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Intrusion Security Systems

Surface Mount Contacts

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
1054611Adams Rite24068601628X7100 Hm Faceplate$11.47Details
882598Ademco / Honeywell Security000018101Indstrl Srf Mnt Wdgp 2" Wh$4.48Details
106038Ademco / Honeywell Security51Open Circuit Magnetic Contact$11.32Details
110755Ademco Sensors4939SNBRSerial Mpx Contact W/Cover$22.04Details
110756Ademco Sensors4939SNGYSerial Mpx Contact W/Cover$22.04Details
111008Ademco Sensors4939SNWHSerial # Mpx Contact W/Cover$22.04Details
111015Ademco Sensors79392WHSurface Mount Contact Spdt Wh$10.15Details
111016Ademco Sensors7939WGBRSurface Mnt Cont Br,Hnywl Logo Pack Of 50$7.11Details
111017Ademco Sensors7939WGBRMSurface Cont,Br Mag Only Hnywl$1.90Details
111018Ademco Sensors7939WGGYSurface Mnt Cont Gy,Hnywl Logo$7.20Details
111019Ademco Sensors7939WGGYMSurface Cont,Gy Mag Only Hnyw$1.90Details
111359Ademco Sensors7939WGWHSurface Mnt Cont Wh,Hnywl Logo$7.09Details
111020Ademco Sensors7940WHUniversal Contact, Spst White$11.01Details
111360Ademco Sensors79452GYXtp Contact Spdt$15.81Details
111021Ademco Sensors7945BRSur Contct Surge Prot 6Ft Lead$12.29Details
110510Ademco Sensors7945GYSur Contct Surge Prot 6Ft Lead$12.23Details
110667Ademco Sensors7945WHSur Contct Surge Prot 6Ft Lead$12.24Details
111022Ademco Sensors7945WHMMagnet Only For 7945Wh$5.62Details
110668Ademco Sensors940WHSurf Mini 3/4" Gap Term Wh$5.67Details
1064245Ademco Sensors943WGBRSurf Mnt Mini 1 Lead/Tape Brn$4.00Details
111023Ademco Sensors943WGBRMMini Surface Cont Br,Mag Only$2.02Details
110669Ademco Sensors943WGWHMini Cont W/Leads Wh, Wide Gap$5.56Details
387332Ademco Sensors944TWH50$180.59Details
936090Ademco Sensors945TBRSurf Mini 1-1/8 Term/Tape Brn$4.68Details
110766Ademco Sensors945TWH$4.68Details
111371Ademco Sensors949WHSurf Mnt 1-1/4" Lead$9.44Details
111032Ademco Sensors950BRIndustrial Contact, Spst Brown$11.45Details
111033Ademco Sensors950GYIndustrial Contact, Spst Gray$9.97Details
110769Ademco Sensors950WGYIndustrial Cont, Wd Gap Gray$14.65Details
111136Ademco Sensors960Sur Contact Surge Prot Alumhsg$40.67Details
110750Ademco Sensors968XTPContact High Security,968Xtp$122.00Details
111138Ademco SensorsPALTGYPal Contact W/ Trem Gry$4.14Details
110803Ademco SensorsPALTWH$4.72Details
986494Ai NextAC1008WPs1541Wsr Magnet Only, White$1.56Details
1045968Ai NextDC1561GSrfc Flng,1Wd Gp,Brk Tabs,Grey$2.70Details
1024616Ai NextDC1561WSurf Mnt 1" Lead/Tape Wht$2.60Details
1078491Ai NextDC2531WGBSurf Mnt 1" Gap Term/Tape Brn$2.80Details
1042680Ai NextDC2531WGG1"Wide Gap 2 Scrw Trmnls Grey$2.90Details
1020247Ai NextDC2531WGTSelf Adhesice Contact/Sur Mt Tan ..$1.92Details
985961Ai NextDC2531WGWSurf Mnt 1" Gap Term/Tape Wht$1.86Details
1023641Ai NextDC2531WGWMGMagnet Only Wigde White Surface Mnt Wht F/Dc2431W$1.42Details
1078592Ai NextDC2541WGWSurf Mnt 1-1/4" Gap Term Wht$1.86Details
1000559Ai NextFS4201401Level Sensor$4.05Details
989636Ai NextOJ6805A5Photo Interrupter Sensor$6.03Details
1057291Ai NextPS1523BWG5/8" Surface Contact, 1" Wide Gap, Brown$2.10Details
991987Ai NextPS1523WGG5/8" Surfce Cnt, 1" Wd Gp,Grey$2.10Details
1040765Ai NextPS1523WWG5/8" Surface Contact. 1" Wide Gap White$2.10Details
1026475Ai NextPS1533WAleph Ps1533W Mag Cntct Spdt W$3.40Details
1004642Ai NextPS1541BSRSurf Mnt 1" Lead/Tape Brn$2.00Details
1005430Ai NextPS1541GSRSurf Mnt 1" W/Lead & Tape Gry$2.10Details
953336Ai NextPS1541TSRSurf Mnt 1" Lead/Tape Tan$2.00Details
1075057Ai NextPS1541WGW15Self Adhesive Surface Mount Contacts With 15' Lead$3.60Details
964957Ai NextPS1541WSRSurf Mnt 1" Lead/Tape Wht$1.80Details
937306Ai NextPS6132Proximity Sensor W/12 Leads$6.52Details
1001385Ai NextSCSP013/4"-3/8" Contact Apator White$0.60Details
112447AiphoneIESSLDAFl Mt 2-Gang Sub Station, Stainless SteeCall for Price.Details
114699Alarm ControlsPN2141Exit Release Dpdt, Narrow, Clear Finish, Ada Sym$94.22Details
114700Alarm ControlsPN2152Dbl Pull, Dbl Throw Contact Clr Fin Red Fill$98.21Details
114054Alarm ControlsPN5152Pneumatic Time Delay Red Fill Emer Door Release$263.40Details
114711Alarm ControlsPT2152Dpdt Momentary Contacts$106.65Details
114374Alarm ControlsRP47Remote Plate, (4) Alternate Action Push Buttons, C$41.51Details
115269Alarm ControlsTS17Under Counter Desk Door Release, Surface Mounted P$136.71Details
114511Alarm ControlsTS18D3X3X1.5 Box With Dpdt Mom Sw 10C$31.15Details
116924Aleph AmericaDC1561WGBRS/M W/S-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Br$3.14Details
116926Aleph AmericaDC1611WGWHAleph Dc161Wh 1/4' &Amp; 3/8"$2.80Details
117581Aleph AmericaDC1813Aleph 3/4" Pressfit Steel Door$3.44Details
116460Aleph AmericaDC2531WGBRS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Wg - Br$2.04Details
116461Aleph AmericaDC2531WGWHS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Wg - Wh$3.44Details
116463Aleph AmericaDC2541WGBRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wg - Br$2.58Details
116465Aleph AmericaDC2541WGWHAleph 1" Gap Srfc Mount Screw-$2.58Details
116938Aleph AmericaDC2611WH3/8" Rcs'D Stubby W/Tc - Wh$3.14Details
116467Aleph AmericaDC4511GGray Pull Apart Contact$34.99Details
116956Aleph AmericaPS1523WGBRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr ( Concealed ) - Br$2.50Details
117386Aleph AmericaPS1523WGGRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr ( Concealed ) - Gr$2.50Details
117685Aleph AmericaPS1525WHMicro Surface,Form C Contact White W/$3.44Details
116959Aleph AmericaPS1541WGBRS/M W/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Br$2.50Details
117687Aleph AmericaPS1541WGGRS/M W/C-Ld + B/Flng/Scrw Mnt - Wg - Gr$2.50Details
117692Aleph AmericaPS1622WH3/8 Stubby,Form C Contact,White,W/Leads$5.62Details
998028Aleph AmericaPS1640W3/8 Press Fit Switch Only White$1.60Details
116493Aleph AmericaXC1XTAleph Outdoor Dual Detector$87.96Details
117441Alpha Communications10305LA2 Pin Door Contact Switch Unit$52.72Details
1050224American Dynamics / RobotPFA150Illustra Essentials Pole Mount$26.46Details
908542American Dynamics / RobotPFA152Illustra Essentials Pole Mount Varifocal$15.12Details
122335AmsecoAMS10CBRWNMini Stk On Cntc Cen Ld Br$3.40Details
123465AmsecoAMS10CGRAYContact 3/4"Gap Surface Mount Gray$3.40Details
122336AmsecoAMS10CWHMini Stk On Cntc Cen Ld Wh$3.30Details
123467AmsecoAMS10SBRMagnet Cont Side Lead Brown$3.40Details
121487AmsecoAMS10SWHMini Stk On Cnt Side Lead Wh$3.40Details
123472AmsecoAMS37B4" Ind Cntc W/Term 2" Gap - Normally Open/Closed$7.54Details
122343AmsecoAMS37BGContact Spdt Normally Closed Normally Open Gray$9.55Details
122452AmsecoAMS37GSurf Mnt 2" Gap Term Grey$7.02Details
121493AmsecoAMS37LB4" Indus Cntc W/24" Ld Br$7.72Details
122345AmsecoAMS37LG4" Inds Cntc W/24" Ld Gy 2"Gp$7.72Details
121494AmsecoAMS37LG48Ams 37Lg With 4Ft Leads$8.44Details
121497AmsecoAMS38BWStd Srf Cntc 3A Mech Spdt Wh$6.48Details
123478AmsecoAMS39BStd Srf Cnct 3/4" Normally Closed Brown$2.80Details
122455AmsecoAMS39BBRCnt Spdt 3/4" Normally Closed Normally Open Brown$6.03Details
122456AmsecoAMS39CVSBStd Srf Cnt W/Cvr/Sp Pack 5$13.51Details
121498AmsecoAMS39CVSGStd Srf Cnt W/Cvr/Spr/Scw/Gy$13.51Details
122348AmsecoAMS39CVSWAms-39Cvs-W White W/Hardwares 5 Pk$13.51Details
123479AmsecoAMS39GYStd Srf Cnct 3/4" N/C,No Lp Gy$2.80Details
122349AmsecoAMS39WHAms-39-W 3/4" Gap Sw&Mag White 10 Pk$2.80Details
122458AmsecoAMS51CVBSrf Cntc No Strp Wr Trm Br$3.40Details
122459AmsecoAMS51CVGRAYSrf Cntc No Strp Wr Trm Gy$3.40Details
121671AmsecoAMS51CVWHITESrf Cntc No Strp Wr Trm Wh$3.30Details
121674AmsecoAMS7DBMicro Contact Normally Open Black$3.20Details
122460AmsecoAMS7DWMicro Contact Normally Open White$3.00Details
123480AmsecoAMS9IVMicro Cntc W/Lead Iv$3.30Details
322183AmsecoAMST10CBMini Srfc Mnt Cnct W/Term Br$3.60Details
122462AmsecoAMST10CWMini Srfc Mnt Cntc W/Term Wh$3.60Details
728838Axis CommunicationsBIRDCONTROLSPIKE10PBird Control Spikes Made Of Flexible Uv-$31.32Details
591821Azco TechnologiesAZMC112LWHSurface Mount "Attractive Case" , Leads,$19.85Details
726327Azco TechnologiesGWTR2415WMBGrid Wireless Wall Mount Bracket$61.77Details
853198Bosch Security (CCTV)LBC394111Surface-Mount, 100V Version Of Lbc3951/1Call for Price.Details
597005Camden Door Controls / Camden MarketingCX92S12TLS1200Lb Surf Mnt Dbl Dr W/ Adjtbl Timer$395.29Details
936484CBC America / ComputarH0924KPBoard Lens, 1/2 Inch Format, 2 Megapixel, 9Mm, F2.$69.03Details
968179Chamberlain Professional / Sentex50PED64Liftmaster Ped64 64 In-Ground Mount Goos$131.03Details
598145Chamberlain Professional / SentexSN1600341KSentex Bypass Cut-Off Switch$37.79Details
607493Cooper / WheelockLHSRAHorn, Exceder Series, W/ Strobe, (8) Candela Setti$55.97Details
149478Corby950012Surface Mount Tamper Box W/ 2 Amp Swtches$20.21Details
944118Cyrex Networks / Comelit6817Flush-Mounted Box For Maxi Monitor$4.12Details
1015699Dortronics18120991812-090 Surface Mount Access Plus Syste$1,316.00Details
1021675Dortronics1834009Pcb 1834 Wall Mount Only - No Mem Chips$919.36Details
151552Dortronics762024ENCL7600 Series Option, Enclosure, Desktop, Slope, 19$259.80Details
351355DortronicsSSN500351Surface Box, Ss Narrow, 1-3/4 Inch For"N" 5277 $39.86Details
856577DotworkzACMTBARBash B-Lock Bar Mount$144.31Details
801771DotworkzBASHOGBash™ Original Model Comes With Mounting$291.30Details
314253Edwards / GS Building Systems11514Y25K115-14Y-25K$107.79Details
152621Edwards / GS Building Systems1153Y12K115 Re 3A Mag Y Cbl 18/2Sjto-$57.99Details
160827Edwards / GS Building Systems1154Y12K115 3Amp Spdt, Mag Y, 12Ft Sjt$79.79Details
1083150Edwards / GS Building Systems1264Y01AX126 Re 3Amp Spdt, Y Mag$72.79Details
893663Edwards / GS Building Systems1267Y01AX126 Re 3Amp N.O. Mag Y,1Ft 12$66.50Details
152658Edwards / GS Building Systems1268Y01AX126 Triac No, 1Ft 12Ga Leads$90.99Details
1000663Edwards / GS Building Systems1268Y03AX126 Triac, 150Va, Normally Open, Fly Lead 12/2 3Ft$95.19Details
160873Edwards / GS Building Systems15113Z06K151 Re 250V N.C. Mag Z 18/2 Sj$99.39Details
160874Edwards / GS Building Systems1516Z06KNon-Contact Interlock/Position Switch 15$82.99Details
314245Edwards / GS Building Systems166RM06K166 Xstr 20Amp Nc Mag M Cbl 1$111.99Details
615683Edwards / GS Building Systems1934Z06K193 Re 3A Spdt,Mag Z,6Ft S$146.99Details
748290Edwards / GS Building Systems301B3T12J301-B3, Tpst, Jacketed 22/6 12Ft, T Actuator$152.59Details
314227Edwards / GS Building Systems301CT06K301 Re 3A Mag T Cbl 18/2$233.79Details
1038856Edwards / GS Building Systems301CT12KCD301 Re .3 Amp (2-N.O.) Mag T$253.39Details
160917Edwards / GS Building Systems301DT06K301 Triac Mag T Cbl 18/2$254.79Details
160925Edwards / GS Building Systems381CT381 Re .3Amp Mag T$236.59Details
152719Edwards / GS Building Systems381DT381 Triac Mag T$249.19Details
152720Edwards / GS Building Systems383BT383 Dpst Mag T Rt Hand Exit$187.59Details
904392Edwards / GS Building Systems74347UOutdoor-Rated Surface-Mount Backbox, Red$20.55Details
617379EverfocusEPOE08Ethernet Switch, Managed, (8) 10M/100M Ports, W/ 2$314.77Details
971088Flair Electronics100024S42536BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.62Details
959365Flair Electronics100024S42536WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.62Details
950278Flair Electronics100024S42548BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.93Details
982585Flair Electronics100024S42548WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.93Details
968372Flair Electronics100024S425BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.08Details
966448Flair Electronics100024S425WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$8.08Details
948510Flair Electronics100024SBRNUrface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/2$7.63Details
1074672Flair Electronics100024SWHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Gap, 2 1/$7.63Details
996069Flair Electronics100034SWYBRNSurface Mount Contact - 1 1/2In Wg, Br$15.44Details
622981Flair Electronics100034WWHTSurface Mount Contact - Spdt, 1 1/2" Wid$10.38Details
1062213Flair Electronics100037CBRNIndustrial Surface Mount Magnetic Contac$4.54Details
929910Flair Electronics100065Y722 N/C Switches 6Ft Armored Cable$41.82Details
1017876Flair Electronics102024Surface Mount Contact - Cc, 1" Wide Gap,$8.93Details
1062789Flair Electronics580101424Twenty-Four Zone Surface Mount Annunciat$1,328.01Details
1026169Flair Electronics580101424ABTwenty-Four Zone Surface Mount Annunciat$1,505.08Details
1042691Flair ElectronicsAA100024SRBRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap, 2 1$8.08Details
872774Flair ElectronicsAG10012WHTPull Apart Switch - Cc, 3/4" Dia. X 1 1/$24.89Details
622993Flair ElectronicsLMS28YSurface Mount Contact - Dpst, 3/4" Gap,$5.67Details
622994Flair ElectronicsLMS29YSurface Mount Contact - Dpdt, 3/4" Gap,$11.68Details
937530Flair ElectronicsM100022Surface Mount Contact - Oc Magnasphere,$10.66Details
939271Flair ElectronicsM100022SSurface Mount Contact - Oc Magnasphere,$10.13Details
1040302Flair ElectronicsMRMS332Recessed Stubby Contact - Oc Magnasphere$9.22Details
349349Flair ElectronicsVIP100037GRYSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1 1/2In Gap$7.81Details
1081128Flair ElectronicsVIP100050BRIndustrial Surface Mount -Wg-Brn$13.25Details
1017543Flair ElectronicsVIP100050WHTIndustrial Surface Mount -Wg-Wht$13.25Details
963741Flair ElectronicsVIP1000651Heavy Duty Surface Mount Contact - Cc, 1$12.85Details
977275Flair ElectronicsVIP100ALMSurface Mnt Contact -Cc, 1In Gap, Almond$2.56Details
1046377Flair ElectronicsVIP100BRNWGSurface Mount Contact -Wide Gap - Br$2.44Details
994321Flair ElectronicsVIP100CBRNSurface Mount Magnet Only Brown$1.26Details
969658Flair ElectronicsVIP100CWHTSurface Mount Magnet Only - 2In L X 1/4I$1.26Details
1022986Flair ElectronicsVIP100TANSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap Tan$2.56Details
1053674Flair ElectronicsVIP1202TBRNMini Disappearing Surface Mount Contact$3.78Details
1005724Flair ElectronicsVIP1202TWHTMini Disappearing Surface Mount Contact$3.78Details
743565Flair ElectronicsVIP1202WHTContact Surface Mount Pill W/Leads Wht$3.36Details
986563Flair ElectronicsVIP1301WHTSurface Mount Closed Loop Switch 18"$2.60Details
975790Flair ElectronicsVIP1302BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap,$2.60Details
989585Flair ElectronicsVIP1302CBRNSurface Mount Magnet Only - 1 1/3" L X$2.08Details
998448Flair ElectronicsVIP1302WHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap,$2.60Details
951869Flair ElectronicsVIP39ALMS13CWHTLarge Sm Contact W/ ¼In X 1 Mag Bright W$2.90Details
949812Flair ElectronicsVIP39AMN12093WHTSurface Mount Contact, Cc, 3/4In Gap$2.84Details
1070212Flair ElectronicsVIP39AMN161610Vip39A Contact W/ Mn161610 Magnet$3.08Details
1019672Flair ElectronicsVIP39BRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap$2.50Details
939782Flair ElectronicsVIP39WHTSurface Mount Contact, Terminal, White$2.50Details
965138Flair ElectronicsVIP88CTANSurface Mount Magnet Tan$1.26Details
982086Flair ElectronicsVIP88SSurface Mount Contact, Cc, 7/8In Gap$2.78Details
995879Flair ElectronicsVIP88SBRNSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap$2.78Details
955514Flair ElectronicsVIP88STANSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap Tan$2.78Details
1049617Flair ElectronicsVIP88SWHTSurface Mount Contact - Cc, 1In Gap,$2.78Details
187023Flair ElectronicsVIP88WHTSurface Mnt Cont. Cc, 1In Gap, 22In, Wht$3.14Details
952550Flair ElectronicsVIP991TBRDome Switch - C.C., 3/4In Dia.X1In L, Br$4.16Details
1078928Flair ElectronicsVIP991TWHTDome Switch - C.C., 3/4In Dia. X 1In L,$3.46Details
1054263Flair ElectronicsVR310Variable Eol Resistor,$32.31Details
174725Freeform1248CMasonry 1/2Inx 48In X 1/4In Bh Shaft$26.28Details
175525GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1015N10PKG1015N Contact 10 Pack$46.12Details
163726GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1032GSentrol 1032-G Surface Mini$4.70Details
187813GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1032WN33KMagnetic Contact, Mini Flange, Surface M$9.01Details
187814GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1034NSentrol 1034N Magnetic$9.70Details
175530GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1035N10PKGMini Adhesive Surface Mount, Contact, Wh$33.29Details
187816GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1036Sentrol 1036 Surface Mount$7.54Details
869661GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1038N10PKG**Eol** Mount. Contact, White. 10-Pack$16.05Details
175533GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1042TWGSentrol 1042Twg Magnetic$12.66Details
163739GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1044TWNInd Srf Mnt Term Contact Wht. Industrial Surf Mnt Contact. Spdt- Single Pull/Single Throw. 3 Inch Extra Wide Gap Size. White$15.95Details
163744GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1047MNdustrial Surface Mount/Spdt$13.83Details
187828GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1047TMIndustrial Surface Mount Terminal Con$13.04Details
312286GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1074DNSentrol White Embeded Contact$16.94Details
753101GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1082G10PKGSurface Screw Mount, ***Eol In Cdn***$64.30Details
163776GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1082N10PKGSurface Screw Mount White. Order 1 To Ge$64.30Details
175788GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1084DMSentrol Switch, 1084D Surface$20.85Details
155628GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1085MSurf Scrw Mount Cont W/Lead. Surface Screw Mount. Contact With Leads. Gap Size 5/8 Inch. Brown Magnetic Contact$5.47Details
155629GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1085NSurf Scrw Mount Cont W/Lead. Surface Screw Mount. Contact With Leads. Gap Size 5/8 Inch. White Magnetic Contact$5.47Details
175798GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1086NSentrol 1086-N 1086 Surfc Scrw$7.85Details
163784GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1086TNSurf Mnt W/Term Ol Wht. Surface Mount Mag Contact. With Terminals. Open Loop. White$10.92Details
155635GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1087TSentrol Surface Terminal/Spdt$9.57Details
155643GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1129TWNSentrol 1129Twn Wide Gap Reces$6.32Details
163795GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1135TNSentrol Mini Surface Mnt Magnt$6.07Details
175809GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1138TN10PKGSurface Mount W/Terminal, White. 10-Pack$23.81Details
163796GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1145NSrf Mnt Ultra Mini Contact Wht. Surface Mount Contact. Ultra Miniature. 3/8 In Gap Size W/Wire Leads. White$5.11Details
163797GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1145WNSentrol 1145W Wht Ultra*Eol In Cdn*$6.66Details
155665GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1804M10PKGSurface Screw Mount Brown. Order 1 To Ge$95.56Details
163830GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1923Sentrol 1923 3/8" X 2-1/2"$6.88Details
175857GE Security / UTC Fire & Security1934GGe Interlogix, Switch Accessory, Magnet$7.96Details
155697GE Security / UTC Fire & Security2251DRR1X3Contact/Ttl Data Rx, Sm, Rack$552.56Details
163855GE Security / UTC Fire & Security242400 Series Terminal Block,For 449 At,C,C$23.81Details
155806GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6018825PKGMagnet Spacers - 25/Pack, White$8.91Details
188040GE Security / UTC Fire & Security6055510Crystal Sensor Magnet. 10 Pack$23.85Details
188152GE Security / UTC Fire & Security809163NIti Simon Pack With 10 Sensors$341.54Details
876907GE Security / UTC Fire & SecuritySR2727A**Eol**Sentrol High Security$136.23Details
962541GFX PowerMINICWHS/M Mini - W/ Centre Lead - White$2.64Details
1064443GFX PowerMINISWHS/M Mini - W/ Side Lead - White$2.62Details
1008875GFX PowerSMWHS/M Terminal Contact - White$1.54Details
347862GRI Telemark0336GRessessed Swtch W/Terminal Hi Security W/2.2K Gry$20.25Details
166603GRI Telemark10012BGri 100-12 Mini Surf Mnt Br$4.23Details
189690GRI Telemark10012BRS/M W/C-Ld + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Br$4.63Details
189691GRI Telemark10012GRS/M W/C-Ld + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Gr$4.63Details
172302GRI Telemark10012WSurf Mnt Mini 1" Lead Flng Wht$4.05Details
189693GRI Telemark10012WGBGri 10012Wgb Mini Srf Mt Wd Br$4.86Details
177558GRI Telemark10012WGWGri 10012Wgw Mini Srf Mt Wd Wh$4.86Details
166605GRI Telemark10012WGWHS/M W/C-Ld + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Wg - Wh$5.31Details
189694GRI Telemark10012WHS/M W/C-Ld + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Wh$4.63Details
177559GRI Telemark10015Resistor Pk W/2 1K Res 1/4 Watt$3.96Details
823678GRI Telemark10024WGWSwitch Set Surface Mount Wide Gap White$4.95Details
166607GRI Telemark10072BMini Surface Screw Mount, Closed Loop, T$5.49Details
189695GRI Telemark10072WSwt Set 1"Gap 72"Lead Mini Surf Mt Standard Wire$4.64Details
177563GRI Telemark10072WGWMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/Flanges, 72" Le$6.12Details
311375GRI Telemark100B12WGWSurface Mount Open Loop Wide Gap White$8.75Details
177565GRI Telemark100TALSurface Mount Terminal Switch Closed Loop Almond$4.41Details
166608GRI Telemark100TBSurf Mini 1" Term Brn$4.32Details
166609GRI Telemark100TB1KMiniature Surface Mount W/Term W/1K Res Brn Bag 10$53.64Details
166610GRI Telemark100TBRS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Br$4.88Details
166611GRI Telemark100TCASurface Mount Terminal With Cover Almond$4.59Details
189696GRI Telemark100TCB100 Series With Cover Brown$4.59Details
177567GRI Telemark100TCBRS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt+Cvr - Br$5.09Details
627328GRI Telemark100TCGSurface Mount Switch Set With Cover In G$4.59Details
166612GRI Telemark100TCWMini Surface Terminal W/Cvr Wh$4.59Details
166614GRI Telemark100TCWGBMini Surf Mnt W/Cover Wide Gap Terminal$5.22Details
172305GRI Telemark100TCWGW100Tc Wd Gap W/Cover White$5.22Details
189698GRI Telemark100TCWHS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt+Cvr - Wh$5.09Details
172306GRI Telemark100TGGri 100T Minisrf/Trm/Cls-Lp/Gr$4.41Details
189699GRI Telemark100TGENBMiniture Surface Mount With Terminals$3.73Details
172307GRI Telemark100TGRS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Gr$4.88Details
172309GRI Telemark100TWSurf Mini 1" Term Wht Flng$4.32Details
166616GRI Telemark100TW1K100T W/Mini Surface Mount And 1K Resistor Bag 10$53.64Details
177570GRI Telemark100TW2KMinitr Srfc Mnt Trmnl W/2K Resistor In Srs (10Bg)$53.64Details
177572GRI Telemark100TWGBGri 100Twgb Mini Surface With$5.04Details
172310GRI Telemark100TWGGGri 100Twgg Mini Surface With$5.51Details
904040GRI Telemark100TWGG33KSwitch Set,Mini Surface W/Term, Spst-No1 1/4"+Gap$7.54Details
172311GRI Telemark100TWGWSurf Mini 1-1/4" Term Wht Flng$4.86Details
172312GRI Telemark100TWGWW1KMini Surface Mount Wide Gap White W/1K Resistor$7.54Details
177574GRI Telemark100TWHS/M W/Tc + S/Flng Scrw Mnt - Wh$4.88Details
177576GRI Telemark100TWW56KGri 100T Surface W/5.6K$7.31Details
189700GRI Telemark10102WSurface Mount 100-Tc In White$8.71Details
627333GRI Telemark10112B10112 Mini Srfmt Opn Lp Bag 10 Brown$57.39Details
444775GRI Telemark10112WRESISTORPK10112 Resistor Pak In White$7.54Details
172316GRI Telemark1012TALSw St 110 Terminals Almond Ul Listed$4.14Details
189704GRI Telemark10171B20-12-B Sw. W/1/4" Ext W/Hsr 634 60/70 Reed$33.34Details
189705GRI Telemark101TBRMini Surfmnt W/Term Open Lpbr$7.54Details
627335GRI Telemark101TCBContact Switch 101T Open Loop N/C W/Cvr Brown$7.72Details
189706GRI Telemark101TWMini Surf Mnt W/Term Open Loop$7.54Details
177583GRI Telemark101TWGWGri 100 Series Normally Open$8.84Details
172322GRI Telemark101TWHGri 101T Wht Open Loop Terminl$8.23Details
172323GRI Telemark10201B100-T Brown W/2.2K Resistor$6.66Details
172324GRI Telemark10201WContact Switch Set 100T W/2.2K Reis Bag 10 White$53.64Details
1007233GRI Telemark10212BLSw Se, Mini Surface Mount$8.89Details
893161GRI Telemark10212WSwitch Set Mini Surface Mount Single Pol$9.77Details
627336GRI Telemark10212WGBMin Surface Spdt 1" Gap Brown$10.35Details
172326GRI Telemark10212WGWMin Surface Spdt 1"Gap White$9.39Details
738589GRI Telemark10222Pullapart Switch 4704 W/470 Ohm Resistor In Series$24.75Details
189709GRI Telemark10237B1100A-36 Custom For Altair$7.54Details
772541GRI Telemark10237BIND1100A-36 Custom For Altair$7.90Details
444776GRI Telemark102B12WContact Switch Set Biased F/Hi Sec Spdt Wh$17.25Details
347859GRI Telemark10336BRessessed Swtch W/Terminal Hi Security W/2.2K Brn$20.25Details
172330GRI Telemark10375B1100A-72Wg-B W/2C Jkt Ld Srfc Mt Sw$8.75Details
177589GRI Telemark10375G1100A-72Wg-G W/2C Jkt Ld Surface Mt. Sw.$8.75Details
189713GRI Telemark10375W1100A-72Wg-W W/2C Jkt Ld Srfc Mt Sw$8.75Details
311372GRI Telemark10380B29A Srfc Mt Sw Set Private Label W/White Logo$4.32Details
311371GRI Telemark10380W29A Srfc Mt Sw Set Private Label W/Black Logo$4.32Details
177590GRI Telemark10443W1100B-36W For Altair$8.73Details
729884GRI Telemark10443WIND1100B-36-W Jckt Ld Ind / Bg$9.39Details
189733GRI Telemark10643G410P 72" Lead Grey With 3.3K And 10K Resistors$14.34Details
311368GRI Telemark10659BRPb-2020 In Brn W/120" Of Wire$7.54Details
347855GRI Telemark10659WHPb 2020 In Wht W/120" Of Wire$7.54Details
311361GRI Telemark10692WN2120-216Wg-W$11.04Details
311360GRI Telemark10693WN2120-192Wg-W$10.38Details
347847GRI Telemark10694WN2120-300Wg-W$13.18Details
347846GRI Telemark10695WN2120-180Wg-W$10.38Details
311359GRI Telemark10696WSw St 410Pwgw With Diode # 6045$11.53Details
311357GRI Telemark10718AL50F-12 In Almond With 1K Resistor$6.61Details
822301GRI Telemark10857BGri 410Pwgb Srf Cnt Wg No Logo$9.88Details
857662GRI Telemark10923BLSwitch Set, 20Rs-12-Bl Spst-No 26 Ga Wir$4.46Details
627365GRI Telemark1100A12WGBNL1100A Wide Gap Brown No-Logo$6.21Details
189736GRI Telemark1100A12WGWSwitch Set 1100A Wide Gap 12"Lead Bag 10 White$50.03Details
177603GRI Telemark1100A36GSurface Mt Switch Set With 1/2" Gap 36"Leads$6.21Details
177605GRI Telemark1100A72WGBSurface Mt. Sw. Set W/72" Leads, Spst$8.26Details
189740GRI Telemark1100A72WGGSurface Mt. Sw. Set W/72" Leads, Spst, G$8.26Details
177606GRI Telemark1100A72WGWSurface Mt. Sw. Set W/72" Leads, Spst Wh$8.26Details
166639GRI Telemark1100ABSurface Mount Swit Brown$6.21Details
166640GRI Telemark1100AWGri 1100A Surface Mount Swit$6.21Details
177608GRI Telemark1100B12GSw St Surf Mt Spst N/C 1" Gap Gray$7.72Details
627367GRI Telemark1100B12WGWHSwitch Set Surface Mount Open Loop White$8.32Details
177609GRI Telemark1100BWGWContact Swt Set Open Loop Wide Gap Bag 10 White$63.70Details
627368GRI Telemark1100C12BSurface Mt Spdt 12"Lead-Brown$10.21Details
347841GRI Telemark1100C12WGBSwitch Set, Surface Mount With Concealed$10.81Details
627370GRI Telemark1100C12WGWNL1100C Wide Gap White With No Logo$9.88Details
189745GRI Telemark11012B11012Br Mini Surf Adhsv Br$4.23Details
172352GRI Telemark11012WSurf Mnt Mini 1" Lead Wht$4.05Details
172353GRI Telemark11012WGBSurface Mount Switch Set, Wide Gap, 12"$4.86Details
189747GRI Telemark11012WGWGri 11012Wgw Min Srf Wd Adh Wh$4.86Details
177611GRI Telemark11012WGWHGri 110-12Wg Wht Surface Mnt$5.31Details
172354GRI Telemark11012WHS/M W/C-Ld W/ Adhsv Only - Wh$4.63Details
902053GRI Telemark110180BSw Set, Mini Surf Mount, Spst 1" Gap W/36" Leads$8.56Details
795491GRI Telemark110180WSw Set, Mini Surf Mount, Spst 1" Gap W/36" Leads$8.10Details
172355GRI Telemark11024BSw St Mini Surf Mt W/24" Lead - Brown$11.20Details
881105GRI Telemark11036BSw Set, Mini Surf Mount. Spst 1" Gap W/180" Leads$5.04Details
820387GRI Telemark11036WSw Set, Mini Surf Mount. Spst 1" Gap W/180" Leads$5.04Details
952206GRI Telemark11048W20Rs-12-W W/Mm-375 W/1K Blue Leads$9.19Details
1004356GRI Telemark11050B20Rs-12-B W/Mm-375$7.60Details
1041223GRI Telemark11050W20Rs-12-W W/Mm-375$7.60Details
166644GRI Telemark110TBSurf Mini 1" Gap Term/Tape Brn$4.32Details
177613GRI Telemark110TBGENContact 110T Switch Set And Magnet Brown Bag 100$263.19Details
166645GRI Telemark110TBRS/M W/Tc - Br$4.88Details
177614GRI Telemark110TGSelf Stick Mini Surf Mnt Term Gray$4.41Details
177615GRI Telemark110TWSurf Mini 1" Gap Term/Tape Wht$4.32Details
627371GRI Telemark110TW1KClosed Loop Switch Terminal W/1K Resistor Wh Bag10$6.66Details
166647GRI Telemark110TWGEN110T Mini Switch Set Generic White Bag 100$263.19Details
166648GRI Telemark110TWGWGri 110Twgw Mini Surface Mount$5.04Details
189749GRI Telemark110TWHS/M W/Tc - Wh$4.88Details
189751GRI Telemark11112BClearance Gri 111-12/B$7.97Details
172359GRI Telemark11112WGBGri 111-12Wgb N/O Surface$8.60Details
177617GRI Telemark11112WGGGri 111-12Wgg N/O Surface$8.60Details
189753GRI Telemark111TBSurface Mount N/C Spst Terminal Brown Bag Of 10$8.23Details
166650GRI Telemark111TWMini Surf. Mt. Sw. Set W/ Terminals,Wh$7.54Details
627373GRI Telemark111TWGWSw Set, Mini Surf Mnt W/Terms Spst 1 1/4$8.84Details
172360GRI Telemark120T12BRGri 120T-12B 3/8 Brown Recess$4.23Details
177622GRI Telemark129AB129A Mini Srf W/Cover Br$6.30Details
177623GRI Telemark129ABRGri 129A Brn Surf. Mnt$6.93Details
172366GRI Telemark129AW129A Mini Srf W/Cover Wh$6.30Details
177624GRI Telemark129AWGBRMini Surface Mount/Closed Loop/Wide Gap/$7.51Details
177626GRI Telemark129AWHGri 129A Wht Surf. Mnt$6.93Details
166665GRI Telemark150MFTW1/2"Contact W/Terminals$4.95Details
172382GRI Telemark18012BW1K18012 Cnct W/1K Resistor Brown$7.54Details
189788GRI Telemark18412WGB1' Wid Gap Contact Brown$7.90Details
172417GRI Telemark19512W3/4" Diameter Dpdt Recessed Door Switch$15.16Details
795075GRI Telemark212012WGB3/8" Rib Swtch C/L,Wd Gp Brwn$4.59Details
177708GRI Telemark212012WGW3/8"Rib Swtch C/L,Wd Gp White$4.59Details
177726GRI Telemark289CP4ALSurface Mount Pool Alarm,Instant On,Almond$79.79Details
189855GRI Telemark289N4Surface Pool Alarm Instant On Closed Loop- No Etl$78.39Details
172518GRI Telemark28ABGri 28A Brn Std Surface Mount$4.23Details
949600GRI Telemark28ABGENContact Surface Brown$3.62Details
189856GRI Telemark28ABNLGri 28A/B/Nl$4.61Details
177730GRI Telemark28ABRS/M Term Cl N/O - Br$4.61Details
189857GRI Telemark28AGGri 28Agy Mag Cntct Spst Cc Gy$4.23Details
189858GRI Telemark28AGRS/M Term Cl N/O - Gr$4.61Details
167220GRI Telemark28AWGri 28Aw Surf/Hid Trm 1"Gp Wh$4.23Details
177731GRI Telemark28AWGBGri 28Awg Surf/Hid Trm/Wd/Br$5.76Details
347827GRI Telemark28AWGBGENSurf Mt W/G Brn With Magnet$3.60Details
189861GRI Telemark28AWGGGri 28Awg Surf/Hid Trm/Wd/Grey$5.76Details
167222GRI Telemark28AWGWGri 28Awg Surf/Hid Trm/Wd/Wh$5.76Details
167224GRI Telemark28AWGWW56KSurf. Mt., Spst-Closed Looped, W/5.6 K$8.77Details
189863GRI Telemark28AWHGri 28A Wht Std. Surface Mount$4.61Details
775435GRI Telemark28AXWGB33KSwitch Set, Surface Mnt, Spst-No 2" Gap,W/33 Brown$7.90Details
311344GRI Telemark28BWHSurf Mnt Cont W/Terminals$7.54Details
347826GRI Telemark28BXWGGYSurface Mount 2"Extra Wide Gap Open Loop Gray$8.56Details
167228GRI Telemark28CWSwitch Set Surface Mount Double Pull Double Throw$8.56Details
189866GRI Telemark2954IND29A-W(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Black Lettering$4.23Details
167232GRI Telemark29ABSurface Mt., Spst, Terminal Sw. Set, W/$4.05Details
167233GRI Telemark29ABNLGri 29A/B/Nl$4.61Details
177742GRI Telemark29ABRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Br$4.61Details
172521GRI Telemark29ABULKWHSurface Mount Switch Set White- Clsd$336.24Details
177743GRI Telemark29ABW56KGri 29A Brown W/5.6K Resistor$7.02Details
177744GRI Telemark29AGSurf Mnt 1" Gap Term Gray$4.05Details
177745GRI Telemark29AGENBSurface Mount Contact$3.62Details
177746GRI Telemark29AGRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Gr$4.61Details
311341GRI Telemark29AGW10KSw St Surf Mt 29A Grey W/10K Resistor$6.39Details
347824GRI Telemark29AGW22KSwitch Set 29A-Gray With A 2.2K Resistor$7.02Details
189868GRI Telemark29AGW56KGri 29A Grey W/5.6K Resistor$7.02Details
311340GRI Telemark29AMFWSwitch Set 29A W/Mf875 Magnet Surf Mt Bag 10 White$33.34Details
189869GRI Telemark29APLWGBURGYGri 29Apl-Wg/Bur-Gy$6.61Details
189870GRI Telemark29APLWGWHBLKGri 29Apl-Wg/Wh-Blk$6.61Details
167236GRI Telemark29AW***Eol*** Standard Surface Mount White$4.05Details
177747GRI Telemark29AW1KGri Contacts 1K Ohm Resistor$7.02Details
172524GRI Telemark29AWGBSurf Mnt 1-1/2" Gap Term Brn$5.58Details
189871GRI Telemark29AWGB1KGri Brown W/1K Resistor$8.77Details
189872GRI Telemark29AWGBNLGri 29Awg/B/Nl$6.35Details
172525GRI Telemark29AWGBPLContact 29A Atlantic Protection Wg Br Gld Let Bg10$6.03Details
177748GRI Telemark29AWGBRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wg - Br$6.35Details
347823GRI Telemark29AWGENSurface Mount No Printing Generic White$3.60Details
189874GRI Telemark29AWGG29Awgg Surf/Scrw/Wd Gap/Gy$5.76Details
189875GRI Telemark29AWGGPLCnt 29A Atlantic Protection Wg Gy W/Bur Let Bag 10$47.13Details
189876GRI Telemark29AWGGRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wg - Gr$6.35Details
189877GRI Telemark29AWGWSurf Mnt 1-1/2" Gap Term Wht$5.58Details
189878GRI Telemark29AWGW1KGri 29Awg White W/1K Resistor$8.77Details
172526GRI Telemark29AWGWHS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wg - Wh$6.35Details
177752GRI Telemark29AWGWPLContact 29A Atlantic Protection Wg Wh W/Bk Lt Bg10$47.13Details
167239GRI Telemark29AWHS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Wh$4.61Details
822360GRI Telemark29AWW10KSurface Mount 229A Series W/10K Resistor Wht Bag10$50.74Details
347822GRI Telemark29AWW22KSwitch Set 29A-White With A 2.2K Resisto$7.02Details
167241GRI Telemark29AWW56KGri 29A With 5.6K Resistor$7.02Details
167242GRI Telemark29AXWGBRGri Surface Mount - Brown$7.74Details
167243GRI Telemark29AXWGGSurface Mount 29A Extra Wide Gap Gray Bag 10$7.02Details
167244GRI Telemark29AXWGWSrf Mnt 2"Gap Gri Logo Wh$7.02Details
189879GRI Telemark29AXWGWHGri 29Axwgwh White$7.74Details
172528GRI Telemark29BBGri 29B Surf/Screw/Openloop/Br$7.54Details
177759GRI Telemark29BBNLGri 29B/B/Nl$7.96Details
167245GRI Telemark29BBRGri Brown Srfc-Mnt W/Screw$7.96Details
835828GRI Telemark29BGRSurface Mount Switch Set With Flange$7.96Details
177760GRI Telemark29BW$7.54Details
189880GRI Telemark29BWGBNLGri 29Bwg/B/Nl$8.83Details
189881GRI Telemark29BWGBRStandard Surface Mount Contact W. Termin$8.83Details
189882GRI Telemark29BWGGRSurface Mount, Open Loop Switch Set Gry$8.83Details
189883GRI Telemark29BWGWSurf Mt/Screw/Open Lp Wdgp Wh$8.98Details
189884GRI Telemark29BWGWHGri 29Bwg Wht Surface Mnt Open$8.83Details
172529GRI Telemark29BWHSurface Mount, Open Loop Switch Set$7.96Details
177763GRI Telemark29CBGri 29Cbr Mag Cntct Spdt Br$8.56Details
172616GRI Telemark29CBRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Form C - Br$9.09Details
177764GRI Telemark29CGGri 29Cgy Mag Cntct Spdt Gry$8.56Details
177765GRI Telemark29CGRS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Form C - Gr$9.12Details
172617GRI Telemark29CWGri 29Cwh Mag Cntct Spdt Wh$8.56Details
189886GRI Telemark29CWGB29Cwg Surface Mount Sw Wdgp 10B Brown$82.59Details
189887GRI Telemark29CWGWSurface Mount Switch Set Single Pull Double Throw$9.88Details
167247GRI Telemark29CWGWHS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Form C - Wg - Wh$10.71Details
167248GRI Telemark29CWHS/M W/Tc + Cvr/Spcr - Form C - Wh$9.12Details
172620GRI Telemark29CWNLGri 29C/W/Nl$9.12Details
627418GRI Telemark29CXWGBSurface Mount/Spdt/Extra Wide Gap/With$13.12Details
177767GRI Telemark29CXWGWStd Sfce Mnt Spdt 2" Pls Gp Wh$12.03Details
444801GRI Telemark29PA144G29Pa W/144" Jkt Lead Gray$11.04Details
167251GRI Telemark29PABSwitch Set Srfc Mnt Spst 1" Gap$6.84Details
167252GRI Telemark29PAGSwitch Set Srfc Mnt Spst 1" Gap$7.20Details
189888GRI Telemark29PAWSwitch Set Srfc Mnt Spst 1" Gap$6.84Details
189889GRI Telemark29PAWG72BCnt 29A Wg 6'Jck Lead Bag 10 Br$85.39Details
167253GRI Telemark29PAWG72WCnt 29A Wg 6'Jck Lead Bag10 Wh$85.39Details
177769GRI Telemark29PAWGBGri 29Pawgb Mag Cntct 24"Ld Gp$8.44Details
189890GRI Telemark29PAWGGContact 29Pawgg 24"Lead Wide Gap Bag 10 Gray$65.79Details
177770GRI Telemark29PAWGGRGri 29Pawgg Surface Mount$8.46Details
172623GRI Telemark29PAXWGBRGri 29Paxwgb Standard Surface$10.74Details
172624GRI Telemark29PAXWGWHGri 29-Paxwg White$10.74Details
311336GRI Telemark29PCWGWSurface Mount/Spdt/Wide Gap/24 2 Conduct$14.83Details
627420GRI Telemark29PCWW10KSwitch Set 29Pc White W/10K Resistor$13.18Details
167256GRI Telemark29PCXWGW29Pc Switch With 3 Conductor Cable Surface Mount$23.25Details
189896GRI Telemark29PDBSurf. Mt. Sw. Set, Dpdt, W/1" Gap, 24" 6$16.28Details
172626GRI Telemark29PDGSurface Mount Reed With 2 C Form Gray Dpdt$16.48Details
177775GRI Telemark29PDWSurface Mount Dpdt W/24" 6 Conductor Cbl Wht Bag10$16.28Details
167258GRI Telemark29PDWGBSurf Mount Swt Set W/2C Form Reeds Brown$23.99Details
172627GRI Telemark29PDWHGri White Dpdt Surface Mount$16.28Details
177779GRI Telemark303012WH3/8In Recessed/Open Loop White$7.00Details
177781GRI Telemark3030TBRGri 3030Tbrown 3/8" Switch 1/2"$7.83Details
177785GRI Telemark3030TXWGB3/8Prssfit Xtra W-Gp Br$9.77Details
189904GRI Telemark3054IND29Awg-B(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Gold Lettering$5.76Details
177789GRI Telemark3391IND29Axwg-B(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Gold Lettering$7.02Details
167316GRI Telemark3679IND400-B(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Gold Lettering$8.62Details
177790GRI Telemark3680IND400-G(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Black Lettering$8.62Details
177791GRI Telemark3862IND400Wg-B(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Gold Lettering$9.08Details
444802GRI Telemark3874IND400Wg-G(Pl), Sonitrol Label W/Black Lettering$9.08Details
172639GRI Telemark400BGri 400 Comm Surf/Hid Trms/Br$8.44Details
177792GRI Telemark400BNLGri 400/B/Nl$8.66Details
172640GRI Telemark400BRGri Industral Surface Mount$8.66Details
177794GRI Telemark400GRi Sf Mt Ind Cnt W/Cncld Trm$8.62Details
167319GRI Telemark400GRGri Industral Surface Mount$8.66Details
177796GRI Telemark400WGri 400 Comm Surf/Hid Trms/Wh$8.44Details
167322GRI Telemark400WGB400Wg Comm/Hid Trms/Wd/Br$9.08Details
627430GRI Telemark400WGB10KSwitch Set (400Wg) Brown With 10K Resistor$11.04Details
627431GRI Telemark400WGBNL400 Wide Gap Brown W/ No-Logo$9.08Details
167323GRI Telemark400WGGGri 400Wg Comm/Hid Trms/Wd/Gy$9.08Details
627433GRI Telemark400WGGNL400 Wide Gap Gray W/ No-Logo$9.08Details
167324GRI Telemark400WGGRIndustrial Surface Mount$9.87Details
177797GRI Telemark400WGWSw Set, Surface Mount Wht. Spst-No 3" Ga$8.73Details
627435GRI Telemark400WGWNL400 Wide Gap White W/ No-Logo$9.08Details
189910GRI Telemark400WHInd S/M Term Cl N/O - Wh$8.53Details
172644GRI Telemark400WNLGri 400/W/Nl$8.66Details
444803GRI Telemark401BContact Switch Open Loop Spdt Surf Mt 10 Pk Brown$90.99Details
311330GRI Telemark401BW1KSurface Mount Open Loop Brown 10Pack W/Resistor$12.69Details
756781GRI Telemark401GIndustrial Surface Mount Open Loop Gray Bag 10$90.99Details
177798GRI Telemark401WSurface Mount Open Loop Switch 10 Bag White$11.68Details