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Intrusion Security Systems

Other Power

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
924961Act MetersACT336L3V/3.6V Lithium Battery Tester/Wire Free Alarms$179.19Details
104461Act MetersGOLDIBTCALKITCalkit-Replacement Leads F/Gold Battery Tester$56.54Details
104249Act MetersREDIBTCALKITRed-Ibt Calibration Kit$56.54Details
103752Act MetersREDIBTRTLInhouse Rcalibration Kit For Red-Ibt$56.54Details
107483Ademco / Honeywell SecurityK14138LFK14138Lf$1.50Details
108078Ademco / Honeywell SecurityN7703Bat Chrgr,9V,100Ma(Mgt9Dc300)$16.49Details
112566Advanced Bridging TechnologiesUL28PIN1Connector F/Dsc Pc5010 Pc5020 Pc850 F/Repl Only$27.75Details
722955Advanced Technology Video / ATVYK12150UPower Supply 12 Volt 1.5 Amp For Qc4$18.75Details
958342Ai NextVB7660Varifocal Bullet 6-60Mm/700Tvl W/12Pc Ir Range 70M$276.74Details
117030Alarm Saf00007Snap Track 3Tk2 - 3 Inch For Relays And Timers$8.98Details
116869Alarm Saf00010Snaptrack Tk2 Series 48"Section$62.30Details
818507Alarm Saf00319Vented Removeable Cover For Battery Cabinet$352.34Details
582807Alarm Saf00833PS3BFS242B7Power Supply 24Volt 3Amp W/2 12 Volt Batteries$364.49Details
582808Alarm Saf00844Ps5-12040-Bd (Board Only)$117.59Details
582810Alarm Saf00903Fmc-12/10-Bfs$159.59Details
750346Alarm Saf01312PS524040ULBDPs5-24040-Ulbd Pwr Sply Chrgr Bd$190.39Details
359980Alarm Saf03013Rack Mount Wall Bracket$47.84Details
781278Alarm Saf03026Mixed Voltage Rack Mount Power Rmmv-122428-24$1,121.89Details
116656Alarm Saf10001Power Supply 12 Or 24 Volt 4 Amp$282.14Details
862044Alarm Saf10013Power Supply 12/24Vdc 6 Amp Ul Listed$319.94Details
582815Alarm Saf10034BN10000UL12/24 Vdc, 20/10 A Power Supply Board$382.04Details
1031654Alarm Saf10068Power Board Mb8F 8Out/Fused$146.99Details
924122Alarm Saf10073Bn4-004-Ul-12-24V-Dc-4Amps-Power Supply Unit$431.99Details
116146Alarm Saf2TK248Mounting Hardware, Snap Track, 2.75 Inches X 48 I$56.85Details
117038Alarm Saf97445Cbl Harn-2 8 Conductor Harness$22.49Details
322755Alarm SafAPD8FUL12X12X4Distribution Board 8 Fused Outputs With Cabinet$271.34Details
322754Alarm SafAPD8ULDistribution Board 8 Outputs$280.79Details
582831Alarm SafBC02242B7B02 Battery Cabinet, Battery Harness, 2 Batteries,$197.71Details
116153Alarm SafBH2B17SBattery Harness, Connects (2) 17 Ah Batteries For$21.47Details
117179Alarm SafBH4B17PBattery Wiring Harness, Connects Four (4) 17 Ah Ba$41.51Details
582855Alarm SafBN10004PD8FUL10Amp Pwr Sply 8 Fused Outpt Extra Lrg Key Cabinet$556.23Details
582860Alarm SafBN4002PD8ULPower Mgmt, Beacon, 12-24 Vdc, 4 Amp, 8 Ptc Power$372.22Details
582870Alarm SafBN48013CMB40ULPower Supply 4-8 Amp 40 Selectable With Cabinet$1,549.99Details
117188Alarm SafBP001Accessory, Module, Battery Presence $103.87Details
582908Alarm SafCPS1000CULCSAAPD16X15X18X4Power Supply 10 Amp 12 To 24Volts 16 Zones W/Board$863.19Details
767957Alarm SafCPS1000CULCSAAPD8F11X15X4Cps1000C-Ul/Csa-Apd8F$660.14Details
582912Alarm SafCPS1000CULCSAAPD8X12 Or 24 Volts 10 Amp Power Supply W/Distrib Board$635.22Details
116687Alarm SafCPS100C10A1224VFAICABCps100C 10A 12/24V Fai Cab$386.09Details
387858Alarm SafCPS100CULCSAAPD8FX15X18X4Cps100C-Ul/Csa-Apd8Fx, Power Supply$662.99Details
582918Alarm SafCPS2C25A61224CABCps2C 2.5A 6/12/24 Cab$228.19Details
117269Alarm SafCPS640DXULCSA15X18X4Cps640Dx-Ul/Csa Dl Cab.12/24$553.49Details
730518Alarm SafCPS640DXULCSAAPD1615X18X4Dual Voltage System 12 Or 24 Volts Power Supply$999.69Details
116169Alarm SafCPS800CULCSAAPD8FPower Management System, Single Voltage, 8 Amps, 8$581.31Details
116170Alarm SafCPS800CULCSAAPD8FXPower Management System, Single Voltage, 8 Amps, 8$610.85Details
116880Alarm SafPS12408UL810Power Supply System, 12 / 24 Vdc, 8 Amps, W/ (8) R$1,133.64Details
582947Alarm SafPS512040B04ULPower Supply 12 Volt 4 Amp 15 X 18 X 4 Cabinet$386.09Details
834750Alarm SafPS5BFS24B04ULPs5-Bfs-24-B04-Ul$368.54Details
117294Alarm SafRBKS124NSNPSTRKRly Rbks-124-N Snpstrk$30.44Details
116893Alarm SafRBKS124PSNPTRKRbks-124-P Snptrk 12/24 Dpdt$30.44Details
921078Alarm SafRMAPD16Rm-Apd16 16 Output Rm Pwr Distsyst For Access$1,080.29Details
116199Alarm SafRMAPD16FRm-Apd16F Rkmnt Pwr Dist Bx 16Fuse Out$1,080.29Details
322743Alarm SafTV24ULCSA$722.79Details
758788Alarm SafTV48CBULCSAPower Supply 24 Volt 6 Amp 48 Zone In Cabinet Ul$1,732.49Details
726854AltronixBF5Blade Fuse 5 Amp (Brown). Package Of 2$12.72Details
1051734AltronixBKT1E1U Mounting Bracket$5.94Details
119259AltronixBNC24JAccessory, Coax Jumper, Male To Male, 24 Inch $5.17Details
969582AltronixDCL1Din-Rail Mounting Clip 35Mm$10.21Details
583326AltronixFP16Faceplate 16 Output 2U Rack$20.25Details
810060AltronixFP32Faceplate 32 Output 2U Rack$20.25Details
119154AltronixFUSE2255A Glass Fuse Pkg 25$11.53Details
117998AltronixFUSE615Amp Delay Fuse-Pack Of 100$48.58Details
118354AltronixLC1Accessory, Line Cord, 6 Ft, 2 Conductor $2.48Details
837537AltronixLINQ8PDNetwork Power Distribution Module $182.71Details
861002AltronixLINQ8PDCBNetworked Power Distribution Module, Controls, Mon$182.71Details
119492AltronixLPDAuxiliary Module, 12 / 24 Vdc, Disconnects At 10.5$13.56Details
739572AltronixLPS5C12PD4Power Supply 12Vdc 3 1/2 Amp With 4 Outputs$205.79Details
118916AltronixPD16RReplacement Dist. Bd For Rack$93.79Details
118919AltronixPD4ULAuxilary Module, Power Distribution Unit, Converts$22.35Details
119585AltronixPD4ULCB4 Ptc Outputs Power Dist. Module. Up To 28Vac/28Vdc.$22.35Details
583379AltronixPD8CBEPower Supply With Circuit Breakers And Enclosure$69.99Details
118397AltronixPD8ULCBPower Distribution Unit, Pd8 W/ Circuit Breakers I$25.44Details
359454AltronixR128200Power Supply 12 Vac 8 Fused Output Rack Mount$342.89Details
119605AltronixSMP10C12XX12Vdc 10 Amp In Extra Large Cabinet$244.99Details
119606AltronixSMP10C18X18Vdc Pwr Sply Chrgr W/Lrg Cab$353.69Details
119325AltronixSMP5CTXMOD1818 Volt Dc 4 Amp Power Supply In Cabinet$156.79Details
583390AltronixSMP5MOD164A 16Vdc Pwr Sply Board$55.83Details
119571AltronixSPACER1Accessory, Spacer, Nylon, 5/8" *Pkg Of 25* $6.95Details
119335AltronixSPACER2Press Fit Spacer Package Of 4$2.60Details
119710AltronixST4Snaptrack Rb-5/Sn/Ul/30/St/Ttl 5X$11.04Details
119577AltronixT1656CPT1656 In Bc100 Enclosure With T Strip And Fuse$81.19Details
118741AltronixTB1Terminal Block For Rack Tower Supply$8.10Details
998150AltronixTKA2Access & Power Integration Backplane, Supports Key$81.77Details
322525AltronixVR1T924 Vac To Output 9 Vdc 1A Converter With Terminals$29.25Details
122749AmsecoHUS7ASingle Pull Double Throw Hold Up Switch$9.55Details
977537APC / American Power Conversion0M5083Assy Front Panel Wide Nanna$413.09Details
121729APC / American Power Conversion3827GY50Apc Cat5 Utp568 Patch Cable Grey Rj45M/Rj45M$16.49Details
388613APC / American Power Conversion66074Mge Snmp/Web Card$514.34Details
584795APC / American Power Conversion7300004ZTerminal Block 4 Pos Screws$4.32Details
584818APC / American Power ConversionACF001RFApc Replacement Filter Air Dist Unit For Acf001$79.79Details
322170APC / American Power ConversionACF127Apc Air Removal Unit Ductin Kit 600Mm$268.79Details
122614APC / American Power ConversionACF202BLKApc Side Air Distribution Unit 2U Rm 230/208 50/60$668.19Details
584822APC / American Power ConversionACF504Netshelter Sx Roof Fan Tray 208-230 Vac 750Mm$603.44Details
1065880APC / American Power ConversionACF505Netshelter Av Roof Fan Tray 825Mm 115Vac$359.09Details
122617APC / American Power ConversionACSC100Ac Unit For Ar3100 Inrow Sc 200-240V 60Hz$7,384.65Details
584834APC / American Power ConversionAP5203Apc Kvm Console Extender$330.74Details
121733APC / American Power ConversionAP5252Apc Kvm Sun Cable Vga - 6Ft (1.8M)$124.59Details
122789APC / American Power ConversionAP5263Kvm Daisy-Chain Cable 6 Ft (1.8 M) Rohs$93.79Details
121734APC / American Power ConversionAP5264Apc Kvm Ps/2 Cable - 3Ft.(0.9M)$54.38Details
123535APC / American Power ConversionAP5602Apc 0X2X16 Cat5 Analog Kvm Switch$1,312.49Details
322168APC / American Power ConversionAP7832Metered Rack Power Dist Unit 24-Outlet Nema 5-20R 30A 120V Vertical Mount-Black$593.99Details
762850APC / American Power ConversionAP8459NA3Rack Pdu 2G, Metered-By-Outlet, Zerou, 20A, 208V,$1,214.19Details
807828APC / American Power ConversionAP8712SPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C19 To C20, 0.6M$131.59Details
870536APC / American Power ConversionAP8753JPower Cord, Locking C19 To L6-20P, 3.0M$45.68Details
862580APC / American Power ConversionAP8863Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou, 20A, 208V 3Phase, (24) 5-20R (6) L6-20R$661.69Details
803013APC / American Power ConversionAP9400625ARj45 Serial Cable For Smart-Ups Lcd Models 2M$35.53Details
322164APC / American Power ConversionAP9513Measure-Ups Switch Kit$120.39Details
121759APC / American Power ConversionAP9600Equipment Housing For Smart Slot Snmp Adapter With Serial Interface Cable$124.59Details
122814APC / American Power ConversionAP9604BLKSmart Slot Triple Chasis-Blk$369.89Details
121763APC / American Power ConversionAP9815Interface Extention$42.78Details
123560APC / American Power ConversionAR3100SP1Netshelter Sx 42U 600Mm Wide X 1070Mm Deep Enclosure 1250Lbs Shocking PkgCall for Price.Details
978301APC / American Power ConversionAR3105WNetshelter Sx 45U 600Mm Wide X 1070Mm Deep Enclosu$1,693.74Details
747101APC / American Power ConversionAR3357X609Netshelter Sx 48U 750Mm Wide X 1200Mm Deep Enclosu$2,724.99Details
123831APC / American Power ConversionAR8127BLK19" Rotating Keyboard Drawer Black$481.94Details
122985APC / American Power ConversionAR8441AVertical Cable Organizer 2 And 4 Post Racks 6"WideCall for Price.Details
122840APC / American Power ConversionAR8600Horizontal Cable Organizer 2U Single Side With CoverCall for Price.Details
818919APC / American Power ConversionAR8678End Of Row Panel Performace Vertical Cable Mgmt Single Sided$375.29Details
926457APC / American Power ConversionAR8679End Of Row Panel Perforamce Vertical Cable Mger Double Sided$407.69Details
981733APC / American Power ConversionGAP7732Rack Ats,200-208V,30A,L6-30 In,(16) C13 (2) C19Out$1,309.99Details
123856APC / American Power ConversionNBAC0106LNetbotz Sensor Extender Cable 50'$78.39Details
123857APC / American Power ConversionNBAC0120LCable Netbotz Sensor Cable 25'$51.48Details
123165APC / American Power ConversionNBAC0205Apc Netbotz Camera Pod 120 Mounting Bracket$79.79Details
122996APC / American Power ConversionNBAC0209PApc Netbotz Usb Extended Repeater Cable 16 Feet$110.59Details
123858APC / American Power ConversionNBAC0303Apc Poe Injector$131.59Details
585100APC / American Power ConversionNBDC0001Cable Dry Contact Apc Netbotz$29.25Details
123859APC / American Power ConversionNBDC0002Netbotz Door Switch For Rooms 2.5Mm$55.09Details
585200APC / American Power ConversionSMT2200R2X658Apc Smart-Ups 2200Va 2U 120V With Network Card$1,876.24Details
781676APC / American Power ConversionSMX0392Apc Smart-Ups X 48V Battery Extension Cable$110.59Details
122137APC / American Power ConversionSU2000R3X155Smart Ups 2000Va Rm 3U 120V$4,854.37Details
585236APC / American Power ConversionSUA500PDRApc Din Rail-Panel Mount Ups W/Stndrd Battery 500V$483.29Details
124191APC / American Power ConversionSURTD3000XLTSmart-Up Rt Ups 3000Va 208V 2100 Watts, Tower UpsCall for Price.Details
122154APC / American Power ConversionSURTD3KRMXL3UTF5Apc Smart-Ups Rt 3000Va Rack Mount 208V With 208V To 120V Step-Down$0.02Details
1047253APC / American Power ConversionSUVTOPT002Apc Smart-Ups Vt Conduit Box For 20.59Inch/523Mm$123.19Details
1024721APC / American Power ConversionSUVTP20KHSApc Smart-Ups Vt 20Kva 400V, W/Start-Up 5X8,$14,600.95Details
123237APC / American Power ConversionSUVTR20KF4B5SSmartups Vt Rack Mnt 20Kva 208V W/4 Batt Mod Exp To 5;Pdu Battery Nonhaz Rohs$19,074.69Details
123238APC / American Power ConversionSUVTXR2B6SPower Supply Smart Ups Run Enclosure W/2 Batt Mod$9,040.19Details
925174APC / American Power ConversionSY10K40FSymmetra Px 10Kw To 40Kw Scalable N+1, 208V 3Ph Black$21,335.35Details
122164APC / American Power ConversionSYA12K16PXRSymmetra Lx 12Kva Extended-Run Scalable To 16Kva N+1 Sya8K16Pxr + Sypm4Kp$13,173.55Details
122167APC / American Power ConversionSYA4K8RMIApc Symtralx 4Kva Scaleble 8Kva N+1 Rack-Mount$7,782.37Details
123244APC / American Power ConversionSYA8K8RMIPs Synnetra Kx8Kva Scalbl 220/230/240+380/400/415V$10,457.83Details
972550APC / American Power ConversionSYAF16KTApc Symmetra Lx 16Kva N+1 Tower Frame, 208/240V$5,161.81Details
123246APC / American Power ConversionSYAOPT1Apc Symmet Lx 4 Post Rack Mnt$247.79Details
855739APC / American Power ConversionSYAOPT2Apc Symmetra Lx Module Cto Kit- Ups Frame$226.79Details
713095APC / American Power ConversionSYAOPT2XR3Apc Symmetra Lx Module Cto Kit- Xr3 Frame$59.50Details
123270APC / American Power ConversionSYARMXR9B9IApc Symmetra Lx Extendd Run Rack-Mt W/9 Sybt5230V$6,646.55Details
585301APC / American Power ConversionSYCF8BFSymmetra Px80Kw Bat Frame$6,581.89Details
124208APC / American Power ConversionSYPM10KFSymmetra 10Kw Power Supply$5,156.93Details
359018APC / American Power ConversionSYPM25KDApc Symmetra Px 25Kw Power Module, 400/480V$9,174.39Details
123277APC / American Power ConversionUTS6Universal Transfer Switch 120V 6 Circuit$519.74Details
585358APC / American Power ConversionWBEXTWAR1YRAC02Service Pack 1 Year Warranty$62.99Details
123565APC / American Power ConversionWCONFIGNBQNB20Netbotz Configuration$2,914.99Details
956113APC / American Power ConversionWEXWAR1YAC021 Year Warranty Extension For (1) Accessory (Renew$69.99Details
976658APC / American Power ConversionWEXWAR1YAC041 Year Warranty Extension For (1) Accessory (Renew$219.79Details
123281APC / American Power ConversionWMS1YR24N1 Year 25 Node Infrastruxure Sftwr Support Contrct$348.29Details
123566APC / American Power ConversionWMS1YRENT1 Year Infrastruxure Software Support Contract$348.29Details
127247Atlas SoundRWL2Mount, Magnetic, Portable, Ul Listed $56.94Details
592426Bi-TronicsYAXLRPSTRS6Xlr(M) 1/4 Stereo (M) Assy$39.14Details
136279Bosch SecurityD8132LTBattery Charger Module, L / Xfmr $75.89Details
1048289Bosch SecurityPS20012 Channel Power Supply$469.79Details
1078189Bosch SecuritySPS2000A2 Channel Power Supply Telex$678.59Details
146335CentraLite Systems1260109Transformer 9V Ac$22.49Details
773337Cooper / WheelockCN105542Cn105542 New Ps-8E-Lp Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/$436.04Details
753696Cooper / WheelockCN105552Ps-8 With Ps-Exp,Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/Charge$541.34Details
893649Cooper / WheelockCN1055558 Amp Power Supply, Black Enclosure, 220V$436.04Details
918692Cooper / WheelockCN105587Fltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply/ Charger,8Amp,24Vdc,Bla$427.94Details
728552Cooper / WheelockCN106150Spb-160E-B Sp40S Supervised Audio Power Booster,16$1,639.99Details
156452Cooper / WheelockPS6EBFltrd/Regulated Pwr Supply Chrgr 6Amp 24Vdc Blk$494.09Details
831474Cooper / WheelockPS8EXPLPPower Supply, Powerpath Series, W/ Pre-Installed E$531.89Details
890905Cooper / WheelockSPBPSXEPower Supply Board,Spb160E Or Spb 80/4E 220 Vac$589.94Details
158498Direct UPSJPX20KJpx Smart 2.0K Line Interactive With Output Sinew$952.89Details
182952Direct UPSJPX3KJpx Smart 3.0K Line Interactive With Output Sinew$1,607.49Details
161341Direct UPSJPX3RMKITRack Mount Kit For Jpx 3000$107.79Details
158499Direct UPSNEMAR515-520, Jpx And Vp Adaptor$23.25Details
158500Direct UPSRS232Rs232 Communication Cable 20 Box$107.79Details
182955Direct UPSVP1KBATRefurbish Battery For The Vp1000 Unit 2 Pc$86.79Details
150515Direct UPSVP2000FPFace Plate Only$33.34Details
161346Direct UPSVP600BATBattery For The Vp600 Unit 1 Pc$86.79Details
610962Ditek100640Accessory, Ground Bar, 5-Position, 14-4 Awg Wire,$9.01Details
350800Edwards / GS Building SystemsANS100XGAudio Expdr 100W W/O Dmr, Mic$1,529.99Details
185469EE Systems Group / Electronic EngineeringEE515PWAPa Amp W/Pwr Sply 12Vdc 2A$83.99Details
153063Enerzone Systems8811$132.99Details
171179Essex ElectronicsPS24Ac Adaptor, 24V, 1A, 6' Cord $20.12Details
153294EtherWAN SystemsDR12048120W/2.5A Din-Rail 48Vdc Industrial Power Supply$250.59Details
153295EtherWAN SystemsDR754875Watt /1.6A Din-Rail 48Vdc Industl Power Supply$193.19Details
419334EtherWAN SystemsEXDR12024Power Supply 120 Watts 24Vdc Output Industrial Din$250.59Details
616977EtherWAN SystemsSDR12048Power Supply 120 Watts 48Vdc Output Industrial Din$272.99Details
153332EtherWAN SystemsSDR24048Industrial Pwr Supply Inp 90-260Vac Outp 48Vdc@ 5A$395.54Details
153366Eveready Industrial / EnergizerHDL33A2EHandsfree Headlight Red Led'S Comfort Strap$22.49Details
174772Functional DevicesCLC106Light Switch For Closet With Leads$29.25Details
187428Functional DevicesPSH100A100AEnclosed Dual Power Supply, 100Va, Ul Class$127.39Details
174776Functional DevicesPSH100A100AB102-100Va P/S 120-24Vac Pri Cb$135.79Details
155100Functional DevicesPSH500AEnc P/S 5-100Va Multi-Tap-24Vac$341.54Details
839334Functional DevicesPSH550UPSSTATEnclosed Ups Board 550Va$303.74Details
844172Functional DevicesPSH850UPSSTATEnclosed Ups Interface Board W/850Va Ups And Statu$569.69Details
155102Functional DevicesPSM19A24DASTrack Mt. 120Vac-24Vdc P/S$39.88Details
187429Functional DevicesPSM24A24DASTrack Mt. 24Vac-24Vdc P/S$39.88Details
174779Functional DevicesRIB01P30Enclosed 30 Amp Dpst 120V Relay$47.84Details
761350Functional DevicesRIB24ZEnc. Relay 30 Amp 24 Vac/Dc$38.43Details
155110Functional DevicesRIBTELSEnclsd Relay Override 10-30Vac/Dc Pwr +5-30Vac/Dc$29.73Details
623257Functional DevicesRIBW01CEN2Enclosed Enocean Wireless Relay 5A/120Vac$114.79Details
1008648Functional DevicesRIBW24BEN3Enocean 902 Mhz Enclosed Relay 20Amp 24Vac 2-Way W$149.79Details
623260Functional DevicesRIBXG21ASplit Core Adjst Current Snsr,.75-150 Amp,Wire$52.19Details
711205Functional DevicesRIBXGTAEnclosed Split-Core Ac Sensor 75-150Amp Adj. Term$35.53Details
349170Functional DevicesRIBXGTASCALSelf Calibrating Ac Sensor 3-150Amp$47.84Details
854160Functional DevicesRIBXK420100Current Transducer 4-20Ma 0-100 Resolution$28.49Details
163317Garrett Metal Detectors2338612Power Mdl F/ Pd 6500I$212.79Details
623288Garrett Metal Detectors9420000Power Supply$127.39Details
189533Great Lakes Case and Cabinet7219SR1419" Rm Power Strip 5-15R Recep 14-Position W/ Circuit Breaker And Surge Suppressor$132.99Details
815793GRI Telemark10096Switchset 4704A W/2 1K Resistor 1-Series 1-Parall$31.89Details
347851GRI Telemark106622K Resistor, 1% 1/8 Watt 25Bag$46.39Details
627352GRI Telemark10758W190-12 Recessed With 2/2.K Resistors$13.68Details
190025GRI Telemark6973Power Supply, 6 Volt, For Pool Alarm $14.49Details
173159GRI TelemarkPTD1Pwr Transfer Cbl W/18" Of Armoured Cbl$14.21Details
190301GRI TelemarkPW10HWPlug 1" Prewired For Sheetrock Bag 10$0.58Details
178733HansolVHLM5605.6 Tft-Flushmount$384.74Details
346876Hochiki America010003305K6002 Control Unit Board Only, 2 LoopsCall for Price.Details
1020794Honeywell Environmental Controls50002883001U0.284Mark Cover-Th5110,Th6110$8.10Details
977757Honeywell Environmental Controls50033847Wall Plate Kit$3.78Details
1026165Honeywell Environmental ControlsTHP9045A1023Save-A-Wire Module$7.90Details
978198Honeywell Environmental ControlsTHP9045A1023USave-A-Wire Mod-Adds Com. Wre$8.62Details
192562Honeywell Power Products17051Honeywell Power Product Key Set$8.98Details
179944Honeywell Power Products17059Hpp Door Lock$8.98Details
192573Honeywell Power ProductsHPCORDUS6Ft-3Cond-120V-Us-Power Cord$7.18Details
192907i3 DVRHK4A250Power Supply 250WCall for Price.Details
1024637Ideal IndustriesBPS3JRLStaple 3/4" Plastic Insulated Std Wh 200/Jar$15.75Details
1001220International Connector & Cable / ICCICMPP4860VPatch Panel, Cat 6, 48-Port, 2 Rms, 6 Pk$912.59Details
269590International Electronics / IEI0291216Pwr Supply 16V 40Va Ac Transformer$20.99Details
346095International Electronics / IEI029130312-24V Power Supply$48.58Details
199236LantronixX3024DR0001Industrial Power Supply Din Rail 24Vdc$100.79Details
305632Lee Dan6680C17Elvox-Power Supply$534.59Details
720325Lee Dan8080030Photo Cell Thru Beam$268.79Details
637526Leviton101ANW15A-125V 2-Pole 2W;Non-Polarized Angle Plug White$3.90Details
637527Leviton101WP15A,125V,Nema 1-15P,2P,2W,Plug,Straight Blade Wht$4.14Details
272380Leviton47605PSASmc Universl Power Sply$183.39Details
272381Leviton47605PSBMini Dc Power Supply Module$88.19Details
637598Leviton4864815A,125V,Nema 5-15P,2P,3W,Plug,Straight Blade,Blk$8.44Details
848269Leviton5306M2S7Medical Grade Power Strip$180.59Details
783837Leviton54DLCM01Fiber Patch Cord; 50/125Um Laser Optimized$22.49Details
898360Leviton54DLCM05Fiber Patch Cord; 50/125Um Laser Optimized (10G$34.08Details
867654Leviton54DSCM10Pcord Om4 Sc-Sc 10M$58.10Details
272458Leviton550019019" 15 Amp Rck Mnt Pwr Supply$136.75Details
921202Leviton751207M37-Mode Panel Mounted Surge Protection Device$9,550.15Details
857283LevitonLV5306M2S5Medical Grade Power Strip, Surge-Protected,$200.19Details
852221LevitonPE300D0WBx Power Extender 120V/2400Va$279.44Details
467196Light Engineered DisplaysTA123Timer Abort$515.69Details
272800Linear Corporation21002020Shaft Drive 1 Sw$42.78Details
232357Linear CorporationAAE00435Rj Telephone Adapter$56.70Details
211218Linear CorporationMCS106603Rmt Whip Ant W/12 Ft.Coax$24.75Details
639577Litton / Terminus Products3268006000Switch And Plate Assembly. For Sp3268$61.59Details
936651LumenosityPIB1213EPower Supply 12Volt/1.3Amp W/Outdoor Enclosure$132.99Details
953878LumenosityRNC100Non-Sensitive Cble- 100Ft Reel$35.53Details
1009468LumenosityRPIB1213E12Vdc, 1.3 Amp,Inc: Open Frame Transf.Nema/Outdoor$132.99Details
1048416LumenosityRPS1224S12/24V, 1.3A, Ac & Batt Super$44.23Details
997242LumenosityRPS6126/12V, 1.3A Power Supply$15.68Details
943049LumenosityRRP18V18 Input Video Surge Supply$253.39Details
1027229LumenosityRRP9V9 Input Video Surge Supply$184.79Details
1011740LumenosityRSF200200Ft Cble,Sngle Zone,Eol Kit$1,015.29Details
1015300LumenosityRSW122412/24V,2.5A Supervised$33.34Details
1052133LumenosityRTIB2419224V, 8 A Power Supply$67.90Details
1064314LumenosityRTIB249624V, 4 A Power Supply$52.93Details
1078131LumenosityRTM180DLDelay Timer, 12V/24V Dc$18.75Details
967823LumenosityRTM60Full Function,12/24V Dc P/S$15.75Details
1050960LumenosityRTM66Full Function 12/24V Ac/Dc P/S$18.75Details
1069372LumenosityRTOF2417524V, 175 Va Power Supply$47.84Details
1057764LumenosityRTOF246024V, 60 Va Power Supply$28.49Details
1065771LumenosityRTOF249624V, 96 Va Power Supply$29.25Details
1021920LumenosityRTW10004S4 Position Passive Balun Hub$135.79Details
972423LumenosityRTWR18Rack Mounted$483.29Details
950546LumenosityRTWR18SRack Mounted$560.24Details
1011344LumenosityRTWR9Rack Mounted$319.94Details
937864LumenosityRTWR9SRack Mounted$356.39Details
963544LumenosityRWP16LVWall Pack 16 Led, 24Vac, 24Vdc$187.59Details
962086LumenosityRZP120AC120V Ac Transient Protector$31.89Details
1063230LumenosityRZP1ACAc/Dc Transient Protector$29.25Details
1046166LumenosityRZP1ACDV152 X Ac/Dc,6 X Data & 1 X Video$100.79Details
973539LumenosityRZP1ACDV282 X Ac/Dc,6 X Data & 1 X Video$100.79Details
1017382LumenosityRZP1ACDV72 X Ac/Dc, 6 X Data &1X Video$100.79Details
995763LumenosityRZP1ACTAc & Telco Transient Protector$36.98Details
930000LumenosityRZP1DV15Data & Video Transient Prot$52.93Details
1009382LumenosityRZP1DV28Data & Video Transient Prot$52.93Details
934034LumenosityRZP1DV7Data & Video Transient$52.93Details
1046059LumenosityRZP1TTelco Transient Protector$33.34Details
1040167LumenosityRZP1TDThunderdome" Transient Pro$83.99Details
1037170LumenosityRZP1VVideo Transient Protector$35.53Details
993428LumenosityRZP2T2 Output Telco Transient Protector$51.48Details
998850LumenosityRZP9V9 Input Video Surge Supp$184.79Details
1013511LumenosityRZPRJDATARj45 Data Surge Supp$44.23Details
1051281MAGNASPHEREHSSL2D002C48L50Hss-L2D-002 With 4 Ft Armored Cable$302.39Details
767014MAGNASPHEREHSSL2S000C60L55Level 2 High Security Sensor Ul 634, 5Ft$277.19Details
1051081MAGNASPHEREHSSL2S002C48L50Hss-L2S-002 With 4 Ft Armored Cable$302.39Details
832664MG Electronics15012150W, 12Vdc Power Supply Module$76.99Details
202786MG ElectronicsACDC2412150024Vac To 12Vdc Converter$22.49Details
1054198MG ElectronicsACDC241230024 - 12 Volt Dc Converter Power Supply 300 Milliam$8.56Details
274429MG ElectronicsACDC241280024Vac To 12Vdc Converter 800Ma$12.03Details
219590MG ElectronicsADAPT1065 Volt 1.2 Amp Power Supply$14.03Details
274430MG ElectronicsADAPT10824Vdc, 600Ma Transformer W/ 6 Foot Cord$9.88Details
303892MG ElectronicsADP917.5V Dc Power Supply$11.20Details
644047MG ElectronicsADPT40Adapter 12 Volt 500Ma$9.39Details
997417MG ElectronicsADPT7912Vdc 500Ma Plug-In Pow Sply, Alligator Clips$14.34Details
274432MG ElectronicsADPT871Transformer With Spade Lugs 6.5V 750Ma$11.20Details
481697MG ElectronicsAVC100100 Dc Pwr/Video Cable$16.49Details
644048MG ElectronicsAVC100W100' Combined Power Video Cable White$16.49Details
219592MG ElectronicsAVC50W50Ft Combined Pwr/Vid Cable White$16.48Details
219595MG ElectronicsCBNC100Cable 100'Bnc To Bnc$16.48Details
202794MG ElectronicsCBNC2525Ft Bnc To Bnc Cable$6.57Details
202795MG ElectronicsCBNC50Bnc To Bnc Cable 50'$11.55Details
202797MG ElectronicsDPS63099 Camera Ac Or Dc Distributed Power Supply$26.99Details
235128MG ElectronicsHDC100BBPower/Video 100' Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$26.25Details
235129MG ElectronicsHDC150BBPower/Video 150' Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$34.79Details
235130MG ElectronicsHDC25BBPower/Video 25'Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$12.69Details
202799MG ElectronicsHDC50BBPower/Video 50' Cable Black Bnc Male/Bnc Male$15.75Details
340044MG ElectronicsHDL500BBHeavy Duty Video Power Cable 50 Ft Black$19.49Details
202808MG ElectronicsMGT12303A3 Amp Power Supply 12Vdc$32.63Details
644059MG ElectronicsMGT24300VATransformer 480Vac Input/24Vac Output At 300Va$275.79Details
235147MG ElectronicsMGT2810024Vac 800Va Open Frame Trnasfrmr Ul List$28.49Details
274455MG ElectronicsMGT6500SPS6 Volt Dc 500Ma Transformer That Is Used$9.88Details
732801MG ElectronicsRM2424Vdc 5A Dpdt Relay Module$9.39Details
274462MG ElectronicsSPS12DC3APwr Spply,3Amp,12Vdc Regulated, 6Ft Output Cord$20.99Details
274465MG ElectronicsST1250012Vdc, 500 Ma Regulated Plug In Power Supply, Ul$8.62Details
235831MIDLITE1AIEC12" Power Adapter Cord$11.04Details
204030MIDLITE6B6Ft Power Cord 125V 15Amp Black$12.69Details
646247MIDLITE6W6' Nema 3-Prong Pwr Cord White$12.69Details
221508MIDLITEPF6150BK1 1/2"Dia.X 25'Blck Wre Brded Wrp Splt Slvg$86.79Details
204109Mierproducts / BWDA050Replacement Power Pack For Drive Alert Control$27.75Details
646868Minuteman UPS / Para Systems36000176Hardware Access Package (Ent Plus & Ed)$42.78Details
236021Minuteman UPS / Para Systems37000009Replacement Batt 12V 11Amp$61.59Details
221813Minuteman UPS / Para Systems3700007Replacement Internal Battery$36.98Details
880378Minuteman UPS / Para Systems900100013Ft Pwr Cord,Cnnct Ed2000Rm2U$127.39Details
236022Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsAS400Option Card For Mcp Series$117.59Details
204206Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00006Replacement Battery, 12V, 18 Amp, Per Hour $84.46Details
275363Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00007Replacement Battery, 12V, 7.2 Amp, Per Hour $36.98Details
303349Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00028Battery, Individual, Replacement, 1-Year Warranty,$30.78Details
275366Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0045Replacement Battery Module$176.39Details
303344Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP24RTEXLBattery Pack, For Expanded Runtime, Compatible W/$1,060.32Details
204210Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP36RTEXL3U Extreme Run Battery Pack E750Rm2U, E1000Rm2U, E1500Rm2U 1836 Vah$992.06Details
221820Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPEBP1000Battery Pack, External, For Cpe1000 $553.57Details
204215Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBP72XLExternal Battery Pack For Minuteman E2000Rm2U, E3000Rm2U And E3000Rmt2U$539.99Details
646894Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10200TUps System Bundle, Endeavor 6-24 Kva Tower Series$4,292.42Details
944911Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RMTUPower Supply 2000Va 208 Volt On Line Rack Tower$1,210.29Details
236032Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED3000RMT2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$1,356.13Details
275373Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RMXFRM120V Stepdown Transformer Module For Ed6200Rm$865.79Details
204218Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED610KVAProgrammable Relay Card For The Ed6-24Kva Series$117.59Details
221825Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6120RBReceptacle Box For The Ed6-24Kva Units$212.79Details
275375Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RMPower Supply 6000Va Ups 208 Volt Rack Mount 4200W$1,741.24Details
221826Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200T6000Va, Tower Unit, 208 In 120Out Redundant Configuration Ups$2,713.64Details
204219Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6208RBReceptacle Box (L6-30 / L6-20 / (4) 6-15/20)$212.79Details
275376Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6MTBS2Maintenance Bypass Kit, External, For Ed12000Rm /$665.19Details
236033Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6PARALLELParellel Kit For The Endeavor 6-24Kva Series$206.47Details
204224Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR700P15700Va Line Interactive Ups With 8 Outlets$176.39Details
204226Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAKV0880Kvm Switch 8 Port Ps2 Rackmount$142.79Details
221830Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAKV1680Kvm Switch 16 Port Ps2 Rackmount$228.19Details
221831Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAKVS04SKKvm Switch 4-Port Slim Desktop Ps2 W/4 Cables$56.70Details
275385Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMAUSB168OSDKvm Switch, 16-Port Usb/Ps2 Rackmount$325.34Details
275388Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMKVM17NB2RR17" 1U Dual Rail Lcd/Keyboard/Mouse Console$1,801.24Details
221836Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1020HV10Outlet 20Amp Mount 15Ft Cord$64.39Details
236040Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1415HVAPower Distribution Unit 6/8 Outlets 15Amp$144.19Details
236042Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD1815V48Power Distribution Unit 15 Amp 18/15A Receptacle$86.03Details
204230Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD815HV8Outlet 15Amp Mount 15Ft Power Cord$49.29Details
236045Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS110Single Outlet Surge Protector 540 Joules, Led Indicators Mov Technology$8.44Details
275390Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS130C3 Outlet Surge Protector 1080 Joules, Coax/Dss Protec. Led Indicators$13.51Details
236046Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMS5707 Outlet Ruggedized Strip 1440 Joules, 9Ft Cord Wall Mountable$21.75Details
236053Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1020HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$62.57Details
480211Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1220C13HVLTPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, 208 Vac Inpu$128.27Details
204237Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1415HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$57.88Details
646931Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1415HVA120Vac Input/Output, 15-Amp Capacity Pdu$144.19Details
646932Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD1420HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$70.39Details
204238Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD615HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$43.75Details
221847Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES1015HVPower Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$64.13Details
275394Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES1020HVPower Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$78.22Details
646942Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOES1020HVLPower Distribution Unit, Oes Series, Generic, 120$81.34Details
722305Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsR1OEPD2430V48DCL30 Amp Power Distribution Unit$344.24Details
236059Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMP32LSnmp Network Card For Enterprise Systems$276.74Details
913653Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNETAGENTFORCPE1000Accessory, Network Interface Card, 16-Bit, Compati$315.25Details
480212Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNV6Snmp Communication Card, 10/100 Mbit Ipv4 / Ipv6,$278.43Details
936561Mircom TechnologiesBATTISD1000$74.19Details
339390Mircom TechnologiesBATTISD2500Protection Circuit/Lithium Ion$44.94Details
650955Nady SystemsSC100Sequenced Power Controller$99.39Details
205278New LineNL3000PSPower Supply For The Nl3000$35.53Details
301981On-Q / LegrandF7716Replacement Dc Power Cable 24"$7.72Details
230569On-Q / LegrandPW124024V Dc 240 Watt Power Supply Kit$477.83Details
505416Operating Technical ElectronicsOTE4018ACW22C40Va 18Vac Wallmount Adaptor 120Vac/18Vac, 2.2A$18.75Details
653860OptexEN1941BUBoard Only Transmitter For I-Series Detectors$90.99Details
206762OptexRC20TRANSFORMERRc Transformer For Rc20U$10.38Details
238623OptexWRS02Tamper For The Ftn-St/Am Detector$11.86Details
206782OptexWRS03Tamper For The Ftn-R-Ram Detector$11.86Details
810662OrtronicsHDJ6A44Hd Jack,Cat6A,Clarity,T568A/B$15.75Details
1021402Paso Sound Products6680C17Ul Power Supply$467.09Details
965897Paso Sound Products6941C17Power Supply F/Digibus Main$342.89Details
1041408Paso Sound Products6948C17Ul Power Supply$467.09Details
762919Pelco / Schneider ElectricPS0410000112Power Supply Wall Lin 12Vdc 100Ma$47.84Details
243359Pelco / Schneider ElectricPS0410020112Ps0410020112P/S W/Mt 120-12Vdc$22.49Details
241568Pelco / Schneider ElectricPS0490010100Ps0490010100,Wm Adptr 120V$31.18Details
300633Porta Systems / Tii Network Technologies24025110M110PC25 Pr;110 In/Out Trmntn/Cover;Loaded W/Gas Tube$571.04Details
280705Porta Systems / Tii Network Technologies504PXACGTBPPhone Surge Protector$141.39Details
300620Potter Electric1000018Sprinkler System Pressure Switch, Bleeder Valve Le$54.27Details
242409Potter ElectricPCMSRMCorrosion Monitoring Station$1,163.49Details
1011312Potter ElectricPSB10300643510 Amp Bulk Power Supply$274.39Details
281021Power-Sonic035018F2-F1 Terminal Adapter .250"-.187" Fast-On Adapter$0.22Details
281022Power-Sonic035021Terminal Adapter F1 To F2 .187" To .250" Fast-On$0.22Details
1073812Power-Sonic0350226Mm Bolt-F2 Term.Adapter$0.22Details
876098Power-Sonic035090Plastic Battery Terminal Covers For F2$0.12Details
1016033Power-SonicPHR129012V 90W/Cell$82.59Details
281049Power-SonicPSC124000AP12 Volt 4 Amp Automatic Power Supply$249.19Details
676878Power-SonicPSC241000AC24V Switch Mode Charger F/Sla Batteries$93.79Details
676880Power-SonicPSC61000AC6V 1000 Amp Hour Auto Charger$38.43Details
498013Power-SonicPSC63000ABattery Chrger Sealed Lead Acid 6V$56.70Details
242543Power-SonicPSC6500ACCharger;6V .5Amp Lc-2197; Switch Type$34.79Details
242551Power-SonicPTX14LBSFSPower Supply Sealed 12V 12Amp$56.70Details
212302Power-SonicPTX4LBSFS12Volt 3Amp Power Battery Factory Sealed$25.49Details
878647Power-SonicPWDCG12100Dcg12-100 12V 100Ah; Gel, B$317.24Details
212304Preferred Power Products12D84Power Supply 12 Volt 8 Output 4 Amp Module Card$110.59Details
242554Preferred Power ProductsAC2444W24Vac 4Output 4Amps Nema 4X$144.19Details
248221Preferred Power ProductsAC244724Vac 4Output 7.25Amps Encl$100.79Details
248493Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS3OLDB4Power Supply Control Access 3 Amp 4 Output$162.39Details
801985Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OLDB1612/24 Vdc, 16 Out, 7 Amp Ac Fail,$261.79Details
248496Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OLDB812Or24Vdc 7Amps Trnsfrmr$236.59Details
248497Preferred Power ProductsDCAXS7OLPC812Or24Vdc 7Amps-8-Output-Programmable-Transformer$284.84Details
336350Preferred Power ProductsDCSEL16512 Or 24Vdc 16Output 5Amps Encl$179.19Details
242562Preferred Power ProductsDCSEL8512 Or 24Vdc 8Output 5Amps Encl$144.19Details
248498Preferred Power ProductsLE100Large Can Empty$59.50Details
281076Preferred Power ProductsM1284Modular Card 8Output 12Vdc 4Amp$110.59Details
281077Preferred Power ProductsM2444Modular Card-4Output 24Vac 4Amp$85.39Details
248499Preferred Power ProductsM2447Power Supply Modular Card 24Vdc 7 Amp 4 Outputs$110.59Details
242564Preferred Power ProductsM2484Modular Card 8Output 24Vac 4Amp$102.19Details
281078Preferred Power ProductsP3606212/24 Volt Timer$19.49Details
242565Preferred Power ProductsP3615DC4UL4 Chan Power Supply$74.19Details
242568Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2413WLPower Supply 24Vac 1 Output 3 Amp Ul Weatherproof$116.19Details
212321Preferred Power ProductsP3AC2441224Vac 4Output 12.5Amps Encl$151.19Details
212328Preferred Power ProductsP3DC12110LP3Dc12-1-10L 12Vdc/1Out/10A Ps$325.34Details
212331Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1241CB12V Pwr Supply 4 Output Ptc 1 Amp$93.79Details
281089Preferred Power ProductsP3DC1285W12Vdc 8Out 5A Nema 4X Enclosr$219.79Details
281090Preferred Power ProductsP3DC5SUXLC12/24Vdc 5A Supervised Ps 18X24 Enclosure$325.34Details
336343Preferred Power ProductsP3DCAXS10OLDB412/24Vdc 10A 4Out Access Cntrl Ps$270.19Details
212346Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL4312/24Vdc,4Outpt,3Amps,Enclosure$117.59Details
676908Preferred Power ProductsP3DCSEL4512 Or 24 Vdc, 4 Output, 5 Amp Power Supply$144.19Details
242584Preferred Power ProductsP3M2447Modular Card 4 Output 24Vac 7.25 Amp$110.59Details
336339Preferred Power ProductsP3PS36, 12 Or 24 Vdc 3 Amp Power Supply Board$34.08Details
242587Preferred Power ProductsP3PS3SU3Amp Supervised Power Supply 12/24Vdc Ac Fail$47.84Details
676915Preferred Power ProductsP3REL56 Or 12Vdc/5 Amp/120Vac/28Vdc Dpdt Contacts$10.54Details
242595Preferred Power ProductsPMAXDC1616Output 12Vdc 16Amps$531.89Details
212361Preferred Power ProductsPS3OXSE12 Or 24 Vdc 3Amp Pwr Sply Brd Enclsr W/Open Xmitr$97.99Details
212362Preferred Power ProductsPS3SU12Or24Vdc@3Amps-Ac Fail&Low Bt$47.84Details
281119Preferred Power ProductsWP100Nema 4X 12"X10"X6"-Gray$93.79Details
248529Preferred Power ProductsXR2810028Vac 100Va Transformer$40.59Details
281121Preferred Power ProductsXR2830028Vac 300Va Transformer$100.79Details
249637Protection TechSDI77XL2C24VDCOutdoor 125X20 24Vdc$716.29Details
281490Pulnix / TakexF10RSensor Fiber Optic Din Auto Setting Red Led$216.99Details
242962Pulnix / TakexFX84BCCoaxil Fiber Optic Cable$95.19Details
498529Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL3FFLED18Led Flood 18W W/Stl360 Bronze$387.44Details
498557Rab Electric ManufacturingSTL3FFLED18WLed Flood 18W W/Stl360 White$387.44Details
677585Radio Design Labs / RDLAVAC2Cable Kit For Av-Hk1 Dual Phono To Mini Plug$14.83Details
213239Radio Design Labs / RDLEC6Ac Extension Cord 6 Pack$32.63Details
1060821Radio Design Labs / RDLRCPS5Rack Mnt For 5 Ps24U2/A Power Supplies$78.39Details
259528Samsung TechwinPWR12DC85Power Supply 12 Vdc 8 Output 5Amps Small$162.39Details
246526Samsung TechwinPWR15DC42ULPower Supply, 6-15 Vdc, 4 Output 2.5 Amp$95.19Details
259529Samsung TechwinPWR16AC50VAUL16.5Vac 50Va Transformer$15.75Details
216510Samsung TechwinPWR24AC50VAULTransformer,24Vac 50Va,Ul Listed$22.49Details
891982Seco-LarmCA15261F1 Dc Jack To 2 Dc Plug$3.60Details
768948Seco-LarmDCACCCS1QPower Cord With Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter F$13.18Details
683299Seco-LarmEAP5D1MQPc Board Only For Eap-5D1Q$85.39Details
285681Seco-LarmEAP5D1QAccess Control Power Supply 12/24Vdc 1Out 5Amp$184.79Details
683301Seco-LarmEBP10120QBasic Passive Video Balun Silver-Plated Bnc Connct$8.56Details
760608Seco-LarmEBP31660EQ16Ch Endpoint Extender, Passive$179.19Details
285700Seco-LarmEVARS1Rs232 To Rs485 Converter$23.25Details
712146Seco-LarmPAU0405NULQ4 Channel, 12Vdc/5A Cctv Power Supply$29.25Details
1028821Seco-LarmPD4PSQPdm 4 O/P, 5A (1.1A Ea), Ptc$20.25Details
261219Seco-LarmPD5PAQPower Distribution Board. 5-Output, 1.1A Each, Ptc$34.08Details
248426Seco-LarmPDM4G5P11QPwr Dist Board 4 Outputs, 5 Amp Main Fuse$15.75Details
798698Seco-LarmST120615AQSeco Bckup Pwrsply 6V/12V Otpt$14.50Details
261306Seco-LarmST240610AQPower Supply Charger 6 12 Or 24Vdc 9 Amp$100.79Details
261308Seco-LarmST24065AQPower Supply/Charger. Provides 6, 12 Or$48.17Details
841636Seco-LarmXACXE941SA1200Accessory Pack F/E941Sa1200$6.57Details
220050SentexDC2000SLBattery Backup For Sl Series Gates$679.89Details
250731Silent CallBU10Battery Backup/Sk092142 Receiver$39.88Details
263542Smart Vac By Beam Industries155457Cord:Black 3-Prong For Powerhead$7.54Details
508879SpaceageSSUSC112TSc Fuse Board W/Term Track 4 Fuses$20.99Details
939274SpaceageSSUTPB20204 Amp Power Supply$97.99Details
509156SR ComponentsDC12502112Vdc 5Amp Power Supply$66.50Details
264429SR ComponentsPC1212' Power Cable Ac$7.72Details
296295SureactionWP5B125Basic Batt Operated Probe Sys With P500-125 Probe$413.09Details
224671Suttle Apparatus630LCCU2F50Wall Mount Line Conditioner, 2 Filters$5.58Details
289244Suttle Apparatus630LCCU501-Line Filtered, 2 Voice Jacks Auxiliary Dsl Jack 630 Series Adpts 6 Pos Ivory$4.86Details
253715Suttle Apparatus900LCC50Dsl Line Conditioner$3.10Details
889020Suttle ApparatusCON13X585Plate,2G Dual Cover Sc Adapter$11.53Details
225315Suttle ApparatusSAEPS33 Outlet Power Strip W/ 3' Cord$5.04Details
695060Telular / TelguardTGIMVBEBattery Eliminator Box Of 10 Pieces$212.79Details
266023TotalSecure / Productive ConsultantsPRCCONTACTIOI/O Alarm Input/Output Interf$144.19Details
845249Tripp Lite0SU51012Minicom Ps/2 Remote Unit For Phantom Specter Kvm S$181.99Details
228046Tripp Lite602155 Outlet 15' Cord Power Strip$33.34Details
255242Tripp Lite6SPDX156 Outlet 15' Cord Metal Power Strip$33.34Details
228047Tripp LiteAPS1250Dc To Ac Inverter 1250W 12Vdc$606.14Details
266480Tripp LiteAPS2012Regulted Bat Chrgr W/2 Outlets$857.99Details
228048Tripp LiteAPS2448ULPower Verter Aps Inverter/Charger W Auto Transf$993.19Details
266481Tripp LiteAPS3636VR3600Vamp 36V Dc Bck Up Pwr Spl$1,206.39Details
266482Tripp LiteAPS700HFPowerverter Aps Ultra-Compact Inverter/Charger - W$275.79Details
696505Tripp LiteAPSINT2012Reglted Bat Chrgr W/2 Otlts12$904.79Details
864098Tripp LiteAPSX1250International Inverter W/Transfer Swt 1250 Watts$639.89Details
826060Tripp LiteAV88SATGEco Green A/V Surge Protector Rj11 Rj45 Coax 8 Out$67.19Details
1005285Tripp LiteB004DPUA2K2-Port Displayport Kvm Switch W Audio, Cables&Usb$225.39Details