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Klein Tools

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
636521Klein Tools1000Combo Tool 7-1/2" Cuts/Strips/Crimps/Gauges Wire &Amp; Stud Sizes$28.98Details
198258Klein Tools1001Multi Electricians Tool. Two Wire Cutters. Crimps 7-Mm. Pivot Nut Adjust Tension. Handle Color Red$30.45Details
270977Klein Tools1002Multi Purpose Tool. Crimps Non And Insulated. Crimps 7-Mm. Easily Cuts And Strips Wire. Handle Color Red$30.35Details
867769Klein Tools10045" Wire Stripper-Cutter W/ Spring$13.05Details
762526Klein Tools1005Crimp/Cutting Tool Red Coated Handle$37.63Details
723090Klein Tools1005INSInsulated Crimping/Cutting Tool$78.19Details
788008Klein Tools1006Crimping/Cutting Tool Non-Insulated Terminals Crimps 10-22Awg$38.21Details
223035Klein Tools1010All Purpose Tool$28.13Details
203882Klein Tools1011Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper/Cutter$16.82Details
203883Klein Tools1016Tripsaver. Multi Tool. Combination Cutting Tool. Crimping. Stripping$101.39Details
948512Klein Tools106FHeritage: 6" Straight Trimmer/Fully Round TipsCall for Price.Details
990088Klein Tools107HCHeritage: 7" Straight TrimmerCall for Price.Details
1003203Klein Tools107PHeritage: 7" Straight Trimmer/Retail PackageCall for Price.Details
1067570Klein Tools108FHeritage: 8" Straight Trimmer/Fully Rounded TipsCall for Price.Details
965044Klein Tools108XBHeritage: 8" Straight Trimmer/Xtra Blunt TipsCall for Price.Details
999260Klein Tools109PHeritage: 9" Straight Trimmer Retail PackageCall for Price.Details
270980Klein Tools1100LAviation Snips Lh$28.53Details
270981Klein Tools1101RAviation Snips Rh$28.53Details
270982Klein Tools1102S9-3/4" Snips Aviation Straight Cutting Up To 18 Ga Metal$28.53Details
198260Klein Tools11045Wire Stripper:Yellow,6-1/2",Ga Uge/Cut/Strip/Loop;Solid=10,12 14,16,18$17.52Details
810697Klein Tools11045INS10-18 Awg Solid Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter$54.87Details
198261Klein Tools11046Wire Stripper/Cutters. Narrow Nose. Hardened Steel Compact. Rec To Buy 12 (Pack). Handle Color Red$18.47Details
745808Klein Tools11047Wire Stripper Yellow Gauge/Cut Strip/Loop;6-1/2",Solid=22,24, 26,28,30$19.31Details
877193Klein Tools11049INS8-16 Awg Stranded Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter$54.87Details
870033Klein Tools11053Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper, Cut 6-12 Awg Wire, Blue$25.70Details
776091Klein Tools110548-16 Awg Solid 10-18 Awg Stranded New!$25.70Details
971130Klein Tools11054EINSElectrician'S Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter$56.46Details
856954Klein Tools11054GLWHi-Viz Wire Stripper/Cutter$29.12Details
198262Klein Tools11055Curved Wire Stripper/Cutter$25.70Details
806341Klein Tools11055INS8 In. Insulated Wire Stripper/Cutter$57.46Details
223036Klein Tools11057Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper Cutter For Solid And Stranded Wire$26.43Details
1068333Klein Tools11063KNFReplacement Blades(0.15 -4Mm) For Katapult Wire Stripper /Cutter (11063Met)$22.14Details
636522Klein Tools11063WWire Stripper/Cutter(8-22 Awg) Katapult$36.51Details
964116Klein Tools110820.15 Mm-4.0 Mm Katapult Wire Stripper/CuttersCall for Price.Details
461687Klein Tools1224BIBi Metal Blades$261.02Details
461688Klein Tools1224BIPBi Metal Blades$29.70Details
1011670Klein Tools147Heritage: Light Metal SnipCall for Price.Details
1018599Klein Tools147CHeritage: Light Metal Snips CurvedCall for Price.Details
856977Klein Tools15502Pocketknife Spearpoint Blade Screwdriver Tip Blade 2-1/2" Overall 3-3/4"$32.18Details
845894Klein Tools15504Curved Sheepfoot Slittingblade Pocket Knife 2-5/8" Blade 4"Overall$31.97Details
198263Klein Tools15505Pocket Knives. Coping Blade. 2 1/4 Inches 57Mm. Carbon Steel. Compact$22.59Details
714806Klein Tools1571INSInsulated Lineman'S Skinning Knife$60.76Details
943937Klein Tools160420Klein Havens Grip For Messenger And Guy Strand Cable$128.49Details
1044522Klein Tools160420LKlein Havens Grip For Messenger And Guy Strand Cable$140.81Details
1070463Klein Tools161330Chicago Grip - For Bare Wire$129.93Details
1035489Klein Tools161340Chicago Grip For Extra-High Strength Cables, Messenger Guy Strand$184.65Details
1068418Klein Tools162520Klein Havens Grip For Wire Rope$164.49Details
1041877Klein Tools162830Chicago Grip - For Large Diameter Conductors$1,068.81Details
1029395Klein Tools162840Chicago Grip - For Large Diameter Conductors$1,239.88Details
989634Klein Tools162850Chicago Grip - For Large Diameter Conductors$1,266.94Details
930405Klein Tools165620Grip Chicago .20-.40 Acsr Al Cu Stranded Cables .20 To .40 Cbl Grip$179.13Details
1063727Klein Tools165630Grip Chicago .31-.53 Acsr Al Cu Stranded Cables .31 To .53 Cbl Grip$209.05Details
1029466Klein Tools165640Chicago Grip For Bare Acsr Aluminum, And Stranded Copper Cables$365.30Details
1030746Klein Tools165650Chicago Grip For Bare Acsr Aluminum, And Stranded Copper Cables$387.96Details
772419Klein Tools16595ATStrand Puller "Chicago Grips" Type B .20-.37/5000 Lbs. Max/ 5"Jaw/Safety Chain$418.47Details
1015909Klein Tools16845Chicago Grip - For Extra-High Strength Cables, Messenger, Guy Strand$305.29Details
855430Klein Tools16845ATGrip Bell-System Type 5" Jaw .218"-.55" Cable Size 8000 Lbs$369.55Details
1025359Klein Tools16845CChicago Grip-Coated Guy Wire$468.73Details
742333Klein Tools16845FChicago Grip For .12"-1.0" Extra-High-Strength Cables Messenger&Amp;Strand$517.68Details
1031440Klein Tools168520Parallel-Jaw Grip$278.45Details
936702Klein Tools168531Cable Grip Parallel Jaw 4.5 In Jaw Length; Min .625 In Max 1.250 In$336.93Details
884515Klein Tools170220NStrap Howe Wire Tool:Nylon For Ged Steel Swivel Hook/ 1"X7'/ Max.500Lbs$172.17Details
959047Klein Tools171660Parallel Jaw Grip For Hdpe WireCall for Price.Details
934816Klein Tools19123PHeritage: 5.5" 23 Tooth Thinner Retail PackagedCall for Price.Details
1073323Klein Tools19160PHeritage: 6" Styler Retail PackagedCall for Price.Details
986897Klein Tools2036EINS6" Insulated,Long-Nose Pliers Side-Cutting, Slim Handle$55.38Details
958527Klein Tools2037EINS7" Insulated,Long-Nose Pliers Side-Cutting, Slim Handle$59.81Details
947366Klein Tools206LRHeritage: 6" Bent Trimmer W/Large Ring/Blue CoatingCall for Price.Details
1005528Klein Tools206LRPHeritage: 6" Bent Trimmer W/Large Ring Retail PackageCall for Price.Details
1012979Klein Tools208FHeritage: 8" Bent Trimmer/Fully Rounded TipCall for Price.Details
931567Klein Tools208KHeritage: 8" Bent Trimmer/Knife EdgeCall for Price.Details
1046524Klein Tools208LRBLUPHeritage: 8" Bent Trimmer W/Large Ring/Blue Coating Retail PackageCall for Price.Details
1027444Klein Tools209BLUPHeritage: 9" Bent Trimmer W/Blue Coating Retail PackageCall for Price.Details
270985Klein Tools210055" Electrician'S Scissors File &Amp; Scraper On Both Blades Sharp Points$19.47Details
915647Klein Tools210075" Scissors Electrician'S With Stripping Notches F/19&Amp;23Ga Wire/Serrated Blades$20.81Details
223040Klein Tools21008Ss Electrician'S Scissors Free-Fall W/Strip Notches$32.18Details
909790Klein Tools210106SEN5" Scissors-W/ Serrated Lower Blade,Stripping Notches In Up- Per Blade 19-23 Awg$22.14Details
1080953Klein Tools210LRPHeritage: 10" Bent Trimmer W/Large Ring Retail PackagingCall for Price.Details
970435Klein Tools211HHeritage: 11 1/4" Bent TrimmerCall for Price.Details
871358Klein Tools24001Spring Action Shear$45.02Details
821379Klein Tools314613" Wrench Standard Linemens For 5/8" Hardware$89.04Details
745682Klein Tools3146B13" Wrench Linemens Bell System Type$89.04Details
888022Klein Tools318721/2"-1" Carbide Hole Cutter$102.45Details
1079654Klein Tools31900Bi-Metal Hole Saw 6-3/8" (162 Mm)$40.96Details
1032420Klein Tools3212Erection Wrench, 3/4" Bolt, For U.S. Heavy Nut$50.34Details
929608Klein Tools3212TTUs Heavy 3/4" Erection Wrench With HoleCall for Price.Details
969022Klein Tools3213TTUs Heavy 7/8" Erection Wrench With HoleCall for Price.Details
968410Klein Tools3214TTUs Heavy 1" Erection Wrench With HoleCall for Price.Details
945053Klein Tools322343-1/2" Power Driver Set, Assorted Bits$16.20Details
1031524Klein Tools322356" Power Driver Set, #1 And #3 Phillips$11.88Details
979355Klein Tools322366" Power Driver Set, #1 And #3 Square$11.88Details
817417Klein Tools322376-32 Drill Tap$8.91Details
915895Klein Tools322388-32 Drill Tap$8.91Details
922647Klein Tools3223910-32 Drill Tap$8.91Details
820251Klein Tools3224010-24 Drill Tap$8.91Details
898820Klein Tools3224112-24 Drill Tap$8.91Details
887870Klein Tools322421/4-20 Drill Tap$8.91Details
970938Klein Tools3229015-In-1 Multi-Bit ScrewdriverCall for Price.Details
996123Klein Tools3229115-In-1 Tamperproof Multi-Bit ScrewdriverCall for Price.Details
981823Klein Tools3229215-In-1 Hvac Multi-Bit Screwdriver$35.84Details
959808Klein Tools3239Construction Wrench 16" (406 Mm) Adjustable-Head$91.35Details
203888Klein Tools32398Replacement Bit - #1 Phillips &Amp; 1/4" (6 Mm) Slotted$5.76Details
1057325Klein Tools32451GLWHi-Viz 6-In-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
1042492Klein Tools32451GLW632451Glw Sd Display 6PcCall for Price.Details
888347Klein Tools324604-In-1 Screwdriver Interchange Able Bits No.1&Amp;2 Phillips/3/16 &Amp; 1/4" Slotted Tips$47.68Details
962157Klein Tools324765-In-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver$15.49Details
270988Klein Tools3247710 In 1 Screw/Nut Driver. 5/16Inch And 1/4Inch Driver. 1 And 2 Phillips. 1/4 And 3/16Inch Slotted$20.15Details
223047Klein Tools32482Replacement Bit- #1 Phillips &Amp; 3/16" Slotted$6.35Details
223048Klein Tools32483Replacement Bit 10In1 #2 Ph 3/16 Sloted$6.35Details
203890Klein Tools3250011-In-1 Screw/Nut Driver,3/8", 5/16",1/4",#1,#2 Phillips,1/4" &Amp; 1/16" Slotted$22.71Details
270990Klein Tools3251032-Piece Tamperproof Bit Set Torx,Fraction Hex,Metric Hex, Spanner,Triwing,Torq$35.28Details
770343Klein Tools32517Multi-Bit Tap Tool Driver$36.12Details
1044119Klein Tools32518Double Ended Replacement Tap$19.43Details
198267Klein Tools3252532-Piece Tamperproof Bit Set$26.21Details
343487Klein Tools3252711-In-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver With Schrader Valve Core Bit$23.60Details
953216Klein Tools32528Replacement Bit For 11-In-1 With Schrader$8.66Details
636525Klein Tools3253510-In-1 Folding Screwdriver/ Nut Driver Standard Blk$32.97Details
990387Klein Tools3255Bull Pin 1-1/4" (32 Mm) Broad-Head$29.22Details
636528Klein Tools32557Multi-Bit Sc/Nut Driver$21.03Details
223051Klein Tools32558Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver$29.60Details
890939Klein Tools32559Extended Reach Multi-Bit Scdr$17.63Details
1051318Klein Tools3256Bull Pin 1-1/16" (27 Mm) Broad-Head$28.83Details
770399Klein Tools32560Extended Reach Multi-Bit Scdr$20.27Details
636529Klein Tools32561Stubby Screwdr/Nut Driver$16.42Details
1052182Klein Tools325814-In-1 Electronics Screwdriver$13.89Details
1060485Klein Tools325936-In-1 Ratcheting Stubby ScrewdriverCall for Price.Details
968071Klein Tools325946-In-1 Ratcheting Stubby Screwdriver With Square RecessCall for Price.Details
947595Klein Tools3259TT1-5/16" (33 Mm) Standard Bull Pin With Tether Hole$42.75Details
985930Klein Tools3259TTS1-5/16"(33 Mm)Stainless Steel Bull Pin With Tether Hole$114.60Details
844402Klein Tools326055-In-1 Multi-Bit Power Driver$20.07Details
636531Klein Tools326066-In-1 Multi-Bit Power Driver$23.73Details
1043356Klein Tools326188" Adjustable Screwdriver BladeCall for Price.Details
1051599Klein Tools32703Switch Drive Handle With #1 And #2 Phillips Drivers$24.66Details
1025981Klein Tools32704Switch Drive Handle With Square #1 And #2 Drivers$24.66Details
952086Klein Tools32708Adjustable Length Screwdriver, Sq #1, #2Call for Price.Details
968964Klein Tools32709Replacement Driver Blades, Square #1, #2Call for Price.Details
1030582Klein Tools32713Screwdriver Blade #1 Ph, 3/16" SlottedCall for Price.Details
949933Klein Tools32715Replacement Driver Blades, Pk 3Call for Price.Details
1054342Klein Tools32744Replacement Bits Sq2/Sl316 - 1/4 Inch Hex, Pk 3$10.68Details
636532Klein Tools32745Replacement Bits Sq2/Sl316 - 5/16 Inch Hex,Pk 3$10.68Details
1045881Klein Tools32752Double Sided Combo Replacement Bit$8.87Details
1018411Klein Tools328006-In-1 Multi-Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
1079399Klein Tools328015-In-1 Multi-Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
1065757Klein Tools3300XDElectric Strike 12/24Dc Lbm$262.50Details
776227Klein Tools335239-Piece Nut Driver Set - Insulated 3 In. &Amp; 4 In. ShaftsCall for Price.Details
754513Klein Tools335249-Piece Nut Driver Set - Insulated, 6 In. Shafts$277.40Details
728596Klein Tools3352513-Piece Insulated- Tool Utility Kit$906.56Details
726246Klein Tools33525SCUtility Insulated 13-Piece Tool Kit With Roll-Up Case$765.58Details
788776Klein Tools335269-Piece Basic Insulated Tool Set$535.68Details
922172Klein Tools33527Insulated General Purpose Tool Kit$1,274.41Details
889205Klein Tools335289-Piece Insulated Screwdriver Kit$302.04Details
870985Klein Tools33529Premium Insulated 8-Piece Tool Kit$560.87Details
728800Klein Tools33532INS2-Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set$49.91Details
813947Klein Tools40002Heavyweight Jersey Gloves$5.02Details
821886Klein Tools40031Journeyman Pro Utility Gloves LargeCall for Price.Details
724575Klein Tools40032Journeyman Pro Utility Gloves Xlarge$20.97Details
877991Klein Tools40039Heavy-Duty Protection Gloves LargeCall for Price.Details
897521Klein Tools40040Heavy-Duty Protection Gloves LargeCall for Price.Details
877425Klein Tools40043Journeyman Leather Work Gloves Large$21.96Details
820083Klein Tools40044Journeyman Leather Work Gloves Xlarge$28.58Details
1044182Klein Tools40058Journeyman Framer Gloves LargeCall for Price.Details
964535Klein Tools40059Journeyman Framer Gloves XlCall for Price.Details
1017081Klein Tools40067Journeyman Leather Work Gloves MediumCall for Price.Details
1013764Klein Tools40068Journeyman Leather Work Gloves LargeCall for Price.Details
975739Klein Tools40069Journeyman Leather Work Gloves XlCall for Price.Details
958232Klein Tools40221Journeyman Leather Work Gloves Large$55.23Details
973328Klein Tools406Heritage: Sharp Point ScissorCall for Price.Details
947165Klein Tools435Heritage: 5" Tailor Point ScissorCall for Price.Details
916110Klein Tools440012-1/2" Ss Blade, Alum Lockback Knife$54.39Details
750399Klein Tools44001BLK2-1/2" Ss Drop Point Blade Blk Alum Knife$53.65Details
796355Klein Tools440022-3/8" Ss Blade, Nylon Handle W/Rubber Insert Knife$37.61Details
751116Klein Tools440052-5/8" Ss Sheepfoot Blade W/Rubber Insert Knife$44.02Details
1042658Klein Tools44033Pocket Knife Folding Ss Hndl Drop-Point 2 In Blade 3 In Closed Length$55.23Details
989039Klein Tools4407Pocket Knife Folding Coping Bl 2-1/2 Ss Blade Lightweight Lockback$56.20Details
270992Klein Tools44100Utility Knife 6" Retractable Blade$10.49Details
203894Klein Tools44101Blades For Utility Knife Fits Most Utility Knives 5/Pk$3.83Details
856243Klein Tools44103Utility Knife Blade Dispenser$16.08Details
831638Klein Tools44108Folding Utility Knife$20.81Details
725691Klein Tools44130Auto-Loading Folding Retractable Utility Knife$23.04Details
918421Klein Tools44131Folding Utility Knife$17.01Details
902309Klein Tools44132Auto-Loading Retractable Utility Knife$22.04Details
909954Klein Tools44133Klein-Kurve Retractable Utility Knife$15.99Details
1082507Klein Tools44135Folding Utility Knife Camo, Assisted-OpenCall for Price.Details
1073370Klein Tools44136Self-Retracting Utility Knife$16.46Details
974014Klein Tools44142Compact Pocket KnifeCall for Price.Details
963371Klein Tools44144Folding Pocket KnifeCall for Price.Details
223054Klein Tools442006-1/4" Knife Cable Splicers 1-3/4" Blade$25.02Details
1071352Klein Tools44201Electrician'S Pocket KnifeCall for Price.Details
1060687Klein Tools44220Pocket Knife Black Drop-Point BladeCall for Price.Details
1068745Klein Tools44222Pocket Knife Realtree Xtra CamoCall for Price.Details
1044873Klein Tools444HCHeritage: 4 In Safety ScissorCall for Price.Details
969509Klein Tools446HCHeritage: 6 In Safety ScissorCall for Price.Details
806423Klein Tools46037Cable Splicer Knife/Scissors/ Pouch=050160/008066/050162$56.54Details
1059365Klein Tools470Swivel Hook W Plunger Latch 5 In Lgth,Max Safe Load750Lb Hand Line Snap Hook$37.05Details
981992Klein Tools50031Ratcheting Pvc Cutter$103.03Details
946841Klein Tools50032Replacement Blade For Ratcheting Pvc Cutter$40.15Details
934609Klein Tools50033Replacement Retaining Pin For Ratcheting Pvc Cutter$4.23Details
1041016Klein Tools50034Large Capacity Ratcheting Pvc Cutter$217.13Details
933736Klein Tools50035Replacement Blade For Large Capacity Ratcheting Pvc Cutter$60.40Details
270993Klein Tools50206Speedway Steel Fish Tape. Flat Steel Fish Tapes. Grip It Handles. Length 60 Feet. Handle Color Black$52.81Details
203895Klein Tools50211Speedway Steel Fish Tape. Flat Steel Fish Tapes. Grip It Handles. Length 120 Feet. Handle Color Black$77.06Details
223056Klein Tools50221Speedway Steel Fish Tape$103.15Details
1014447Klein Tools50506SEN3/4" Pvc CutterCall for Price.Details
923694Klein Tools50992J Hook &Amp; Bullet Nose Replacement For Fish Rods$0.02Details
925125Klein Tools5100Holder Scissors Leather 2-1/4" X 8" For Belt To 1-3/4" WideCall for Price.Details
198274Klein Tools5100MScissors Holder Tunnel Loop MediumCall for Price.Details
730349Klein Tools5101Holder Scissors Leather 1-1/2" X 6-1/2" Slotted For Belt To 1-1/2" Wide$16.50Details
726061Klein Tools510212Canvas Tool Bag 12"L X 6"W X10"Deep/Steel-Frame Mouth 2 Retaining Straps$74.97Details
461702Klein Tools510216Canvas Tool Bags$85.04Details
203897Klein Tools510218Bag Canvas Leather Tool 18" X 14" X 6"With Handle &Amp; 2 Retaining Straps$82.24Details
1037143Klein Tools51028Premium Synthetic Clear Lubricant - One-QuartCall for Price.Details
872143Klein Tools5102SShoulder Strap Kit For Bag$38.76Details
712996Klein Tools5103STapered-Wall Bucket Heavy Duty 9" Bottom 12" Top 12"H C/W 2012 Swivel Snap$62.61Details
223057Klein Tools5104Leather-Bottom Bucket$90.82Details
1029058Klein Tools5104CLR17Top Closing Bucket, 17" Heavy Duty (432 Mm)$133.20Details
1003867Klein Tools5104OCTOLeather-Bottom Bucket With Connection Points$120.99Details
944246Klein Tools5104SLeather-Bottom Bucket Swivel Snap$99.39Details
983212Klein Tools5104VTLeather Bottom Bucket With Top$103.52Details
805093Klein Tools510524High Bottom Canvas Tool Bags$91.92Details
941596Klein Tools5109Straight-Wall Bucket Wide-Opening$51.05Details
931373Klein Tools51100Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant$18.90Details
203898Klein Tools51201Benfield Benber Heads. 1/2 Inches$42.88Details
270995Klein Tools51202Benfield Benber Heads. 3/4 Inches$59.14Details
461703Klein Tools51203Benfield Benber Heads$98.74Details
203900Klein Tools5139Bag Canvas Utility With Zipper 7-1/2"X12"$13.83Details
203901Klein Tools51404-Pack Zipper Bags Assorted Colors$48.37Details
924592Klein Tools5142Bag - Canvas:W/1/4"Rope Sewn In Top F/Rigidity/Fits Belts To 3"/ 9"X10"$38.79Details
916005Klein Tools5142PBag Canvas 1/4"Rope Sewn In Topfor Rigidity/Fit Belt To 3" 9"X10" &Amp; Side Pocket$41.96Details
744548Klein Tools5144BHBHard-Body Oval Bucket$81.21Details
833265Klein Tools5144BHB14OSHard-Body Aerial Bucket$88.07Details
728980Klein Tools5144BHHBHard-Body Oval Bucket With Handles$83.66Details
845125Klein Tools5144HReplacement Hook For Aerial Basket Oval Bucket 5144$13.78Details
763444Klein Tools5144HBSHard Body Oval Bucket With Knife Sheath$85.09Details
868093Klein Tools5144SBucket Canvas 15 Pockets &Amp; Snap Hook 14" X 8" X 10" Tripod Suspension$98.57Details
786547Klein Tools5145Leather Tool Pouch 3 Pocket$32.63Details
461704Klein Tools5164Pouch Tool Leather 8-Pocket Slotted For Belt To 2"Wide 6-3/4"X9-3/4"$62.90Details
461705Klein Tools516510-Pocket Tool Pouch Leather 10" X 10"$58.46Details
223059Klein Tools51788 Pocket Tool Pouch. White Leather. Knife Snap. Chain Tape Thong. Metal Tape Measure Holder$69.66Details
795323Klein Tools5181ORAVinyl Equipment Bag, 1 Pocket$135.95Details
807995Klein Tools51829Aerial Apron$147.71Details
785696Klein Tools51829MAerial Apron With Magnet$171.26Details
887890Klein Tools5182BLAVinyl Equipment Bag, 2 Pockets$150.36Details
999788Klein Tools5183Tradesman Pro Drill Pouch$25.67Details
203902Klein Tools5187Holder Scissors &Amp; Cable- Splicer'S For 2100-5 Or 2100-7 &Amp; 44200$12.89Details
307249Klein Tools5187TPouch For Splicers Knife And Scissors Tunnel-Looped For Belts Up To 2"$15.94Details
1049014Klein Tools5189Tradesman Pro Hard Case-Large$21.92Details
776582Klein Tools519010-Pocket Tool Pouch 6" X 8-3/4"$51.46Details
1024327Klein Tools5195TTTape Measure Holder With Tether RingCall for Price.Details
741080Klein Tools520015Tool Bag, Nylon, Black 15"Longx8"Widex14.5"Deep$124.91Details
733020Klein Tools5201Belt Tool Lightweight Leather 1" Wide 33"-45"$15.66Details
802524Klein Tools5207LBelt Tool Leather Electricians 1.5" Wide 38"-46"$31.60Details
203903Klein Tools5207MElectricians Tool Belt$29.57Details
1048207Klein Tools5245Tradesman Pro Padded Tool Belt, MediumCall for Price.Details
1069792Klein Tools5246Tradesman Pro Padded Tool Belt, LargeCall for Price.Details
945191Klein Tools5247Tradesman Pro Padded Tool Belt, XlCall for Price.Details
223061Klein Tools53000Women'S Restrm Tag W/Rng,10/Pk$15.87Details
771745Klein Tools530118Climber Straps,Nylon, 1" X 22"$27.50Details
307247Klein Tools53100Men'S Restrm Tag W/Ring,10/Pk$15.87Details
926192Klein Tools53101KLEIN5/64" Drill Bit$3.67Details
198277Klein Tools53102Drill Bit Size 3/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 3/32 Inches. Rec Buy 12 (Pack)$3.60Details
223063Klein Tools53103Drill Bit Size 7/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 7/64 Inches$4.09Details
343485Klein Tools53104Drill Bit Size 1/8 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 1/8 Inches. Sold Each. Factory Minimum 12 Pcs$4.14Details
223064Klein Tools53105Drill Bit Size 9/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 9/64 Inches$4.36Details
198278Klein Tools53106Drill Bit Size 5/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 5/32 Inches. Sold Each. Factory Orders 12 Min.$4.70Details
307246Klein Tools53107Drill Bit Size 11/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 11/64 Inches$4.90Details
203905Klein Tools53108Drill Bit Size 3/16 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 3/16 Inches$4.00Details
343484Klein Tools53109Drill Bit Size 13/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 13/64 Inches. Pk 12$5.22Details
307245Klein Tools53110Drill Bit 7/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 7/32 Inches$5.49Details
307244Klein Tools53111Drill Bit Size 15/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 15/64 Inches. Pk 12$4.79Details
343483Klein Tools53112Drill Bit 1/4 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 1/4 Inches. Pk 12$5.22Details
307243Klein Tools53113Drill Bit 17/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 17/64 Inches$5.94Details
307242Klein Tools53114Drill Bit 9/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 9/32 Inches$6.32Details
203906Klein Tools53115Drill Bit Size 19/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 19/64 Inches$7.18Details
270998Klein Tools53116Drill Bit Size 5/16 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 5/16 Inches$7.97Details
203907Klein Tools53117Drill Bit Size 21/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 21/64 Inches$8.59Details
307241Klein Tools53118Drill Bit Size 11/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 11/32 Inches$8.71Details
270999Klein Tools53119Drill Bit Size 23/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 23/64 Inches$9.83Details
203908Klein Tools53120Drill Bit Size 3/8 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 3/8 Inches$10.25Details
223065Klein Tools53121Drill Bit Size 25/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 25/64 Inches$11.37Details
307240Klein Tools53122Drill Bit Size 13/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 13/32 Inches$11.91Details
271000Klein Tools53123Drill Bit Size 27/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 27/64 Inches$13.05Details
198279Klein Tools53124Drill Bit Size 7/16 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 7/16 Inches$13.76Details
307239Klein Tools53125Drill Bit Size 29/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 29/64 Inches$15.44Details
307238Klein Tools53126Drill Bit Size 15/32 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 15/32 Inches$16.38Details
307237Klein Tools53127Drill Bit Size 31/64 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 31/64 Inches. Rec Buy 6 (Pack)$15.53Details
307236Klein Tools53128Drill Bit Size 1/2 Inches. Regular Point. Bit Size 1/2 Inches$15.93Details
271001Klein Tools53437Ship Auger Bits W/Screw Pt. Auger Bits With Screw Point. Bit Size 3/4 Inches. Twist Length 15 Inches. Overall Length 18 Inches$42.31Details
203909Klein Tools53439Ship Auger Bits W/Screw Pt. Auger Bits With Screw Point. Bit Size 7/8 Inches. Twist Length 15 Inches. Overall Length 18 Inches$50.24Details
203910Klein Tools53441Ship Auger Bits W/Screw Pt. Auger Bits With Screw Point. Bit Size 1 Inch. Twist Length 15 Inches. Overall Length 18 Inches$57.06Details
714142Klein Tools537163/8 In.X54 In. Flex Bit Auger$45.02Details
343481Klein Tools53718Flex Bit Auger 9/16" X 54" (14 Mm X 1372 Mm)$39.79Details
979741Klein Tools53719Flex Bit Auger 3/4" X 54" (19 Mm X 1372 Mm)$50.00Details
461707Klein Tools53725Bx And Armored Cable Cutter$40.82Details
733111Klein Tools53729201 Piece Conical Anchor Kit$9.12Details
203911Klein Tools53731Adjustable Hole Saw$28.20Details
461709Klein Tools53732SENKnockout Punch Set With Wrench$391.22Details
845491Klein Tools537513/4 In.X72 In. Flex Bit Auger$53.68Details
963434Klein Tools53938Wood Boring Bit Replacement Shaft$13.18Details
765761Klein Tools5415Belt Tool 2" Wide Leather Heavy-Duty 36"-44"$32.87Details
1059292Klein Tools5416TBull-Pin And Bolt Bag Canvas With Tunnel Loop$23.57Details
198280Klein Tools54437Mid Size Compartment Boxes. 12 Compartments. Length 9 3/4 Inches. Width 13 5/16 Inches. Height 2 Inches$30.10Details
461710Klein Tools5443816-Compartment Mid-Size$36.13Details
461711Klein Tools5443920-Compartment Mid-Size$58.41Details
203912Klein Tools54440Mid Size Compartment Boxes. 21 Compartments. Length 9 3/4 Inches. Width 13 5/16 Inches. Height 2 Inches$30.10Details
1054717Klein Tools54445Extra Large Compartment Boxes$66.51Details
307235Klein Tools54446Extra Large Compartment Boxes$66.51Details
203913Klein Tools54447Extra Large Compartment Boxes$66.51Details
833004Klein Tools54451Adjustable Components$75.31Details
203914Klein Tools54474Slide Racks. 4 Box Slide Rack. Length 11 3/4 Inches. Width 15 1/4 Inches. Height 10 3/4 Inches$117.47Details
1011104Klein Tools544774 Box Slide Box$220.95Details
1070107Klein Tools546CHeritage: 5 1/2" Rubber Flashing Scissor W/Curved BladeCall for Price.Details
461712Klein Tools54700Hi Viz 3 Tier Tool Box$44.81Details
343479Klein Tools54701Hi Viz Sit/Stand 3 Tier Tool B. Capacity 4,095 Cubic Inches. Depth 13 1/2 Inches. Width 20 3/4 Inches. Height 16 3/4 Inches$80.30Details
726225Klein Tools5482Back Pocket Tool Pouch 9 7/8 In. H X 5 In W X 2 In. D$26.19Details
988828Klein Tools55415814Tradesman Pro 8-Inch Tote$81.30Details
636536Klein Tools5541610Tradesman Pro Organizer 10-Inch Tote$99.75Details
992626Klein Tools55416101410-Inch Tote Tradesman Pro$102.93Details
744852Klein Tools5541714Tradesman Pro Organizer Extreme Electrician'S BagCall for Price.Details
203915Klein Tools5541718Ultimate Electrician'S BagCall for Price.Details
931843Klein Tools554171814Extreme Electrician'S Bag Tradesman Pro$143.70Details
751045Klein Tools5541819Tradesman Pro Organizer$111.64Details
819838Klein Tools554181914Tradesman Pro Ultimate Electrician'S BagCall for Price.Details
887587Klein Tools55419SPTradesman Pro Organizer Shoulder Pouch, 16 Pockets 10 In.Hx8 In.Wx5In.DCall for Price.Details
1038700Klein Tools55419SP14Tradesman Pro Shoulder Pouch$67.66Details
198281Klein Tools55421BPTradesman Pro Organizer Backpack$99.75Details
787852Klein Tools55421BP14Backpack Tradesman Pro$125.08Details
855911Klein Tools55421BP14CAMOBackpack Tradesman Pro$126.06Details
717599Klein Tools55431Lighted Tool Bag Tradesman Pro$109.47Details
874143Klein Tools55437Tradesman Pro Work Light$22.97Details
1031987Klein Tools55439BPTBTradesman Pro Tech Backpack2.0$135.13Details
1024309Klein Tools55448Bucket BagCall for Price.Details
803649Klein Tools55455MTradesman Pro Organizer Tech Bag$100.90Details
636538Klein Tools55456BPLTradesman Pro Tech Backpack$131.25Details
747678Klein Tools55460Tradesman Pro Organizer Phone Holder For Iphone$25.67Details
783415Klein Tools55461Tradesman Pro Organizer Phone Holder For Iphone$25.67Details
991885Klein Tools55560Camo Zipper Bags, 2-Pack$25.83Details
1053757Klein Tools55563Camo Phone Holder, Large$27.02Details
1010471Klein Tools55564Camo Phone Holder, Extra-Large$27.92Details
636539Klein Tools56001Steel Fish Tape - 50' (15 M) 1/8" (3 Mm) Wide$23.13Details
878240Klein Tools56002Steel Fish Tape - 65' (19 M) 1/8" (3 Mm) Wide$44.38Details
851751Klein Tools56003Depthfinder Steel Fish Tape - 125 X 1/8 X .062$64.61Details
636540Klein Tools56004Depthfinder Steel Fish Tape - 240 X 1/8 X .062$90.50Details
203916Klein Tools56005Depthfinder Wide Steel Fish Tape 25 Ft.X1/4 In.X.030 In.$19.04Details
636541Klein Tools56010100' (30.5 M) Fiberglass Fish Tape$234.71Details
744910Klein Tools56024100' Non-Conductive Laser- Etched Fiberglass Fish Tape$0.02Details
999395Klein Tools56058100' (30.5 M) Non-Conductive Multi-Groove Fiberglass Fish Tape$145.71Details
636543Klein Tools561043-Piece Fish And Glow Rod Attachment Set$38.21Details
846026Klein Tools56108500 Ft. Pull Line$17.69Details
922954Klein Tools561096 Ft. Glow Rod$26.33Details
814330Klein Tools561114 Ft. X 1/4 In. Replacement Fish RodCall for Price.Details
1013950Klein Tools56118Wirespanner Carry Case$41.09Details
636545Klein Tools56119Illuminated Fish Rod Tip$10.13Details
461718Klein Tools56205Assembled Conduit Bender With #51248 Handle-1" (25 Mm) Emt$113.67Details
934931Klein Tools56206Conduit Bender #51427 Handle Assembled Aluminum 1/2" (13 Mm) Emt$42.04Details
1002198Klein Tools56207Conduit Bender #51427 Handle Assembled Aluminum 3/4" (19 Mm) Emt$53.82Details
989614Klein Tools56220Headlamp$30.60Details
981211Klein Tools56221Clip LightCall for Price.Details
1023156Klein Tools56222PenlightCall for Price.Details
954903Klein Tools56223Slide Focus Flashlight$31.23Details
1030388Klein Tools563044' (1.2 M) Lo-Flex Fish Rod$23.40Details
793135Klein Tools563066' Lo-Flex Fish Rod$27.41Details
796996Klein Tools5631212 Ft. Fiberglass Fish Rod Set 3 Ea. 1/4 In. X 4 Ft. Rods$54.58Details
636546Klein Tools5632424' Lo-Flex Fish Rod Set$91.36Details
636547Klein Tools5632525 Ft. Fish Rod And Glow Rod Set$94.86Details
775306Klein Tools564055' Mid-Flex Glow RodCall for Price.Details
971334Klein Tools564066' (1.8 M) Hi-Flex Glow Rod$27.72Details
461719Klein Tools5641515 Ft. Fiberglass Glow Rod Set 3 Ea. 3/16 In. X 5 Ft.Rods$61.49Details
1039773Klein Tools565089 Ft Glow Rod Set$45.46Details
935681Klein Tools5651818 Ft Glow Rod Set$62.44Details
968364Klein Tools56999Conduit Locknut Wrench 1/2" And 3/4" ConnectorsCall for Price.Details
1067725Klein Tools57032Torque Screwdriver Set$327.66Details
198283Klein Tools5704MPadded Tool Belts$48.75Details
461720Klein Tools5704SPadded Tool Belts$46.36Details
857213Klein Tools5704XLPowerline Padded Tool Belt Xl Size 40"-44"$54.69Details
271005Klein Tools5719Powerline 19-Pocket Tool Pouch 11"X12"$65.55Details
203918Klein Tools577745 Pocket Tool Organizer Polye. Polyester$110.67Details
919183Klein Tools58000Warning Caution Tape=Black-On- Yellow/4Mil/3"X200'Roll/$12.72Details
198286Klein Tools59001Unibit High Spd Stl Stp Dr Bit. Speed Steel Step Drill Bits. Inch. 13 In 1/32 Inches. Rec Buy 6 (Pack)$32.22Details
203919Klein Tools59003Unibit High Spd Stl Stp Dr Bit. Speed Steel Step Drill Bits. Inch. 9 In 1/16 Inches$60.72Details
203921Klein Tools59005Unibit High Spd Stl Stp Dr Bit. Speed Steel Step Drill Bits. Inch. 6 In 1/16 Inches$32.22Details
1057602Klein Tools5CBR180030Round Crowbar - 71"X 1-3/16" (1803 Mmx 30 Mm)$122.19Details
984907Klein Tools5PB165030Hexagon Pinch Bar - 65" X 1-3/16" (1651 Mmx30 Mm)$124.78Details
902066Klein Tools60009Hard Hat White Brow Pad/ 6-Point Suspension Adjustable$21.87Details
223067Klein Tools60048-11/32"Screwdriver Heavy-Duty Square Shank 1/4"X4" Slotted Blade$14.01Details
461725Klein Tools60046Outdoor Eyewear Black Frame W/ Dark Grey Lens)$19.92Details
893726Klein Tools60053Indoor Eyewear Black Frame W/ Clear Lens$18.96Details
777336Klein Tools6006Screwdriver Flat Keystone Tip Square Shank 5/16X6"/10-15/16" Long Heavy-Duty$15.39Details
770526Klein Tools60110Screwdriver Slotted 13-3/4" Medium-Duty, 3/16" Cushion Grip$14.78Details
818826Klein Tools60147-3/4" Screwdriver Cabinet- Point Medium-Duty 3/16" X 4" Slotted Blade $$11.07Details
912045Klein Tools6014INSScrewdriver, Insulated 3/16 In Cabinet-Tip 4 In Round-Shank$24.98Details
198290Klein Tools6016Screwdriver 6" (152 Mm) 3/16" (5 Mm) Cabinet-Tip$11.95Details
763675Klein Tools6017INS7" Round Shank Screwdriver Insulated Cabinet Tip 3/16 In. Slotted$26.12Details
747804Klein Tools6018Screw Driver Cable Tip 3/16X8 Overall 11-3/4"$12.94Details
771700Klein Tools60210BSuspenders 2" Blue Nylon Web Adjustable Not A Harness$22.98Details
461728Klein Tools60236-3/4" Screwdriver Heavy-Duty Round Shank 7/32" Slotted$12.51Details
461729Klein Tools60248-11/32"Screwdriver Heavy-Duty Round Shank 1/4"X4" Slotted Blade$13.00Details
307228Klein Tools6024DD4 In Demolition 1/4" Keystone Screwdriver$19.26Details
754491Klein Tools6024INSScrewdriver, Insulated 1/4 In Cabinet-Tip 4 In Round-Shank$26.72Details
198291Klein Tools6026Keystone Tip Screwdriver$15.89Details
343478Klein Tools6027DD7 In Demolition 5/16" Keystone Screwdriver$24.69Details
876528Klein Tools6027INSScrewdriver, Insulated 5/16 In Cabinet-Tip 7 In Round-Shank$29.12Details
461730Klein Tools6028Keystone Tip Screwdriver$19.02Details
846287Klein Tools6028INSScrewdriver, Insulated 3/8 In Cabinet-Tip 8 In Round-Shank$35.58Details
841444Klein Tools60310Screwdriver, Cushion-Grip, Round-Shank Phillips, #2, 10"X14"-5/16"$15.48Details
203923Klein Tools6033Phillips Tip Screwdrivers$10.58Details
203924Klein Tools6034Phillips Tip Screwdrivers. Profilated Round Shanks. Point Size 2. Shank Length 4 Inches. Overall Length 8 5/16 Inches$11.86Details
972846Klein Tools6034GLWHi-Viz #2 Phillips ScrewdriverCall for Price.Details
794412Klein Tools6034INSScrewdriver, Insulated #2 Phillips-Tip 4 In. Round-Shank$26.09Details
198293Klein Tools6036Phillips Tip Screwdrivers. Profilated Round Shanks. Point Size 3. Shank Length 6 Inches. Overall Length 11 Inches$16.24Details
751008Klein Tools6037Phillips Screwdriver #2 Tip 7" Shank 11-5/16" Overall$13.66Details
223072Klein Tools6054Screwdriver Slotted 8-11/32" Cabinet Tip 1/4"$12.21Details
1035121Klein Tools6054GLWHi-Viz 1/4In. (6 Mm) Cabinet- Tip ScrewdriverCall for Price.Details
461731Klein Tools6056Screwdriver Cabinet Tip 1/4X6" Heavy-Duty Round Shank 10-11/32" Long$13.12Details
1015236Klein Tools6056BCabinet-Tip Screwdriver-6" (152 Mm) Round-Shank Wire Bend 1/4" (6 Mm)$15.77Details
461732Klein Tools6058Cabinet Tip Screwdrivers$15.33Details
815098Klein Tools60733 In Cab Tip Mini Scdr 3/32" Rd Shank$9.64Details
927353Klein Tools6073INSScrewdriver, 3" Shank, 3/32" Cabinet Tip, Insulated$22.32Details
636555Klein Tools60844 In Cab Tip Mini Scdr 1/8" Rd Shank$10.02Details
461734Klein Tools61014Cushion Grip Stubby Drivers$10.38Details
461735Klein Tools610516Cushion Grip Stubby Drivers$10.49Details
636556Klein Tools6124Terminal Block Screwdriver$10.96Details
871782Klein Tools6133#0 Electronics 3 In. Blade Screwdriver$12.03Details
774815Klein Tools61421/16 In. Slotted 2 In. Blade Electronics Screwdriver$11.75Details
822474Klein Tools61433/32 In. Slotted 3 In. Blade Electronics Screwdriver$12.03Details
793920Klein Tools61441/8 In. Slotted 4 In. Blade Electronics Screwdriver$12.52Details
198294Klein Tools626Tapping Tool, 6 In 1 Cushion Grip, 10/24,1/4-20,12/24 &Amp; 6/32,8/32,10/32$32.99Details
271012Klein Tools62632Triple Taps$11.29Details
198295Klein Tools627206 In 1 Tapping Tool. Tap Sizes 6-32 8-32 10-32 10-2. 10-24 12-24 1/4-20. Overall Length 7 5/8 Inches$47.98Details
343477Klein Tools628206 In 1 Tapping Tool. Tap Sizes 10-24 12-24 1/4-20$11.72Details
887693Klein Tools6301132INS11/32 In. Insulated Cushion Grip 1/4" Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver$24.39Details
755124Klein Tools63012INS1/2 In. Insulated Cushion Grip 1/2" Hollow-Shaft Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
746255Klein Tools630141/4" Nutdriver Non-Insulated Red Cushion Grip$10.58Details
871834Klein Tools63014INS1/4 In. Insulated Cushion Grip 1/2" Hollow-Shaft Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
861523Klein Tools63016Heavy Duty Cable Shears Tempered Steel Blades 7-1/2In Blue Handle$91.63Details
636559Klein Tools63020Multi-Cable Cutter$29.58Details
844666Klein Tools630316INS3/16 In. Insulated Cushion-Grip, Hollow-Shaft Nut DriversCall for Price.Details
1023748Klein Tools63035SCWire Rope Cutter$103.61Details
921378Klein Tools630383/8 In Nut Driver$11.04Details
810448Klein Tools63038INS3/8 In. Insulated Cushion-Grip, Hollow-Shaft Nut Drivers$23.90Details
1018490Klein Tools63041Cable Cutter 25" 500Cu/750Al 500Cu/750Al Cutter Max 1-3/8"Dia Soft Cable$167.51Details
1020314Klein Tools63041TH25" (635 Mm) Standard Cable Cutter With Protective Rubber Sleeves$172.47Details
307227Klein Tools630509-1/2" Cable Cutter High- Leverage Cuts To 100Pair 24Ga To 2/0 Soft Copper$36.79Details
779017Klein Tools63050INSInsulated High-Leverage Cable Cutter$82.22Details
791550Klein Tools6305165/16 In Nut Driver$10.71Details
761624Klein Tools630516INS5/16 In. Insulated Cushion Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver 1/4" Hollow ShaftCall for Price.Details
764741Klein Tools63055Compact Cable Cutter$49.10Details
924085Klein Tools63058INS5/8 In. Insulated Cushion Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver 1/4" Hollow Shaft$33.00Details
461737Klein Tools63060Ratcheting Cable Cutter 10"$288.04Details
876293Klein Tools6307167/16" Hex Nutdriver 3" Hollow-Shaft Brown$12.47Details
918788Klein Tools630716INS7/16 In. Insulated Cushion Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver 11/32" Hollow ShaftCall for Price.Details
800428Klein Tools6309169/16 In Nut Driver$15.60Details
882141Klein Tools630916INS9/16 In. Insulated Cushion-Grip Hollow-Shaft 4 In. Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
307226Klein Tools631Nutdriver Set 7 Pc:3/16,1/4, 5/16,11/32,3/8,7/16,1/2" Cushioned Grip/Pouch$62.69Details
990901Klein Tools631M7-Piece Nut Driver Set- 3" Hollow Shanks, Magnetic Tips$87.35Details
735699Klein Tools6334-Piece Nut Driver Set 3" Hollow Shaft$39.60Details
724124Klein Tools6334INSScrewdriver, Insulated, #1 Phillips-Tip, 4 In. Round-Shank$24.50Details
873768Klein Tools6337INSScrewdriver, Insulated, #3 Phillips-Tip, 7 In Round-Shank$30.00Details
997235Klein Tools63443Moving Blade For Ratcheting Bolt CutterCall for Price.Details
1020082Klein Tools635121/2" Heavy-Duty Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
935772Klein Tools635141/4" Heavy-Duty Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
928023Klein Tools635383/8" Heavy-Duty Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
933135Klein Tools63544-Piece Heavy-Duty Nut Driver SetCall for Price.Details
1043657Klein Tools6355165/16" Heavy-Duty Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
1033955Klein Tools63566-Piece Heavy-Duty Nut Driver SetCall for Price.Details
965158Klein Tools6357167/16" Heavy-Duty Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
976766Klein Tools6359169/16In. Heavy-Duty Nut DriverCall for Price.Details
770672Klein Tools63607Ratchet Cable Cutter-400 Mcm + Acsr$392.07Details
896940Klein Tools63711Open Jaw Cable Cutter$301.06Details
733088Klein Tools63750Ratcheting Cable Cutter$421.93Details
1019711Klein Tools63751Replacement Moving Blade Set For 63750Call for Price.Details
1002240Klein Tools63752Fixed Blade Set For Cat. No. 63750Call for Price.Details
986645Klein Tools63757Spring Replacement Kit For Cat. No. 63750Call for Price.Details
803176Klein Tools63800ACSRAcsr Ratcheting Cable Cutter$655.53Details
945459Klein Tools63RBCHDHeavy Duty Ratcheting Bolt CutterCall for Price.Details
962516Klein Tools64306Grizzly Bar$108.82Details
836065Klein Tools6461132INS11/32 In. Insulated Cushion Grip 3/8" Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver$25.41Details
808747Klein Tools64612INS1/2 In. Insulated Cushion Grip 3/8" Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver$29.13Details
831162Klein Tools64614INS1/4 In. Insulated Cushion Grip 3/8" Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver$24.93Details
766902Klein Tools646316INS3/16 In. Insulated Cushion-Grip Hollow Shaft Nut Driver$24.68Details
751261Klein Tools64638INS3/8 In. Insulated Cushion-Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver$25.70Details
862173Klein Tools646516INS5/16 In. Insulated Cushion Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver 6" Shank$25.20Details
798493Klein Tools64658INS5/8 In. Insulated Cushion Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver 6" Shaft$35.70Details
854128Klein Tools646716INS7/16 In. Insulated Cushion Grip Hollow-Shaft Nut Driver 6" Shank$28.04Details
867147Klein Tools646916INS9/16 In. Insulated Cushion-Grip Hollow-Shaft 6 In. Nut Driver$32.03Details
936014Klein Tools646M2-Piece Nut Driver Set - 6" Hollow Shanks, Magnetic Tips$27.33Details
772582Klein Tools6477-Piece Nut Driver Set 6" Hollow Shaft$69.65Details
1047353Klein Tools647M7-Piece Nut Driver Set - 6" Hollow Shafts Magnetic Tips$94.63Details
203932Klein Tools650Cushion Grip Scratch Awl. Blade Length 3 1/2 Inches. Overall Length 7 7/8 Inches$15.58Details
1030408Klein Tools650DDDemolition Scratch Awl$22.20Details
838683Klein Tools65506Socket Set 13 Piece 3/8" Drive Metric 13-6 Point, 7Mm - 19Mm$27.33Details
858608Klein Tools65508Socket Wrench Set 3/8"Drive4-6 Point/5-12 Point/8-6Point/2Ext /Ratchet/Box$77.07Details
741323Klein Tools65510Wrench Socket-Set 1/2" Drive 12-Pc$74.94Details
783811Klein Tools661Screwdriver Robertson #1 Sq$12.21Details
980645Klein Tools66141Pole Pick$54.78Details
785271Klein Tools6614INSScrewdriver, Insulated, #1 Phillips-Tip, 4 In. Square Recess$22.98Details
945974Klein Tools6617INS#1 Square Recess Insulated Screwdriver, 7" Shank$25.80Details
198298Klein Tools662Screwdriver #2 Robertson Sq$12.21Details
893449Klein Tools6624INSScrewdriver, Insulated, #2 Phillips-Tip, 4 In. Square Recess$22.98Details
738884Klein Tools663Screwdriver #3 Robertson Sq$12.21Details
978523Klein Tools66326Pole Punch$36.64Details