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SDC / Security Door Controls

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
512919SDC / Security Door Controls0030247001600 Ser Lk Lv Sp 7/16 Diameter$18.09Details
334330SDC / Security Door Controls0030248001600 Ks 640/50/60 1/4 Diameter. Keeper Spring. 640/650/660 1/4 Diameter$18.09Details
260573SDC / Security Door Controls00510510 Von Duprin 33/99 Switch Kit$103.59Details
247568SDC / Security Door Controls005102510 Von Duprin 33 Swt Kit Dpdt$128.79Details
247569SDC / Security Door Controls0051288Series Rex Switch$103.59Details
961454SDC / Security Door Controls00514514 Doromatic 990, 1090 Switch Kit$112.57Details
682571SDC / Security Door Controls00515$103.59Details
285110SDC / Security Door Controls00516$103.59Details
260574SDC / Security Door Controls00517Adams Rite 8300,8400,8700,8800 Switch Kit$103.59Details
285111SDC / Security Door Controls00518518 Precision Apex Series Switch Kit$103.59Details
260575SDC / Security Door Controls00518A518A Precision 2100 Sw Kit$103.59Details
682572SDC / Security Door Controls00519519 Jackson 1095 Switch Kit$103.59Details
247570SDC / Security Door Controls005192Jackson 1095 Switch Kit$103.59Details
285112SDC / Security Door Controls00520520 Corbin 3000 Switchkit$103.59Details
886569SDC / Security Door Controls00525525 Monarch 18 & 19 Swtch Kits$103.59Details
260576SDC / Security Door Controls00526Corbin 29/Ed8200 Switch Kit$103.59Details
285113SDC / Security Door Controls005272Sargent 80 Switch Kit By 2 Switch$128.79Details
247571SDC / Security Door Controls00528Sargent 20/60 Switch Kit.$103.59Details
932831SDC / Security Door Controls00535Kawneer Panel-Line Sw. Kit$108.25Details
217457SDC / Security Door Controls00539539 Rex Switch Kit$103.59Details
978722SDC / Security Door Controls00590Dor-O-Matic Sw. Kit$108.25Details
1010892SDC / Security Door Controls005902Dor-O-Matic Sw. Kit Dpdt$133.49Details
260577SDC / Security Door Controls00600104AComb Insert 3/32-1/8 Silver Zinc$16.48Details
298649SDC / Security Door Controls00600105XMAdjustable Magnet Stand. For Dsm On Shear Lock$29.15Details
217458SDC / Security Door Controls00600107Upper Spring F/1561/62 Series$3.50Details
866794SDC / Security Door Controls00600107BUpper Springs For Shearlock$4.23Details
298648SDC / Security Door Controls00600110Spring$2.30Details
247572SDC / Security Door Controls00600111Herculite Armature Schim$8.44Details
285114SDC / Security Door Controls006011101561/62 Bottom Spring$4.23Details
809886SDC / Security Door Controls01BR601B Key Sw Assy Ma Spdt 6Amp$81.19Details
512930SDC / Security Door Controls02B6Momentary Replacement Switch$69.41Details
982266SDC / Security Door Controls02BGLGatelock Key Switch Assembly$80.19Details
247573SDC / Security Door Controls02BR602B Key Sw Assy Mo Spdt Rec 6Amp$81.19Details
1030811SDC / Security Door Controls05B6$81.19Details
682573SDC / Security Door Controls07BOIQ07B Lever Trim Set 626$272.69Details
765289SDC / Security Door Controls07EU07 Lever Set X Esc 630$275.79Details
1024786SDC / Security Door Controls07U07 Lever Set X Rose 630$237.99Details
260579SDC / Security Door Controls1000EB1000 Sreies Back Box. Used For Wood Installations$28.40Details
260580SDC / Security Door Controls1001Solenoid 115 Vac Hitower Only. Hitower Actuator$103.59Details
247574SDC / Security Door Controls1002Option, Solenoids, Failsafe, 0.5 Amp, 24 Vac, For$93.86Details
260581SDC / Security Door Controls1003Solenoid 24Vdc Hitower Only$103.59Details
247575SDC / Security Door Controls100412/24V Solenoid 1090 1190 Fs. Fail Safe. Replaces 100-4R$93.86Details
217459SDC / Security Door Controls1004GL160Solenoid & Inside For Gl160Mra. Makes The Old W/ New Solenoid$96.59Details
247576SDC / Security Door Controls1011ADoor Annunciator, W/ Audible Alarm, Tricolor Led,Call for Price.Details
247577SDC / Security Door Controls1011AKAnnunciator, Remote Or Local Single Door, 2-FunctiCall for Price.Details
247578SDC / Security Door Controls1014AMAnnunciator, 4 Tri Color Led. W/Audible Alarm Mute Button. Green - Amber - Red. Secure-Alarm-UnlockedCall for Price.Details
512921SDC / Security Door Controls101AOVWall Mount Push Reset Switch$67.20Details
217461SDC / Security Door Controls101DEWall Mt Controller W/Keypad Control Res$543.35Details
776119SDC / Security Door Controls101DEBDD.E. Controller - Boca$527.84Details
247580SDC / Security Door Controls101DELK101-Delk = D.E. Controller Less Key Pad$527.84Details
334328SDC / Security Door Controls101DELKDILDelayed Egress Controller Less Keypad$527.84Details
945188SDC / Security Door Controls101DENAD.E. Controller - Nfpa$527.84Details
512913SDC / Security Door Controls101DENDWall Mount Controller 12/24Vdc$527.84Details
807745SDC / Security Door Controls101DENDIC101-De Replacement Ic$36.24Details
247581SDC / Security Door Controls101KDEWall Mount Controller 12/24Vdc. Delayed Egress System. With Keypad Control And Reset. Mort Cyl. Not Included$607.50Details
260582SDC / Security Door Controls101KDELKWall Mnt Contrller Less Keypad. Delayed Egress,With Key Switch. 12/24Vdc$596.69Details
805494SDC / Security Door Controls101KDENAD.E. Controller W/Key Switch-Nfpa$596.69Details
512924SDC / Security Door Controls101KDENDWall Mount Controller 12/24Vdc$607.50Details
260583SDC / Security Door Controls101PAMAnnunciator, Remote Single Door, 3 Push Button SwiCall for Price.Details
260584SDC / Security Door Controls101SPOption, External Speaker, 15 Watt, For 1511S / 151Call for Price.Details
784927SDC / Security Door Controls101SPSNRemote Single Gang Annunciator With Spea$66.50Details
334326SDC / Security Door Controls101V81SNDV101V Exit Check Delayed Egress. Single Door Model. Aluminum$696.80Details
717629SDC / Security Door Controls10901V1090 Face Plt Less Ars 628$34.08Details
260586SDC / Security Door Controls10905V1090A-1290A Strike Plate 628$16.48Details
877781SDC / Security Door Controls1090A1091Aiv, 1091A Lock 12/24Vdc 628$252.57Details
260587SDC / Security Door Controls1090A185H1091A Faceplate 8 1/2" 613$85.39Details
217462SDC / Security Door Controls1090A185V1090A-1290A 8 1/2"Faceplte 628$36.24Details
682574SDC / Security Door Controls1090A19H1091A Faceplate 9" 613$102.19Details
728163SDC / Security Door Controls1090A1V1090 Sres Face Plt F/Fs23M Srs$32.63Details
682575SDC / Security Door Controls1090AEBFBolt Lock Safeway Stores$431.99Details
923189SDC / Security Door Controls1091ASdc Spacesaver Electric Bolt Lock, Narro$57.26Details
512925SDC / Security Door Controls1091A1SFaceplate 1091A 625$56.28Details
334325SDC / Security Door Controls1091A1UFaceplate 1091A 630. Satin Stainless Steel$38.86Details
512926SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLICBDElectric Bolt Lock 12/24Dc 605$407.03Details
334324SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIG1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 612$328.04Details
285122SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIH1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 613$328.04Details
778946SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIP1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 625$343.06Details
285123SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIPB1091A Deadlck 12/24Vdc 625 Bps$364.49Details
260588SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIUB1091A Deadlck 12/24Vdc 630 Bps$364.49Details
260589SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVMortise Bolt Lock, Dead Locking, Fail Safe, 8 InchCall for Price.Details
334323SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVB1091A Deadlock 12/24 Vdc 628 Bps$311.84Details
285124SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVDDeadlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps$328.04Details
217464SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIVDB1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Bps$348.29Details
247583SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIY1091A Dlck 12/24Vdc 335 (Blk)$299.69Details
682576SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLIYB1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 335 Bps$352.11Details
1054331SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLWDIV1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 628 Wd$329.39Details
217465SDC / Security Door Controls1091ADLWDIVB1091A Deadlock 12/24Vdc 628 Wd Bps$365.84Details
247584SDC / Security Door Controls1091AICFail Safe Bolt Lock 24Vac Us3. Fail Safe. Bright Brass$284.84Details
285125SDC / Security Door Controls1091AICD1091A Lock 12/24 Vdc 605 Dps$321.29Details
285126SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIDDeadblt Lock Fs 24Ac 606. Fail Safe. Satin Brass$284.84Details
512927SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIGBDElect. Bolt Lock 12/24Vdc 612$363.15Details
247587SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHDeadbolt Lock 12/24Vdc 613. Dark Bronze$284.84Details
217466SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHBLock 1091A 12/24Vdc 613 W/Bolt Sensor$321.29Details
512928SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHBDElect. Bolt Lock 12/24Vdc 613$363.15Details
217467SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHD1091A Lock 12/24Vdc 613 / Dps$321.29Details
260590SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIHDWD1091A Lock 12/24Vdc Wd 613 Dps$373.94Details
285128SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIPMortise Bolt Lock 625. 12/24 Vdc. 625 Finish. Polished Chrome$284.84Details
512929SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIPBDMortise Bolt Lock 625$363.15Details
260591SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIU1091A Lock 12/24 Vdc 630$284.84Details
966039SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIUB1091A Lock 12/24Vdc 630 Bps$321.29Details
217468SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVMortise Deadbolt 12/24Vdc. Auto Relock, Fail Safe. Satin Aluminum$221.73Details
285129SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVB1091A Lock 12/24Vdc 628 Bps$279.99Details
285130SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVD1091A Lock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps$279.99Details
285131SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIVDBSpacesaver Mortise Bolt Lock Fail Safe$306.44Details
285132SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDH1091A Lock 12/24Cdv 613Wd$328.04Details
217469SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDHD1091A Lock 12/24Vdc Wd 613 Dps$373.94Details
285133SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDUB12/24 Bolt Lock W/ Wood Face Plate, 630$363.95Details
260595SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDV$286.19Details
247590SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDVD1091A Lk 12/24Vdc 628Wd Dps$322.64Details
217470SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIWDY61091A Lock 12/24Vdc 335 Wd Bps$277.19Details
217471SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIY1091A Lock 12/24 Vdc 335$265.99Details
285134SDC / Security Door Controls1091AIYB1091A 12/24Vdc 335 Bps Lock$292.94Details
682577SDC / Security Door Controls1091AMIVMaglock 1091A X Mag 12/24Vdc 628$275.79Details
260597SDC / Security Door Controls10TDTime Delay Relay Mod Adj Delay. Adjusted Time DelayCall for Price.Details
247592SDC / Security Door Controls110Bolt Lock, Mortise, Fail Safe, 5" Depth Required,Call for Price.Details
285136SDC / Security Door Controls110IVElectric Bolt Fs 12/24Vdc 628. Fail Safe. Aluminum$124.59Details
512904SDC / Security Door Controls11304SPDTMicro Switch For Gl263$25.13Details
217472SDC / Security Door Controls1151401261511S/101S Reset Key$8.73Details
247593SDC / Security Door Controls11905U1190 Strike Plate 630$22.49Details
217473SDC / Security Door Controls1190ABolt Lock, Mortise, Heavy Duty, Failsafe, 0.7 Amp,Call for Price.Details
217474SDC / Security Door Controls1190A111ULong Faceplate For 1190A$56.28Details
217475SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUDeadbolt Lock Fs 24Vdc. Fail Safe. Satin Stainless Steel$275.39Details
682578SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUBFail Safe Bolt Lock 24Vdc 630$311.84Details
512897SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUBDDeadbolt Lock Fs 24Vdc$354.38Details
260601SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUD1190A Lock 24Vdc 630 Dps$311.84Details
285138SDC / Security Door Controls1190AUDB1190A Lock 24Vdc 630 Dps Bps$348.29Details
217476SDC / Security Door Controls1190AWDU1190A Lock Wd 24Vdc 630$329.39Details
260604SDC / Security Door Controls12441244 Push Soleniod 24Vdc$128.79Details
298646SDC / Security Door Controls1250D1251D Pull Sol X Sw 24Vdc$160.36Details
247598SDC / Security Door Controls1251D1251D 24V Dc Pll Slnd Dualwind$170.79Details
285140SDC / Security Door Controls1251DXSWSolenoid 2090 Bolt Lock 24Vdc$170.79Details
260606SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHG1291A Lock 12/24Vdc 612$328.04Details
260607SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHH$328.04Details
217477SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVMortise Bolt Lock, Fail Secure, 8 Inch X 1 1/2 Inc$262.92Details
260608SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVB1291A Lock 12/24Vdc 628 Bps$311.84Details
512898SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVBDSdc Security Door Bolt 12/24Dc$354.38Details
247599SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVD1291A Locks 12/24Vdc 628 Dps$328.04Details
285142SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHVDB1291A Lock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Bps$348.29Details
937009SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHWDV1291A Lock 12/24Vdc Wd 628$329.39Details
771862SDC / Security Door Controls1291AHWDY1291A Lock 12/24Vdc Wd 8.5 335$352.34Details
260610SDC / Security Door Controls12VRPower Supply, Output Module, 500 Ma, 12 Vdc, Regul$32.81Details
260611SDC / Security Door Controls132DLatchbolt Assembly$22.49Details
285143SDC / Security Door Controls137Lower Hub For 7800 Series Electric Lockset$18.75Details
260612SDC / Security Door Controls138Upper Hub For 7800 Series Electric Lockset$18.75Details
247600SDC / Security Door Controls142Timer, 7-Day Programmable, Memory Battery Back-UpCall for Price.Details
217478SDC / Security Door Controls142127 Day Programable Timer 12Vdc$176.39Details
285144SDC / Security Door Controls142PBCWMortise Lock Wrap Around Plate 605$56.70Details
247601SDC / Security Door Controls142SCWMortise Lock Wrap Around Plate 630$51.48Details
334322SDC / Security Door Controls1490A1U1490 Faceplate Only. Satin Stainless Steel$93.80Details
1049991SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIG1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 612$328.04Details
857427SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIGDB1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 612 Dps Bps$400.94Details
217479SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIHDeadblt Lock Fail Safe 12/24Dc$328.04Details
260613SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIHB1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 613 Bps$364.49Details
769035SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIHD1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 613 Dps$364.49Details
247603SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIP1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 625$328.04Details
298645SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIPBElectric Bolt Lock$364.49Details
298644SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIQDeadblt Lock Fail Safe 12/24Dc. Space Saver Deadbolt. Satin Chrome$326.69Details
334321SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIUDeadblt Lock Fail Safe 12/24Dc. Electric Deadbolt. Satin Stainless Steel$332.78Details
217480SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIUDBolt Lock Fail Safe Dps 630$364.49Details
285145SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIUDB1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 630 Dps Bps$400.94Details
217481SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVDeadblt Lock Fail Safe 12/24V. Electric Deadbolt/628 FinishCall for Price.Details
512899SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVB1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 628 Bps$311.84Details
512900SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVBDDeadblt Lock Fs 12/24Dc,Db Sw$354.38Details
217482SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVD1490A 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Lock$311.84Details
217483SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIVDB1490A 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Bps$348.29Details
260615SDC / Security Door Controls1490AIY1490A Lock 12/24Vdc 335$299.69Details
247604SDC / Security Door Controls150005AV1500 Series Cover Plate 1511 And 1571$10.31Details
247605SDC / Security Door Controls1500101CRF101 Arm Screw Pak$23.25Details
247606SDC / Security Door Controls150010T1580/90 Armature$28.49Details
217484SDC / Security Door Controls150010TDPS150010Tdps-Armature Block W/ Tps$28.49Details
247607SDC / Security Door Controls150012TArmatutre For 1511 Ser Maglock. No Screw Pack$46.39Details
334320SDC / Security Door Controls150012TDPS1511 Armature Plt X Dps Block$53.64Details
298643SDC / Security Door Controls150024TSplit Armature For 1511 Mag. Split Armature For 1511 Mag. Less Mounting Screws$39.83Details
298642SDC / Security Door Controls1500DHDScrew Pack For 1500 Armature. When Mounting In. Z Bracket/Hercul Door Bracket$12.16Details
512901SDC / Security Door Controls1500HDBHardware For Mount Armature$20.10Details
247608SDC / Security Door Controls1508S01V1580S Housing 628$44.23Details
247609SDC / Security Door Controls151Aa Spdt Psh Swtch 6Amp/30V. Desk Switch In Compact BoxCall for Price.Details
260616SDC / Security Door Controls1511Maglock, Emlock, Single, 1650 Lbs Holding Force, ACall for Price.Details
512912SDC / Security Door Controls151105AVFaceplate For 1511 Maglock$11.06Details
260617SDC / Security Door Controls1511390AMPRetrofit Kit For Locknetics 390+ Retrofi$36.24Details
217485SDC / Security Door Controls1511CEl Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc 605$352.34Details
217486SDC / Security Door Controls1511CDElmag Lock 12/24Vdc W/Dps 605$377.99Details
247610SDC / Security Door Controls1511D1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 606$368.82Details
512903SDC / Security Door Controls1511DDBAEl Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc 606$459.00Details
682579SDC / Security Door Controls1511DE11Trigger Base Assembly$32.63Details
285147SDC / Security Door Controls1511DEVMaglock W/Int Atciv Sensor. Integrated Activation Sensor. 1650Lb Force 12/24Vdc. Aluminum$336.14Details
298641SDC / Security Door Controls1511DEVDB1511De Slave 628 Dps Ba$402.29Details
334319SDC / Security Door Controls1511DEXDB1511De Slave 313 Dps Ba$454.94Details
217487SDC / Security Door Controls1511DFHeavy Duty Drill Fixture, For 1571 / 1511 Call for Price.Details
298640SDC / Security Door Controls1511P1511 Emlock 625 Bright Chrome$425.24Details
512895SDC / Security Door Controls1511PDEl Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc 625$459.00Details
285148SDC / Security Door Controls1511QSngl Outswng Emlck 12/24Vdc62$425.24Details
285149SDC / Security Door Controls1511QT1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 626 At$467.09Details
797168SDC / Security Door Controls1511S05VCover Plate For 1511S$36.24Details
247611SDC / Security Door Controls1511S111511S Armature Trigger Base$36.24Details
217490SDC / Security Door Controls1511S11DPS1511S Trigger Base Assembly X Dps$72.79Details
298639SDC / Security Door Controls1511S12TMounting Plate For 1511S$43.49Details
260620SDC / Security Door Controls1511SAA1511S Alarm Assembly F/1511Skv$45.68Details
682580SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBCKV1511S Sgl Boca/Chgo K 628 (15 Sec Fixed)$747.49Details
682581SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBCKVD1511S Chicago 628Dps$773.49Details
816205SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBCKVE1511S Sgl Boca/Chgo K 628 E$747.49Details
334318SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKPVD1511S Sgl Boca P 628 Dps$773.49Details
512905SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKQBDSingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 626$871.00Details
247612SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVSingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 626$747.49Details
512906SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVBSingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 628$799.50Details
682582SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVBA1511S Sgl Boca K 628 Ba Ats$778.69Details
260621SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDKVDSngle Egress Maglock Boca D-Dps$773.49Details
260622SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDLVDelay Egree Maglock Boca 628$747.49Details
512907SDC / Security Door Controls1511SBDLVDBSingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 628$825.50Details
682584SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAIC1511S Replacement Ic 15/30$44.23Details
795957SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKBADelayed Egress Maglock$857.71Details
247613SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKC1511S/101S Sgl Nfpa K 605$798.19Details
682585SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKDV1511S Delayed Egress Device Siren W/ Doo$796.33Details
247614SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKP1511S Sgl Nfpa K 625$798.19Details
217491SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVDelayed Egress Emlock Single Built In Ke$725.39Details
714879SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVA1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 Ats$817.52Details
833959SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVARL1511S Spec Prg (Nc02B) K 628$747.49Details
217492SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVBMagnetic Lock, Surface Mount, Single$786.49Details
819840SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVBASgl Nfpa K 628 Ba Ats$817.69Details
260623SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVD1511 Single Delayed Egress 628Dps$773.49Details
682586SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVDA1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 Dps Ats$804.69Details
260624SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVDB15 11 S Single Nfpa K 628 Dps Ba$811.19Details
260625SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVDBA1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 Dps Ba Ats$812.50Details
247615SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVDPSSingle Door Maglock With Door Position S$810.81Details
1026081SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVDRRX1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 Dps Rrx$804.69Details
247616SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVE1511S Delayed Egress Maglock Energy Save$747.49Details
682587SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVEB1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 E Ba$786.49Details
247617SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVED1511S Sgl Nfpa K Angle Brkt28 Economy Dps$645.29Details
217493SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKVEDB1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 E Dps Ba$811.19Details
260626SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKXDelayed Egress Sgl 15Sec Del$798.19Details
960399SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKXD1511S Sgl Nfpa K Brz Dps$824.19Details
247618SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKXDBA1511S Sgl Nfpa K 313 Dps Ba Ats$894.39Details
915716SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKXED1511S Sgl Nfpa K Brz E Dps$824.19Details
682588SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKYExit Check Delayed Egress Emlkbuilt In K$809.50Details
247619SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAKYDBA511S Sgl Nfpa 335 Dps Ba$894.39Details
285151SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNALV1511S Sgl Nfpa Lk 628$747.49Details
995894SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNALVD1511Snalvdps 15D Nfpa Lk 628$773.49Details
1074492SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNALVDBA1511S Sgl Nfpa Lk 628 Dps Ba Ats$843.69Details
755978SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNALVEB1511S Sgl Nfpa Lk 628 E Ba$786.49Details
956078SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNANRIC1511S Replacement Na X Nr Ic$44.23Details
247620SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAPVDel Egress Sgl Maglck 1650Lb. Na 15/30 Sec Adj Exit Delay. P Reset Push Switch. V Aluminum$747.49Details
285152SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAPVD1511 Single Delay Egress Push Switch 628 Dps$773.49Details
247621SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAPVED1511S Sgl Nfpa Ps 628 E Dps$773.49Details
260628SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAPX1511S Sgl Nfpa Ps 313$786.49Details
766766SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNAPXD1511S Single Nfpa Push Bronze Dps$824.19Details
682589SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNCKVDDelayed Egress Maglock$810.81Details
854136SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNCLVD1511S Sgl Nfpa/Oshpd Lk 628 Dps$773.49Details
879554SDC / Security Door Controls1511SND01A14NReplacement Ic, 1511S$85.39Details
865275SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDICReplacement Ic Chip For 1511S$44.23Details
334316SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKC1511S Sgl Nfpa K 605$798.19Details
512908SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKPDSingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 625$910.00Details
260629SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVFixed At 15 Seconds Delayed Egress.$747.49Details
512909SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVBASingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 628$817.69Details
512910SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVBVIEx Check Delayed Egress Lock$929.50Details
217494SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVD1511S Sgl Nfpa K 628 (15 Sec Fixed) Dps$773.49Details
285153SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVDBDelay Egress Mag W/ Door Pos. Swtch Bond Alarm$811.19Details
334315SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVESingle Exit Check 1200Lbs Energy Saver$747.49Details
512911SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVEDSingle Delay Egresss 15S,En Sv$786.50Details
512938SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKVEDBSingle Delay Egresss 15S,En Sv$825.50Details
1075077SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKX1511S Sgl Nfpa K Brz$798.19Details
512966SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKXDBEx Check Delay Egress Dps Ba$877.50Details
512922SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKXDBADelay Egress Dps Ba Ats 613$910.00Details
298638SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKYB1511S Sgl Nfpa K 335 Ba$864.42Details
298637SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKYD1511S Sgl Nfpa K 335 Dps$851.03Details
334314SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDKYDBMagnetic Lock With A Black Finish , Door$891.23Details
1081321SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDLV1511Slk15V 1511Sngl 15'D 628Lk$747.49Details
512951SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDLVBASingle Delay Egresss 15Sec 628$832.00Details
913870SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDLVD1511S Sgl Nfpa Lk 628 Dps$773.49Details
682590SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDLVEDB1511S Sgl Nfpa Lk628 (15Secfxd) E Dps Ba$811.19Details
682591SDC / Security Door Controls1511SNDPV1511 Sgl 15-D Nfpa Ps 628$747.49Details
217495SDC / Security Door Controls1511TDelayed Egress Sys, Exit Check, Tandem, Siren, TriCall for Price.Details
1027308SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBCKVD1511T Tdm Boca/Chgo K 628 Dps$1,252.49Details
922762SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBCKVE1511T Tdm Boca/Chgo K 628 E$1,251.89Details
260630SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDKP1511T Tdm Delayed Lock$1,338.74Details
285155SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDKVTandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,251.89Details
217496SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDKVDMaglock 1511T Tdm Boca K 628 Dps$1,252.49Details
512952SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDKVD2B2Tandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,350.00Details
217497SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDKVDB1511T Tdm Boca K 628 Dps Ba$1,326.24Details
992898SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDKVDBA1511T Tdm Boca K 628 Dps Ba Ats$1,357.49Details
512953SDC / Security Door Controls1511TBDLVD2B2Tandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,350.00Details
285156SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKCD1511T Tdm Nfpa K 605 Dps$1,326.24Details
260631SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVTandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,251.89Details
682592SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVA1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 Ats$1,283.09Details
334313SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVBTandem Delayed Egress Mag Lock W/Door Pos Status$1,277.49Details
260632SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVDTandem Lockset 1511 Nfpak 628 Dps$1,252.49Details
217498SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVDATdm Delayed Egress Maglock 628 Dps Ats$1,283.74Details
217499SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVDB1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 Dps Ba$1,326.24Details
816338SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVDDTandem Delayed Eggress Maglock$1,281.24Details
260633SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVE1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 E$1,251.89Details
682594SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVEB1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 E Ba$1,277.49Details
682595SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVED1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 E Dps$1,252.49Details
334312SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKVEDB15 11 T Tdm Nfpa K 628 Dps Ba$1,326.24Details
285157SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKX1511T Tdm Nfpa K 313$1,277.49Details
247624SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKXDTandom Delayed Egress 313 Dps$1,326.24Details
260634SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKY1511T Tdm Nfpa K 335$1,277.49Details
285158SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAKYDB1511T Tdm Nfpa 335 Dps Ba$1,399.99Details
298636SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNALV1511T Mag Lock Egress Lock$1,251.89Details
984753SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNALVD1511T Tdm Nfpa Lk 628 Dps$1,252.49Details
1014487SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNALVDBA1511T Tdm Nfpa Lk 628 Dps Ba Ats$1,389.99Details
979040SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNALVEB1511T Tdm Nfpa Lk 628 E Ba$1,277.49Details
823799SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNALVED1511T Tdm Nfpa Lk 628 E Dps$1,252.49Details
247625SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAPV1511 Tamden 15Sec Delay Push Switch 628$1,251.89Details
682596SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNAPX1511T Tdm Nfpa Push Switch 313$1,277.49Details
948714SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNCKV1511T Tdm Nfpa/Oshpd K 628$1,251.89Details
512954SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKV1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 Emlock Magnetic Loc$1,251.89Details
682598SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVB1511T Tandem Delayed Egress 15 Second Fi$1,340.20Details
512955SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVB2A2Tandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,362.50Details
682599SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVD1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 Dps$1,252.49Details
512956SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVD2Tandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,275.00Details
512967SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVD2B2Tandem Delayed Egress,15 Sec$1,350.00Details
682600SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVDB1511T Tdm Nfpa K 628 Dps Ba$1,326.24Details
512958SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVED2Tandem Delayed Egrss,15S,En Sv$1,275.00Details
512949SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKVED2B2Tandem Delayed Egrss,15S,En Sv$1,350.00Details
1015652SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDKY1511T Tdm Nfpa K 335$1,338.74Details
512960SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDLVTandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,149.19Details
512961SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDLVB2Tandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,300.00Details
873070SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDLVDDelayed Egress Magnetic Locking Systems$1,314.41Details
512962SDC / Security Door Controls1511TNDLVD2B2Tandem Delayed Egress Maglock$1,350.00Details
217500SDC / Security Door Controls1511TSSVSlave Control Unit. For 1511S To 1511T Conversion. For Double Door. Aluminum$654.89Details
217501SDC / Security Door Controls1511V1650Lb Emlock 12/24V 628 Finish$290.24Details
682601SDC / Security Door Controls1511V361511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 36"$591.49Details
247626SDC / Security Door Controls1511VB1511 Mag Lock 12/24 Vdc 628Ba$338.84Details
285159SDC / Security Door Controls1511VBA1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Ba Ats$372.59Details
941104SDC / Security Door Controls1511VBAL1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Ba Ats L3$383.39Details
298635SDC / Security Door Controls1511VBT1511 Emergency Lock 12/24 Vdc 628 Ba Bt$414.44Details
247627SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDSingel Emlock 628 Aluminum Door Position$325.34Details
247628SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDAT1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ats At$450.89Details
217502SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDBMagnetic Lock W/ Door Positionswitch & B$365.84Details
737597SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDBASngl Emlock 628 Dr Position Magn Sensor$398.24Details
260635SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDBALT1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba$450.89Details
285160SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDBL1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba L3$376.64Details
682602SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDBT1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba At$407.69Details
819711SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDBTA1511 Emlock 12/24V 628 Dps Ba At Ats$441.44Details
298634SDC / Security Door Controls1511VDT1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps At$368.54Details
217503SDC / Security Door Controls1511VLElectro Magnetic Lock 12/24Vdc$310.49Details
260636SDC / Security Door Controls1511VTElectro Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc$208.59Details
512963SDC / Security Door Controls1511VTBAMaglock 12/24Dc W/Bond Sensor$421.20Details
512964SDC / Security Door Controls1511VTDElectro Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc$373.95Details
512965SDC / Security Door Controls1511VTDBElectro Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc$414.45Details
247629SDC / Security Door Controls1511XEl Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc 313. Electric Magnetic Lock. Dark Bronze$352.34Details
512940SDC / Security Door Controls1511XBAElmagnet Lock 12/24 Vdc Ba 313$432.00Details
260637SDC / Security Door Controls1511XDDoor Sensor Spdt Mag Reed 313$377.99Details
512959SDC / Security Door Controls1511XDBAElectro Magnet Lock 12/24Vdc$459.00Details
285161SDC / Security Door Controls1511YEmlock 625 Black Anodized$352.34Details
1008191SDC / Security Door Controls1511YD1511 Emlock 12/24Vdc 335 Dps$377.99Details
217504SDC / Security Door Controls1512Maglock, Emlock, Double, 1650 Lbs Holding Force, ACall for Price.Details
512957SDC / Security Door Controls151205DVCover For 1572 Magloc,Alum$16.50Details
298633SDC / Security Door Controls151213ADV1512 Double Mounting Plate 628$32.63Details
217505SDC / Security Door Controls1512CDouble Magnet Lock 12/24Dc 605$651.29Details
247631SDC / Security Door Controls1512CD1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc Brass Dps$703.29Details
762854SDC / Security Door Controls1512CDBT1512 Emlock 12/24V Brass Dps Ba At$861.89Details
260638SDC / Security Door Controls1512PDouble Magnet Lock 12/24Dc 625$716.29Details
512932SDC / Security Door Controls1512QD2Dbl Maglock 12/24Vdc$780.00Details
217506SDC / Security Door Controls1512VDouble Holding Emlock Alum Stand Finish$596.69Details
512933SDC / Security Door Controls1512V72Double Maglock 12/24Vdc$1,007.50Details
900141SDC / Security Door Controls1512V72A1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 72" At$1,021.79Details
260639SDC / Security Door Controls1512V72D1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 72" Dps$1,041.29Details
682603SDC / Security Door Controls1512V82Double Emlock 628 Finish 84" High Openin$1,020.10Details
260640SDC / Security Door Controls1512V96X1512 Emlock 12/24 Vdc 313 96$1,147.89Details
1080513SDC / Security Door Controls1512VA1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Ats$630.44Details
512934SDC / Security Door Controls1512VB1512 M Lock 12/24 Vdc 628 Va$651.29Details
512935SDC / Security Door Controls1512VB2A2Dbl Maglock 12/24D 628 2Mbs$728.00Details
217507SDC / Security Door Controls1512VBA1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Ba Ats$683.79Details
217508SDC / Security Door Controls1512VDDouble Emlock 628 Aluminum Specify Two F$642.44Details
512936SDC / Security Door Controls1512VD2Dbl Maglock 12/24Vdc$661.50Details
512937SDC / Security Door Controls1512VD2B2Double Maglock 12/24D Aluminum$715.00Details
512948SDC / Security Door Controls1512VD2B2A2Double Maglock 12/24D Aluminum$780.00Details
285162SDC / Security Door Controls1512VDB1512 Mlock 12/24V Dc 628Dps Ba$703.29Details
823815SDC / Security Door Controls1512VDBA1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba Ats$734.49Details
930524SDC / Security Door Controls1512VDBL1512 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba L3$713.69Details
260641SDC / Security Door Controls1512VT1512M Lock 12/24 Vdc 628 Adjustable Timer$639.89Details
512939SDC / Security Door Controls1512VTB2A2Dbl Maglock 12/24D 628 2Mbs$769.60Details
512931SDC / Security Door Controls1512VTB2A272Dbl Maglock 72" Housing$1,192.10Details
512941SDC / Security Door Controls1512VTD2B2Double Maglock 12/24D Aluminum$756.60Details
512942SDC / Security Door Controls1512VV822 #1511 Mags In Vert Hsng 82"$1,007.50Details
247633SDC / Security Door Controls1512VV82D1512 Emlock Vert. Housing 628 Dps$1,041.29Details
247634SDC / Security Door Controls1512XDouble Magnet Lock 12/24Dc 313. Dark Bronze$663.00Details
512943SDC / Security Door Controls1512XD2Dbl Maglock 12/24Vdc 313$715.00Details
512944SDC / Security Door Controls1512XD2B2LDbl Maglock 12/24Vdc 313$803.40Details
260642SDC / Security Door Controls1512Y1512 12/24 Vdc Dbl Lck 335$651.29Details
217509SDC / Security Door Controls1512YD1512 12/24 Vdc Double M Lock$703.29Details
217510SDC / Security Door Controls1513Maglock, Emlock, Split Amature, 1650 Lbs Holding FCall for Price.Details
260643SDC / Security Door Controls1513VSingle Emlock 12/24Vdc. Split Armture For Pair Of Door. Aluminum$336.14Details
334310SDC / Security Door Controls1513XSingle Emlock 12/24Vdc. Split Armture For Pair Of Door. Dark Bronze Powder Coat$388.79Details
217511SDC / Security Door Controls152Switch, Desk Push Button, Mo Spdt, In Compact Box,$49.21Details
512946SDC / Security Door Controls1522313Use New 1512X & 2 Tj1 Kit$651.30Details
260644SDC / Security Door Controls1523Desk Push Switch-Aa (On/Off) Spdt/6 Amp$128.79Details
247637SDC / Security Door Controls153Desk Mount Switch Aa 6Amp/30V. Alternate Action ToggleCall for Price.Details
512877SDC / Security Door Controls154F12U15 Series Electric Strike Failsafe, 12Vd$59.50Details
893479SDC / Security Door Controls154F24U15-5 Elect. Strike 24Vdc 630 Fail Safe$58.79Details
217512SDC / Security Door Controls154FU15-4 Elect Strike 12Vdc Fs 630$58.79Details
285164SDC / Security Door Controls154S24UElectric Strike 24Vdc Nfs. 1 1/4 X 4 7/8 X 1 1/2". Satin Stainless Steel$58.79Details
247638SDC / Security Door Controls154SUElectric Strike 12V Failsecure$58.79Details
247639SDC / Security Door Controls15611561 Micro Sheer Mag Only$537.29Details
247640SDC / Security Door Controls1561DPS12/24Vdc Shear Mag (Only) Dps$461.69Details
285165SDC / Security Door Controls1561FTCM1561 X Ftcm 12/24Vdc Shear Lock$507.59Details
247641SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTCM1561 Herculte Brckt Lck 12-24V$507.59Details
512823SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTCMBShear Mag W/Bond Sensor Htc Kt$590.63Details
971138SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTCMBA1561 X Htcm 12/24 Shear Lock Xba$580.49Details
260647SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTCMDPS2000 Lb Holding Force 8”X 1.5” Mounting$541.34Details
260648SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTRM1561 X Herc Brkt Lock 12/24Vdc$740.45Details
217514SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTRMDPS1561 X Herc Brkt Lock 12/24Vdc Dps$738.39Details
334308SDC / Security Door Controls1561HTRMDPSBA1561 Herc Bracket Dps Bas$808.59Details
682604SDC / Security Door Controls1561ICTMDPSConcealed Hi/Shear Emlock 1-5/8" Depth,$557.01Details
217515SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMMaglock, Micro Shear Emlock, With Ars Auto Relock$467.33Details
512896SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMBMicro Shear Maglock$590.63Details
512842SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMBDMicro Shear Maglock$624.38Details
512843SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMBDL3Micro Shear Mglock W/Dps & Bas$635.18Details
512844SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMBDWDRBMMicro Shear Maglock,Wd Door Bx$651.38Details
512845SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMDMicro Shear Maglock W/ Dps$550.13Details
285166SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMDPS1561 Hi-Sheer Itcm Dps$541.34Details
217516SDC / Security Door Controls1561ITCMDPSBAMaglock 1561 Hi-Shear Itcm Dps Ba$614.24Details
285167SDC / Security Door Controls1561SCV1562Sc Semi-Concealed Shear 628$646.39Details
247644SDC / Security Door Controls1561SVMaglock, Micro Shear Emlock, 200 Lbs, Surface MounCall for Price.Details
512846SDC / Security Door Controls1561SVBSurface Mounted Shear Lock$760.50Details
512857SDC / Security Door Controls1561SVBDSurface Mount Shear Emlock$793.00Details
512848SDC / Security Door Controls1561SVDSurface Mounted Shear Lock$721.50Details
247645SDC / Security Door Controls1561SVDB1561 Surf Mt Shear Lock 628 Dps Bas$778.69Details
260649SDC / Security Door Controls1561SVDPS1561 Surf Mt Shear Lk 628 X Dps$708.49Details
260650SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJMaglock, Micro Shear Emlock, 200 Lbs, Surface MounCall for Price.Details
1049525SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJ01V1561Tj Housing 628$28.49Details
285169SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJVSurface Mount Hi/Shear Emlockstop Jamb M$677.29Details
512840SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJVDEmlock Inswing Door Pos Sen$721.50Details
298632SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJVDB1561Tj Top Jamb Mount 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba$786.49Details
260651SDC / Security Door Controls1561TJVDPS1561Tj Top Jam Mount 12/24Ddc 628 X Dps$708.49Details
682606SDC / Security Door Controls1562Lock And Armature, Itcm 1-1/4Depth W/Ext$522.83Details
217517SDC / Security Door Controls1562FTCM1562Xstc 12-24 Shearlock$507.59Details
1009951SDC / Security Door Controls1562FTCMDPS1562 X Ftcm 12/24Dc Shear Lock Dps$567.14Details
334307SDC / Security Door Controls1562HTCMMicro Shear Lock. For Herculite Channel$507.59Details
512850SDC / Security Door Controls1562HTCMDMicro Shear Lock$550.13Details
334306SDC / Security Door Controls1562HTCMDPS1562 X Htcm 12/24V Shear Lock Dps$541.34Details
260652SDC / Security Door Controls1562HTRM1562 X Htrm Herc Top Rail Brkt 12/24Vdc$705.89Details
682607SDC / Security Door Controls1562ICTMDPSConcealed Hi/Shear Emlock 1-1/4" Depth W$557.01Details
217518SDC / Security Door Controls1562ITCMLock, Electromagnetic, Micro Shear Emlock, Built-I$467.33Details
285170SDC / Security Door Controls1562ITCMDMicro Shear Lock With Dps$550.13Details
247647SDC / Security Door Controls1562ITCMDPS1562 Hi-Shear Itcm Dps$541.34Details
994571SDC / Security Door Controls1562ITCMDPSL31562 X Itcm 12/24 Shear Dps L3$552.14Details
512851SDC / Security Door Controls1562ITCMWDRBMMicro Shear Lock$543.38Details
217520SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCHDBSemi Cncld W/Hrclte Dr Bkt 1/2 628$712.39Details
285171SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCHDB12Maglock, Micro Shear Emlock, 200 Lbs, Semi-ConcealCall for Price.Details
512852SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCHDB12VSemi Con With Herculite Brack$724.75Details
285172SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCHDB34Maglock, Micro Shear Emlock, 200 Lbs, Semi-ConcealCall for Price.Details
512853SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCHDB34VSemi-Concealed,Hi/Shear Emlock$724.75Details
260653SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCHDBDPS1562 Surf X Hurc 1/2" 628 Dps$743.59Details
247648SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCV1562Sc Semi-Concealed Shear 628$531.89Details
512854SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCVDAuto Relock And Time Delay Alu$641.25Details
298631SDC / Security Door Controls1562SCVDPS1562 Semi Concealed Shear 628Dps$630.44Details
298630SDC / Security Door Controls1565BODYMaglock Body Only. For Micro Shear Maglock$542.70Details
260654SDC / Security Door Controls1565FTCHi/Shear Lck W/Field Mntg Kit$550.79Details
260655SDC / Security Door Controls1565HTCEm Lock Shear Htc 12/24Vdc$550.79Details
247649SDC / Security Door Controls1565HTRDPSBA1565 Hi Shear 12/24Vdc Htr Dps Ba$850.19Details
285173SDC / Security Door Controls1565ITCEmlock Hi/Shear Autorelock Sw. Auto Relocking Switch$507.03Details
512855SDC / Security Door Controls1565ITCBEmlock Hi/Shear Autorelock Sw$634.50Details
512856SDC / Security Door Controls1565ITCDEmlock Hi/Shear Autorelock Sw$594.00Details
247650SDC / Security Door Controls1565ITCDPS1565Itcdps 1565 Hi Shear Itc Dps$584.54Details
247651SDC / Security Door Controls1566FTC1-1/4" Depth, External Electronics For 1$550.79Details
512829SDC / Security Door Controls1566HTC1566Xhtc 12/24V Shear Lock Access Overstock$550.79Details
260656SDC / Security Door Controls1566HTRDPS1566 Shear Lock, 2700 Lbs, 12/24Vdc, Htr$778.69Details
298629SDC / Security Door Controls1566HTRDPS11Sdc Concealed Lock W/ Herculite Top Rail$897.26Details
285174SDC / Security Door Controls1566ITCEmlock Hi/Shear Auto Relock Sw. Auto Relocking SwitchCall for Price.Details
512847SDC / Security Door Controls1566ITCDEmlock Hi/Shear Auto Relock Sw$594.00Details
247652SDC / Security Door Controls1571Maglock, Emlock, Single, 1200 Lbs Holding Force, ACall for Price.Details
285177SDC / Security Door Controls1571C1571 Mlock 12/24V Dc 605 Fin$322.64Details
260657SDC / Security Door Controls1571CD1571 Mlock 12/24Vdc 605 Dps$361.79Details
260658SDC / Security Door Controls1571DSingle Maglock 12/24Vdc 606$407.78Details
247654SDC / Security Door Controls1571DEVMaglock W/Int Atciv Sensor. Integrated Activation Sensor. 1200Lb Force 12/24Vdc. Aluminum$318.59Details
285178SDC / Security Door Controls1571DEVDB1571 De Slave 628 Dps Bas$386.09Details
298628SDC / Security Door Controls1571DEXBMag Lock 313 Ba$411.74Details
260659SDC / Security Door Controls1571P1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 625$247.79Details
247655SDC / Security Door Controls1571QMaglock Sgl Outswing 1200Lbs$404.99Details
512824SDC / Security Door Controls1571QDMaglock Singl Outswing 1200Lbs$438.75Details
260660SDC / Security Door Controls1571VMaglock Sgl Outswing 1200Lbs. Single Maglock. 12/24Vdc. Aluminum$271.34Details
334305SDC / Security Door Controls1571V40DMag Lock W/Architectural Housing Satin Brass Coat$571.04Details
285179SDC / Security Door Controls1571V4848" Sgl Emlock 628$544.04Details
217521SDC / Security Door Controls1571VB1571 M Lock 12/24Vdc 628 Ba$318.59Details
512825SDC / Security Door Controls1571VBAMaglock Sgl Outswing Mbs$357.75Details
682608SDC / Security Door Controls1571VBAL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Ba Ats Led$363.14Details
260661SDC / Security Door Controls1571VBL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Ba Led$311.19Details
260663SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDSingle Emlock 1200Lb W/ 606 Dull Brass$306.44Details
260664SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDA1571 M-Lock 628 Finish W/Dps & Ats$338.84Details
285180SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDBSingle Emlock 628 Aluminum Dpsmagnetic B$345.59Details
247656SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDBA1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba Ats$379.34Details
682609SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDBL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba L3$356.39Details
334304SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDBLA1571 M-Lock, 12/24 Volts, 628 Finish, Dp$407.78Details
719710SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDBLT1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps Ba L3 At$398.24Details
285181SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDL1570 Series Mag W/Door Position And 3 Led$317.24Details
682610SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDPSSingle Emlock, 1200Lb Hold, W/Door Senso$314.39Details
260665SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDT1571-M-Lock-12/24Vdc-628-Finish-Dps,Ats$373.94Details
682611SDC / Security Door Controls1571VDTL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 Dps At Led$361.79Details
247657SDC / Security Door Controls1571VL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 628 L3$290.24Details
512826SDC / Security Door Controls1571VTMaglock Sgl 1200Lbs 12/24Vdc$326.70Details
285182SDC / Security Door Controls1571XMaglock Sgl Outswing 313. Single. Door Postion Status. Dark Bronze$332.09Details
512827SDC / Security Door Controls1571XBAEmlock Single Outswing Ba 313$411.75Details
1039766SDC / Security Door Controls1571XBL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc Brz Ba L3$383.39Details
247658SDC / Security Door Controls1571XD1571 Em Lock 313 Dps$361.79Details
512828SDC / Security Door Controls1571XDB1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc Brz Dps Bas$372.59Details
217522SDC / Security Door Controls1571XL1571 Emlock 12/24 Vdc 313 Led$342.89Details
285183SDC / Security Door Controls1571Y1571 1200Lb Maglock Black Anodized$332.09Details
247659SDC / Security Door Controls1571YDSingle Emlock 335 Black Door Position Se$361.79Details
1028224SDC / Security Door Controls1571YDL1571 Emlock 12/24Vdc 335 Dps L3$369.89Details