworksGLD3FI5003 Yr Gold Support For Fi-500$961.92Details
736282Fluke NetworksGLD3FTINSPECTOR3 Yrs Of Gold Support, Fiber Inspector Ftxxx$1,664.86Details
889405Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK3 Yrs Of Gold, Simplifiber Pro Kits, Ftk1300, Ftk1350, Ftk1450, Ftk2100Call for Price.Details
910272Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK10003 Yrs Gold Support, Ftk1000$817.64Details
722153Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK13003 Yrs Gold Support, Ftk1300$1,250.51Details
827540Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK13503 Yrs Gold Support, Ftk1350$0.02Details
724162Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK14503 Yrs Gold Support, Ftk1450$0.02Details
829536Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK20003 Yrs Gold Support, Ftk2000$1,154.31Details
847572Fluke NetworksGLD3FTK21003 Yrs Gold Support, Ftk2100$1,757.36Details
740235Fluke NetworksGLD3MFTK3Yr Gold Support Mftk1200, Mftk1400$5,912.86Details
839346Fluke NetworksGLD3OFP100Q3 Yr Gold Support, Ofp-100-Q$7,774.00Details
783224Fluke NetworksGLD3OFP100QI3 Yr Gold Support, Ofp-100-Qi$8,935.63Details
714140Fluke NetworksGLD3OFPCFPQI3 Yr Gold Support Ofp-Cfp-Qi$11,124.86Details
901169Fluke NetworksGLD3OFPMIMFP3 Yrs Of Gold Support, Ofpmi-Mfp$13,448.13Details
820705Fluke NetworksGLD3OFPMODQ3 Yrs Of Gold Support, Ofp-Quad Module$7,639.97Details
794362Fluke NetworksGLD3OFPQIMFP3 Yr Gold For Ofpqi-Mfp$14,877.84Details
727790Fluke NetworksGLD3OPVXG10GADAPT3 Yr Gold Support Opvxg-10G-Adapt$1,651.81Details
983883Fluke NetworksGLDCFP100MSI1 Yr Gold Support For Cfp-100-Mi Or Cfp-100-Si$1,788.19Details
911728Fluke NetworksGLDCFP100Q1 Yr Gold Support Cfp-100-Q$2,034.84Details
1075202Fluke NetworksGLDCFP100QI1 Yr Gold Support Cfp-100-Qi$2,404.81Details
790309Fluke NetworksGLDCFPQADD1 Yr Gold Support Cfp-Q-Add$1,788.19Details
883960Fluke NetworksGLDCFPQADDR1 Yr Gold Support Cfp-Q-Add-R$1,741.94Details
837574Fluke NetworksGLDCIQCableiq Qualification Tester Gold Support Drop Ship Only$226.77Details
716535Fluke NetworksGLDDSX50001 Yr Gold Support Dsx Cable Analyzer$1,371.98Details
836034Fluke NetworksGLDDSX5000MI1 Yr Gold Support Dsx With Mm Olts Insp$2,296.90Details
1066060Fluke NetworksGLDDSX5000PRO1 Yr Gold Support For Dsx-5000-Pro$8,191.01Details
715063Fluke NetworksGLDDSX5000QI1 Yr Gold Support Dsx W/Quad Olts Insp$3,098.50Details
831879Fluke NetworksGLDDSX5000QOI1 Yr Gold Support Dsx W/Quad Olts Otdr Insp$4,513.65Details
1077555Fluke NetworksGLDDSX80001 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000$1,541.55Details
1007243Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8000MI1 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Mi$2,528.14Details
1023526Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8000OI1 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Oi$3,668.89Details
1080568Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8000PRO1 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Pro$8,012.29Details
1064555Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8000QI1 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Qi$3,360.58Details
1034163Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8000QOI1 Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000Qoi$5,160.60Details
991863Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8ADD1Yr Gold Support, Dsx-8000-Add$1,387.40Details
1042319Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8ADDR1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-8000-Add-R$1,449.06Details
1069759Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8CFPQADDR1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-8-Cfp-Q-Add/R Gld-Dsx8-Cfpqadd/R$2,990.60Details
1005671Fluke NetworksGLDDSX8OFPQADD1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-8000-Ofp-Q-Add Gld-Dsx8-Ofpq-Add$3,298.91Details
769219Fluke NetworksGLDDSXADD1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-Add$1,234.47Details
862646Fluke NetworksGLDDSXADDR1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-Add-R$1,310.31Details
899071Fluke NetworksGLDDSXCFPQADDR1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-Cfp-Q-Add-R$2,697.70Details
868599Fluke NetworksGLDDSXOFPQADD1 Yr Gold Support Dsx-Ofp-Q-Add$3,206.41Details
716300Fluke NetworksGLDDTXGold Support Services 1-Yr For Dtx Cable Analyzers Gld-Dtx$1,310.31Details
875214Fluke NetworksGLDDTXEFM21 Yr Gold Support For Encircled Flux Mm Fiber Module Set$929.86Details
760808Fluke NetworksGLDDTXES1 Yr Gold Support For Dtx-1800-Es$3,268.08Details
833523Fluke NetworksGLDDTXFIBERMODGold Support Services 1-Yr For Dtx-Fiber Modules Gld-Dtx-Fibermod$945.89Details
877470Fluke NetworksGLDDTXKITGold Support Services 1-Yr Dtx-10Gkit Or Ax Kit Drop Ship Only$370.06Details
910922Fluke NetworksGLDDTXMGold Support 1-Year For Dtx-M Drop Ship Only$2,266.08Details
891452Fluke NetworksGLDDTXMOGold Product Support Services 1 Year For Dtx-Mo Kit Drop Ship Only$3,972.00Details
922171Fluke NetworksGLDDTXMSGold Support 1-Year For Dtx-Ms Kit Drop Ship Only$3,191.00Details
753273Fluke NetworksGLDDTXMSOGold Support 1-Year For Dtx-Mso Kit Drop Ship Only$4,874.73Details
802688Fluke NetworksGLDDTXOTDRGold Support Services 1-Yr For Dtx -Otdr$1,757.36Details
995283Fluke NetworksGLDFI5001 Yr Gold Support For Fi-500$386.90Details
1069625Fluke NetworksGLDFI5251 Yr Gold Support For Fi-525$420.54Details
821431Fluke NetworksGLDFOSMULTIKITSGold Support For Lspm, 1-Yr For Fibr-1-Kitpro-Pm Or Firb-1-Kitpro-Vfpm$712.73Details
865228Fluke NetworksGLDFOSPROGold Support Service 1-Yr For Fibr-1-Kitpro Or Fibr-1-Kitpro VfCall for Price.Details
820026Fluke NetworksGLDFQMGold Support Service 1-Yr For Fqm-Main, Fqm-Kit Or Fts900Call for Price.Details
846008Fluke NetworksGLDFQMFTKGold Support Service 1-Yr For Fts1000, Fts1100 Or Fts1100/ECall for Price.Details
740398Fluke NetworksGLDFTINSPECTORFiberinspector Pro Gold Support For 1-Yr$672.85Details
924542Fluke NetworksGLDFTKGold Support Package For: Ftk-150, 300, 400Call for Price.Details
914267Fluke NetworksGLDFTK10001 Yr Gold Support, Ftk1000$302.78Details
768611Fluke NetworksGLDFTK13001 Yr Gold Support, Ftk1300$487.81Details
785942Fluke NetworksGLDFTK13501 Yr Gold Support, Ftk1350$680.33Details
1054877Fluke NetworksGLDFTK13751 Yr Gold Support For Ftk-1375$881.76Details
873211Fluke NetworksGLDFTK14501 Yr Gold Support, Ftk1450$1,010.02Details
970357Fluke NetworksGLDFTK14751 Yr Gold Support For Ftk-1475$1,279.49Details
765267Fluke NetworksGLDFTK20001 Yr Gold Support, Ftk2000$454.17Details
913340Fluke NetworksGLDFTK21001 Yr Gold Support, Ftk2100$680.33Details
727617Fluke NetworksGLDMFTK1 Yr Gold Support For Mftk1200, Mftk1400$2,358.56Details
922531Fluke NetworksGLDOFP100Q1 Yr Gold Support, Ofp-100-Q$3,006.01Details
876785Fluke NetworksGLDOFP100QI1 Yr Gold Support, Ofp-100-Qi$3,406.81Details
760470Fluke NetworksGLDOFPCFPQI1 Yr Gold Support Ofp-Cfp-Qi$4,167.59Details
830088Fluke NetworksGLDOFPMIMFP1 Yr Gold For Ofpmi-Mfp$4,047.23Details
807335Fluke NetworksGLDOFPMODQ1 Yr Gold Support Ofp-Quad Module$2,589.80Details
919818Fluke NetworksGLDOFPQADD1 Yr Gold Support Ofp-Q-Add$2,204.41Details
807378Fluke NetworksGLDOFPQIMFP1 Yr Gold For Ofpqi-Mfp$4,965.01Details
905529Fluke NetworksGLDSFPROGold Support Service 1-Yr For Simplefiber Pro Sourc Or Meter$437.35Details
845669Fluke NetworksGLDTFS1 Yr Gold Support, Tfs$961.92Details
950573Fluke NetworksH3Clamp Meter Holster$43.99Details
1013870Fluke NetworksI1010Ac/Dc Current Clamp I1010$497.61Details
936378Fluke NetworksI200Ac Current Clamp I200$194.26Details
1065826Fluke NetworksI400Ac Current Clamp I400$194.26Details
1046140Fluke NetworksI400SAc Current Clamp$339.55Details
1010714Fluke NetworksI4101A To 400 A Clamp-On Probe/Bat Tery Powered/Measures Ac/Dc Cu Rrnet$316.12Details
940593Fluke NetworksI430FLEXFlex Current ClampCall for Price.Details
1024727Fluke NetworksI430FLEX4PKFlex 4-PackCall for Price.Details
1020103Fluke NetworksI5SPQ3I5Spq3,5 A Ac Current Clamps$1,394.93Details
770732Fluke NetworksJRADC2Jr-Adc-2,Jackrapid Termination Tool (For Adc Km8, Copper Ten 18Mon Warranty$109.38Details
808661Fluke NetworksJRADC2HJr-Adc-2,Jackrapid Replacement Blade Head (For Adc Km8 Copper Ten$72.51Details
829956Fluke NetworksJRERGOHANDLEJr-Ergohandle, Jackrapid Ergonomic Handle$49.65Details
808849Fluke NetworksJRLEV1Jackrapid Punch Down W/ Cat 5 Leviton Bld, Terminates 5 Pairs On 110 Block$109.38Details
852678Fluke NetworksJRLEV1HReplacement Leviton Blade Only For Axe# 283851 Jackrapid$72.51Details
875945Fluke NetworksJRLEV2Jackrapid Punch Down For Jack Model:5G110 Ca5E, 61110 Ca6,4Pairs 8Wires$109.38Details
909741Fluke NetworksJRLEV2HJackrapid Replacement Blade Head, For Leviton 61110,5G110, 6110G, Axe# 328658$72.51Details
906638Fluke NetworksJRORT2Jr-Ort-2,Jackrapid Termination Tool For Ortronics Tj5E00 Tj600, Tj610$109.38Details
766591Fluke NetworksJRORT2HJr-Ort-2,Jackrapid Replacement Blade Head For Ortronics Tj5E00,Tj600, Tj610$72.51Details
859638Fluke NetworksJRPAN2Jackrapid Termination Tool For Panduit Nk688M And Nkp5E88M$109.38Details
898963Fluke NetworksJRPAN2HJackrapid Termination Tool Rep Head For Panduit Nk688M$72.51Details
808823Fluke NetworksJRSYS2Jackrapid Punch Down Systimax Mgs400,Mgs500,Mfp420,Mfp520 Tool W/ Blade Head$109.38Details
817292Fluke NetworksJRSYS2HJr-Sys-2-H,Jackrapid Repl. Blade Head For Systimax Mgs400 Mgs500,Mfp420,Mfp520$72.51Details
753235Fluke NetworksJRSYSUNI1Jackrapid Punch Down Mps100E,C5,M1Bh,Unj600/500/300 Tool W/ Blade Head$109.38Details
734198Fluke NetworksLEADABN100Test Lead W/ Angled-Bed-Of- Nails. Compatible With Ts100 And Ts100 Pro$124.50Details
793216Fluke NetworksLEADABNP100Test Lead W/ Angled-Bed-Of- Nails And Piercing Pin. Ts100 And Ts100 Pro$124.50Details
921910Fluke NetworksLEADALIG100Test Lead With Alligator Clips Compatible With The Ts100 And Ts100 Pro$124.50Details
715268Fluke NetworksMF1310SOURCEMultifiber Pro Sm 1310 Nm Laser Light Source$10,919.66Details
903838Fluke NetworksMF1550SOURCEMultifiber Pro Sm 1550 Nm Laser Light Source$10,919.66Details
883874Fluke NetworksMFPOWERMETERMultifiber Pro Power Meter$7,540.91Details
792656Fluke NetworksMFTK1200Mf Pro Base Kit,Mpo Pmls Test Ref Cord,Mpo Oneclick$12,337.24Details
757799Fluke NetworksMFTKMM850SM1310Multifiber Pro Kit With 850/1310 Nm Pmls$21,796.68Details
857076Fluke NetworksMFTKMM850SM1550Multifiber Pro Kit With 850/1550 Nm Pmls$21,796.68Details
715145Fluke NetworksMFTKSM1310Multifiber Pro Kit With Sm 1310 Nm Pmls$17,314.78Details
871403Fluke NetworksMFTKSM1550Multifiber Pro Kit With Sm 1550 Nm Pmls$17,314.78Details
765366Fluke NetworksMMC50FCFCMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Fc/Fc$419.22Details
903288Fluke NetworksMMC50LCLCMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Lc/Lc$419.22Details
728114Fluke NetworksMMC50SCE2KMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Sc/E2000$419.22Details
803500Fluke NetworksMMC50SCFCMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Sc/Fc$419.22Details
813910Fluke NetworksMMC50SCLCMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Sc/Lc$419.22Details
711675Fluke NetworksMMC50SCSCMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Sc/Sc$419.22Details
857709Fluke NetworksMMC50SCSTMultimode Launch Cable 50Um Sc/St$419.22Details
864557Fluke NetworksMMC50STSTMultimode Launch Cable 50Um St/St$419.22Details
797376Fluke NetworksMMC625FCFCMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um Fc/Fc$419.22Details
890373Fluke NetworksMMC625LCLCMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um Lc/Lc$419.22Details
809499Fluke NetworksMMC625STSTMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um St/St$419.22Details
767315Fluke NetworksMMC62SCFCMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um Sc/Fc$419.22Details
770381Fluke NetworksMMC62SCLCMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um Sc/Lc$419.22Details
874092Fluke NetworksMMC62SCSCMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um Sc/Sc$419.22Details
781775Fluke NetworksMMC62SCSTMultimode Launch Cable 62.5Um Sc/St$419.22Details
710529Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCFCMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Sc/Fc)$199.75Details
811016Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCFCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um Fc Contains 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/Fc, Trc Fc/Fc$451.45Details
787983Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCLCMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Sc/Lc)$199.75Details
717619Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCLCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um Lc: 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/Lc, Trc Lc/Lc - 4320262$451.45Details
905042Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCSCMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Sc/Sc)$199.75Details
769150Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCSCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um Sc: 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/Sc, Trc Sc/Sc - 4322705$451.45Details
713646Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCSTMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Sc/St)$199.75Details
921336Fluke NetworksMRC50EFCSCSTKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 50Um St Contains 2 Each Ef-Trc Sc/St, Trc St/St$451.45Details
875722Fluke NetworksMRC50FCFCMm Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Fc/Fc)$68.67Details
870746Fluke NetworksMRC50LCLCMm Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Lc/Lc)$68.67Details
728902Fluke NetworksMRC50LCLC03MMm 50Um Trc 0.3M For Otdr Port (Lc/Lc)$32.32Details
832646Fluke NetworksMRC50SCSCMm Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (Sc/Sc)$68.67Details
759340Fluke NetworksMRC50SCSC03MMm 50Um Trc 0.3M For Otdr Port (Sc/Sc)$32.32Details
747063Fluke NetworksMRC50STSTMm Test Reference Cords 2M 50Um (St/St)$68.67Details
829871Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCFCMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Sc/Fc)$199.75Details
876150Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCFCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um Fc Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/Fc, Trc Fc/Fc$451.45Details
925608Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCLCMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Sc/Lc)$199.75Details
819209Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCLCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um Lc Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/Lc, Trc Lc/Lc$451.45Details
862341Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCSCMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Sc/Sc)$199.75Details
722935Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCSCKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um Sc Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/Sc, Trc Sc/Sc$451.45Details
850695Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCSTMm Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Sc/St)$199.75Details
882386Fluke NetworksMRC625EFCSCSTKITEncircled Flux Test Ref Cord 62.5Um St Contains 2 Ea Ef-Trc Sc/St, Trc St/St$451.45Details
769070Fluke NetworksMRC625FCFCMm Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Fc/Fc)$68.67Details
848171Fluke NetworksMRC625LCLCMm Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Lc/Lc)$68.67Details
789314Fluke NetworksMRC625LCLC03MMm 62.5Um Trc 0.3M For Otdr Port (Sc/Sc)$32.32Details
832539Fluke NetworksMRC625SCSCMm Test Reference Cords 2M 62.5Um (Sc/Sc)$68.67Details