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Intrusion Security Systems

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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
849171Ademco / Honeywell Security001005501Mag Mini 3/4" Wht For Mps45Wh$1.66Details
860030Ademco / Honeywell Security001011301Mdl9 1/4Di Mg 3/8Di Hs Wh$1.80Details
106363Ademco / Honeywell Security380WHAdemco Spacer For 367Wh$1.60Details
579258Ademco / Honeywell Security4191WAAdemco Adapter Plug For 4191Wh$1.46Details
106041Ademco / Honeywell Security52BRAdemco Spacer For 39/7939$1.22Details
106492Ademco / Honeywell Security52WHAdemco Spacer For 39/7939$1.22Details
106675Ademco / Honeywell Security72$19.35Details
106287Ademco / Honeywell Security913WHAdemco-3/4" Pre-Wire Plug,Wh$0.82Details
110765Ademco Sensors7940WHMMagnet Only For 7940 W/Cover$3.04Details
111364Ademco Sensors943WGWHMMini Surface Cont Wh,Mag Only$2.00Details
111370Ademco Sensors945WHM$1.90Details
987657Ai NextAC1008BPs1541B Magnet Only, Brown$1.56Details
1068005Ai NextAC1008TPs1541 Magnet Only,Tan$1.56Details
991057Ai NextDC1561BSrfc Flnge 1"Wd Gp Brk Taps Br$2.70Details
1080128Ai NextDC1561MGWMagnets Only White$2.70Details
939286Ai NextDC1714W3/4" Roller Ball$4.23Details
1043729Ai NextDC2612BROWN3/8" Press Fit Terminal Contact With Donut Magnet$2.90Details
1012678Ai NextDC2614WMagnetic Contact 3/8"Press To Fit Stubby Bag 10 Wh$20.25Details
946983Ai NextHYR100302530Compact 12Mm Glass/10W/Std Form A Rhodium Off Cntr$0.82Details
989762Ai NextPS1525WForm C Contact Scwtrm White$2.90Details
1080325Ai NextPS2023Ul, 3"Gap Armored Cablew/Brckt$15.68Details
966036Ai NextPS4122501ANormally Open 10W Proximity Sensor, L.T = 12Wks$5.13Details
117031Alarm Saf00009Ts-20 Tamper Switch$28.49Details
117271Alarm SafCPS800ULCSAPower Supply, Agency Listed, Cool Power, 12-24 Vdc$188.64Details
322313American FibertekN111Network Contact Module, (1) Contact Input, (1) Con$520.38Details
122330Amseco4270005L Bracket For Odc59$3.20Details
770313Amseco4370033Reset Tool For The Hus7Ai$2.70Details
121485AmsecoADBZ1Z Bracket F/Surf Contacts$1.88Details
123464AmsecoAMC2MONEYCLIPMoney Trap Ul Form-C$9.39Details
121486AmsecoAMS10MGBMini Stk On Mag Br$2.30Details
123466AmsecoAMS10MGWHITEMag For Ams-10 Series Wht$2.30Details
122338AmsecoAMS21MGWHITE3/8" Prs Mag In Case Wh$1.88Details
122339AmsecoAMS21PI3/8" Pre-Wire Plug Iv$0.36Details
122341AmsecoAMS25AGY3/4" Prs Stl Dr 3/4" Gap Gy$3.69Details
122451AmsecoAMS25BGContact 3/4" Steel Door Press Fit Spdt Gray$7.02Details
121492AmsecoAMS26AGREY3/4" Press Fit Steel Door Contact N/C Loop Grey$4.41Details
122344AmsecoAMS37HGAms37 Housing Spacer Gy$0.48Details
121495AmsecoAMS37SGAms37 Flat Spcr Gy$0.48Details
123475AmsecoAMS38SBAms38/39 Flat Spacer Br$0.22Details
123476AmsecoAMS38SGAms38/39 Flat Spacer Gy$0.22Details
123477AmsecoAMS38SWAms38/39 Flat Spacer Wh$0.22Details
122457AmsecoAMS39MGWHStd Srf Mag Wh Alnco 5$1.52Details
122350AmsecoAMS51CMGBSrf Mag And Cover Br$3.40Details
121670AmsecoAMS51CMGWSrf Mag And Cover Wh$3.40Details
122351AmsecoAMS8CBRNCover F/Am838/39 Cntc Brown$0.36Details
121676AmsecoAMS8CGYCover F/Ams38/39 Cntc Gy$0.36Details
121677AmsecoAMS8CWCover F/Ams38/39 Cntc Wh$0.58Details
122352AmsecoBMC33BBiasd Cntc Spdt 3" Hi Sec Alum$20.25Details
122751AmsecoHUSK20CVRCover And Lock For Husk20$11.04Details
1084150AmsecoODC59ASS36SSARMOREDCABOverhead Door Contact 36"Lead W/Stainless Steel Cb$15.68Details
122757AmsecoPSW1HPsw-1H Adaptor F/Tsw1/Psw1$0.58Details
121704AmsecoRSW21ABRsw21A Rllrbll Swtch Br$4.50Details
121705AmsecoRSW21AIRsw21A Rllrbll Swtch Iv$4.50Details
122485AmsecoRSW21BISpdt Rollr Ball Swt Iv Normally Closed/Open Loop$8.44Details
122494AmsecoSL5AASl-5A 12/24 Amber$62.30Details
122500AmsecoTSW2TTsw2T Tamper Switch$3.30Details
919171APC / American Power Conversion0MG5TBOPT001Mge Galaxy 5000 Adj Bat Temp Sensor$188.99Details
591860B.E.S.MF201Replacement Wire Python Paddle Magnet$60.90Details
130110B.G. Technologies770WGerman Pull Aparts White$2.20Details
130111B.G. TechnologiesTV720Bg-369 Tv Plugs/10 Pack$20.25Details
136117Bosch SecurityFLM325IMMini Contact Monitor, Class B Circuit, Mounted Ins$58.13Details
798439Bosch SecurityISCPB1100Accessory, Panic Button, Unobtrusively, Manually T$16.50Details
136702Bosch SecurityISNC22WContact 3/4 Stubb Flange Design Pack 10 White$27.75Details
811116Cellar SaverC5CS1429Maintenance Free, Totally Sealed Ball Float$33.34Details
353779Cellar SaverCS2029CCCellar Saver Packaged$21.75Details
180799Cooper / Wheelock1000442.2K Ul Listed Resistor End Of Line$7.54Details
160504Dynalock6172BBXWeathr Proof Psh Buttn "Exit"$139.99Details
614778Dynalock6173US32DBBXWthr Prf Pshbttn W/ "Exit/Salida" Signge & Bck Bx$139.99Details
152671Edwards / GS Building Systems1517Z03A151 Re 3Amp Magnet Z Cbl 18/2 Armoured 3Ft$111.99Details
727373Edwards / GS Building Systems1518Z12K151Triac Mg Z 12'Cbl 18/2 Sjto$131.59Details
419016Edwards / GS Building Systems251F7Z12K251 Failsf 100Va Mag Z Cbl 18/$187.59Details
347861GRI Telemark10012BLSwtch Set Mini Surf Sp/St Norm Open 1" Gap Bl 10Pk$34.08Details
311376GRI Telemark10024WMini Surf.Mt.Sw.Set,Spst-Cl, 1" Gap W/24"Leads-Wht$4.41Details
913423GRI Telemark10031B20Rst Sw Set 3/8"Terminal 2K Res Bag 10 Br$57.99Details
905798GRI Telemark10031W20Rst Switch Set 3/8"Terminal 2K Res White$7.11Details
627326GRI Telemark10038Pc Board Double Sided .031 Inches Thick$1.64Details
627327GRI Telemark10083Magnet .125 Inch Diameter$1.68Details
444773GRI Telemark100TBW22KSrfc Mt Sw St White W/Term & Built In 2.2K Eol$6.66Details
841168GRI Telemark100TCB2K100-Tc-B W/2K$6.84Details
189697GRI Telemark100TCGEN100Tcw Bulk 100 Pack In White$3.69Details
177573GRI Telemark100TWGEN100-T Gen No Print Wht 100/Bag$263.19Details
627332GRI Telemark100TWGWGENSw Surf Mini Mount W/Terms 1 1/4"$3.69Details
444774GRI Telemark100TWW22KSrfc Mt Sw St White W/Term & Built In 2.2K Eol$6.66Details
791630GRI Telemark10112WGGMini Spcmnt Spst/Nc 1' Gy$7.54Details
166619GRI Telemark10112WGWMini Spc Mt S St/Nc 1' Wh$7.54Details
172314GRI Telemark10112WHTSurf Mt Sw Set Normally Open Contacts - White$7.54Details
172315GRI Telemark10121W20Rs-T W/3K$7.11Details
791289GRI Telemark101TCALSwitch Set Surface Mount With Teriminal & Cvr Alm$7.72Details
627337GRI Telemark10223BResistor Pack W/300 Ohm 180 Ohm 1/4"Case Bag 10 Br$31.89Details
627338GRI Telemark102291K 1/8Watt Resistor$2.90Details
189710GRI Telemark10331B190-12-B With A Hsr Reed In An Extended Case$36.98Details
735453GRI Telemark10331G190-12-G Hsr Reed$36.98Details
347860GRI Telemark10331W190-12-W W/Hsr Reed &Amp; 3/8" Ext. W/Mm-375$36.98Details
172331GRI Telemark10409WSw Set, 101-12-W$7.54Details
189714GRI Telemark10437B100-T-W-Brown W/10K Resistor In Series$6.66Details
189715GRI Telemark10437W100-T-W White W/10K Resistor In Series$6.66Details
627339GRI Telemark10461BResistor Pack 1K, 2K, 3.9K$7.11Details
627341GRI Telemark10469BSw St 1100A W/24" Jacketed Lead - Brown$6.39Details
177592GRI Telemark1047412V Motorized Water Shut Off Valve W/2 Gaskets$209.99Details
725491GRI Telemark10524W8484-T-W Contact With 2 1K Resistors - White$8.56Details
172338GRI Telemark10565G29Paxwg-G With 1K Resistor$11.53Details
189722GRI Telemark105684810568-48 4460A-48 W/2 2K Rstrs$29.25Details
189723GRI Telemark105687210568-72 4460A-72 W/2 2K Restr$34.79Details
189724GRI Telemark10569Pull Apart Sw St W/10' Armored Cbl W/5.6K Resistor$61.59Details
627342GRI Telemark10573WSw Set, Ms20F-24-W W/1K Res And Magnasphere$18.75Details
172339GRI Telemark10582Sw St Biased 4460A W/10K Resistor And Series$19.49Details
166630GRI Telemark10588WSw St 120T-12-W W/2 2K Resistors$7.02Details
172340GRI Telemark10589Sw St 4532 W/2-12K Resistors$16.49Details
177594GRI Telemark10590BSw St 29A-B W/2-12K Resistors$7.54Details
177595GRI Telemark10591BResistor Pk For Unlimited Tech Contains 820 Ohm$4.00Details
166631GRI Telemark10596BSw Set, Mini Surf W/Term Spst-No 1"Gap W/1K$5.94Details
172341GRI Telemark10597BSw Set Mini Surf W/Term Spst-No 1"Gap W/2$5.94Details
172342GRI Telemark10598BSw Set, Mini Surf W/Term Spst-No 1" Gap W/3K$5.94Details
189725GRI Telemark10599BSw Set, Mini Surf W/Term Spst-No 1" Gap W/6.2K$5.94Details
166634GRI Telemark10616WSw Set,Wht,1" Dia. Recessed Wide Gap W/Wire Leads$10.21Details
166635GRI Telemark10617WSw Set,White,1" Dia.Recessed Wide Gap W/Terminals$10.21Details
189727GRI Telemark10618WSw Set, White, Surface Mount Switch Set W/Terminal$8.98Details
189729GRI Telemark10624BSwitch Set 110-T-Brown With A 10K Resistor$6.48Details
189730GRI Telemark10624WSwitch Set 110-T- White With A 10K Resistor$6.48Details
177598GRI Telemark10626BSwitch Only S100T-T-B Brown With 10K Resistor$5.40Details
177599GRI Telemark10626WSwitch Only S100-T-W White 10K Resistor In Series$5.40Details
172344GRI Telemark10628BSw Set, S20Rs-T-W W/Mm-375 Magnet In Brown$7.54Details
166637GRI Telemark10628WSw Set, S20Rs-T-W W/Mm-375 Magnet In White$7.54Details
189732GRI Telemark10633BM-15-B-Pl Praetorian$6.30Details
177600GRI Telemark106354.7K Rstr W/Grn&Wht Lead 2Pk Must Order Qty 10$3.96Details
172345GRI Telemark10637B1 10K Resistor 1/4" Case Red And Black Leads$3.96Details
172346GRI Telemark10637W(1) 10K Resistor In A 1/4" Case, White W/ Sup Loop$3.96Details
890062GRI Telemark10645Switch Set 270-36 W/ 3Amp Reed$60.90Details
311370GRI Telemark10649G29A-G-Pl (Private Label) For Mid America Sec. Sys$4.41Details
347856GRI Telemark10650G29A-G-Pl W/2K Res. For Mid America Sec. Sys$6.57Details
311367GRI Telemark10661BLSw St Ms8080T With 2K Resistor - In Black$20.25Details
347854GRI Telemark10661BRSw St Ms8080T With 2K Resistor - In Brown$20.25Details
347853GRI Telemark10661GYSw St Ms8080T With 2K Resistor - In Gray$20.25Details
347852GRI Telemark10661WHSw St Ms8080T With 2K Resistor - In White$20.25Details
347850GRI Telemark10665B28Awg-B W/5.6K Res (Brown)$8.10Details
347849GRI Telemark10665W28Awg-W W/5.6K Res (White)$8.10Details
347848GRI Telemark10666WSw Set, S20Rs-12-W W/Mm-9-W$4.50Details
311366GRI Telemark10667G413P-72-G With 10K, 2K, 3.3K Resistor$30.44Details
311365GRI Telemark10668WSw St 29Awg White W/10K Resistor$7.90Details
627344GRI Telemark10669BHigh Security Sw St Cms Brown$4.86Details
311364GRI Telemark10671Switch Set 4532Lb W/4.7K Resistor$29.73Details
311363GRI Telemark10674W29Pa36Wg-W-Pl For Flintloc$8.73Details
311362GRI Telemark10683W29Pa-36 Xwg-Wh Sw St$12.19Details
444777GRI Telemark1068425Resistor, 820 Ohm 1/8" Wide 5% Carbon Film. 25 Bag$52.93Details
311358GRI Telemark10700BResistor Pk W/1K Res In Parallel W/Red & Grn Leads$3.96Details
347844GRI Telemark10700WResistor Pk W/1K Res In Parallel W/Red & Grn Leads$3.96Details
347843GRI Telemark10701B20Rs-180 In Brown With A 10K Resistor$10.54Details
347842GRI Telemark10709B3/8" Dia. Resistor Pack Containing Two 1K Res$10.21Details
444778GRI Telemark10720Houle Electric Custom Resistor Pk W/Terminal$3.96Details
444779GRI Telemark10720THoule Electric Custom Resistor Pk W/Terminal$5.13Details
444780GRI Telemark10720TKITHoule Electric Custom Resistor Pk W/Terminal$8.62Details
444781GRI Telemark10721Houle Electric Custom Resistor Pk W/Terminal$3.87Details
444782GRI Telemark10721THoule Electric Custom Resistor Pk W/Terminal$5.13Details
444783GRI Telemark10721TKITHoule Electric Custom Resistor Pk W/Terminal$8.62Details
444784GRI Telemark10722BResistor Pack, 1.2K & 390 Ohm In Series$4.68Details
444785GRI Telemark10723BResistor Pack, 180 Ohm & 300 Ohm In Series$4.77Details
444786GRI Telemark10724BResistor Pack, 294 Ohm & 910 Ohm In Series$4.77Details
444787GRI Telemark10733BSw St 184Rs-12 W/2-1K Resistors In Brown$8.73Details
444788GRI Telemark10733WSw St 184Rs-12 W/2-1K Resistors In White$8.73Details
444789GRI Telemark10736BR29Awg Brown Prive Label Nutech$5.85Details
444790GRI Telemark10736W29Awg White Prive Label Nutech$5.85Details
444791GRI Telemark10737BSw St Aa 184 Dual Reed W/Resistors - In Brown$14.34Details
862278GRI Telemark10737WSw Set Aa184-12-White W/2-1K Resistors Blk Leads$14.34Details
444792GRI Telemark10738BSw St Aa 184 Dual Reed W/Resistors - In Brown$14.34Details
444793GRI Telemark10740BBiased 29A In Brown With Built-In 10K Eol Resistor$15.33Details
803102GRI Telemark10740WSwitch Set Biased 29A-White With A 10K Resistor$15.33Details
444794GRI Telemark10741BBiased 29A In Brwn With Built-In 2.2K Eol Resistor$15.33Details
444795GRI Telemark10742BBiased 29A In Brown With Built-In 1K Eol Resistor$15.33Details
627345GRI Telemark10750B(1)390 Ohm Rstr In Series,(1)1.2K Resistor Inpara$3.96Details
627346GRI Telemark10751B(1)1K Resistor In Series,(1)2K Resistor In Paraell$3.96Details
627347GRI Telemark10753WMs20F-24-W W/1K Must Order In Qtys Of 10$18.75Details
627348GRI Telemark10754W1" Dia Rcsd Sw St W/2 1K Resistors$8.98Details
627349GRI Telemark10755BSwitch Set 180-12-Brown With 2-1K Resistors$8.62Details
627350GRI Telemark10755GSwitch Set 180-12-Gray With 2-1K Resistors$8.62Details
627351GRI Telemark10755W3/4"Dia Rcsd Sw St W/2 1K Rstr$6.39Details
627353GRI Telemark10760WSw Set, 3030-T-W W/2K Resistor---10 Bag$8.56Details
627354GRI Telemark10762Cap For A Hinge For The Dps70R Switch$4.68Details
627357GRI Telemark10777B(8080Rst) Brown With 10K Resistor$8.44Details
627358GRI Telemark10777G(8080Rst) Gray W/10K Resistor$8.44Details
627359GRI Telemark10777W(8080Rst) White With 10K Resistor$8.44Details
627360GRI Telemark10778BShort Roller Ball Brown With 10K Resistor$8.56Details
627361GRI Telemark10778WShort Roller Ball White With 10K Resistor$8.56Details
627362GRI Telemark10784BResistor Pack 3K In Series And 4K In Parralell$3.87Details
627363GRI Telemark10787B101-Tc-B W/2.2K$9.08Details
773667GRI Telemark10804TResistor Pack With Terminals Two 10 K Resistor$7.54Details
627364GRI Telemark10811BRstr Pck W/2 Resistors 1K & 2.49K Wht Grn/Redlead$3.96Details
867726GRI Telemark10845WSwitch Set 400-W-Ind$8.98Details
777580GRI Telemark10846WSwitch Set N4473-W-Ind$5.04Details
752967GRI Telemark10847WSwitch Set 100-T-W-Ind$4.59Details
787942GRI Telemark10848BSwitch Set 29Pawg-B-Ind$8.62Details
736117GRI Telemark10858Custom 250-36Hd W/5.6K Resistor$33.34Details
735795GRI Telemark10868Sw Set 4400-A W/ 3' Coated Armor Cbl & Male Conn$57.28Details
895294GRI Telemark10871WSwitch Set 20Rs-60Xwg-White,3/8" Recessed Extra Wg$6.75Details
835867GRI Telemark10872BSwitch Only 30Rs-60Wg-Brown,3/8" Recessed Wide Gap$8.62Details
871459GRI Telemark10873WSwitch S50Rs W/ 18In Lead-White$3.78Details
915584GRI Telemark10875WSwitch Set,184-12-W With Two 5.6K Resistors$8.56Details
892281GRI Telemark10876GSwitch Set 1100A-36-Gjl 36"Jacketed Lead In Gray$6.93Details
850887GRI Telemark10877GSw Set 1100A-36Wg-Gjl 36"Jacketed Lead Wide Gap$7.54Details
843440GRI Telemark10881GAc29Pwg-G(Pl) W/1 A&C Form Reed 36"$14.34Details
840576GRI Telemark10886Sw Set 4400Ab W/33K Res$39.14Details
712334GRI Telemark10900Switch Set B200-36 With A 1K Eol Resistor$35.53Details
890099GRI Telemark10902Industrial Switch Set, 200-36 Hd W/33K Resistor$32.63Details
854058GRI Telemark10912Sw Set, 4714-Jc Reverse Pull Apart Spdt W/Eyelet$37.69Details
895094GRI Telemark10914WSw Set, 100-12-W W/Ord 2210 Reed$6.48Details
886568GRI Telemark10917BPbf-100-B W/10K Resistor$8.44Details
776622GRI Telemark10925WSwitch Set With A 20' Jacketed Lead & 10K Resistor$26.25Details
991302GRI Telemark10936W29A-Color White W/2 1K$7.54Details
730358GRI Telemark10956WSwitch Set,28Axwg-W W/1K Resistor Pk, Spst-No2"Gap$8.56Details
848323GRI Telemark10957WSwitch Set, 28Axwg-W W/33K Resistor - Bag Of 10$8.56Details
889457GRI Telemark10964GSwitch Set 29Pawg-G Private Logo For Sonitrol$8.62Details
1023604GRI Telemark10980Res Pack - Bag Of 10$50.03Details
1074341GRI Telemark11003BSw Set, 50-12-W W/2.2K - Must Buy 10$6.84Details
983966GRI Telemark11003WSw Set, 50-12Wg-W W/2.2K -Must Buy 10$6.84Details
172347GRI Telemark1100A12BGri Mini Scrw Mt/Wire Leads Br Pk Of 10$5.67Details
711049GRI Telemark1100A12BPLSwtch Set,Surface Mnt Spst,1/2"Gap,Brn,Privatelab$5.67Details
189735GRI Telemark1100A12GGri Mini Scrw Mt/Wire Lead Gy$5.67Details
172348GRI Telemark1100A12WSwitch Set Surface Mount Closed Loop White$5.67Details
166638GRI Telemark1100A12WGBSur Mnt 1 1/2" Gap Cnct Brown$6.21Details
189737GRI Telemark1100A24WSw St Surf Mnt Spst/No 1/2"Gap With 24"Lead$6.21Details
189738GRI Telemark1100A36W1100 Series 36 Inch Leads White$6.21Details
857876GRI Telemark1100A48WGWBG1100A-Wg W/7 Foot Lead$8.98Details
627369GRI Telemark1100C12GSurface Mini 12' Lead Spdt In Gray$9.39Details
177610GRI Telemark1100C12WGWSw. Set, Surf. Mt., Spdt, 1 1/2" Gap$9.88Details
946250GRI Telemark11011B2KRESISTORPACK2-2K Resistor Pack Red, Black White Leads$3.96Details
166643GRI Telemark11012WGALMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/12" Leads, 1 1/$4.86Details
347840GRI Telemark11024WSw St Mini Surf Mt. Spst N/O W/24"Lead$4.95Details
768191GRI Telemark110TWGALSw Set, Mini Surface W/Terms Wg$5.04Details
172356GRI Telemark110TWGBGri 110-Twg Brn Mini Surface$5.04Details
850389GRI Telemark110TWGWGENSw St Surface Mini Mount Wht 100 In A Bag$276.74Details
347838GRI Telemark110TWW47KSurface Mount Switch Set W/Terminal Block 4.7K Eol$6.48Details
172358GRI Telemark11112WClearance Gri 111-12/W$5.67Details
897406GRI Telemark11212WSwitch Set Surface Mount White Single Pole Double$8.89Details
189755GRI Telemark11212WGWSw Set, Mini Surface Tab Spdt 1 1/4'' Ga$9.39Details
740519GRI Telemark11296WHITESurface Mount Spdt With A 96" Wire Lead$11.53Details
347837GRI Telemark120RST12WSwitch Set 3/4" 180Rs-12 With A 3/8" Mm-$4.59Details
189759GRI Telemark120T12WGBSwtset Spst 1" Gapw/M-5 Br$4.41Details
177619GRI Telemark120T12WGWSwtset Spst 1"Gap W/M-5 Wh$4.41Details
172364GRI Telemark120T12XWGW3/4 Swt 3/8"Mag,Xtra Wid Gap$6.30Details
172367GRI Telemark129AWGB129Awg Min Srf W/Cvr Br$6.84Details
177625GRI Telemark129AWGW129Awg Min Srf W/Cvr Wh$6.84Details
177631GRI Telemark14T12B3/4" Recessed Sw Set Spdt Brown$8.10Details
177632GRI Telemark15012WGri 15012W Contact, Wht, 1/2"$4.95Details
177633GRI Telemark150MF12W1/2" Dia. Sw. W/12" Lead Paired W/ Mf-87$4.77Details
627378GRI Telemark150TWGBROWNWide Gap Switch Set Closed Loop$6.39Details
444797GRI Telemark17012WGBSw St 1/2" Recessed Spdt 1 1/2"Gap$11.04Details
172385GRI Telemark18012W2KRecessed 3/4" Dia Steel Door Sw St W/2K Resistor$7.54Details
189781GRI Telemark18012WGBLCK180-12-Wg-Blck 3/4" Dia Sld Bags 10$7.54Details
189783GRI Telemark18012WGG18012Wg Steeldr Wdgp Gy$7.54Details
172388GRI Telemark180MC12BRSw St 3/4" Dia Recessed W/ Mc180 Channel Magnet$7.72Details
166787GRI Telemark180MC12GS180 W/Door Channel Magnet - Gray$7.72Details
177658GRI Telemark180MC12WS180 W/Door Channel Magnet - White Pack Of 10$60.19Details
347836GRI Telemark18412W1KSw St 1" Steel Door Spst N/O 1/2"Gap W/1K Resistor$7.72Details
167148GRI Telemark184CP3ALRec.Mount Button Only Chld Prf$24.75Details
177664GRI Telemark184CP4ALRec Rmt Sndr & Butt Chld Proof$37.69Details
172399GRI Telemark184RS12BSwitch Set, Recessed, Stubby, 1 Inch Diameter, Clo$6.19Details
177668GRI Telemark18512GRecessed 3/4" Steel Door, Open Loop, Gra$7.54Details
1063262GRI Telemark18512WGGSw Set, 3/4" Steel Door Sw$8.56Details
172401GRI Telemark18512WGWSwitch Set, Recessed, 3/4 Inch Diameter,$8.56Details
900846GRI Telemark189MC12BSwitch Set 1" Recessed Spdt W/Ch Magnet-Brown$9.39Details
172405GRI Telemark189N1Recessed Pool Alarm Delayed- No Etl Markings$78.39Details
167156GRI Telemark19012B3-1/4"Spdt Steel Dr Rcssd Brow$11.04Details
189801GRI Telemark19012G3-1/4" Spdt Steel Dr Rcssd Gr$11.04Details
172408GRI Telemark19012W3-1/4"Dia Spdt Stl Dr Rec Wht$11.04Details
189802GRI Telemark19012WGBSwitch Set 3/4" Open Loop Wide Gap In Br$12.85Details
172410GRI Telemark19012WGW3/4" Stl Dr Swt Wdgp Spdt Bag 10$109.19Details
172415GRI Telemark19472WGG1"+1" Diam Stl Dr Rec 6'Ld Gry$14.50Details
172450GRI Telemark19536W3/4"Steel Door 36"Lead White$15.75Details
311353GRI Telemark19912WGGSw St,1"Dr Swtch Dpdt Up To 3/4"Gap W/M-184Wg Gray$16.49Details
167164GRI Telemark19972G1"Dia Stl Dr Rec Wg 72" Ld$20.25Details
167166GRI Telemark199MC12BSw.1" Dia.Rec.Steel Dr W/ Mc-180 Magnet,Dpdt-Brown$21.75Details
808914GRI Telemark200240HDSwitch Set, Industrial Surface Mount W/20' Ss Cbl$96.59Details
177682GRI Telemark202012G3/8" Recessed 1/2"+Gap Lead Bag Of 10$3.80Details
627401GRI Telemark202012W2K3/8"Reset Sw Set W/12"Wire Leads Wht W/2K Resistor$5.67Details
627403GRI Telemark2020144WSw Set, 3/8"Press Fit Switch No With 144"Leads Wht$7.11Details
172465GRI Telemark202072WGB3/8" Press Fit 72" Lead Wg B$5.49Details
189812GRI Telemark202096WGB3/8" Press Fit 96" Lead Wg B - Brown$6.84Details
177689GRI Telemark202096WGW3/8" Press Fit 96" Lead Wg B - White$6.84Details
925784GRI Telemark2020TAL3/8"D Press Fit Term 1/2" Almond$4.23Details
172472GRI Telemark2020TWGWW2K3/8" Prs Ft Term 2K Res 10 Bag$7.02Details
167180GRI Telemark2020TWW2KGri White W/2K Resister$6.39Details
311351GRI Telemark2020TXWGW3/8" Press 1-1/2" Gap White$6.66Details
189821GRI Telemark20OF12BCnt Sw Set 3/8"W Bag 10 Brown$32.63Details
167185GRI Telemark20RS12WW10KSw St 20Rs12 W/10K Resistor$6.57Details
627406GRI Telemark20RS144W3/8" Contact W/12' Led$8.44Details
729085GRI Telemark20RS180BJLSwitch Set 20Rs In Brown With A 15' Jacketed Lead$9.88Details
172479GRI Telemark20RS36W3/8" Contact W/12' Ledd Wh$5.22Details
311349GRI Telemark20RS48XWGBSwitch Set 20Rs-48" Lead 1" Gap In Brown$6.30Details
1018564GRI Telemark20RS60B20Rs60B 3/8" Recessed Contact, 60" Lead, Brown$6.03Details
311348GRI Telemark20RS72BSwtst 3/8" Shrt 72" Leads Br$5.67Details
177703GRI Telemark20RS72WSwtst 3/8" Shrt 72" Leads Wh$5.67Details
167190GRI Telemark20RSTAL3/8 Rec Shrt Term Switch Set Almd$4.95Details
172487GRI Telemark20RSTWW2K3/8"Prs Ft Clsd Lp Swt W/2Kres$7.11Details
760102GRI Telemark212036WGBSw Set Ribbed Case 1" Gap Clsd Loop W/36"Wire -Brn$5.40Details
627408GRI Telemark22072Sw Set Industrial Flr Mount Spst With 6' Armor Cbl$55.09Details
177714GRI Telemark25048HDSw Set, Ind Wall Mnt W/M-280 48" Armored Lead$42.78Details
627411GRI Telemark25060Sw Set Indust Wllmnt Clsd Loop 5' Armor Lead$44.94Details
627412GRI Telemark25072HDIndustrial Wall Mount Heavy Duty W/ 6' Armor Cable$52.19Details
177718GRI Telemark2600WVSClosed Looped Wtr Snsr F/Water Valve Shutoff Swtch$22.49Details
189845GRI Telemark280812VAbsence Water Detector W/12V External Power$66.50Details
347829GRI Telemark280812V24Sensor, Absence Of Water 12V W/24"Under Ground Cbl$71.39Details
311346GRI Telemark28ABW2KSwitch Set 28A In Brown With A 2K Resistor$6.21Details
627415GRI Telemark28AWGB10KSwitch Set (28Awg) Brown With 10K Resistor$8.10Details
627416GRI Telemark28AWGW10KSwitch Set (28Awg) White With 10K Resistor$8.10Details
311345GRI Telemark28AWW2KSwitch Set 28A White With A 2K Resistor$6.21Details
177732GRI Telemark28AXWGWSwitch Set, Spst- No 2" Gap Bag Of 10$6.84Details
840071GRI Telemark28BWGBROWNOpen Loop Swtch,Wide Gap,Brown$8.98Details
167225GRI Telemark28BWGWOpen Loop Swtch,Wide Gap Bag 10 White$68.59Details
177735GRI Telemark28CBSwitch Set, Surface Mount With Concealed$8.56Details
172522GRI Telemark29ABW1KGri 29A Brwn W/ 1 K Resistor$6.39Details
167234GRI Telemark29ABW2KSwitch Set 29A In Brown With A 2/K Resistor$6.39Details
311342GRI Telemark29AG2KSurface Mount Switch W/Terminals Closed Loop$6.39Details
189867GRI Telemark29AGW1K29A W/1K Res Grey$6.39Details
167238GRI Telemark29AWG56W29A Contact W/ 5.6 Resistor Pack 10 Gray -Wide Gap$8.10Details
177749GRI Telemark29AWGBW1KSurf.Mt.Sw.Set,Spst,1 1/2" Gap,Brown,W/1K Resistor$8.10Details
444800GRI Telemark29AWGGENSw Set 1/2" Gap Generic$3.60Details
177753GRI Telemark29AWGWW1KSwitch Set 29A Wide Gap With 1K Resistor$8.10Details
172527GRI Telemark29AWW1KGri 29A White W/ 1K Resistor$6.39Details
177756GRI Telemark29AXWGBSurface Mount X-Wide Gap Brown$7.02Details
167250GRI Telemark29PA36WGWSw St Surf Mount White Spst N/O 1 1/2"Gap 36"Leads$8.89Details
311339GRI Telemark29PA72W29A Switch Set With A 72 Wire Lead In W$8.56Details
189891GRI Telemark29PAWGWSurf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ 24" 2C Jacketed Lea$8.44Details
942316GRI Telemark29PAXWGBSwt Sfcmnt Spst 2 Logo Brown$9.88Details
736118GRI Telemark29PBBSurface Mnt Open Loop W/2'Lead$9.08Details
177771GRI Telemark29PBWSfce Mnt Opn Loop, 24" Jck Ld$9.08Details
177773GRI Telemark29PCBSwitch Set, Surface Mount Spdt 24" 3 Con$8.98Details
189894GRI Telemark29PCWSw Set, 29Pc 3 Cond. Cable 22 Ga. In White$11.53Details
1069028GRI Telemark29PCWGBSfce 3 Cond Cbl 22G Wg Brwn$14.83Details
177776GRI Telemark29PDWGGSw Set,Surf Mnt W/2 C Form Reeds,Bag Of 10$23.99Details
167259GRI Telemark29PDWGWWide Gap White Contact$23.99Details
627423GRI Telemark303012AL3/8"Dia Rec Press Fit Sw,Set$6.48Details
177778GRI Telemark303012WGW3/8" Dia. Press Fit, .92" Length, Spst-$7.11Details
1050711GRI Telemark3030TALSw Set, 3/8 Press Fit Spst-Nc 1/2" Gap W/Terminal$7.11Details
177780GRI Telemark3030TB3/8" Opn Loop W/Trm Cnctr Br$7.11Details
627424GRI Telemark3030TBLKSw Set 3/8" Press Fit Spst 1/2" Gap W/ Terminal$7.11Details
189903GRI Telemark3030TWGW3/8"Res.1"Wide Term Spdt White$7.72Details
627426GRI Telemark30F12WGWContact 30F W/12"Lead And Flange Wide Gap Wh$7.11Details
172635GRI Telemark30RS12WGri 30Rs-12 Wht 3 8 Ptf Open$7.54Details
167314GRI Telemark30RS12XWGG3/8 Rcsd Xtreme Wide Gap Gry$8.44Details
752730GRI Telemark30RS72BSwtch Set,3/8" S/Press Fit,Spst-No 72" Brwn Lds$8.62Details
822126GRI Telemark30RS72XWGBRSw Set, 3/8 Press Fit, Spst--No 72" Leads Brn W/M-$8.73Details
760625GRI Telemark38293.3K Bare Resistor 1/8 Watt 1% Tol. Pk Of 10$21.75Details
311333GRI Telemark400BW2KSw St 400 In Brown W/2K Resistor$9.88Details
172642GRI Telemark400WGBRGri 400Wgb Industrial Surface$9.08Details
627432GRI Telemark400WGG10KSwitch Set (400Wg) Gray With 10K Resistor$11.04Details
627434GRI Telemark400WGW10KSwitch Set (400Wg) White With 10K Resistor$11.04Details
627436GRI Telemark402WSrfc Mnt Sp/Dt 1/2"Gap White$12.85Details
172648GRI Telemark402WGWSrfc Mt.Switch Set, Spdtw/ 3" Gap 10Pk$14.03Details
167334GRI Telemark404012XWGBSw St 3/8" Press Fit Spdt 1 1/2"Gap Brown$8.73Details
818396GRI Telemark404084WGSw St 3/8 Press Fit Spdt 84" Leads 1" Gap$13.51Details
177807GRI Telemark40RS12W3/8" Shrt Rnd 12"Ld Spdp Wh$8.62Details
172652GRI Telemark40RS12XWGWHSw Set, 3/8" Short Press Fit Sngl Pole Dt In Wht$11.53Details
167338GRI Telemark40RS36BSw St 3/8" Short Press Set Spdt 36"Leads$8.56Details
917304GRI Telemark410P144WGWSwtch & Mgnt St,Clsd Lp,3"Gap W/144" Of 2Cond Wire$14.34Details
177810GRI Telemark410PBIndustrial Surf Mnt$8.73Details
177811GRI Telemark410PGIndustrial Srf Mnt Gy$8.73Details
311327GRI Telemark411PWGWOpen Loop Wide Gap Sw W/36Inch Cond Cabl$12.69Details
873501GRI Telemark412BSwt Srf Mnt Spdt Brwn$12.85Details
189923GRI Telemark412PBSpdt Indstrl Sfc Mnt 36"Ld Brn Bag 10$116.19Details
347818GRI Telemark412PGSw St Surf Mt Spdt 1 1/2" Gap Gri Logo Color Grey$13.68Details
172664GRI Telemark412PWSpdt Indstrl Sfc Mnt 36"Ld Wht$13.68Details
1057277GRI Telemark412WGBSw Set$14.03Details
167349GRI Telemark412WGWIndstrl Sfc Mnt Spdp W/Gap Wht$14.03Details
167350GRI Telemark413PBSurf Mt Swt Dpdt 36" 6Con Jack - Brown$18.75Details
1046980GRI Telemark413PGSw Set, Ind Surf Mnt Dpdt 36" 6 Cond Cable$18.75Details
177819GRI Telemark413PWSurf Mt Swt Dpdt 36" 6Con Jack - White$18.75Details
627441GRI Telemark413PWGB412Pwg-B W/2 C Form 36" ,6 Conductor Cbl - Brown$23.25Details
627442GRI Telemark413PWGW413Pwg-W W/2 C Form Reeds 36",6 Conductor Cable$23.25Details
167353GRI Telemark4175Mounting Bracket For 410 Series $3.20Details
189928GRI Telemark4400120Indus.Wide Gap Sw.Set Alum$30.44Details
177823GRI Telemark4400A180Sw. Set W/180" (15Ft.)Armor Cable Lead, Spst$79.79Details
859624GRI Telemark4400A240Alum Ind Wd Gp Swt 20'Arm Cbl$97.99Details
1040983GRI Telemark4400A600W2K4400-A W/50' Armor Lead & 2K Res$197.39Details
627444GRI Telemark4400AW10KIndustrial Switch Set W/ Armor Cbl & 10K Resistor$31.89Details
627445GRI Telemark4400AW1K4400A Overhead Dr W/1K Res$34.79Details
311324GRI Telemark4400AW2210Sw St 4400A With 2210 Reed$34.79Details
908544GRI Telemark440260Switch Set Industrial Aluminum Wide Gap Spdt 5'$31.18Details
311323GRI Telemark4402A48Form C Contact With 48" Leads$46.39Details
823869GRI Telemark4402A72Switch Set 4402A With A 6' Armor Lead$54.38Details
172672GRI Telemark4402AB72Biasd Hi Sec Pull Aprt Spdt 6'$61.59Details
627446GRI Telemark4402AB96Switch Set Contact With 8'Armored Leads$69.99Details
347816GRI Telemark4405A48Aluminum Industrial Wide Gap Sw. Set, Dpdt 48"Lead$64.39Details
444808GRI Telemark446072Surface Mnt Contact W/72" Lead$11.04Details
797993GRI Telemark4460A24Contact Switch Set Mini Aluminum Case 24"Arm Cable$19.49Details
177830GRI Telemark4460A36Mini Alum 36” Armored Contact$23.25Details
177832GRI Telemark4460A60Sw St Miniture Alum Case W/5Ft Armor Cable Lead$29.73Details
189935GRI Telemark4460A72Aluminum, Commercial Switch Set Includin$32.63Details
172674GRI Telemark4460A72W33KSw St Miniture Aluminum W/72"Arm Cbl & 3.3K Rstr$34.08Details
627450GRI Telemark4463A48Switch Set Minature Alum Case Dpdt W/48"Armorlead$34.08Details
880657GRI Telemark4473GEN3/4 Terminal 100 Per Bag$3.60Details
311321GRI Telemark4532180Ovrhd Dr Industrial Sw Set, W/2 1/2" Gap Clsd Loop$63.70Details
189941GRI Telemark453236W22KOverhead Dr Sw.Set W/36'Armor Cbl Lead W/2.2Kres$26.99Details
172681GRI Telemark453248W22KOverhead Dr Sw.Set W/48'Armor Cbl Lead W/2.2K Res$29.73Details
844982GRI Telemark4532LB120Sw St Ovrhd Dr Open Loop With A 10' Armor Lead$60.90Details
311320GRI Telemark4532W2KSw St Overhead Door 2 1/2" Gap W/2K Resistor$16.49Details
1067844GRI Telemark454512GSw Ser, 3/8" Press Fit Dpdt W/Mm-9Rs-G 10/Pk$85.39Details
167376GRI Telemark454512W3/8" Dia. Rec. Sw. Set,Mm-9Rs-W Wh$10.21Details
993114GRI Telemark454512WGBLSw Set, 3/8" Press Fit Dpdt 1" Gap$10.54Details
172685GRI Telemark4561RTilt Switch Rohs Compliant$12.69Details
167379GRI Telemark4561W22KMercury Swt N.O. W/2.2K Res$11.86Details
167381GRI Telemark4612108Mini Curtain Door Sw. Set, W/ 2" Gap, Closed Loop,$65.79Details
167382GRI Telemark461260Mini-Curtain Door Sw. Set, W/2" Gap, Closed Loop$50.74Details
177848GRI Telemark4635Empty Magnet Case For The Pull Apart Swi$1.40Details
711312GRI Telemark4700A300Switch Set, Overhead Door Rail Mount W/25' Ss Cbl$130.19Details
172689GRI Telemark4700A72Rail Mount Switch Set W/72 In Cable & Wire$58.79Details
862134GRI Telemark4700AW1KOverhead Dr Rail Mnt Clsd Loop Sw Set 1K Resistor$50.74Details
189949GRI Telemark4700AXLSw St Ind Ex Lrg Track Mount 3"Arm Cbl Upto 3"Gap$57.28Details
189950GRI Telemark4701AIndustrial Wide Gap Track Mount Form C Spdt$52.93Details
781143GRI Telemark4701A48Sw St Overhead Dr Rail Mnt Spdt W/ 48" Armor Lead$62.30Details
167384GRI Telemark4704480Non Armored 4704 With 40' Lead$39.14Details
177850GRI Telemark4704A1200Pull Apart Switch Set$336.14Details
167386GRI Telemark4704A3604704A Spdt With Form C Reed 30' Armored Cable$125.99Details
189957GRI Telemark4704A900Surf. Mt. Pull Apart Sw. Set W/ 75 Ft$274.39Details
189958GRI Telemark4704AW564704A Pull Apart W/5.6K Resistor$29.73Details
627454GRI Telemark4705AXLOverhead Gate Switch Dpdt 3'Armored Cable$71.39Details
177854GRI Telemark4714A120Sw St Reverse Pull Apart Spdt$68.59Details
172695GRI Telemark4714A240Sw St Surf Mount Reverse Pull Apart Spdt 20' Cbl$159.59Details
177855GRI Telemark4714JCSwitch Set Pull Apart Made Wiht Custom Leads$38.43Details
172699GRI Telemark4834TW3/8" Short Rec Terminal Sw Set,W/Mm-9Rs Mag,1/2Gap$4.95Details
189962GRI Telemark5012WGBMin Srf Mnt Slf Adh 1" Gap Brn$4.59Details
189964GRI Telemark5012WGW1/4"Srfce Mnt,12"Lead,Wd Gp-Wh$4.59Details
189965GRI Telemark5012WGW33KMini Surface Mount Contact With 3.3K Resistor-Wht$6.66Details
1030018GRI Telemark5014Case, 184 3/8 Mag Case-White$0.52Details
934661GRI Telemark5016Case, 184 3/8 Mag Case Brown$0.52Details
444809GRI Telemark505240WSw St Surf Mt. Spst-No 1/2"Gap 22Gage Wire Leads$10.54Details
189969GRI Telemark5065725065 Cnct W/72" Leads$4.05Details
172706GRI Telemark506WMini Srfc Mt Sw Set Spst Opn Loop$7.54Details
167500GRI Telemark5088RSTWGri 20Rstw And Mf-875 Magnet$4.95Details
189975GRI Telemark5088RSWSwt Only 20Rs12 W/Mf875 White$4.68Details
347812GRI Telemark5088TGY3/8"Rcssd Term Cntct,Wd Gp,Grey$4.32Details
167502GRI Telemark5088TW3/8"Rcssd Term Cntct,Wd Gp,Wht$4.32Details
1024776GRI Telemark5088WGBSe Set, S2020-12Wg-B W/Mf-875 -Must Buy 10$4.41Details
917855GRI Telemark5088WGWSw Set S2020-12Wg-W W/Mf-875$4.41Details
167508GRI Telemark50F12WGBBAMini Sfc Mnt Swt Br Wide Gap$4.59Details
722760GRI Telemark50F84WGWBULKSurface Mount 50F Wide Gap Switch With A 84" Lead$6.03Details
627458GRI Telemark50F96WSwitch Set 50F With A 8 Foot Wire Lead In White$6.48Details
177874GRI Telemark50R12WGWGi-50R12 Wide Gap 1"Long Wh$3.96Details
627460GRI Telemark50R48WGW1/4" Recessed Wide Gap With 48" Leads In White$5.31Details
189982GRI Telemark50R96WGBGi-50R12 Wide Gap 96" Lead Brown$6.66Details
177876GRI Telemark50R96WGWGi-50R12 Wide Gap 96"Lead White$6.66Details
177877GRI Telemark50RF12WGBGri 50Rf-12Wg Brn 1/4 Flanged$4.32Details
189984GRI Telemark50RF12WGWGri 50Rf-12Wg Wht 1/4 Flanged$4.32Details
989652GRI Telemark5120Case, 184 Red - Grey$0.52Details
1082280GRI Telemark5121Case, 184 3/8 Mag Case Gray$0.52Details
627465GRI Telemark5229BCover For The 29 Series Switch Without Holes-Brwn$0.12Details
172726GRI Telemark5430W3/4" O/L Swtch W/M5 Mag White$6.66Details
189998GRI Telemark55F120WBASw St Miniture Wht Surf Flanged Break Away Spst$7.11Details
177889GRI Telemark55F12WGBBAMini Flng 1" + Cntr Leads Br$4.32Details
190003GRI Telemark55F12WGWBAS/M W/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Wh$4.32Details
190005GRI Telemark55F72WBAMin Srf Mnt 72" Led Clsd Lup$5.22Details
190006GRI Telemark564229Awgg P/L Amherst Alarm$6.03Details
167530GRI Telemark5688M1100W P/L American Alarm$1.96Details
172734GRI Telemark5702Arm Cab W/ 3/16" Inside Dia, Sq Lk Cable$3.08Details
177894GRI Telemark5702SEmpty Armor Cable - Stuffed Per Foot With Wire$4.23Details
177896GRI Telemark575129Awgb P/L A&B Radio$6.03Details
167532GRI Telemark575229Awgw P/L A&B Radio$5.85Details
939242GRI Telemark5925BR29Aw Priv Label Cunnigham Ia4 - Brown$4.41Details
748529GRI Telemark5925G29Aw Priv Label Cunningham Ia4 - Gray$4.41Details
775116GRI Telemark5925W29A White Private Label Cunningham Ia4$4.41Details
347811GRI Telemark5992B28Awg W/1K Resis Private Label - Brown$8.10Details
347810GRI Telemark5992G28Awg W/1K Resis Private Label - Gray$8.10Details
347809GRI Telemark5992W28Awg W/1K Resis And Private Label$8.10Details
172738GRI Telemark60F12BRBASw St,Breakaway Flanged Spst-Nc 1/2"Gap Br Surf Mt$6.93Details
167539GRI Telemark60F12WGBBA3/4 Open Loop Switch$7.72Details
177904GRI Telemark60F12WHBASw St,Breakaway Flanged Spst-Nc 1/2"Gap Wh Surf Mt$6.93Details
172741GRI Telemark60RS12GYSw St 1/4" Recessed N/C 1/4"Gap In Gray$7.54Details
444811GRI Telemark65162.2K Bare Resistor$2.80Details
177914GRI Telemark65F12WBAMini Slf Stk Opn Loop Flngd$6.93Details
627478GRI Telemark65F12WGBSwitch Set Mini Surface Mount W/ Flange Open Loop$6.93Details
172747GRI Telemark6644T2K Op/1K Cl Resistor Pk Term-Sold Pk Of 10$7.11Details
177922GRI Telemark700CL12BMicro Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ 12" Center Le$6.75Details
311314GRI Telemark700CL96WSw Set Micro Surface Mount W/96" Center Lead-White$8.56Details
177925GRI Telemark700EL24WMiniture Surf Mt Sw St Wide Gap W/24" Lead$0.96Details
177926GRI Telemark700TBRMicro Surface Mount With Terminals - Closed Loop$6.93Details
444813GRI Telemark7012BSpdt Mini Surfc Mnt Slf Adh.Br$11.53Details
172757GRI Telemark7012WSpdt Mini Surfc Mnt Slf Adh.Wh$11.53Details
762477GRI Telemark701CL12BSw Set Micro Surf Mnt Open Loop W/12" Lead In Brwn$8.98Details
177929GRI Telemark701CL12WMicro Surf.Mt.Sw.Set W/Center Leads,12"Leads - Wht$8.98Details
177930GRI Telemark701EL12WMicro Surf.Mt.Sw.Set,W/ End Leads 12"Leads - White$8.98Details
190026GRI Telemark7027B8080T W/1K Resistor-Brown$7.54Details
177931GRI Telemark7027W8080T W/1K Resistor-White$7.54Details
172761GRI Telemark7035WGri 7035W Switch Only S20Rst$5.31Details
177933GRI Telemark7079W100T P/L For Federal Security$4.50Details
821785GRI Telemark70R204WGW1/4" Recessed With A 17' Wire Lead Wide Gap In Wht$15.75Details
867423GRI Telemark70R408WGW1/4" Recessed With A 34' Wire Lead Wide Gap-Wht$20.25Details
190029GRI Telemark70R96WGBSw St 1/4"Dia Spdt With 96" Lead - Brown$13.68Details
190030GRI Telemark70R96WGWSw St 1/4"Dia Spdt With 96" Lead - White$13.68Details
1073887GRI Telemark7123BSw Set,S2020-12Wg-B W/Sup Loop W/M-13$36.24Details
945535GRI Telemark7123WSw Set, S2020-12Wg-W W/Sup Loop W/M-13 Bag Of 10$36.24Details
190036GRI Telemark7133B18412R2-1K Rstr Dr Cntct-Brwn$11.20Details
167563GRI Telemark7147B3/8"Prssft Stbby W/2.2K Res Brown$7.11Details
190037GRI Telemark7147W3/8 Stubby Cntct W/Term 2.2K Res$7.11Details
190038GRI Telemark7151Contact With Kam3 Reed$55.83Details
172766GRI Telemark7153W400 W/1K Res White$9.88Details
177939GRI Telemark7185G18012 Wide Gap W/2 1K Resistors Gray$9.88Details
190044GRI Telemark7189WSwitch Only White$2.50Details
167566GRI Telemark7234Res Pack 2/1K 2Wh Lds,2Blk Lds$3.96Details
794587GRI Telemark7248WSwitch Set 100-12Wg-White With 2-1K Resistors$8.44Details
950556GRI Telemark7317BSw Set, 2020-Twg-B W/2.2K$7.02Details
1050849GRI Telemark7317BLSw Set, 2020-Twg-Bl W/2.2K$7.02Details
177943GRI Telemark7317WGri 2020Twgw W/2.2 Resistor$7.02Details