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Intrusion Security Systems

Recessed Contacts

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
738874Ademco / Honeywell Security001009902Stubby Rec Wide Gap Cnct Brown$4.82Details
715623Ademco / Honeywell Security0010105011/4" Recessed Reed Contact Wht$3.71Details
106451Ademco / Honeywell Security91FPlastic Strap 1/8" 100/Bag$9.24Details
110754Ademco Sensors4191SNWHRecessed Contact W/Serial # Id$21.00Details
110670Ademco Sensors944SPWHRec 3/8" Contact W/ 3/4" Adapt$4.91Details
993262Ademco Sensors944TREBRSwitch,Rare Earth Button Mag$5.36Details
111024Ademco Sensors944TREWH$5.11Details
110672Ademco Sensors944TSPBRRecessed Cnt 3/4"W3/8"Mag Br$4.52Details
111367Ademco Sensors944TSPWHRecessed Cnt 3/4"W3/8"Mag Wh$4.52Details
111368Ademco Sensors944TWH$3.92Details
110767Ademco Sensors94775TBRSteel Door Contact W/Term Br$8.03Details
110768Ademco Sensors94775TWHSteel Door Contact W/Term Wh$8.03Details
111030Ademco Sensors94775WHWide Gap St.Dr Rec.3/4"$7.92Details
111031Ademco Sensors947BRWide Gap Stl Dr Rec Cont 1" Br$10.35Details
111372Ademco Sensors951WGBRRecess 3/8" Cont Br, Wide Gap$5.83Details
111034Ademco Sensors951WGWHRecess 3/8" Cont Wh, Wide Gap$5.15Details
111374Ademco Sensors955PSTBRPlunger W/Terminals Brown$7.33Details
111035Ademco Sensors955PSTWHPlunger W/Temninal White$5.89Details
111036Ademco Sensors955WH$10.40Details
110771Ademco Sensors956RPTWHRollert Plunger W/Terminals Wh$5.89Details
992033Ademco SensorsPRO51BTMWHMagnet 3/8 Stubby W/Rare Earth$5.22Details
982637Ai NextAC1010WPs1621W Magnet Only, White$1.56Details
1072151Ai NextDC1611WGB1" Wide Gap Press To Fit Brown Closed Loop$2.40Details
960211Ai NextDC1611WGW1" Wide Gap White Closed Loop Recessed$2.40Details
1083439Ai NextDC1621WGB3/8" Prs Fit Wg Contact Brown$2.40Details
942170Ai NextDC1621WGW3/8"D Prs Fit Lead 1-1/4" Wht$2.30Details
1006584Ai NextDC1631B1/4" Recessed Stubby Brown$2.40Details
1050416Ai NextDC1631GY1/4"Press;3/8Widegap Stub Wire Lead Gray$2.40Details
954494Ai NextDC1631W1/4" Press Fit, 3/8"Wide Gap Stub Set White$2.40Details
937414Ai NextDC1641BE/8" Press Fit 1" Gab Brown$1.94Details
1075740Ai NextDC1641W3/8"D Press Fit Lead 1" Wht$1.72Details
1007407Ai NextDC1651B3/8"Prs Fit, Wg, Contact Brown$1.76Details
1037539Ai NextDC1651G3/8"Prs Fit, Wg, Contact, Grey$2.40Details
1037113Ai NextDC1651W3/8"D Stubby Lead 1" Wht$1.76Details
1041127Ai NextDC1671W3/8 Press Fit Switch W/ Round Magnet$2.10Details
1066877Ai NextDC1671W153/8" Press Fit Contact 15Ft Wire Leads W/Donut Mag$3.60Details
978868Ai NextDC1813B3/4" Steel Door 3/4" Magnet Recessed Brown$2.90Details
1069047Ai NextDC1813W3/4" Steel Door 3/4" Magnet Recessed White$2.90Details
964996Ai NextDC1814W3/4" Steel Door With 3/8" Magnet White$2.70Details
1008722Ai NextDC2541WGB1" Wide Gap Contact With Cover Brown$1.86Details
1068550Ai NextDC2541WGGStand Srfc 7/8"Wg Contact Gry$1.92Details
1054134Ai NextDC2611B3/8 Press Fit W/Terminals Brown$2.70Details
1029658Ai NextDC2611W3/8"D Stubby Term 3/4" Wht$2.10Details
1066075Ai NextDC2612WHITE3/8" Press Fit Terminal Contact With Donut Magnet$2.90Details
1037676Ai NextPS1641WContact Press To Fit Pack 10 White$2.40Details
1058610Ai NextPS1650BConcealed Prsft Snub Ns 3/8$2.10Details
954930Ai NextPS1650W3/8"D Press Fit Lead 1/2" Wht$1.64Details
1051124Ai NextPS3870Lg/Lif Non/Seald Mag Act Nac Pn Ps3870-102$9.39Details
969992Ai NextPS6001Magnet In Plastic Case$5.49Details
114100Alarm Controls3012Relay, High Current, 30 Amp, Spdt Contacts, 12 Vac$28.79Details
1063459Aleph AmericaDC1621B3/8In Recessed Brown$2.40Details
116455Aleph AmericaDC1621WGWH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Wg - Wh$2.10Details
116457Aleph AmericaDC1631WHAleph 1/4" Recessed Stubby$2.22Details
117360Aleph AmericaDC1641WGWHAleph 3/8 Stubby White Magnet$2.06Details
116931Aleph AmericaDC1651WGWH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Wg - Wh$2.76Details
117362Aleph AmericaDC1813B3/4 Steel Door With 3/4 Magnet Brown$3.40Details
116932Aleph AmericaDC1813W3/4 Steel Door With 3/4 Magnet White$3.40Details
979304Aleph AmericaDC2531TSurface Contact Screw Term Tan$3.40Details
988523Aleph AmericaDC2612B3/8 Press Fit With Terminals$3.40Details
117693Aleph AmericaPS1640Aleph Ps1640 Switch Only$1.84Details
117694Aleph AmericaPS1650BRAleph 3/8 Press-Fit Stubby$2.46Details
117695Aleph AmericaPS1650WHAleph 3/8 Press-Fit Stubby$2.46Details
123459Amseco4350178Magnet Only And L Bracket For Ams37L$8.44Details
123468AmsecoAMS17BR3/8" Mini Prs Cntc Br$3.30Details
123469AmsecoAMS17WH3/8" Mini Prs Cntc Wh$3.20Details
121488AmsecoAMS20BR1/4"Prs Cntc Br W/1/4"Bare Mag Brown$2.70Details
121489AmsecoAMS20WH1/4" Prs Cntc Wh W/1/4"Bare Mg$2.70Details
122449AmsecoAMS21B3/8" Prs Cntc Set Br$2.80Details
122450AmsecoAMS21DContact 3/8" Pressfit N/O Lo$3.40Details
123470AmsecoAMS21IV3/8" Recessd Switch & Magnet Ivory$2.80Details
123471AmsecoAMS21MGIVORY3/8" Prs Cntc Set Iv$1.88Details
121490AmsecoAMS21W3/8" Prs Cntc Set Wh$2.80Details
122454AmsecoAMS38BBRStd Srf Cntc 3A Mech Spdt Br$6.66Details
122463AmsecoAMST17W3/8" Mini Cntct Scrw Term Whte$3.50Details
123481AmsecoAMST21W3/8" Prs Cntc Scrw Term Wh$3.20Details
964489BEA10MAGLOCKULDS1200 Lb Maglock, Ul Listed, Leds, Bond$133.10Details
593696Bosch SecurityRFDWRMADoor / Window Contact, Radion, Self Contained Tran$43.50Details
185146Edwards / GS Building Systems1096Y109 Re, 25Va, Max 1Amp, N.O.,$29.99Details
160819Edwards / GS Building Systems1116Y06J111 Re, 25Va, N.O., 1Amp Max,$35.53Details
169267Edwards / GS Building Systems1116Y12J111 Re,25Va,N.O.,1Amp Max$42.78Details
185245Edwards / GS Building Systems1242U03V124-2U Mini Guard Recessdform$58.10Details
765610Edwards / GS Building Systems1514Z06K151 Reed, 100Va, Spdt, 3 Amp Max, Sjtow 18/3 6Ft,$111.99Details
152669Edwards / GS Building Systems1514Z12K151 Re 3A Spdt Mag Zcbl 18/3 Sjto 12Ft$120.39Details
751594Edwards / GS Building Systems1517Z06A151 Reed, 100Va, Normally Open, 3 Amp Max, Armor C$123.19Details
169320Edwards / GS Building Systems1517Z06K151 Re 3Amp Mag Z Cbl 18/2$99.39Details
1031604Flair Electronics100024BRContact - Cc, 3/4In Gap, 2 1/2In, Brown$9.88Details
1045208Flair Electronics100024WHContact - Cc, 3/4In Gap, 2 1/2In, White$9.88Details
1019248Flair Electronics100055SGClamp On Overhead Door Contact - Oc, 3In$46.88Details
935719Flair Electronics100064SGLamp On Heavy Duty Surface Mount Contact$63.34Details
969966Flair Electronics100064VBMSHeavy Duty High Security Surface Mount B$103.84Details
993805Flair Electronics100064WVBMSHeavy Duty High Security Surface Mount B$103.84Details
1039122Flair Electronics100065Surface Mount Contact - Aluminum Gate$29.25Details
954193Flair Electronics100065SGClamp On Heavy Duty Surface Mount Contac$60.63Details
1000616Flair Electronics100073SGClamp On Overhead Door Contact Spdt 3$47.53Details
843331Flair ElectronicsMSS10019High Security Surface Mount Balanced Mag$155.75Details
749414Flair ElectronicsMSS1004VBMSGRYHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$93.45Details
1037497Flair ElectronicsMSS1004WYRecessed Contact - Dpdt, 1In Wide Gap In$13.10Details
979342Flair ElectronicsMSS1004YBMSHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$81.00Details
622995Flair ElectronicsMSS1007BRNRecessed High Security Balanced Magnetic$38.73Details
1003626Flair ElectronicsMSS1007WHTRecessed High Security Balanced$38.73Details
988502Flair ElectronicsMSS2007BRNRecessed High Security Balanced Magnetic$36.57Details
349355Flair ElectronicsMSS2007WHTRecessed High Security Balanced Magnetic$36.57Details
941617Flair ElectronicsPFC401Recessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Gap$6.68Details
1030493Flair ElectronicsPFC40A942CGRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2" Gap In SteelCall for Price.Details
970684Flair ElectronicsPFC40WBRNRecessed Contact-Cc, 1In Wide Gap, Brn$8.42Details
976989Flair ElectronicsPFC40WWHTRecessed Contact-Cc, 1In Wide Gap, Wht$8.42Details
1018615Flair ElectronicsPFC42WRecessed Contact - Spdt, 1In Wide Gap$8.56Details
989399Flair ElectronicsPFC42WYRecessed Contact - Dpdt, 1In Wide Gap$13.10Details
1034614Flair ElectronicsPFC42WYBRNContact - 1In Wide Gap In Steel,. Br$13.10Details
758783Flair ElectronicsPFC42YBMSBRNHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$53.77Details
860434Flair ElectronicsPFC42YBMSWHTHigh Security Balanced Magnetic Recessed$53.77Details
174439Flair ElectronicsPFCBAdaptor, 3/4In Diameter With 3/8In Hole$0.44Details
174440Flair ElectronicsPFCWAdaptor, 3/4In Diameter With 3/8In Hole$0.44Details
958856Flair ElectronicsRMS681Recessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Wide Gap$4.01Details
789414Flair ElectronicsRMS947WHT3/8" Dia. Recessed High Security Balance$36.57Details
1046581Flair ElectronicsRP6644Recessed Resistor Pack - Two 1K Ohm 1/8$3.56Details
1067857Flair ElectronicsVIP100BContact Brown$2.68Details
1001103Flair ElectronicsVIP48BRNRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Gap In Stee$4.14Details
1050990Flair ElectronicsVIP48WHTRecessed Contact - Cc, 1/2In Gap In Stee$4.14Details
964631Flair ElectronicsVIP52TWHTRecessed Plunger Switch - Cc, 3/4In X$4.27Details
961850Flair ElectronicsVIP52WHTRecessed Push Button Switch - Cc, 3/4In$3.73Details
1010862Flair ElectronicsVIP941NBRRecessed Mini Contact W/ Mn400, Br$4.43Details
1026570Flair ElectronicsVIP941NWHTRecessed Mini Contact W/ Mn400$3.34Details
162926Flair ElectronicsVIP941WHTRecessed Mini Contact-Cc, 3/4In Gap$2.56Details
1024843Flair ElectronicsVIP942100100 Pack Of 3/8" Press Fit Contacts$1.84Details
945888Flair ElectronicsVIP942WHTRec. Stubby Cont. -Cc, 3/4In$1.92Details
1059780Flair ElectronicsVIP94W1WHTRecessed Contact - Cc, 1In Gap$1.78Details
1019008Flair ElectronicsVIP94W2BRN3/8" Contact$3.80Details
927274Flair ElectronicsVIP94W2CRecessed Wide Gap Mag Only, 3/8In X 1In$1.32Details
1034700Flair ElectronicsVIP94W2WHTRecessed Stubby Contact - Cc, 1 1/4In W$3.80Details
163745GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1055N1/4 Dia Recessed Cont Wire Ld. 1/4 Inch Diameter. Recessed Contact. Wire Leads. White Magnetic Contact$3.62Details
163746GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1055WN1/4 Recessed Clsd Loop W/Gap. Recessed/Closed. Loop With Gap. White Magnetic Contact$4.28Details
155590GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1055WN10PKG1/4" Dia. Recessed Contact With Wire Lea$32.90Details
187830GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1056MSentrol 1056M 1/4" X 1-3/16"$2.82Details
175540GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1056NSentrol 1056N 1/4" X 1-3/16"$2.78Details
187831GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1057Sentrol 1057 Magnet, 3/8" Dia$4.79Details
163747GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1058MRecessed Stubby Contact W/Wire Leads, 1/$9.04Details
187834GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1065NSentrol 1065N Nat 3/8 Ptf Lge$3.62Details
187835GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1065WNRec Press Fit Cont Lg Mag Wil. Recessed Press Fit Contact. Large Magnet With Wire Leads. 2 Inch Gap Size 3/8 Inches. White Magnetic Contact$4.28Details
155593GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1070DNSentrol 1070D-N$16.86Details
793706GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1074D**Eol**Sentrol White Embeded Con$17.16Details
163753GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1075N50PKSentrol Contact - 50 Pack$68.77Details
175550GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1075WMRecessed Close Lp Wide. 3/8 Inch Recessed Steel Door. Closed Loop Wide Gap. Ge Security$3.74Details
155602GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1076CHM3/4 Recessed Steel Door/Spdt$19.10Details
187846GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1076N50PKSentrol 50Pkg 3/8 Nat. Push To$169.48Details
155608GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1077NSentrol 1077N Natural 1 Inch$11.25Details
175773GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1078CTWN10PKGRecessed Steel Door Mount, 3/4" Dia., Te$95.56Details
155616GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1078CWG10PKGRecessed Steel Door Mount, 3/4" Diameter$85.92Details
175780GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1078N50PKSentrol 1078-N 50 Pack$117.07Details
155638GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1090G1090 Series Recessed Ansi Swch. Ansi Switch. Gap Size 1 Inch. Magnetic Contact$28.22Details
175804GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1125N10PKGRecessed Mount, Stubby, 3/8" Diameter. 1$31.13Details
175806GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1125WBNGe Inerlogix, Mac Contact, 3/8 Dia. Rece$3.20Details
187879GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1125WN10PKGSentrol Contact,Recessed,White$17.49Details
163802GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1225NSentrol 1225N 3/8 Shorty Wing$5.60Details
155650GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1225WNRec Stubby Contact Wht. Recessed Stubby Contact. Wing Fit Wide Gap W/Wire Leads. 3/8 Inch Dia With 1 Inch Gap. White$6.66Details
175813GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1275NMagnetic Contact 3/8" Wing Fit. 3/8 Inches Diameter Wing Fit. Gap Distance 1-1/4". 100Vac/Dc. Natural$4.61Details
175815GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1275N71275, 6.95 Ft Fly Leads, No Mag$6.19Details
163804GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1275WNSw. Recessed, 3/8" Dia. Recessd Wing-Fit$5.20Details
1066561GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1282TWGPPB1282Tw Contact, Closed Loop, Wide Gap$9.01Details
175840GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1845LSentrol 1845 Magnet For 2315$14.52Details
155685GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1989N1989 Mag Cvr For 1285T-W$0.80Details
972228GE Security / UTC Fire & Security3008W10PK*Eol*For Purchasing Use Only$48.85Details
623974GE Security / UTC Fire & Security3015MRecessed Pin Plunger$10.41Details
155957GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityACUEOLALAlarm Device End-Of-Line Terminator (Box$149.06Details
158333GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityDS1078CSteel Dr Contact$8.75Details
164666GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityNX46410PKGTerminal Block For Saw Door/Win 10 Pk$14.19Details
188631GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1076DN1In Rec Rare Earth Contact Wht. Recessed Steel Door Contact. Dpdt Rare Earth Magnet. 1 Inch Diameter. White$21.15Details
188633GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1078MMini Max Rec Stl Dr Cot W/Wire$10.33Details
857972GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1125N10PKG**Eol**Stubby Contact, 3/8 Dia$19.62Details
166824GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1125TN10PKGRecessed Stubby Contact, 3/8" Dia$46.01Details
166825GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1125TWN3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Re Mag - W - N$7.06Details
166827GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1125WNRec Stub Fit 3/8In Cntct Wht. Recessed Wide Gap Contact. Stubby Press Fit W/Wire Leads. 3/8 In Dia 7/8 In Gap Size. White$6.37Details
711010GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityR1225N**Eol**Scantronic R1225N$5.09Details
167031GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityTX8300011Designline Tri-Zone Sensor$59.77Details
1064387GFX Power38STUBBYBR3/8" Recessed Press Fit - Brown$2.22Details
1073550GFX Power38STUBBYWH3/8" Stubby Recessed Press Fit - White$2.22Details
311435Greenlee Textron45755Rj11 Handset 4C (50 Pack)$20.99Details
311434Greenlee Textron45775Rj11 Handset 4C (100 Pack)$36.98Details
627323GRI Telemark10008BSwitch Set, N20Rst W/1K Resistor In Brown$7.90Details
627324GRI Telemark10008WSwitch Set, N20Rst W/1K Resistor In Brown$7.90Details
627329GRI Telemark100TCW2K100Tc With 2K Resistor In Series In White$6.84Details
627330GRI Telemark100TCWBW2KSw Set, 100-Tc-B W/2K Res$6.84Details
189702GRI Telemark10126B180-12-B W/2-1K One Rstr In Series Other Parallel$8.62Details
189703GRI Telemark10126G3/4"Dia Recessed Sw St With (2)1K Resistor In Grey$8.62Details
177579GRI Telemark10126W3/4"Dia Recessed Sw St With (2)1K Resistor In Grey$8.62Details
177580GRI Telemark10156Double 2K Resistor Pack With Heat Shrink Bag 10$3.91Details
1073190GRI Telemark10174BSwitch Set 3/8"Terminals 10K Resis In Ser Bg10 Br$57.99Details
172317GRI Telemark10174WSwitch Set 3/8"Terminals 10K Resis In Ser Gray$7.11Details
172318GRI Telemark10175BSwitch Set 3/4"Terminals 10K Resis In Ser Bg10 Br$55.83Details
860140GRI Telemark10175WSwitch Set 3/4"Terminals 10K Resis In Ser Bg10 Wh$53.64Details
189707GRI Telemark10218WContact Switch Set W/Terminals 2.2K Resistor White$7.54Details
172328GRI Telemark10242B185-12-B-W/2210 Reed$31.18Details
177587GRI Telemark10287B1K Res 1 In Series 1Parallel Brown$8.43Details
177588GRI Telemark10287GSw St 184-12 (2) 1K Resistor In Grey$8.56Details
166625GRI Telemark10287WSw St 184-12 (2) 1K Resistor In White$8.56Details
189711GRI Telemark10335WPb-2020-W W/1K Res Built In. The Pb-202$6.61Details
311373GRI Telemark10336GRecessed Switch 2.2K Rstor Gray$20.64Details
347858GRI Telemark10336WRecessed Switch 2.2K Rstor White$20.64Details
961760GRI Telemark10345B100Tc W/10K Resistor In Brown Bag On 10$55.09Details
166629GRI Telemark105834704A420W56KSw St 4704-A-420 W/5.6K In Series W/35'Armored Cbl$141.39Details
172343GRI Telemark10600WSw Set, 120T-12-W W/1-12K & 1-15K$6.39Details
177597GRI Telemark10601Sw Set, 4532 W/1-12K & 1-15K$15.75Details
166632GRI Telemark10602BSw Set, 29A-B W/1-12K & 1-15K$6.66Details
189726GRI Telemark10603Gate Mount Kit 8450-3 W/50Ft Armored Lead 2.2K$208.59Details
189731GRI Telemark10625BN20Rw-Twg-B W/2K Rstr Bag10 Black$67.90Details
166636GRI Telemark10625WN20Rw-Twg-W W/2K Rstr Bag10 White$67.90Details
1012999GRI Telemark10985WResistor 4-1.5K And 1 Diode In A 2020 Case- White$13.51Details
1057142GRI Telemark11049W180Rs-12-W W/Mm9Rs W/1K Blue Leads)$12.09Details
944240GRI Telemark120RST12BSw Set, 180Rs-B W/Mm-9Rs-B$5.02Details
189758GRI Telemark120T12B120T12B 3/8 W/3/4"Adptr Br$3.87Details
172361GRI Telemark120T12G3/4"Dia Sw W/M-5Mag 1/2" Gap Gray 72" Lead$3.87Details
172362GRI Telemark120T12GGContact Switch 3/4"With 3/8"Magnet Gray$3.87Details
166653GRI Telemark120T12W3/4"D Rec Lead 3/8" Mag Wht$3.78Details
189760GRI Telemark120T12WGWHGri 120T12Wg/W$4.82Details
189761GRI Telemark120T12WHGri 120T-12W 3/8 White Recess$4.23Details
189762GRI Telemark129AGMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set, W/ Screw Termina$6.84Details
172368GRI Telemark130T12W3/4" Swt 3/8" Mag O/L Whitect$6.48Details
166659GRI Telemark140T12BRecessed Sw. Set, Spdt, 1/2" Gap, W/Mm-9$8.10Details
944783GRI Telemark140T12WContact Switch Set 3/8"Magnet Spdt Bag 10 White$62.99Details
627376GRI Telemark140T12WGWH3/4 Dia Rec Setm-5Mag Spdt Wh$8.61Details
166662GRI Telemark15012WGWGri 15012Wgw Contact Wht, Wide$5.98Details
189770GRI Telemark150RS12B1/2" Sort Round With 12" Lead Brown Bag Of 10$44.23Details
177634GRI Telemark150RS12W1/2"Short Round Contact W/12"Lead White Bag Of 10$44.23Details
172371GRI Telemark150RS12WGBRContact Brown$6.44Details
189771GRI Telemark150RS12WGGRContact Gray$6.44Details
189772GRI Telemark150RSTBContact Switch 1/2"Round Short W/Terminals Bg10 Br$51.48Details
172374GRI Telemark150RSTBR1/2" Dia. Short Rec. Sw. Set W/ Brown$6.91Details
177637GRI Telemark150RSTW1/2" Recessed Round Short W/Terminals White Bag 10$51.48Details
900099GRI Telemark150RSTW100Sw Set,1/2"Dia Rec.Short Terminal W/Mm-150Rs-W 100$477.89Details
177640GRI Telemark150TBR1/2" Dia. Rec. Sw. Set W/Terms.,Brown$6.23Details
177641GRI Telemark150TWGri 1/2" Recessedw Stich With$5.76Details
177643GRI Telemark150TWW22KSwitch Set 150-T Recessed 1/2"W/2.2K Resistor Wh$8.10Details
802552GRI Telemark160120WGW1/2" Open Loop Contact Rec Wg 10"Lead Wht Bag 10$65.10Details
177644GRI Telemark16012W1/2"Diam Recessed Open Loop Sw$8.10Details
177646GRI Telemark16012WGB$8.62Details
189776GRI Telemark17012B1/2" Recessed Open/Close Contact In Brown$9.39Details
172377GRI Telemark17012W1/2"Recessed Open/Close Contact In White$9.39Details
627379GRI Telemark17012WBBSw Set, 1/2" Rec.Spdt 1 1/2" Gap In Brown$11.04Details
899392GRI Telemark17512BSwitch Set,1/2" Dia. Rcsd,Dpdt,12" Leads, Brown Cs$11.20Details
177648GRI Telemark17512WHITE1/2"Recessed Dpdt White Bag Of 10$95.19Details
627380GRI Telemark180120GContact 3/4"Recessed With 10'Lead Bag Of 10 Gray$8.62Details
172380GRI Telemark18012BGri Brown Cont. No Res 3Qtr" Recessed$5.13Details
1046751GRI Telemark18012B10KCnt 3/4"Dr Sw 10K Res Bag10 Br$58.79Details
172381GRI Telemark18012BKContact,3/4" Steel Door,Black$5.72Details
166669GRI Telemark18012BRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Br$5.72Details
172383GRI Telemark18012GRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Gr$5.31Details
166670GRI Telemark18012W3/4" Rec Stl Dr Lead 1/2" Wht$5.13Details
177649GRI Telemark18012W15K18012W With A 1.5K Resistor$7.54Details
189780GRI Telemark18012WGB3/4" Rec Stl Dr Lead 3/4" Brn$7.54Details
189782GRI Telemark18012WGBRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Wg -Br$8.08Details
166671GRI Telemark18012WGGRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Wg -Gr$8.08Details
177651GRI Telemark18012WGW3/4" Rec Stl Dr Lead 3/4 Wht$7.54Details
177652GRI Telemark18012WGWHRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Wg -Wh$8.08Details
177653GRI Telemark18012WGWW1KContact 3/4" Wide Gap With 1K Resistor Bag 10 Wh$74.19Details
177654GRI Telemark18012WHRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 3/4" - Wh$5.72Details
827824GRI Telemark18012WW10KCnt 3/4"Dr Sw 10K Resistor Wh$7.54Details
627382GRI Telemark18012WW2K180-12-White With A 2K Resistor$8.17Details
177655GRI Telemark18012WW56KGri 3/4" Reccessed Contact$8.17Details
627383GRI Telemark18036WGWContact 3/4"Recessed Wide Gap W/36"Lead Bag 10 Wh$64.39Details
177657GRI Telemark18072WGW3/4" Recessed Wide Gap 72" Led White Bag Of 10$8.98Details
177659GRI Telemark180MC12WHGri 180Mc12W Switch Only W/$8.41Details
938129GRI Telemark180RS12GSw Set, 180Rs Grey$6.55Details
311355GRI Telemark180RS12WH3/4" Stubby Steel Dr Contact$6.55Details
172390GRI Telemark180RS12WWHITE3/4" Rec Stl Dr Lead 5/8" Wht Bag Of 10$47.13Details
918993GRI Telemark18412ALDescription: Sw Set,1" Steel Door Spst$6.19Details
172392GRI Telemark18412B1" Recessed Stl Dr Cnct Brown$5.67Details
627392GRI Telemark18412BLGri 184-12B 1" Black Recessed$6.19Details
735577GRI Telemark18412BLACK1" Recessed Stl Dr Cnct Black$5.67Details
172393GRI Telemark18412BRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Br$6.19Details
172394GRI Telemark18412G1"Rec Clsd Loop Stl Dr Grey$5.67Details
189787GRI Telemark18412W1" Wht Recessed Stl Dr Contact$5.67Details
627393GRI Telemark18412WGBLRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Wg - Bl$7.90Details
860704GRI Telemark18412WGBRRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Wg - Br$8.50Details
166792GRI Telemark18412WGG1" Dia Recess Wide Gap Stl Door Switch$7.90Details
177661GRI Telemark18412WGW1" Door Cnct Wide Gap White$7.90Details
166793GRI Telemark18412WGWHRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Wg - Wh$8.50Details
189789GRI Telemark18412WHRcs'D Steel Door Contact - 1" - Wh$6.19Details
906226GRI Telemark1842ALRecessed Sounder Only - Almond$26.25Details
851169GRI Telemark1843ALRecessed Shunt Button Remote For Pool Alarm$20.99Details
177663GRI Telemark1844ALRecessed Sounder And Button For Pool Alarm Almond$34.79Details
177667GRI Telemark184CP8ALRecessed Mount Pool Alarm Sounder&Button, Almond$37.69Details
189794GRI Telemark184MC12WContact Recessed 1" W/12"Lead And Chn Mag Wht Pk10$61.59Details
627395GRI Telemark184RS12G1" Dia. Rec. Short Sw. Set W/12" Leads (Grey)$6.39Details
167150GRI Telemark184RS12W1" Dia. Rec. Short Sw. Set W/12" Leads (White)$6.39Details
189795GRI Telemark18512BContact Swithc Set 3/4"Recessed Open Loop Bg10 Br$7.83Details
167152GRI Telemark18512B56KGri 185-12B W/5.6K$9.16Details
172400GRI Telemark18512W3/4" Recessed Open Loop Contact White Bag 10$56.70Details
177670GRI Telemark18512WGB3/4" Dia. Recessed Switch Set, Open Loop$9.26Details
627396GRI Telemark18512WGBLSwitch Set 3/4" Recessed Spdt-Nc Wide Ga$9.26Details
167153GRI Telemark18512WHGri White 3/4" Switch N/O$7.83Details
167154GRI Telemark18912WGBGri 189-12Wg Brown Switch Set$9.41Details
799667GRI Telemark18912WGBLBlack, Recessed 1 Steel Door/Open Loop/W$9.41Details
1083827GRI Telemark189N3ALRecessed Pool Alarm Non-Etl Listed$84.85Details
627398GRI Telemark19012BLContact Switch Set 1/2"Gap Bag 10 Black$11.04Details
172407GRI Telemark19012BRGri Magnetic Contact, 3/4 Inch$11.76Details
167157GRI Telemark19012WGGRecessed Steel Door Switch Wide Gap Gray$12.85Details
189803GRI Telemark19012WGWHGri 3/4 No Nc W/Leads Wht$13.89Details
167158GRI Telemark19012WHGri 3/4" Spdt Contacts$11.76Details
189804GRI Telemark19412B1" Diam Spdt Rec Ulc Cnct Bag 10 Brown$102.19Details
167159GRI Telemark19412WGBGri 1" Steel Door Recessed$14.50Details
167160GRI Telemark19412WGWSw Set, Door Switch 1 1/2 Gap Spdt Bag O$13.51Details
627399GRI Telemark19512B3/4Inch Recessed Switch Double Pole Doub$15.16Details
167161GRI Telemark19512BLContact Dpdt 3/4" Dpdt Bag 10 Black$127.39Details
172448GRI Telemark19512WGB2386 Stl Door Rcsd 3/4"Diameter Bag 10 Brown$15.36Details
177679GRI Telemark19512WGWCpct All Norm Closed Cnct Wht Bag Of 10$15.36Details
189806GRI Telemark19912BSwitch Set 1" Recessed Double Pole Doubl$16.82Details
311354GRI Telemark19912GContact 1"Steel Door Recessed Dpdt Bag 10 Gray$16.82Details
172453GRI Telemark19912W1" Steel Dr Rec Dpdt,Wht$15.75Details
167163GRI Telemark19912WGB1" Steel Dr Cnct Dpdt Wdgp Bag 10 Brown$17.36Details
189807GRI Telemark19912WGWRcsd Swt Set 1 Diam Dp Dt Pk10$17.36Details
1074726GRI Telemark202012ALSw Set, 3/8" Press Fit, 1/2" Gap Spst-No Almond$3.80Details
167170GRI Telemark202012B202012B 3/8 Recessed Br$3.80Details
167171GRI Telemark202012BL3/8" Rec. Press Fit Sw. Set, .92 Length$3.74Details
172461GRI Telemark202012BR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Br$3.74Details
933163GRI Telemark202012BW56Sw Set, 3/8 Press Fit 1/2" Gap With 5.6$6.14Details
167172GRI Telemark202012GR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Gr$3.74Details
177683GRI Telemark202012W202012W 3/8 Recessed Wht$3.80Details
172462GRI Telemark202012WBULKMust Buy 100 At A Time ... If Not, Use G$3.65Details
177684GRI Telemark202012WGB202012Wg 3/8 Rec Wdgp Brwn$4.23Details
189809GRI Telemark202012WGBR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Wg - Br$4.55Details
898875GRI Telemark202012WGG202012Wg 3/8 Rec Wide Gap Grey$4.23Details
177685GRI Telemark202012WGW202012Wg 3/8 Rec Wdgp Wht$4.05Details
167173GRI Telemark202012WGWH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Wg - Wh$4.55Details
177686GRI Telemark202012WH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Lead - Wh$3.74Details
167175GRI Telemark202012XGW3/8 Rec Wide Gap White 3/8 Rec$6.03Details
177687GRI Telemark202012XWGWGri 2020-12Xwg Wht 3 8 Ptf C/L$6.57Details
842461GRI Telemark2020180WGW2020 With 180" Wire Leads Wide Gap In White$8.56Details
189811GRI Telemark202024WHGri 3/8" Switch, 24" Leads$4.45Details
177688GRI Telemark202072W202072 3/8"Rec 6'Lead Wh$4.68Details
167176GRI Telemark202072WGW3/8" Press Fit 72 Lead Wdgp Wh$5.49Details
742452GRI Telemark202072XWGW3/8" Extra Wide Gap Switch W/72"Led Wht Bag 10$7.54Details
189814GRI Telemark2020TBGri 3/8" Recessed/Closed Loop Brown$4.23Details
172467GRI Telemark2020TBL3/8" Recessed Press Fit Switch Set With$4.23Details
167177GRI Telemark2020TBR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Tc - Br$4.54Details
172468GRI Telemark2020TBW56K3/8 Press Fit Spst Nrmly Open 5.6 K Rsis$6.93Details
347833GRI Telemark2020TGGri 2020T 3/8"Rec/Trm/Cl-Lp/Gy$4.23Details
189815GRI Telemark2020TGENW3/8 Diameter Recessed Swith Set With Ter$3.44Details
867587GRI Telemark2020TGR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Tc - Gr$4.55Details
172469GRI Telemark2020TWGri 3/8 Pressed To Fit Switch Spst W/Mm$4.05Details
177690GRI Telemark2020TW1KOHMGri 2020Tw Switch &Amp; Magnet W/$6.93Details
172470GRI Telemark2020TWGB2020Twg 3/8"Trm/C-Lp/Wg/Br$4.77Details
167179GRI Telemark2020TWGBR3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Tc - Wg - Br$5.22Details
311352GRI Telemark2020TWGGGri 2020Twg 3/8" Trm/C-Lp Wide Gap Gray$4.77Details
177692GRI Telemark2020TWGW3/8"D Press Fit Term 1" Wht$4.68Details
172471GRI Telemark2020TWGWH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Tc - Wg - Wh$5.22Details
177693GRI Telemark2020TWH3/8" Rcs'D Std W/Tc - Wh$4.55Details
189817GRI Telemark2020TWW1K3/8 Rec Term 1K Res In Srs White$6.39Details
177694GRI Telemark2020TWW56K3/8 Press Fit Spst Nrmly Open 5.6 K Rsis$6.98Details
189819GRI Telemark2020TXWGWHGri 2020Txwg Wht$7.18Details
167181GRI Telemark20F12BGri 20F12 3/8" Flanged Rec Br$3.96Details
177696GRI Telemark20F12BRGri 3/8 Recessed W/Flanged$4.36Details
627404GRI Telemark20F12WGri 20F12 3/8" Flanged Rec Wh$3.96Details
167182GRI Telemark20F12WHGri 3/8 Recessed With Fang$4.36Details
172475GRI Telemark20RS12B3/8" Short Rec. Sw. Set W/Mm-9Rs Mag, 1/2" Gap Brw$4.41Details
780573GRI Telemark20RS12BGENCntct Swt Set 3/8 Short Generic Brn$3.00Details
444799GRI Telemark20RS12BL3/8" Short Rec. Sw. Set W/Mm-9Rs Mag, 1/2" Gap Blk$4.41Details
172476GRI Telemark20RS12BR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Br$4.75Details
914248GRI Telemark20RS12BRBULK20Rs-12-Br/Bulk 100 Pack$347.94Details
167183GRI Telemark20RS12G20Rs12 Mini 3/8" Recess Gray Bag Of 10$35.53Details
978295GRI Telemark20RS12GENW3/8In Stubby Gen White$3.30Details
167184GRI Telemark20RS12GR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Gr$4.75Details
189823GRI Telemark20RS12W3/8"D Press Fit Lead 1/2" Wht$4.23Details
189824GRI Telemark20RS12WBULKGri 20Rs-12 Wht.Bulk3/8 Ptf$4.75Details
177699GRI Telemark20RS12WGENCntct,Generic 20Rs-12 Wh$3.00Details
172477GRI Telemark20RS12WH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Lead - Wh$4.75Details
177700GRI Telemark20RS12XWGBContact 20Rs12Xwb Extra Wide Gap Mini Bag 10 Brown$41.33Details
627405GRI Telemark20RS12XWGGGri Minirec Xtrwd Gry$5.13Details
167187GRI Telemark20RS12XWGGRGri 20Rs-12Xwg Gry 3/8 Ptf$5.53Details
167188GRI Telemark20RS12XWGWGri Minirec Xtrwd Wh$5.13Details
167189GRI Telemark20RS12XWGWHGri 20Rs-12Xwg Wht 3/8 Ptf$5.53Details
189825GRI Telemark20RSTBGri 3/8" Recessed Stubby/Closed Loop/ Te$4.77Details
627407GRI Telemark20RSTBL3/8"D Press Fit Term 1/2" Black$4.95Details
177705GRI Telemark20RSTBR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Br$5.35Details
311347GRI Telemark20RSTBW2K3.8" Rec Stubby With Term 2K Resistor Brown Bag 10$7.11Details
167192GRI Telemark20RSTBW5620Rs-T-Brown With A 5.6K Resistor$7.11Details
189826GRI Telemark20RSTG3/8" Short Rec Terminal Sw Set W/Mm-9Rs Mag,1/2Gr$4.95Details
172483GRI Telemark20RSTGR3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Gr$5.35Details
167193GRI Telemark20RSTW3/8"D Press Fit Term 1/2" Wht$4.77Details
172484GRI Telemark20RSTWGEN3/8 Pressed To Fit Terminal 100 In Bag$3.58Details
172485GRI Telemark20RSTWH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Wh$5.35Details
172486GRI Telemark20RSTWHGEN3/8"Recessed Sw St Generic No Print,No-Warranty$3.30Details
167195GRI Telemark20RSTWHW2KSwitch Set,3/8" Prs Fit W/Trmnl Blocks&2K Res Bg10$7.11Details
189832GRI Telemark20RSTWW56K20Rs-T-White With A 5.6Kresistor$7.11Details
189833GRI Telemark20RSTXWGBGri 3/8" Swt Op Xwd Gp Trml Br$5.67Details
177706GRI Telemark20RSTXWGWGri 3/8" Swt Op Xwd Gp Trml Wh$5.49Details
167196GRI Telemark20RSTXWGWHGri 20Rs-Txwgw 3/8 Stubby W/$6.14Details
172491GRI Telemark212012BRGri 212012 Brown 3/8"$4.36Details
167198GRI Telemark212012W3/8"Rec Ribd Swi Clsd Loop Wht$3.96Details
177709GRI Telemark212012WHGri 212012W$4.36Details
189835GRI Telemark2120WGBRGri 2120 Wide Gap Contact$5.00Details
172494GRI Telemark213012WGBRGri 213012Wgb 3/8 Ptf Ribbed$8.24Details
177710GRI Telemark213012WGWSwitch Set 3/8"Ribbed Open Loop Wide Gap Bag 10 Wh$59.50Details
189836GRI Telemark213012WGWHGri 213012Wgw 3/8 Ptf Ribbed$8.24Details
627409GRI Telemark229PDRecessed Ansi Switch Dpdt$36.98Details
172514GRI Telemark2881Rec. Mount Door Alert Annunciator Alarm,$72.00Details
172515GRI Telemark2891ALRecessed Pool Alarm With 7 Second Delay Almond$83.99Details
172517GRI Telemark289N3Recessed Pool Alarm Instant On Closed Loop-No Etl$78.39Details
889633GRI Telemark29ABW10KSwitch Set Surface Mount 29-A Brown W/10K Resistor$6.21Details
167240GRI Telemark29AWW2KSwitch Set 29A-White With A 2K Eol Resis$6.39Details
177757GRI Telemark29AXWGGRGri 29Axwgwh Grey$7.65Details
167262GRI Telemark303012B303012 3/8"Rcsd Opn Lp Brown$6.48Details
189897GRI Telemark303012BRGri 3030-12 In Brown$7.00Details
189899GRI Telemark303012W303012 3/8"Rcsd Opn Lp Wh$6.48Details
910765GRI Telemark303012XWGWStch Set Sp/St Norm Clsd 1 1/2"Gap Wht Bag Of 10$71.39Details
172630GRI Telemark3030TWGri 3030T Wht 3/8" Switch 1/2"$6.93Details
189902GRI Telemark3030TWGB3/8"-Res.1"Wide Term.Oplp Brown$7.72Details
627425GRI Telemark30F12WScw Dn Flgd Open Lp 3/8" Rec$6.57Details
172634GRI Telemark30OF12XWGWOpen Loop Oval Flanged Recessed$8.89Details
177787GRI Telemark30RS12BRGri 30Rs12B 30 Rs-12 Normally$8.06Details
167315GRI Telemark30RS12XWGWGri 3/8" Press To Fit, Open$8.84Details
167320GRI Telemark400GW56KCommercial Surface Mount Switch Set With$10.49Details
1009478GRI Telemark400WGBPLGuard Tronic Private Label Industrial Sw$9.75Details
953706GRI Telemark400WGGPLGuard Tronic Private Label Industrial$9.95Details
947708GRI Telemark400WGWPLGuard Tronic Private Label Industrial Sw$9.75Details
167331GRI Telemark404012BRcsd Spdp Contact 3/8" Br$8.98Details
172649GRI Telemark404012BRGri 3/8" Spdt Recessed Contact$8.94Details
189912GRI Telemark404012WRcsd Spdp Contact 3/8" Wh$8.98Details
347819GRI Telemark404012WGWRcsd Spdp Contact 3/8" With 1" Gap In White$8.73Details
167332GRI Telemark404012WHGri 3/8" Spdt Recessed Contact$8.94Details
627437GRI Telemark404012XWGW3/8" Rec Spdt Swt W/1 1/2"Gap$10.54Details
627438GRI Telemark40F12WGBR3/8" Recessed Single Pole Double Throw(S$9.57Details
627439GRI Telemark40F12WGWH3/8" Recessed Single Pole Double Throw(S$9.57Details
172650GRI Telemark40F12WHGri Open Loop 3/8" White$8.94Details
172651GRI Telemark40RS12BContact Swt Set Spdt 3/8"Diam 12"Wire Lead Bg10 Br$66.50Details
311328GRI Telemark40RS12XWGWContact Short Round 12"Lead Spdt Wide Gap Wh Bag10$12.33Details
627440GRI Telemark413PWG300GSurface Mount Idustrial Dpdt W/25' Vynal Lead-Gray$41.33Details
167351GRI Telemark413PWG300WSurface Mount Idustrial Dpdt W/25' Vynal Lead$41.33Details
172670GRI Telemark4400A1KIndustrial Wide Gap Aluminum Sw. Set, W/$37.05Details
627448GRI Telemark4460A240Sw Set, 4460A W/20' Armored Cable$78.39Details
1001758GRI Telemark4463A72Comm. Switch Set/Dp Dt-Custom$41.33Details
167363GRI Telemark4473B4473 Terminal Swt Set Br$4.23Details
177838GRI Telemark4473W4473 Terminal Swt Set Wh$4.05Details
177839GRI Telemark4473W33KGi-4473 With A 3.3K Resistor Inside It$6.39Details
177842GRI Telemark450F12WGWDpdt 3/8" Recessed Oval Flange White Bag 10$114.79Details
172678GRI Telemark451660R12 White Recessed W/1K Resistor Blue Leads$8.98Details
167375GRI Telemark454512BGri 4545-12B Dpdt 3/8 Press To$10.92Details
167378GRI Telemark454512WGWRecessed Switch Set, 3/8" Diameter Press$10.54Details
177845GRI Telemark454596WGBRcsd 3/8" Dpdt 96"Lead Brwn$16.49Details
172684GRI Telemark454596WGWRcsd 3/8" Dpdt 96"Lead White$16.49Details
627453GRI Telemark4700AXL300Sw Set Industrial 25Foot Armor Lead$134.39Details
172696GRI Telemark4821K Resistor W/1000 Ohm 1/4W W/5% Tolerance$2.90Details
172698GRI Telemark4834TBGENSw St 20Rst With Mm9Rs 100 Bag$3.30Details
177857GRI Telemark4834TWGENS20Rst With Mn-9Rs Magnet White Recessed Bag 100$230.99Details
177863GRI Telemark505BSw Set, Surface Mount Spst 1/2'' Gap 22$4.50Details
172704GRI Telemark505WSuper Mini Brad Swtch White$4.50Details
189967GRI Telemark505WGBSuper Min Brad Swt Wd Gp Brwn$5.22Details
189968GRI Telemark505WGWGri 505Wgw Magnetic Contact (White)$5.22Details
172705GRI Telemark5065Switch Set, Recessed, 3/8" Dia, Press To Fit, 12"$3.00Details
189974GRI Telemark5088RS12WGri 20Rs12W Contact And Mf-875$5.06Details
627457GRI Telemark5088WSwitch Set S2020-12-White With A Mf-875$4.00Details
167504GRI Telemark5088WBULK3/8"Ressesed W/M7F Magnet Wh$3.90Details
172713GRI Telemark50R12BGri 50R12 1/4" Diam Recess Br$3.90Details
189979GRI Telemark50R12BR1/4 Rec W/12 C Ld Cl N/O-Br$3.78Details
177871GRI Telemark50R12WGri 50R12 1/4" Diam Recess Wht$3.90Details
177872GRI Telemark50R12WGB1/4"Dia Rcsd Wg Brown W/12" Leads$3.96Details
177873GRI Telemark50R12WGBRGri 50R-12Wg Brn 1/4 C/L$4.36Details
627459GRI Telemark50R24WGBSw Set,1/4" Dia Concelled Spst-No W/ 24" Leads Brn$4.23Details
1034884GRI Telemark50R72WMiniature 1/4" Recessed Shortly 6'Lead White Bag10$40.59Details
167514GRI Telemark50RF12BGri 50Rf12 1/4"Dia Rec Flng Br$3.90Details
172716GRI Telemark50RF12W50Rf12 1/4"Dia Rec Flng W$3.80Details
172718GRI Telemark50RF12WHGri 50Rf-12 Wht 1/4 Flanged$3.78Details
627462GRI Telemark50RF72W1/4" Flged Rec Cnct W/6' Ld Wh$4.32Details
189986GRI Telemark50RS12B50Rs12 1/4"Dia Mini Rec Br$4.41Details
167518GRI Telemark50RS12GSwitch Set 1/4"Diameter Round Bag 10 Gray$35.53Details
172719GRI Telemark50RS12WGri 1/4" Rec Door Contact White W/ Wire$4.41Details
177878GRI Telemark50RS12WGB1/4" Rec. Round X 9/16" Long Sw. Set$5.04Details
167520GRI Telemark50RS12WGWGri 50Rs-12 Wgw 1/4" Contact$5.04Details
627463GRI Telemark50RS12XWGGSwitch Set 1/4"Rcsd Clsd Loop Wide Gap Gray$5.22Details
189991GRI Telemark50RS12XWGW1/4Inch Short Press Fit 3/4Inch Gap Whit$5.22Details
1080237GRI Telemark50RS24W1/4" Resecessed Stubby With 24" Wire Lead$5.04Details
172720GRI Telemark50RS36BRSw Set, 1/4" X 9/16" Recessed Round Case$5.69Details
177879GRI Telemark50RS36WGBRSw Set, 1/4" X 9 X 16" Dia. Recessed Rou$5.98Details
177880GRI Telemark50RS36WGWHSw Set, 1/4" X 9 X 16" Dia. Recessed Rou$5.98Details
172721GRI Telemark50RS36WHSw Set, 1/4" X 9/16" Recessed Round Case$5.69Details
989281GRI Telemark50RS48W1/4" Recessed Stubby With 48" Wire Lead$5.67Details
189993GRI Telemark5272WGri 3/4 Open Loop Switch White$7.11Details
167524GRI Telemark5425BRContact 2/8 Recessed With A75 Adapter Bag 10 Brown$3.87Details
177891GRI Telemark55F180WBASwitch Set 55F With 180" Wire Leads In White$8.98Details
172733GRI Telemark55F72WMini Surf. Mt. Sw. W/ 72" Leads, Spst Wh$5.63Details
1008645GRI Telemark5R2BSIResistor Pack 2-1K Resistors White Red,Black Wires$3.96Details
177900GRI Telemark6045Diode 1N4004 (Rohs)$2.90Details
167541GRI Telemark60R12WGri 60R12W 1/4" Recessed Cont.$7.02Details
167542GRI Telemark60R12WGWContact 1/4"Recessed Open Loop Wide Gap Bag 10 Wh$57.99Details
177906GRI Telemark60R72WW1KRESISTOR72"/6' Ld 22Gauge Resistor Wht$8.89Details
172739GRI Telemark60R72WW33KRESISTOR72"/6'Ld 22Gauge 33K Restr Wht$8.89Details
172740GRI Telemark60RF12BSwitch Set 1/4" Press Fit Spst Norm Clsd Brn Bag10$52.19Details
177908GRI Telemark60RF12W1/4" Recessed Open Loop Flanged Switch White$6.48Details
177909GRI Telemark60RF12WGWSwitch Set 1/4"Press Fit Spst W/Flange Bag 10 Wh$57.99Details
190015GRI Telemark60RS12BW. Set, 1/4" Dia. Recessed, 12" Lead$7.54Details
190016GRI Telemark60RS12WSw Set, 1/4'' Recessed Spst--Open Loop W$7.54Details
444810GRI Telemark60RS12WGB1/2" Open Loop Recessed 1/2" Plus Gap Brown Bag 10$8.75Details
167545GRI Telemark60RS12WGW1/4" Diameter Recessed Stubby Switch White Bag 10$8.75Details
172742GRI Telemark6190B(2) 1K Resistors Inside A 1/4"Diameter R$4.16Details
167549GRI Telemark6644T1Resistor Pack With Terminal Block 1% Tolerance$7.54Details
177917GRI Telemark6708WRare Earth Mag Set In White$6.75Details
172753GRI Telemark6760Recessed 60R12 White W/33K Resistor Red Lead$8.98Details
177919GRI Telemark6919Gri 2020Tw Switch &Amp; Magnet W/$7.00Details
177920GRI Telemark6971WSwitch Set 180"Zip Wire Stubby Magnet Bag 10 White$82.59Details
985367GRI Telemark7035BRecessed Switch Mm10 Rare Earth Mag$5.11Details
627480GRI Telemark70R12W1/4" Recessed Spdt, White$11.04Details