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Silent Knight

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
944440Silent Knight001347Fire Accessory, Cabinet Key $2.02Details
287561Silent Knight001347L8Slkt 1347 Cabinet Key$1.82Details
685935Silent Knight005104L8Six Zone Communicator With Power Supervision$295.64Details
1018279Silent Knight005128Fire Communicator, 4 Channel Slave, For Connection$250.28Details
1029974Silent Knight005129Fire Communicator, 4 Channel Slave, In An Enclosur$277.53Details
250751Silent Knight005220Fire Accessory, Direct Connect Module, For 5204 Or$69.61Details
509712Silent Knight005230Fire Accessory, Annunciator / Touchpad, Lcd Remote$178.32Details
942809Silent Knight005495Distributed Power Module, 6 Amps $349.93Details
220937Silent Knight005495CBCabinet, For Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel$99.33Details
1079582Silent Knight005496Power Module, Distributed, 6 Amps, S-Bus, For Use$384.63Details
263142Silent Knight005496CBCabinet Assembly, For 5496 $101.67Details
1069587Silent Knight005499Distributed Power Module, 9 Amps, W/ Sync Capabili$407.25Details
1043480Silent Knight005660Software, Silent Knight Suite Distribution, For 58$34.67Details
685936Silent Knight005670Software, Facility Mgmt, For Ifp-1000, 5208, 5820X$34.67Details
297601Silent Knight005700Fire Alarm Control Sys, Addressable, Intelliknight$618.42Details
263143Silent Knight005700CBCabinet Assembly, For 5700 $117.32Details
1009188Silent Knight005808Fire Control Panel, Addressable, Intelliknight, Si$835.19Details
685937Silent Knight005808CBCabinet Assembly, For 5808 Fire Panel $203.35Details
685938Silent Knight005815RMKRemote Mounting Kit F/5815 Slc Ex. Mod,Red Cabinet$73.51Details
509703Silent Knight005815XLAccessory, Intelliknight Slc Expander, 127 Points$331.84Details
685939Silent Knight005820XLFire Control Panel Sys, Addressable, Intelliknight$1,256.40Details
685940Silent Knight005820XLCB5820Xl Cabinet Assembly $218.99Details
983037Silent Knight005824Printer Interface For Intelliknight 5820Xl $233.07Details
982123Silent Knight005860Intelliknight Accessory, Remote Annunciator, 80 Ch$312.23Details
685941Silent Knight005860RIntelliknight Remote Annunciator, 80 Character, Lc$312.23Details
685943Silent Knight005860TG5860 Accessory, Trim Ring, Surface Mount, Gray $32.41Details
685944Silent Knight005860TR5860R Accessory, Trim Ring, Surface Mount, Red $32.41Details
685945Silent Knight0058653Fire Annunciator, Led, 15 Zones, Fits 3-Gang Elect$315.25Details
509694Silent Knight0058654Fire Annunciator, Led, Reset & Silence, 15 Zones,$339.38Details
1058817Silent Knight005880Alarm, Led Driver Module, W/ 8 Inputs, For 5820Xl$278.43Details
1015123Silent Knight005883Alarm, Relay Expander Module, For 5880, Addressabl$157.99Details
976376Silent Knight005895XLPower Supply Module, Distributed, 6 Amps, 6 Conven$580.72Details
685947Silent Knight005895XLCBAlarm, Cabinet (Assembly), For 5895Xl $203.35Details
333115Silent Knight009090PGSilent Knight Prgm Charge$43.18Details
220939Silent Knight00PLEX1Fire Alarm System, Plexi Glass / Dead Front, For 5$117.32Details
685948Silent Knight00PLEX2Fire Alarm System, Plexi Glass / Dead Front, For S$117.32Details
297600Silent Knight00VIPTRKit,Trim Ring,Voice Products,Sk$57.99Details
263144Silent Knight05080083Silent Knight 05080083 Pcb Brd$502.56Details
287563Silent Knight051040Fire Accessory, Replacement Pc Board, For 5104 $212.73Details
250752Silent Knight052080Fire Accessory, Replacement Pc Board, For Sk5208 $684.13Details
220940Silent Knight052351Silent Knight Display Board$136.32Details
250755Silent Knight054950Fire Accessory, Replacement Pc Board, For 5495 $297.15Details
263148Silent Knight054960Accessory, Pc Board, For 5496 $337.88Details
263149Silent Knight054990Replacement Part, Pc Board, For 5499 $355.97Details
263150Silent Knight057000Accessory, Pc Board, For 5700 $585.24Details
220941Silent Knight058080Accessory, Pc Board, For 5808 $711.72Details
287565Silent Knight058200XLAccessory, Alarm, Pc Board, For 5820Xl $1,096.63Details
220942Silent Knight058201Silent Knight 058201 Board$1,997.40Details
287566Silent Knight058950XLAccessory, Alarm, Pc Board, For 5895Xl $481.17Details
949688Silent Knight103995Swivel Mount, For 30-2056E *Not Fm Or Csfm Listed*$414.80Details
250757Silent Knight111682End-Of-Line Resistor, For Use W/ Sk-2224, Sk-6324$1.12Details
263152Silent Knight115035Transformer, 16.5V, 45Va, For Use 5104B Fire Commu$20.12Details
263153Silent Knight115061Transformer, 120V, 60Hz, 85 Va, For Sk2224, Sk4224$32.00Details
839936Silent Knight115219*Eol*Transformer, 31 Volts Ac,$44.85Details
287567Silent Knight116098Silent Knight Plastic Reset$4.21Details
287568Silent Knight119640Silent Knight Lock For 5895Xl$4.00Details
250758Silent Knight119640BFire Accessory, Cabinet Lock $3.82Details
287569Silent Knight120383Housing Back (Med)$4.21Details
263154Silent Knight121839S.Knight Can Only For Sik5204$64.15Details
287570Silent Knight122360Silent Knight 122360 Cabinet$97.83Details
250759Silent Knight122363Beveled Glass/Plastic For The 5208 Can$4.21Details
220945Silent Knight122365S.Knight Cabinet F/5820 Panel$128.28Details
263155Silent Knight122417Silent Knight 122417 Cabinet$128.28Details
685949Silent Knight122427Accessory, Back Box, Steel, Includes Ra-1000 Remot$28.49Details
287571Silent Knight122464Accessory, Bezel, Steel, Painted Red, For 5860R Fi$38.08Details
220947Silent Knight122465Accessory, Bezel, Painted Gray, For 5860 Fire Syst$38.08Details
333114Silent Knight122537L8Cabinet, Painted Red, 5104$72.16Details
287572Silent Knight122723ESik Empty Enclosure For Silent$97.83Details
263158Silent Knight130294Fire Accessory, Pigtail, 4 Position, 24", Used W/$7.65Details
220951Silent Knight130388Cable Assy Rev A 2P-Op 36 Inch$7.33Details
931947Silent Knight130389Dc Power Inpt Cbl F/5128,29$7.54Details
287574Silent Knight130420Accessory, Cable, 12 Inch, Revision B, Red & Black$4.82Details
263160Silent Knight130422Fire Accessory, Battery Connector, 18", Red / Blac$2.46Details
685950Silent Knight1309A0036Oxygen (O2); -40 To 50 C (-40 To 122 F)$270.19Details
685951Silent Knight1309A0038$148.39Details
685953Silent Knight1309A0040E3M Comb Ch4 E3Pt Cartridge Assy$270.19Details
971073Silent Knight1309A0047$487.34Details
263161Silent Knight1347*Eol*Ngle, Rev A Cabinet Key$2.06Details
263162Silent Knight140694Fire Accessory, Battery Cable, Red, For Sk2224 / S$1.90Details
250761Silent Knight150644DSilent Knight #150644D Manual$6.28Details
263163Silent Knight150805DManual For Sil-5128 &Amp; 5129$6.28Details
250762Silent Knight150865Manual For The Sil-5895Xl$6.28Details
1019859Silent Knight151142DSilent Knight 5895Xl Manual$8.46Details
263165Silent Knight151161FSilent Knight Instal Manual$4.21Details
220952Silent Knight151209FSilent Knight Revised 5820Xl$26.28Details
1030314Silent Knight151209IS.Knight 5820Xl Manual$26.28Details
287576Silent Knight151209JManual For 5820Xl$26.28Details
287578Silent Knight151209N5820Xl Installation Manual$26.28Details
250764Silent Knight151209PAccessory, Instruction Manual, For Install Of 5820$28.49Details
263167Silent Knight151253Manual F/5499 Panel$7.22Details
220955Silent Knight151267BSilent Knight Manual 151267B$11.35Details
263168Silent Knight151274Silent Knight Manual On Sil580$20.61Details
287579Silent Knight1512740Manual For The Sil-5808$20.61Details
263169Silent Knight151274CS.Knight 5808Manual Only$20.61Details
263170Silent Knight151274DSilent Knight Manual 151274D$20.61Details
250765Silent Knight151274L5808 Installation Manual$20.61Details
263171Silent Knight151276BSilent Knight Manual 151276B$11.35Details
263172Silent Knight151295Slnt 5700 Addressable Fire$18.90Details
1054673Silent Knight160101Silent Knight 160101 Hochiki$39.86Details
220957Silent Knight160104Smoke Detector, Base $10.15Details
287581Silent Knight1601052 Wire Smk Det Base W/ Rly$24.57Details
685990Silent Knight161100Smoke Detector, Ionization Type Call for Price.Details
287584Silent Knight161101Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, 24V *Hochiki* $38.89Details
263173Silent Knight161102Sik Photoelectric Type Smoke$51.49Details
685991Silent Knight302135Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$31.60Details
685992Silent Knight302194Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$31.60Details
685993Silent Knight302AW135Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$33.61Details
685994Silent Knight302AW194Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$33.61Details
685995Silent Knight302EPM135Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$62.57Details
685996Silent Knight302EPM194Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$62.57Details
685997Silent Knight302ET135Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$33.61Details
685998Silent Knight302ET194Heat Detector, Thermotech Series, Rate Compensatio$33.61Details
220960Silent Knight303003Optical Smoke Detector, Pyrotector Series, Explosi$4,361.94Details
1003194Silent Knight303970**Eol** Replacement Key F/$1.82Details
287585Silent Knight320Silent Knight Ul Printer For$672.66Details
975172Silent Knight4111P*Eol* 4111P Smart$15.39Details
969170Silent Knight5030**Eol**Handset For 5074/5064$67.20Details
1038816Silent Knight5076Silent Knight 5076 Heater Kit$142.41Details
946962Silent Knight5084Silent Knight 5084 Handset$994.86Details
220966Silent Knight5096S.Kight Instrution Labels$13.51Details
220967Silent Knight5104Fire Communicator, 4 Zone (Class A, 3 Class B) $292.63Details
220968Silent Knight51040Sik 51040 Pc Board For 5104$218.11Details
958137Silent Knight5104005104L8Control Communicator, Fire, 6 Zone $292.63Details
250767Silent Knight5104RK5104 Retrofit Kit, Includes (1) Pc Board, Brackets$226.81Details
220969Silent Knight5128Sik Fire Communicator,4Ch Slav$256.59Details
220971Silent Knight5129Sik Fire Communicator,4Ch Slav$284.53Details
250770Silent Knight5220Direct Connect Module For 5204/7$71.37Details
250771Silent Knight5230Silent Knight 5230 Keypad$182.83Details
250773Silent Knight5257Silent Knight 5257 Thermal$5.26Details
263180Silent Knight54956Amp Power Distribution$358.76Details
250775Silent Knight5496S.Knight Distributed Power Mod$394.34Details
220973Silent Knight5499Nac Power Supply 9 Amps$417.51Details
287593Silent Knight5595Silent Knight 5595 Facility$64.15Details
263182Silent Knight5596Literature F/5820Xl PanelCall for Price.Details
263183Silent Knight5600Addressable Fire Panel, Intelliknight Series, Sing$497.76Details
250778Silent Knight5600HVAddressable Fire Panel, Intelliknight Series, Sing$497.76Details
938306Silent Knight5622Det,194D F,Fix Temp,Ror,Dual$29.06Details
220974Silent Knight5635RRemote Lcd Annunciator, 80-Character Display, Red,$258.09Details
220975Silent Knight5635WRemote Lcd Annunciator, 80-Character Display, Whit$258.09Details
250784Silent Knight57000Pc Board For 5700$599.99Details
220978Silent Knight5808Up To 127 Addressable Point$856.23Details
263184Silent Knight5815RMKSlnt Remote Mounting Kit For$75.36Details
220979Silent Knight5815XLSlnt Kngt Intelliknight Slc$340.20Details
287597Silent Knight5820XL5820Xl Addressable Panel Upto 508 Points$1,226.55Details
220980Silent Knight5820XLCBSlnt Kngt Cabinet Assembly For$214.89Details
333110Silent Knight5820XLEVSIntegrated Fire/Voice Use W/Up To 4 Evs-50W Or125W$2,646.60Details
941336Silent Knight5820XLEVSCB5820Xl-Evs Cabinet$602.09Details
220981Silent Knight5824Slnt Kngt Printer Interface F/$238.95Details
287598Silent Knight5860Lcd Remote Annunciator$320.10Details
250788Silent Knight5860RRemote Annunciator$320.10Details
263185Silent Knight5860TGSik Surface Mnt Trim Ring For$33.22Details
287600Silent Knight5860TRSik Surface Mnt Trim Ring For$33.22Details
220982Silent Knight58653Led Annunciator 15 Zone$323.19Details
263186Silent Knight58654Led Annunciator 15 Zone W/Switches$347.94Details
220983Silent Knight5880Sik Led Driver Module W/8 Inpt$275.27Details
220984Silent Knight5883Sik Relay Expander Module$161.97Details
220985Silent Knight5895XLSik Intelliknight Dist.Pwr Mod$595.36Details
263188Silent Knight58KEYAccessory, 5820, Fire Fighters Key, Use W/ Intelli$6.34Details
250790Silent Knight6500MMKMulti-Mount Kit, Surface Mount, Heavy Duty, For In$143.91Details
220986Silent Knight6500SMKMount Kit, Surface Mount, For Beam1224 & Beam200 D$38.89Details
220987Silent Knight6914Battery, Standby, 12V, 15 Amp Hour, For 5204, 5207$81.34Details
686000Silent Knight6933Battery, 33 Amp Hour, For 5207, 5820Xl, Fire Acces$176.75Details
686001Silent Knight75287Accessory, Battery Cable, For Sk-2 / Sk-4 $10.59Details
686002Silent Knight762625HCAntenna Cable, 25 Foot, Low-Loss $79.77Details
686003Silent Knight762650HCAntenna Cable, 50 Foot, Low-Loss $121.23Details
220988Silent Knight76284.7K Ohms Edl Resistor 4Pack$15.99Details
287605Silent Knight7641Diode Kit$17.10Details
220989Silent Knight7641BEol Resistor Diode Assembly$17.99Details
686004Silent Knight7720PHandheld Programmer, For Ipgsm-Dp $224.85Details
220990Silent Knight7860Silent Knight 7860 Dialer$6.28Details
220991Silent Knight9084Fire Accessory, Eeprom, Default For 5207 $17.99Details
263189Silent Knight9090Silent Knight 9090 Prom For$8.46Details
250792Silent Knight9512Electrical Box Require For Ul On 9500$51.49Details
287607Silent Knight9540WAlarm Center Single User Windows98 (2Nd$5,631.79Details
263191Silent Knight9800Silent Knight 9800 Central$3,724.19Details
220993Silent Knight9811Spare Card Kit For 9800 Receiver, Includ$2,679.96Details
220994Silent Knight98159815 Line Card$646.69Details
686008Silent KnightALMSC119Serial Programming Cable, Rj45-Db9F Connector, For$34.99Details
1037959Silent KnightAOSStrobe, Add-On, Optional Accessory, For Rts2 $48.60Details
686009Silent KnightAPA151Accessory, Remote Annunciator, W/ Piezo Alarm, For$36.05Details
287608Silent KnightAPPAccessory, Platic Adapter Plate, For 302 & 302Aw H$8.30Details
287609Silent KnightAU12S.Knight 12 Module Enclosure$1,353.09Details
220996Silent KnightAU3Silent Knight Au-3 3 Module$238.56Details
509706Silent KnightAU360APB20W Audio Pow Booster$924.74Details
263192Silent KnightAU360EM7020 Watt Amp W. Microphn 70 Volt$610.82Details
872261Silent KnightAU380DM40W Amplifier, Microphone, Dmr, W/Enclos$1,496.26Details
287612Silent KnightAU380DMPZS.Knight 40 Watt Mic Dmr 4Zone$2,226.49Details
220999Silent KnightAU380E25Silent Knight Au380-E-25 40W$752.00Details
250794Silent KnightAU380E70Silent Knight Au380-E-70$752.00Details
250795Silent KnightAU380EM25Silent Knight Au380-Em-25$833.90Details
250796Silent KnightAU380EM70Silent Knight Au-380-Em-70$833.90Details
250797Silent KnightAU3864ZSAu-386-4Zs ( Provide Watts/Volts Req)$510.31Details
263193Silent KnightAU5622*Eol* Remote Mic Station,$340.20Details
221000Silent KnightAUDMSilent Knight Au-Dm Digital$603.09Details
221001Silent KnightAUDVA21016System W/ Two 4Zone Cards &Amp; 6 Circuit$5,381.64Details
263194Silent KnightAUDVACABPHONCabinet W/ 6 Phone Hangers$579.89Details
287614Silent KnightAUDVAPHONSUPVTelephone Supervisory Module$330.93Details
250799Silent KnightAUDVARMTJACKTelephone Jack On Ss Plate$53.16Details
263195Silent KnightAUDVARMTTELPhone Handset W/ Coiled Cord &Amp; Plug$246.96Details
250800Silent KnightAUDVASPLTMBSplitter Mother Board$425.26Details
509707Silent KnightB200SAudible Sounder Base, Plug-In, Capable Of Producin$56.30Details
761477Silent KnightB200SLFSounder Base, Intelligent, Plug-In, Low Frequency,$89.17Details
287615Silent KnightB200SRAudible Sounder Base, Plug-In, Capable Of Producin$53.87Details
848443Silent KnightB200SRLFSounder Base Assembly, Low Frequency, Backwards Co$87.60Details
221002Silent KnightB210LPDetector Base, Plug-In, Flanged, Includes Screw Te$12.90Details
263196Silent KnightB210LPBPDetector Base, Plug-In, Flanged, Includes Screw Te$96.98Details
287616Silent KnightB224BIIsolator Detector Base, System Sensor Series, Plug$40.50Details
221003Silent KnightB224RBRelay Detector Base, System Sensor Series, Plug-In$41.31Details
250801Silent KnightB501Detector Base, Plug-In, 4-Inch, Includes Screw Ter$15.51Details
686012Silent KnightBAT121000Sealed Battery, Lead Acid, 12V, 100 Ah $461.55Details
287617Silent KnightBAT12120BPBattery Pack, Includes (4) Bat-12120 12V 12Ah Seal$325.81Details
333109Silent KnightBAT12180BPBattery Pack, Includes (2) Bat-12180 12V 18 Ah Sea$183.01Details
686013Silent KnightBAT12260BPBattery Pack, Includes (2) Bat-12660 12V 26 Ah Sea$273.74Details
263197Silent KnightBAT12330Sealed Battery, Lead Acid, 12V, 33 Ah $177.53Details
686014Silent KnightBAT1250BPBattery Pack, Includes (10) Bat-1250 12V 5 Ah Seal$319.77Details
250805Silent KnightBAT12550Sealed Battery, Lead Acid, 12V, 55 Ah $269.05Details
287618Silent KnightBAT1270BPBattery Pack, Includes (5) Bat-1270 12V 7 Ah Seale$248.71Details
263199Silent KnightBB17Battery Back Box, Holds Up To (2) Bat-12180 Batter$62.57Details
263200Silent KnightBB26Accessory, Battery Backbox, Mounts Up To (2) Bat-1$112.63Details
263201Silent KnightBB3Accessory, 5865-3, Back Box, Red, For 3 Gang Annun$74.69Details
250806Silent KnightBB4SAccessory, 5865-4, Back Box, Re D, For 4 Gang Annu$84.85Details
1076105Silent KnightBBS2Back Box Skirt, Red Wall, Spectralert Advance Acce$14.75Details
686015Silent KnightBCK200BMounting Base Detector Kit, Includes Base & Ring,$85.25Details
686016Silent KnightBEAMHKAccessory, Heater Kit, For Transmitter/Receiver Un$29.16Details
287620Silent KnightBEAMHKRAccessory, Heater Kit, For Reflector Unit For Sk-B$118.87Details
221006Silent KnightBEAMLRKLong Range Accessory Kit, For Applications In Exce$100.11Details
287621Silent KnightBEAMMMKAccessory, Multi-Mount Kit, Provides Ceiling Or Wa$62.57Details
263202Silent KnightBEAMSMKAccessory, Surface Mount Kit, For Beam1224 Detecto$40.50Details
250808Silent KnightBG12TRAccessory, Trim Ring, For All Bg12 Series Pull Sta$11.98Details
995913Silent KnightCHRChime, Red, 12/24 Volt $32.81Details
1043154Silent KnightCHSRChime/Strobe, 2 Wire, Mc 15,15/75,30,75,110 Red $98.55Details
1023982Silent KnightCHSWChime/Strobe, 2 Wire, Mc 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, W$98.55Details
1064956Silent KnightCHWChime, White, 12/24 Volt $32.81Details
686021Silent KnightDCOILAccessory, Duct Coil, For Sk-Duct Intelligent Air$26.82Details
250812Silent KnightDF50Fire Alarm System, Dead Front, For Intelliknight 5$34.02Details
263203Silent KnightDH24120FBDoor Holder 24/120 Dual Voltage Flush Mt Brass Fin$73.49Details
221009Silent KnightDH24120FDFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$80.95Details
250813Silent KnightDH24120FPCFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$66.16Details
686022Silent KnightDH24120GB1Fire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$107.70Details
221010Silent KnightDH24120GB2Fire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$133.04Details
250814Silent KnightDH24120GPC1Fire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$97.85Details
221011Silent KnightDH24120GPC2Fire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$121.77Details
250815Silent KnightDH24120GPD1Fire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$118.96Details
287624Silent KnightDH24120GPD2Fire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$147.11Details
250816Silent KnightDH24120SBFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$85.18Details
250817Silent KnightDH24120SPCFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$78.83Details
287625Silent KnightDH24120SPDFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$90.10Details
686023Silent KnightDH24120WBFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$73.49Details
250818Silent KnightDH24120WDFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$80.95Details
221012Silent KnightDH24120WPCFire Door Holder, Terminal Block Connections, Die-$66.16Details
250819Silent KnightDHBBBAccessory, Back Box, Surface Mount, Brass Plating,$18.11Details
263204Silent KnightDHBBDAccessory, Back Box, Surface Mount, Powder Coated$20.67Details
263205Silent KnightDHBBPCAccessory, Back Box, Surface Mount, Powder Coated$16.29Details
686024Silent KnightDHCPBAccessory, Catch Plate, Brass Plating, For Dh Seri$11.12Details
686025Silent KnightDHCPCAccessory, Catch Plate, Powder Coated Chrome Plati$10.46Details
686026Silent KnightDHCPDAccessory, Catch Plate, Powder Coated Dark Bronze$13.27Details
686027Silent KnightDHDFAccessory, Drill Fixture, Swivel Base Mounting, Fo$190.05Details
686028Silent KnightDHE15APCAccessory, Adjustable Extension Rod, 1 1/2 Inch, P$8.96Details
686029Silent KnightDHE15BAccessory, Extension Rod, 1 1/2 Inch, Brass Platin$9.29Details
686030Silent KnightDHE15DAccessory, Extension Rod, 1 1/2 Inch, Powder Coate$10.28Details
686031Silent KnightDHE15PCAccessory, Extension Rod, 1 1/2 Inch, Powder Coate$8.96Details
686032Silent KnightDHE1BAccessory, Extension Rod, 1 Inch, Brass Plating, F$8.60Details
686033Silent KnightDHE1DAccessory, Extension Rod, 1 Inch, Powder Coated Da$9.29Details
686034Silent KnightDHE1PCAccessory, Extension Rod, 1 Inch, Powder Coated Ch$8.69Details
686035Silent KnightDHE2APCAccessory, Adjustable Extension Rod, 2 Inch, Powde$10.28Details
686036Silent KnightDHE2BAccessory, Extension Rod, 2 Inch, Brass Plating, F$10.79Details
686037Silent KnightDHE2DAccessory, Extension Rod, 2 Inch, Powder Coated Da$11.12Details
686038Silent KnightDHE2PCAccessory, Extension Rod, 2 Inch, Powder Coated Ch$10.28Details
686039Silent KnightDHE3BAccessory, Extension Rod, 3 Inch, Brass Plating, F$12.11Details
686040Silent KnightDHE3DAccessory, Extension Rod, 3 Inch, Powder Coated Da$12.11Details
686041Silent KnightDHE3PCAccessory, Extension Rod, 3 Inch, Powder Coated Ch$11.12Details
686042Silent KnightDHE4ABAccessory, Adjustable Extension Rod, 4 Inch, Brass$13.27Details
686043Silent KnightDHE4ADAccessory, Adjustable Extension Rod, 4 Inch, Powde$15.76Details
686044Silent KnightDHE4APCAccessory, Adjustable Extension Rod, 4 Inch, Powde$12.44Details
686045Silent KnightDHE4PCAccessory, Extension Rod, 4 Inch, Powder Coated Ch$12.44Details
686046Silent KnightDHE5BAccessory, Extension Rod, 5 Inch, Brass Plating, F$8.69Details
686047Silent KnightDHE5DAccessory, Extension Rod, 5 Inch, Powder Coated Da$9.29Details
686048Silent KnightDHE5PCAccessory, Extension Rod, 5 Inch, Powder Coated Ch$8.69Details
686049Silent KnightDHSBBAccessory, Swivel Base, Brass Plating , For Dh Ser$28.52Details
686050Silent KnightDHSBDAccessory, Swivel Base, Powder Coated Dark Bronze$29.88Details
686051Silent KnightDHSBPCAccessory, Swivel Base, Powder Coated Bronze Plati$26.10Details
686052Silent KnightDHWAccessory, Extension Wrench, 2-Piece, For Dh Serie$3.02Details
686053Silent KnightDNRDuct Smoke Detector, Innovairflex Series, Photoele$87.99Details
686054Silent KnightDNRWDuct Smoke Detector, Innovairflex Series, Photoele$159.54Details
686055Silent KnightDST1Accessory, Sampling Tube, 1 Foot, W/ Holes, Stainl$8.76Details
686056Silent KnightDST10Accessory, Sampling Tube, 10 Feet, W/ Holes, Stain$30.38Details
686057Silent KnightDST15Accessory, Sampling Tube, 1 1/2 Feet, W/ Holes, St$11.06Details
686058Silent KnightDST3Accessory, Sampling Tube, 3 Feet, W/ Holes, Stainl$13.83Details
686059Silent KnightDST5Accessory, Sampling Tube, 5 Feet, W/ Holes, Stainl$16.14Details
297592Silent KnightELR47KResistor For Monitor/Monitor2 Modules$5.22Details
686068Silent KnightEOLR1End-Of-Line Supervision Relay, Spst, Normally Open$20.12Details
686069Silent KnightESD100Ethernet Surge Protector, 2-Stage Transient Protec$316.75Details
686070Silent KnightETXAccessory, Exhaust Tube, 1 Foot, Steel, For Innova$11.52Details
923148Silent KnightEVS100WAmplifier, Intelliknight, Intelligent 50/100 Watt,$1,745.79Details
808365Silent KnightEVS100WBU50W Backup Amplifier For Use With Sk-Evs100W$541.23Details
297591Silent KnightEVS125WAmplifier, 125 Watt, 4 Speaker Circuits *Use Evs-C$1,382.66Details
297590Silent KnightEVS50WAmplifier, 50 Watt, 4 Speaker Circuits *Use Evs-Ce$740.77Details
297589Silent KnightEVSCE4Circuit Expander, 4 Speaker, For Evs-50W Or Evs-12$195.52Details
843796Silent KnightEVSINT50WAmplifier, Intelliknight, Internal, Intelligent 50$502.28Details
333107Silent KnightEVSMICReplacement Microphone, For 5820Xl-Evs Or Evs-Rcu$125.13Details
509708Silent KnightEVSRCUEmergency Voice System, Supervised Remote Command$1,045.80Details
333106Silent KnightEVSRVMReplacement Voice Module, For Evs-Rcu $951.38Details
297588Silent KnightEVSSW24Switch Expander, Adds (24) Switches To 5820Xl-Evs$339.38Details
333105Silent KnightEVSVCMReplacement Voice Control Module, For 5820Xl-Evs O$1,147.47Details
221018Silent KnightFFT24Accessory, Expander, 24-Zone, For Sk-Fft Fire Figh$429.88Details
263215Silent KnightFFTBGKAccessory, Break Glass Kit, For Sk-Fft Fire Fighte$37.27Details
221019Silent KnightFFTFPJAccessory, Remote Phone Jack, For Sk-Fft Fire Figh$84.46Details
263216Silent KnightFFTHSCAccessory, Handset Cabinet, Holds Up To (10) Remot$536.98Details
287633Silent KnightFFTRHSAccessory, Remote Handset, For Sk-Fft Fire Fighter$77.43Details
250827Silent KnightFFTSTSRAccessory, Telephone Station, Includes Lockable Ca$269.05Details
250828Silent KnightFFTSTSSAccessory, Telephone Station, Includes Lockable Ca$271.39Details
938418Silent KnightGSMANT3DBAntenna, 3Db Gain External/Remote Antenna $113.40Details
263217Silent KnightHADSCEASmoke Detector, Rate Of Rise, Thermal $13.37Details
221020Silent KnightHASBC412Smoke Detector, Conventional Sounder Base, 12 VoltCall for Price.Details
250830Silent KnightHASBC424Smoke Detector, Conventional Sounder Base, 24 VoltCall for Price.Details
287634Silent KnightHASLR835B2WSmoke Detector, Photoelectric, 2-Wire, 8-35 Volts$43.59Details
263218Silent KnightHASLR835B4Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, 4-Wire, 8-35 Volts$43.59Details
263219Silent KnightHASOLO461Heat Detector Tester, Solo 461, Cordless $1,278.26Details
686080Silent KnightHAZWPPULLFire Alarm Pull Station, For Hazardous, Non-Hazard$424.22Details
686081Silent KnightHFSDDuct Smoke Detector, W/ Photoelectric Sensor Head,$150.16Details
686082Silent KnightHFSDPRAccessory, Replacement Photoelectric Head, For Hfs$46.98Details
686083Silent KnightHFSMMMini Monitor Module, Monitors Normally Open Switch$44.56Details
287638Silent KnightHFSMRRelay Module, Addressable, Includes (2) Isolated S$64.13Details
221021Silent KnightHFSPSmoke Detector, Plug-In Detector Base W/ Tamper-Re$46.98Details
287639Silent KnightHFSPTSmoke Detector, W/ Thermal Sensors, Plug-In DetectCall for Price.Details
250834Silent KnightHFSTThermal Sensor, Plug-In Detector Base, Thermistor$45.36Details
686088Silent KnightHPTCOVERTransformer Box, Plug-In, For Ipgsm Communicator $26.82Details
686089Silent KnightHRHorn, 12/24 Volt, Wall Mount, Red $23.46Details
883348Silent KnightHRKHorn, Outdoor, Wallmount, W/ Back Box, 12/24Vt, Re$42.12Details
753968Silent KnightHRKRHorn, Outdoor, Replacement, Red $27.24Details
953195Silent KnightHRLFSounder, Low Frequency, Red $55.09Details
945120Silent KnightHWHorn, 12/24 Volt, Wall Mount, White $23.46Details
1064003Silent KnightHWLFSounder, Low Frequency, White $55.09Details
250835Silent KnightIDPACBAccessory, Cabinet, Built-In Chassis, For Sk-Contr$68.82Details
287640Silent KnightIPBRKTMounting Bracket Kit, Includes Screws & Battery Sh$16.76Details
686090Silent KnightIPCHSKITChassis-Mount Ip Communicator Intelliknight Facps$22.62Details
250836Silent KnightIPDACT2Accessory, Replacement Network Communicator Kit *N$377.10Details
263221Silent KnightIPDACT2UDAccessory, Replacement Network Communicator Kit, W$444.96Details
509710Silent KnightIPENCIp Communicator External Mounting Encl W/Ipbrkt Rd$62.57Details
686091Silent KnightIPENCBAccessory, External Mounting Enclosure, Includes I$62.57Details
1030472Silent KnightIPGSM4GMonitoring, Via Honeywell'S Alarmnet Network, Ul L$482.68Details
287641Silent KnightIPGSMDPFire Alarm Communicator, Dual Path, Offers SelectaCall for Price.Details
263223Silent KnightIPSPLTY-Adapter Option, Dual 8Tpc To Single 8Tpc, Includ$16.59Details
896579Silent KnightISO6Six Output Isolator Module$285.08Details
965934Silent KnightLENSALens Attachment, Wall Strobe, Amber $8.76Details
1001851Silent KnightLENSACLens Attachment, Ceiling Strobe, Amber $8.76Details
986633Silent KnightLENSBLens Attachment, Wall Strobe, Blue $8.76Details
941696Silent KnightLENSBCLens Attachment, Ceiling Strobe, Blue $8.76Details
1040336Silent KnightLENSGLens Attachment, Wall Strobe, Green $8.76Details
1009682Silent KnightLENSGCLens Attachment, Ceiling Strobe, Green $8.76Details
1053011Silent KnightLENSRLens Attachment, Wall Strobe, Red $8.76Details
1035854Silent KnightLENSRCLens Attachment, Ceiling Strobe, Red $8.76Details
686093Silent KnightM020400Accessory, Replacement Test Manget, For Hfs-D Smok$6.34Details
1024807Silent KnightMHRHorn, Mini, 12-24 Volt, Red $14.75Details
1054528Silent KnightMHWHorn, Mini, 12-24 Volt, White $14.75Details
1067827Silent KnightMP120KAdapter Plate, 120 Vac, For Use With Spectralert A$27.66Details
250838Silent KnightMR101CRMulti-Voltage Relay Module$56.46Details
1006359Silent KnightMWBBBack Box, Metal, Weatherproof, Wall Mount, Red, Sp$29.97Details
1033800Silent KnightMWBBCWBack Box, Metal, Weatherproof, Ceiling Mount, Whit$35.64Details
984496Silent KnightMWBBWBack Box, Metal, Weatherproof, Wall Mount, White,$29.97Details
686115Silent KnightNYPLATEAccessory, Trim Plate, For All Ngb Pull Stations,$25.98Details
263225Silent KnightOPRKEYFire Accessory, Operators Key, For Sk5208 Fire Pan$2.02Details
686116Silent KnightP2RHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Wall, 12/24 Volt, Mc 15, 15/7$47.79Details
965993Silent KnightP2RHHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Wall, High Cd, 135, 150, 177,$57.48Details
686117Silent KnightP2RHKHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, High Candela, 135, 150, 177,$80.16Details
880299Silent KnightP2RHK120Horn/Strobe, Outdoor, W/ Back Box, 120 Vac, Red $91.90Details
724935Silent KnightP2RHKPHorn/Strobe, Outdoor, High Candela, Plain, Red $80.16Details
1003664Silent KnightP2RHKRReplacement, Horn/Strobe, 2-Wire, Wall, Hi Candela$66.09Details
983355Silent KnightP2RHLFSounder Strobe, Low Frequency, Red $93.86Details
1053393Silent KnightP2RKHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Mc Outdoor, W/Backbox, Red $71.18Details
903646Silent KnightP2RKPHorn/Strobe, Outdoor, Plain, Red $74.69Details
858644Silent KnightP2RKRHorn/Strobe, Replacement, 2-Wire Wall Mount, Mc, O$59.84Details
1011761Silent KnightP2RPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Standard Cd, Red, No Text $47.79Details
965710Silent KnightP2RSPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Mc 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 11$47.79Details
1080727Silent KnightP2WHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Mc 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 11$47.79Details
1029667Silent KnightP2WHHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, High Cd, 135, 150, 177, 185,$58.27Details
738080Silent KnightP2WHKHorn/Strobe, Outdoor, High Candela, White $80.16Details
915276Silent KnightP2WHKPHorn/Strobe, Outdoor, High Candela, Plain, White $80.16Details
1022824Silent KnightP2WHLFSounder Strobe, Low Frequency, White $93.86Details
963749Silent KnightP2WHPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, High Cd, White, No Text $58.27Details
879207Silent KnightP2WKHorn/Strobe, Outdoor, White $74.69Details
810014Silent KnightP2WKPHorn/Strobe, Outdoor, Plain, White $74.69Details
1061936Silent KnightP2WKRReplacement Unit, Horn/Strobe, 2-Wire, White, Outd$57.09Details
954272Silent KnightP2WPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Standard Cd, White, No Text $47.79Details
816768Silent KnightP4RHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Mc, 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 1$61.39Details
729924Silent KnightP4RHHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, High Candela, 135, 150, 177,$67.26Details
848228Silent KnightP4RKHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Mc, 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 1$81.73Details
744281Silent KnightP4RKRHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Replacement, Wall Mount, Mc,$71.96Details
741748Silent KnightP4WHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Mc, 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 1$61.39Details
786325Silent KnightP4WKHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Outdoor, White $81.73Details
287645Silent KnightPAM27Amp Relay 12-24$14.17Details
951698Silent KnightPC2RHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling Mount, Mc 15, 15/75,$52.24Details
845448Silent KnightPC2RHHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, High Candela, 135, 1$59.44Details
871016Silent KnightPC2RHKHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, High Candela, Outdoo$80.16Details
757812Silent KnightPC2RKHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, High Candela, 135, 1$74.69Details
730246Silent KnightPC2RPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, Mc, No Text, Red $53.46Details
997839Silent KnightPC2WHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, Mc 15, 15/75, 30, 75$52.24Details
760644Silent KnightPC2WHHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, High Candela, 135, 1$59.44Details
781825Silent KnightPC2WHKHorn/Strobe, High Candela, Ceiling Mount, Outdoor,$80.16Details
815032Silent KnightPC2WHPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling Mount, High Candela,$59.44Details
897638Silent KnightPC2WKHorn/Strobe, Ceiling Mount, Outdoor, White $74.69Details
862775Silent KnightPC2WPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, Mc, No Text, White $52.65Details
780261Silent KnightPC2WSPHorn/Strobe, 2 Wire, Ceiling, Mc, Spanish, White $52.65Details
835984Silent KnightPC4RHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Ceiling, Mc, 15, 15/75, 30, 7$61.39Details
881738Silent KnightPC4RHHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Ceiling, High Candela, 135, 1$70.39Details
777538Silent KnightPC4WHorn/Strobe, 4 Wire, Ceiling, Mc, 15, 15/75, 30, 7$61.39Details
1070000Silent KnightPF24VSounder, Exit Point Directional, W/Voice Messaging$168.94Details
221024Silent KnightPHOTORRemote Test Capable Head Replacement For Sk-Duct$64.39Details
221025Silent KnightPLEX2Plexi Glass Door For T$120.27Details
686118Silent KnightPR1Relay, System Sensor, Spdt, 24 Vdc, 24/115 Vac $14.29Details
686119Silent KnightPR2Relay, System Sensor, Spdt, 10-40 Vdc $14.29Details
686120Silent KnightPR3Relay, System Sensor, Spdt, 10-40 Vdc, Redundant P$14.29Details
1057755Silent KnightPS1224SLENSCSmoke Lens, Blue Lettering, Ceiling $4.52Details
1071608Silent KnightPS1224SLENSWSmoke Lens, Strobe, Wall $4.52Details
221026Silent KnightPSBBAccessory, Back Box, For P/S-Satk & P/S-Datk $8.94Details
250840Silent KnightPSDAPull Station, Dual Action, Key Reset, Sk Lock Rese$29.97Details
250842Silent KnightPSDAHManual Pull Station, W/ Hex Key Reset, Dual Action$27.66Details
221027Silent KnightPSDALOBManual Pull Station, Dual Action, Durable Lexan Co$93.46Details
263227Silent KnightPSDASPPull Station, Dual Action, Key Reset, Sk Lock Rese$29.97Details
263228Silent KnightPSDATKPull Station, Dual Action, Spst, Terminals, Key Re$30.38Details
263229Silent KnightPSGR12Accessory, Glass Rods, Box Of 12 $11.06Details
250843Silent KnightPSSAPull Station, Single Action, Key Reset, Sk Lock Re$25.14Details
287647Silent KnightPSSATKPull Station, Single Action, Spst, Terminals, Key$25.98Details
287648Silent KnightPSSATKWPPull Station Key To Reset Single Action Weatherprf$60.23Details
250844Silent KnightPSSMBBAccessory, Sd500-P/S, Back Box, Surface Mount $21.78Details
815640Silent KnightPSSWPB*Eol*Wthr Prf Back Box$43.18Details
263231Silent KnightPSWPBManual Pull Station, Accessory, Weather Proof Box$42.93Details
287649Silent KnightPSWPGSKTReplacement Part, Gasket For Weather Proof Back Bo$8.55Details
686122Silent KnightR10ERelay, System Sensor, Single Spdt, Red Activation$29.75Details
686123Silent KnightR10TRelay, System Sensor, Single Spdt, Red Activation$18.02Details
686124Silent KnightR14ERelay, System Sensor, 4-Gang Spdt, (4) Red Activat$82.91Details
686125Silent KnightR14TRelay, System Sensor, 4-Gang Spdt, (4) Red Activat$56.31Details
686126Silent KnightR20ERelay, System Sensor, Single Dpdt, Red Activation$32.81Details
686127Silent KnightR20TRelay, System Sensor, Single Dpdt, Red Activation$20.96Details
686128Silent KnightR24ERelay, System Sensor, 4-Gang Dpdt, (4) Red Activat$95.80Details
686129Silent KnightR24TRelay, System Sensor, 4-Gang Dpdt, (4) Red Activat$67.26Details
250845Silent KnightRA100ZAccessory, Remote Annunciator, 7Ma, 3.1-32 Vdc, Fo$19.70Details
221031Silent KnightRBBAccessory, Remote Battery Box, 10" H X 16" W X 6"$79.77Details
951865Silent KnightRFPRetrofit Plate, Red, Spectralert Advance Accessory$57.88Details
970198Silent KnightRFPWRetrofit Plate, White, Spectralert Advance Accesso$57.88Details
263232Silent KnightRMISCS.Knight Repaired 050740 Board$347.94Details
250847Silent KnightRTS151Accessory, Remote Test Station, Magnetic, For Sk-D$40.50Details
250848Silent KnightRTS151KEYAccessory, Remote Test Station, Key-Activated, For$57.88Details
1060636Silent KnightRTS2Multi-Signaling Accessory, For Use With Innovairfl$94.64Details
932827Silent KnightRTS2AOSMulti-Signaling Accessory, For Use With Innovairfl$141.57Details
1055249Silent KnightSAWBBBack Box Wall, Weatherproof, Spectralert Advance A$24.72Details
1017490Silent KnightSAWBBCBack Box Ceiling, Weatherproof, Spectralert Advanc$24.72Details
686137Silent KnightSB10Accessory, Surface Back Box, For All Bg-10 Or Bg-1$11.98Details
686138Silent KnightSBA10Accessory, Surface Back Box, For Bg-12Lra Pull Sta$15.68Details
1011442Silent KnightSBBCRBack Box, Ceiling Mount, Surface Mount, Red, Spect$17.60Details
987264Silent KnightSBBCWBack Box, Ceiling Mount, Surface Mount, White, Spe$17.60Details
1043614Silent KnightSBBRBack Box, Wall Mount, Surface Mount, Red, Spectral$13.83Details
1018281Silent KnightSBBSPRBack Box, Wall Mount Speaker Surface Mount Back Bo$16.34Details
1050168Silent KnightSBBSPWBack Box, Speaker Surface Mount, Wall Mount, White$16.34Details
1001993Silent KnightSBBWBack Box, Wall Mount, Surface Mount, White, Spectr$13.83Details
287652Silent KnightSBIOManual Pull Station, Accessory, Back Box, Surface$11.98Details
992675Silent KnightSC10Pull Station W/ Key Reset$26.21Details
1018135Silent KnightSCRStrobe, Ceiling, Mc 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 115, R$40.50Details
800894Silent KnightSCRHStrobe, Ceiling, High Candela, 135, 150, 177, 185,$49.01Details
906389Silent KnightSCRHKStrobe, Ceiling, Outdoor, High Candela, 135, 150,$66.49Details
759709Silent KnightSCRKStrobe, Ceiling, Outdoor, Mc, 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 1$61.00Details
1048003Silent KnightSCWStrobe, Ceiling, Mc 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 110, 115, W$40.50Details
759363Silent KnightSCWHStrobe, Ceiling, High Candela, 135, 150, 177, 185,$49.01Details
922681Silent KnightSCWHKStrobe, Ceiling Mount, Outdoor, High Candela, Whit$66.49Details
822499Silent KnightSCWKStrobe, Ceiling Mount, Outdoor, Mc, W/ Back Box, W$61.00Details
717527Silent KnightSCWPStrobe, Ceiling Mount, Mc, No Text, White $40.90Details
250849Silent KnightSD500AIMAccessory, Addressable Input Module, Mounts In 4"$57.88Details
250850Silent KnightSD500ANMAccessory, Addressable Notification Module $89.56Details
250851Silent KnightSD500ARMAccessory, Addressable Relay Module $72.73Details
221035Silent KnightSD500LEDAccessory, Driver Module, Led, For Slc Loop $374.83Details
221036Silent KnightSD500LIMAccessory, Slc Loop Isolation Module, Use W/ 5820X$62.96Details
250854Silent KnightSD500LKUpgrade Kit, Upgrades The Sd500-P/S To Sd500-Psda$14.37Details
221037Silent KnightSD500MIMAccessory, Addressable Mini Input Module, Mounts I$56.30Details
221038Silent KnightSD500PSAccessory, Addressable Pull Station $86.81Details
221039Silent KnightSD500PSBPAccessory, Back Plate, For Sd500-Ps / Sd500-Psda *$10.15Details
250858Silent KnightSD500PSDAAccessory, Addressable Pull Station, Dual Action <$96.98Details
250860Silent KnightSD500SDMAccessory, Smoke Detector Module, 2 Wire, Converts$82.12Details
287658Silent KnightSD5054ABAccessory, Base, 4", For Use W/ Addressable Sensor$8.05Details
287659Silent KnightSD5056ABAccessory, Base, 6", For Use W/ Addressable Sensor$8.05Details
250861Silent KnightSD5056IBAccessory, Isolator Base, 6", For Use W/ Addressab$59.05Details
287660Silent KnightSD5056RBAccessory, Relay Base, 6", For Use W/ Addressable$73.91Details
263240Silent KnightSD5056SBAccessory, Sounder Base, 6", For Use W/ Addressabl$71.18Details
250862Silent KnightSD505AHSHeat Sensor Head$56.54Details
263243Silent KnightSD505AISSmoke Detector, Addressable Ionization *Must Be OrCall for Price.Details
1015268Silent KnightSD505APSAddressable P/E Smoke Head$58.10Details
221040Silent KnightSD505DTSKAccessory, Remote Test Switch W/ Key Switch, For S$60.23Details
250863Silent KnightSD505DUCTAccessory, Addressable Duct Detector Housing, W/ A$164.25Details
263248Silent KnightSD505DUCTRDuct Smoke Detector, 120/240 Vac & 24 Vdc, 10 Amps$231.50Details
886862Silent KnightSD505HEATHochiki - Heat Analog Sensor$57.99Details
221042Silent KnightSD505NSRTRHHochiki Sensor, Testing Removal Tool, Fire Accesso$179.89Details
221043Silent KnightSD505NSRTRTCCover Removal Tool Kit, For Addressable Smoke / He$395.19Details
819998Silent KnightSD505PHOTOAddressable Photo Sensor, Replaces Sk-Sd505Aps$59.50Details
250865Silent KnightSD505T10Accessory, Sampling Tube, For 5 Feet To 10 Feet Du$18.44Details
221044Silent KnightSD505T2Accessory, Sampling Tube, For 6 Inch To 2.5 Feet D$12.90Details
287665Silent KnightSD505T5Accessory, Sampling Tube, For 2.5 Feet To 5 Feet D$15.09Details
287666Silent KnightSD505TCHB100Programmer, Handheld, For Hochiki Addressable Sens$271.50Details
287668Silent KnightSK2Control Panel, Fire Alarm, 2-Zone (Domestic) $312.23Details
263250Silent KnightSK2190Fire Accessory, Enclosure, For 5217, 5280, 2104, 1$38.89Details
287671Silent KnightSK2EControl Panel, Fire Alarm, 2- Zone, 220 Volt Expor$312.23Details
221046Silent KnightSK320Ul Printer$672.66Details