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Voice and Data Systems

Power and Data

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
112395AiphoneDMA206060 Watt AmpCall for Price.Details
113032AiphoneSKK620BPower Supply 6V Dc 0.2A Ul. 200 Ma 6Vdc OutputCall for Price.Details
925767AiphoneSKK620C6V Dc Power Supply, 200Ma, 110V Input, UlCall for Price.Details
583243AltronixAL1012ACM220Power Supply/Chargers With Multi-Output$277.40Details
882910AltronixAL1012ACMCB220Power Supply/Chargers W/Multi-Output Acc$277.40Details
322565AltronixAL300ULXJPsu/Charger Converts 115Vac/60Into Singl$200.62Details
583266AltronixALTV615DC8220Power Supply 6-15Vdc 8 Output 4 Amp Modified F/220$134.50Details
117982AltronixBKT22 U Rack Mount Brackets/Pair$12.33Details
583328AltronixHUBSAT42DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$262.57Details
583329AltronixHUBSAT42WPIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$308.14Details
583330AltronixHUBSAT43WPIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$336.57Details
583331AltronixHUBSAT4DBHubsat Replacement Board$149.44Details
119155AltronixHUBSAT4WPPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Camera Pow$251.20Details
583332AltronixHUBSAT4WPIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$256.24Details
583333AltronixHUBSAT82DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$485.58Details
583334AltronixHUBSAT83DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$542.46Details
118325AltronixHUBSAT8DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$363.47Details
118335AltronixHUBWAY8BBnc Replace Board; Passive$46.43Details
583336AltronixHUBWAY8PSCBHubway 8 Power Supply Circuitboard$46.43Details
119278AltronixHUBWAYAV2PKVideo Balun/Combiners, Hubwayav2, Slim-Line *Pack$128.04Details
119515AltronixOLS180220220 Volt Power Supply/Chargerac& Battery$127.02Details
119532AltronixR24860024 Vac @ 25 Amp 8 Outputs Rack Mount$302.62Details
322531AltronixRESERV1BInverter Board For Reserv1$156.17Details
119540AltronixRESERV2WPVideo Surveillance Ups, Outdoor, (16) 24Vac True S$326.03Details
583399AltronixVERTILINE24CDPower Supply, Cctv, 24-Protected Outputs, Individu$350.87Details
870024AltronixWPTV2483002208 Fused Outputs Outdoor Cctv Ac Power Su$197.26Details
584088American FibertekAFIMRCModule To Rack Card Conversionkit$22.07Details
584089American FibertekAFIPCSC01MD1 Meter Sm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$33.26Details
584090American FibertekAFIPCSC01MS1 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$17.64Details
584091American FibertekAFIPCSC02MS2 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$19.41Details
584092American FibertekAFIPCSC03MS3 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$21.18Details
584093American FibertekAFIPCSC05MS5 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$23.82Details
584094American FibertekAFIPCSC10MS10 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcordsc To Sc$29.86Details
584095American FibertekAFIPCST01MD1 Meter Sm Duplex Patchcord Stto St$33.26Details
584096American FibertekAFIPCST01MS1 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$17.64Details
584097American FibertekAFIPCST01SS1 Meter Sm Simplex Patchcord St To St$32.41Details
584098American FibertekAFIPCST02MS2 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$19.41Details
584099American FibertekAFIPCST03MS3 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$21.18Details
584100American FibertekAFIPCST05MS5 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$23.82Details
584101American FibertekAFIPCST10MS10 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcordst To St$29.86Details
584102American FibertekAFIPCTW01MS1 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$17.64Details
584103American FibertekAFIPCTW02MS2 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$19.41Details
584104American FibertekAFIPCTW03MS3 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$21.18Details
584105American FibertekAFIPCTW05MS5 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$23.82Details
584106American FibertekAFIPCTW10MS10 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcordst To Sc$29.86Details
584107American FibertekAFIPS1212 Volt Dc Plug In Power Suppl$15.89Details
584108American FibertekAFIPS12AC12 Volt Ac Plug In Power Suppl$15.89Details
584109American FibertekAFIPS12D12 Volt Regulated Dc Plug In Power Suppl$26.48Details
584110American FibertekAFIPS2424 Volt Ac Plug In Power Supply$10.68Details
584111American FibertekAFIPS24CTT24 Volt Center Tap Plug Powersupply$22.07Details
584112American FibertekC10FSMFlush Mounting Kit,Commander C10$21.18Details
584117American FibertekMMR860CSLSix Channel Fm Video Module Rack Receive$2,933.83Details
584118American FibertekMMR880C8Ch Fm Video Module/Rack Rx Mm$2,911.76Details
584119American FibertekMR10Module Video Rx,Mm$436.77Details
584123American FibertekMR1600PEModule Rx Video/Up-The-Coax Panasonic Da$1,062.95Details
120401American FibertekMR188Module Rx-Video/Stereo Audio Output,Mm$571.77Details
122195American FibertekMR404CFour Channel Fm Video Module Receiver$1,032.36Details
121316American FibertekMR440CSLFour Channel Fm Video Module Receiver$1,617.65Details
584142American FibertekMR81SLReceiver Module, Multimode, 8-Channel, Contact Clo$791.61Details
584144American FibertekMR86Modular Rx/Tx Phone Line,Phoneinterface,$879.41Details
584147American FibertekMR86CSLTelephone Line Extender System, 86C-Sl Series, Mod$1,319.81Details
584155American FibertekMR91P088CMultimod Module Rx Digital Video/2Ch Aud$1,455.89Details
584156American FibertekMR91P088CSLSinglemode Module Rx Digital Video/2Ch A$1,867.65Details
584179American FibertekMR9464-Ch 10-Bit Digital Video/Mltiprotocol D$2,419.11Details
584182American FibertekMR980SLModule Rx 8Ch Video 10Bit Digt$2,860.30Details
584183American FibertekMR985CReceiver Module, Multimode, 10-Bit Digital 8-Chann$1,507.35Details
121324American FibertekMRM300CSVideo Receiver Module, Single Mode, 1300Nm, 12Db $374.07Details
844205American FibertekMRM910SLSTReceiver, M910Sl Series, Module, 10-Bit Digital Vi$671.22Details
584196American FibertekMRR860CSLVideo Receiver Module, Single Mode, 6-Channel, Fm$2,786.26Details
584197American FibertekMRR98010-Bit Digital 8-Chl Module/ Rack Video$2,794.11Details
584199American FibertekMRT860CSLVideo Transmitter Module, Single Mode, 6-Channel,$2,786.26Details
584200American FibertekMRT860SSLSix Channel Fm Video Module Rack Transmi$2,933.83Details
121328American FibertekMRT880CVideo Transmitter Module, Multimode, 8-Channel, Fm$2,765.31Details
584201American FibertekMRT98010-Bit Digital 8-Chl Module/ Rack Video$2,794.11Details
388391American FibertekMRX1MFXSCMini Ethernet Media Converter-Single Fib$412.94Details
584209American FibertekMRX486Receiver Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional Transce$755.30Details
122222American FibertekMRX48LXSLSCReceiver Module, Single Mode, Bi-Directional Trans$936.86Details
584225American FibertekMT1600PEModule Tx Video/Up-The-Coax Panasonic Da$1,062.95Details
122227American FibertekMT188Module Tx-Video/Stereo Audio Input,Mm$571.77Details
121524American FibertekMT404CFour Channel Fm Video Module Transmitter$1,032.36Details
121591American FibertekMT440CSLFour Channel Fm Video Module Transmitter$1,617.65Details
122231American FibertekMT86Modular Tx/Rx, Handset, Phoneline Interf$879.41Details
584249American FibertekMT86CSLTelephone Line Extender System, 86C-Sl Series, Mod$1,319.81Details
876026American FibertekMT86CSLB1B1 Module Tx - Handset Dev Interface 2 F$939.45Details
584254American FibertekMT91310-Bit Digital Module Video Tx/3-Ch Data$1,617.65Details
584256American FibertekMT91P088CMultimode Module Tx Digital Video/2Ch Au$1,455.89Details
584257American FibertekMT91P088CSLSinglemode Module Tx Digital Video/2Ch A$1,867.65Details
584276American FibertekMT9464-Ch 10-Bit Digital Video/Mltiprotocol D$2,419.11Details
584279American FibertekMT980SLModule Tx 8Ch Video 10Bit Digt$2,860.30Details
584281American FibertekMT985CTransmitter Module, Multimode, 10-Bit Digital 8-Ch$1,507.35Details
120821American FibertekMTM1CMini Transmitter Module, Camera Mount, 850Nm, 12Db$218.99Details
717004American FibertekMTM910SLSTTransmitter, M910Sl Series, Module, 10-Bit Digital$671.22Details
388410American FibertekMTX1MFXSCMini Ethernet Media Converter-Single Fib$412.94Details
584303American FibertekMTX486Transmitter Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional Tran$755.30Details
584312American FibertekMTX48LXSTPOETransmitter Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional Tran$820.65Details
584320American FibertekMTX985CTransmitter Module, Rack Card, Multimode, 10-Bit D$3,561.40Details
584328American FibertekMX46FXAAModule 2 Fiber 10/100 Ethernet1300Nm 2Km$468.53Details
584329American FibertekMX46FXSLSCPOETransceiver Module, 10 / 100 Ethernet, Singlemode,$791.61Details
322318American FibertekMX48LXSTTransceiver Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional, 2-F$671.22Details
584370American FibertekMX49LXSLSCPOETransceiver Module, Single Mode, Bi-Directional, 2$1,002.22Details
584377American FibertekMX49SXSCTransceiver Module, Drop & Repeat, 10 / 100 / 1000$205.88Details
584378American FibertekMX49SXSCPOETransceiver Module, Drop & Repeat, 10 / 100 / 1000$718.98Details
837812American FibertekPS4860RBRebox: Universal Input Power Suply 48/60$196.00Details
796407American FibertekPX300A2502A8D8C8NL1Ac Dc Power Products 225-450Whybrid Powe$646.62Details
121576American FibertekRR818 Ch One-Way Contact Closure W/Fail Safe Rx-Rckcrd$650.72Details
584468American FibertekRR91310-Bit Digital Rack Card Videorx/3-Ch Da$1,617.65Details
584491American FibertekRR92P88Transceiver, 92P88 Series, Rack Card Receiver, (2)$1,599.14Details
121046American FibertekRRM30CRack Card Video Receiver, 3-Channel, (1) Fiber Per$595.80Details
388429American FibertekRRM910Video Receiver, Rack Card, Multimode, Digital, 10-$505.31Details
584575American FibertekRT92P88Transceiver, 92P88 Series, Rack Card Transmitter,$1,599.14Details
388436American FibertekRT945CTransmitter, Rack Card, Multimode, 10-Bit Digital$2,297.45Details
584585American FibertekRTM1605PRack Card Video Transmitter, Data Transceiver, Pan$600.33Details
584588American FibertekRTM300CSRack Card Rm Video Tx,Sm$680.59Details
584609American FibertekRX46FXAARackcard2 Fiber 10/100 Ethernt1300Nm 2Km$468.53Details
121799American FibertekRX46FXSTRack Card Transceiver, Multimode, Bi-Directional,$444.96Details
584610American FibertekRX46FXSTRBRebox: 10/100Base Ethernet Tcvr,2F,Mm St$398.25Details
584619American FibertekRX48SXST2 Fiber 10/100/1000 Ethernet Media Converter 850Nm$520.38Details
584626American FibertekSFPFX120ATransceiver Module, Small Form-Factor Pluggable, S$70.39Details
854121American FibertekSR202B2B Standard Sr-20 Eia 19"Framew/ Psr-2 Po$393.09Details
584779APC / American Power Conversion0M42643-Pole, 20A Bolt-On Square D Bbreaker$105.66Details
584780APC / American Power Conversion0M5350019Tc 5Wire W/L21-20 19Foot$142.95Details
584782APC / American Power Conversion0M5350023Tc 5Wire W/L21-20 23Foot$152.28Details
584783APC / American Power Conversion0M5886017Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 17Ft$287.69Details
584784APC / American Power Conversion0M5886019Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 17Ft$323.65Details
584785APC / American Power Conversion0M5886021Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 21Ft$340.13Details
584786APC / American Power Conversion0M5886023Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 23Ft$356.60Details
584787APC / American Power Conversion0M5886041Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 41Ft$512.43Details
584788APC / American Power Conversion0M6866S/A Tested 3P 50A Ckt Brkr 120/240 Ul$195.79Details
584789APC / American Power Conversion1TWF0500H54BRc Apc Dc Rectifier, 500 Watt54Vdc, Wide$371.59Details
772093APC / American Power Conversion1TWF0500H54BRBRb Rc Apc Dc Rectifier,500 Wat54Vdc,Wide$359.91Details
584790APC / American Power Conversion3827GY10Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$6.79Details
584791APC / American Power Conversion3827GY20Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$8.43Details
584792APC / American Power Conversion3827GY25Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$9.34Details
584793APC / American Power Conversion3827GY5Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$5.20Details
584794APC / American Power Conversion47136WHCat 5 Inline Coupler, Rj45 Female To Fem$9.70Details
584798APC / American Power ConversionACAC10003Inrow Roof Height Adapter Sx42U To Vx42U$644.29Details
584799APC / American Power ConversionACAC10005Inrow Bridge Partition Data Cable 300 Mm$265.71Details
584800APC / American Power ConversionACAC100113Ft (0.9144M) Stainless Flex Pipe Kit 1"$578.37Details
584801APC / American Power ConversionACAC10021Inrow Sc Bridge Trough, Powerand Data Ca$203.56Details
584802APC / American Power ConversionACAC10022Isolation Valve Assemblies 1/2" Odf$102.55Details
851887APC / American Power ConversionACAC40000Netshelter Av 2U Vent Panel With Tempera$79.24Details
584803APC / American Power ConversionACAC75009Flooded Receiver 17Lb, R410A 6" Diameter$1,451.53Details
584804APC / American Power ConversionACCD75201Condenser 1 Ec Fan 8.8 Mbh/1Ftd 200-240V$6,836.68Details
584805APC / American Power ConversionACCD75205Condenser 2 Ec Fan 14.6 Mbh/1Ftd 460-480$11,898.17Details
584807APC / American Power ConversionACCD75214Condenser 1 Fan, Single Circui2.4 Mbh/1F$2,741.43Details
584808APC / American Power ConversionACCS1000Apc Rack Air Containment Rearassembly Fo$904.67Details
584809APC / American Power ConversionACCS1001Apc Rack Air Containment Rearassem Netsh$1,752.24Details
584810APC / American Power ConversionACCS1002Apc Rack Air Containment End Caps$439.02Details
584811APC / American Power ConversionACCS1003Apc Rack Air Containment Frontassembly F$1,050.40Details
584812APC / American Power ConversionACCS1005Apc Rack Air Containment Frontassembly N$1,570.50Details
584813APC / American Power ConversionACCS1006Rack Air Cont Rear Assembly For Netshelt$2,032.49Details
584814APC / American Power ConversionACDC1009Door Lock Assy$644.29Details
584815APC / American Power ConversionACDC1015Retrofittable Ceiling Assembly750Mm$851.29Details
584816APC / American Power ConversionACDC1016Door And Frame Assembly Sx Tosx$2,494.48Details
123530APC / American Power ConversionACF001Apc Air Distribution Unit 2U Rackmount 115V 60Hz, Black$852.74Details
584819APC / American Power ConversionACF126Rack Air Removal Unit Sx Ducting Kit 24" Ceiling Tiles Rohs$245.50Details
584820APC / American Power ConversionACF201BLKApc Rack Side Air Distribution 2U Rackmount 115V 60Hz, Black$635.30Details
359063APC / American Power ConversionACF301Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit 100-240 50-60Hz$1,064.83Details
584821APC / American Power ConversionACF310Air Intake Grille For Wiring Closet Vent$515.43Details
122615APC / American Power ConversionACF400Rack Air Removal Unit Sx 100- 240V 50/60Hz -Netshelter 600Mm Rohs$2,633.21Details
122787APC / American Power ConversionACF402Rack Air Removal Unit 100-240V 50/60Hz For Netshelter 750Mm$2,752.53Details
123531APC / American Power ConversionACF501Netshelter Sx Roof Fan Tray 115 Vac Rohs$358.10Details
122788APC / American Power ConversionACF502Netshelter Sx Roof Fan Tray 208-230 Vac$358.10Details
122616APC / American Power ConversionACF503Roof Fan Tray 120V 50/60Hz For Netshelter 750Mm$552.89Details
359062APC / American Power ConversionACF600Netshelter Av 2U Rack Fan Panel$197.34Details
584825APC / American Power ConversionACRC100Inrow Rc Chilled Water Coolingsystem 100$9,139.95Details
895479APC / American Power ConversionACRC100RBRb Inrow Rc Chilled Water Coolsystem 100$8,852.63Details
584826APC / American Power ConversionACRC502Inrow Rc, 600Mm, Chilled Water, 380-415V$20,103.82Details
584827APC / American Power ConversionACRD100Inrow Rd, 300Mm, Air Cooled 208-230V, 60$10,155.50Details
584828APC / American Power ConversionACRD101Inrow Rd, 300Mm, Air Cooled, 2220-240V,$11,171.04Details
584830APC / American Power ConversionACRP101Inrow Rp Dx Air Cooled 460-480V 60Hz Coo$22,565.51Details
584832APC / American Power ConversionACSC101Inrow Sc, 300Mm, Air Cooled, Self-Contai$8,185.33Details
584833APC / American Power ConversionAP420Apc Ferrite For 10Bt Cable Qty10$37.02Details
121731APC / American Power ConversionAP5201Power Supply 8 Port Multi Platform Analog Kvm$676.99Details
121732APC / American Power ConversionAP5202Apc 16 Port Multi Platform Analog Kvm Switch$949.26Details
123532APC / American Power ConversionAP5250Kvm Ps/2 Cable 6 Ft (1.8 M) Rohs$61.85Details
123533APC / American Power ConversionAP5253Cable Apc Kvm Usb 6'For Kvm Switch$73.02Details
584835APC / American Power ConversionAP5254Apc Kvm Ps/2 Cable - 12 Ft 3.6M$80.95Details
123534APC / American Power ConversionAP5257Apc Kvm Usb Cable - 12 Ft (3.6 M)$96.80Details
584836APC / American Power ConversionAP5258Apc Kvm Ps/2 Cable 25 Ft (7.6M)$117.32Details
584837APC / American Power ConversionAP5262Kvm Daisy-Chain Cable 2 Ft (0.6 M) Rohs$71.33Details
123536APC / American Power ConversionAP5630Apc Kvm Ps/2 Server Module *Phasing Out*$123.69Details
121736APC / American Power ConversionAP5641Apc Kvm To Apc Switched Rack Pdu Power Mgmt Cable$31.22Details
123537APC / American Power ConversionAP5717Apc 17" Rack Lcd Monitor Keyboard, Mouse$1,220.09Details
121737APC / American Power ConversionAP5719Apc 19" Rack Lcd Console$1,413.73Details
121738APC / American Power ConversionAP580817" Rack Lcd Console W/ Integrated 8Port Analog Kvm Switch$1,768.89Details
121739APC / American Power ConversionAP581617" Rack Lcd Console W/ Integrated 16Port Analog Kvm Switch$2,051.91Details
122619APC / American Power ConversionAP5821Apc Integrated Lcd Kvm Usb Cable - 6 Ft (1.8M)$68.22Details
820736APC / American Power ConversionAP5822Apc Integrated Rack Lcd/Kvm Usb Cable - 10Ft (3M)$91.98Details
584839APC / American Power ConversionAP7400Bracket Kit, 0U Rack Pdu, Hp/Dell$50.45Details
584840APC / American Power ConversionAP7406Bracket Kit, 0U, Rack Pdu, Hp$54.56Details
901893APC / American Power ConversionAP7516Rack Pdu, Basic, 1U, 14.4Kw 208V, (6) C19 Rohs$759.94Details
122791APC / American Power ConversionAP7530Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 20A 120V, (24)5-20 10' Cord Black$284.27Details
122792APC / American Power ConversionAP7532Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 30A 120V, (24) 5-20 Rohs$353.05Details
122620APC / American Power ConversionAP7540Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U 20A, 208V, (20)C13 &Amp; (4)C19$284.27Details
122621APC / American Power ConversionAP7541Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U (20)C13 &Amp; (4)C19 200/208V$345.41Details
584841APC / American Power ConversionAP7553Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 32A 230V, (20)C13 &Amp; (4)C19 Rohs$353.05Details
584842APC / American Power ConversionAP7557Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 11 Kw, 230V, (36) C13 &Amp; (6) C19$727.03Details
122622APC / American Power ConversionAP75623-Phase Vertical 42-Outlet Pdu 208V Input 120V Output Black 5.7Kw$351.51Details
584843APC / American Power ConversionAP75633-Phase Vertical Pdu 120/208V (21)5-20 &Amp; (6)L6-20 Black 5.7Kw$353.05Details
584844APC / American Power ConversionAP75643-Phase Vertical Pdu 208V (36)C13 &Amp; (6) C19 Black 5.7Kw$353.05Details
584845APC / American Power ConversionAP7569Rack Pdu,Basic,0U,14.4Kw,208V (24)C13,(4)C19,(2)L6-30R; 3' Cord Rohs$1,021.37Details
123538APC / American Power ConversionAP7580Rack Pdu Extender, Basic, 2U, 30A, 100/120/200/208V,(4)L5-20 Rohs$481.41Details
123539APC / American Power ConversionAP7581Rack Pdu Extender, Basic, 2U 30A, 200/20$471.99Details
121740APC / American Power ConversionAP7582Rack Pdu Extender, Basic, 2U 30A, 120V, (12)5-20 Rohs$479.88Details
122793APC / American Power ConversionAP7583Rack Pdu Extender, Basic, 2U 30A, 100/120/200/208V,(4)L5-30 Rohs$481.41Details
122794APC / American Power ConversionAP7584Rack Pdu Extender, Basic, 2U 30A, 200/208V, (4)L6-30 Rohs$481.41Details
584846APC / American Power ConversionAP7585Rack Pdu Extender, Basic, 2U,32A, 230V,$479.88Details
584847APC / American Power ConversionAP7592Rack Pdu,Basic,Zerou,5.7Kw 120V,(42)5-20; 10' Cord$359.15Details
584848APC / American Power ConversionAP7599Rack Pdu,Basic,0U,14.4Kw,208V,,(24)C13,($1,039.03Details
584849APC / American Power ConversionAP7701Rack Ats, 5.7Kw, 100/120V (2)L21-20 In,$1,051.83Details
123540APC / American Power ConversionAP7721Rack Ats, 10A/230V, 12A/208V, C14In/C13Out$906.80Details
584850APC / American Power ConversionAP7723Rack Ats, 20A/208V, 16A/230V, C20 In, (8) C13 (1)$908.49Details
768506APC / American Power ConversionAP7723RBRebox: Rack Ats, 20A/208V, 16A/230V, C20$758.38Details
821949APC / American Power ConversionAP7724Rack Ats, 230V, 32A, Iec309 In, (16) C13$1,214.68Details
121741APC / American Power ConversionAP7730Rack Ats,200-208V,20A,L6-20 In (8)C13 (11)C19 Out$908.86Details
584851APC / American Power ConversionAP7731Rack Ats, 208V, 30A, (2) L6-30P In, (1) L6-30R Out$1,102.31Details
584852APC / American Power ConversionAP7732Rack Ats,2U,208V,30A,L6-30P In(16)C13, ($1,212.86Details
825883APC / American Power ConversionAP7732RBRebox: Rack Ats,2U,208V,30A,L6-30P In (1$1,012.45Details
322169APC / American Power ConversionAP7750ARack Ats, 100-120V, 15A, L5-15 In, (10) 5-15R Out$778.54Details
122623APC / American Power ConversionAP7752Rack Ats,120V,20A,L5-20 In,(10)5-20R Out$857.96Details
388619APC / American Power ConversionAP7753Rack Ats 120V 30A 15-30 In/(16) 5-20R Out$1,171.48Details
584853APC / American Power ConversionAP7768Bracket Kit, Rear Rails, Rackats$65.34Details
584854APC / American Power ConversionAP7769Cord Retention Bracket For Rack Ats$65.67Details
122796APC / American Power ConversionAP7800Horizontal Mount Rack Pdu 8-Outlet 120V Input 15A 12Ft CordCall for Price.Details
121742APC / American Power ConversionAP7801Horizontal Mount Rack Pdu 8-Outlet 120V Input 20A 12Ft Cord$487.53Details
122624APC / American Power ConversionAP7802Power Supply Metered 2U 30 Amp 120 Volt Rack Mount$728.49Details
777227APC / American Power ConversionAP7802RBRb Rack Pdu,Metered,2U,30A 120V, (16) 5-$691.77Details
122797APC / American Power ConversionAP7811Horizontal Mount Rack Pdu 30A, 208V, (12) C13S &Amp; (4) C19 12Ft Cord, 2U$715.26Details
122625APC / American Power ConversionAP7821Rack Pdu, Metered, 1U, 16A 208/230V, (8)$460.03Details
584855APC / American Power ConversionAP7822Metered Rack Pdu Input: 230V,Output: 200V Cord Length: 12 Feet$728.49Details
867578APC / American Power ConversionAP7830RBRb Metered Rack Pdu,Zero U,20A120V$473.11Details
123542APC / American Power ConversionAP7831Rack Pdu, Metered, Zero U, 15A 100/120V, (16) 5-15 Rohs$452.51Details
121743APC / American Power ConversionAP7850Rack Pdu, Metered, Zero U, 10A 230V, (16) C13 Rohs$461.55Details
584858APC / American Power ConversionAP7856X563Rack Pdu,Metered,Zero-U,23 Kw415/240V,(1$2,150.41Details
123544APC / American Power ConversionAP786242-Outlet Metered Rack Pdu 120V/208V Output, 20A 208 Outp Vertical$534.91Details
584859APC / American Power ConversionAP7866Rack Pdu,Metered,Zerou,16.2Kw208V, (12)C$1,895.14Details
584860APC / American Power ConversionAP7866A208V 60A 3-Ph Metered Pdu (12)C19, (3)C13 6Ft Cord Iec309 3P+PeCall for Price.Details
388621APC / American Power ConversionAP7867ARack Pdu Metered 208V (6) C19 Outlets, 14.4 Kw$1,227.41Details
584861APC / American Power ConversionAP7868Rack Pdu,Metered,Zerou,12.5Kw, 208V,(30)C13,(6)C19;3 Cord Rohs$1,030.20Details
584862APC / American Power ConversionAP7869Rack Pdu,Metered,Zerou,14.4Kw 208V,(24)C13,(4)C19,(2)L6-30R; 3 Cord$1,284.91Details
584864APC / American Power ConversionAP7894Apc Vertical Power Dist. Unit - L21-20-208 Out W/ 10' Cord$569.38Details
584865APC / American Power ConversionAP7898X562Rpdu,Metered,Zerou,5Kw,208V,30C13,(6)C19$937.86Details
121745APC / American Power ConversionAP7899Rack Pdu, Metered, Zero U, 14.4 Kw(Cs8365C),208V,(24)C13, (4)C19,(2)L6-30$1,393.89Details
122626APC / American Power ConversionAP7900Apc Masterswitch 15A 19" Rackmt 120V Snmp Mgmt$594.51Details
122799APC / American Power ConversionAP7901Rack Switched Pdu 19" Rackmt, 20A, 120V, (8)5-20 Snmp Mgmt 1U$669.41Details
948395APC / American Power ConversionAP7901RBRb Rack Pdu,Switched 1U 20A 120V(8) 5-20$570.00Details
121746APC / American Power ConversionAP7902Rack Pdu, Switched, 2U, 30A, 120V, (16)5-20 Rohs$912.46Details
122800APC / American Power ConversionAP7911ARack Pdu, Switched 2U, 30A, 208V, (16)C13$893.33Details
121747APC / American Power ConversionAP7920Rack Pdu Switched 1U 10A 208/230V (8)C13 Rack Mountble$594.51Details
121748APC / American Power ConversionAP7921Rack Pdu, Switched, 1U, 16A, 208/230V, (8) C13 Rohs$669.41Details
584866APC / American Power ConversionAP7922Rack Pdu, Switched, 2U, 32A, 230V, (16)C$912.46Details
971278APC / American Power ConversionAP7950Rack Pdu, Switched, Zero U, 10A, 230V,$975.66Details
122851APC / American Power ConversionAP796024-Outlet Switched Verticl Pdu 208V Input 5.7Kw$1,051.84Details
584867APC / American Power ConversionAP7968Switch Rack Pdu 208 V (21) C13 (6) C19 Outlets$1,375.48Details
584868APC / American Power ConversionAP7990Rack Pdu,Switched,0U 5.7Kw,120V,(24)5-20 10' Cord$1,108.12Details
122803APC / American Power ConversionAP7998Rack Pdu,Swtched,Zero U,12.5Kw 208V,(21)C13&Amp;(3)C19; 10' Cord Rohs$1,369.83Details
720330APC / American Power ConversionAP8632Rack Pdu 2G, Metered-By-Outlet With Switching, Zer$1,387.36Details
584869APC / American Power ConversionAP8641Rack Pdu 2G, Switched Plus 0 U, 5.0 Kw (L6-30P),208V,(21) C13, (3) C19$1,451.19Details
584870APC / American Power ConversionAP8653Rack Pdu 2G, Metered By Outlet32A, 230V,$1,555.24Details
584871APC / American Power ConversionAP8659Rack Pdu 2G, Metered By Outlet W/Switching, Zerou, (21) C13 &Amp; (3) C19$1,255.28Details
584872APC / American Power ConversionAP8659NA3Rack Pdu 2G, Metered By Outlet W/Switching, Zerou, 20A, 208V (21) C13 &Amp; (3) C20$1,298.57Details
584873APC / American Power ConversionAP8661Rack Pdu 2G, Switched Plus 0 U, 5.7Kw (L21-20P),208V,(21) C13, (3) C19$1,563.56Details
584874APC / American Power ConversionAP8681Rack Pdu 2G, Metered By Outlet W/Switching, Zerou, 230V, (21) C13 &Amp; (3) C21$1,803.58Details
584875APC / American Power ConversionAP8702RNAPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C13 To C$57.50Details
584876APC / American Power ConversionAP8702SNAPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C13 To C14, 0.6M,$57.50Details
584877APC / American Power ConversionAP8702SWWPower Cord Kit (6 Ea) Locking C13 To C14$57.50Details
584878APC / American Power ConversionAP8704RNAPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C13 To C$94.78Details
584879APC / American Power ConversionAP8704SNAPower Cord Kit (6 Ea),Locking, C13 To C14, 1.2M,Na$94.78Details
584880APC / American Power ConversionAP8704SWWPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C13 To C$94.78Details
584881APC / American Power ConversionAP8706SNAPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C13 To C14, 1.8M,$132.08Details
584882APC / American Power ConversionAP8706SWWPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C13 To C$132.08Details
584883APC / American Power ConversionAP8714SPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C19 To C20, 1.2M$158.49Details
584884APC / American Power ConversionAP8716SPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), Locking, C19 To C20, 1.8M$198.90Details
584885APC / American Power ConversionAP8751Power Cord, Locking C10 To 5-20P, 3.0M$37.02Details
122804APC / American Power ConversionAP8752Power Cord, Locking C19 To L5-20P, 3.0M$38.63Details
123547APC / American Power ConversionAP8753Power Cord, Locking C19 To L6-20P, 3.0M$65.27Details
584886APC / American Power ConversionAP8760Power Cord, Locking C19 To C20, 3.0M$56.33Details
832785APC / American Power ConversionAP883024-Outlet Metered Vertical Pdu 100-120V Input, 20A, 24X 5-20R$561.88Details
843936APC / American Power ConversionAP8831Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou 20A, 100-120V, (11) 5-15$524.42Details
724256APC / American Power ConversionAP8832Metered Rack Power Dist Unit 24-Outlet Nema 5-20R 30A 120V Vertical Mount-Black$599.35Details
122805APC / American Power ConversionAP8841Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zero 30A (L6-30P), 208V (36) C13, (6) C19$639.79Details
806441APC / American Power ConversionAP8841RBRebox: Rack Pdu 2G,Metered,Zerou,30A, 20$619.69Details
122852APC / American Power ConversionAP8853Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou, 32A, 230V,$747.40Details
584887APC / American Power ConversionAP8858Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou 20A/208V, 16A/230V,(18) C13 &Amp; (2) C19$479.47Details
322167APC / American Power ConversionAP8858NA3Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zero U 20A (L6-20P),208V, (18) C13 (2) C19$497.45Details
1066574APC / American Power ConversionAP8858NA3RBRb Rack Pdu 2G,Metered,Zerou 20A 08V,(18$423.58Details
122806APC / American Power ConversionAP8861Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zero U, 5.7Kw (L21-20P), 208V,(36)C13, (6) C19, (2) 5-20$663.72Details
907485APC / American Power ConversionAP8862Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou,20A, 208V 3P$629.30Details
122807APC / American Power ConversionAP8865Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zero U, 8.6Kw (L21-30P), 208V, (36)C13 (6) C19, (2) 5-20$972.49Details
584888APC / American Power ConversionAP8867Apc Rack Pdu, Metered, Zerou, 17.2Kw, 208V, (30) C13$1,942.31Details
584889APC / American Power ConversionAP8868Rack Pdu 2G,Metered, Zerou, 10.0Kw, 208V, (36) C13 &Amp; (6) C19$1,154.28Details
775196APC / American Power ConversionAP8870Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou, 30A, 120/208V, (16) 5$685.36Details
793744APC / American Power ConversionAP8881Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zero U, 11.5Kw (Iec309 20A), 240V, (36) C13, (6) C19$1,142.74Details
584890APC / American Power ConversionAP8886Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou, 22.0Kw(32A)$1,734.20Details
584891APC / American Power ConversionAP8887Apc Rack Pdu, Metered, Zerou, 17.3Kw, 240V, (30) C13 &Amp; (12) C19$1,387.36Details
584892APC / American Power ConversionAP8888Apc Rack Pdu, Metered, Zerou, 23.0Kw, 240V (30) C13 &Amp; (12) C19$1,803.58Details
874862APC / American Power ConversionAP8930Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou, 20A, 100-120V, (24)$901.78Details
804168APC / American Power ConversionAP8931Rack Pdu 2G, Switched,Zerou,15A, 100-120V,(8)5-15$901.78Details
794804APC / American Power ConversionAP8931RBRebox: Rack Pdu 2G, Switched,Zerou, 15A,$767.86Details
777486APC / American Power ConversionAP8932Rack Pdu 2G,Switched,Zerou,30A,100-120V, (24)$1,002.78Details
122853APC / American Power ConversionAP8941Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zero U 30A (L6-30P), 208V (21)C13, (3)C19$1,018.65Details
584893APC / American Power ConversionAP8953Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou,32A, 230V,$1,157.17Details
584894APC / American Power ConversionAP8958Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou 20A/208V, 16A/230V, (7) C13 &Amp; (1) C19$818.10Details
584895APC / American Power ConversionAP8958NA3Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zero U 20A (L6-20P), 208V (7)C13, (1)C19$832.53Details
122854APC / American Power ConversionAP8959Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou 20A/208V, 16A/230V, (21) C13 &Amp; (3) C19$910.44Details
584896APC / American Power ConversionAP8959EU3Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou 16A, 230V, (21) C13 &Amp; (3) C19 Iec309 Cord$1,087.92Details
359061APC / American Power ConversionAP8959NA3Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zero U, 20A (L6-20P), 208V, (21)C13, (3)C19$926.32Details
122855APC / American Power ConversionAP8961Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zero U, 5.7Kw (L21-20P), 208V, (21) C13, (3) C19$1,142.74Details
584897APC / American Power ConversionAP8965Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zero U, 8.6 Kw (L21-30P), 208V, (21) C13, (3 )C19$1,336.03Details
121749APC / American Power ConversionAP8981Rack Pdu 2G, Switched, Zerou 11Kw, 230V, (21) C13 &Amp; (3) C19$1,484.48Details
584899APC / American Power ConversionAP922411024 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Switch$327.09Details
121750APC / American Power ConversionAP9324Apc Alarm Beacon$156.94Details
584900APC / American Power ConversionAP9325Apc Leak Sensor - 20 Ft (6.1 M$325.15Details
122856APC / American Power ConversionAP9335TApc Temperature Sensor$101.00Details
121751APC / American Power ConversionAP9335THApc Temperature & Humidity Sensor$155.39Details
122857APC / American Power ConversionAP9340Apc Environmental Managing Monitoring Unit$545.40Details
122809APC / American Power ConversionAP9361Apc Netbotz Rack Access Px-Hid$1,515.00Details
584901APC / American Power ConversionAP937010Apc Netbotz Hid Proximity Cards - 10 Pack$68.38Details
584902APC / American Power ConversionAP9482Infrastruxure Central Basic Management P$4,400.71Details
584903APC / American Power ConversionAP9485Infrastruxure Central Entrps Management$22,243.24Details
584904APC / American Power ConversionAP94VMACTStruxureware Central Virtual Machine Act$4,811.78Details
322166APC / American Power ConversionAP9505IPower Supply Univ 24Vdc Output$111.87Details
123549APC / American Power ConversionAP95100Infrastruxure Central 100 Node License Only$4,834.02Details
122811APC / American Power ConversionAP9520TApc Temperature Sensor With Display$225.30Details
122812APC / American Power ConversionAP9520THApc Temperature & Humidity Sensor With Display$272.70Details
121754APC / American Power ConversionAP9525Infrasturxure Central 25 Node License Only$1,484.48Details
122813APC / American Power ConversionAP955114-Outlet Vertical Mount Power Strip 20Amp 12' Cord$193.35Details
803267APC / American Power ConversionAP9551RBRebox: Rack Power Distributionunit- Vert$161.42Details
122858APC / American Power ConversionAP9559Rack Pdu,Basic, 1U, 16A,208&Amp;230V, (10)C1$237.73Details
121755APC / American Power ConversionAP956010-Outlet Rkmt Power Strip 30A 120V 1U$274.19Details
121756APC / American Power ConversionAP9562Rack Pdu, Basic, 1U, 15A, 120V, (10)5-15$106.19Details
121757APC / American Power ConversionAP956310-Outlet 19" Rackmnt Power Strip 20Amp$163.24Details
123551APC / American Power ConversionAP956410-Outlet 19" Rackmnt Power Strip 20Amp Black$163.24Details
123552APC / American Power ConversionAP9565Rack Pdu, Basic, 1U Horizontal 16A, 208/230V, (12)C13 8.2 Ft Cord$160.05Details
322163APC / American Power ConversionAP9566Basic Rack Pdu In/Out 208V Nema L6-20P, 12 Ft Cord, With Rack-Mount Bracket$163.24Details
123553APC / American Power ConversionAP9567Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U 15A, 100/120V, (14) 5-15$194.94Details
121758APC / American Power ConversionAP9569Cord Retention Bracket For Basic Rack Pdus$64.99Details
584906APC / American Power ConversionAP9570Rack Pdu, Basic, 1U, 24A, 208V 4 C19S Nema L6-30P Cord Length 10Ft (3.05Cm)$274.19Details
359058APC / American Power ConversionAP9571AApc 208V, 30A, Rack Mountable Power Strips W/Iec Recep.$266.27Details
584907APC / American Power ConversionAP9572Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 16A, 208/230V,$242.49Details
359057APC / American Power ConversionAP9613Dry Contact I/O Smartslot Card Includes Usb Cable And Manual$257.94Details
122815APC / American Power ConversionAP9618Network Mgmt Card/Environmentmonitoring$618.81Details
359056APC / American Power ConversionAP9620Legacy Communications Smartslot Card$59.05Details
122816APC / American Power ConversionAP9625Apc Smart Ups Rt Two Post Rail Kit W/ Mntg Hardware And Brackets$183.36Details
121760APC / American Power ConversionAP9626Transformer Step Down 280 Volt Rack Mount$657.94Details
322162APC / American Power ConversionAP9627Apc Stepdown Xfrmr Rm 2U 208V In/120V Out W/L5-20$650.73Details
121761APC / American Power ConversionAP9630Network Mgt Interface Card To 2048Bit Encryption Snmpv3$325.15Details
121762APC / American Power ConversionAP9631Network Mgt Interface Card 2 W/ Enviro Monitoring/Software, Temp Sens Included$527.42Details
322161APC / American Power ConversionAP9710Struxureware Operations: Chang10 Rack Li$4,671.53Details
122817APC / American Power ConversionAP9810Dry Contact I/O Accessory For Ups Network Connectivity$119.64Details
584909APC / American Power ConversionAP9825IUps Extension Cable Isolate 15M$275.70Details
121765APC / American Power ConversionAP9827Simple Signaling Ups Cable Usbto Rj45$38.63Details
584910APC / American Power ConversionAP98275Ups Signaling Offer For Ibm As/400 And I$48.27Details
122861APC / American Power ConversionAP9830Remote Ups Power Off Device$228.41Details
122818APC / American Power ConversionAP9870Power Cord 10 Amp 100-230 Volt C13 T0 C14$24.98Details
123554APC / American Power ConversionAP9871Power Cord 16 Amp 200-240 Volt C19-L620$41.85Details
584911APC / American Power ConversionAP9872Power Cord,15A,100-120V,C19 To5-15$37.02Details
584912APC / American Power ConversionAP9873Pwr Cord, 20A, 100-120V C19 To5-20$37.02Details
584914APC / American Power ConversionAP9876Power Cord, C19 To Iec309 16A2.5M$60.61Details
121766APC / American Power ConversionAP9877Pwr Cord, 16A, 100-230V, C19 To C20$33.80Details
584915APC / American Power ConversionAP9878Pwr Cord, 10A, 100-230V, C14 To C19$37.02Details
359055APC / American Power ConversionAP9879Power Cord, C13 To C20, 2.0M$37.02Details
584916APC / American Power ConversionAP9883Power Cord Splitter, L21-20P To (3)L5-20$158.49Details
584917APC / American Power ConversionAP9887Power Cord, C19 To C20, 4.5M$119.64Details
123555APC / American Power ConversionAP98892FPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), C19 To C20 (90 De$164.71Details
121768APC / American Power ConversionAP98894FPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), C19 Toc20 (90 Deg$214.42Details
121769APC / American Power ConversionAP98896FPower Cord Kit (6 Ea), C19 To C20 (90 De$237.73Details
121770APC / American Power ConversionAP9890Pwr Cord Kit, 10A, 100-230V 2', (5) C13$38.63Details
584918APC / American Power ConversionAP9891Power Cord Kit (5 Ea), C13 To5-15P, 0.6M$40.24Details
322160APC / American Power ConversionAP9893Power Cord, C13 To 5-15P, 2.4M$21.65Details
584919APC / American Power ConversionAP9895Power Cord, C19 To Bs1363A (Uk), 2.4M$40.24Details
122862APC / American Power ConversionAP9896Pwr Cord, 16A, 208V, C19 To L6-30$40.24Details
822531APC / American Power ConversionAPCISX0001235982000Special Config For Tnci$64,114.84Details
123556APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC105Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #105$427.03Details
782131APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC105RBRb Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #10$413.61Details
122819APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC107Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge # 107$245.50Details
121772APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC109Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #109$96.33Details
121773APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC110Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #110$53.11Details
122863APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC115Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #115$290.68Details
122821APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC116Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #116$222.19Details
123557APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC117Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #117$437.52Details
584920APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC118Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #118$386.57Details
121774APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC123Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge # 123$69.93Details
121775APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC124Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge # 124$77.69Details
359054APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC132Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #132$284.69Details
121776APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC133Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #133$259.49Details
996225APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC133RBRb Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge#133$220.95Details
774814APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC140Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge # 140$635.30Details
584922APC / American Power ConversionAPCRBC143Apc Replacement Battery Cartridge #143$404.55Details
121777APC / American Power ConversionAPTF10KT01Apc 208V/120V 10Kva Step Downtransformer$1,562.18Details
881001APC / American Power ConversionAPTF10KW01Apc Ww 10Kva Isolation Transformer$1,628.76Details
584923APC / American Power ConversionAPTF20KW01Apc Ww 20Kva Isolation Transformer$2,334.94Details
1060544APC / American Power ConversionAR106Netshelter Wx 6U Wall Mount Cabinet$200.45Details
1063959APC / American Power ConversionAR109Netshelter Wx 9U Wall Mount Cabinet$262.60Details
954197APC / American Power ConversionAR112Netshelter Wx 12U Wall Mount Cabinet$343.12Details
123558APC / American Power ConversionAR201Netshelter 2 Post Rack 45U #12-24 Threaded Holes Black$149.17Details
122824APC / American Power ConversionAR203ANetshelter 4 Post Open Frame Rack Square Holes Black 4-Post Racks 42U-43U$522.92Details
1026506APC / American Power ConversionAR203AB2B Netshelter 4 Post Open Framerack 44U S$300.36Details
122825APC / American Power ConversionAR204ANetshelter 4 Post Rack #12-24 Threaded Holes 44U Black$522.92Details
584925APC / American Power ConversionAR204ARBRebox: Netshelter 4Post Open Frame Rack$445.26Details
122864APC / American Power ConversionAR2144BLKNet Shelter Vx Seismic 42U Encl W/Sides - Black$2,718.43Details
122865APC / American Power ConversionAR2145BLKEnclosure Netshelter Vx Seismic 42U W/O Side Black$2,494.84Details
584927APC / American Power ConversionAR2400Netshelter Sv 42U 600Mm Widex1060Mm Deep Enclosub$1,038.56Details
584928APC / American Power ConversionAR2400FP1Netshelter Sv 42U 600Mm Wide Black, Sing$965.28Details
584929APC / American Power ConversionAR2401Netshelter Sv 42U 600Mm Wide X 1060Mm Deep Enclosu$1,008.55Details
584930APC / American Power ConversionAR2407Netshelter Sv 48U 600Mm Wide X 1060Mm Deep$1,274.99Details
584931APC / American Power ConversionAR2480Netshelter Sv 42U 800Mm Wide X 1060Mm Deep Enclosu$1,344.35Details
584932APC / American Power ConversionAR2487Netshelter Sv 48U 800Mm Wide X1060Mm Dee$1,594.08Details
584933APC / American Power ConversionAR2500Netshelter Sv 42U 600Mm Wide X 1200Mm De$1,385.98Details
584934APC / American Power ConversionAR2507Netshelter Sv 48U 600Mm Wide X1200Mm Dee$1,621.83Details
584935APC / American Power ConversionAR2580Netshelter Sv 42U 800Mm Wide X 1200Mm Deep Enclosu$1,732.81Details
584936APC / American Power ConversionAR2587Netshelter Sv 48U 800Mm Wide X1200Mm Dee$2,010.29Details
123559APC / American Power ConversionAR3100Netshelter Sx Enclosure 42U 42"D X 23"W X 78"H Black$1,276.36Details
954093APC / American Power ConversionAR3100B2B Stock: Netshelter Sx 42U 600Mm X 1070$742.42Details
584937APC / American Power ConversionAR3100HACSNetshelter Sx 42U 600Mm Wide X 1070Mmdeep Encls W/O Rear Door Rohs$1,413.70Details
584938APC / American Power ConversionAR3100X609Netshelter Sx 42U 600Mm Wide X1070Mm Dee$1,270.83Details
122826APC / American Power ConversionAR3104Netshelter Sx Enclosure 24U X 24" W X 42" D Black$1,132.42Details
122867APC / American Power ConversionAR3104SP1Netshelter Sx 24U 600Mmx1070Mm Encl Shock Packgng$1,427.60Details
322158APC / American Power ConversionAR3105Netshelter Sx Enclosure 45U 42"D X 24"W Black$1,552.46Details
122827APC / American Power ConversionAR3107Cabinet Netshelter 48U 88.90"Hx 23.62"W X 42.13"D Black With Sides$1,526.36Details
121780APC / American Power ConversionAR3140Netshelter Sx 42U 78"H X 29"W X 42"D Black W/ Sides$2,397.36Details
122868APC / American Power ConversionAR3150Netshelter Sx 42U 78"H X 29"W X 42"D Black$1,574.99Details
584939APC / American Power ConversionAR3150CTONetshelter Sx 42U 750Mm Wide 1070Mm Deep$2,176.44Details
584940APC / American Power ConversionAR3150HACSNetshelter Sx 42U 750Mm Wide X 1070Mmdeep Encls W/O Rear Door Rohs$1,743.43Details
122869APC / American Power ConversionAR3150SP1Netshelter Sx 42U 750Mm1070Mm Enclsr W/Black Sides$1,954.80Details
122870APC / American Power ConversionAR3150SP2Netshelter Sx 42U 750Mm Wide X1070Mm Dee$3,328.29Details
584941APC / American Power ConversionAR3155Netshelter Sx 45U 750Mm Wide Deep Enclosure-Black$1,885.43Details
122871APC / American Power ConversionAR3157Netshelter Sx 48U W750Mm X D1070Mm Cabinet With Sides Black$2,079.66Details
584942APC / American Power ConversionAR3200Netshelter Sx Colocation 2X 20U X 24" W X 42" D Black$2,079.66Details
122872APC / American Power ConversionAR3300Netshelter Sx Enclosure 42U 24" Wide X 47.5" Deep Black$1,665.24Details
976150APC / American Power ConversionAR3300B2B2 Netshelter Sx 42U/600Mm/1200Mmenclosu$968.27Details
388623APC / American Power ConversionAR3305Netshelter Sx Enclosure 45U 24" Wide X 47.5" Deep Black$1,982.54Details
388624APC / American Power ConversionAR3307Netshelter Sx Enclosure 48U 24" Wide X 47.5" Deep Black$2,190.65Details
123561APC / American Power ConversionAR3340Netshelter Sx Enclosure 42U 30" W X 47.5" D Black$2,536.10Details
121781APC / American Power ConversionAR3347Netshelter Sx Enclosure 48U 30" W X 47.5" D, Black$2,554.11Details
388625APC / American Power ConversionAR3350Netshelter Sx Enclosure 42U 30" Wide X 47.5" Deep Black$2,343.25Details
584943APC / American Power ConversionAR3355Netshelter Sx Enclosure 45U 30" Wide X 47.5" Deep Black$2,481.99Details
121782APC / American Power ConversionAR3357Netshelter Sx Enclosure 48U X 30" X 47.5" Black$2,690.10Details
121973APC / American Power ConversionAR3810Netshelter Av 42U 600Mm Wide X 825 Deep Enclosure$1,413.73Details
122828APC / American Power ConversionAR3814Netshelter Av 24U,23.62"W X 32.48"D,W/ Sides,10-32 Thread Rails,Casters,Black$1,274.99Details
584944APC / American Power ConversionAR4000MVNetshelter Cx Mini Enclosure$2,150.41Details
584945APC / American Power ConversionAR4018ANetshelter Cx 18U Secure Soundproofed Server Room$3,994.50Details
584946APC / American Power ConversionAR4018IANetshelter Cx 18U Sec Soundproofed Srvr$3,994.50Details
359053APC / American Power ConversionAR4024ANetshltr Cx 24U Secure Soundprf Svr Room/Bx Enclsr$5,213.16Details
322156APC / American Power ConversionAR4038ANetshelter Cx 38U Secure Soundproofed Server Room$6,905.74Details
388626APC / American Power ConversionAR7000ANetsheltr Sx42U 600Mm Perforated Curved Door Black$330.53Details
584949APC / American Power ConversionAR7100Netshelter Sx 42U 600Mm Wide Perforated$327.28Details
584950APC / American Power ConversionAR7107Netshelter Sx 48U 600Mm Wide Perforated$395.94Details
388627APC / American Power ConversionAR7150Netshelter Sx 42U 750Mm W Perforated Split Door Bl$415.94Details
121975APC / American Power ConversionAR7201Netshelter Sx 600Mm Wide X 1070Mm Deep S$144.13Details
724581APC / American Power ConversionAR7201RBRb Netshelter Sx 600Mm Wide X1070Mm Deep$118.90Details
359051APC / American Power ConversionAR7203Roof Match Kit For Sx To Vx, 600Mm$284.36Details
584951APC / American Power ConversionAR7209Trough &Amp; Partition Roof Bridge For Netshelter Sx$83.94Details
359050APC / American Power ConversionAR7252Netshelter Sx 750Mm Wide X 1070Mm Deep Networking Roof$322.15Details
584952APC / American Power ConversionAR7301Netshelter Sx 42U 1070Mm Deep Split Side$302.58Details
584953APC / American Power ConversionAR7303Netshelter Sx 42U 1200Mm Deepsplit Side$558.47Details
799365APC / American Power ConversionAR7304Netshelter Sx 48U 1200Mm Deepsplit Side$593.50Details
887853APC / American Power ConversionAR7314Ntshltr Sx 48U 1200 Splt Feed-Side Pnls,Blk (2)$640.36Details
842466APC / American Power ConversionAR7315Netshelter Sx 45U 1070 Split Feed Side P$450.86Details
584954APC / American Power ConversionAR7371Netshelter Sx 48U 1070Mm Deepsplit Side$312.43Details
584955APC / American Power ConversionAR7375Netshltr Sx 48U 1070 Splt Feed Thru Sd Pnl,Bl (2)$456.96Details
121976APC / American Power ConversionAR7502Netshelter Sx 42U Vertical Pdu Mount And Cable Organizer$107.66Details
816304APC / American Power ConversionAR7502RBRb Vertical Cable Organizer, 42U Netshel$102.24Details
123563APC / American Power ConversionAR7503Netshelter Sx 42U 600Mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit$142.79Details
918515APC / American Power ConversionAR7503RBRb Netshelter Sx 42U 600Mm Widrecessed R$130.94Details
584956APC / American Power ConversionAR7504Netshelter Sx 48U 600Mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit$155.30Details
123564APC / American Power ConversionAR7505Vertical Cable Organizer/Center Rear Mount/Netshtr$172.56Details
123830APC / American Power ConversionAR7508Netshelter Sx 42U 750Mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit$191.38Details
322155APC / American Power ConversionAR7510Netshelter Sx Mounting Rails 42U, 23" Eia For 750Mm Wide Enclosure 4/Pk$891.64Details
584957APC / American Power ConversionAR7511Narrow Vert. Cable Orrganizer, Netshelter Sx 42U$109.84Details
865049APC / American Power ConversionAR7540Toolless Cable Management Rings (Qty 10)$31.19Details
584958APC / American Power ConversionAR7552Vertical Cable Organizer, Netshelter Sx,$118.87Details
584959APC / American Power ConversionAR7572Netshelter Sx 48U Vertical Pdu Mount And Cable Organizer$124.88Details
584961APC / American Power ConversionAR7580AVrt Cbl Mgr For Netshelter Sx 750Mm W 42U (2)$304.14Details
584962APC / American Power ConversionAR7581AHinged Covers For Netshelter Sx 750Mm Wide 42U Ver$118.87Details
584963APC / American Power ConversionAR7582ACbl Retnr /Netshelter Sx 750Mm Wide V Cbl (6)$47.62Details
752792APC / American Power ConversionAR7586Hinged Cvrs For Netshelter Sx 750Mm Wide 45U Vcm 2$134.72Details
584966APC / American Power ConversionAR7600Netshelter Sx 42U/48U Baying Trim Kit Black$31.19Details
584967APC / American Power ConversionAR7700Netshelter Sx 600Mm Stabilizerplate - Bl$84.21Details
122830APC / American Power ConversionAR7701Bolt-Down Brackets For Netshelter Sx Enclosures$78.58Details
322153APC / American Power ConversionAR7706Netshelter Sx 750Mm Mounting Rail Brush Strips Rohs (Packs Of 6)$195.23Details
584968APC / American Power ConversionAR7707Cable Management Rings 8" D For 750Mm W Netshelter Sx (Qty. 8)$77.77Details
584969APC / American Power ConversionAR7708Netshelter Sx Air Recirculation Prevention Kit$100.32Details
584970APC / American Power ConversionAR7710Cable Containment Brackets With Pdu Mounting38 X 108 For Netshelter$122.14Details
584971APC / American Power ConversionAR7711Netshelter Mounting Bracket For 1U And 2U Patching, 0U$84.36Details
584972APC / American Power ConversionAR7714Netshelter Sx Roof Brush Strip$82.81Details
584973APC / American Power ConversionAR7715Netshelter Sx Side Airflow Duct Kit For$392.57Details
584974APC / American Power ConversionAR7716Netshelter Sx 750Mm Widex1200Mdeep Netwo$353.30Details
965204APC / American Power ConversionAR7719Netshelter Valueline Swivel Caster Kit$81.58Details
584975APC / American Power ConversionAR7721Vertical Cable Manager For Netshelter Sx 600Mm Wid$204.46Details
796360APC / American Power ConversionAR7722Vertical Cable Manager For Netshelter Sx$220.30Details
584976APC / American Power ConversionAR7723Vertical Cable Manager-Netshelter Sx 600$236.15Details
584977APC / American Power ConversionAR7742Side Airflow Duct Kit Cisco Nexus 7018, Use W/ Ar3340$2,495.86Details
122831APC / American Power ConversionAR8005Hardware Kit 10-32 Mounting Accessories$48.52Details
584978APC / American Power ConversionAR8006AEquipment Support Rails For 600Mm Wide Enclosure$73.00Details
122874APC / American Power ConversionAR8008BLKHoriz Cable Organizer Channel 18-30 Inch Adjustment$69.27Details
122875APC / American Power ConversionAR8100Netshelter Mounting Hardware Pack 32$43.67Details
122876APC / American Power ConversionAR8101BLKBlanking Panel Kit 19" Black (1U, 2U, 4U$94.57Details
122877APC / American Power ConversionAR8105BLKFixed Shelf To Enable Mountingof Equipme$72.16Details