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Voice and Data Systems

Hubs and Switches

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
925888Hirschmann / Belden9421039994Eagle 1 Router 0200T1T1Sddy90000Hhexx.X Eagle One$1,275.68Details
798880Hirschmann / Belden942104001Gecko Light Managed Ethernet Switch 4Tx Copper Ports$281.60Details
828058Hirschmann / Belden94212000116 Tx Port Unmanaged Switch Spider Ii 16Tx Eec -40C To +70C$582.47Details
906649Hirschmann / Belden94212100116Tx + 2 Sfp Unmanaged Switch Spider Ii 16Tx/2Ds-S Eec -40C To +70C$672.76Details
893557Hirschmann / Belden942131001Rspm Empty Module Slot Cover$36.73Details
1050171Hirschmann / Belden942132001Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-05T1999999Sy9Hhhh 5X Tx$81.86Details
1072304Hirschmann / Belden942132002Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-08T1999999Sy9Hhhh 8X Tx$131.96Details
1063183Hirschmann / Belden942132003Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-40-05T1999999Sy9Hhhh 5X Tx, Gig$205.27Details
985256Hirschmann / Belden942132005Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-01T1M29999Sy9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Mm Sc$144.86Details
1018387Hirschmann / Belden942132006Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-01T1S29999Sy9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
1000144Hirschmann / Belden942132007Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-04T1M29999Sy9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Mm Sc$161.56Details
1080896Hirschmann / Belden942132008Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-04T1M49999Sy9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Mm StCall for Price.Details
1024831Hirschmann / Belden942132009Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-04T1S29999Sy9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
988558Hirschmann / Belden942132010Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1M29999Sy9Hhhh 6X Tx, 1X Mm ScCall for Price.Details
1062025Hirschmann / Belden942132011Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1S29999Sy9Hhhh 6X Tx, 1X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
1082775Hirschmann / Belden942132012Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1M2M299Sy9Hhhh 6X Tx, 2X Mm ScCall for Price.Details
965873Hirschmann / Belden942132013Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1S2S299Sy9Hhhh 6X Tx, 2X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
1054549Hirschmann / Belden942132014Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-40-06T1O69999Sy9Hhhh 6X Tx, 1X SfpCall for Price.Details
990808Hirschmann / Belden942132015Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-40-06T1O6O699Sy9Hhhh 6X Tx, 2X SfpCall for Price.Details
1078540Hirschmann / Belden942132016Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-05T1999999Ty9Hhhh 5X Tx Ext Temp$116.98Details
933099Hirschmann / Belden942132017Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-08T1999999Ty9Hhhh 8X Tx Ext TempCall for Price.Details
1048554Hirschmann / Belden942132018Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-04T1M29999Ty9Hhhh 4X Tx,1Xmm Sc XtCall for Price.Details
1071327Hirschmann / Belden942132019Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-04T1M49999Ty9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Mm St XtCall for Price.Details
877365Hirschmann / Belden94213799901Red25-04002T1Tt-Sddz9Hde2S05.0 L2 Sw, 4 Fe Tx Ports 0 To 60C Dlr Type$1,006.55Details
794220Hirschmann / Belden94213799902Red25-04002T1Tt-Tddz9Hde2S05.0 L2 Sw, 4 Fe Tx Ports -40 To 70C Dlr Type$1,152.42Details
710589Hirschmann / Belden94213799903Red25-04002Z6Tt-Sddz9Hde2S05.0 L2 Sw, 2 Fe Tx &Amp; 2 Fe Sfp Port 0 To 60Oc Dlr Type$1,006.55Details
772607Hirschmann / Belden94213799904Red25-04002Z6Tt-Tddz9Hde2S05.0 L2 Sw, 2 Fe Tx &Amp; 2 Fe Sfp Port -40 To 70C Dlr Type$1,152.42Details
752006Hirschmann / Belden94213799905Red25-04002T1Tt-Sddz9Hhe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 4 Fe Tx Ports 0 To 60C Hsr Type$1,006.55Details
805228Hirschmann / Belden94213799906Red25-04002T1Tt-Tddz9Hhe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 4 Fe Tx Ports -40 To 70C Hsr Type$1,152.42Details
769652Hirschmann / Belden94213799907Red25-04002Z6Tt-Sddz9Hhe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 2 Fe Tx &Amp; 2 Fe Sfp Port 0 To 60C Hsr Type$1,006.55Details
838408Hirschmann / Belden94213799908Red25-04002Z6Tt-Tddz9Hhe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 2 Fe Tx &Amp; 2 Fe Sfp Port -40 To 70C Hsr Type$1,152.42Details
822988Hirschmann / Belden94213799909Red25-04002T1Tt-Sddz9Hpe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 4 Fe Tx Ports 0 To 60C Prp Type$1,006.55Details
913450Hirschmann / Belden94213799910Red25-04002T1Tt-Tddz9Hpe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 4 Fe Tx Ports -40 To 70C Prp Type$1,152.42Details
910162Hirschmann / Belden94213799911Red25-04002Z6Tt-Sddz9Hpe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 2 Fe Tx &Amp; 2 Fe Sfp Port 0 To 60C Prp Type$1,006.55Details
841344Hirschmann / Belden94213799912Red25-04002Z6Tt-Tddz9Hpe2S05.0 L2 Sw, 2 Fe Tx &Amp; 2 Fe Sfp Port -40 To 70C Prp Type$1,152.42Details
942454Hirschmann / Belden942141016Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-05T1999999Ty9Hhhh 5X Tx$214.54Details
1022204Hirschmann / Belden942141017Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-08T1999999Ty9Hhhh 8X Tx$245.28Details
966776Hirschmann / Belden942141019Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-40-05T1999999Ty9Hhhh 5X Tx, Gig$263.93Details
1062946Hirschmann / Belden942141020Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-40-08T1999999Ty9Hhhh 8X Tx, GigCall for Price.Details
997962Hirschmann / Belden942141022Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-01T1M29999Ty9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Mm Sc$228.41Details
965917Hirschmann / Belden942141023Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-01T1S29999Ty9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
929309Hirschmann / Belden942141024Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-04T1M29999Ty9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Mm ScCall for Price.Details
942491Hirschmann / Belden942141025Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-04T1M49999Ty9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Mm StCall for Price.Details
1013325Hirschmann / Belden942141026Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-04T1S29999Ty9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Sm Sc$399.69Details
954247Hirschmann / Belden942141027Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-06T1Z6Z6Z6Ty9Hhhh 6X Tx, 3X Sfp$363.35Details
1067775Hirschmann / Belden942141028Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-08T1M29999Ty9Hhhh 8X Tx, 1X Mm ScCall for Price.Details
1059544Hirschmann / Belden942141029Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-08T1S29999Ty9Hhhh 8X Tx, 1X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
1055667Hirschmann / Belden942141030Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-07T1M2M299Ty9Hhhh 7X Tx, 2X Mm ScCall for Price.Details
929234Hirschmann / Belden942141031Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-07T1S2S299Ty9Hhhh 7X Tx, 2X Sm ScCall for Price.Details
956900Hirschmann / Belden942141033Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-40-01T1O69999Ty9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Sfp GigCall for Price.Details
970943Hirschmann / Belden942141034Unmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-40-04T1O69999Ty9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Sfp Gig$278.73Details
876696Hirschmann / Belden943009101Ethernet Sw Mng Mice Series Modular Power Mice Backplane Ms4128-L2PCall for Price.Details
864914Hirschmann / Belden943009102Ms4128-L2P Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet MiceCall for Price.Details
829646Hirschmann / Belden943009103Ms4128-L2P Eec Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet MiceCall for Price.Details
736241Hirschmann / Belden943009201Ethernet Sw Mng Mice Series Modular Power Mice Backplane Ms4128-L3E$3,886.86Details
855651Hirschmann / Belden943009202Ms4128-L3E Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$3,752.79Details
724373Hirschmann / Belden943009203Ms4128-L3E Eec Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$4,256.15Details
893197Hirschmann / Belden943009301Ms4128-L3P Atex Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$4,543.79Details
909377Hirschmann / Belden943009302Ms4128-L3P Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$4,328.06Details
797589Hirschmann / Belden943009303Ms4128-L3P Eec Backplane 5 Media Slots + 4Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$4,835.92Details
913794Hirschmann / Belden943010001Mm4-4Tx/Sfp Tx: 100M=4* Fx: Gig=4* Sfp Mice Media Module$870.40Details
750131Hirschmann / Belden943011021Rr-Epl Tx/Tx Tx: 10/100M=2 Security Port$1,758.34Details
839101Hirschmann / Belden943011022Rr-Epl Tx/Mm Sc Tx: 10/100M=1 Fx: 10/100M=1 Security Port$1,966.56Details
814574Hirschmann / Belden943119002Rs2-4Tx/1Fx-St Eec Tx: 10/100M=4 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$695.34Details
799717Hirschmann / Belden943221001Ethernet Switch Unmanaged 4 Ports Rj45 100 Base Fx Sc 1 Port Spider 4Tx$217.66Details
907840Hirschmann / Belden943221101Spider 4Tx/1Fx Eec Tx: 10/100M=4 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$246.12Details
967603Hirschmann / Belden943271001Ethernet Sw Prgrm Storage Devi Auto Configuration Usb Aca 21-Usb$172.94Details
950644Hirschmann / Belden943271002Ethernet Sw Prgrm Storage Devi Auto Configuration Usb Aca 21-Usb Eec$221.77Details
1059037Hirschmann / Belden943271003Ethernet Sw Prgrm Storage Devi Auto Configuration Usb Aca 21-Usb Eec$207.28Details
972270Hirschmann / Belden943301001Terminal/Serial Cable Configuration Cable Rs, Ms, Mach$57.60Details
792695Hirschmann / Belden943376001Ethernet Sw Unmng 8 Port 10/100 Mb 8Xrj45 Spider 8Tx$222.85Details
734436Hirschmann / Belden943434001Ethernet Sw Mng 4 Port 10/100 2X Rj45 &Amp; 2X Sc Mm Enha Rs20-0400M2M2Sdae$1,025.01Details
917987Hirschmann / Belden943434002Rs20-0400M2M2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=2 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,108.65Details
719359Hirschmann / Belden943434003Ethernet Sw Mng 8 Port 10/100 6X Rj45 &Amp; 2X Sc Mm Enha Rs20-0800M2M2Sdae$1,462.19Details
877530Hirschmann / Belden943434004Rs20-0800M2M2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,601.01Details
813594Hirschmann / Belden943434005Ethernet Sw Mng 16 Port 10/100 14X Rj45 &Amp; 2X Sc Mm Enh Rs20-1600M2M2Sdae$2,179.41Details
792196Hirschmann / Belden943434006Rs20-1600M2M2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,487.39Details
824548Hirschmann / Belden943434007Ethernet Sw Mng 4 Port 10/100 4X Rj45 Enhanced Rs20-0400T1T1Sdae$624.67Details
920364Hirschmann / Belden943434008Rs20-0400T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=4 Ethernet Sw Managed$680.76Details
909212Hirschmann / Belden943434009Rs20-0400M2T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=3 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$821.77Details
749368Hirschmann / Belden943434010Rs20-0400M2T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=3 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$894.71Details
893622Hirschmann / Belden943434011Rs20-0400S2T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=3 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,006.55Details
781365Hirschmann / Belden943434012Rs20-0400S2T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=3 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,079.49Details
796537Hirschmann / Belden943434013Rs20-0400S2S2Sdae Tx: 10/100M=2 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,351.24Details
846532Hirschmann / Belden943434014Rs20-0400S2S2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=2 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,421.36Details
891540Hirschmann / Belden943434015Rs20-0800M2M2Sdhe Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,552.28Details
766572Hirschmann / Belden943434016Rs20-0800M4M4Sdhp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,692.55Details
788055Hirschmann / Belden943434017Rs20-Compart Gigabit Open Rail Switch With Fiber Optic Converter$1,462.19Details
925254Hirschmann / Belden943434018Rs20-0800M4M4Sdap Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,617.74Details
913881Hirschmann / Belden9434340198-Port Ind Switch Managed (6)Standard 10/100 Basetx,Rj45 Rs20-0800S2S2Sdae$1,813.86Details
818407Hirschmann / Belden943434020Rs20-0800S2S2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,973.08Details
743592Hirschmann / Belden943434021Ethernet Switch Managed 8 Port 10/100Mb 8-Rj45 Ports Enhanced Rs20-0800T1T1Sdae$1,097.20Details
894752Hirschmann / Belden943434022Rs20-0800T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=8 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,241.58Details
900573Hirschmann / Belden943434023Ethernet Sw Mng 16 Port 10/100 16X Rj45 Enhanced Rs20-1600T1T1Sdae$1,772.23Details
763562Hirschmann / Belden943434024Rs20-1600T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=16 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,075.94Details
905973Hirschmann / Belden943434025Rs20-1600M2T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=15 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,996.45Details
902708Hirschmann / Belden943434026Rs20-1600M2T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=15 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,281.66Details
799430Hirschmann / Belden943434027Rs20-1600S2S2Sdae Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,557.51Details
884053Hirschmann / Belden943434028Rs20-1600S2S2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,842.73Details
897691Hirschmann / Belden943434029Rs30-0802T1T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=8 Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,519.55Details
760226Hirschmann / Belden943434030Rs30-0802T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=8 Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,664.49Details
875429Hirschmann / Belden94343403110-Port Ind Ethernet Switch Managed Rs30-0802O6O6Sdae$1,519.55Details
825091Hirschmann / Belden943434032Ethernet Sw Mng 10 Port Rj45 Ports 1000 Mb Rs30-0802O6O6Sdap$1,647.28Details
803788Hirschmann / Belden943434033Rs30-1602T1T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=16 Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,244.25Details
848365Hirschmann / Belden943434034Rs30-1602T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=16 Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,503.33Details
925595Hirschmann / Belden943434035Ethernet Sw Mng 18 Port 10/100 16Xrj45 1000 2Xsfp Enh Rs30-16020606Sdae$2,221.06Details
745042Hirschmann / Belden943434036Rs30-1602O6O6Sdap Tx: 10/100M=16 Fx: Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,529.45Details
731525Hirschmann / Belden943434037Rs30-2402T1T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=24 Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,170.01Details
886908Hirschmann / Belden943434038Rs30-2402T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=24 Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,595.49Details
809510Hirschmann / Belden943434039Ethernet Sw Mng 26 Port 10/100 24Xrj45 /1000 2Xsfp Enh Rs30-2402O6O6Sdae$3,137.25Details
797925Hirschmann / Belden943434040Rs30-2402O6O6Sdap Tx: 10/100M=24 Fx: Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,595.49Details
726410Hirschmann / Belden943434041Ethernet Sw Mng 24 Port 10/100 24X Rj45 Enhanced Rs20-2400T1T1Sdae$2,688.41Details
750388Hirschmann / Belden943434042Rs20-2400T1T1Sdap Tx: 10/100M=24 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,141.95Details
738156Hirschmann / Belden943434043Rs20-2400M2M2Sdae Tx: 10/100M=22 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,127.93Details
922514Hirschmann / Belden943434044Rs20-2400M2M2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=22 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,553.40Details
834587Hirschmann / Belden943434045Rs20-2400S2S2Sdae Tx: 10/100M=22 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,483.26Details
734435Hirschmann / Belden943434046Rs20-2400S2S2Sdap Tx: 10/100M=22 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$3,775.50Details
811010Hirschmann / Belden943434047Ethernet Sw Unmng 16 Port 10/100 16X Rj45 Rs20-1600T1T1Sdau$702.60Details
893078Hirschmann / Belden943434048Ethernet Sw Unmng 16 Port 10/100 6X Rj45 &Amp; 2X Sc Mm Rs20-1600M2M2Sdau$1,126.07Details
717221Hirschmann / Belden943434049Rs20-1600M2T1Sdau Tx: 10/100M=15 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$923.88Details
758376Hirschmann / Belden943434051Rs20-1600S2T1Sdau Tx: 10/100M=15 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$1,108.65Details
863735Hirschmann / Belden943434052Rs20-1600S2M2Sdau Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$1,271.75Details
890547Hirschmann / Belden943434053Rs20-1600S2S2Sdau Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$1,449.41Details
861762Hirschmann / Belden943434054Rs20-1600L2T1Sdau Tx: 10/100M=15 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$2,061.91Details
797598Hirschmann / Belden943434055Rs20-1600L2M2Sdau Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$2,244.19Details
800666Hirschmann / Belden943434056Rs20-1600L2S2Sdau Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$2,420.03Details
856532Hirschmann / Belden943434057Rs20-1600L2L2Sdau Tx: 10/100M=14 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$3,441.19Details
810928Hirschmann / Belden943434058Rs20-0900Nnm4Tdau Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=3 Unmanaged Sw$1,249.68Details
855043Hirschmann / Belden943434059Rs20-0900Mmm2Tdau Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=3 Unmanaged Sw$1,249.68Details
907880Hirschmann / Belden943434060Rs20-0900Vvm2Tdau Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=3 Unmanaged Sw$1,556.95Details
783146Hirschmann / Belden943434065Rs20-0800M2T1Sdae Tx: 10/100M=7 Fx: 10/100M=1 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,271.75Details
773567Hirschmann / Belden943434066Rs20-0400M4M4Sdae Tx: 10/100M=2 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,035.72Details
791334Hirschmann / Belden943434068Rs22-0800T1T1Spaehf Tx: 10/100M=8 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,776.70Details
765715Hirschmann / Belden943434069Rs22-0800M2M2Spaehf Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,188.15Details
916517Hirschmann / Belden943434070Rs22-0800S2S2Spaehf Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,543.49Details
849793Hirschmann / Belden943434071Rs32-0802O6O6Spaehf Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2* Ethernet Sw Managed$2,230.23Details
906279Hirschmann / Belden94343472916 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Rs20-1600M2M2SdaehxCall for Price.Details
885479Hirschmann / Belden94343474024 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Rs20-2400T1T1SdaehxCall for Price.Details
851191Hirschmann / Belden943434999Rs20-1600M4M4Sdaehhxx.X 16 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch 2 Multimode StCall for Price.Details
872386Hirschmann / Belden943434999125Rs20-0800S2S2Tdhphhxx.X Ethernet Sw 2X 100Mb Sm Sc 6 10/100 Rj45$2,188.15Details
960159Hirschmann / Belden943434999126Rs20-1600T1T1Sdaeehxx.X Ethernet Sw 2X 100Mb Sm Sc 6 10/100 Rj45$850.58Details
892879Hirschmann / Belden943434999143Rs20-0800S4S4Tdhphhxx.X Ethernet Sw 2X 100Mb Sm St 6 10/100 Rj45$2,188.15Details
877870Hirschmann / Belden9434349997Rs30-2402O6O6Edaphh Ethernet Switch, Managed 2 Gig 24 Fe Ports$3,785.73Details
714701Hirschmann / Belden943435001Ethernet Sw Mice Mng Backplane 2 Slot Enhanced Ms20-800Saae$1,025.01Details
850742Hirschmann / Belden943435002Ms20-0800Saap Backplane W/ 2 Media Slots Mod. Ethernet Mice$1,181.60Details
725439Hirschmann / Belden943435003Ethernet Sw Mice Mng Backplane 4 Slot Enhanced Ms20-1600Saae$1,758.34Details
869497Hirschmann / Belden943435004Ms20-1600Saap Backplane W/ 4 Media Slots Mod. Ethernet Mice$1,916.98Details
922984Hirschmann / Belden943435005Ms30-0802Saae Backplane 3 Media Slots + 2Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$1,421.36Details
788130Hirschmann / Belden943435006Ms30-0802Saap Backplane 3 Media Slots + 2Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$1,561.64Details
760646Hirschmann / Belden943435007Ms30-1602Saae Backplane 5 Media Slots + 2Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$2,202.18Details
858412Hirschmann / Belden943435008Ms30-1602Saap Backplane 5 Media Slots + 2Gig Mod. Ethernet Mice$2,342.44Details
731017Hirschmann / Belden943440001Hirschmann Ethernet Rail Hub Ethernet, 3 Db9 10Base-T Port 2-St 10Base-Fl PortsCall for Price.Details
773305Hirschmann / Belden943567001Hirschmann Ethrnet Module For Rm1 Slot 1 Port 100Base Tx Rj45 PortsCall for Price.Details
899771Hirschmann / Belden943568031Hirschmann Ethrnet Module For Rm1 Slot 1 Port Sc 100Base-FxCall for Price.Details
747041Hirschmann / Belden943606001Hirschmann Ethrnet Rail Switch 5 Port 4 10Base-T Rj45 1 100Base-TCall for Price.Details
824477Hirschmann / Belden943606031Hirschmann Ethrnet Rail Switch 10 Port 8 10Base-T Rj45 2 10Base-Fx/Sc$1,223.53Details
867572Hirschmann / Belden943606032Hirschmann Ethrnet Rail Switch 9 Rj45 Ports 8 10Base-T Rj45 1 100Bt/1 100B-Fx ScCall for Price.Details
778530Hirschmann / Belden943613002Hirschmann Ethernet Rail Hub 5 Port 3 10Base-T Rj45 2 10Base-Fx/St$1,404.56Details
893720Hirschmann / Belden943622001Mm4-2Tx/Sfp Tx: 100M=2* Fx: Gig=2* Sfp Mice Media Module$695.34Details
924205Hirschmann / Belden943639001Hirschmann Ethernet Rail Hub 4 Port 10Base-T Rj45$314.47Details
765317Hirschmann / Belden943639002Rh1-Tp Tx: 10M: 4 Hub$444.35Details
760179Hirschmann / Belden9436535002 X 100Base-Fx, Mm Sc + 5 X 10/100Base-Tx Rj45 Snmp ManagedCall for Price.Details
922612Hirschmann / Belden943653800Ethernet Rail Switch Managed 5X10/100Base-Tx,2X100Base-Fx Rs2-Fx/FxCall for Price.Details
856530Hirschmann / Belden943654700Fast Ethrnt Rail Switch Snmp&Amp; Web Fasd Mgmt 5 10/100B-Tx 2 100B-Tx Rj45$262.26Details
723289Hirschmann / Belden943655001Fast Ethrnt Rail Switch Snmp&Amp; Web Fasd Mgmt 5 10/100B-Tx 2 100B-Fx Sm ScCall for Price.Details
832188Hirschmann / Belden943657001Hirschmann Ethernet Rail Hub 4 Port 100Base-Tx Rj45Call for Price.Details
843787Hirschmann / Belden943686001Hirschmann Ethrnet Rail Switch 8 Port 10/100 Base-Tx Rj45Call for Price.Details
880633Hirschmann / Belden943686003Fast Ethernet Rail Switch For Twisted Pair/Rj45 Rs2-Tx$494.86Details
714914Hirschmann / Belden943701001Hirschmann Ethernet Rail Hub 2 10B-T + 1 10B-Fl Mm St + 1 10B2 Bnc$566.53Details
853696Hirschmann / Belden943701002Rh1-Cx+ 2-10Baset, 1-10Basefl$669.60Details
738260Hirschmann / Belden943718101Mm2-2Fxm2 Fx: 100M=2 Mediasc Socket Mice Media Module$644.33Details
843596Hirschmann / Belden943719101Mm2-2Fxs2 Media Fx: 100M=2 Sc Mice Media Module$1,269.13Details
807935Hirschmann / Belden943720101Mm2-2Fxm3/2Tx1 Media Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2 Mtrj Mice Media Module$729.38Details
775470Hirschmann / Belden943721101Ethernet Mice Media Module 100Base-Fx Multi-Mode F/O Mm2-4Fxm3$1,151.75Details
848521Hirschmann / Belden943722101Ethernet Mice Media Module 4X Rj45 10Base-T &Amp; 100Base-Tx Mm2-4Tx1$326.70Details
726904Hirschmann / Belden943722151Mm2-4Tx1-Eec Tx: 100M=4 Media Mod -40To+70C Mice Media Module$360.54Details
743311Hirschmann / Belden943732003Rs2-5Tx Industrial Rail Switch 10/100Mb 5-Port Rj45 Unmanaged$404.30Details
773156Hirschmann / Belden943732101Fast Ethrnt Rail Switch Snmp&Amp; Web Fasd Mgmt 4 10/100B-Tx 1 100B-Fx Mm MtrjCall for Price.Details
719110Hirschmann / Belden943732102Industrial Rail Switch$500.66Details
868827Hirschmann / Belden943732103Industrial Rail Switch Rs2-5Tx/Fx 10/100Mb 5-Port Rj45 Unmanaged$525.15Details
891001Hirschmann / Belden943733102Mb-2T Expansion Backplane 2-Slot For Ms20/30-16 &Amp; Ms4128 Mice Switches$202.10Details
1011815Hirschmann / Belden943751001Aca 11 Auto-Configuration Adapter Rs, Ms, Mach$222.85Details
1018780Hirschmann / Belden943751002Aca11-Eec Rj11 Autoconfiguration Adapter Rs, Ms, Mach, Eagle$225.18Details
776879Hirschmann / Belden943760101Mm3-4Flm4 Media Fx: 10M Ports: 4 St Mice Media Module$1,505.51Details
755786Hirschmann / Belden943761151Mm3-2Fxm2/2Tx1-Eec Med Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2Sc Eec Mice Media Module$768.29Details
819643Hirschmann / Belden943762101Mm3-2Fxs2/2Tx1 Media Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2Sc Mice Media Module$1,327.85Details
912372Hirschmann / Belden943762151Mm3-2Fxs2/2Tx1-Eec Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2Sc -40To70C Mice Media Module$1,365.25Details
754868Hirschmann / Belden943763101Mm3-1Fxl2/3Tx1 Tx:100M=3 Fx:10M1 Sc Longhaul Mice Media Module$2,520.11Details
926362Hirschmann / Belden943764001Module Fiber Mm3-4Fxm2 4X100 Base-Fx (Sc) Multimode$1,153.97Details
882234Hirschmann / Belden943764101Ethernet Mice Media Module 4X 100 Mb Mm Sc Mm3-4Fxm2$1,140.52Details
947850Hirschmann / Belden94376600219 Inch Din Rail Adapter$225.18Details
736780Hirschmann / Belden943767001Labels For Ms2-Mm Ml-Ms2/MmCall for Price.Details
822827Hirschmann / Belden943771001Ethernet Sw Unmng 5 Port 10/100 3-Rj45 Ports 2-Sc Mm Fi Rs2-3Tx/2Fx Eec$803.66Details
745110Hirschmann / Belden943772001Rs2-3Tx/2Fx-Sm Eec Tx: 10/100M=3 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$1,916.98Details
724930Hirschmann / Belden943773001Ethernet Sw Unmng 5 Port 10/100 4-Rj45 Ports 1-Sc Mm Fi Rs2-4Tx/1Fx Eec$688.16Details
723706Hirschmann / Belden943774001Rs2-4Tx/1Fx-Sm Eec Tx: 10/100M=4 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$1,281.09Details
869557Hirschmann / Belden943819001Rs2-4Tx Eec Tx: 10/100M=4 Unmanaged Sw$454.46Details
820696Hirschmann / Belden943824002Ethernet Sw Unmng 5 Port 10/100 Mb 5Xrj45 Spider 5Tx$106.20Details
732103Hirschmann / Belden943824102Spider 5Tx-Eec Tx: 10/100M=5 Unmanaged Sw$120.46Details
711497Hirschmann / Belden943835101Mm3-4Fxm4 Fx: 100M=4 Mediast Socket Mice Media Module$1,152.42Details
916564Hirschmann / Belden943836101Mm3-4Fxs2 Media Module Mice Switch Fx: 100M=4 Sc$2,361.15Details
722120Hirschmann / Belden943837101Mm3-2Fxm4/2Tx1 Media Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2 St Mice Media Module$729.38Details
734124Hirschmann / Belden943838101Mm3-1Fxs2/3Tx1 Tx: 100M=3 Fx: 100M=1 Sc Mice Media Module$846.09Details
714457Hirschmann / Belden943838151Mm3-1Fxs2/3Tx1-Eec Tx:100M=3 Fx:100M=1Sc-40To70C Mice Media Module$880.11Details
836203Hirschmann / Belden943839101Mm3-1Fxm2/3Tx1 Media Tx:100M=3 Fx:100M=1 Sc Mice Media Module$540.30Details
785047Hirschmann / Belden943841101Mm3-4Tx5 Tx: 100M=4 M12 S (D-Code) Mice Media Module$398.91Details
861168Hirschmann / Belden943842101Mm2-2Fxp4 Fx:100M=2 Media Plastic Sc Mice Media Module$962.46Details
766300Hirschmann / Belden943843101Mm4-4Fxmp4 Media Fx: 100M=4 Plastic Sc Mice Media Module$1,772.23Details
906465Hirschmann / Belden943859101Mach4002 48+4G-L2P 48X 10/100 + 4X Gig* Mach Backbone Sw$4,879.16Details
785863Hirschmann / Belden943859201Mach4002 48+4G-L3E 48X 10/100 + 4X Gig Layer 3 Mach Backbone SwCall for Price.Details
834789Hirschmann / Belden943859301Mach4002 48+4G-L3P 48X 10/100 + 4X Gig :Layer 3 Mach Backbone SwCall for Price.Details
771915Hirschmann / Belden943863001M4-8Tp-Rj45 Tx: 10/100M=8 Gig=8 Mach Media Module$659.46Details
855098Hirschmann / Belden943864001M4-Fast 8-Sfp Fx: 10/100M=8 Sfp Mach Media Module$1,477.48Details
778664Hirschmann / Belden943869001M4-Air Spare Fan Optional Mach Media Module$401.95Details
896112Hirschmann / Belden943870001M4-S-Ac/Dc 300W Power Module 110-240 Vac Mach Media Module$1,235.09Details
897508Hirschmann / Belden943871001M4-S-24Vdc 300W Power Module 24Vdc Mach Media Module$1,795.40Details
866241Hirschmann / Belden943872001M4-S-48Vdc 300W Power Module 48Vdc Mach Media Module$1,795.40Details
736176Hirschmann / Belden943873001M4-Fast 8Tp-Rj45-Poe Tx: 10/100M=8 Sfp Mach Media Module$1,561.64Details
926080Hirschmann / Belden943874001M4-Power Power Chassis Mach Media Module$1,128.11Details
784876Hirschmann / Belden943875001M4-P Ac/Dc Power Module 110-240 Vac Mach Media Module$1,290.44Details
731349Hirschmann / Belden943876001M4-P Dc 24V Power Module 24Vdc Mach Media Module$1,912.30Details
899419Hirschmann / Belden943877001M4-P Dc 48V Power Module 48Vdc Mach Media Module$1,912.30Details
861519Hirschmann / Belden943878101Mach4002-48G+3X-L2P 48X Gig + 3X 10Gig* Mach Backbone Sw$18,773.49Details
739255Hirschmann / Belden943878201Mach4002-48G+3X-L3E 48X Gig + 3X 10Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$20,025.65Details
920629Hirschmann / Belden943878301Mach4002-48G+3X-L3P 48X Gig + 3X 10Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$21,590.88Details
787153Hirschmann / Belden943879001M4-Giga 8-Sfp Fx: Gig=8 Sfp Mach Media Module$870.40Details
811424Hirschmann / Belden943880001Ethernet Rail Switch Entry Level 4X10/100Base-Tx Tp Cable Spider 4Tx/1Fx-Smeec$540.30Details
898780Hirschmann / Belden943890001Ethernet Sw Unmng 2 Port 10/100 Mb 1Xrj45 1Xmm Sc Spider 1Tx/1Fx$176.20Details
762556Hirschmann / Belden943892001Octopus 5Tx-Eec Tx: 10/100M=5 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$368.62Details
852696Hirschmann / Belden943899001Spider 3Tx-Tap Tx: 10/100M=3 Unmanaged Sw$104.73Details
879238Hirschmann / Belden943911101Mach4002-48G-L2P 48X Gig* Mach Backbone Sw$11,361.75Details
843079Hirschmann / Belden943911201Mach4002-48G-L3E 48X Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$13,040.14Details
885898Hirschmann / Belden943911301Mach4002-48G-L3P 48X Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$14,976.81Details
880662Hirschmann / Belden943912001Octopus 16M Tx: 10/100M=16 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,489.25Details
862497Hirschmann / Belden943912002Octopus 16M-2Fx Tx:10/100M=14 Fx:10/100M=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,371.06Details
1026699Hirschmann / Belden943913001Aca21-M12 Aca Adapter Octopus M12$259.13Details
1055952Hirschmann / Belden943913002Aca21-M12 Eec Aca Adapter Eec Octopus M12$261.83Details
821861Hirschmann / Belden943914001Spider 4Tx/1Fx-St Eec Tx: 10/100M=4 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$246.12Details
825332Hirschmann / Belden943915101Mach4002-24G+3X-L2P 24X Gig + 3X 10Gig* Mach Backbone Sw$14,393.62Details
765351Hirschmann / Belden943915201Mach4002-24G+3X-L3E 24X Gig + 3X 10Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$15,111.96Details
794781Hirschmann / Belden943915301Mach4002-24G+3X-L3P 24X Gig + 3X 10Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$16,584.01Details
744151Hirschmann / Belden943916101Mach4002-24G-L2P 24X Gig* Mach Backbone Sw$9,166.79Details
776968Hirschmann / Belden943916201Mach4002-24G-L3Ehc Mach4000 Modular Managed Indus Backbone RouterCall for Price.Details
871491Hirschmann / Belden943916301Mach4002-24G-L3P 24X Gig* Layer 3 Mach Backbone Sw$12,383.93Details
898589Hirschmann / Belden943922001M4-Powercable Spare Power Cable Mach Media Module$212.60Details
873085Hirschmann / Belden943922101M4-Powercable Ii Spare Power Cable Mach Media Module$212.60Details
848599Hirschmann / Belden943923001Octopus 24M Tx: 10/100M=24 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,128.86Details
796921Hirschmann / Belden943923002Octopus 24M-2Fx Tx:10/100M=22 Fx:10/100M=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,887.63Details
741900Hirschmann / Belden943929101Mm3-1Fxm2/1Fxs2/2Tx1 Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2Sc 1Mm 1Sm Mice Media Module$1,055.17Details
726411Hirschmann / Belden943931001Octopus 8M Tx: 10/100M=8 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$1,850.58Details
901791Hirschmann / Belden9439350019-Port Ethernet Switch Managed 5X10/100/1000 Rj45 4 Sfp Din Rs40-0009Ccccsdae$2,531.09Details
1026620Hirschmann / Belden943936001Rj45 Dust Cover (50 Pcs)$230.41Details
737542Hirschmann / Belden943938001Mm20-Z6Z6Z6Z6Sa Fx: 100M=4 Sfp Media Mice Media Module$673.73Details
853114Hirschmann / Belden943938002Mm22-T1T1T1T1Sda Tx:100M=4 Poe 48Vdc Power Mice Media Module$489.81Details
817396Hirschmann / Belden943940999Mach 1000 Industrial Managed Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switch 2-28Ports 19' Rkmt$8,174.07Details
966381Hirschmann / Belden943942001Sfp Dust Cover (25 Pcs)$225.18Details
1013068Hirschmann / Belden943951001Mach4000 +50Mm Mount Flange (1 For 50Mm Recessed Mounting$272.31Details
1034739Hirschmann / Belden943951101Mach4000 Std. Mount Flange (10 Replacement Rack Mount Flange$235.65Details
863353Hirschmann / Belden943953001Rsr30-0802Cczzt1Scchp Tx:100M=6 - 2 Gig Combo Ports Ethernet Sw Managed$2,494.06Details
846916Hirschmann / Belden943953002Rsr30-0802Cczzt1Skkhp Tx:100M=6 - 2 Gig Combo Ports Ethernet Sw Managed$2,572.73Details
773557Hirschmann / Belden943953003Rsr30-0802Oozzt1Scchp Tx:100M=6 - 2 Gig Sfp Ports Ethernet Sw Managed$2,318.24Details
766380Hirschmann / Belden943953004Rsr30-0802Oozzt1Skkhp Tx:100M=6 - 2 Gig Sfp Ports Ethernet Sw Managed$2,392.26Details
915215Hirschmann / Belden943953005Rsr30-0802O6O6T1Scchp Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,077.61Details
878640Hirschmann / Belden943953006Rsr30-0802O6O6T1Skkhp Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,178.80Details
850024Hirschmann / Belden943953007Rsr30-0802O7O7T1Scchp Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2* Ethernet Sw Managed$2,258.08Details
781112Hirschmann / Belden943953008Rsr30-0802O7O7T1Skkhp Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2* Ethernet Sw Managed$2,356.48Details
720199Hirschmann / Belden943953009Rsr30-0603Cco7T1Scchp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: Gig=3* Ethernet Sw Managed$2,730.51Details
903456Hirschmann / Belden943953010Rsr30-0603Cco7T1Skkhp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: Gig=3* Ethernet Sw Managed$2,805.33Details
883247Hirschmann / Belden943953012Rsr30-0703Ooo6Z6Sk9Hp Fx: 10/100M=7 Gig=3 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,641.68Details
868563Hirschmann / Belden943953013Rsr20-0900Mmm2T1Scchp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=3 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,147.03Details
741538Hirschmann / Belden943953014Rsr20-0900Mmm2T1Skkhp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=3 Ethernet Sw Managed$2,244.25Details
729221Hirschmann / Belden943953015Rsr20-0800M2M2T1Scchp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,887.90Details
726369Hirschmann / Belden943953016Rsr20-0800M2M2T1Skkhp Tx: 10/100M=6 Fx: 10/100M=2 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,982.43Details
836278Hirschmann / Belden943953017Rsr20-0800T1T1T1Scchp Tx: 10/100M=8 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,622.41Details
817684Hirschmann / Belden943953018Rsr20-0800T1T1T1Skkhp Tx: 10/100M=8 Ethernet Sw Managed$1,697.23Details
828323Hirschmann / Belden943956001Ms20-0800Eccp Backplane W/ 2 Media Slots Mod. Ethernet Mice$1,753.33Details
790500Hirschmann / Belden943956002Ms20-1600Eccp Backplane W/ 4 Media Slots Mod. Ethernet Mice$2,498.69Details
909002Hirschmann / Belden943957001Ethernet Switch Unmnged 8 Port 10/100Mb 8-Rj45 Din Spider Ii 8Tx$169.93Details
835707Hirschmann / Belden943958001Ethernet Switch Unmnged 8 Port Spider 11 Tx/Eec -40 To +70 C$212.49Details
847493Hirschmann / Belden943958111Ethernet Switch Unmnged 9 Port 10/100Mb 8-Rj45 1-Mm/Sc Din Spider Ii 8Tx/1Fxeec$334.83Details
733606Hirschmann / Belden943958121Spider Ii 8Tx/1Fx-St Eec Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$338.32Details
830414Hirschmann / Belden943958131Spider Ii 8Tx/1Fx-Sm Eec Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: 10/100M=1 Unmanaged Sw$590.81Details
751526Hirschmann / Belden943958211Ethernet Switch Unmnged 10Port 10/100Mb 8-Rj45 2-Mm/Sc Din Spider Ii 8Tx/2Fxeec$434.78Details
737439Hirschmann / Belden943958221Spider Ii 8Tx/2Fx -St Eec Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$439.30Details
897600Hirschmann / Belden943958231Spider Ii 8Tx/2Fx-Sm Eec Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged Sw$836.36Details
885833Hirschmann / Belden943960001Octopus 16M-8Poe Tx: 10/100M=16 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,866.10Details
805184Hirschmann / Belden943960101Octopus 16M-8Poe-2Fx Tx:10/100M=16 Fx:10/100M=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,711.53Details
738947Hirschmann / Belden943962002Ethernet Switch Unmnged 5 Port 10/100/1000Mb 5-Rj45 Din Spider Ii Giga 5Teec$383.64Details
876054Hirschmann / Belden943962102Ethernet Switch Unmnged 5 Port Spider Ii Giga 5T Eec Pro 5X Gigabit Tx Port$328.23Details
801623Hirschmann / Belden943962202Ethernet Switch Unmnged 5 Port Spider Ii Giga 5T Eec Jumbo 5X Gigabit Tx Port$328.23Details
732477Hirschmann / Belden943963002Ethernet Switch Unmnged 7 Port 10/100/1000Mb 5-Rj45/2-Sfp Din Spideriigiga5T/2Seec$479.74Details
829267Hirschmann / Belden943963102Ethernet Switch Unmnged 5 Port Spider Ii Giga 5T/2S Eec Pro 5X Gigabit Tx Port$414.07Details
761445Hirschmann / Belden943963202Ethernet Switch Unmnged 5 Port Spider Ii Giga 5T/2S Eec Jumbo 5 Tx +2 Fx Gig Ports$414.07Details
777550Hirschmann / Belden943964001M4-Air-T Spare Fan Optional Thermal Mach Media ModuleCall for Price.Details
828099Hirschmann / Belden943967001Octopus 8M-8Poe Tx: 10/100M=8 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,226.49Details
790050Hirschmann / Belden943967101Octopus 8M-6Poe Tx: 10/100M=8 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,132.98Details
723651Hirschmann / Belden943969001Mach102-8Tp Tx:100M=24 Fx:100M=16 Gig:2Sfp Ethernet Sw. Modualr$1,267.08Details
748879Hirschmann / Belden943969101Mach102-8Tp-R Tx:100M=24 Fx:100M=16 Gig=2Sfp Ethernet Sw. Modualr$1,617.74Details
721762Hirschmann / Belden943969201Mach102-8Tp-F Tx:100M=8 Gig=2 Fx: Gig=2 Ethernet Sw.$1,254.53Details
803611Hirschmann / Belden943969301Mach102-8Tp-Fr Tx:100M=8 Gig=2 Fx: Gig=2 Ethernet Sw.$1,547.60Details
819510Hirschmann / Belden943969401Ethernet Switch Managd 26 Port 2Xge Combo+24Xfe Tx, 2-Pieces Mach102-24Tp-F$1,476.08Details
818306Hirschmann / Belden943969501Mach102-24Tp-Fr Tx:100M=24Gig=2 Fx:Gig=2 Ethernet Sw.$1,846.84Details
898741Hirschmann / Belden943970001Ethernet Media Module Mach100 8X10/100 Rj45 M1-8Tp-Rj45$254.87Details
766392Hirschmann / Belden943970101Ethernet Media Module Mach100 8X100Meg Mm Sc M1-8Mm-Sc$760.34Details
878469Hirschmann / Belden943970201M1-8Sm-Sc Fx: 10/100M=8 Mach Media Module$1,786.10Details
792614Hirschmann / Belden943970301Ethernet Media Module Mach100 8X100Meg Sfp Slots M1-8Sfp$394.79Details
966610Hirschmann / Belden943972001Aca11-M12 (Eec) Aca Adapter Eec Bat-F$261.83Details
957787Hirschmann / Belden943973001Aca11-Mini Din (Eec) Aca Adapter Eec Bat-Rail$261.83Details
746934Hirschmann / Belden943983001Octopus 8M Train Tx: 10/100M=8 M12 Train Ethernet Sw. Ip67$1,850.58Details
720582Hirschmann / Belden943984001Octopus 16M Train Tx: 10/100M=16 M12 Train Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,489.25Details
866813Hirschmann / Belden943985001Octopus 24M Train Tx: 10/100M= 24 M12 Train Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,128.86Details
916963Hirschmann / Belden943987001Firewall Industrial/Vpn Router 1 Ea Secure/Non Rj45 10/100 Eagle 20 Tx/Tx$1,297.84Details
872558Hirschmann / Belden943987002Eagle 20 Tx/Mm Tx:100M=1 Fx:100M=1 Ind Router/Firewall$1,468.95Details
857363Hirschmann / Belden943987003Eagle 20 Tx/Sm Tx:100M=1 Fx:100M=1 Ind Router/Firewall$1,749.85Details
749180Hirschmann / Belden943987004Eagle 20 Mm/Tx Tx:100M=1 Fx:100M=1 Ind Router/Firewall$1,468.95Details
898314Hirschmann / Belden943987005Eagle 20 Mm/Mm Fx:100M=2 Ind Router/Firewall$1,607.10Details
717709Hirschmann / Belden943988001Octopus Os20-0010001M1Mtrep Tx:10/100M=8 Fx:10/100M=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,772.59Details
735894Hirschmann / Belden943988002Octopus Os20-0010001S1Strep Tx:10/100M=8 Fx:10/100M=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,146.64Details
886196Hirschmann / Belden943988004Octopus Os20-0010004S4Strep Tx:10/100M=8 Fx: 10/100M=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,998.43Details
874751Hirschmann / Belden943988005Octopus Os30-0008021A1Atrep Tx:10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,847.40Details
770870Hirschmann / Belden943988006Octopus Os30-0008021B1Btrep Tx: 10/100M=8 Fx: Gig=2 M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,300.93Details
794280Hirschmann / Belden943988007Octopus Os30-0008024A4Atrep Tx: 10/100M=8* Fx: Gig=2* M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$2,730.51Details
763699Hirschmann / Belden943988008Octopus Os30-0008024B4Btrep Tx: 10/100M=8* Fx: Gig=2* M12 Ethernet Sw. Ip67$3,146.50Details
717143Hirschmann / BeldenEAGLE3000001Industrial Firewall And Security Router 4X 10/100/1000 Mbit/S Ethernet Port$1,995.59Details
712789Hirschmann / BeldenEAGLEONE0200T1Eagle One Security Applianc Eagleone-0200T1T1Tddy90000Hhex Extended Temp$1,209.00Details
882557Hirschmann / BeldenHNT000127Ethernet Sw Mng 4 Port 10/100 4X Rj45 Enhanced Rs20-0400S2S2Tdaehv$1,491.50Details
722786Hirschmann / BeldenHNT000201Ethernet Sw Unmng 8 Port 10/100 8X Rj45 Rs20-0800T1T1Sdau$429.22Details
971662Hirschmann / BeldenHNT000286Rs20-2400T1T1Sdaeehxx.X 24 Ports, 1Uplink, 10/100Base Rj45$1,274.09Details
818830Hirschmann / BeldenHNT000287Rs20-2400T1T1Sdau Ethernet Sw. Unmgd. 24 Port 24X 10/100Tx$856.78Details
873746Hirschmann / BeldenHNT000755Rs32-0802Oozztpae / 10 Port Gigabit/Fast Ethernet Switch$2,600.53Details
868423Hirschmann / BeldenINDUSTRIALHIVISIONNetwork Management Software Industrial Hivision 5.1, 128 Nodes, 943 156-128Call for Price.Details
853691Hirschmann / BeldenM18SMSC8 Port (Sc) Sm Fiber Expansion Module For Mach102-8$1,803.70Details
759846Hirschmann / BeldenMACH10416TXPOEP20 Port Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Workgroup Switch Managed$4,421.77Details
773111Hirschmann / BeldenMACH10420TXFL3P24 Port Gig Etht Switch Manag 20 X Ge Tx Ports, 4 X Ge Sfp Mach104-20Tx-F-L3P$5,038.67Details
827939Hirschmann / BeldenMACH400224GL3PHCMach 4000, Modular Managed Industrial Backbone-Router, Mach4002-24G-L3PhcCall for Price.Details
753731Hirschmann / BeldenMAR102099MMMMEthernet Switch Lc Connect Om3 Mar1020-99Mmmmtttttttttttt 99999999Ug9HpCall for Price.Details
821259Hirschmann / BeldenMAR102099MMTTTTMMMM9999MMMM99Mar1020-99Mmttttmmmm9999Mmmm99 9999Ugghphh06.0. Fast Ethernet SwitchCall for Price.Details
911666Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1020XMar1020-99Zzzzttt... Tx: 10/100M=20 Fx: 10/100M=4* Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
741828Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1030XMar1030-Cczzzzttt... Tx:100M=20 Fx:100M=4 Gig=2Sfp Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
922719Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1040XMar1040-4C4C4C4C9999Emmhp Gig=16Sfp Conf Coat -40To70 Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
733964Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1042XMar1042-4C4C4C4C9999Tmmhr Gig=16Sfp Layer 10 Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
727553Hirschmann / BeldenMAR112099NN2TT8SM9HPMar1120-99Nn*2Tt*8Sm9Hp Industrial Managed Switch, Fast EthernetCall for Price.Details
782812Hirschmann / BeldenMAR112099NNTT9SM9HPMar1120-99Nntt*9Sm9Hp Industrial Managed Switch, Fast EthernetCall for Price.Details
879781Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1120XMar1120-99Nnttt... Tx: 10/100M=18 Fx: 10/100M=2 Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
720826Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1122XMar1122-99Ttt... Tx: 10/100M=12 Fx: 10/100M=8* Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
772347Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1130XMar1130-4Ttt... Tx:100M=20 Gig=4 Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
815772Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1132XMar1132-Ottt... Tx:100M=20 Gig=2 Fx: Gig=2 Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
734199Hirschmann / BeldenMAR1140XMar1140-4C4C4C4C9999Emmhr Gig=16Sfp Layer 6 Uber Rugged Enet SwCall for Price.Details
874851Hirschmann / BeldenMFASTSFPMMLCSfp Fiberoptic Fast-Etht Trans 1 X 100 Base-Fx Lc Connector M-Fast Sfp-Mm/Lc$164.85Details
964810Hirschmann / BeldenMIPFDCUE41L1NX36 X Singular Module, Standard Din Rail Mounted 3 Rj45 3 Mm-Om1/Lc$903.19Details
961767Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1L9NMod Ind Patch Panel 1Xsingle Module Housing, Lc Duplex Os2 Std Din Rail$182.49Details
1001218Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1L9PMod Ind Patch Panel 1Xsingle Module Housing,Lc/Lc Duplex Os2 Std Din Rail$320.61Details
978415Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1NNNMod Ind Patch Panel 1Xsingle Module+Housing,1 Blind Module Std Din RailCall for Price.Details
957656Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1S1PMod Patch Panel 1 Single Fiber Mod (3 Input Version) W 6/Sc Duplex Om1$278.73Details
1053515Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1S2NMod Ind Patch Panel 1 Single Fiber Mod (3 Input Version) W 6/Sc Duplex Om2$224.13Details
981116Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1S3NMod Ind Patch Panel 1Xsingle Module Housing,Sc/Sc Duplex Om3 Std Din Rail$225.99Details
1036147Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1S9NMod Ind Patch Panel 1Xsingle Module Housing,Sc/Sc Duplex Os2 Std Din RailCall for Price.Details
994161Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPAD1S9PPatch Panel Fiber Module Sm/Os2 6 Sc Duplex Module C/W 12 Pigtails$284.80Details
1073591Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPBD1L9P1L1PInd Mod Din Patch Panel W/ 6 Lc Duplex Sm/Os2 W/ 6 Lc Duplex Mm/Os1$555.63Details
1015928Hirschmann / BeldenMIPPBD1L9P1L9PInd Mod Din Patch Panel With 6 Lc Duplex Sm/Os2$586.01Details
1037550Hirschmann / BeldenMM22FXS2Media Module For Mice Switch 100Base-Fx Single-Mode F/O 943 719-101Call for Price.Details
855574Hirschmann / BeldenMM23XXMm23-S2S2T1T1Sa Tx:100M=2 Fx:100M=2Scsm Ptpv3 Mice Media ModuleCall for Price.Details
851031Hirschmann / BeldenMM33XXMm33-O7O79999Sa Fx:Gig=2 Ptp V2 Sfp Mice Media Module$861.39Details
714722Hirschmann / BeldenMM44TXSFPMedia Module For Mice Switch 10/100/1000Base-Tx 1000Basesx 943 010-001Call for Price.Details
787174Hirschmann / BeldenMS200800SAAEHC8-Port Ethernet Switch Managed Software Layer 2 Enhanced 943435999Call for Price.Details
833914Hirschmann / BeldenMS201600SAAEHC16-Port Ethernet Switch Managed Software Layer 2 Enhanced For DinrailCall for Price.Details
777366Hirschmann / BeldenMS202400SAAPEthernet Switch Mice Modular Professional Managed, 6 Slots Up To 24 Ports$2,132.05Details
809275Hirschmann / BeldenMS301602SAAEHC18 Port Gigabit/Fast Ethernet Switch Managed Layer 2 Dinrail Store&Amp;ForwrdCall for Price.Details
737491Hirschmann / BeldenMS4128L3EModular Ethernet Switch Manage Powermice Modular 943 009-202Call for Price.Details
804712Hirschmann / BeldenMSM20M4M4M4M4SZ9HH9E999Ethernet Media Mod Pwr Swithes Msm20-M4M4M4M4Sz9Hh9E99.9 4 Ports, Mm-St$1,107.68Details
830015Hirschmann / BeldenMSM20M4M4T1T1SZ9HH9E999Ethernet Media Mod Pwr Switche Msm20-M4M4T1T1Sz9Hh9E99.9 Ports 4, Rj45$701.55Details
1039425Hirschmann / BeldenMSM40C1C1C1C1SZ9HH9E9994Port Gb Ethernet Media Module Msm40-C1C1C1C1Sz9Hh9E99.9. For Powermice Switch$600.18Details
802897Hirschmann / BeldenMSM40C1C1C1C1TZ9HH9E999Msm40-C1C1C1C1Tz9Hh9E99.9. Ethernet Switch 10/100/1000-Tx Rj45, Port 2: 10/100Call for Price.Details
1041360Hirschmann / BeldenMSM40T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E9994Port Gb Ethernet Media Module Msm40-T1T1T1T1Sz9Hh9E99.9. 10/100/1000Base-TxCall for Price.Details
1083633Hirschmann / BeldenMSM40T1T1T1T1TZ9HH9E999Msm40-T1T1T1T1Tz9Hh9E99.9. Gigabit Ethernet Media Module For Powermice SwitchCall for Price.Details
804950Hirschmann / BeldenMSP3024040SCZ999HHE2A040Gig Ethernet-Switch Mod Manage Msp30-24040Scz999Hhe2A04.0 Ports In Total: 24$3,548.06Details
845430Hirschmann / BeldenMSP3024040SCZ9URHHE2AXXX24-Port Switch Fast Ethernet Msp30-24040Scz9Urhhe2Axx.X. PowermiceCall for Price.Details
733055Hirschmann / BeldenMSP3024040TCZ9MRHHE3AXXXMsp30-24040Tcz9Mrhhe3Axx.X. Gigabit Ethernet Switch Accord To Ieee802.3 ModuleCall for Price.Details
950952Hirschmann / BeldenOCTOPUS16MOctopus Ip67/Ip54 Switch 16 X 10/100 Base-Tx, M12 D-Cod 4-PoleCall for Price.Details
1020503Hirschmann / BeldenOCTOPUS24MOctopus Ip67/Ip54 Switch 24 X 10/100 Base-Tx, M12 D-Cod 4-Pole$3,127.04Details
933558Hirschmann / BeldenOCTOPUS8MOctopus Ip67/Ip54 Switch 8 X 10/100 Base-Tx, M12 D-Codi 4-PoleCall for Price.Details
733419Hirschmann / BeldenRS2004000014 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed Software Layer 2 Enhanced Din Rail$1,280.16Details
805952Hirschmann / BeldenRS200400M2M2SDAEHC4Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch 100Base-Fx, Mm-Sc Uplink Rs20-0400M2M2SdaehcCall for Price.Details
735000Hirschmann / BeldenRS200400T1T1SDAEHC4 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch 10/100Base-Tx Rs20-0400T1T1SdaehcCall for Price.Details
717877Hirschmann / BeldenRS200400T1T1SDAEHH0804 Port Ethernet-Switch Managed Rs20-0400T1T1Sdaehh08.0. 4 Ports Rj45$628.82Details
912320Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800M2M2EDAEHC8-Port Ethernet Switch Managed Software Layer 2 Enhanced 943434999Call for Price.Details
756155Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800M2M2SDAEHC8 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch 100Base-Fx, Mm-Sc Uplink Rs20-0800M2M2SdaehcCall for Price.Details
744063Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800M2M2SDAEHXXXXXXRs20-0800M2M2Sdaehxxx.X.Xx 8 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed Sftwr Layer2$1,684.06Details
714179Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800M2M2SDAUHC8 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Unmanaged 943434999Call for Price.Details
842613Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800S2S2SDAEHC8-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch 100Base-Fx Sm-Sc, 10/100Basetx Rs20-0800S2S2SdaehcCall for Price.Details
920062Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800T1T1DAEHC8-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch Unmanaged,For Din Rail S&Amp;F Rs20-0800T1T1DaehcCall for Price.Details
923975Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800T1T1SDAEHC8-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch 10/100Base-Tx Rj45 Rs20-0800T1T1SdaehcCall for Price.Details
861850Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800T1T1SDAEHH0808 Fast-Ethernet-Switch Mange Rs20-0800T1T1Sdaehh08.0. 8 Ports, Rj45$1,107.65Details
786086Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800T1T1SDAEHXXXXXXRs20-0800T1T1Sdaehxxx.X.Xx 8 Port Fast-Ethernet Switch Unmanaged, Din RailCall for Price.Details
868328Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800T1T1SDAPHC8-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch Managed, Layer2 Rs20-0800T1T1SdaphcCall for Price.Details
779230Hirschmann / BeldenRS200800T1T1SDAUHC8-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch 10/100Base-Tx Rj45 Rs20-0800T1T1SdauhcCall for Price.Details
883133Hirschmann / BeldenRS201600M2M2EDAEHC16 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed Software Layer 2 Enhanced 943434999Call for Price.Details
806936Hirschmann / BeldenRS201600M2M2SDAUHC16-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch 100Base-Fx Mm-Sc, 100Base Tx Rs20-1600M2M2SdauhcCall for Price.Details
881724Hirschmann / BeldenRS201600S2S2SDAEHC16-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch 100Base-Fx Sm-Sc, 10/100Basetx Rs20-1600S2S2SdaehcCall for Price.Details
883856Hirschmann / BeldenRS201600T1T1SDAEHXXXXXRs20-1600T1T1Sdaehxxx.X.X 16 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed Sftwr Layer2$1,789.68Details
722803Hirschmann / BeldenRS201600T1T1SDAUHC16-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch 10/100Base-Tx Rj45 Rs20-1600T1T1Sdauhc$709.51Details
900726Hirschmann / BeldenRS2016XRs20-1600T1T1Sdae-E Tx: 10/100M=16 Ethernet Sw ManagedCall for Price.Details
839685Hirschmann / BeldenRS202400M2M2SDAEHC24-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch Managed, Layer2 Rs20-2400M2M2SdaehcCall for Price.Details
906688Hirschmann / BeldenRS202400S2S2SDAEHC24 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed,Software Layer 2 Enhan Rs20-2400S2S2SdaehcCall for Price.Details
721092Hirschmann / BeldenRS202400T1T1SDAEHC24 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch 2 X 10/100Base-Tx Uplink 22 X 10/100 Base Tx$856.28Details
847502Hirschmann / BeldenRS202400T1T1TDARs20-2400T1T1Tdaehh07.1.01 24Port 10/100Tx Switch Layer 2 Software 7.1.01$2,102.76Details
889933Hirschmann / BeldenRS2024XRs20-2400M2M2Sdau Tx: 10/100M=22 Fx: 10/100M=2 Unmanaged SwCall for Price.Details
726632Hirschmann / BeldenRS300802O6O6SDAEHXXXXXRs30-0802O6O6Sdaehxxx.X.X 24 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed, Layer2Call for Price.Details
791632Hirschmann / BeldenRS300802O6O6SDHEEthernet Switch Open Rail SystemCall for Price.Details
894990Hirschmann / BeldenRS300802O6O6SDHUEthernet Switch Open Rail SystemCall for Price.Details
732097Hirschmann / BeldenRS300802T1T1SDAEHC10Port Gb/Fast-Ethernet Switch Managed, Sftwr Layer 2 Enhance Rs30-0802T1T1SdaehcCall for Price.Details
925744Hirschmann / BeldenRS300802T1T1SDAPHH08010 Port Gig/Ethernet-Switch Rs30-0802T1T1Sdaphh08.0. Rj45; 2. Uplink Rj45$1,661.45Details
896564Hirschmann / BeldenRS301602O6O6SDAEHXXXXXRs30-1602O6O6Sdaehxxx.X.X 24 Port Fast-Ethernet-Switch Managed, Layer2Call for Price.Details
786426Hirschmann / BeldenRS301602T1T1SDAEHC18-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch Managed Layer 2 Enhanced Rs30-1602T1T1SdaehcCall for Price.Details
890542Hirschmann / BeldenRS301602T1T1SDAEHH030Ethernet Switch, Managed 10/100 16-Ports Total 2 Gig Ethernet Ports$1,929.11Details
860696Hirschmann / BeldenRS302402T1T1SDAEHC26-Port Fast-Ethernet Switch Managed Layer 2 Enhanced Rs30-2402T1T1SdaehcCall for Price.Details
716414Hirschmann / BeldenRSP00009Advanced Redundancy Eth Sw 3X 100Mb Sfp + 8X 100Mb Tx Extended Temp / Volt$1,988.98Details
848540Hirschmann / BeldenRSP00010Advanced Redundancy Eth Sw 7X 100Mb Sfp + 4X 100Mb Tx Extended Temp / Volt$2,188.15Details
901617Hirschmann / BeldenRSP00011Advanced Redundancy Eth Sw 3X 1000Mb Sfp + 8X 100Mb Tx Extended Temp / Volt$2,320.93Details
735960Hirschmann / BeldenRSP00018Advanced Redundancy Eth Sw 3X 1000Mb Sfp+4X 100Mb Tx/Sfp Extended Temp / Volt$2,387.33Details
744720Hirschmann / BeldenRSP3008033O6TTSCCZ9HSE2A040Manag Industl Switch Din Rail Rsp30-08033O6Ttsccz9Hse2A04.0. Rj45 Uplink 3X Gig$2,126.45Details
868489Hirschmann / BeldenRSPE3024044O7T99SCCZ999HHSE2Manag Fast/Gig Indl Eth Switch Rspe30-24044O7T99-Sccz999Hhse2 A04.0 4X Ge Plus 24$3,154.14Details
775394Hirschmann / BeldenRSPM204T14Z6SZ9HHS9999Fast Ethernet Media Module. Rspm20-4T14Z6Sz9Hhs999.9 8 Fe Ports, 4X Rj45$590.46Details
738177Hirschmann / BeldenRSPM204Z64Z6SZ9HHS9999Fast Ethernet Media Module Rspm20-4Z64Z6Sz9Hhs999.9. 8 Fe Ports 4X Sfp$552.41Details
1065373Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDER4TX1FXSMEECSpider 4Tx/1Fx-Sm Eec$585.17Details
1005588Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERPL2006T1Z6Z6Z6TZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-20-06T1Z6Z6Z6Tz9Hhhh 6X Tx, 3X Sfp$355.54Details
1035606Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERPL4001T1O69999TZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Pl-40-01T1O69999Tz9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Sfp Gig$221.23Details
946359Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2001T1M29999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-01T1M29999Sz9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Mm Sc$159.77Details
1057544Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2001T1S29999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-01T1S29999Sz9Hhhh 1X Tx, 1X Sm Sc$179.23Details
1062722Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2004T1M29999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-04T1M29999Sz9Hhhh 4X Tx, 1X Mm Sc$178.21Details
1018850Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2005T199999SZY9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-05T1999999Sz9Hhhh 5X Tx$92.18Details
993056Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2006T1M29999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1M29999Sz9Hhhh 6X Tx, 1X Mm Sc$215.08Details
954312Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2006T1M2M299SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1M2M299Sz9Hhhh 6X Tx, 2X Mm Sc$290.36Details
956671Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2006T1S29999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1S29999Sz9Hhhh 6X Tx, 1X Sm Sc$319.99Details
965856Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2006T1S2S299SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-06T1S2S299Sz9Hhhh 6X Tx, 2X Sm Sc$485.91Details
1055164Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL2008T1999999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-20-08T1999999Sz9Hhhh 8X Tx$129.05Details
1080656Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL4006T1O6O699SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-40-06T1O6O699Sz9Hhhh 6X Tx, 2X Sfp$276.53Details
1019501Hirschmann / BeldenSPIDERSL4008T1999999SZ9HHHHUnmanaged Spider Iii Switch Spider-Sl-40-08T1999999Sz9Hhhh 8X Tx$233.52Details
931906Houston Wire & Cable2404CMP5RED24Awg 4Pr Cmp Cat 5-E Red-1000Ft$286.19Details
187074i3 DVRHG4JUHS4011S24Port Hub For PosCall for Price.Details
1064521i3 DVRS24124Gb Poe & 2 Sfp Ports SwitchCall for Price.Details
1064624International Connector & Cable / ICCFOPL161GAQUAAdapter Panel, 6-Quad Lc, 24F, Aqua, 10G$28.49Details
851742International Fiber Systems / IFSGEDSG88 Port 10/100/1000 Unmanaged Switch$384.49Details
1054231IomnisIOM031017JH2Iomnis Custom 222 Series 18Tb Raid 6 Server$8,398.47Details
1019746IomnisIOM120816JH2Iomnis Custom Quad Monitor Viewing Station$4,606.71Details
795552IomnisIONS21048P48-Port Gibabit Poe+ Layer 2 Mngd Switch$2,697.49Details
1023741IomnisIR12TB222Iomnis 222 Series 22Tb Raid5 Rack Mount Server$6,701.45Details
968454IomnisIR16TB222Iomnis 222 Series 16Tb Intel Rack Mount Server$7,130.89Details
982732IomnisIR8TB202Iomnis 202 Series 8Tb Intel Rack Mount Server$5,984.09Details
970926IomnisIR8TB212R5Iomnis 212 Series 8Tb Intel Rack Mount Server$5,059.33Details
940249IomnisIR8TB222Iomnis 222 Series 8Tb Intel Rack Mount Server$5,851.11Details
1044707IomnisIR8TB808V2R6Iomnis 808 Series 8Tb Intel Rack Mount Server - R$7,743.33Details
1075189IomnisIR8TB828V2Iomnis 828 Series 8Tb Intel Rack Mount Server - R$11,436.27Details
1081576IomnisIR9TB808V2Iomnis 808 Series 9Tb Intel Rack Mount Server - R$6,528.21Details
849164Juniper NetworksEX220024P4G(24)10/100/1000 Manged Switch + 4 Sfp Desktop Poe (405 W)$2,464.30Details
892320Juniper NetworksEX220024P4GTAA24-Port 10/100/1000Baset SwitchCall for Price.Details
801004Juniper NetworksEX220024T4G(24)10/100/1000 Managed Switch + 4 X Sfp$1,514.66Details
774086Juniper NetworksEX220024T4GTAA24-Port 10/100/1000Baset SwitchCall for Price.Details
810910Juniper NetworksEX220048P4G(48)10/100/1000 Mnged Poe Switch + 4 Sfp - Desktop L3 405W Total Poe$3,744.14Details
827398Juniper NetworksEX220048P4GTAA48-Port 10/100/1000Baset SwitchCall for Price.Details
804612Juniper NetworksEX220048T4G(48)10/100/1000 Mnged Switch + 4 Sfp - Desktop L3Call for Price.Details
860876Juniper NetworksEX220048T4GTAA48-Port 10/100/1000Baset SwitchCall for Price.Details
782103Juniper NetworksEX2200C12P2G12-Port 10/100/1000 Base-T Switch$1,755.66Details
750308Juniper NetworksEX2200C12T2G12-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
715872Juniper NetworksEX320024P24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$2,705.70Details
793454Juniper NetworksEX320024T24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T (8 Poe Ports 130W Poe Budget)Call for Price.Details
828826Juniper NetworksEX320024TDC24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
926275Juniper NetworksEX320048P48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$8,238.59Details
801421Juniper NetworksEX320048T48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
712822Juniper NetworksEX320048TDC48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
774375Juniper NetworksEX330024P24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
828747Juniper NetworksEX330024T24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
794034Juniper NetworksEX330024TDCEx3300-24T-Dc 24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$3,985.42Details
773155Juniper NetworksEX330048P48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$6,483.25Details
859836Juniper NetworksEX330048T48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
919478Juniper NetworksEX330048TBF48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
923768Juniper NetworksEX420024F24-Port 100/1000Base-X Sfp SwitchCall for Price.Details
712205Juniper NetworksEX420024FDC24-Port 100/1000Base-X Sfp SwitchCall for Price.Details
793638Juniper NetworksEX420024PX24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
867413Juniper NetworksEX420024T24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
829353Juniper NetworksEX420024TDCEx4200-24T-Dc 24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$5,839.10Details
879249Juniper NetworksEX420048PX48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$9,458.20Details
743105Juniper NetworksEX420048T48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T W/ Poe, 4 Sfp Based Gbe UplinkCall for Price.Details
791034Juniper NetworksEX420048TDC48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$10,287.94Details
724712Juniper NetworksEX430024P24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T Switch$4,928.45Details
795399Juniper NetworksEX430024T24-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
877942Juniper NetworksEX430048P48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
738576Juniper NetworksEX430048T48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
910182Juniper NetworksEX430048TAFI48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
783212Juniper NetworksEX430048TDC48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
744175Juniper NetworksEX430048TDCAF48-Port 10/100/1000Base-T SwitchCall for Price.Details
914523KBC NetworksESMGS24P4DIndst Ethrnt Switch 2 Mgt 24 10/100/1000Mbps Lan Prt Poe+ 4 Gig Sfp Prt Pwr Sprt$1,089.52Details
635843KBC NetworksESMGS24P4RATEthernet Switch, Industrial, Layer 2 Managed, 24 E$1,142.02Details
343707KBC NetworksESML6P3DAIndst Ethrnt Swtch 2 Unmgt 6Elec 10/100Mbps Lan Prts 3Sfp Prt Rdndt Pwr Din Mt$1,292.85Details
307463KBC NetworksESML8PPC2DIndust Ethernet Switch 2 Mgt 8 10/100Mbps Lan Port Poe 2Gig Combo Port Pwr Sprt$933.73Details
307462KBC NetworksESUG4PPG2DIndust Ethrnt Switch 2 Unmgt 4 10/100/1000Mbps Lan Port Poe+ Pwr Sprt Din Mt$1,084.63Details
222615KBC NetworksESUG8PDIndust Ethrnt Switch 2 Unmgt 8 10/100/100Mbps Lan Port Poe+ Pwr Sprt Din Mt$671.29Details
1081999KBC NetworksESUGS4EG1P1Industrial 6 Port Poe+ Switch (802.3At)$398.24Details
307461KBC NetworksESUL4FL1M2DCAIndst Ethrnt Swtch 2Unmgt 4Elec 10/100Mbps Lan Prt 1Mlti Md Prt 5Km Rng Dn Mt$335.65Details
307460KBC NetworksESUL4FL1S2DCAIndst Ethrnt Switch 2Unmgt 4Elec 10/100Mbps Lan Prt 1 Sgl Md Prt 5Km Rng Dn Mt$447.53Details